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A Safe Space for Balls Part 2: The Intervention written by Harry


A Safe Space for Balls Part 2: The Intervention


written by Harry

A Safe Space for Balls

Part 2: The Intervention


Day 6: Bill



jayden this is bill


i know

i didn’t delete ur number






that way i know to hold the phone away from my face

we watched nightmare on elm street, remember?


well thats enough small talk

you know why i’m texting



let me guess…

you’d call, but u keep coughing up devil’s hairballs?


its the team

u know i wouldn’t if it was just me

chase is fucking this up


u mean the no busting thing?



its making these guys crazy


i’m surp u of all ppl want chase to bust dudes more



it’s that bad

i miss the old chase


never thought i’d see the day


u should stop by

see what it’s like


i luv those guys, but i try t give them their space

didn't work out well when I interfered last time


u mean when chase beat u up

n tied u up


how could i forget


well this was as much fun as i expected

i’ll go ahead and block ur number now


but in case u wondered jayden…

he is 🔥




the diver

the way chase looks at him

only ever seen that once before

fuck off bill


Day 7: Jayden

 Ballbusting Boys: A Safe Space for Balls: Part 1 written by Harry

Jayden stepped into the mezzanine looking over the Midtown High pool and enjoyed a deep breath. The humid, chlorinated air was an acquired taste, but to Jayden it was nostalgic. The team wouldn’t be competing until later in the evening, but Jayden had arrived early to watch the warm-up. Not only was he still Midtown Swimming’s biggest cheerleader, he was also curious about the changes Chase had made to his old team.


The first thing Jayden noticed was that somebody was actually practicing in the diving pool. As long as he’d been on the team, nobody had tried diving. His eyes followed the arcing circular rotation as a black-haired teen entered the water in a smooth, straight line.


“Wow,” Jayden said to himself. He continued watching as Benji hoisted himself back up onto the pool deck and shook out his black curls. His skimpy diving suit clung to him like a second skin, giving Jayden an eyeful even from a distance.


“Double wow,” he repeated, raising his eyebrows. Now that he’d seen for himself how hot Benji was, the rest of the stories he’d heard made sense. His horn-dog friends would doubtless be tripping over each other to get a grope of that fresh beefcake. And Chase prohibiting their advances would not have gone over well. No wonder they’re so grouchy, he thought. Still watching Benji, Jayden wondered what Chase’s game was this time, but he assumed his boyfriend was merely fucking with his teammates like usual.


Not far from the diving pool, Jayden spotted Max. The auburn-haired goofball was lying on the pool deck on his elbows, propping up his chin with his hands. His flip flops dangled off his feet as they waved in the air behind him, and his attention was rapt. Max watched Benji practice like it was some kind of revelation.


Jayden chuckled, slightly embarrassed for his friend. Max was especially shameless when he caught wind of a new crush. Which happened often. Max’s brother Rex was also on the pool deck in conversation with Adam. The more mischievous twin struck a pose, impersonating his smitten brother and pretending to hump the pool deck, much to Adam’s amusement. The contrast between Rex’s chlorine-frizzed hair and haggard look versus Max’s carefully combed hair and dreamy expression was evident even from the mezzanine.


Since the warm-up was ending, Jayden decided to pay a surprise visit to the guys. He let himself in the back door of the locker room. Leroy was finishing his shower, and the timing was slightly awkward, since Jayden greeted him just as he was stepping out of his wet speedo. Jayden made a show of covering his eyes, then they laughed it off and bumped knuckles.


“You guys are looking fast out there, man,” Jayden complimented. “I’m jealous.”


“Yeah, it’s cool,” Leroy answered ambivalently. “Got plenty of time to focus on my stroke these days.”


Jayden caught the faint somber tone in the swim-jock’s voice. He figured it was related to Leroy’s recently break up with Aldo, after the latter cheated on him. He attempted to lighten the mood, putting on a sultry voice and asking, “Ooooohh really? That much stroking must make a guy tired…”


Leroy rolled his eyes but laughed anyway. “Nah, bro. Not even. I wish though. Got nothing going on after practice anymore, and even practice has been a little TOO chill, know what I mean?”


Jayden shrugged. “What about that new diver? He’s pretty hot, but you’re totally in the same league. Shoot your shot, bro!”


Leroy’s dark eyes brightened as he took the encouragement to heart. But then he ducked his head again just as quickly. Confused, Jayden turned around to find Max glaring at them. Max must have overheard the comment about his own new crush, and he puffed his chest territorially. Benji was trailing behind Max, fidgeting with one of his many beaded bracelets and oblivious of the tension between his teammates. He was so spaced out that he nearly collided with Jayden.


The two teens ended up chest to chest and toe to toe. Jayden in shorts and a tank, and Benji in nothing but a tiny strip of Lycra.


“Oh, hey!” Benji spoke first, his hazel eyes crinkling automatically into a smile. “Sorry I almost walked right through you! I’m Benji, I’m new here.” The diver’s raspy voice was soft and sincere.


“Hey man,” Jayden responded, shaking hands. “Jayden. And don’t worry, I’m not easy to walk through.” The wrestler’s tone was friendly, but he was also weighing up the new guy.


“Come on, Benji,” Max interrupted, grabbing the diver by the hand and pulling him toward a distant shower head. “I’ll help you wash up.”


Rex entered the shower room as Max was speaking, and the less-whipped twin immediately pretend to vomit into his gym bag. Jayden and Leroy laughed quietly, which made Rex’s amber eyes light up faintly.


“Jay?” Chase entered after the rest of the team, conferring with Shane about final strategy for the meet. “What are you doing here?”


Jayden beamed. Although they’d been together for some time now, the sight of his nearly-naked boyfriend taking charge and being so fully in his element still made Jayden go a little weak in the knees.


“I missed these guys,” Jayden said, smiling. “And I want to help get you hyped for the big meet!” The atmosphere in the locker room was a downcast, but some of the guys perked up at the sound of Jayden’s optimism.


“Uh, thanks, Jay!” Chase once again found himself caught in the middle. On the one hand he was flattered and proud that his sexy boyfriend was here to cheer on his team. But at the same time, Chase was keenly aware of some recent changes in…team culture. Changes that he had not fully disclosed to Jayden. “You’re the sweetest. But…”


Jayden reveled in the familiar feeling of his old locker room, surrounded by his old teammates. He hadn’t planned on giving a speech, but his exuberance carried him farther than anticipated.


“Don’t think I haven’t heard how you guys are tearing up that pool!” Jayden complimented them. “Chase might play tough, but you should know he brags about how much you’re improving. Even over at Bartlett High they call you the studs of the division.”


Okay, so now Jayden was exaggerating a bit, but even the most skeptical swimmers were nodding along with his words. Their warm smiles flickered between Jayden and Chase. The fire of motivation was stirring in them. Lately they’d been encouraged to be “polite” or “kind,” but it felt altogether different to be called a “stud.” 


“Hey, I’m not just blowing smoke,” Jayden lowered his voice, pausing for dramatic effect. “Your Captain believes in you so much he even bet his big balls on your big win!” Jayden’s warm brown eyes met Chase’s cool blue ones as he made the announcement. All the eyes in the room turned toward Chase.


“Ha, ha, Jayden,” Chase clapped slowly as he approached his boyfriend in the middle of the room. “Always a joker,” Chase’s voice was syrupy sweet. The blonde’s nuts had not been busted in almost two weeks. His body felt incredible, and he was not about to change that.


“Don’t worry. These guys are swimming so fast that I don’t even need to bet your two favorite delicacies in order for them to win!” There were a couple friendly snickers at Jaydens expense, as Chase tugged at the front of his speedo, outlining the mounds of his manhood. 


Jayden furrowed his brow, blinking at Chase. “But you said you bet…”


Not exactly,” Chase hissed under his breath, imploring his boyfriend not to pursue this topic.


“I think he’s stuffing!” somebody taunted from the back of the crowd. “Show us that you’re wagering the real goods!” It sounded suspiciously like Rex putting on a falsetto.


Other voices broke in: “What do you pay up if we win this time, Captain? Another sperm donation to underprivileged shower drains?”


Chase’s crystal blue eyes darted around the crowd of his teammates. He really did not like where this subject was heading. The atmosphere of intense focus and training he’d maintained over the past weeks was starting to fracture.


“Woah, guys,” Chase did his best to put on a confident smile. “I know you’re all jealous…er, I mean, you're all protective of my big balls. I totally get it. If you guys swim as well tonight as you just did in warm-ups, my only wager is that we’re gonna crack some school records.”


“Give me a crack at those little pink cojones! I’ll get them warmed up for your wager,” Aldo smirked. He was standing close to Chase and made a half-hearted attempt at pawing the blonde’s bulge. The crowd that had quieted at Chase’s words came to life again, hooting for Aldo to take on Chase in one of their classic contests.


“Hmm.” The soft sound of a throat clearing from just behind Chase. “Hmm. Excuse me, friends.”


A freckled hand gripped Chase’s shoulder and squeezed it reassuringly. Benji stepped forward almost shyly into the middle circle. The rowdy jocks quieted down almost at once. Benji’s relaxed posture and calm presence were like cool water extinguishing Chase’s fiery boasting.


“I just wanted to say how grateful I am for you dudes. A team that supports and respects each other is already winners before the race even starts.” Benji touched his palms together and made a small bow to the team.


In the back, Rex rolled his eyes. Some of the other guys fidgeted, but nobody laughed or interrupted the soft spoken diver.


Chase put on a big smile, doing his best to hide his gritted teeth. “Benji, thank you…dude. I’m grateful for the 25 points that you’ll score…uhm, I mean, for the many wise points you’ve made to help our team be…kinder.”


A solitary, warm laugh rang off the locker room walls. Staring at the team captain for a couple seconds, Jayden tried to cover his mouth with his hand, but his mirth broke through uninhibited.


“Oh wooooooow,” Jayden breathed when he finally controlled his laughing. “Sorry, I must be in the wrong place. I was looking for the Midtown guy’s locker room? I didn’t mean to interrupt your Sunday school lesson.”


Jayden turned to Chase and pointedly ran his chocolate brown eyes down the jock’s smooth torso. He lifted his knee slowly until Chase’s fat nuts rolled over his kneecap in their sky blue suit. Fearing the worst, Chase stood still as a statue. His pale chest flushed pink, but he stood frozen.


“Babe, since you didn’t wager this beautifully wrapped package,” Jayden’s voice dropped to a husky baritone. “I’ll wait to open it until after your race. And maybe I’ll be kind and respectful with them,” Jayden mimicked. Then he cast his eyes around the tense locker room. “Or maybe I won’t.”  


Murmurs and catcalls resumed from the assembled athletes. The spell of their recent “Good sportsmanship” ethos was lifting a bit. Sensing the tension, Benji tried to deescalate.


“Jayden, my friend,” Benji stepped forward, placing his hand over Jayden’s left pec. “I can tell you have a good heart, dude. But my mom’s always teach that the heart speaks quietly.” Benji’s calm hazel eyes locked on Jayden’s darker ones, commanding attention. “You wouldn’t want anybody to think you’d actually hurt somebody…” Benji chewed his lower lip for a brief second. “…you know, down there.


Jayden pursed his lips. “Down…there?” he asked, pointing at Chase’s crotch. Without breaking eye contact with Benji, Jayden lifted his knee up, knocking Chase’s nuts back into his pelvis with modest force. The blonde wheezed and the flush on his pale skin grew darker.


Jayden ignored Chase and aimed his finger toward Benji’s crotch instead, like he was recalibrating a laser-guided weapon. The two teens were just inches apart. The diver’s tight suit revealed everything Jayden might want to know about how the new guy was hanging. Even the ridge of his cock helmet was visible, point up to his left hip.


Unsure of how to pacify Jayden, Benji looked between him and Chase. “Hey, just relax dudes. Kindness is stronger than…”


To interrupt Benji Jayden opted for a classic sac tap. His long fingers rapped both of Benji’s nads, while his palm smacked against his spongy dick. Benji’s mouth dropped open in shock from the tap, trembling, while his brain tried to process the novel sensations that flooded his nervous system.


Inexperienced in these matters, Benji at first thought the slap did not hit his testicles. All he felt was the impact, and a slight sting, as if he was a distant observer. Then he saw the knowing twinkle in Jayden’s brown eyes as the sickly ache stirred in his groin, compelling him to bend over and submit to it.


The dull smack of palm to junk was audible to the whole team. They watched in shock as the handsome diver’s hands made the futile journey to cup his achy package. Finding no relief, Benji pulled out the waistband of his speedo to peek below, searching in vain for the remedy to this otherworldly pain.


Feeling no ill will, Jayden leaned in to the suffering teen. “Sorry, bro. This wasn’t really about you.”


But Jayden was immediately confronted by an angrier and more familiar face. Max stepped between him and the diver, looking pissed.


“What the hell, Jayden?” Max demanded. “Benji didn’t do anything to you!”


Jayden didn’t know which part was more surprising: that Max was objecting to a little nut tap, or that the usually easy-going guy had stepped right up to Jayden so aggressively. As it turned out the most surprising part for Jayden was when Max raised his knee up directly into his sweet spot. Jayden had been so firmly in command of the room up until that moment. So his casual posture and spread legs did not give him any chance to block the knee strike.


“My boynuts…” he squeaked, hunching over and cupping his junk in a mirror image of his boyfriend. Jayden and Chase locked eyes and exchanged silent apologies for getting each other in this position.


Jayden braced himself. Ignoring the creeping pain in his balls, he straightened up and stared Max down. He liked the amber-eyed jock a lot, but Max was not a fighter, and he was going to have to learn a lesson about pecking order.


As it turned out, Max did learn the lesson, but Jayden didn’t have to teach it. Rex appeared just over his brother’s shoulder. Rex’s chlorine-fried hair stuck up crazily and he gave an impish sneer.


“Kindness isn’t stronger than this, Maxie!” His foot sailed up between the fork in his twin’s legs, thudding into Max’s soft, sensitive package. Max’s eyes crossed comically as he crumpled around his brother’s foot.


“Freedom!” Rex cried, pumping his wiry arms above his head.


Rex’s fury—combined with the familiar sight of jocks swooning over their crushed testicles—lit the tinder that engulfed rest of the team. Pent up energy from the past couple week burst forth in a supernova of testosterone. Sac taps, wedgies, and groping were once again the order of the day.


In short, all hell broke loose in the Midtown High locker room.


But at least one jock was not prepared to put his big balls back in the line of fire just yet. Chase grabbed Jayden by the hand and pulled him away from the fray. The pair were surprised to see Benji limp past them heading into the erupting chaos. The diver’s pretty eyes were dismayed by eruption of violence all around, and he raised his hands in a calming gesture.


Chase sighed deeply. He knew he would regret this. But he knew it had to be done. Dropping to one knee behind Benji, Chase blasted an uppercut between the handsome jock’s smooth legs.


Chase could feel the twin orbs flatten under his iron biceps. Benji’s eyes hazel eyes crossed and he collapsed like a house of cards. The diver’s black curls covered his face on the wet tiles. His tanned fingers reached between his legs, pawing at his tight suit and at relief that was not coming. His whole body shuddered, suffering from sensations he’d never experienced. Chase stepped back and kissed his flexed bicep, congratulating himself on his toughness.





If he’d witnessed the inglorious fall of his crush, Max might have been heartbroken. But across the room, the auburn haired teen was locked in a furious battle with his brother. The twins knew all of each other’s tricks; so each time one of them tried to score a blow, the other blocked it.


“Whatcha scared of, Maxie?” Rex taunted. “Won’t the power of kindness protect your meat and potatoes?”


“At least mine are a mouthful,” Max retorted, grunting as he lunged toward his brother. “Not little peas topped with a baby carrot!” He seized the waistband of Rex’s speedo, yanking it up into a wedgie. Rex yowled as his spandex suit rode right up his ass. His un-tanned cheeks contrasted with Rex’s lean tanned legs and looked almost fluorescent in the light of the locker room.


Rex’s wet suit revealed the truth of Max’s insult. His package was clearly below average, and his better-endowed brother never missed an opportunity to rub it in. Max used his index finger to poke at Rex’s nuts, chasing the small bits around inside his suit. He accidentally poked Rex’s cock helmet, a small mound that barely stood out from his tight abs.


“Ouch!” Rex hissed against Max’s pinching as he wiggled his hips to alleviate the wedgie. “I’m a grower, not a shower bro!”


Max stopped pawing at his brother and scratched his temple. “Wait…bro I’m not sure you know what that means…”


Rex peeled his speedo out of his crack and glared at his twin. “I do so. And it does grow.” Rex’s ears flamed red, feeling pathetic that he was protesting so much.


“Liar liar!” Max taunted gleefully. He turned to their teammate. “Hey Leroy, pop quiz! What kind of guys is neither a shower nor a grower?” Max smirked, pausing for his punchline: “A NO-wer!” Max cracked up at his own joke. His dancing amber eyes locked onto Rex’s just as his brother leaped at him in fury.




Leroy winced as his two teammates threw their fists at each other as well as their words. Personally, he got along well with both twins, but Leroy was more sympathetic to Rex. Despite his inferior package, Rex’s mischievous spirit made him a big presence on the team. He didn’t deserve all the shit he got from his bro.


Leroy moved to intervene in the brothers’ battle, but just then a familiar pair of arms wrapped around him from behind.


“No-wer! That’s a pretty good one, right mi amor?” Aldo’s right arm draped across Leroy’s chest and immediately found and tweaked his nipple. “I feel bad for Rex. Even Max’s wimpy junk would be an improvement.” 


Aldo’s left arm snaked around Leroy’s left hip, rubbing his smooth belly and tracing the shallow ridge of his Adonis belt where it vanished into his speedo. Aldo’s deep voice was smooth as butter, and despite his conflicted feelings about his ex, Leroy automatically leaned back into him.


“Remember when Max tried to compare his little bolitas to mine? You were proud of your papi that day, lover. I remember that look in your eyes.” Aldo rotated his hips, and Leroy felt the unmistakable heat and hardness of his erection against his ass. Leroy’s eyelids fluttered and his head lolled back a little. There were plenty of reasons why he’d dumped Aldo. Unfortunately, he couldn’t put his finger on any of them as Midtown’s most accomplished lover worked his magic.


“You don’t gotta worry about their baby carrots, chico,” Aldo murmured. His mouth was behind Leroy’s ear and his words practically hummed into his skull. “We got bigger concerns right now.”


Aldo’s fingers dipped down inside the waist of Leroy’s speedo. The Latino jock was not surprised in the least to find his ex’s erection stretching the limits of his suit. Aldo always got the reaction he wanted. He brushed his fingertips from the crown of Leroy’s cock down his long shaft, using the teen’s own juice to slick him up. But Aldo took his time, tracing little circles in the curly pubes at the root of Leroy’s manhood. By this point the Black swimmer was putty in his lover’s hands. Leroy gazed blankly forward, barely aware of the chaos around them.






Even as he seduced Leroy, Aldo watched the carnage unfold in the locker room with satisfaction. More than one jock had been stripped of his speedo. Others were pressing their barely-covered manhood’s together, tussling and testing each other. Aggressive, erotic, and everything in between—Aldo had missed all of it these past couple weeks! His precious balls were achingly full. 


Aldo’s dark eyes were unsympathetic as Max won the upper hand in his contest, hoisting his brother into a truly fierce wedgie that left Rex hanging on the shower faucet. The unlucky swim-jock kicked his legs in the air while his own weight suffocated his meager testicles. As he struggled one of Rex’s balls slipped out from the leg hole of his suit. The hairless nutmeat was an angry shade of pink, and Max pinched it without sympathy. Rex howled.


Inside Leroy’s suit, Aldo mimicked the move, pinching his lover’s gonad sensually, rolling it between his fingers, between a threshold of pain and pleasure. A damp spot darkened at the front of Leroy’s speedo. But the throbbing pain also brought him back somewhat into the moment. The sound of Rex’s howl made Leroy wince, and his discomfort was doubled when Aldo moved onto his bigger right nad, erotically grinding it down. Leroy could taste Aldo’s breath, hot and humid under his own jawline. The guy was a beast of a lover, as everybody could attest.


Leroy turned that thought over in his mind. As everybody could attest. Aldo’s infidelities came unbidden back into Leroy’s mind. He’d dumped this guy for good reason. He gripped Aldo’s wrist and slowly pulled it up out of his speedo, allowing Aldo to caress his abs. Leroy sized up their relative position for good measure. Then he threw his heel up in a hard mule kick. The blow struck Aldo like lightening, driving his cream-filled nuts up into his pelvic bone. Even more than the force of the kick, the shock decimated Aldo. Just as his legendary huevos were in full heat, they were cracked viciously under Leroy’s heel. The classic look of I-just-got-kicked-in-the-nuts etched itself into Aldo’s face.


Leroy turned around to face his lover. Aldo’s full, ruby lips gaped open, and Leroy plunged forward with a kiss, thrusting his tongue between them. The force of his entry stole Aldo’s remaining breath. Eventually Aldo reciprocated with a sandy, sluggish tongue. Leroy pulled his head back and watched his ex suck heavy breaths. He waited until Aldo angled his mouth for another kiss.


Then he drove his knee upward. His bony kneecap tagged Aldo’s nuts again, and the already softened jewels offered no resistance. Aldo sagged forward against Leroy’s thin chest, but this offered no escape. Leroy’s mouth covered his again, wet and strong and demanding. But yet a third blow to his nuts followed, tossing Aldo helplessly from ecstasy to agony. His mind was completely gone. And his body was at the mercy of his vengeful ex-lover.


After a couple more repetitions, Leroy tasted salt. A pair of small tears had streamed down Aldo’s cheeks, seasoning their deep kiss. Leroy’s brain jolted and his eyes shot open. It was like he’d returned to his own body after being hypnotized by lust and anger. He felt Aldo trembling in his arms. As they pulled apart, Leroy felt a squelching from the sweat that glued their torsos together. His eyes traveled from Aldo’s tear-streaked cheeks to his speedo bulge. The massive sticky stain in the teen Casanova’s suit only added to Leroy’s confusion.


“Aldo!” Leroy’s soft voice was full of remorse. “Babe, are you okay? Shit, I didn’t mean to…” On ungainly legs, Leroy led his ex to one of the nearby shower heads and began to rinse away the evidence of their erotic battle. First the tears, then the sweat, then the semen.


As Leroy ministered gently to his teammate, Aldo clasped his hand. Leroy looked into his face, expecting to be punched. But Aldo merely raised one black eyebrow at him curiously.


“You still surprise me sometimes, Papi.”





Standing in the center of the shower room, Chase and Jayden looked around at the havoc that had been unleashed: Piles of broken jocks shielding their soft spots on the floor. A shredded sky blue speedo hanging from a shower head. A pungent-smelling puddle that might have been pool water but definitely was not. The pair giggled at the same time and wrapped their arms around each other. Jayden’s soft, ruby lips pressed against Chase’s, just like their tight bodies pressed together amid the steam of the showers.


“Don’t want to get back in there, big guy?” Jayden teased his boyfriend.


Chase puffed up his muscular chest. “Hah! They’d be crying over their little ballsies even worse if they saw these babies,” he bragged.


“This place always makes me want to call you ‘Captain’,” Jayden whispered his own very personal confession. He grunted when Chase’s teeth scraped the soft skin under his jawline. The pair had shared history here, way back when they were rivals.


“I’ve been meaning to make you call me that,” Chase replied, grinding his hips forward.


Just then a leg came up right between the lovers’ embrace. It nailed their collective junk, rudely sending all four nuts rocketing around in their unfortunate sacs.


Bill stood over the downed lovers with his hands on his slim hips. “You can both call me Daddy,” he said with a sneer.


Just then the door of the locker room opened and a voice shouted: “Bus is outside! Varsity Swim Team departing in five minutes!”




Day 7: Chase

Two Hours Later


After two weeks of dedicated practices and record-setting times, the Midtown High Swimming & Diving Team entered the district meet with high expectations. Unfortunately, they also entered the meet with swollen sacs, emptied balls, and—how to say this diplomatically? With strained relationships.


The result was not as bad as it might have been. Fast swims from Shane and Chase in the medley and sprint events kept the score close. Although he was the talk of the meet leading in, the new diver Benji delivered a timid performance, flopping and splashing his way to just 15 points out of 25. Bummer, dude.


It was the final relay that decided it. Chase went first with a hot start, and Shane built on his lead. After Leroy’s sprint it was neck-and-neck. The team gathered around the blocks, daring to believe that they might snatch victory…but in the anchor position, Bill faded and was touched out at the wall. The skinny brunette pulled his goggles off his head and stared up at the scoreboard inscrutably. 


Midtown lost the meet by two points.





In the car on the way home from the competition, Chase was unusually quiet. Of course he was disappointed in the loss, but Jayden sensed something else was bothering his boyfriend.


“C’mon, stud,” Jayden rubbed his leg as Chase was driving. “You were fast. You were awesome. Don’t look like you lost the winning lottery ticket.”


Chase glanced sidelong at Jayden, only half focused on the road.


“Wait…” Jayden’s chocolate eyes focused on Chase’s profile. “Did you seriously bet your balls again? You told me you didn’t!”


Chase mumbled something.


“What?” Jayden asked.


“I didn’t. I didn’t bet my balls.” Chase paused. “Not mine.” 


“Oh.” Jayden should have felt reassured by this discovery, but something made goosebumps stand up on his forearms. He sat very straight in his chair.


“But what else would you have bet?” Jayden wondered aloud. “Money isn’t your style. Did you promise to do their homework? I wonder if they knew what they were getting with that one…”


Sometimes when Jayden got a bad feeling, he worked through it by talking. This time he was full-on babbling, which indicated he had a very bad feeling. As Chase turned into the driveway, he finally asked:


“What did you mean when you said you didn’t bet your balls?” Jayden tried to keep his voice casual, but his fingers drummed on the seat cushions.


Chase ran his hand up his boyfriend’s thigh, bunching his shorts. His crystal blue eyes darted around, trying to break the news in the softest way. In the end, he didn’t have to.


“My boynuts.”


Jayden’s voice was neutral. The wrestler looked straight ahead through the windshield. “You bet my boynuts. And we lost.”


Chase rubbed his chin, wishing he could deny it. “Babe, I’m sorry,” he said, confirming the truth.


Jayden sighed. This information would have been helpful to know several hours earlier. He might have played his cards a little differently in the locker room, for example. Reviewing that scene in his mind, he realized that he’d basically doomed his own boynuts.


“Fuck me,” he sighed. His head dropped back, bouncing lightly off the head rest.


“So who’s the lucky winner?”






chase I’m waiting

but the spider is growing bored in his web

is the swim meet over?



fuck off sam

you know it is

it was just a formality anyway

i never lose


i was gonna ask u something

an offer

i’ve already won. what else could you offer?


was thinking u might want an even bigger prize



i’m listening


i can’t believe I’m saying this

i’ll trade u my big balls

instead of his



your pair would be a distant consolation prize


fuck off they’re way bigger than urs

n u know it first hand


forget it chase

this pathetic attempt at noble sacrifice doesn’t suit u

i want the boynuts that you wagered




still there?

u can’t hide from me


where should i tell him

good boy

sunday at the pool

a race…for old times sake









Sam Hell took the stairs two at a time, arriving at the door of his step-brother’s bedroom unexpectedly quickly. Seeing the hunky jock appear in his doorway made Bill double-take.


“Hey Bill, have you seen my phone?” Sam had been out jogging, and perspiration streamed down his pale torso. Beneath the sheen, the wrestler’s muscles looked well-pumped from his run.


Bill made a few rapid swipes on the phone he was fumbling in his hands and peeked up at Sam. The Devilboy’s iconic red eyes bore down on Bill, pinioning the skinny swimmer to his chair with his soul-eating gaze. Checking himself, Sam dialed down his stare.


“Oh, hey Sam,” Bill stammered. He did his best to remain chill, but the half-naked Devil spawn looming over him was making him jittery.


“That’s…mine…” Sam stated. He felt both defensive of his property, but also awkward, since the phone had been given to him by Bill’s dad. It was complicated. And Sam hated when things got complicated.


“Uh, right, sorry,” Bill giggled. “Funny coincidence. I lost my phone too, so I thought I would call it from yours!” He forced a cheerful tone, as if this explanation would be convincing.


But Sam Hell was nobody’s fool. “But wouldn’t you need my passcode?” He observed Bill fidgeting, and his blazing eyes narrowed.


“Okay, got me!” Bill said, raising his palms to Sam. “I’m one of the seven billion people who could have correctly guessed your code.” As he was speaking, Bill was still swiping across the phone screen. He appeared to delete something, but it was hard to see from Sam’s angle.


Sam snorted. “How could you possibly guess my…”


“666666. Right, Devilboy?”


Sam growled. “Very well. Very clever. Now are you finished borrowing it?”


“Sure,” Bill replied, offering up the phone with a toothy smile.


Sam didn’t move from the door. “But you didn’t find your phone yet. You were going to call it, I believe.”


Bill’s smile faltered. “Um, of course! Thanks, bro.” With Sam’s eyes on him, Bill called his own number. Immediately his ringtone sounded from a pile of clothes not more than a few feet away. “Whew! Crazy. If it was a snake it would have bit me, right?” Bill chuckled too loudly.


Sam Hell raised an eyebrow at his step brother. He extended his hand, and his phone was returned. He decided not to think any further about the incident and turned back down the hall toward his own room. Bill was also…complicated.


“Maybe it’s time to change my password,” Sam considered. His demonic red eyes wore a look of deep concentration. “What’s another number that would be really badass…?”




GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Harry,

The playfulness of the characters, the smoothness of the dialogue, and the slow build to this second part is utterly spectacular. You get the characters, the fun is here in full, and there is something for everyone to enjoy.

One of my favorite scenes of this whole thing is the silencing effort of Max. That reads as both hilarious, and super sensual.

I am almost jealous of the readers because they get to read this for the very first time….and the best part is…it’s not over yet! You lucky ducks!



Anonymous said...

Sorry for the late comment.... this series is just awesome! The cheeky text messages are great and i did enjoy Benji getting his first nut crunching punch!
The highlights for me though were (1) Max and Rex and (2) Aldo and Leroy.
It was really satisfying to see Leroy finally take a stand and put his slutty ex-BF in his place!
I can't wait to read more and find out what that dastardly kid, Bill is up to!
Awesome work, Harry!

Anonymous said...

I seriously hope this series is canon to the Jayden-verse, these are WAY too good

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anonymous,

Yes, yes it is. Harry cleared the story and his interpretation of the characters with me. He writes them so well, doesn’t he?


Anonymous said...

Guys, I’m happy you’re enjoying this story. Thanks for commenting!

Benji getting racked was inevitable with teammates like these. And I’m a sucker for the underdog, so it was nice to see Leroy turn the tables on Aldo. Now that the team broke Chase’s rules and lost the meet, there’s another twist or two on the way to the conclusion…


Anonymous said...

Poor Denji didn't deserve getting busted by Jayden, and I felt bad for him, especially after getting that double whammy by Chase! (also, something I really love about your writing is those tiny bits of personality of the characters show up through the story, you didn't have to add Chase kissing his bicep after upper cutting Denji in the balls, but you did, and I really appreciate that) but that twist at the end where Jayden indirectly made it so that HIS balls were gonna get busted if the swim team lost? LOVE that karma!

Gotta love any fight the twins are in love with, and especially when Rex is the one losing it, after what happened on their encounter with Benji, it's nice to see Max getting some well deserved payback! Turning those tiny m&ms into chocolate syrup

And the highlight of the story for me is probably the way Leroy completely DESTROYED Aldo, it was SUPER satisfying and si hot, especially those tears, goddamn Leroy went OFF! And I loved every letter of it!

Also, you mentioned the Jaydenverse turning into a high school drama after Benji pretty much erased the ballbusting off the swim team and... And I can kinda see it after that brief scene with Max, Leroy and Benji? What happened there?! I would seriously love it if you wrote a jaydenverse mini-episode explaining what happened between them, such drama! (Max puffing up his chest to show off dominance was a cute moment though, haha!)