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A Kramtoad Story: Brawl: Arman's Day by an Anonymous Kramtoad Writer



Arman’s Day


By an Anonymous Kramtoad Writer



 Dear Ballbusting Boys community,

I saved a copy of this story from a long time ago back when it was on Kramtoad. I edited it a bit, but I wanted to share this one. Hope you enjoy, and if you are the author please let me know so that I can credit you if you wish.


 12-year old Arman and 11-year old Juan were quarreling for weeks. The two boys had never liked each other and they were in two different "gangs". No real gangs, just groups of boys who played together.

            Then, on a hot summer’s day, they decided to finally fight it out. The fight would not end before not one of them passed out. They met at the end of Essex Street on a small square facing the houses of their parents and friends. The neighbor kids all came watching, boys and girls ranging from six to fifteen years in age.

            Pedro, who was ten and one of Juan’s buddies, and Bill, a 13-year old friend of Arman, would film the whole fight with their video cameras and show it on the net. Arman, who was a little short for his age, was a skinny kid with long, slender legs. He could outrun all kids of his grade and some of the older ones, too. His blond hair was longer than usual and sometimes fell into his face. For the fight he was wearing nothing but his skater pants.

            Juan, a chubby Latino with short cut black hair, was wearing jeans shorts. Both boys were bare feet and had taken off their shirts. The fought with their bare fists. For some minutes they circled around the square, Arman dodging each and every of Juan’s punches, but seldom punching back. He had the plan to tire the other boy before stepping in and having his day. He knew too well that although Juan was younger and a fat boy he was stronger. Arman did not like to remember how he found out - they had a short fight after school and Juan took him in a headlock and marched him around bragging how easy it was to kill the skinny one year older boy.

            While they were punching and dodging they teased one another, Juan calling Arman a weak little pussy and Arman calling Juan a fat fag. It was clear that Juan got angrier with every minute he was chasing Arman, unable to hit him. Arman watched Juan’s wobbling belly and almost started to laugh. Just then he felt a parked car at his back. Before he could get away, Juan punched him hard into the face, smacking his head back on the car roof. Arman was stunned but held his fists high to protect his face.

Juan followed with some heavy jabs into Arman’s small chest and abdomen. Arman groaned and his arms came down, hugging his stomach. Another punch to his face smacked Arman’s head on the roof again.

            Then Juan grabbed Aram’s pants and jerked them down to his ankles,
showing Arman’s tiny underwear to all who watched. Arman felt totally embarrassed. If he only had taken any other undoes but not these with a grinning Donald Duck on them. They were so childish! Arman bowed down to pull his pants up, as Juan punched him full force into the small bulge that was clearly visible in his Donald Duck briefs.

            Arman gasped for air - the pain was unbelievable. He doubled over, putting one hand on his underwear to protect his testicles and the other around his stomach, where the pain was almost worse. His legs gave way and he fell to his knees, coughing and breathing hard, his face showing how much Juan’s punch had hurt him. "Oh my god ... oh my god!" At least he was able to hold back the tears.

            "Your balls, not your god, pussy," Juan teased.

            Once before Arman was punched into his testicles; he and ten-year old Joe fought with boxing gloves in Bills house - it was half play half in earnest. Bill of course taped the whole fight. They had boxed for five or six minutes, the Joe had Arman down two times and he started to feel groggy. Suddenly the younger boy’s glove made contact with his shorts and Arman was down again, holding his crotch and moaning in pain. Joe of course said it was an accident and that he was so sorry. And now someone had hit his testicles again.

            He heard Juan yelling but did not understand what the younger boy said. The pain was too much, he knew the fight was over; he would never get up again. All he wanted was to be back home and hide under his blankets. All the kids had seen fat Juan getting him where it hurts most when he was just in his tiny underwear. Then Arman felt Juan pulling his pants free of his feet, and he knew it was not over yet. He remembered, they wanted to fight until one of them was cold out.

            Arman was still coughing when Juan grabbed his arms and forced them up and behind Arman’s head. Arman struggled but quickly realized that there was no strength left in his body. Juan forced Arman&#180’s hands back to back, then took his two smallest fingers in one hand and twisted them. Arman cried out, his upper body jerked up. Now Juan was holding him with just one hand. "How are your nuts?" he asked. "Still hurting?"

            Arman didn’t answer. He saw the grinning faces of the boys and girls who watched the fight, he saw Bill still next to him with his video cameras and Pedro even closer filming his briefs and the small bulge that protruded hardly from his hips.

Juan pulled Arman up to his feet. Arman felt his legs tremble. They were so weak! He was so weak! Juan could do to him all he wanted. And Juan did. He grabbed the front of Arman’s underwear and pulled them down.

            "No!" Arman cried as he felt the fresh air breezing around his genitals. Laughter broke out, some of the girls doubled over; pressing their hands onto their mouths and Arman saw even Bill grinning. Juan stepped onto Arman’s briefs and shoved him forward so not to trip Arman had to step out of his underwear.

            "Wow, I never thought any twelve-year old could have such a tiny dick," Juan teased. He measured it with his thump. "Not half as thick as my thump and even shorter! And where are your balls?" Juan shoved way Arman’s penis and grabbed his scrotum.

            Arman moaned as the touch brought new pain. Juan was rolling his testicles inside his scrotum, feeling their volume. "Small hazel-nuts?  No, not even that. More like pebbles on the beach. Tiny pebbles, of course."

            Arman knew his face turned red. Being unable to stop Juan from fumbling with his naked genitals was so humiliating! And seeing one of his best friends and another, even younger boy, filming this was even worse.

            Finally after what seemed to be an eternity for Arman Juan let go of his testicles and, still holding his hands behind his head, the younger boy started to march his nude body around. Arman did not know where to look. Down to the ground he saw his small penis dancing with every step he took. Up into the grinning faces of the other kids. To his left Bill followed with his video camera. And to the right Pedro held his camera close to Arman’s genitals.  Arman hoped and feared at the same time that his parents would come home early and stop this terrible humiliation. Or any other parents. Or any grown up. But all seemed to be somewhere else or hiding from the heat in their houses.

            “How’s that, fucker?" Juan cried in Arman’s ears. "I’ve got you down and stripped! I’m marching you around stark naked! If I wish I can swish your balls and break your dick! What now, pussy?" Juan punctuated every other word with a punch into Arman’s back or a kick into his buttocks or thighs.

            “You damned fat fag!" Arman knew shouting this was the worst thing to-do in his situation, but he could not help. At least he had to show that he was not scared by the younger boy. Not really scared. Not yet. Juan jerked Arman back and tripped him with his leg. Arman fell flat on his back. The impact was so hard the air was pressed out of his lungs and for some moments he was unable to breathe. Panicky he hugged his aching chest.

            "Fag?" Juan cried. "I show you fag!" He let himself fall down on Arman’s upper body effectively trapping his arms under his weight. Then he grabbed Arman’s legs forced them wide apart and pressed them to the ground with his own thick legs. Arman was unable to move, Juan had total control over him.

            "You know the balls drum?" Juan asked.

            "No," Arman said in a low voice that showed his fear.

            "Now you will know!" Juan started slapping Arman’s testicles as if they were two tiny drums. But most of his slaps hit Arman’s penis who hung limp between his thighs. "Shit!" Juan cursed. "Give me my bag!" he shouted. One of the girls brought it to Juan and he pulled a roll of duct tape out of his bag, tarred of some inches and taped Arman’s penis on his stomach. Thereafter every single slap found his target.

            "That’s the rhythm of the balls!" Juan cried happily drumming Arman’s unprotected testicles. Desperately Arman struggled to free his hands or close his legs but Juan was too heavy. Arman started to moan. The pain was spreading from his testicles to his stomach and even to his chest. It was not nearly as forceful as the pain that was started by the first punch but nonetheless it was hurting like hell. He felt the muscles of his whole body were tensed to their limit; the steady pain controlled his muscles and forced them in full tension. After Juan’s first punch into his testicles his body had relaxed after a while as he kneed on the ground and the pain got less. But now the drumming went on and on as did the pain. His body tried to escape without being able to move even a single inch. Arman saw little Pedro getting close to him and targeting the camera on his genitals.

            "Let me go, let me go!" Arman started to cry.

            "Who’s the fag now?" Juan shouted. "Who’s the fag?"

            "Hey, Juan, stop it", Bill said but did not stop to film Juan torturing Arman.

            "He’s not passed out, is he?" Juan shouted. "He’s just in pain!"

            "But you destroy his balls!"

            Juan laughed out loud. "Never! I tried this on my little brother. I drummed him for five minutes. He was in agony, but his balls were ok." Armand was in agony, too. Five minutes! And Juan’s brother certainly had not provoked Juan as he had done. This could go on for hours!

            "Help" he cried as tears of desperation filled his eyes. "Please, help me!"

            Juan laughed even louder. "No one will help you, little pussy. They all love it too much to see you squirming on the ground, crying like a baby!" He looked up. "Are you?"

            The laughing of the other kids said Arman that Juan was right. Even his friends did nothing to stop Juan. "Juan, pleeease! Stooop!" But Juan drummed on. Greg, one of the teens who had watched the boys, yawned.


            "Stop it, Juan, it becomes boring."

            "Hey, it’s pure fun!"

            "For you, maybe, but watching you playing drums on this scrawny kids nuts is not my idea of having fun. We wanted a fight, not this. Let him get up and fight again!"

            Reluctantly Juan stopped slapping Arman’s testicles and got up. Arman
rolled to his side and clutched his aching private parts.

            "Get up, Arman," Greg said. "Let’s see if you can get your revenge on
the fat kid." He nudged Arman with his sneakers. "Get up!"

            Hesitatingly Arman got to his knees, hiding his genitals behind his hands. They did not hurt much now after Juan ceased to drum them, but for a while there was a constant pain deep in his stomach.  Arman looked around then jumped up and made a dash to his house. At least he tried. But Greg grabbed his arm and jerked him back. 


            "Where do you think you are going?"


            "The fight isn’t over, is it?"

            "I ... I just wanted to dress ..."

            "No break. You lost your pants and underwear so you have to fight in the nude." Greg looked to the other kids. "Am I right?"

            "Yeah! Right!"

            Arman blushed. How could he protect his private parts from being punched, being looked at, being filmed and fight at the same time? Greg pulled away the short piece of tape from Arman’s stomach and penis then let go of him. At once Juan tried to run him down. Arman dodged. The game started all over, Juan unable to hit Arman, Arman always retreating from Juan.

            "Fight kid!" The teen shouted. "We don’t want to see your bare ass for the rest of the day!"

            Then an idea filled Arman’s head. Why didn’t he do to Juan what the fat fag had done to him. He dodged one last time a heavy punch of Juan, then jumped forward and brought his right foot full force up between Juan’s legs. Uh! It was like kicking a stone. Crying in pain, he was hopping around on one foot holding the other in his hands. Juan grinned from ear to ear. "Protection, sissy boy, protection!" He pulled down his shorts to reveal a heavy cup. Then his foot came up and made full contact with Arman’s dangling testicles. Arman fell like a tree hit by lightning. He pulled his legs up to his chest. The pain was so terrible he could not breathe. His vision blurred as his eyes again filled with tears. Juan bent down and pulled at Arman’s legs to have a better look at his genitals. Arman had no strength left to resist, so a moment later his legs were wide spread again.

            "Look!" Arman heard Pedro’s high pitched voice, "There’s one ball missing in his sack!" The boy was holding his video camera in one hand while pointing at Arman’s tiny scrotum.


            Arman was totally terrified! Had Juan’s kick destroyed one of his testicles? Would Juan do it again, actually castrating him?

            "Don’t bother, Arman," Bill said as if he was reading his friend’s mind, "Your ball is stuffed up into your stomach. You have to jump up and down to get it back into your sack."

            "Wait till I kicked his other nut up his stomach, too!" Juan cried delightful.

            "You’re hitting my camera!" Pedro shouted.

            Looking down his trembling body Arman saw Pedro holding the video camera right between his thighs to get a close up of his battered privates. Bill also brought his video camera close to Arman’s genitals. "I’ve never seen something like that!" The other kids came to peek at his half empty scrotum, too. Arman started to move his hands down to cover his privates, but at once Juan grabbed his remaining testicle and shouted:


            "Don’t move your hands or I break your last nut, sissy!" Arman froze. Even the light touch of Juan’s fingers brought new pain. "Put your hands behind your head!" Juan barked while rolling Arman’s testicle between his fingers. Moaning, his eyes full of fear, Arman complied. Juan grinned. "Now get up and jump! And don’t move your hands!" He let go of Arman’s testicle and helped the nude boy up by pulling his hair. "Jump!"


            "I can’t!" His legs were too weak, he could barely stand.

            "I’ll help you!" Juan grabbed Arman under his armpits and heaved him up then pushed him down to the ground. The impact of landing on the hard pavement shot a wave of pain through Arman’s body; he fell to his knees but did not dare to move his hands away from his head. Juan grabbed his scrotum. "Nothing still one nut only. Up and jump!" Five jumps and the same number of agonies later Arman heard to his relief. "Your ball is back in his goal."

            "Please," Arman begged, "Let me go now. I give, you won."

            "Go? You tried to kick my balls!"

            "But you started it! And you got me twice. Not to count the drumming. "Juan laughed.  "You want to argue with me? Look at yourself! You’re a naked, crying mess! I can do to you all I want." Said this and kicked Arman into the stomach. Arman, who still had his hands behind his head, could neither block nor dodge Juan’s kick. The pain in his abdomen made him double over, hugging his flat belly and starting to cry again.

            "My god, what a sissy." Juan shouted. "He doesn’t deserve to have balls!" He took Arman in a reversed headlock and pulled back, stretching Arman’s body.


             Then Juan forced his head and chest down into a bridge and, sitting down himself, across his left knee. He pushed until Arman’s head touched the ground. Arman pulled at Juan’s arm but could not get free. With his other hand Juan tugged at Arman’s legs, forcing them and Arman’s head as close together as possible. Another cry from Arman. Juan was breaking his back! The younger boy was so terribly strong! Or, maybe, he was just too weak. Juan pulled back his right leg, and then wrapped it around Arman’s shins. His right hand was free now to continue torturing the 12-year old. He grabbed Arman’s penis and pulled it up. It was like a knife stabbing into Arman’s penis. He cried out and tried to arch his lower body even higher. His legs automatically spread. The tension in his thighs was clearly visible. As were the not very strong muscles of his chest and stomach. Another brutal tug at his penis and he began to tremble. He knew he was too weak to stand this any longer. Again Arman was terrified. What would happen to his penis if he collapsed? Could it be tarred from his body?


            Just then Juan let go of his penis and before Arman could relax he grabbed Arman’s testicle and squeezed and pulled. Arman let out a cry of pure terror. The pain in his abdomen multiplied, it felt as if a part of him would really be tarred out of his body. He was not circumcised but had heard about the blood that followed the cut and for some seconds he imagined to bleed to death. His legs trembled
terribly, his muscles lost their last strength, but immediately as his body started to crumble Juan pushed up his knee into the small of Arman’s back and steadied him.

             But the cruel pain stayed.

            Arman was more desperate than ever. He was absolutely helpless, his muscles too feeble to even lift up a hand and grab Juan’s arm. There was pain in each and every part of his body. His breathing came in short, shallow bursts, he saw his thin chest barely moving, his penis laying limp on his stomach and his scrotum stretched beyond all limits by Juan’s powerful fist. Arman could not imagine a more intense pain as was inflicted on his testicles by Juan’s squeezing and tearing grip. But then he saw Juan pressing his thump into his left testicle, and then slowly starting to turn it around. Arman cried out in agony, a high pitched wail, then there was nothing but blackness ...

          It should have be Arman’s day but it became his w
orst day.





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"TORTURING THE TWELVE YEAR OLD..."? Really? In what reality is that an appropriate phrase to put in a story read by mostly grown men?! Do better, idiot!

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it's disgusting

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Why would you ever include a story featuring children in a fetish blog?!?! Are you a pedo or just not into thinking things twice? Everyone knows this site took a dive for the worst when you kids took over , but this is catastrophic

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TwistedTricks said...
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Please kill yourself. Just do it Jimmy. The world will be a better place. Children will be safer without you in it. If you know a diabetic get some insulin. You can Inject yourself then fall asleep painlessly.