Sunday, July 30, 2023

Update: This Week's Stories and Video's


Update This Week’s Stories and Video’s


Hi Ballbusting boys community,


Hi everyone!


This week I have a little surprise! I have a mini event called “Watch This!” Chase has challenged, and paired his swimteam members up into groups to fool around with each other and make little video’s. The losers of the little challenge gets to be busted by everyone. So each pair wants the most views…


The pairs are:

·     Max and Rex

·     Aldo and Leroy

·     Adam and Bill

·     Chase and Shane


However Gino sees the videos online and decides to join in on the fun with Jayden…who did not agree to participate.


All of you get to decide the winner. Whoever gets the most votes will get a follow-up story as the ‘losers.’ So vote on what pair of guys you want to see busted the most.


Then we have some fun videos on Wednesday. Some brutal kicks.


Friday gives us the last Juvenile Hall Thief Story. I am on page seven, and it’s brutal. The poor guys!


Have a great week everyone!



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