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Flirting with Diaster written by Reg


Flirting with Disaster


By Reg



“FUCK, YEAH !!!” Ben roared in triumph as he brutally slammed his opponent’s hand down against the arm-wrestling table.

A crowd of spectators roared and cheered wildly as Ben leapt to his feet and started flexing his eye-popping muscles. The big stud beamed, raising his eyes to the heavens as he basked in the crowd’s adoration. He could feel the power emanating from his beautiful body and once again he felt invincible, like a god among men, like …like Hercules!  

Behind him, Colin slumped dejectedly on the table rubbing his defeated arm muscles. The sandy-blond jock scowled and rolled his eyes as he watched his cocky room-mate shamelessly posing to the crowd. Colin was slightly shorter than Ben but he had a similar, sporty physique with a muscular upper body that tapered down to his narrow waist. Unlike Ben, he tried to keep a cool, understated demeanor and girls seemed to flock to be with the unassuming hunk. Colin really hated losing to a narcissistic jerk like Ben but as usual he managed to bite his tongue and ignore Ben’s jibes.

At least it was some consolation for Colin that he had not gone down without a fight. He had even managed to keep Ben on the back foot for most of the match and he chuckled as he recalled the disbelieving look on Ben’s face as his over-hyped biceps struggled to live up to all his big talk. In the end Ben’s unlimited self-belief had helped him to power into the final round but Colin had a sneaky suspicion his celebrations would be short lived.

The arm-wrestling contest was taking place in the local park, promoting a new gym in town. Ben had seen the event advertised some weeks earlier and quickly signed himself up. The winner’s prize was certainly attractive: a year’s free membership at the swankiest gym in town! But better still was the excuse to flaunt his sexy muscles at all the hot girls in the park! He began training in earnest to make sure his biceps looked utterly irresistible and at night he dreamt of all the big busted chicks that would cheer him on to victory. He could picture them gasping and drooling at the sight of his incredible muscles, all ready to line up for a gang-bang with the big macho stud!

Ben’s victory was all but guaranteed!

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A Safe Space for Balls Part 3: The Consequences written by Harry



A Safe Space for Balls Part 3: 

The Consequences


written by Harry

A Safe Space for Balls

Part 3: The Consequences


Day 13: Bill

 Ballbusting Boys: A Safe Space for Balls: Part 1 written by Harry 

Ballbusting Boys: A Safe Space for Balls Part 2: The Intervention written by Harry

Bill Brady walked along the pool deck with his hoodie still covering his mousy brown hair. His fists were thrust deep in the pockets of his jeans. Bill bent to pick up a stray kick board, but then decided better of it and booted it across the tiles. His sneakers squeaked with a sickly echo off the high ceiling.


Nobody else was here yet. It was very early.


The Midtown High School pool had a lot of memories for Bill. The more distant ones were the sweetest. Way back in junior high when he first joined the team, he’d discovered that despite his scrawny stature, swimming was a sport where he could legitimately compete. And not long after that, when he met a kid from his grade who had the most welcoming, soulful brown eyes. A kid whose smile flashed easily, and brightly, and toward everybody without discrimination. His smile even flashed toward Bill.


Bill’s more recent memories at this same pool were less sweet. As the boys had matured into high school teens, things got complicated. Some of that came down to just bad luck in the DNA lottery. While his buddies rode the wave of adolescence and transformed into study jocks, Bill became known for his “three little acorns.” It was a running joke at the expense of his tightly packed balls and stubby, cut cockhead. Highly unfair, in Bill’s opinion, since his stuff was almost within the “average” range—at least according to how he measured himself.


It was around that same period of time that the boy with the soulful brown eyes dumped him. Not for any reason; at least not any reason that Bill could remember.


Just because.


Just because some random asshole happened to have a straighter jawline than Bill. Just because his junk inside his tight blue speedo looked a certain way.


All that drama might have made for a good story, if Bill hadn’t been living it. To him it just felt like one defeat after another. As recently as the swim meet on Friday, Bill swam the anchor leg on the relay that ended with Midtown’s defeat. Even to himself Bill didn’t acknowledge that he’d swum slow on purpose. Never would allow himself to think that thought. Sure, he’d slapped the water and churned up his kick to show his effort. But he’d been four seconds off of his personal best. Four seconds is like fifty miles in swimming.


Forget it, Bill thought, tucking his chin into his chest. That was their defeat. Today will be my victory!


With that uplifting thought, Bill tossed a black rubber diving Brick out into the middle of the pool. He watched the ugly mass sink and vanish like a shadow into the deep water.



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A Kramtoad Story: Brawl: Arman's Day by an Anonymous Kramtoad Writer



Arman’s Day


By an Anonymous Kramtoad Writer



 Dear Ballbusting Boys community,

I saved a copy of this story from a long time ago back when it was on Kramtoad. I edited it a bit, but I wanted to share this one. Hope you enjoy, and if you are the author please let me know so that I can credit you if you wish.


 12-year old Arman and 11-year old Juan were quarreling for weeks. The two boys had never liked each other and they were in two different "gangs". No real gangs, just groups of boys who played together.

            Then, on a hot summer’s day, they decided to finally fight it out. The fight would not end before not one of them passed out. They met at the end of Essex Street on a small square facing the houses of their parents and friends. The neighbor kids all came watching, boys and girls ranging from six to fifteen years in age.

            Pedro, who was ten and one of Juan’s buddies, and Bill, a 13-year old friend of Arman, would film the whole fight with their video cameras and show it on the net. Arman, who was a little short for his age, was a skinny kid with long, slender legs. He could outrun all kids of his grade and some of the older ones, too. His blond hair was longer than usual and sometimes fell into his face. For the fight he was wearing nothing but his skater pants.

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A Safe Space for Balls Part 2: The Intervention written by Harry


A Safe Space for Balls Part 2: The Intervention


written by Harry

A Safe Space for Balls

Part 2: The Intervention


Day 6: Bill



jayden this is bill


i know

i didn’t delete ur number






that way i know to hold the phone away from my face

we watched nightmare on elm street, remember?


well thats enough small talk

you know why i’m texting



let me guess…

you’d call, but u keep coughing up devil’s hairballs?


its the team

u know i wouldn’t if it was just me

chase is fucking this up


u mean the no busting thing?



its making these guys crazy


i’m surp u of all ppl want chase to bust dudes more



it’s that bad

i miss the old chase


never thought i’d see the day


u should stop by

see what it’s like


i luv those guys, but i try t give them their space

didn't work out well when I interfered last time


u mean when chase beat u up

n tied u up


how could i forget


well this was as much fun as i expected

i’ll go ahead and block ur number now


but in case u wondered jayden…

he is 🔥




the diver

the way chase looks at him

only ever seen that once before

fuck off bill


Day 7: Jayden

 Ballbusting Boys: A Safe Space for Balls: Part 1 written by Harry

Jayden stepped into the mezzanine looking over the Midtown High pool and enjoyed a deep breath. The humid, chlorinated air was an acquired taste, but to Jayden it was nostalgic. The team wouldn’t be competing until later in the evening, but Jayden had arrived early to watch the warm-up. Not only was he still Midtown Swimming’s biggest cheerleader, he was also curious about the changes Chase had made to his old team.


The first thing Jayden noticed was that somebody was actually practicing in the diving pool. As long as he’d been on the team, nobody had tried diving. His eyes followed the arcing circular rotation as a black-haired teen entered the water in a smooth, straight line.


“Wow,” Jayden said to himself. He continued watching as Benji hoisted himself back up onto the pool deck and shook out his black curls. His skimpy diving suit clung to him like a second skin, giving Jayden an eyeful even from a distance.


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Baby Blues written by Jimmy



Dear Ballbusting Boy Community,

I wrote this years ago. If I find the follow-up story I will post that too! Don't judge this one too badly, I wrote it when I was seventeen.




Baby Blues



My first day at wrestling camp this summer was as expected; not fun. I hate kids my own age and I was stuck with a whole bunch of juvenile delinquents. “It’s my own fault,” at least that’s what my father told me. I was pissed off of at my younger brother again. He stole my leather jacket to impress some boy that he was dating. And the little brat spilt coffee all over it. When Francisco came home reeking of stale coffee and milk and I saw the stain upon my jacket, I just lost it.

 “You loser,” I bellowed. I tore my favorite jacket off of his scrawny shoulders. He actually laughed in my face, and shoved me. I took another step towards him angered that he had touched me, and I found out how powerful a bony knee could be forced between my thighs. I let out a force gasp, and my brother laughed again and brought his knee backwards and forwards as he drove home. My nuts banged hard against my pelvic bone as my body became limp and slumped up against his chest. I involuntarily groaned and closed my eyes, Francisco nailed me for a third time with his kneecap and I saw stars as my legs gave out and I fell to my knees. My hands desperately tried to find my nuts but Francisco got there first and punted me in my bulging ball sac. “Damn you,” I whispered my balls aching more than they ever have before.

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“Watch This” Poll


Dear Ballbusting Boys Community,


You have all voted and between the choices of the following you have come to a conclusion. The choices were:

·     Max and Rex

Ballbusting Boys: "Watch this, bro" written by Jimmy (Part 1)

·     Aldo and Leroy

Ballbusting Boys: "Watch this too, bro" written by Jimmy (Part 2)

·     Adam and Bill

Ballbusting Boys: "Watch this also, bro" written by Jimmy (Part 3)

·     Chase and Shane

Ballbusting Boys: "Watch this one, bro. It's the best one yet." written by Jimmy (Part 4)

·     Gino and Jayden

      (Part 5)

The winner is....

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A Safe Space for Balls: Part 1 written by Harry


A Safe Space for Balls

Part 1: The New Guy

Day 1: Leroy


j bro

hella awkward today

new dude on the team

shit ima blush rn just remembering


u can blush?

lol how do u tell

i can blush dick! wtf 

my cheeks get hot and shit 

anyway i blame Aldo

boy’s always so fucking careless, nonstop playing games


gotta get off his nuts bro

we already knew he was a player 

nah nvm bout Aldo. i blame your boy too 

chase? 😳

r u sure he wasnt try to help?

don’t defend him bitch! 

ngl hes worse than ALL the rest of those dudes

hes misunderstood



ur so whipped

anyway it was pre-meet, so light practice

the boys were goofing off naturally

wait u still remember how swim practice works? 

or ur all wrestle muscles now? 

thats cold bro

53.5 even in the 100 last time i raced

that still your split time? 


i’m 51.82

wow leroy ur really improving!


yea yea u can blow me later but i gotta tell you this…

Leroy sliced through the water cleanly, enjoying the effortless pull and burst of momentum. He’d really been putting in the work this season, concentrating on his stroke and staying after practice to work drills. His progress was evident as each slash of his smooth arm through the water pulled him closer to the swimmer in front of him. His fingertips brushed Aldo’s feet. Aldo’s kick churned up the frothy water, but he noticed the contact and pushed himself faster. When they paused at the wall between splits, both teens heaved lungful’s of air. They had to go again on the minute, leaving no spare seconds for banter. Just behind Leroy, Max cruised into the wall, followed immediately by Rex, who came up spitting. 

Aldo, Leroy, Max, and Rex were regulars in Lane 5. The second fastest lane for the Midtown team. The teens were all competitive, aspiring jocks, so they naturally kept one eye on Lane 4, where the fastest swimmers practiced.

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The Busted Car written by Jimmy


The Busted Car


By Jimmy




Devin is apprehensive. He is covered in a fair amount of mud as he knocks on his older brother’s door, biting his bottom lower lip between his teeth.


“Seth…you there?” Devin’s voice is hesitant and he shuffles his feet nervously.


It’s late. Almost 1:30 am.


Standing outside the bedroom door, Devin tries to get his story straight. He’s also a little tipsy. He had a few before he left the party and headed back to the house.


 "That's it ?!"


“Huh?” Devin asks blinking a few times.


“Did you see already? I was gonna warm up to telling you.” Devin gulps trying not to look at his older brother in the eyes.



Seth in anger yells “What the fuck happened to you, you idiot!?” After a moments pause he adds “You look like a piece of shit.”


Update: This Week's Story's and Videoes


Update: This Week’s Story’s and Video’s

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The Juvenile Hall Thief: A Thieves End written by Jimmy



The Juvenile Hall Thief: A Thieves End




by Jimmy



Up until this moment Sam Hell was going on instinct, and fighting for his home and his new family. But now, a video is in place and his younger foster brother is in jeopardy it is like a switch has been flipped inside of him, and the true Devilboy comes out and the raw rage shoots out of him like a fountain. Sam Hell screams, the sound of a predator as he charges forward shoving Jackson the thief so hard that he stumbles back into the wall. Jayden is a blur flying after him, capitalizing on the older teens down defenses but Sam sees, nor care nothing for him. He only had one target, the reason that all of this is happening: Silas Black, the silencer.

“I see I have awoken you, devilboy. Now show me why I called you that!”

Sam Hell slams into Silas Dark who slides across the floor, but meets him not backing down, unafraid of the fiendish glowing red eyes that blaze like a reignited bonfires the heat coming off of Sam as he grapples Silas, his teeth are bared and he grunts with raw fury.

Silas Dark laughs with Sam Hell’s efforts, as the two shift and shove at each other until Sam Hell tired of the smug look on Dark’s face, and his steel grey eyes laughing grabs the back of his head and slams his cranium into his nose hearing the laughter end is exactly what he needed to clear his restless raging mind and focus in on the targets between his legs. A knee flies up like a rocket, Sam’s thigh blasts into Silas’s spread legs and hears the telltale crunch of Silas’s manhood as he hammers the blow deep within the cavity between his opponents legs.

Barely recovering from the head butt, Silas Dark finds his nads assaulted and the knee practically takes him up and off the ground, his tippy toes barely staying connected. Silas Dark exhales and stumbles to the wall reaching down to protect his manhood, but he is still too slow and he watches in horror as Sam Hell’s leg flies up punting him between the fork in his leg nailing his balls into his pelvis with a wet ugly SPLAT! That threatens that forms of his oval eggs as they are instantly warped and crushed into his ass cheeks.

A hollering, echoing scream bounces around the room and Sam Hell smiles as he twists his foot and slams it flat against the wall with Silas Dark’s nuts firmly sandwiched between. The scream ends and Silas is trying to push Sam’s foot out of his crotch, all the while Sam is pressing and digging his toes so violently into Silas’s nutbag that he can feel Silas’s nuts going squishier and flatter than usual. Sam does not stop the assault as he yanks Silas’s arms away and pulls his foot out and back and much to Silas Darks dismay floors him again with another Earth shattering kick that punts his nuts all the way back, the ball cords stretched to their very limits before he falls prone to his knees screaming bloody murder.

“You fucked with my little brother, and I will end you now. Welcome to my home, the Hell House!”

"Watch This" Poll is fixed


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"Watch This" Poll


“Watch This” Poll


You have a choice to determine how this “Watch This” little series ends. Which video do you think got the most likes?

·     Max and Rex

Ballbusting Boys: "Watch this, bro" written by Jimmy (Part 1)

·     Aldo and Leroy

Ballbusting Boys: "Watch this too, bro" written by Jimmy (Part 2)

·     Adam and Bill

Ballbusting Boys: "Watch this also, bro" written by Jimmy (Part 3)

·     Chase and Shane

Ballbusting Boys: "Watch this one, bro. It's the best one yet." written by Jimmy (Part 4)

·     Gino and Jayden

      (Part 5)