Monday, July 31, 2023

"Watch this one, bro. It's the best one yet." written by Jimmy



“Watch this one, it’s the best one yet”


by Jimmy

 Ballbusting Boys: "Watch this, bro" written by Jimmy (Part 1)

Ballbusting Boys: "Watch this too, bro" written by Jimmy (Part 2)

 Ballbusting Boys: "Watch this also, bro" written by Jimmy (Part 3)


Shane is tied in Chases closet, the special one with the hooked up chains drip from the ceiling. 


Shane is shirtless, his bare chest glistening with sweat and he’s naked and trying to cross his legs to hide his…groin. It’s not working so well. 


“Don’t worry about that,” Chase tells Shane, one hand on his cheek as Shane mumbles into the gag. Chases finger slips down his chin and the tip glides along the center of his chest until it reaches his belly button. Chase pinches the nub before hooking his finger and tugging Shane out to the meet his knee that he uses to slam into Shane’s bare balls. Shane’s nuts flatten to an inch and he screams into the gag. 


“Adam…did you think you could honestly top this?” Chase asks, the camera pointed to him so that the camera only gets Shane’s bare back. 


“I always win.”


Chase hammers three more consecutive thrusts between Shane’s legs until his head lulls and falls onto his shoulder. 


The Cheshire Cat grin is on his face as he stares into the lens. 


“Let’s see which of us gets the most likes…winner gets the special prize after all.”





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