Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year’s Eve

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Zach rang the bell. The handsome 20 year old frat guy ran his tongue over his teeth, straightened his tie, ran his hand through his short blond hair and adjusted his crotch. This was going to be the best New Year’s Eve ever! There had been several options available to him: a wild party at the frat house, a huge rave at the hottest club in town – and a rendezvous with one of the sexiest girls he had ever met. Of course he had chosen option three. Who wouldn’t? The thought of driving his huge dick into the pretty blonde’s hole gave him an instant hard-on.

The door opened, and the girl of Zach’s dreams smiled at him.

“Hi”, Eve said, running her hand through her long, blond hair. She was 19 years old, and she looked amazing. Her black dress was made of some see-through fabric, and she wasn’t wearing underwear. Zach gulped as he looked her up and down, taking in the sight of her big breasts with their erect nipples, and the glimpse of her honey pot.

“I guess you like what you see, huh?” Eve giggled as she glanced at Zach’s very obvious erection that was straining his jeans.

Zach cleared his throat, his eyes fixed on the treasure between Eve’s thighs. “Hi”, he said in a throaty voice.

“Follow me, stud”, Eve smiled. She turned around and walked through the hallway.

Zach’s almost creamed his pants as followed her, staring at her magnificent ass.

Eve opened a door and winked at Zach. “Wait in there. I’ll be right with you.” She leaned forward and kissed Zach’s cheeks.

Zach shivered. “Yes”, was all he could say.

Eve giggled as Zach walked into the room.

Zach chuckled and adjusted his crotch. This was going to be great!

“Hi”, he was greeted and stopped dead in his tracks. “I’m Adam, Eve’s brother.”

Zach’s jaw dropped. What was her little brother doing here? He quickly covered his bulging crotch with his hands and nodded at the boy who was sitting in an armchair across the room.

He was 17, two years younger than his sister, and the family resemblance was striking. He had the same blond hair and the same blue eyes, a very attractive boy wearing a smart suit and a tie. He grinned as he shamelessly stared at Zach’s crotch.

“No need to hide your boner”, Adam chuckled. “I know you are here to fuck my sister.”

Zach was at a loss for words.

“Okay”, Adam mumbled. “So that’s the dumb one…”

Zach blinked.

“You must be Zach. I have heard a lot about you… Have a seat”, Adam said and pointed at a sofa where – much to Zach’s horror – another guy was sitting.

“George?” Zach asked incredulously.

George shifted uncomfortably. “Hi”, he mumbled. He was 23 years old, with curly blond hair and green eyes.

Zach stared at him. “What the fuck?!”

George blushed.

“Sit down”, Adam said, looking bored. “I’ll explain it to you later.”

“What the fuck?!” Zach repeated as he sat down next to George. The erection in his jeans started to shriveled considerably.

Zach turned to George and opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, the doorbell rang and the two studs just stared at each other.

A moment later, the door opened and Eve walked into the room, a tall African-American guy right behind her.

“And you must be Cal”, Adam smiled.

When he saw the other guys, Cal looked as dumbfounded as Zach. He was a handsome guy, 22 years old, with black hair and brown eyes.

Eve closed the door behind them and sat down next to her brother on the armrest of the chair, elegantly crossing her legs and leaning back, letting the boys get a good look at her firm breasts.

The three studs were sitting side by side on the sofa.

Adam grinned when he saw the three guys staring at his sisters, three huge boners plainly visible in their crotches.

“Welcome”, Eve said, smiling. “I guess you thought that we’d be alone tonight and you’d get a chance at fucking me into next year.” She uncrossed her legs, allowing the studs to catch a glimpse of her pleasure center.

The three guys gulped simultaneously as they pictured the wonderful things they could do with her in their minds.

“Well, we have different plans”, Eve said, running her hand through her brother’s hair.

Adam smiled.

“This is a special night”, Eve continued. “And I don’t want to spend it with a loser. So my dear little brother is going to help me determine which one of you is worthy of spending this special night with me.”

Adam licked his lips.

“Over to you, little brother”, Eve said.

Adam stood and Eve slid into the chair, seductively running her fingertips over her nipples while watching the three studs.

Cal, George and Zach were mesmerized. They were staring at Eve, shifting uncomfortably as their erections threatened to burst through their jeans.

“Hey!” Adam shouted.

Cal and George looked at him while Zach continued staring at Eve’s breasts.

“Hey!” Adam repeated. “Look at me, doofus!”

When Zach didn’t react, Adam sighed and walked in front of the blond boy and threw a quick punch between Zach’s thighs. His knuckles connected with the well-stuffed bulge in Zach’s crotch, digging into the soft package below the big, sausage-like outline of Zach’s cock that was pointing to the side.

Zach’s eyes bulged and he let out a soft moan as he doubled over, his hands clutching his groin. His face a painful grimace, he looked up at Adam who smiled gently.

“That’s better”, Adam said. “Now listen to me: As my sister said, I’m here to help her choose the right guy to screw her gorgeous pussy tonight.”

Eve giggled.

“There are four things that Eve looks for in a man”, Adam continued. “Ambition, stamina, creativity, and – last but not least – size.” He smirked. “From what I have heard, size isn’t the problem here, right?” He looked at the three guys and chuckled. “Well, why don’t you show me what you’ve got?”

The three guys stared at him.

“Chopchop!” Adam clapped his hands. “Off with your clothes!”

Zach stared at him. “But---“

“Listen”, Adam said slowly. “If you don’t want to fuck my sister, feel free to leave right now.”

Zach looked at Eve who blew him a kiss.

He blushed and quickly got up, throwing away his belt and dropping his jeans.

Cal and George followed his example even though they seemed a slight bit less enthusiastic.

Within seconds, all three of them were stark naked, standing side by side as Adam watched them, his mouth watering.

Cal was an experienced swimmer, and it showed. His ebony body was perfect: muscles in all the right places, tight abs and muscular arms and legs. His cock was huge and hard as a rock, its tip glistening as a tiny line of precum slowly made its way down to the ground. His pubes were neatly trimmed and his two big, perfectly shaped eggs were hanging lazily in their hairless sac.

George looked just as tasty. He was not as tall as Cal, but he has a great body, too. A little bit leaner and less muscular, there was not an ounce of fat on his body. His cock equaled Cal’s in size, a gorgeous piece of meat that pointed proudly at the ceiling. Below, his beautiful, juicy plums looked like they were even bigger than Cal’s. George had been as thorough in his preparations for this night: He had trimmed his pubes, and it looked like he had lotioned his sac that was smooth and shiny.

As far as size was concerned, Zach was the hands-down winner of this round. His rock-hard cock would make a horse bow its head in shame. Zach had a proud smile on his face as he watched Adam’s eyes bulge at the size of his schlong. Zach enjoyed the attention, and he shifted his hips, making his huge, heavy dick sway from side to side. In order to highlight his best features, Zach had dispensed of his pubes completely, making his cock seem even bigger. His huge, fat danglers looked fantastic inside their perfectly smooth sac. Zach was as tall as Cal, and he was more muscular, with strong legs and arms, his abs a perfect six pack.

Adam cleared his throat. He couldn’t take his eyes off the three meaty monsters. “Okay”, he mumbled. “Very impressive.”

Zach, Cal and George grinned.

Adam turned to his sister. “I guess all three of them qualify?”

Eve’s right hand had disappeared between her thighs and she moaned in pleasure.

Adam chuckled. “Well, I’ll take that as a yes.” He adjusted his crotch, taking a short moment to feel the raging erection in his pants. This was going to be the best New Year’s Eve ever!

Zach shifted impatiently, his huge cock slapping against his thigh, causing a big drop of precum to splash down onto the floor. “So this is it”, he said, grabbing his dick and leisurely stroking it. “I could have told you that I’m the biggest. No need to waste those losers’ time.” He grinned at Cal and George who were standing at his sides. “Sorry, guys.”

Cal and George shot him an angry look.

Zach had a dumb grin on his face.

Adam sighed. He walked over to Zach and grabbed hold of his huge cock, looking deep into Zach’s eyes. “Sure, you are a big boy…”

Zach frowned at him. “What---“

Adam’s hand found his heavy, low-hanging balls and squeezed them them.

Zach inhaled sharply.

Adam grinned as he increased the pressure, making Zach double over slowly, his eyes widening in pain.

“Size isn’t everything, doofus”, Adam whispered into Zach’s ear and twisted his hand, causing Zach to yelp in pain.

Cal and George chuckled as Adam let go and Zach grabbed his crotch, cradling his huge nuts in his hands.

“You like that?” Adam grinned. Out of nowhere, he slapped both of their dangling sacs with a resounding smack.

Cal and George moaned in pain, mimicking Zach’s pose as they doubled over, clutching their nuts.

Adam licked his lips and ran his hand over the bulge in his crotch. He wasn’t wearing any underwear and he felt a damp spot where his leaking cock had a left a sweet, little mark.

He turned to his sister. “Why don’t we continue with a test of stamina?”

“You’re the boss, brother”, Eve said, smiling.

Adam grinned and turned to the three studs. “Okay, guys”, he said. “The object of this game is to maintain an erection. It’s as simple as that.”

The three guys chuckled. This was an easy task. Their cocks were hard as rocks, and they couldn’t think of anything that might change this.

Adam knelt down in front of Cal and looked up at him. He rubbed his hands. “Alright, let’s start with you.” He looked up at Cal who had a worried expression on his face.

Adam grinned and playfully slapped Cal’s huge dong, causing it to slap back against his abs.

Cal winced.

“That’s a lovely, hard piece of meat”, Adam said. “Let’s see if we can make it go limp…” He balled his fist and threw a hard uppercut into Cal’s juicy orbs, making Cal shriek in pain.

He tried to cover his genitals but Adam said sharply, “Don’t!”

Cal moaned and brought his hands behind his back.

With a resounding thud, Adam punched Cal’s bulging balls once more, making sure to hit both of the stud’s nuts with equal force.

Cal let out a girlish scream as George and Zach cringed in sympathy.

Adam licked his lips as he grabbed the neck of Cal’s sac with his right hand, causing the two huge globes  to crowd the bottom of his sac.

Cal looked down in horror as Adam clenched his fist and winked at him. Then he sent his fist slamming into the two delicate testicles, hitting them dead on and making Cal’s body convulse in pain. His scream filled the room, making George and Zach cover their own crotches.

Adam looked at Cal’s raging erection and smiled. He slapped Cal’s nuts hard, eliciting another high-pitched scream from his lungs.

Adam grabbed Cal’s towering boner and stroked it a couple of times. “I’m impressed”, he grinned and let go of Cal’s valuables. “Well done.”

Cal whimpered and sank to his knees, clutching his battered balls.

Adam turned to George and Zach. “New balls, please”, he said with a wink.

George and Zach shifted uncomfortably.

“Come on, who’s next?” Adam said impatiently.

George sighed and stepped up to the plate. He clenched his jaw as Adam grabbed his big plums and tugged down hard.

George groaned.

“Nice”, Adam whispered to himself and slapped George’s nuts hard with the palm of his hand.

George’s eyes clenched shut and he inhaled sharply, trying to maintain his dignity as the blond boy manhandled his nuts.

Adam pummeled George’s balls with his fist, making George’s eyes open wide. His mouth formed an “o” and he let out a hoarse groan.

Adam chuckled and slapped George’s balls a couple of times, increasing the force, making the extraordinary pair of eggs swing wildly. The slaps turned into punches, and Adam’s knuckles sank into the soft flesh of George’s testicles, making the handsome curly-haired stud lose all reservations and scream from the top of his lungs.

His cock was twitching wildly but refused to go down as Adam crunched his nuts with all the force he could muster. Finally, he let go and allowed George to curl up on the ground, moaning and groaning and cradling his huge balls in his hands.

“Okay, doofus”, Adam turned to Zach. “Your turn.”

Zach shot him an angry look, but he complied and stood in front of Adam, slightly spreading his legs, giving the blond boy better access to his hefty testicles.

“Wow, what a pair”, Adam chuckled, grabbing both nuts and weighing them in his hand. “This is gonna be fun…”

Zach gritted his teeth as Adam massaged his tender testicles with moth of his hands, rolling them back and forth with a gleeful look on his face.

Adam squeezed the huge spuds hard and looked up at Zach who was grimacing in pain. “I bet those suckers are full of cum. When’s the last time you shot your load?” He slapped Zach’s balls, making them swing wildly.

Zach groaned in pain.

“Tell me”, Adam insisted, pulling down on Zach’s fruit basket with one hand, trapping his delicate nuts at the bottom of their sac. “When did you last empty those sperm tanks?”

“A week ago”, Zach hissed through his teeth.

“Wow”, Adam smiled, balling his fist. “They must be begging for release…”

Zach shot him angry look that changed into an agonized grimace as Adam’s fist made contact with his nuts. Adam’s knuckled dug deep into the tender flesh, eliciting a hoarse groan from Zach’s lips.

Zach’s cock twitched and a drop of precum landed on Adam’s nose.

Adam laughed and wiped his nose before slamming a second punch into Zach’s babymakers.

Zach screamed in agony, his knees shaking, as Adam pounded his nuts once more.

Suddenly, at the fourth punch, Zach’s dick erupted with a thick, creamy splash of cum that landed on Adam’s face with a splash.

Adam shook his head in disbelief as spurt after spurt of cum splattered into his face, coating his nose, his cheeks and his lips, and running down his chin. “Looks like someone lost control…”

Zach was screaming from the top of his lungs as Adam continued the violent assault on his nuts, punching them again and again until the flood subsided and a single drop of spunk hung at the tip of Zach’s dick.

“Well”, Adam smirked. “You maintained your erection so I guess you’re alright. But maybe you got a little bit too excited…”

George and Cal couldn’t hide their joy, and Zach shot them an angry look.

“I bet you wanted to save that load for later”, Adam grinned and wiped Zach’s cum from his face. He looked at his sister who was watching the scene with obvious excitement.

Zach sank down to his knees, clutching his nuts, panting and moaning. He looked up at Adam and grunted, “There’s more than enough left for your sister…”

Adam laughed. His tie was filthy with Zach’s creamy spunk, but he didn’t bother cleaning it. He sat down next to his sister and put his arm around her.  “Now it’s time for a little creativity”, he said, smiling at the three naked studs.

The guys looked at him, blank expressions on their faces.

“I challenge each of you to impress my dear sister”, Adam continued, smiling. He looked at Cal. “Why don’t you start, buddy?”

Cal bit his lower lip, staring at Eve who smiled back at him.

“I’m sure you can think of something special that’ll impress me?” she said in a seductive voice.

Cal cleared his throat. Then an idea popped into his head. He had tried this at home a couple of times, in the privacy of his own bedroom, and he knew that few guys were able to do what he was capable of. This was the time to show off, so Cal inhaled deeply and sat down on the ground. He lifted his legs into the air and over his head until they were resting on the sofa, his rock-hard cock pointing straight at his mouth.

Eve had an intrigued expression on her face.

“Mmmhh”, Adam grinned. “I can see where this is going. Nice.”

Cal opened his mouth and bobbed his head forwards until the tip of his dick disappeared between his full lips. He closed his eyes and ran his tongue around the head of his cock. The taste of his own precum made him moan in pleasure.

“Damn”, Zach mumbled, rubbing his sore, spent testicles. His cock was wet and glistening, but it hadn’t gone down one bit.

George looked at him.

Zach grimaced. “That’s what I wanted to do…”

Adam walked up to Cal and looked down between his thighs, watching in amazement as Cal was sucking his own cock. “You gotta see this, sis!”

Eve joined her brother and giggled at the sight of Cal’s huge cock sliding in and out of his mouth.

Cal opened his eyes to see Adam and Eve staring back at him.

“Wonderful”, Eve cooed. “That’s so hot!”

Cal grinned at them, his mouth full with his own meat.

Adam winked at his sister and pointed at Cal’s juicy testicles.

Eve giggled.

“Let me help you, buddy”, Adam said with a gentle smile before bringing his fist down hard onto Cal’s nuts, flattening them like pancakes and driving his huge cock into his own throat.

Cal’s eyes widened as his own cock was rammed against his tonsils, making him gag and spit out his cock before rolling to his side and curling up in a ball.

“Impressive”, Eve smiled.

Adam turned to George and Zach. “You think you can top that?”

George absentmindedly stroked his hard dick, thinking hard. Suddenly, he remembered something. A big grin spread across his face. It was a bit risky, but it was worth a try. “I can kick the cum out of Zach’s nuts”, he said, patting Zach’s back.

Zach stared at him in disbelief. “What?!”

“Oooh”, Adam chuckled. “You think you can do that?”

“Wait a minute”, Zach growled. “Who said---“

“You are not in charge, doofus”, Adam said sharply. He turned to George. “You can kick the cum out of his nuts even though he just spilled his spunk?”

George bit his lower lip and nodded slowly. “I think I can do it.”

“Wait a minute”, Zach tried to intervene. “How is that---“

Adam interrupted him and grinned at his sister. “That’d be very creative, don’t you agree, sis?”

“Oh yes, I’d love to see that”, she giggled.

“Go on then”, Adam said to Zach. “Stand up and spread your legs.”

George grinned as Zach groaned and stood in front of him, facing him. “Turn around”, George smiled.

Zach rolled his eyes and sighed. He faced Adam and his sister, his hands on his knees, his legs spread. His huge erection was pointing at them, with his sore, slightly reddened balls dangling below.

George cleared his throat and concentrated on his target. “Five kicks and he’ll lose his load”, he announced.

Adam and Eve stared at Zach’s dick. The creamy remains of his last orgasm were visible on the tip of his cock.

George took a step back. He exhaled slowly. Then, with a little running start, he threw a powerful kick between Zach’s thighs from behind. His instep flattened Zach’s meaty nuts against his body, making Zach scream from the top of his lungs. His dick swung wildly, slapping against his abs, as Zach’s eyes clenched shut and his face turned into a painful grimace.

George nodded. He could do it. Once again, he kicked Zach’s nuts hard, feeling Zach’s huge spuds collide with his foot. Zach’s agonized scream echoed across the room, making Adam and Cal cringe and cover their crotches.

“Ouch”, Adam whispered in mock-sympathy. Unconsciously he was rubbing his hard dick through his trousers.

The third kick found its target, ramming Zach’s poor balls into his body and making him let out a high-pitched wail. His cock was twitching wildly.

George didn’t even need five kicks – his fourth one brought the prize.

George’s foot slammed into Zach’s oversized testicles, squashing them with incredible force, and making them give up their contents. Zach screamed from the top of his lungs. In a beautiful arc, the first jet of spunk sailed through the air, landing on the floor with a wet splash.

George thought for a moment, then he powered one last kick into Zach’s spasming nuts for good measure. Zach wailed in pain as his pumping balls flattened like pancaked.

The second jet landed right in the middle to the first. Spurt after spurt of thick, creamy stud-sauce landed on the ground, creating a big puddle of jizz.

George took a step back, a satisfied smile on his face, as Zach’s girlish wails turned into whimpering moans, and the moans turned into soft groans, before Zach collapsed on the ground, curling up in a little ball and nursing his battered balls.

Adam and Eve were impressed. They clapped their hands slowly, shaking their heads.

“Wow”, Adam said, looking at George. “That was fantastic.”

George grinned and took a bow. “Thank you.”

Zach was whimpering in pain, his hands clutching his nuts as if he feared they might drop out of their sac. Unbelievably, his cock maintained its massive erection that reared its head between his hands.

Adam looked at Zach and smiled. “Your turn, doofus.”

Zach groaned.

“Come on, show us something creative”, Adam grinned.

Zach closed his eyes and whimpered. His mind was empty. He couldn’t think of anything.

Suddenly, Eve spoke up. She smiled at Zach and said, “I think I have something you can do.” She licked her lips. “It would be creative and hot.”

Zach groaned. “What is it?”

Eve pointed at the puddle of jizz in front of Zach. She batted her eyelashes and smiled at Zach. “Why don’t you lick up your mess?” she whispered seductively. “That would be so hot…”

Zach stared at his puddle of spunk, inches from his nose. His face contorted into a disgusted grimace.

“Come on, stud”, Eve said softly. “That would be so hot.”

Cal and George chuckled as Zach crawled towards the sticky spot on the tiles. Tentatively, he stuck out his tongue and lapped up a copious amount of his own gooey spunk with his tongue. The salty taste made him nauseous. He closed his eyes and swallowed his spunk.

Adam and Eve burst out laughing.

“That’s so humiliating”, Adam shook his head. “I can’t believe he’s doing this.” His hand slipped into his trousers and he stroked his cock a couple of times.

Eve had one of her hands in her lap. She was breathing heavily. “So hot”, she whispered.

Zach looked up at them, a desperate expression in his beautiful blue eyes as he lapped up every last drop of his messy load. When he was done, he grimaced in disgust and wiped his mouth. “Happy now?” he grunted.

“Oh yeah”, Adam chuckled. “Very happy.”

His sister sat back down in the chair.

Adam looked at his watch. Half past eleven. Time for the grand finale.

“As I told you earlier, my sister is looking for four things in a man: Size, stamina, creativity, and ambition. Now it all comes down to ambition”, Adam explained. He reached into a small box and produced three pairs of handcuffs. One by one, he cuffed Cal’s, George’s and Zach’s hands behind their backs. “It’s all in your hands now – or rather in your feet”, Adam smiled as the three naked studs stared at him. “One of you will kick his way into my sister’s bedroom. And the rest of you will go home.”

Adam grinned and sat down next to his sister.

The three naked guys stared at him.

“Come on”, Adam said, slowly running his hand over his clothed crotch. “Go for it.”

Within seconds, the room filled with angry grunts as George lunged at Zach. Cal jumped out of the way as George powered a devastating kick between Zach’s legs, catching his sore, throbbing testicles dead-on. Zach howled in agony and stumbled back. To regain his balance, he had to spread his legs wider, and George seized his chance. He landed another nut-crunching kick that sent Zach up into the air before the stumbled to the ground.

George stood between his legs and grinned down at the fallen boy before stomping down hard onto his aching nuts. George’s heels flattened Zach’s oversized ball against the cold floor, making Zach retch and gag, his eyes wide open. George twisted his heel viciously, squishing and squashing Zach’s tender nuts.

Unfortunately, he left himself wide open, so Cal delivered a powerful punt between George’s legs from behind. Like a soccer player at a penalty shot, Cal kicked George’s huge nuts with all the force he could muster.

George’s eyes opened wide and he let out a gurgling scream.

Cal brought his leg back again and delivered another ball-busting kick that made George let out a high-ptiched shriek. He stumbled forwards and landed on top of Zach, his cock almost poking Zach’s eye out. Held down by the weight of George, Zach’s nuts were an easy target for Cal who continued where George had stopped. He stomped down on Zach’s nuts, making the blond stud let out an ear-shattering scream.

George tried to crawl off Zach, his hard cock slipping into Zach’s wide open mouth in the process. Zach gagged and retched as he felt George’s dick on his tongue. He closed his mouth and chomped down hard, making George howl like a pig in the slaughterhouse.

Adam and Eve watched the scene with fascination, sitting side by side, pleasuring themselves.

Cal alternately kicked George’s balls and stomped onto Zach’s ripe nuts.

Zach and George were unable to free themselves, with their hands tied behind their backs and each other’s weight holding them down.

Finally, with another hard stomp, Zach let go of his third load of the day. It splattered onto George’s back and ran down his ass.

Cal had a determined expression on his face. He was going to finish this.

George’s cock was locked in Zach’s mouth who was screaming and panting heavily.

Cal bit his lower lip and concentrated on George’s hefty testicles, sending kick and agonizing kick into the poor boy’s tender manhood until George’s eyes crossed and he flooded poor Zach’s mouth with his creamy spunk.

Panting heavily himself, Cal stumbled backwards and watched the scene as George was caught in a forced orgasm. Zach’s screams turned into gurgling grunts as George’s load filled his mouth and ran down his throat.

Finally, Zach managed to throw George to the side where he curled up in a ball, whimpering and sobbing.

Zach himself assumed a similar position, coughing and moaning in pain and humiliation.

Adam looked at his watch. It was almost midnight. He looked at his sister. “I guess we have a winner”, he said, slightly out of breath.

“I guess we do”, Eve smiled at Cal. “Congratulations.”

Cal grinned, his body glistening with sweat. “Thanks.”

“Come with me”, Eve said, straightening her dress and walking towards the door. “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

Cal cleared his throat. “What about the handcuffs?”

Eve winked at him. “Why don’t we leave them on? I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun with those.”

Cal shifted uncomfortably and followed Eve, leaving the room.

Adam closed his zipper and looked at George and Zach who were rolling on the ground, whimpering in pain.

“Okay, guys, time to go home”, he said, taking off their handcuffs.


Zach and George limped down the street, grimacing with every step. Both of them were walking bow-legged, their nuts aching inside their pants.

"What a fucking waste", Zach mumbled.

George nodded.

Zach sighed. "I have been saving my spunk for days! Fuck, think of all the things I could have done with it!"

"Sorry", George said. "I shouldn't have been so hard on you..."

Zach shrugged. "I would have done the same thing. Believe me, I wouldn't have thought twice about beating the jizz out of your balls."

George grimaced. "Well, that's a relief."

Zach sighed again. "I bet Cal is fucking her brains out right now..."

George nodded. "I bet he is."


Inside the house, Adam was listening to her sister's screams of pleasure that came from her bedroom. His pants were at his ankles and he stroked his hard cock. The night had turned out even better than he had expected. He was incredibly horny, and he knew he had at least two or three fruitful loads of jizz in him.

Adam reached into his pocket and produced his smartphone. He dialed a number and waited. “Hey Christopher”, he said cheerfully. “Why don’t you come over to me? Yeah, I know. We can go back to your party later tonight, right?” He chuckled. “Well, tonight is your lucky night - I’m in the mood for some action… Get your ass over here and I'll make you the luckiest boy on earth... Great, see you in a couple of minutes… Oh, and a happy new year!”


Anonymous said...

REALLY HOT! It's so awesome to see 3 of my favorite characters again! And while the brother-sister angle creeps me out, I'm starting to really like Adam. And Zach was just fucking great! Loved it! Can't wait for more.

Alex said...

Thank you for your comment! Yeah, I know the dynamic between Adam and Eve is a little bit creepy - I guess that's just who they are... There's nothing we can do about it, right? ;-))
I'm glad you enjoyed the story, though!

bbmal said...

This was fantastic! Adam and Eve sure took our boys to task... it kind of makes me wonder what Eve held in store for Cal when she got him alone! I'm totally loving the dynamic between Adam and Eve and I hope they are eventually introduced to more members of the BBBoys!

Alex said...

Thank you, bbmal! I'm sure Eve spent a very adventurous night with Cal that left him exhausted and sore...

At the moment, I don't have any plans for Adam & Eve - but I'm sure they'd love to get to know the rest of the boys. And from what we've learned so far they'll find a way to make it painful... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Please write part 3!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I have thought about part 3 but I haven't been able to come up with a good idea for the plot. Do you have any ideas?

Anonymous said...

I really liked the busting of Christopher, and the horny virgin thing.

I would love to read how Adam keeps playing with his balls, while teasing and edging him, maybe even locking him in a chastity belt in the end.

but Adam & Eve are such great and you are such a wonderful writer that I'm sure anything you'll write that involves them will be super hot!

Alex said...

Thanks for your idea! I'll see what I can do... :-))

Anonymous said...

thank you :-)

Anonymous said...

this is a great idea for a story

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I'm working on it right now. :-))