Thursday, December 6, 2012

Painful treatment

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Note: This is a sequel to Doctor’s orders.

Featured in this story: Chad and Sammy (click for pictures)

Charles Wulf, nicknamed Chad, walked into Dr. Brown’s office, hoping that the doctor wasn’t in. Aside from Dr. Brown’s obvious hygienic problems (the man had a terrible breath and his mustache looked like it doubled as a food storage facility…), Chad held him responsible for the painful treatment he had endured over the past five weeks.

He had seeked help when a terrible sex accident had left his balls bloated and bruised, and his sperm count at zero. Chad had hoped for some pills maybe or some soothing lotion – instead he had gottan a prescription for a series of deep tissue massages that made his tender bits ache even more. He sincerely doubted that this was going to help him get his sex life back on track. On the other hand: What were his options? So, grudgingly, he had endured five weeks of bi-weekly massages, administered by an eager nurse, Samuel Rosenthal, who definitely knew how to hit his pressure points.

Chad grimaced. Today was the last massage. Thank God. He hadn’t had sex in five weeks, and – at 30 years old – being in his sexual prime, he definitely needed release. The first massage had drained his nuts dry. But after that, he hadn’t been allowed shot his load. And Sammy had made it pretty clear what he’d do to him if he didn’t follow the orders…

So tonight was the night. The last massage. After that, he was going to be alright. And, of course, he was planning on celebrating the end of his forced celibacy. Three hot Asian girls were waiting for him at his apartment. Naked and ready for the stud to arrive. A friend had told him about the things they were had done with him. Nymphomaniacs. Chad licked his lips, smiling at the prospect. He had bought enough condoms to supply Bill Clinton with a year’s supply... After all, tonight his manhood would be restored and he was certain that he wasn’t going to shoot blanks anymore after finishing therapy.

“Hey, Chad”, Sammy greeted him, cracking his knuckles. “Ready for your final massage?”

Chad grimaced. “Sure”, he mumbled and started taking of his clothes, revealing his ample genitalia. He looked down at his balls. They looked almost normal. Maybe a bit bigger than usual, and still a little bit red. But that was only natural after five weeks of getting his balls kneaded, punched, squeezed and slapped.

Sammy smiled. The last five weeks had been great. The 18-year-old redhead had learned a lot about the male anatomy. And he really enjoyed treating a nice guy like chad. Dr. Brown wasn’t exactly a nice boss, constantly bossing him around and yelling at him. Sammy couldn’t help but suspect that he didn’t like having a male nurse around him instead of his buxom female predecessor. Treating Chad was a nice change from the usual routine. And, frankly, Sammy enjoyed working a man’s junk over. Especially when the patient happened to be a particularly well-endowed species of man.

Chad placed his clothes in a neat pile on the doctor’s desk. He smiled at Sammy nervously and walked over to the examination table, stark naked. “Okay, let’s start.” The five weeks of celibacy were obvious: The mildest brush of air caused his cock to swell considerably. By the time he reached the examination table, his dick was hard as a rock.

“You are looking forward to this, huh?” Sammy grinned. “After this you’ll be a man again, Chad. Trust me.”

Chad let out a bitter laugh. Trust? If Sammy was in charge of a chicken farm, there wouldn’t be an egg left intact after his reign… Chad sighed and climbed on top of the table.

“Oh”, Sammy said and walked behind the a white screen that separated the room. “Since this is our last session, I have organized a special treat.” He pushed the screen aside, revealing a brandnew, state-of-the-art gynecology chair.

Chad paled. “Oh God, no.”

Sammy laughed. “Climb in and fasten your seatbelt, we are going for a ride…”

Nervously, Chad approached the chair. He pointed to the treatment table. “Why don’t we do it like all the other times?”

Sammy shook his head. “This is the final session and we’ll have to make sure that we’ll get everything back in working order. With this chair, I’ll have perfect access to everything.”

“And with everything you mean this, right?” Chad said, pointing at his junk.

“Sure”, Sammy said. “Come on, don’t be a baby.”

Chad sighed. He climbed into the chair, his hard cock flopping around, leaving a tiny wet spot when the tip slapped against his abs. He grabbed the arm rests and put his legs into the holds, leaving himself very vulnerable.

“Very good”, Sammy said and quickly tied his arms and hands to the chair.

“Oh, no”, Chad whined. “Is that necessary, Sammy?”

Sammy raised his eyebrows. By now, he had mastered the international “strict nurse expression” that was handed down from generation to generation. With a satisfied smile, Sammy noted that it worked on Chad who shut up and closed his eyes, apparently saying a prayer.

Sammy sat down on a chair between Chad’s spread legs and eyed the material he was going to work with. The cock was out of the way, fully erect, pointing at Chad’s face. Below, Chad’s large testicles were swinging freely. Sammy cracked his knuckles and smiled.

He pushed at the side of the chair and the leg holds moved so that Chad’s legs were spread apart as wide as possible. Chad grimaced.

Sammy bit his lower lip and grabbed the neck of Chad’s scrotum with his right hand.

Chad moaned.

“Let’s loosen them up, first”, Sammy said softly and yanked down hard, causing Chad to scream in pain. Not entirely happy with the stretching ability of Chad’s manhood, Sammy tried again, grabbing the sac with both of his hands and pulling down even harder.

Chad leaned forward and his mouth opened.

Holding Chad’s nuts in place at the bottom of his sac, Sammy brought his knee up and smashed it into the exposed nuggets. His kneecap connected perfectly with the trapped orbs that had nowhere to go and flattened between Sammy’s knee and his hands.

Chad’s eyes watered and his lips started to tremble.

Once again, Sammy brought his knee up, squishing Chad’s balls and making his yelp in pain.

“Okay”, Sammy said. “Now they are nice and loose.” He let go of Chad’s manhood and smiled at his patient. “Now we can start with the massage.”

Chad let out a pitiful whimper.

“Alright”, Sammy smiled and grabbed a bottle that contained a clear liquid. “Today we are going to use a little lotion”, he explained and poured a copious amount of the liquid onto Chad’s nuts.

Chad winced when the cold lotion made contact with his throbbing balls.

“This is very therapeutical”, Sammy continued. “And the aroma is supposed to stimulate your senses and have a positive effect on your virility.”

Sammy started spreading the liquid on Chad’s balls, and, indeed, it seemed to cool things down a bit. Chad relaxed until the smell hit his nose.

He jerked forward, startling Sammy and causing him to involuntarily squeeze Chad’s bulging testicles.

Chad screamed in pain, causing Sammy to let go of his nuts. When he had calmed down, Chad whispered: “What is that smell?” His face was white as a sheet of paper.

“Umm”, Sammy looked at him. “Frankly, I don’t know.”

“Is that…”, Chad wrinkled his nose. “… peanut?”

Sammy leaned over and to sample the aroma. “Yeah, smells like peanut butter, I guess”, he nodded.

Chad started to retch. “Get it off me!”

Sammy raised his eyebrows. “But it’s supposed to---“

“Get it off me!” Chad screamed.

“Okay, okay”, Sammy said, reaching for a tissue.

“Get it off me!”

“Calm down! It’s gone!” Sammy shook his head. “What’s the matter, Chad?”

“Nothing”, Chad mumbled. The smell was gone. Thank God. That smell elicited a whole lot of very unpleasant memories…

Sammy shot Chad a funny look. “Alright, we’ll do it without the lotion. But I guess it’ll be a bit more painful…”

Chad grimaced.

Sammy shook his head and focused on Chad’s dangling meatballs again. They were hanging low in their sac like a pair of overripe plums. With a quick motion, he slapped Chad’s nuggets so that they bounced wildly. Chad yelped in pain.

Another hard smack caused Chad’s ample babymakers to slap against his ass. Chad let out an agonized scream.

Suddenly, the door burst open and Dr. Brown rushed in. He was a middle-aged man, with greasy grey hair and a fuzzy mustache. His coat looked like it was bursting where his potbelly pressed against it, and in fact one button was missing. Apparently he hadn’t bothered to put on a shirt because his hairy belly made a rather unfavorable cameo appearance…

Dr. Brown’s face was deep red and he was waving a piece of paper.

“Good morning, Dr. Brown”, Sammy said politely.

Dr. Brown grunted something unintelligible and sat down behind his desk. “This is unbelievable! Who do they think they are?” he shouted.

Sammy smiled nervously. Was he supposed to say something? He opened his mouth.

“Those idiots, idiots, idiots!” Dr. Brown continued. “Fucking idiots.”

Sammy closed his mouth again.

His boss pointed at Chad who was lying back, his eyes closed, panting.

“Mr. Wulf”, the doctor barked.

Chad blinked.

“Apparently the administration thinks that I’m making your case up!” Dr. Brown said menacingly. “They think that your story is bogus – and they hold me responsible!”

Chad cleared his throat. This was not good. He was tied to a chair, as vulnerable as imaginable, in the room with an angry, mean man.

“They say that I’ll have to pay your treatment, Mr. Wulf!” Dr. Brown continued. “So, what was your story again?”

Little beads of sweat started to build on Chad’s handsome face.

The doctor looked at him expectantly.

Chad decided to play dumb. “What do you mean”, he said, not very convincingly.

“The story you told me!” the doctor screamed. “How did you acquire your injury again, Mr. Wulf?”

Cold sweat covered Chad’s forehead. He cleared his throat. “It was an accident”, he said.

“How exactly did that accident occur, Mr. Wulf?”

“My balls got jammed in a girl’s vagina”, Chad mumbled, trying to sound convincing.

“What was that?”

“My nuts got jammed in a vagina”, Chad repeated, more confident this time.

“Mr. Rosenthal”, Dr. Brown turned to his nurse. “Step back from the patient.”

Sammy complied.

“No kick him”, Dr. Brown said.

Sammy looked down at his white sneakers. This was not part of the therapy. “But---“

“Kick him!” the doctor screamed.

Chad started writhing on his chair. “No, Sammy, don’t!”

“Mr. Rosenthal!” the doctor said menacingly.

Sammy looked at Chad, smiling apologetically. He was sure that this was going to ruin all the progress they had made. All those deep tissue massages…  Poor Chad. Sammy brought his leg back and let it fly up between Chad’s thighs. Chad’s poor, aching testicles were a perfect target, and Sammy’s sneaker-clad foot made a perfect connection.

Chad howled in pain as his tender nuggets were flattened like pancakes, sending waves of agony through his body.

“Do you want to tell me something?” the doctor asked.

Chad whimpered.

Dr. Brown nodded in Sammy’s direction.

Sammy grimaced in sympathy as he delivered another football-style punt, making Chad’s balls bounce up until they recoiled against the skin of his sac and swung wildly back and forth.

Chad let out an ear-piercing scream. “Fuck!” he screeched, his voice jumping up an octave.

“Mr. Wulf?” Dr. Brown raised his eyebrows.

Tears were running down Chad’s face. “Okay, okay”, he whimpered. “I lied.”

“You lied”, Dr. Brown repeated. He turned to Sammy. “Kick the liar again.”

Sammy sighed and shook his head. Poor Chad… He brought his leg back as far as he could and kicked Chad’s nuts with admirable precision. The tip of his sneaker slammed into the soft flesh of Chad’s testicles, hitting them dead-on, and eliciting an animalistic roar from Chad.

“Now”, Dr. Brown said in a low voice. “What happened?”

Chad was sobbing, his body covered in sweat. He looked down at his crotch. His cock was still rock-hard, and a little puddle of precum had formed on his abs. He shuddered as he caught a glimpse of his balls. They were an angry shade of red and swollen considerably, now almost filling his entire sac.

Dr. Brown looked at Sammy. “Mr. Rosenth---“

“No!” Chad whimpered. “I’ll tell you the truth…”

Dr. Brown and Sammy looked Chad expectantly.

“I have a dog”, Chad groaned. “Rosalie. She’s a Rottweiler. And sometimes, I… have a little fun with her…” He closed his eyes, overwhelmed by embarassement. This was so humiliating. “I… I put a bit of peanut butter on my balls and she… you know… she starts licking, and…”

Chad opened his eyes and looked at his audience that stared at him with a mix of disgust and disbelief on his face.

Chad groaned again. “And that day... I… I was out of creamy peanut butter, you know? So I thought, okay, let’s try chunky.” He closed his eyes again, shuddering as he remembered the scene. “Bad idea. Rosalie really liked the chunks.” He swallowed. “And she tried to… get more chunks…”

Sammy couldn’t suppress a laugh. “She bit your balls?”

Chad shot him an angry look. “She didn’t just bite my balls! She gnawed and chewed and pulled and chomped.” Chad shuddered again. “It was a massacre…”

Sammy grimaced in sympathy.

“At first I thought I was going to be fine”, Chad continued. “But then, when it hadn’t gotten better after a couple of days, I decided to see you.”

Dr. Brown stared at him, shaking his head. “Idiot”, he mumbled and started writing something down. “Mr. Rosenthal, you can continue with your massage.”

Sammy looked at Chad’s bruised ballsac. “I don’t know if that’s helpful right now”, he said slowly.

“Did I ask for your opinion?” Dr. Brown barked without looking up. “Continue with your massage. Get another sperm sample and check this idiot’s sperm count. And keep the noise down.”

Sammy sighed. He sat down between Chad’s legs again and grabbed his bloated balls.

Chad let out a whimper.

Sammy held Chad’s balls in place with his open palm and balled his fist.

Chad eyed him, his eyes glassy. “Please, Sammy”, he whispered.

“Sorry”, Sammy mouthed and slammed his fist into Chad’s nuts, grinding his knuckles into the soft flesh.

Chad’s body convulsed and he screamed from the top of his lungs.

“Mr. Rosenthal!” Dr. Brown said sharply. “What have I told you about the noise?”

Sammy looked at him. “But the patient seems to be in---“

“Goddamn, Mr. Rosenthal”, Dr. Brown interrupted him. “Use a gag if you must but keep the noise down! I’m trying to work here!”

Sammy looked around. A gag. He cleared his throat and turned to Dr. Brown. “Umm, you don’t happen to have a gag in your desk?”

Dr. Brown frowned at him. He pointed at the pile of Chad’s clothes right in front of him and focused on his work again.

Sammy nodded and lifted the item of clothing that was lying on top of the pile. Chad’s underwear. A pair of grey boxer briefs, neatly folded.

Chad eyed him suspiciously, his face glistening with sweat. His brown hair was dripping wet and his eyes were filled with disgust. “No”, he whispered as Sammy brought his underwear to his mouth. “No! No---”

Sammy smiled apologetically and stuffed Chad’s boxer briefs into his mouth. He placed a band-aid on Chad’s mouth so that the underwear wouldn’t slip out. Nice. This would work.

Chad thrashed on his chair, his eyes open wide, his protest muffled very effectively by his own underwear.

Sammy nodded, satisfied with himself, and proceeded with his massage. Now, what had the doctor said? A sperm sample. Sure, that made sense. Chad’s cock was hard as a rock, and Sammy was very confident that he’d coax a nice, big sample out of his swollen babymakers within a reasonable amount of time.

Sammy sat down between Chad’s thighs and cracked his knuckles. Alright. He grabbed Chad’s bloated ballsac with both of his hands and carefully examined the twin orbs. Bloated and just a little bit squishy, probably because of the kicks. He applied a little bit of force, digging his fingertips into Chad’s testicles.

Chad let out a muffled scream.

Great, the gag worked, Sammy thought. He squeezed harder, squashing the tender testicles between his fingers, and causing Chad’s body to buckle and convulse. Keeping his eyes on Chad’s rock-hard cock, Sammy noted with satisfaction that the amount of precum that oozed out of its tip increased considerably. Chad’s cock started twitching, and Sammy increased the pressure.

Dr. Brown closed the file on his desk and let out a sigh. He walked behind Sammy and looked over his shoulder. “Harder on the right nut”, he said casually. “You want to drain him completely dry.”

Sammy nodded. “Sure, sir.”

“When you are done, send the sample to the lab. We’ll call Mr. Wulf when we have the results. Maybe he’ll need to come in for another series of massages”, Dr. Brown said, walking towards the door. “Oh, and when you are finished, get that chair out of my office. I’m not a gynecologist.” He left the room and closed the door behind him.

Sammy smiled. This was the first time that Dr. Brown had been sort of friendly to him. It felt nice to know that his work was being appreciated. With a happy expression on his face, Sammy increased the pressure on Chad’s nuts, causing Chad to shriek through his gag.

The poor patient looked down at his cock. The pain was overwhelming and he felt like he was losing control. His dick was twitching violently. Oh no, please no, Chad thought with a rush of panic, as he felt the sperm boiling in his balls. He felt it rising, higher and higher. Oh no! All that precious sperm that he had saved for the three nymphomaniacs! What a waste! His mouth felt dry and he started to gag on his underwear when Sammy crunched his nuts between his fingers, sending a wave of fresh, sharp pain through his body. Suddenly, the first spurt of cum splattered right in Chad’s face, hitting him in the left eye. Chad winced and clenched his left eye shut. His vision impaired, he watched helplessly as jerk after jerk of his precious semen sputtered out of his twitching dock, plastering his body and coating it in a sticky layer of salty cum.

Sammy sighed with relief and squeezed even harder, determined to squish all the cum out of Chad’s nuts just like his boss had told him to. He smiled involuntarily as he looked at the patient in front of him.

He was a sight to see. Sweating, muscles clenching, covered in his own jizz, with his huge cock letting go of a massive load of pent-up sperm.

Finally, Chad’s orgasm subsided, and Sammy gave Chad’s balls a resounding slap for good measure.

Chad was panting heavily, whimpering in pain and humiliation. His handsome face was covered in jizz, and his left eye was bloodshot and watery.

Sammy pulled the gag out of Chad’s mouth, and Chad coughed and retched.

“Fuck”, Chad whimpered. “Fuck you!”

Sammy smiled gently. He scooped up a bit of Chad’s semen and put it into a cup for the lab. “I’m pretty sure that everything is alright again”, he said softly, running his finger through the copious amount of jizz on Chad’s muscular abs. “In our first session, your sperm looked very passive, just oozing out lazily. But this time, it was like a fountain of jizz”, Sammy observed. “I’m pretty sure that your sperm count is okay. You could have made a lot of girls very happy with that load”, he chuckled and brought his cum-coated finger to Chad’s mouth. “Here, taste it, you’ll feel the difference.”

Chad was panting heavily, spitting with disgust as Sammy slipped his sticky finger into his mouth. But Sammy was right. His cum tasted different than the last time around. Maybe he was right? Maybe the massages had done the trick?

Sammy untied his patient and helped him get out of the chair. “We’ll call you”, he said, smiling, and waked out the room. “See you soon, Chad.”

“Thank you”, Chad croaked.

“You’re welcome”, Sammy smiled and closed the door behind him.


I hope you liked this story. Feel free to comment on this story to tell me what you liked or didn't like or what adventures you want Chad and Sammy to experience in the future... :-))

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Anonymous said...

Very hot! Can't wait to read more, and can't wait for the characters to be reunited.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! 2013 will see the grand reunion of the Ballbusting Boys. I'm sure they are looking forward to that just like the rest of us... :-))

Anonymous said...

I love to read (and write) stories where there is severe cock damage. Not necessarily cutting it off, but scarring, heavy bruising, cuts. It always seems to be the balls that get the harsh treatment but I like reading about cocks getting hammered; particularly by vengeful girls. Do you know just how difficult it is to hammer a nail through a cock ? Girls using fingernails to rip at foreskins. That kinda stuff.

Sorry, need to go and relieve myself !

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! There's some dick damage coming in the "From stud to dud" series but it'll be m/m.

If you're looking for f/m stories you should check out my friend Nicholas' blog (there are m/m and f/m stories, some of which might be of interest to you):