Thursday, December 20, 2012

All about Adam

Adam kissed Christopher on the lips. “You are very cute, you know that?” he whispered.

Christopher blushed. Just like Adam, he was 17 years old. And just like Adam he had blond hair and blue eyes. But unlike Adam, Christopher was a virgin.

Today at school, Adam had approached him. He had looked at him with his sexy blue eyes, and they had talked about this and that. And then, out of the blue, Adam had asked him if he wanted to come to his house and “play”. Christopher had known right away what “playing” meant, and even though he’d never thought that his first time would be with a boy, Christopher had agreed.

And here they were, both of them wearing their school uniform, blue trousers, white shirts, a red tie and a blue jacket.

Adam ran his hand through Christopher’s hair and french-kissed the shy, blond boy. Without breaking the kiss, he undid the top button of Christopher’s pants.

Christopher moaned into Adam’s mouth when Adam’s hand found his hard teenage cock. He had never been kissed like that before. This was better than anything he had ever felt. He had known what to expect when Adam had invited him to his home – but this was exceeding his expectations.

“I like it a bit rough”, Adam whispered seductively into Christopher’s ear while fumbling with his tie. “Do you like it rough?”

Christopher hesitated. Did he like it rough? He didn’t know. But he knew that he didn’t want Adam to stop. “Maybe we… I don’t know… I like the way you kiss me. But I don’t know if I’m ready to… You know…”

Adam broke the kiss and raised his eyebrow. He shrugged and wiped his mouth. “Well”, he said. “Maybe this is a mistake.”

Christopher’s eyes widened. “No! No, I love this!”

Adam shrugged his shoulders. “Kissing is fine. But, as I said, I like it rough.”

Christopher gulped. “I like it rough, too”, he said, not very convincingly.

Adam smiled. “Nice. Then you’ll love this…” He unbuttoned Christopher’s shirt, undid his tie and stripped him of his pants , socks and underwear.

Christopher had never been naked in front of another person in his life. He felt ashamed.

But Adam smiled and kissed him. “You look fantastic!” He ran his hand over Christopher’s naked body and moved him to his bed.

“You have a beautiful cock”, Adam whispered, stroking Christopher’s virgin dick a couple of times.

Christopher moaned. This felt way better than jerking off!

Christopher was lying on Adam’s bed, his skinny body stark naked, his nice-sized dick pointing at the ceiling.

Adam was fully dressed, straddling his friend so that Christopher’s cock was touching his clothed butt. He smiled at Christopher and leaned down to kiss him while opening the upper drawer of his nightstand. Without breaking the kiss, he reached inside and grabbed a pair of handcuffs. A few seconds later, when Adam finally broke the kiss, Christopher found his right hand cuffed to the bed.

Christopher didn’t know what to make of that.

Adam grinned. “I told you I like it rough…”

Christopher smiled nervously. “But---“

“Don’t worry”, Adam whispered and nibbled at Christopher’s earlobe. “You’ll like this…”

Christopher relaxed a bit, and Adam cuffed his left hand to the bed. Then he tied his feet to the bed posts with some rope. Christopher stared at him.

Adam raised his eyebrows. “Do you want to leave?”

“No!” Christopher said quickly. Even though he couldn’t move, he didn’t feel too uncomfortable. In addition to that he was just too horny to quit now.

Adam licked his lips and kneeled between Christopher’s spread legs. He ran his hands up on the inside of Christopher’s thighs, sending shivers down the inexperienced boy’s spine.

“Does this feel good?” Adam asked.

“Oh yeah”, Christopher moaned.

Adam chuckled. He reached inside the drawer and held up a black feather.

Christopher gulped.

“Trust me”, Adam said. “You’ll love this!” He ran the feather up and down Christopher’s throbbing cock.

Christopher started panting as precum oozed out of the tip of his dick.

“You got a nice pair of nuts”, Adam said, circling the two big orbs in Christopher’s sac with the feather.

Christopher’s moaning grew louder. He closed his eyes and threw his head back. He loved what Adam was doing.

“A really nice pair of nuts”, Adam repeated and undid his tie. “A real pair of low-hangers.” He playfully draped his tie around Christopher’s genitals. “Look at that”, he chuckled. “Your juice is making a mess on my tie…”

Christopher’s eyes opened and giggled as he saw the wet stains on Adam’s red tie. “I’m sorry”, he grinned.

“What do you say”, Adam said, “if I come to school tomorrow with your juice all over my tie?”

Christopher chuckled. “You are naughty!”

“You have no idea”, Adam smiled and licked Christopher’s precum off his tie.

Christopher laughed.

Adam leaned forward and planted a sloppy kiss on Christopher’s cock.

A delighted yelp escaped Christopher’s lips.

“Have you ever heard of ‘deep throating’?” Adam asked matter-of-factly.

Christopher’s eyes widened and his cock twitched. “Sounds fun”, he said, licking his lips.

Adam smiled. “Oh yes, it is.” He slowly jerked Christopher’s cock, driving the innocent boy wild and making his cock let go of a steady stream of precum that ran down his shaft.

“Oh dear”, Adam said slowly.

“What is it?” Christopher asked.

Adam sighed. “I’m pretty sure you’ll blow your load right away when I start sucking your cock…”

Christophe stared at his throbbing dick. Adam was right. He knew he couldn’t control himself. Adam’s mouth on his cock just felt too good…

Adam fondled Christopher’s nuts. “I have an idea…” He winked at Christopher and slowly tied his tie around the base of Christopher’s sac, trapping the two precious globes at the bottom.

Christopher watched him, his dick twitching.

Finally, Adam separated Christopher’s balls and tied a knot.

Christopher gulped. “Why do you---“

“This will keep your spunk from rising into your cock”, Adam said matter-of-factly. He playfully squeezed Christopher’s left nut between his thumb and forefinger.

Christopher gasped. This didn’t feel good at all…

Adam grinned and flicked both of Christopher’s nuts at the same time.

“Ouch!” Christopher yelped.

Adam grinned. “I told you I like it rough…”

Christopher grimaced. “So now you can suck my… you know…”

“Oh yeah!” Adam whispered and grabbed Christopher’s balls in a tight grip. He leaned forward and opened his mouth wide.

Christopher’s eyes widened as he saw Adam’s mouth come closer and closer to his glistening dick. Just when its tip disappeared between Adam’s lips, there was a noise at the door.

Christopher watched in horror as the door opened and a girl walked in. “Oh no!” he yelped.

The girl’s eyes widened in shock as she saw the two blond boys.

“Adam!” she shouted.

Adam’s head jumped up and he turned around, knocking his elbow into Christopher’s tender testicles with devastating force. His bony elbow smashed into Christopher’s tied nuts and the poor boy let out an agonized scream.

Christopher shrieked as the pleasure turned into pain.

“Fuck!” Adam tried to get off the bed as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, he stumbled and stomped his foot into Christopher’s exposed balls, slamming them into his pelvis and making him scream even louder.

“Fuck!” Adam repeated and looked around, looking for something to cover Christopher’s genitals. The only thing within reach was the 1000-pages Spanish dictionary.

Christopher saw what he was up to. His eyes widened. Not the book! “No!”

Adam grabbed the dictionary and threw it into Christopher’s lap. It landed on Christopher’s testicles with a dull thud, trapping his left nut underneath as Christopher shrieked in pain. It covered his cock and his right ball, but his left nut was in plain view, flattened like a pancake between the heavy book and the matrass.

“What are you doing here?” Adam asked as Christopher screamed from the top of his lungs.

Christopher tried to think. He knew that girl from somewhere. But the pain in his balls was incredible. He felt as if his nuts were making a noise that was so loud that it stopped his brain from working properly.

The girl smirked at him. “I live here.”

Finally, it hit Christopher: She was his sister!

“But not in my room! Not now!” Adam shouted and threw his hands back.

Unfortunately for Christopher, Adam’s fist bumped into the dictionary which in turn renewed the pain in his sore testicles.

Christopher was yodeling in pain. He sounded like he was auditioning for a role in a Bavarian opera.

Adam’s sister laughed. She was two years older than Adam, a tall and very attractive young woman with long blond hair and a perfect body. She was called Eve. Adam and Eve – the siblings had had long discussions about the appropriateness of humor when it came to choosing names for children.

“I think your boyfriend is in pain”, Eve observed, grinning.

Christopher was writhing against his restraints, screaming from the top of his lungs.

Adam frowned at her. “He’s not my boyfriend”, he shouted and grabbed the dictionary, momentarily increasing the pressure on Christopher’s aching left nut before lifting it off Christopher’s genitals and throwing it off the bed.

“Thank you”, Christopher whispered, his face wet with sweat. “Thank you!” But the feeling of relief was short-lived as Adam shifted his attention to Christopher’s tied genitals.

Eve watched, an amused grin on her face, as Adam struggled with the tie, yanking up and down to free Christopher’s nuts, eliciting a new verse of yodeling from the poor boy.

Adam grunted. The knot was too tight. He tried pulling his tie off while digging his thumb into Christopher’s meaty balls to make them slip through.

Christopher’s eyes crossed and his voice jumped up an octave. Finally, his swollen nuts plopped through tight loop and came to rest low in his sac.

Christopher whimpered in pain.

Adam was kneeling between his thighs and reached inside the drawer to get the keys to the handcuffs. His knee slammed between Christopher’s thighs as he grabbed the key and reached for the cuffs.

Christopher’s eyes bulged as Adam’s knee ground into his junk, crunching his nuts with its bony kneecap.

Finally, the handcuffs were off, and Adam turned around to untie the ropes at Christopher’s feet.

“No!” Christopher screamed as Adam’s toes slammed into his precious jewels.

When Adam was done, Christophe jumped off the bed, limping across the room to get his clothes. He grabbed them and held them in front of his crotch, covering his now limp cock and his sore balls.

His body was covered in sweat as he hurried out of the room, passing Adam and his sister.

Eve grinned as she heard the door slam shut. She looked out the window and saw Christopher run across the street. “He has a nice butt”, she grinned.

Adam looked at her. Then he broke out in uncontrollable laughter. “That was awesome!” He gasped for breath, laughing so hard that tears started running down his face.

Adam looked like an angle, but there was a naughty little devil inside him…

Adam’s sister called him “sexually hyperactive” – most of the other people who knew him were less polite in their description…

He had many talents – he was funny and handsome, intelligent and disciplined, a straight A student who made his parents and his teachers proud. He loved music and sports, history and science – but above all, he loved sex. Very conveniently, Adam was bisexual. He loved sucking cock and eating pussy and having his own cock sucked, and he enjoyed fucking and getting fucked.

One of his Adam’s hobbies was cracking virgins. He had deflowered a dozen of his friends in the past few weeks, some girls and some boys.  And unfortunately for poor Christopher, another one of Adam’s hobbies was busting balls…

Eve giggled. “Our timing was perfect this time, wasn’t it?”

“Perfect!” Adam chuckled. “Just perfect!”

Eve looked out the window. “And now he is running home, bare naked…”

“…and with a pair of sore nuts!” Adam grinned and wiped his eyes.

Eve grimaced. “You really did a number on them…”

Adam laughed. “Yeah!” He looked at her sister. “Do you think he suspects something?”

Eve shook her head. “No way. When he wasn’t crying in pain he was occupied with being embarrassed…”

Adam grinned. “Great! And I bet he won’t tell anyone about this…”

Eve smiled. “He did have a nice butt”, she said, sitting down on her brother’s bed.  “Too bad you didn’t get to fuck it.”

Adam chuckled. “Tomorrow is another day…”

Eve laughed. “You think he will want to join you for another ‘play date’?”

“He knows what I can do with my tongue”, Adam winked at his sister. “He’ll be begging me to suck his cock and I’m gonna do it. And then I’m gonna fuck him.”

Eve caught a glimpse of something shiny in Adam’s drawer. “You took my vibrator again!”

Adam shrugged. “Sorry.”

Eve clicked her tongue and took her toy out of the drawer. There switched it on and off before turning to her brother with a wide grin on her face. “Busting a pair of perfectly good virgin balls just because your sister told you to – you are a bad body, Adam…”

“I am”, he smiled.  “Now, do I get a reward?” Adam licked his lips, leering at his sister.

Eve’s lips parted as she brought her silver toy up to her mouth. “What are you thinking of?” she asked, smiling seductively. The vibrator disappeared between her lips and she started sucking it slowly, holding eye-contact with her brother.

Adam watched her, panting heavily. “That”, he said in a hoarse voice, “is a good start.” He adjusted his crotch. His majestic erection was creating a visible tent in his pants.

Eve smiled and withdrew the vibrator from her mouth. She licked her lips and shook her head. “You’ll have to wait a bit before you’ll get your reward…”

Adam groaned. “But I’m so horny!”

Eve shrugged. “Not my problem. You could have had your fun with Virgin Boy – but you decided to bust his balls instead…” She grinned.

Adam squeezed his package and shifted uncomfortably. “Fuck”, he mumbled. “You are a mean girl…”

Eve smiled seductively.

Adam sighed.

Eve stood and walked towards the door. “By the way, do you have anything planned for New Year’s?”

Adam shook his head and sat down on his bed. “Not yet.”

Eve smiled. “What do you say – we’ll spend the night together.”

Adam grinned. “Sounds great!”

“And you provide the entertainment”, Eve said.

Adam raised his eyebrows. “What do you have in mind?”

Eve grinned. “Something naughty…”

Adam chuckled. “Of course…”

Eve looked down at her hands that were playing with the silver vibrator. “There are a couple of boys who want to spend New Year’s eve with me.”

Adam grinned. “All of them young, hung, and full of cum, huh?”

“You bet!” Eve batted her eyelashes. “I’m a popular girl…”

Adam laughed. “Sure you are!”

Eve smiled and continued, “Well, we could have our standard orgy – but that wouldn’t be much fun...”

Adam grinned.

“So they all think they are Prince Charming who will fuck the princess into next  year”, Eve looked at her brother. “Imagine their surprise when they realize that they have to play some naughty games with the wicked brother before they get to bang the princess?”

Adam undid his zipper and reached inside. “I love that idea…”

Eve smiled. “You’ll have those big boys to do whatever you want to them – as long as one of them is in condition to bang me come midnight.”

“You mean I can bust their balls?” Adam pulled his hard cock and his big balls out of his fly and started jerking it.

“As hard as you like”, Eve smiled.

Adam grinned. “Okay, deal!”

Eve stood and ran her hand through her brother’s hair. “Deal!”

Adam lay back on the bed as Eve walked out the room. He jerked his cock, trying to come up with some naughty ideas of his own.

“Hey!” he shouted. “Don’t take the vibrator with you! I could use it, now that you scared poor Chris away…”

Eve grinned and turned on her heels. She walked towards the bed and looked down at Adam’s exposed genitals. She smiled and ran the tip of the vibrator down his throbbing shaft.

Adam let out a moan.

Eve winked at him and, out of nowhere, slammed the base of the vibrator into her brother’s tender testicles with all the force she could muster.

Adam’s eyes bulged and he let out a girlish shriek as the pain exploded from his nuts.

Eve laughed and placed her toy on the bed.

Adam groaned and curled up on the bed, clutching his nuts. “Fuck you!”

He heard Eve walk away laughing. “Fuck yourself!”


bbmal said...

Poor Christopher... ;-) I can't wait to find out what happens on New Year's Eve. Adam and Eve are awesome characters! I don't know whether to root for them or... well, alright, if they're going to crack some hot guy's nuts, then I guess I'm just rooting for them! Nicely done!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, bbmal! I'm pretty sure Adam and Eve are gonna have a blast on New Year's Eve... :-))

troubadour said...

I've been a long time reader on your site Alex, and I have to say this is one of the hottest stories you've ever written! I keep coming back to it and decided to finally comment. The sequel to this, New Year's Eve is just as awesome! I love the character of Adam especially, how manipulative and mean he can be. It would be awesome to see him have another run in with Christopher, as you allude to at the end of New Year's Eve. What would be really hot, in my opinion is if at some point, Adam got the tables turned on him, either by Christoper, or perhaps another boy he tries to bust, but ends up being more than he can handle. His cocky attitude could get him in a lot of trouble at some point!

Thanks for all the wonderful stories!

Alex said...

Thank you, troubadour, for taking the time to comment! I'm planning on continuing Adam's and Christopher's story and I have a couple of ideas that I'm sure will be right up your alley... Right now I can't say when I'll have the next part ready but I promise I'll work on it as fast as I can... :-))

troubadour said...

I can't wait to see what you have planned!!!