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A Safe Space for Balls: Part 1 written by Harry


A Safe Space for Balls

Part 1: The New Guy

Day 1: Leroy


j bro

hella awkward today

new dude on the team

shit ima blush rn just remembering


u can blush?

lol how do u tell

i can blush dick! wtf 

my cheeks get hot and shit 

anyway i blame Aldo

boy’s always so fucking careless, nonstop playing games


gotta get off his nuts bro

we already knew he was a player 

nah nvm bout Aldo. i blame your boy too 

chase? 😳

r u sure he wasnt try to help?

don’t defend him bitch! 

ngl hes worse than ALL the rest of those dudes

hes misunderstood



ur so whipped

anyway it was pre-meet, so light practice

the boys were goofing off naturally

wait u still remember how swim practice works? 

or ur all wrestle muscles now? 

thats cold bro

53.5 even in the 100 last time i raced

that still your split time? 


i’m 51.82

wow leroy ur really improving!


yea yea u can blow me later but i gotta tell you this…

Leroy sliced through the water cleanly, enjoying the effortless pull and burst of momentum. He’d really been putting in the work this season, concentrating on his stroke and staying after practice to work drills. His progress was evident as each slash of his smooth arm through the water pulled him closer to the swimmer in front of him. His fingertips brushed Aldo’s feet. Aldo’s kick churned up the frothy water, but he noticed the contact and pushed himself faster. When they paused at the wall between splits, both teens heaved lungful’s of air. They had to go again on the minute, leaving no spare seconds for banter. Just behind Leroy, Max cruised into the wall, followed immediately by Rex, who came up spitting. 

Aldo, Leroy, Max, and Rex were regulars in Lane 5. The second fastest lane for the Midtown team. The teens were all competitive, aspiring jocks, so they naturally kept one eye on Lane 4, where the fastest swimmers practiced.

Well, mostly the fastest swimmers. Team Captain Chase and Junior Captain Shane definitely led the pack, and Bill was not far behind them. Despite his scrawny build the dirty blonde teen was a natural in the water. But chugging along far—far—behind was Adam. By tacit understanding, Adam’s place in the top lane was due to his unflinching loyalty to Chase, as well as Chase’s unwillingness to promote his would-be rival, Aldo. So the status quo remained for the time being. 

Leroy could feel Aldo’s eyes on him from behind his foggy goggles. The Latino hunk had noticed how his ex-boyfriend was improving, but so far he was pretending not to. Before either of them could dwell on that, the big red needle hit the top of the clock, and they pushed off again. 

Concentrating on his breathing and Aldo’s pace, Leroy barely noticed a pale flicker in the deep water down to their left. Suspicious, he swiveled his head in time to see Bill retreating back to his own lane. Bill had stolen The Brick. 

From one perspective, The Brick was just that. A big, dumb black rubber brick that sat at the bottom of the pool. Ostensibly to help train life guards, but nobody had ever seen that happen. But from another perspective The Brick was a badge of honor. Whichever lane it rested in, those swimmers were honor bound to keep it. It laid on the bottom of the pool like a primitive idol, with warriors duty-bound to protect it. While the pecking order was pretty clear in terms of fastest swim times, the lane that owned The Brick achieved a certain amount of prestige among the team. (Plus if the prestige was not enough, the lane that lost The Brick received a nauseating punishment from the lane that won it.)  

And Lane 5 nearly always kept The Brick. Maybe Bill and Shane were technically faster in the water, but they were pussies. (So said Aldo, at least, with the casual resentment of a life-long second-place finisher.) Between Aldo’s fiery determination and the twins’ cunning, Lane 5 had kept ownership of The Brick for seven consecutive practices. None of them could remember a streak longer than eight, so the jocks were chasing an unofficial record. 

And now their record was in jeopardy. Leroy snarled, sucked a deep breath, and dove toward the bottom of the pool. Bill spotted the smooth dark streak in depths and pushed The Brick deeper into his lane before flittering back up to the surface. Leroy kicked to propel himself closer to his goal. But just before he was able to grab it, a fleshy foot stomped down on top of the black rubber. 

Adam stood smugly atop the prize. Leroy regarded him warily, exhaling a stream of exasperated bubbles. Slower and thicker than the other aqua-jocks, Adam could hold his breath for an incredibly long time. For this purpose he may as well have been a dragon guarding his treasure. Leroy retreated back to the surface and took another lap. All the while he breathed deeply and watched The Brick from the corner of his eye. Eventually Adam returned to complete the practice set, and after a while nobody was paying attention to The Brick. Nobody that is, except for Leroy. 

Pushing off the wall for the next rep, Leroy dove straight down. His smooth dark form glided like a shadow along the concrete bottom of the pool. He wasted no time seizing The Brick, but as he spun back toward his lane, he felt a strong grip around his ankle. Adam’s meaty hand tugged Leroy back into Lane 4, and his pale beady eyes glinted warningly behind his goggles. Leroy bravely kicked out against Adam’s soft love-handle, but as soon as Adam’s grip loosened, his opposite ankle was grasped from the other direction. Bubbles floated up from behind Chase’s Cheshire cat grin, letting Leroy know without even hearing the words: You’re fucked, buddy. 

Leroy waved up to the surface, hoping to catch the attention of Max or Rex. But the twins were busy competing with each other for split times and didn’t even look down. Aldo swam behind them, and his dark eyes surely noticed his ex-boyfriend’s troubled state. At least Leroy was sure that Aldo must have seen him. But the Latino stud swam on unperturbed and unhelpful. 

Glancing back down, Leroy noticed that The Brick had vanished from his hands at some point. He glanced back left and right, but Adam and Chase had their hands full controlling his ankles.

Then Leroy spotted The Brick. And he no longer wanted it anymore. 

The third member of Lane 4, Bill was holding The Brick in front of him and swimming as fast as he could behind his teammates. Adam and Chase stretched Leroy’s legs out wide like a wishbone. If a wishbone had a prominent bulge in the middle of its fork. Bill thrust The Brick forward like a torpedo, ramming the unforgiving rubber between Leroy’s legs and warping his soft bulge all but flat. The last of the breath he’d been holding escaped his fish-like mouth as his speedo-wrapped package was smooshed by the trophy he’d been trying to win. 

Amid the nerve ending pain from his gonads, Leroy’s dizzy brain had a strange thought: How can Shane possibly not notice that everybody else in his lane vanished? 

For a second Leroy felt relief when his teammates released his ankles and he was able to cup his assaulted bulge. The pain was nauseating, but somehow it felt better to curl his long body around those points of hot pain. But his relief was short-lived. Chase being Chase, Leroy was quickly and efficiently spun upside down and stripped of his speedos. Under the flittering lights, he could see the shadow of Chase’s smile as the team captain kicked back to the surface with Leroy’s suit captured in hand.

How does this guy always manage to beat me? Leroy wondered.

A mean pinch on his naked cock brought Leroy back to the present moment. His mouth fell open again as Bill’s nail scraped meanly under his cockhead, followed by a sharp tug. Leroy’s silent scream was swallowed by the surrounding water. Smirking to himself after mangling his teammate’s superior manhood, Bill kicked back to the surface and continued swimming a renewed twinkle in his pale blue eyes. 

Busted, stripped, and without The Brick, Leroy pushed off the bottom of the pool with aching legs. Figuring the most embarrassing part of his day was behind him at least. But there deep under the water, an unfamiliar face was regarding him curiously. 

Leroy forgot about his plan to return to the surface. He forgot about his throbbing nads, and about the ache in his oxygen-deprived lungs. He just stared into the mesmerizing, beautiful face of the unfamiliar boy. 

The stranger wasn’t wearing goggles, but his bright hazel eyes watched Leroy through the chlorinated water almost without blinking. Dark hair swirled lazily around his temple and up toward the surface. His smooth cheeks were devoid of blemishes but scattered all over their smooth surface with freckles. Although he was lean, the stranger’s face was not pointy, but rather broad and wholesome and welcoming. 

At least it seemed so to Leroy. The beleaguered swimmer raised his hand and waved to reciprocate the warm greeting he felt from the stranger. Except the beautiful boy’s hazel eyes widened when Leroy moved his hand, staring at his groin before quickly darting away. 

Fuck! Leroy mouthed silently. His long, slender cock was drifting up around his navel, and his modest set of twin testicles were sucked up close to his body, lolling in the cold water. Immediately he cupped his naked assets, wincing as he felt the warm tang of pain pulse from his nads and the residual sting of his pinched cock. Once he’d gotten his wayward parts under control, Leroy looked back toward the stranger. Hoping he might make a better impression. But there was nobody there. 

Leroy surfaced with a gasp of relief. He gulped the humid air into his screaming lungs, feeling as if he’d been underwater for ages. Aldo swam past him, swamping water into his mouth. 

“Dickhead,” Leroy muttered, swimming over to the rope that divide Lane 5 from the diving pool. 

“Sorry,” came a soft voice. “I wasn’t trying to look.” 

Just a few yards down the lane, the handsome stranger was lounging on the rope from the other side. He looked genuinely contrite, and a soft flush colored his cheeks below his freckles. 

“Uh, shit. I mean, sorry, I didn’t mean you,” Leroy was not just oxygen-deprived, he was also inexplicably flustered. “I meant my ex. He’s the dickhead. I just…” The stranger’s dark eyebrows raised in surprise at the tirade. 

“Fuck me,” Leroy finished lamely. He didn’t know why he was swearing so much. It wasn’t usually his style. He shook his head as he watched the handsome teen turn and swim away, certain that he’d made an unredeemable bad first impression. Then his mind turned to more practical matters. Like how to get to the side of the pool nearest the locker room entrance. 

If I can hop up on the deck just after the start of the next split, then nobody would notice my bare black ass before I…

For the second time Leroy’s private musings were interrupted by the beautiful boy watching him from a close distance. This time the stranger appeared less shocked but somewhat more hesitant. For his part Leroy clamped his mouth shut, resisting the impulse to ask what the fuck are you looking at!! Jumping at a dude out of nowhere!!… Yeah, he definitely did not need to make that kind of impression. So Leroy just politely cupped his naked junk under the water and nodded at the stranger. Like everything was normal with his world. 

The black-haired boy approached, and Leroy couldn’t help noticing how smoothly he moved in the water. Or how his black curls happened to tuck perfectly behind his cute ears. Or how…Forget it, Leroy would tell you he didn’t notice shit like that. 

“Here.” The stranger’s voice was soft and slightly raspy. “I found this.” Barely holding it with his thumb and forefinger, he draped Leroy’s stolen speedo over the lane rope. 

“Ahhh hmmm, haha,” Leroy chuckled, feeling both grateful and awkward about the save from a complete stranger. “I knew I’d forgotten something,” he joked. Leroy quickly swiped the skimpy suit and sputtered as he thrust his long legs through the holes under the water. 

“Sorry if we got off on the wrong foot man,” he apologized as he resurfaced. “I’m Le…roy…” 

But the stranger had already disappeared into the diving pool and never heard Leroy’s introduction. 

Day 1: Chase

As usual at the start of practice, Chase put the Midtown High swim team through a set of “dry land” workouts. Push-ups, crunches, planks and so on. The blonde team captain’s bare feet slapped the tiles as he strode down the line of swimmers. They pumped leg raises as he counted down from fifty.

Also as usual Chase enjoyed the opportunity of scoping out his teammates’ tight torsos and plump packages while they were distracted by the workout. Their sky blue team speedos truly left nothing to the imagination, and Chase inspected their bumps and ridges with an expert eye. Pausing next to Aldo, he watched the Latino stud’s bulbous nads shift and stretch inside his spandex suit as he held his leg raise. Aldo’s abs were tight and twitching, and his dark eyes fixed on the ceiling in concentration. His virile testicles were famous among the team, and had compelled him to challenge Chase’s supremacy more than once. Those challenges had never gone well for Aldo.  

“Try to keep your body straight, Aldo,” Chase corrected. He continued under his breath: “Or at least close enough to pass for straight.” Chase continued down the row, reassured that his own meat and potatoes were still the tastiest dish on offer.  

“Okay guys, last rep. Elbows on your kick-boards and hold a plank position until my whistle.” The team groaned. This was their least favorite exercise, and they were antsy to get in the water. 

A quiet splash from the far end of the pool pulled Chase’s attention away from his mutinous teammates. The deep diving pool was rarely used, so the team captain was surprised to see an athletic teen raising himself up from the water and climbing back up to the board. The diver walked with measured pace to the end of the board, paused for several seconds, then he raised up on his toes and reversed so that his back was facing the water. 

By this point the unknown teen had Chase’s full attention. The swim jock had always found diving to be boring, but something about this guy’s grace and poise demanded to be watched. Or maybe it was the perky twin mounds of muscle under his tight suit that drew Chase’s eye first, who knows? With an effortless movement that belied the power behind it, the diver pushed himself straight up into the air, then curled inward. All the while he rotated his hips so that his lateral momentum brought him around to enter the water in a perfectly straight line. He vanished into the calm pool with a quiet swish.

“Huh,” Chase nodded, pursing his lips as he scratched under the waistband of his speedos. “Not bad. Either beginner’s luck, or he’s done this before.” 

A strangled grunt from around Chase’s knee interrupted him. “He’s not…a beginner…and he’s…joining our team…Chase!” The co-captain Shane was doing the plank set with the rest of the team, and his pale skin was turning ever redder from the effort. Chase never understood why his co-captain did the reps with the rest of the guys. It was so much more enjoyable to strut around and blow the whistle. 

“Says who?” Chase snorted. “Diving’s boring. We don’t need anybody slowing the meet down.” 

“Diving…is worth 25 points…per meet,” Shane replied with panting breath. “We forfeit…if we don’t have…a diver.” 

Chase raised one blonde eyebrow. The diver took a running start down the board and flipped a dizzying number of times before entering the water with just the faintest splash. “Huh,” he repeated. “Who knew we could get points for just jumping into the water?” His voice sounded bored, but Shane’s comment about the points got the wheels spinning in Chase’s head. 

“Shaney, you take it from here.” 

When Chase finally blew his whistle, the team crashed down onto the tiles, squelching in the perspiration from their exertions. 


“Line it up! Lane….FIVE!” The mirth in Chase’s voice echoed off the tiled walls. The team was spent after a demanding practice, but they had one more ritual to fulfill before they could hit the showers. 

Naturally, it was down to The Brick. There had been a change of possession. Lane 5’s streak had been snapped at eight. Looking grim, the losers had already assumed the position: hands behind their backs, legs slightly spread. Aldo looked down mournfully at his bulging assets, wondering how this turn of events would impact his plans for the night. Next to him, Leroy looked resigned, but also slightly green from the ache in his nuts that had not yet subsided. He nudged his long dick downward, wishing to give his boys whatever protection they could get. Next to Leroy, Max and Rex kept shuffling positions, each one nudging his twin forward and trying to use him as a shield. 

Opposite the losers, Bill, Adam, Chase, and Shane prepared to deliver The Consequences: one solid kick to the balls from the winning team. Just one apiece. Not terrible as things could go on this particular team, but definitely nothing to look forward to. 

Chase insisted that losing had to have Consequences. “As your captain, this hurts me as much as it hurts you,” Chase stated. His noble sentiment was quickly erased by his Cheshire grin. “I just hope you were able to use ‘em while you had ‘em.” 

“Excuse me.” 


“Excuse me, sorry!” 

Just as Leroy’s lane was about to get their punishment, the new diver happened to walk directly between the rows of swimmers. It was enough to break up the moment and cause confusion. 

“Sorry again! Is this a team activity? I can stick around if I’m supposed to…” The new guy lapsed into silence, feeling the weight of so many eyes on him. Then he bit his lip and took a breath. “Hey, I’m Benji. I was trying out for the diving team.” Benji put out his hand to whoever would take it. “Or, at least I thought I would. But maybe they all practice on a different day? So I was just messing around in the diving pool.” 

Benji made his way to Chase with an outstretched hand. Chase’s grip was like iron as he pulled the diver closer. The captain’s cloud blue eyes followed the rivulets of water that streaked from the newbie’s tight pecs, across the contours of his abs and down the V of his lower belly into his suit. Chase’s gaze narrowed in concentration as he examined he handsome newcomer for the first time. Their barely-covered packages were almost close enough to touch. Looking up again, Chase found the diver’s wide hazel eyes blinking at him unreadably. 

Shane elbowed Chase and filled in the introductions. “Benji, welcome man! We’re hyped to have you join the team. Actually we’ve never had a diver compete with us before. Have you been diving for long?”

“Cool! Actually, I was on the junior team back home in Cali, and…”

Chase puffed his chest and cut him off. “That’s okay, newbie, we don’t need every single detail. But since you’re new, go ahead and take Shane’s place in today’s consequences. Lane 5 was about to pay up for losing The Brick. And today the exchange rate is in sperm count.”

Chase positioned Benji in the row across from Leroy, whispering (loudly enough for everyone to hear): “Take Leroy. He doesn’t use his balls for anything anymore anyway.” 

The slender swimmer hung his head while his teammates snickered. Benji looked at Leroy curiously and cocked his head in sympathy. Then he said something unexpected: 

“What do you mean, ‘losing the brick’?” 

Chase rolled his eyes, while Shane explained the rituals around which lane controlled The Brick. For his part Benji was looking more and more uncomfortable as he learned about the game. Especially when they told him about The Consequences.

“Oh man. Guys, I’m so sorry! I had no idea you wanted that old thing. At my last school we used it for diving, so I just took it onto my side without asking. I hope that doesn’t mess up your…routine?” 

Leroy’s ears perked up. “Wait! So you’re saying you have The Brick in the diving pool?” 

Benji nodded, causing his black curls to hang over his eyes. “My bad,” he said sincerely.  

“Which means,” Leroy paused dramatically, “that Lane 4 lost The Brick after we lost it to them. Lane 4 should take the consequences!”  

Aldo’s eyes lit up and immediately focused on his captain’s big bulge, while Chase backed away slowly from the lineup. “Wait, captain! What were you saying about sperm count?” 

“Looks like your party peanuts get popped again, Bill,” Rex crowed, focusing on his opposite number. 

“Shut up,” Bill retorted, “If there was a party, your peanuts wouldn’t even get an invite.” He hiked up his speedo to accentuate his rather modest sac. 

Order and common sense only deteriorated from there. However, after a fair amount of finger pointing and chaos, the facts were verified. For the first time in recorded history, The Brick belonged to the diving pool. And after even more pushing and bragging and insults, there were EIGHT swimmers lined up to receive their Consequences. 

Chase, Adam, Bill, Shane, Aldo, Leroy, Max and Rex. All good looking jocks clad in the same blue uniform. But look a little closer and a range of subtle characteristics show their differences: Cocky or shy stance. Heavier lefty or righty. Smooth or treasure trail. Angled straight up or over to the side. Cut and outgoing or uncut and reticent. An infinite number of arrangements of boys and their precious, fragile toys. 

Across from this treasure trove stood Benji. The day’s winner and newest owner of The Brick looked around bashfully. It was a weird position to be in on his first day—so many unknown teammates offering up their gonads for punishment. His cheeks turned rosy under his freckles from being the center of attention. Then a broad white smile broke across his face.

“Oh, man! You guys had me going for a sec! What a bunch of jokers.” Shaking his head, Benji stepped forward and shook hands with Chase a second time. “Captain, you don’t need to worry about me being some kind of insecure aggro-bro. Both my moms are yoga instructors. They taught me all about remaining peaceful even in friendly competition.” Benji put his palms together and made a small bow toward his new teammates. 

For once Chase seemed lost for words. He tried to process his conflicting feelings that 1) one of his favorite rituals was being broken, but also 2) his sensitive, big balls were spared from being kicked up his throat. He narrowed his eyes on Benji in suspicion. 

Bill stood alongside with his arms folded across his shallow chest. “What do you mean?” he asked. 

“Well, of course I’d never hurt another guy between his legs,” Benji answered, looking seriously at Bill from behind long dark lashes. He put friendly arm around Bill’s shoulder. “Especially a teammate. That’d be the lowest kind of guy. We’re all vulnerable down here,” he confided sagely, brushing his long fingers over his own bulge. “No matter how big or small.” Benji made the statement with such plain earnestness that it was clear he meant no insult. But Bill heard the word “small,” and his ears flamed self-consciously.  

Benji beamed down the line with a wholesome smile. “Alright boys, that’s enough jokes on the new guy! That homework’s not gonna do itself!” 

Chase watched Benji glide back to the locker room, until Bill interrupted with an elbow in his ribs. 

“What?” the blonde asked, frowning.

Bill raised an eyebrow from under his dishwater blonde bangs. “That guy gives me a bad feeling, that’s all.” 

“Well, if he really turns out to be a villain, we’ll know cause you’ll be humping his leg in the shower. But to me he’s just 25 points and a cute accent.” Chase smirked and turned to the rest of the guys. “Free pass today, guys. Newbie was intimidated by your Captain’s big balls. You’re welcome!” 

The reaction was mixed. Max’s shoulder slumped in palpable relief. His growing gonads had been really achy recently, and he wasn’t ready for any more punishment. His twin Rex took the opposite view and looked annoyed that Max had gotten off the hook—even though his own peanuts had also avoided a mashing. 

Farther down the line, Leroy was daydreaming about his earlier encounter with the new diver. He was embarrassed, but it was also sort of exciting. 

Aldo interrupted his musing. “EstΓ‘n a salvo mis bolas?” 

Aldo’s pitch dark eyes watched Leroy. His fingertips caressed the bulging nuts under his thin, sky blue suit. They felt especially hot today, and Aldo knew what that meant. He reached out to touch the taller Black teen’s shoulder. But Leroy just shrugged his ex away lightly and headed for the locker room. 

“Sure man. Por ahora.”

Day 2: Chase

Chase sat in the stands near the diving pool. Studying the swimming competition guidelines was a revelation. He’d never known how many points his team was losing out on by not having a diver! Shane claimed to have mentioned it a few times. However, Chase did not recall any such advice from his co-captain. 

Practice would start soon, and Benji was going through his warm-up dives. After climbing the steps to the three meter board, the raven-haired diver wiped down his washboard abs with his shammy towel then dropped it over the side. Staring straight ahead at the open water, Benji ran his palms down the sides of his skimpy speedo and pulled a deep breath. His chest expanded, revealing the developed muscles of his ribs, serratus, and lats. Striding down the board, he launched himself up, flinging into the air with seemingly no worry of how he might land.

Chase squinted at the notes, trying to match the twists and turns to the scoring sheet. “Somersault…Pike?” He raised his eyes just as Benji was hoisting himself back up onto the pool deck. The water ran down the channels of the athlete’s back and disappeared into his suit. Benji’s speedo was even smaller than most of the swimmers, and a faint shadow at the base of his spine showed a teasing hint of ass crack. Chase’s eye did not miss it. He may not know diving, but his eyes were sharp enough in other areas. 

Benji felt the eyes on him, and he looked for approval from his team captain. Chase rewarded him with two thumbs up. “Looking good, rookie!” An embarrassed grin flooded Benji’s sweet face, and he trotted quickly back up on the board to continue his drills. 

Chase gave a last look over his lineup for next week’s meet. “That settles it. There’s no way they can beat us,” he murmured. A Cheshire cat smile curled his thin lips and he picked up his phone. 


still game for our little wager?



long time! 

i thought you’d gone into witness protection

what stakes?

same as we talked about

haha you said that was forbidden

and i’m not interested in the lesser cuts

no bait and switch

i’ll make an exception this time

you win you get the Grade A beef 

don’t gamble anything you don’t want me to devour

not this time

get ready for ur balls funeral 


so confident it just makes it sweeter to crush you

when’s the meet? 

week from friday

i’ll be awaiting the final score 

and after 

Chase put down his phone. He drummed his fingers on his clipboard, his pale blue eyes seeking confirmation from the scoring sheet that he hadn’t just made a terrible mistake. Because now he absolutely could under any circumstances lose in the next meet. 

Just then a loud splash from the diving pool caught his attention. Benji had over-rotated badly on his last practice. Growling to himself, Chase stalked over to the diving board. The rookie is supposed to be my ringer. I will not let him fuck this up. 

In times like these Chase had to give his team a little extra, hmm, motivation. As he would euphemistically call it. No sooner had Benji hoisted himself up to the deck than Chase grabbed a handful of the diver’s speedo-clad basket and hauled up the rest of the way. Benji gave slight squeak of protest as his cock and balls were hefted in his new teammate’s palm. Chase weighed the set, tracing his thumb around the lines and curves that were clearly visible through the stretchy spandex. 

“Chase, those are my…” Benji’s voice was husky, like a frog had developed in his throat.

Tearing his eyes away from his teammate’s tantalizing package, Chase looked into the teen’s hazel eyes. 

“No,” Chase corrected. He didn’t squeeze, but he bounced the whole set in his palm. “Not yours. These belong to the Midtown Swim Team now.” 

There was a long pause. Neither athlete moved, but a struggle of wills roiled under the surface. Benji spoke first. 

“Ooohh! I get it!” The diver’s mouth slightly open and his gaze was far away. “Like…we’re all one spirit. The sacredness of all beings.” His raspy voice was mellow, accenting his California accent. “You’re like…really wise, Captain.”

Chase was flummoxed by Benji’s nonsensical answer. He wasn’t sure which part of the predicament was more ludicrous. That he was holding a stud by his nuts without crushing them; or that the guy was completely confident that his jewels were safe in Chases hands. Benji looked utterly trusting. 

“Listen, newbie. I don’t know what kind of mumbo-jumbo…”

Chase’s rebuke sputtered out when Benji reached out and cupped his bulge—the Captain’s bulge!—hefting Chase’s big balls through his suit. Chase’s crystal blue eyes bugged out, but the diver’s touch was so gentle that Chase ended up swallowing his words. Benji brought up his other hand and placed it over Chase’s left pec. 

“I can feel your chakras spinning. Your energy is flowing so fast.” 

Chase cleared his throat. “Yeah, of course, rookie. They’re the biggest on the team after all.” 

Benji cocked his head. His moms had never described chakras this way before. But he was willing to learn from his wise new Captain.

“You have a strong spirit. I’m the same way. I always dive best when I’m supported by the positive energy of my team.” 

Benji’s hazel eyes almost never blinked. The genuine tone in his voice raised hairs on the back of Chase’s neck. Remembering the math he’d done on the scoring sheet, Chase bit back his sarcastic response. Instead he withdrew his hand from the divers crotch, unwittingly proving Benjis trust had been well-placed.

“Uhm…whatever you say! Only positive energy here, that’s practically our team motto!” Chase forced a jaunty smile onto his square jaw. “So—let’s feel really positive about fixing that last dive and scoring 25 points at the meet next Friday. You in?” 

“You bet, captain!” Benji crossed his palms in front of his chest and gave his small bow. “I’ll do my best!” 

Chase whistled across the pool, and Max trotted over. 

“What up, Cap?” The swimmer’s amber eyes swept up and down Benji’s tight torso as Chase introduced them. Max was fairly shameless when it came to new crushes, and Chase could see right away that the auburn-haired teen was smitten with their new teammate. Max was perfect for this assignment. 

“…so like I said, you’ll look after Benji, introduce him around. And don’t forget to remind the guys about how much we cherish and respect each other.” Chase’s voice was so slick he was practically cooing. 

“Uhm…Respect…” Max frowned and scratched his temple, looking confused. “I mean, I guess so? Like when you make them respect your big balls by squashing their little…” Max quieted down when Chase’s fingers dug into his shoulder. 

The blonde jock leaned close and his lips were in Max’s ear: “No low blows. Not the slightest cock-knock. Or I’ll tie your little stones to The Brick. And sink them.” Max’s only response was his Adam’s apple twitching as his mouth went dry. 

Chase stood back and gave the two jocks his winningest smile. “Our karma is improving already.” 

Day 3: Rex


you have no idea

he’s the worst teammate ever

the team you remember is over


okay bud I hear you

but he’s still new

give him a chance?


you should have seen max yesterday

drooling over him

and him playing with max’s hair!

they look like a boy band

sounds dreamy


i won’t let this team go soft jayden

esp not maxie

since chase won’t do it, ill show this noob who we are!!!

rex man hold on

chase knows what he’s doing


you still there?

listen rex

don’t do anything you’ll regret!

To his view Rex had been more than patient. He’d tried to give the new guy the benefit of the doubt. He’d ground his teeth silently the day before, when Max had stayed behind with Benji and come out of the locker room looking like a freaking missionary. He’d watched in astonishment when Max started changing his suit under his towel like a freaking middle-schooler just because the diver did. 

Rex overheard the guys changing behind him. “Knew it! They only ever change under their towels if they’re packing light,” Chase winked at Adam, wiggling his pinkie finger meaningfully. “Or if they have especially ugly nuts…” Chase trailed off. “Uh, no offense, Adam.” Chase’s lackey grimaced at the thoughtless burn. 

Rex watched Chase sidelong. Just yesterday the blonde captain had “strictly prohibited” low blows among the team. In case you’re counting, that meant no more luv taps, ding dongs, nut checks, mule kicks, atomic drops—so many culturally important expressions! Cruelly cancelled! What were the guys supposed to do now to show affection? How were they supposed to find out who’s tougher? Shake hands and shoot pool like some black-and-white sitcom? 

“Not on my watch,” Rex decided. Whatever Chase’s endgame was, Rex was going rogue. Approaching his twin from behind, Rex overheard Benji giving Max some advice. 

“Yeah, crazy, right? It’s special conditioner just for swimmers and divers. Takes that nasty old chlorine right out of your hair. All natural, organic ingredients.” 

The pair stood under adjacent shower heads, still wearing their wet speedos. Max was practically cooing as the handsome diver massaged his scalp. Rex wanted to barf so bad that his pink tongue rolled out from behind his teeth of its own volition. He’d lost count of the number of crushes that his twin had swooned over in the past few months. Chase, then Jayden, then Logan and now…

And Rex had to endure hearing about all these “dreamy” guys whenever Maxie got heartsick. Which meant nearly every day. He was definitely not interested in listening to Max gush about Benji-boo if the diver became Max’s newest imaginary crush. 

What’s so special about this guy anyway? Rex wondered crossly. He watched the new guy silently, his amber eyes turning into slits. Benji’s toothy smile flashed often, and he appeared to listen intently to what Max was saying. 

Like he’s got something thaaaaat interesting to say,” Rex thought churlishly. Jealousy is an unruly thing and it was bringing out Rex’s petty side. He stepped up behind Max, placing one hand on his brother’s hip and leaning over his shoulder. 

Benji’s hazel eyes blinked happily as Rex’s face appeared alongside his twin’s. Otherwise identical, the pair were easily distinguishable in this particular moment by their hair style. Like many of the swim jocks, Rex’s auburn hair was matted by the chorine of the pool. So crisped by the chemicals that it stuck out from his head erratically. By contrast Max’s newly conditioned locks parted neatly on the left, framing his face handsomely. 

“Gosh! I’m not used to this yet. Sorry if I’m staring, it’s just I’ve never met twins before.” Benji reached out boldly and stroked first Max’s cheek, then Rex’s. He neglected to notice the obvious difference in their coiffure. “The universe is generous to bless us with two studs instead of just one.” 

Despite wanting to hate Benji, Rex’s heart swelled a little being called a stud in such a sweet, guileless manner. Much less a “blessing.” Whatever the fuck that means. Nevertheless Rex swallowed slowly and steeled himself. He couldn’t let Max be taken in by such a soft choirboy. 

Rex cleared his throat, but Max spoke up first: “Actually, it’s easy to tell us apart,” he stated, dropping his voice confidentially. “You just gotta know where to look.” Max wiggled his eyebrows flirtatiously. He wanted desperately to impress their new teammate, so he was ready to make his move.  

Benji appeared curious, but Rex knew all too well where this was heading. Lately Max always made the same play when trying to one-up his brother. In a preemptive attack, Rex thrust his hand down the back of Max’ speedo. He expertly navigated the channel between Max’s pert glutes until his palm cupped the silky pouch between his brother’s legs. Max’s flirty smile flickered out while Rex’s curled devilishly.

“And where’s that, bro?” Rex asked rhetorically, pumping his fist just enough to keep his twin speechless. Ever since Max’s growth spurt, his superior manhood had become a source of strife between the brothers. Max took every opportunity to brag about how his fat cock dwarfed that of his “little” brother. And Rex took every opportunity to knock, bump, and pinch Max’s newly tender testicles to put him in his place. 

“Never mind, Benji. Max has always been shy about our secrets. Right bro?” Rex lifted his palm upward, smooshing Max’s nuts into his bony pelvis. Max rapidly nodded his agreement. A strangled squeak was the only sound that escaped his voice. 

“But there is one trick Max can do that I can’t,” Rex continued. “Interested?” 

“Sure, my friend,” Benji nodded agreeably. 

The breath Max had been holding left his lungs in a pant, as Rex began swirling his nads around in his hand. Max’s nuts had been so tender and itchy lately. Even the gentle pressure made stars flicker over his vision. 


His twin naturally knew exactly what would make Max swoon. One solitary hand hold and the jock was putty in his bro’s hands. Max drooped on rubbery knees, which only increased the pressure of Rex’s grip on his balls. He stared up at Benji, hoping that his new friend would notice the rippling of flexed knuckles inside the front of Max’s speedo. But the dreamy diver just cocked his head, staring from one twin to the other and trying to spot the “secret” difference. 

Rex leaned forward automatically as Max drooped back against his chest. These days it was pretty easy to put his horny and heated brother under control. But Rex’s grip on Max’s sweet spot was more than just proving a point. It was also an exploration of a new possibility. For their whole lives, the two boys had been identical. When puberty hit Max first, it had been a revelation that frightened both of them. So as Max became comfortable with his ripened manhood, Rex felt increasingly anxious for his own growth. His fingers prodded and gently crushed a pair of twin organs that he wished desperately to possess. He wanted to feel their every curve and soft spot, from the soft skin just under the penis to the saggy bits that stretched back towards Max’s hole. 

One day, Rex promised himself, he would own proud nuts like these. But his imagination did not yet tip over into empathy. For now this was Max’s pair, and Rex’s manipulation of them was unrelenting. 

“Ready for Max’s trick?” Rex asked in a sing-song voice. “It can come unexpectedly.” His amber eyes followed Benji’s reaction closely, but he didn’t get the joke. The squeaky-clean diver must be as oblivious as he looks. 

Rex didn’t have to look down at Max’s front to know that the swimmer’s hardened cock was straining the front of his suit. Rex could feel his twin’s shallow breath against his chest and felt his heartbeat pulse hotly behind his balls. Both of them understood implicitly that Rex could push his brother over the edge at any time. One endured the helplessness while the other relished the power. 

“Aaaaahhhh…AAAAAAAHHHHH…” A gentle cry escaped Max’s lips and quickly jumped up an octave. Inside his speedo, Rex’s pointy fingers had skewered his right nut, pinching it firmly while still tickling the underside of his puckered scrotum. The head of Max’s dick slipped out from under the drawstring of his speedo. His knob was Hot Pink in every sense of the words, not to mention drooling…

“Wow. Maxie, man, that is lovely.” Benji’s eyes were closed, and he was nodding rhythmically along with Max’s falsetto keening. 

“You have a really amazing singing voice, friend. Thank you for sharing your gift with me.” 

Rex twisted his grip, whispering in Max’s ear: “I hope you like this gift, Karma Boy.” Then he sunk his teeth into Max’s neck. 

The subsequent events took only about ten seconds, but they seemed to unfurl in slow motion. 

Noticing the impending disaster, Chase sprinted in from the side. His expression was like he was going to fall on a grenade before it could take out his team. In this case the weapon was pointing out from Max’s swimwear. Chase palmed the twitching head of Max’s cock roughly, bringing tears to his amber eyes. Then he pulled back the auburn-haired jock’s speedo to stuff Max’s member back inside. But the tight fabric slipped from between Chase’s fingers and snapped back sharply against the head of Max’s cock. 

This last stinging sensation pushed the swimmer over the edge. Max’s eyes rolled back in his skull as he fired his sperm up over his clenching abs. KA-BOOM! Two…Three…Four crescendos coated his torso, while Rex conducted the orchestra with busy, nimble fingers. 

All the while Max’s falsetto wail echoed off the shower walls. And all the while Benji listened with a sweet smile playing across his cheeks. 

Max and Rex both came down from their exertions at the same time. Their identical eyes regained focus and appeared equally tired. They stared up at Chase pathetically, expecting a terrible scolding. Their captain’s ocean blue eyes glittered with fury, and a vein on his neck was close to popping out of his pale skin. On the tip of Chase’s nose, a creamy white glob of cum hung. 

“Woah! Hey Chase,” Benji’s mellow, raspy voice emerged from behind the blond jock, and his tanned, freckled hands appeared on Chase’s shoulders. He massaged the Captain’s tense muscles. “I can see that Max’s song was pulling you in, too.” 

Without breaking his glare at the twins, Chase stuck out his pink tongue and cleaned off his nose. The salty taste of Max’s splooge on his throat made his neck flush. His expression promised future vengeance, but Chase forced his shoulders into a relaxed posture before turning around to greet Benji with a warm smile. 

“I’m lucky to have such talented teammates,” Chase replied. He ran his tongue over his teeth, wincing. “You wouldn’t believe the gifts they give me.” 

Day 4: Aldo

“Oye! Amor!” 

Aldo’s back was pressed against his hard foam kick board. He was pushing crunches on the pool deck, counting down with rest of the team. All through the dry land workout, he’d been trying to get Leroy’s attention. 

“Hey…lover!” he tried again, switching to English. Aldo was perfectly bilingual, but he always led with Spanish since he saw how his lovers—male and female—responded to it. 

Unfortunately, so far Leroy was not responding. At all. Aldo watched his ex-boyfriend muscle through the warmup. The lean swimmer’s abs poked up through his smooth ebony skin with each rep, like pebbles under dark water. 

Pebbles under dark water. Agua oscura. Aldo liked the sound of that and made a mental reminder to jot it down later. He liked to write little poems for his love interests. It was pretty much fail-proof for getting in somebody’s pants, but Aldo also appreciated the artistry of it. He fancied that he was an artist when it came to seduction. 

Except this week things were not turning out in his favor. His date on Tuesday had gotten called up to Varsity Cheer practice, so she’d missed their rendezvous. Then his date on Wednesday sent a cryptic message, suggesting that she found out about Tuesday Girl when they were randomly assigned to the same Cheer squad. She cancelled. 

Aldo stared up into the lights of the aquatic center. There were always so many lights in his eyes, and all of them burned brightly. His black eyes squinted tight against the weight of female drama and the burn of his last few crunches. Little rivulets of perspiration trickled down from his neck to the shallow, bony spot between his pecs. Agua oscura. 

Aldo flipped onto his side to work oblique’s. He smiled happily when Leroy happened to turn the wrong way and ended up facing him. Aldo flashed his white teeth at his former lover, pleased to have his attention. 

Leroy’s deep brown eyes regarded Aldo warily. Then widened automatically when he glanced a little farther down Aldo’s torso and noticed the lump in the Latino jock’s speedo. The teens’ eyes met again, and the second time Leroy’s look had a bashful tinge to it. 

It wasn’t Aldo’s fault. He wasn’t purposefully thinking about sex. He wasn’t groping himself or acting like a perv. It’s just that his hormones were not entirely under his control, and that resulted in other aspects of his enthusiasm…popping up. Totally natural, Aldo decided. 

Leroy rolled his eyes. Aldo’s girthy cock was fully erect. The formidable love stick snaked down the waistband of his speedo, pointing at his hip bone. If their team suits had been black, or maybe if they’d had a pattern, Aldo’s boner might have been better camouflaged. But encased in sky blue spandex, every vein of Aldo’s desire was painted onto his suit. The dark spot at the tip of his shaft widened slightly each time he raised his hips into another crunch. 

Aldo glanced from his ex-boyfriend to his rampant manhood and back again. His soulful black eyes were simultaneously sad and cute. Leroy stole another glance at his crotch and unwittingly ran his tongue over his upper lip. Aldo glowed under the attention, flexing his chest and blowing a kiss. Chase blew his whistle and the boys flipped sides, turning away from each other.

Three days with no action was about the most that Aldo could take. Not only had the cheerleader debacle been bad luck, even the swim team had been very…como se dicen?…very prudish lately. Normally Aldo could expect to get his rocks off—willingly or unwillingly—at least a couple times a week after practices. Roshambo, Sword Fights, size comparisons. So many fun games all resulted in him nutting all over himself. Or over someone else. That was even better.

But not this week. All week long the locker room had been strictly business after practice. Shower, change, and leave. How could a locker room be nothing but that? Aldo wondered. He scratched his bulbous nuts through his soft suit. His jewels felt so over-full that he was sure they would overpower Chase’s wimpy pink set in a size comparison! If only the Captain hadn’t sided with that limp-dicked diver and turned Aldo down when he tried to challenge! 

Pinche cabron. If this continues much longer…No! Don’t think about it, the horny teen scolded himself. Unlike his teammates Aldo never deigned to pleasure himself. His macho virility demanded that he share the experience only with a partner. Or with several…  

But my fucking huevos are itching crazy. Feel that shit! So much fire that my chico Leroy must be feeling that heat against his back. 

Aldo watched his ex’s smooth back flexing as they exercised, and his dark eyes rested on the taller swimmer’s ass. His breath shuddered, and he ran his hand over the front of his—now very strained and moist—speedo. 


Chase’s whistle interrupted Aldo’s daydreaming and made him jump. The shrill sound came from directly behind him. He rolled over to find Chase’s silhouette peering down at him with crossed arms. 

“Not polite to stare, Aldo,” Chase scolds.  “We try to keep a more ‘chill’ vibe on this team, buddy.”  Chase punctuated the word with air quotes, but he further emphasized it by pouring the contents of his icy water bottle down over Aldo’s crotch. The Latino swimmer howled as his libido was extinguished instantly by his nemesis. His achy, sweaty nuts snapped back against his body so fast they must have gotten whiplash. 

Chase watched the stud’s package shrivel and shook his head mockingly. “I was gonna say we should compare today, bud. But you look like you’re already having a rough week.” He blew the whistle again and shouted to the rest of the team. 

“Alright boys! Hop in the water. First 5x100s on Aldo’s split!” 

Day 5: Chase

“Just so you know, I’d love you anyway. But I hope you haven’t actually turned cross-eyed.” 

Jayden Gomez glanced up from his geometry homework as his boyfriend Chase entered the living room and dropped his swim bag on the floor. Jayden hadn’t realized it, but he was concentrating so hard that his nose was just inches from where his pencil met the page. Jayden sat up straight, rolling out his stiff shoulders.

“You’re too late, Chase,” he replied turning to his boyfriend with both chocolate brown eyes crossed comically on his own nose. “I hope you can get used to me like this.” 

Chase leaned in and kissed Jayden on his nose. “Barely can tell a difference,” he said blithely.  

“Gee, thanks,” Jayden said sarcastically, returning the kiss but also giving him a playful shove. “How was practice?” Jayden kept his voice light, but he was curious about what was going on with his old team. Several friends had reached out to him. There seemed to be some drama about a new guy. 

Chase paused and tapped his index finger along the cleft in his chin. “Never better. Perfect, actually. I think I’ve finally got this team tuned up for a big win.” He plopped down on the couch, and Jayden scooted over so that their thighs were touching. 

Chase ran down a list of times. Many of the guys were beating their personal bests, and Jayden was truly impressed. He’d been spending most of his time on wrestling these days, but he wondered how his times would stack up now that his old teammates were speeding up. Jayden genuinely missed competing with his former team, so he supported them vicariously through Chase. 

“What’s your secret, Captain?” Jayden asked innocently. “Are they inspired by your big balls, or is there something new in the water?” Jayden ran his hand up Chase’s thigh until his fingertips brushed the aforementioned “big balls.” 

Chase leaned back against the cushion. His fingers twined behind his head and his elbows were out. If his handsome boyfriend was in the mood to admire some undeniably big balls, who was Chase to turn him away? 

“Actually, yes and yes,” Chase answered confidently. “I found a new guy to join the team. A diver. We’re making some changes. The guys were grouchy about it at first, but they’re seeing those swim times improve, so they’re coming around.” 

“Hmmm,” Jayden hummed noncommittally. He knew from Shane that Chase had not “found” the new diver. But Jayden knew Chase well, and he understood that Chase’s macho ego did not even mean to scoop credit. Chase just automatically saw a causal relationship between his own actions and positive outcomes around him. 

“What kind of changes?” 

Chase’s crystal blue eyes looked sidelong at Jayden. The brunette wrestler had turned back to his homework, but his attention remained on Chase.

“Nothing major,” Chase sniffed, keeping his voice light. “Just more focus on abs work. Faster splits. No more ball busting. Drilling second strokes. You know, standard stuff.” 

Chase watched the back of Jayden’s head as he tugged at the curls that had grown in above his fade cut. It was a reflex that Jayden had when he was trying to process information.

“No more…” Jayden turned around, his chocolate brown eyes were baffled but unreadable. 

Chase sighed. He had expected this to be an issue, and he’d prepared an answer. “Ball busting. None. Gone. Isn’t that great?” Chase pulled every bit of enthusiastic optimism into his voice. “Finally my big balls…er, I mean, my teammates little nuts are safe. Precious and, uh, respected like everyone should…” 

Chase stumbled over his words and lapsed into silence. Jayden was regarding him curiously, giving him time to express himself. But Chase sounded like some mix of himself…and someone else. The fear for his balls was natural; Chase had always been sensitive between the legs. But this story was more than just Chase wanting to protect his assets. 

Jayden raised one tapered eyebrow, wrinkling his smooth, mocha-colored forehead. The wrestler leaned into his boyfriend, appreciating the familiar scent of chlorine on his pale, unblemished skin. He ran his palm down Chase’s arm, pumping the swimmer’s biceps and loving how it made his blue veins stand out.

“Hmmm,” Jayden murmured against Chase’s neck. “I seem to remember you busting my boynuts when we first met, though. And you wrecking Gino when you defended me.” Jaydens hand traveled down over Chases waistband. From there it was easy to verify his hunch: Chase was rock hard in his shorts. The blonde didn’t bother to hide his erection, and his eyes were closed as he listened to Jayden. 

“And how hard you busted me. I remember that first time you made me cum…” Jayden bypassed Chase’s cock and rested his fingertips just under his beefy nuts. Chase let out a soft sigh. That was Jayden’s cue to immediately withdraw his hand. 

“But, I guess that’s all in the past now.” He sat up straight and picked up his pencil. “I’m glad we’re safer and more respectful these days!” Jayden turned his attention back to his homework, making sure to slouch so that Chase did not see his own (quite prominent) erection sticking up under his shirt. 

Bereft of Jayden’s touch, missing the softness of his breath, Chase growled in frustration. His boner seemed to be taunting him, so he shoved it back down against his leg. The wrenching sensation brought tears to Chase’s eyes, and he dropped his head back against the couch. 

“Babe, listen, I knew you wouldn’t like the idea. But you know how sneaky those guys are about my big balls! They’re always messing my boys up! Of everybody, YOU really benefit the most from these beauties being in top condition,” Chase bragged. 

Chase always warmed right up whenever the topic of conversation came around to the many fine qualities of his junk. Jayden snorted in disbelief. Leave it to Chase to somehow turn this into a gift he was giving to Jayden. 

“I’ve told you before, boyfriend. When they get broken, I’ll kiss them better,” Jayden’s long lashes fluttered in front of his eyes. “The more broken, the more kisses. Actually…I sort of like being able to revive you,” he confided. A blush colored his honey cheeks, both from imagining Chase helpless, and also from confessing his feeling out loud. 

The blush in Jayden’s cheeks set Chase on fire. He wrapped one arm around the Latino teen’s neck and used his fingers to turn his face for a deep kiss. Chase’s opposite hand dropped down between Jayden’s legs, returning the earlier favor and feeling up his fat, droopy gonads. Jayden purred contentedly. 

Then Chase pulled back from the kiss. “Just until Friday. Then busting…” Chase hesitated, glancing down lovingly at his non-aching balls. “Then busting is fair play again,” he promised reluctantly. “And by then I’ll have won a present for you.” His trademark Cheshire cat grin curled Chase’s mouth. 

Still flushed from their kiss, Jayden leaned back and looked at his boyfriend. “Win a present? For me?” But instead of greed, Jayden’s deep brown eyes flashed with concern. “Chase! You didn’t bet your balls again, did you?” 

Chase went slightly pale, and he fidgeted a little, playing with Jayden’s curls. “Don’t worry, babe,” he said quickly. “I really did my homework this time. Between the new guy, and the faster splits the guys are putting in, this one is a no-doubter!” 

Chase dipped his fingers under Jayden’s ballsac and massaged the firm muscles that joined him at the middle. Jayden was finding it increasingly hard to concentrate on Chase’s words, but he was still concerned. “But last time they busted your big balls so bad that you were crying for a week…” 

Chase grimaced, annoyed by the reminder of that embarrassing incident. “Shut up! I didn’t bet my big balls,” he snapped. 

“So then, what did you bet, silly?” Jayden asked innocently. 

Chase looked away evasively, nuzzling Jayden’s neck instead of answering. He was still cupping Jayden’s pouch from underneath his shorts, massaging the heavy orbs on the tips of his fingers. 

“Doesn’t matter. Just trust me that we’re both gonna be better off if I win.”


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

My dearest Harry,

To say that I got a gift with this story, is a full understatement. Harry told me a few months ago that he was writing a story about my characters and he was not sure how it would turn out. He thought that I would enjoy it…how right that he was.

The characters breathe with new life, a new character emerges, and the boys do what they do best…have fun.

This story is epic, and Harry wrote a love story of Alex’s characters a few months back…this one was that, but to mine. Gosh, it is such a fantastic story and all of you get to see what comes next. You lucky readers!

Harry thank you for this, it was utterly beautifully written and I love it.


Anonymous said...

I am... At a loss for words, there's just something really special about this story, and that special something is, of course, the introduction of BENJI!

At first I thought that "new character" Jimmy was teasing was just gonna be some generic ballbusting maniac like the rest of the swim team but suddenly THAT TWIST? I was COMPLETELY caught off guard!

Benji is... He's just normal! Hahaha! He's just a normal guy who doesn't care much for ballbusting because... Because he's just normal! He doesn't wanna hurt anyone! And he's kind! And he's just nice to be around! He's got two moms who properly raised a fine young man! (which I thought was sweet) He's into auras and energy (and probably crystals), and he was raised in a proper household he's... He's Benji!

OH my god, the way that Chase reacted to Benji was my favorite part in the whole story, just how he felt when he didn't wanna bust some balls, his rituals, how he doesn't care for ball size or anything of that matter, and then how Chase desperately wants to protect him from all the ballbusting/horny stuff that happens in the swim team, it was so cute to see that, and not even mentioning the reaction of the rest of the team

Of course, team Rex over here, I gotta love Rex's reaction, how pissed OFF he is about how there's no more ballbusting and it's all just "nice and wholesome", of course Rex was gonna react like that, and you fucking knocked it out of the park with his characterization (actually, you nailed everyone's characterization, like, I love the way they all text differently and just how much life you brought to the characters)

Like, the conflict between the rest of the swim team and Benji is so interesting, especially when it comes to his relation with Leroy, okay, listen, Benji BETTER become a permanent resident of the Jayden-verse because what Leroy and Benji have (even if it was just a little tease for now) is super fucking cute and Leroy deserves to be someone like Benji, the way they're so bashful around each other and their first interaction was so great, also, it'd be fun to see Aldo getting his boyfriend stolen by the same guy that keeps blueballing him through the whole week hahaha

God, I cannot WAIT for the next part (Wonder if jayden will ever meet Benji and what his reaction is gonna be to him)

-anon 1

Anonymous said...

This story is an absolute riot and an awesome intro, i can't wait to find out more about Benji and his impact on the team.
The new character is great by the way, and the subtle way he influences the team (even Chase) is really intriguing.
I'm glad to see that deep down it's still the same old Chase...still enamoured with his own genitalia, still plotting and still desperate to prove he's the top dog!
I have to add that I loved your portrayal of Aldo! He's pretty bold to think of challenging Chase's big balls again. Still if his huevos really are full to bursting point, maybe he has a chance!
Gotta say I also loved how Jayden toys with Chase's ego. All his 'big ball's compliments might just be a bit tongue in cheek!
I can't wait to read more!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good words, guys!

Jimmy, it was really fun to write for your characters. I feel like I knew them already from your great stories, but it was interesting to try out their voices on my own.

Anon1, I am stoked that you like Benji! The story started from the idea “what if even one guy on the team was anti-busting”? Or just basically a nice guy lol. And imagining how the other characters would react. (Naturally Rex was not having it.) I’m happy you liked Benji and Leroy together. Leroy’s about the nicest / chillest of the cast, so it would be cool to see him with a nicer bf. Also, thanks for your detailed comment! Stories take me a while to write, so it’s awesome to have feedback.

Reg, I’m glad this one made you laugh. I was def going for a goofy and comic vibe (for the start at least). Your boy Chase may act different, but we know he will still have the same basic motivations lol. Of course Jayden has his own agendas also. We’ll find out in the next part how well the team adapts to Benji’s culture of respect and kindness. Who knows, maybe the change takes root and they all quit busting for good? Then this blog can just post stories about swimming from now on…


Anonymous said...

I found that idea soooo funny...a blog with stories about swimming!
Ex-Ballbustingboys maybe?

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dearest Harry,

I am the lucky one! Plus all the readers. And now that the second part is out everyone will get a chance to enjoy the continuation of this amazing story!


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anonymous,

That sounds fun! Ex-ball busters trying to make a life after all the pain… and having that not work out could be a cute story.