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“Watch that? No Way Bro.” written by Jimmy


“Watch that? No Way Bro.”




by Jimmy


Ballbusting Boys: "Watch this, bro" written by Jimmy (Part 1)

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Ballbusting Boys: "Watch this also, bro" written by Jimmy (Part 3)

Ballbusting Boys: "Watch this one, bro. It's the best one yet." written by Jimmy (Part 4


Jayden is laughing at all the videos amazed that his friends put themselves out there. 


He’s sitting at home, on his bed, and slowly he lowers his underwear playing all four videos again. Jayden sighs as he grabs his thickening tool in both hands, his pillow holding up the phone.


Alone in the house, Jayden tosses off his shirt not worried about anyone bothering him or knocking at his door. 


He’s hasty, as he grips his thickened cock and when he does Jayden feels the familiar desire, the need to grip himself harder. A moan of deep longing comes from him, and Jayden arches his back as he runs his fingers up and down his cock from base to tip and shuddering once he gets to the end of his stem. The bulbous pink tip is flared out and Jayden can’t help but moan as he grips it. He has not yet per-cummed but that is a matter of time as he arches his back on the mattress casting his gaze up to the ceiling the musical moans of his friends being busted on repeat on his phone as he wishes that he was apart of it. 


Jayden is about to spit in his palm, to wet the whistle when his door bangs open and Gino is already asking “Bro have you seen…oh man, you’re certainly going at it!”


“G…Gino g…get out!” Jayden says trying to turn away, but he’s naked, his clothes and blankets kicked to the floor. His cheeks are reddening and tries to turn away from that wolffish grin as Gino approaches him, not heeding to a word he has said. 


“You are into it…I can help.”




But it’s far too late, as Gino mounts him grabbing his balls in one hand and his cock in the other. Jayden is so horny that he barely fights him and arches his back.


“Fuck bro…you’re close huh?” Gino asks feeling his vibrating man meat, the veins are so pronounced, and he’s hot to the touch. “It’s been awhile since I made you cum. I think you missed it. My baby bro is getting BIG after all.”


Jayden seizes, his whole body trembling but all he can do is moan, scared of what he might say if he allows himself to talk. 


“Hush… I got you.”


Jayden does not notice when Gino hits record on his phone placing it propped up to get a perfect up close angle, he plans on beating out all the rest of Jayden’s friends and claiming victory. Gino loves the idea of being the surprise entry to steal the prize. 


Gino starts out slow cupping Jayden’s cock, and completely enveloping the head of his penis, and gently squeezing and rubbing some lotion that he snagged from the bedside table, rubbing the lotion on his cock and balls. At this point Jayden is harder than steel.


His fingers begin to move more rhythmically, sliding up and down Jayden’s erection, as Jayden slowly loses his mind to the feelings building between his legs and the idea again of Gino owning him like this. Jayden is frozen, completely unaware of anything else other than the intense building sensations of Gino’s slippery hand holding his penis and the desire of being touched.


Gino whispers in his deep voice, “That’s it bro, get ready to let it rip.”


Jayden moans at this, feeling the inner pull slowly taking over.


At the sound of Jayden’s moans, Gino’s hand pumping becomes more aggressive and the same can be said about the gentle caressing of his slick balls that Gino was doing before. The gentle grip, and the sliding and rolling of his balls in Jayden’s scrotum seems to come to an abrupt end as Gino locks his fingers in place and starts to intensify his grip. Jayden’s eyes open wide and lock on Gino’s, he gives a quiet shake of his head the pleading look in his eyes is one that Gino loves and he smiles at seeing Jayden’s plea and knowing that he will ignore it completely.


The combination of the pain in Jayden’s nuts, the throbbing in his cock, the slick lotion covering all of his genitals, and the aggressive physical sensation of Gino’s thick manly hands on Jayden’s smooth balls and throbbing erection becomes too much. Jayden tries to stick his ass up in the air, his hips unwilling rising up to meet the tempo of Gino’s jerking fist.


Jayden almost comes out of a daze croaking “My boynuts…you…goddamit I am…gonna… if you don’t stop I am going to cum!” Jayden warns his brother, his last ditch effort to get him to stop.


This only seems to make Gino more eager as he tells his little brother, “Go ahead and make a mess if you gotta… I am not going to stop until you do.”


The need to cum really settled into Jayden in earnest. The building pressure I his dick, and the spasming and contracting grip on his precious boynuts overwhelms all of Jayden’s senses as his dark muddy brown eyes begin to cross. Jayden’s dick tenses, and the throbbing pulse in his rock hard dick arches further past his belly button and Jayden groans, a building wrenching scream threatening to come out of him. Jayden wants the grip to keep going, he is past the point of resistance. His mind is in his dick, and the need to cum.


The feeling only get bigger and deeper and harder for Jayden as his whole upper body becomes bent like a wooden bow an archer would use to shoot. Just as Jayden didn’t think he could take anymore Gino gives a wicked twist and pull to his balls, and Jayden’s cock throbs once more, as spasms capture and rock his whole body. Jayden’s dick flexes, and he drools a little at the corner of his mouth and his building orgasm overcomes him and Jayden begins to shoot. Thick ropey bursts of seed fires from his erection, up and onto his cheek, just below his eye and the three that follow land on his bare chest between his nipples.


It was just how Gino wanted it.


Gino kept squeezing Jayden’s throbbing balls, and masturbating Jayden’s stiffy, as he pumps four more small little bursts that land on his navel, some of his cum filling up his little innie belly button and spilling over, dripping down into his sparse jet black pubes. Gino rides with Jayden through his orgasm, his intense grip on his balls, that nutclaw never loosening as he makes sure to drain his brother of every last drop of his cum.


Gino knew what he was doing and as Jayden drops back to his mattress, tired and spent and sticky with more than sweat he glances up as his brother. Gino is still neading his nuts, and Jayden cries out like a wounded animal as Gino let’s Jayden’s cock fall to his abdomen where it lays in the pooling river of his own spunk so that he can grab both nuts and bare down on them until Jayden screams.


“You did good bro…I bet that your friends…and the internet will too!”

Jayden’s eyes widen in alarm and he gasps.




“I did.” Gino turns off his phone. “We were live the whole time.” Gino winks at Jayden as he smugly tells him “You are going to be a star.”





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