Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Snapshot: "Tag...your it!" written by Jimmy


Snapshot: “Tag… your it!”


by Jimmy




Caleb and Junior Kruger were running around their yard playing tag.

This game of tag was unlike any other game as, the only way to make someone else it was to punch them in the balls. You were also allowed to punch the tagger in the balls to not get tagged. The game was invented by their cousin Logan Kruger when he used to babysit his cousins, and have sleepovers. His cousins got so rambunctious that Logan had to invent new games. This one stuck, and the brothers played it long after Logan stopped playing with him.

Right now, Junior is on the ground cupping his balls. His shoulders are sagging and he glances up at his older brother and tells him “Can you please stop punching me in the nuts?”

“That would mean that I give up…I ain’t about to do that. It’s your own fault for losing at Rock, Paper, Scissors…I think that’s the fifth time I punched your nuts…today!” Caleb says happily, ticking away each finger as he counts the blows to make sure. “Yup, five.”

Caleb chuckles, as Junior rolls into a ball moaning.

“If you give up… you got to be it next time,” Caleb warns him.

“I don’t care…” Junior groans. “Just help me up…so I can take the losing shot.

Shrugging his shoulders Caleb pulls Junior to standing, and Caleb tells him “Get down to your undies…I want it to be a good one.”


They boy laugh.

Junior pulls his shirt off overhead, and Caleb admires his brothers lean, muscled chest so much more defined than his own. He does not even notice Junior’s shorts hitting the floor until he is standing there telling his brother “Eyes up here, jackass. I’m in underwear.”

And so he is.

Junior’s wearing red, like the Bartlet color with gold trim. The boxer briefs are tight and Caleb wishes that his own bulge looked as good, and filled out as his younger brothers. Junior’s nuts hang low, and as he shifts his legs apart the bulge sways and Caleb can tell that his balls are completely descended and hang lower than his cock. Junior’s pointing to his left hip, and the juicy thickened meat tube looks half-cocked as if he is slightly excited to be mostly naked in their backyard.

The dying sun warms Junior’s skin and Caleb storms up to him, ready to end their skirmish as he balls up one hand and swings it up his arm arching and Junior already wincing as the swing comes in dangerously close.

Junior’s eyes are closed and he is gritting his teeth in anticipation.

The blow hits him like a bag of bricks, lifting him up and off his feet his brother’s fist nailing both balls perfectly, like he always does. Junior snaps back to reality as his eyes widen and open and he falls to all fours gasping and wheezing as if he ran for miles.

Moaning Junior tells his brother “Oh man…you got both…again!”

“Not bad right?” Caleb says blowing on his fist, and the destruction that he just caused.

“Oh god…my boynuts…”

Caleb loves when Junior uses that phrase, it reminds him of Jayden and he springs an erection thinking about him, and their first kiss.

“I noticed that you were slightly hard…still waiting on Jayden to come back and jack you off again?”

“None…or your business!” Junior moans, rolling onto his back, and holding tight to his nutsack.

He shakes his head in disbelief. “God your nads must always be blue then! It’s only when are washing your sheets that I know that you are discharging. Hahaha…have fun crying about your balls!”

Caleb turns to head inside, leaving his brother as he kicks his legs in the grass groaning again “My nuts…shit…never playing that stupid game again!”





Anonymous said...

Fuck yeah!

Another story with the Krueger Bros, and of course, the highlight as always is Junior, any story with him and his big boynuts getting busted is always a winner in my book, and I agree with Caleb, he's totally waiting for Jayden again, it's so cute seeing him get all flustered around Jayden and it's a treat everytime they get together, can't wait for their next meeting!

(Wonder if he'll want something more than just a blow job next time?)

GinoJaydenAuthor said...


Thank you for writing in!

It’s been a bit since I wrote Logan’s brothers, and this little idea sprang into my head and I am happy that you enjoyed it! It’s no wonder that he still has a crush on Jayden…so many of the boys do!


TwistedTricks said...

Seriously why do you have to include kids?