Saturday, August 12, 2023



“Watch This” Poll


Dear Ballbusting Boys Community,


You have all voted and between the choices of the following you have come to a conclusion. The choices were:

·     Max and Rex

Ballbusting Boys: "Watch this, bro" written by Jimmy (Part 1)

·     Aldo and Leroy

Ballbusting Boys: "Watch this too, bro" written by Jimmy (Part 2)

·     Adam and Bill

Ballbusting Boys: "Watch this also, bro" written by Jimmy (Part 3)

·     Chase and Shane

Ballbusting Boys: "Watch this one, bro. It's the best one yet." written by Jimmy (Part 4)

·     Gino and Jayden

      (Part 5)

The winner is....


The results are in and we have a clear winner. Gino and Jayden will be getting a second video. All of the guys will now get a chance to participate in helping the buster…bust the bustee. Gino is going to have a fun time with all of Jayden’s friends busting his kid brother. It will be an updated story almost of how Gino invited all of the Jayden’s swim team to come bust him.


 Hope that you like the results!






owen said...

hi jimmy. that's great! realy glad jayden's boynuts are gonna be crushed. "Ugh, ugh, ugh my boynuts!!!" l o l. ct wait to read it. hope it is ready soon or my balls might explode: hahaha!

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Owen,

You know I was actually surprised by the results. The twins and Chase have such a fan following that I was not sure that Gino and Jayden could pull off this win (really loss in Jayden’s case) and I can’t wait to get started on it!

I hope that you enjoy it Owen! I will try my best to make it grand. It’s been a while since Gino interacted with Jayden’s friend(s), there are some questionable others in the mix there.

Hope that you like it!