Thursday, December 13, 2012

Father and son

Featured in this story: Leo (click for pictures)

When Leonard Ferguson came home after a few hours at the skate park, he knew that there would be no-one to greet him. His mom and his older sister Maggie were away for a couple of days, and Leo’s dad was playing basketball with his buddies like he did every Wednesday.

Leo grabbed a bowl of pasta from the fridge and put it into the microwave. A few minutes later he was sitting in front of the TV, watching one of his “Jackass” DVDs and eating pasta.

His mom wasn’t very good at cooking – but her meat-ball sauce was great. The tall, lanky skater loved it. He had taken off his oversized t-shirt so that it didn’t get tomato stains on it, and after a couple of minutes, his cleanly shaven chest was sprinkled with red sauce. When he was finished, he put the plate on the floor and leaned back, playing with his smart phone while watching the absurd and sometimes painful antics that played on the big TV screen.

It wasn’t long before Leo heard the key turn in the door, and the familiar voices of his father and his friends echoed through the house. They were a tight-knit group, knowing each other since they were little kids.

Glenn, Leo’s father, had just turned 40. He looked younger than that, though, and he had a boyish attitude and the same head of curly black hair as his son. Glenn’s handsome looks that were a constant cause for trouble: More than one of Leo’s girlfriends had developed a serious crush on Glenn. His father couldn’t help it, and as a consequence, Leo avoided bringing girls home.

Ever since he could think, Leo had referred to his father as “Glenn” and to his mother as “Mom”. He didn’t know why but the relationship to his father was very different from the relationship to his mother.

“Hey!” Glenn greeted his son. “I’ve brought company.”

Behind Glenn, three of his friends waved at Leo.

“Hi there”, Leo said without looking up.

He had known them since he was a little child.

They were roughly the same age as Glenn.

Douglas was a big guy with crew-cut hair and a big nose. He was a firefighter with huge hands and muscles all over his body.

Brody was a teacher at the Bartlet High, the local highschool. He was a bit smaller than Douglas, and a bit on the skinny side, with glasses and thinning blond hair.

Sean was what could best described as average. Not too tall, not too small, not exactly handsome but and exactly ugly. He worked as a sales clerk in the local mall and had married the love of his life when they were both 18.

“What did I tell you?” Glenn said, turning to his buddies. “He’s a good boy.”

Glenn grinned at him and landed a quick backhand slap squarely in the Douglas’ bulging package.

The big guy groaned and doubled over. “Ooof.”

The rest of the guys laughed.

“You got me”, Douglas said hoarsely.

Leo rolled his eyes.

Apparently his dad and the rest of the guys had already had a couple of beers…

“They made a bet”, Sean explained as Douglas massaged his crotch. “Your dad said you’d be home and Douglas said you’d be out partying.”

Leo smiled weakly. “Yeah, well, I’m not.”

Sean nodded. “That’s why your dad balltapped him.”

Leo nodded. “Yeah, I got that.”

“We’ll go into the kitchen”, Glenn said and motioned for the guys to follow him.

Leo nodded. This meant that the guys were going to have some more beer. And since his mom wasn’t there they’d probably smoke a joint or two. And, inevitably, his dad was going to ask him if he could drive his buddies home.

“Leo?” Glenn’s voice came from the kitchen.

Leo sighed. “Yes?”

“You haven’t had a beer, yet, huh?”

“No, I haven’t”, Leo shouted back.

“Could you drive the boys home tonight?”

“Well, it’s a school night…”

Glenn laughed. “I won’t tell mom if you keep your mouth shut…”


Over the next hour, the guys drank and smoked, and the Leo heard them laugh and chatter in the kitchen.

Suddenly, there was a dull thud and a groan.

“Fuck! You got me!” That was Brody. “Right in the nuts.”

The rest of the guys roared with laughter.

“Hey, Leo!” Glenn shouted.

Leo sighed and switched off the TV.

He walked into the kitchen that was full of smoke. The smell of alcohol hung in the air.

“You should open a window”, Leo said, grimacing.

His dad and his buddies laughed.

Leo sighed and opened the door to the garden, letting in a fresh breeze. “What’s up?”

“Your dad hit Brody in the nuts”, Sean said in a drunk voice.

“He got both of them!” Brody whimpered. He was doubled over on his chair, clutching his crotch.

“Nah, I didn’t!” Glenn laughed.

Leo rolled his eyes.

“Yes, you did!” Brody insisted.

“Umm, okay, guys”, Leo said slowly. “Why did you want me to come in?”

“Well”, Douglas said, inhaling slowly and passing a big, fat joint to Glenn, “you are an expert on all those TV shows, right?”

Leo shrugged.

“Maybe you can help your dad collect a bet?” Sean said.

Leo sighed. “Okay, what is it?”

Glenn cleared his throat. His eyes were slightly red and the alcohol was affecting his speech. “We were talking about that DVD you were watching. What’s it called again?”


“Yeah, right”, Glenn continued. “Jackass. Well, my friend Douglas here said that the main guy is called Jimmy Knoxville. And I think it’s Johnny Knoxville.”

“You are right, Glenn”, Leo said. “Johnny Knosville.”

“Yes!” Glenn jumped up, almost knocking over the table. “Yes, I knew it!”

“Fuck!” Douglas groaned. “That’s gonna cost me!”

“Well, I told you: You shouldn’t have made that bet!” Glenn grinned and took another sip from his bottle.

Brody and Sean laughed.

Douglas frowned at Glenn and stood, pointing at the big bulge in his jeans. “Okay, have a go.”

Glenn laughed. “Okay, Leo, what do you think we should do?”

Leo raised his eyebrow. “We?”

Glenn shrugged. “Should we kick him or punch him?”

Leo stared at his father.

“In the nuts”, Glenn added. “That’s what the bet was about.” He looked at his son. “So what will it be? A kick or a punch?”

“Oh man”, Douglas groaned. “That’s not what we agreed on! We we’re talking about a good old balltap!”

Glenn laughed. “Come on, let my boy have a bit of fun…”

Douglas grimaced.

“Kick or punch?” Glenn repeated.

Leo sighed. “I don’t know, whatever you please.”

“What do you say – you punch him as hard as you can?” Glenn suggested, grinning at his son.

“Fuck.” Douglas sighed. “Okay, where’s the joint?”

The rest of the guys laughed and Brody handed Douglas the joint.

Douglas inhaled deeply and held his breath. “Okay, Leo. Hit me in the junk.”

Leo chuckled. “You sure?”

“Hit him in the junk!” Glenn laughed. “Come on, make it count.”

Leo shook his head and grinned. Then he balled his fist and drove it into the big guy’s crotch, hitting his package dead-on, and making Douglas let out an agonized groan as his buddies roared with laughter.

“That’s my boy!” Glenn chuckled, clapping his hands. “Well done, Leo!”

He high-fived his son as Douglas sank down to his knees.

“You sure know how to crunch some nuts”, Brody chuckled, picking up the joint that had fallen out of Douglas’ hand and inhaling deeply.

“Just like his father”, Glenn laughed.

“No way!” Douglas said in a strained voice. “That boy’s punch is ten times harder than yours!”

Leo grinned. “Thank you!”

Glenn scoffed. “Phh. I bet I can punch you harder…”

“I can feel my nuts in my throat right now!” Douglas moaned.

Leo looked at his father and grinned. “Apparently I’m the master of nutpunches in this house…”

“You wish!” Glenn laughed. He turned to Douglas. “Come on, stand up straight.”

Douglas groaned.

“Stand up straight”, Glenn repeated, grinning. “I’m gonna show my boy how to crack a pair of nuts…”

Douglas grimaced and slowly got up. He was standing doubled over, his hands on his knees. “But do you have to use my balls for your demonstration?”

“Well, I don’t think we have another volunteer”, Glenn shrugged.

“Come on, do it”, Sean said.

Douglas took a big gulp of beer and spread his legs. “Alright. Go.”

Glenn got down on his knees and balled his fist. He looked up at his son and grinned. “You want to hit both of his balls with your knuckles”, he explained.

“I know, Glenn”, Leo said.

“If you concentrate on one nut that’s fine, too”, Glenn continued. “But to achieve maximum effect you want to hit both of them.”

Leo nodded. “I’ve done this before, you know?”

“But here’s a little secret”, Glenn said, his speech slightly slurred. “You can put a little spin on the punch that will make poor Douglas go wild…”

Leo raised his eyebrows.

Glenn grinned. “If you twist your wrist at the precise moment of connection it adds to the level of pain.” He touched Douglas’ hip with his left hand to prevent him from walking back. “Like this.”

Glenn’s fist shout up from underneath, sinking into the big bulge between Douglas’ thighs and flattening his balls into his pelvis. The twist of the wrist pureed Douglas’ delicate orbs with utter perfection, and the hunky giant of a man squeaked like a little girl as his precious manhood was ground into paste.

Douglas collapsed on the ground, clutching his crotch, wailing in pain. He rocked back and forth, massaging his aching plums, and his buddies burst out laughing.

Glenn remained on his knees and cracked his knuckles. “I still got it”, he grinned.

“Wow”, Leo chuckled.

“See? Your old man in quite a nut-puncher”, Glenn said proudly.

“Kudos”, Leo said. “That was pretty awesome.”

“It’s a simple trick”, Glenn said. “And it works every time.” He turned to Sean and powered his fist into the unsuspecting guy’s crotch, making him yelp in surprise and pain before he sank to his knees, moaning and groaning.

“Maybe I’m a little rusty”, Glenn mumbled. “Back in the day I was able to make them sing soprano with that punch…”

With both Douglas and Sean writhing on the ground, Brody was the last man standing. He was roaring with laughter at his buddies’ pain. He took his glasses off and wiped his eyes, completely oblivious to the fact that now Glenn turned his attention at his crotch. “Oh man, that makes me feel like a boy again. I remember---“

He was interrupted by the sudden and painful sensation of Glenn’s fist slamming into his groin. His eyes bulged and his mouth opened to let out a high-pitched, girlish scream that made Glenn beam with pride.

Brody stood frozen for a couple of seconds, long enough for Leo to grab the joint from Brody’s hand. Then, with an artful lilt that’d make every prima donna green with envy, Brody’s eyes crossed and he joined his buddies on the ground.

“Yes!” Glenn shouted, looking at his three friends who sounded like they were practicing for a modern – and slightly off-key – opera.

Leo shook his head in disbelief. He placed the joint in the ashtray.

Glenn grinned at him. “Nice, huh? I bet you didn’t expect your dad to have these skills…”

Leo chuckled. “I certainly didn’t…”

“And the best thing is”, Glenn smiled. “This doesn’t just work on those old, wrinkly sacks.” He balled his fist. “It works on young, fresh plums, too…”

“Dad!” Leo’s eyes widened as his father’s fist connected with his groin. He felt his stomach turn as the pain hit him. His vision blurred and a siren-like noise echoed through his head, numbing his brain. It took him a couple of seconds to realize that it was his own voice, screaming like a banshee on helium.

Glenn watched with satisfaction as his son’s knees turned inward and he collapsed on the floor. He got up and cracked his knuckles. “Still got it”, he chuckled to himself as he looked down on the floor that was scattered with the bodies of his son and his friends, all of them clutching their crotches and wailing in pain.

Glenn sat down at the table and took a sip of beer and relit the joint. He watched in silence as the guys recovered, groaning and moaning in pain. Suddenly, he felt remorse. He had let himself get carried away – this hadn’t happened since he left college.
By the time his four victims were able to stand up straight again, Glenn’s face was beet red and he looked seriously embarrassed.

“I’m sorry”, he muttered.

Douglas groaned. “Feels just like old times…” He grinned weakly.

Sean and Brody nodded, grimacing.

Leo was the last one to get up. “Fuck, you really got me, Glenn”, he said hoarsely, rubbing his crotch. “You do want to have grandchildren one day, don’t you?”

Glenn bit his lower lip. “Sorry, son.”

“Punching your own son in the nuts… That’s just wrong…” Brody shook his head.

Glenn’s face was the color of a ripe tomato now.

“What, you want to wipe out your blood line?” Douglas added.

“Are you alright, Leo?” Glenn said.

Leo nodded, grimacing. “Sure.”

“Don’t worry about him”, Sean said. “He’s a skater – his testicles have seen all sorts of injuries, right?”

Leo grinned weakly and shrugged. He gingerly adjusted his crotch. “Those suckers are pretty tough.”

Brody, Douglas and Sean burst out laughing.

Leo raised his eyebrows and looked at them. “What’s the matter?”

Glenn grinned. “That’s what I used to say. I guess you really are your father’s son…”

Leo chuckled.

“Glenn used to boast about his balls”, Douglas explained. “He used to say they were the toughest set in town.”

Glenn shrugged. “They were.” He grinned defiantly. “And they still are.”

“Oooooh”, his buddies laughed.

“So why don’t you put them to the test?” Douglas suggested, grinning.

Glenn looked at his watch. “I think we should call it a day…”

His buddies burst out laughing.

“No way!” Brody said. He grabbed Leo’s shoulder. “Here, let your son have a go.”

“Great idea”, Sean nodded. “Revenge.”

“Yes”, Douglas chimed in. “It’s only fair!”

Glenn shifted uncomfortably on his chair.

All eyes were on Leo.

The lanky skater grinned. “I guess I’ll have to agree with your friends…”

Douglas, Brody and Sean cheered and clapped their hands.

“After all”, Leo continued, a cheeky grin on his face, “now that you have shown me that neat little trick I have to practice it, right?”

Glenn’s buddies burst out laughing.

“He’s just like you”, Brody laughed.

Glenn sighed and stood in front of his son, spreading his legs.

“Does he know about your tattoo?” Douglas asked.

Glen shot him an angry look, and Sean and Brody laughed.

“You have a tattoo?” Leo was incredulous.

Glenn blushed. “It’s nothing…”

“Show him”, Douglas said.

“This is going too far”, Glenn mumbled.

Leo raised his eyebrows. “This is going too far? You punched me in the nuts, dad!” He emphasized the last word, making Glenn wince.

With a nervous grin, Glenn opened his zipper and pulled his balls through the opening. They were a pair of fat, egg-sized pair that hung low in a hairless sac. Glenn looked down at his nuts and stretched the skin of his sac. There were a couple of letters tattooed on his sac.

Leo knelt down in front of him, squinting to decipher the letters. “Balls of steel”, he read, shaking his head in disbelief. He looked up at his father who looked mortified.

“I was drunk”, he mumbled.

Leo chuckled. “Drunk and full of yourself, huh?”

Glenn shrugged.

“Well”, Leo said, rubbing his hands. “Let’s see if we can crack those nuts…”

Glenn gulped and made an effort to slip his oversized testicles into his pants again.

Leo grabbed his wrist and shook his head. “Why don’t you just leave them like that?”

Glenn bit his lower lip and complied, holding his hands behind his back.

“Ooooh”, Douglas grinned. “This is gonna hurt…”

Leo smiled. “Well, dad, thank god you already have kids…” He thought for a moment. “I always wondered what it’d be like to have a younger brother.” He shrugged. “I guess I’ll never know…”

With that, he powered his fist into his father’s exposed nuts, flattening the pair of fat, ripe plums like pancakes before employing the trick his father had taught him, twisting his wrist and grinding his knuckles into Glenn’s tender testicles.

Brody, Douglas and Sean cringed in sympathy as Glenn’s eyes widened and his jaw dropped. There was a brief moment of almost complete silence that was just disturbed by the sound of Glenn’s naked nuts swinging back and forth and slapping against his thighs.

Leo grinned and leaned back to watch the show.

Slowly, very slowly, Glenn’s eyes crossed and his lips started trembling. Then his legs started shaking and his knees moved. His hands were glued behind his back as if he was paralyzed. From deep within his body, a miserable groan escaped Glenn’s lips. The groan grew louder and louder, and the pitch went higher and higher, rising in a powerful crescendo of misery.

In this had been part of a comedy movie, Brody’s glasses would have shattered.

Finally, when Glenn’s wail had reached its pitiful peak, his hands moved towards his crotch, tenderly cupping his balls as he collapsed on the floor in a ball. He screamed from the top of his lungs, his body bucking, tears running down his face.

His buddies shuddered.

“Balls of steel”, Leo chuckled. “I don’t think so…”

Brody gulped. “Well done…”

Douglas and Sean nodded, staring at their buddy.

Leo grinned. “Thanks.” He looked at his watch. “You know what, I think we can leave him here while I take you guys home. He won’t go anywhere…”

Glenn’s buddies left while he was writhing on the ground, clutching his groin.

When Leo came back, Glenn was still down on the floor, but his scream had turn into a soft, whimpering moan.

Leo sat down on a chair and watched his father, taking a big gulp from his beer bottle. He sighed. “Cheers, Glenn. I guess I’m the master of nutpunches in this house after all…”


bbmal said...

Great story Alex! I like the idea that Leo comes from a family of ball busters. I wonder if the lineage will continue to his own son? Could you imagine, generation after generation of ball busting? lol, what a beautiful thought ;-)

Stanford said...

I must admit, I was pretty skeptical about the idea of father-son busting, but this story was really hot.

Alex said...

Thank you, guys! I'm glad that you enjoyed the story! Usually, intergenerational ballbusting is not my cup of tea, either. But with a dad as hot as Glenn I just had to make an exception... :-))

Carter said...

Oh I remember reading this before. Leo getting hit by his dad was kind of cool, though I was a little weary at first.

Alex said...

I know, that's exactly how I felt. But I'm pretty happy with how it turned out... :-)

PJ said...

Of course, a betting contest might have led to....father and son each losing a father, like son. Particularly if they had to nut each other.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, PJ! :-))