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The Juvenile Hall Thief: A Thieves End written by Jimmy



The Juvenile Hall Thief: A Thieves End




by Jimmy



Up until this moment Sam Hell was going on instinct, and fighting for his home and his new family. But now, a video is in place and his younger foster brother is in jeopardy it is like a switch has been flipped inside of him, and the true Devilboy comes out and the raw rage shoots out of him like a fountain. Sam Hell screams, the sound of a predator as he charges forward shoving Jackson the thief so hard that he stumbles back into the wall. Jayden is a blur flying after him, capitalizing on the older teens down defenses but Sam sees, nor care nothing for him. He only had one target, the reason that all of this is happening: Silas Black, the silencer.

“I see I have awoken you, devilboy. Now show me why I called you that!”

Sam Hell slams into Silas Dark who slides across the floor, but meets him not backing down, unafraid of the fiendish glowing red eyes that blaze like a reignited bonfires the heat coming off of Sam as he grapples Silas, his teeth are bared and he grunts with raw fury.

Silas Dark laughs with Sam Hell’s efforts, as the two shift and shove at each other until Sam Hell tired of the smug look on Dark’s face, and his steel grey eyes laughing grabs the back of his head and slams his cranium into his nose hearing the laughter end is exactly what he needed to clear his restless raging mind and focus in on the targets between his legs. A knee flies up like a rocket, Sam’s thigh blasts into Silas’s spread legs and hears the telltale crunch of Silas’s manhood as he hammers the blow deep within the cavity between his opponents legs.

Barely recovering from the head butt, Silas Dark finds his nads assaulted and the knee practically takes him up and off the ground, his tippy toes barely staying connected. Silas Dark exhales and stumbles to the wall reaching down to protect his manhood, but he is still too slow and he watches in horror as Sam Hell’s leg flies up punting him between the fork in his leg nailing his balls into his pelvis with a wet ugly SPLAT! That threatens that forms of his oval eggs as they are instantly warped and crushed into his ass cheeks.

A hollering, echoing scream bounces around the room and Sam Hell smiles as he twists his foot and slams it flat against the wall with Silas Dark’s nuts firmly sandwiched between. The scream ends and Silas is trying to push Sam’s foot out of his crotch, all the while Sam is pressing and digging his toes so violently into Silas’s nutbag that he can feel Silas’s nuts going squishier and flatter than usual. Sam does not stop the assault as he yanks Silas’s arms away and pulls his foot out and back and much to Silas Darks dismay floors him again with another Earth shattering kick that punts his nuts all the way back, the ball cords stretched to their very limits before he falls prone to his knees screaming bloody murder.

“You fucked with my little brother, and I will end you now. Welcome to my home, the Hell House!”

Silas Dark is woozy on his knees, his testicles are almost double their normal size and he knows that they must be covered in bruises.

“Stop… no more… Sam…”

A vicious slap across Silas’s face silences him as the spittle flies off against the floor.

“Shut your damn mouth.”

The silencer has finally been silenced as Sam Hell boots him in the face and he lands with a crashing bang that makes the whole room shake. Sam is up him, his Devil claw fletching and groping around the wounded, bloated balls. Sam Hell delights in the squishy orbs being with his grasp and he leers down informing Silas Dark “If I keep going like this…there won’t be nothing left of your ugly nads.” Sam Hell’s lip curls into a smile and he twists Silas’s sack until he screams, high pitched and the fear leaks from him as he starts to whimper and beg.

“No… please…don’t my nuts….I want…to keep them!”

Silas Dark’s grey eyes are wide and pleading, his fan of dark curly hair is a wild mess around his head as he pleads with Sam Hell, that does not look like he will show even a hint of mercy.

“Shut down the countdown!” Sam Hell hollers spitting into Silas’s face and his thumb skewering Silas’s left teste until he squeals like a pig.

“Emergency override off!” Silas shouts, the clock freezing in place as his eyes cross and he gasps as Sam Hell intensifies his grip even further as nutmeat spills from between his fingers, the cavity walls of Silas Dark’s testicles threatening to burst get closer and closer.

Sam Hell’s fiery red eyes are locked on Silas Dark as he crushes his adversary’s balls in his tightening devil claw, his fingers are curved and like daggers pressing Silas’s testicles to their very limits of what they can withstand. Sam Hell can feel the barriers of the testicle walls starting to give in Silas’s ballsack and he stops just a hairsbreadth from doing and completing the final deed. He’s not yet ready to break him, but holds his victim at the doors of testicle hell his creeping fingers starting to slide around now, loosening just a tad just so he does accidently finish Silas Dark for good.

Silas manages to finally take a starved breath, his face is awash in anguish and he seems to be building towards a final scream knowing that Sam Hell is going to break him.

There is nothing left for him to say, so Silas Dark stays silent, words no longer have any meaning in Sam Hell’s clutches. The only hope that he has is in the thief, Jackson. He needs to be rescued or all is lost. He turns his head, and Sam Hell does to well from his perch on top of Silas’s chest as the pair watch to see what has befallen Jayden and Jackson.


A few minutes ago…

Jackson stumbled against the wall, shoved hard by Sam and Jayden moved as fast as he could to capitalize on the opening, coming in with a solid slam of his fist deep into Jackson’s stomach. The older teen gags and shoves Jayden back, one hand going to protect his middle but Jayden comes right back in swinging his foot. Jackson’s eyes go wide as the foot sores up and he barely moves out of the way as he twists to the side Jayden’s sneaker hitting his hip.

Cursing under his breath, Jayden tries again this time with a swinging punch but Jackson catches his swing in air and pulls him in right up against him. Jayden is gasping, desperate to land a blow to finish this fight but Jackson does not give him an inch as he glares down at Jayden through that black mask his exhales are hot in the close proximity as Jacksons fist slams up in a wild swing.

The hammering uppercut knocks the wind from Jayden’s lungs, and Jackson leaves his fist buried deep in Jayden’s guts knocking him backwards until he staggers back grabbing his midsection. Jayden can tell that Jackson is smiling beneath the mask and as he lifts his boot between Jayden’s wide open, vulnerable thighs Jayden just has that second to realize his miscalculation. The blow hits Jayden like a freight train, the laces cutting across his bulge as Jackson lifts him off his feet and he hangs for just a moment in air, feet not touching the ground. Jayden’s full weight is on his nutsack and he gasps at the sudden, intense pain as he holds onto Jackson’s foot with all the strength he has before he falls off onto the ground.

Rolling onto his belly, Jayden grabs his balls blundering out “Not again! Myboynuts!” before he gags, and coughs moaning as his body trembles from the horrific pounding that he has just taken on his already aching set.

Laughter comes from above, and Jackson tells him “You make it almost too easy.”

Jackson grabs the back of Jayden’s head dragging him up onto his knees, but his hair is so short that he can’t get a good grip. So he settles on grabbing Jayden’s neck, placing him in a chokehold from behind. Jayden just has the wherewithal to suck in one last breath, before the pressure on his neck prevents him from taking another.

“Nighty-night, Jayden.”

Jayden is tearing at Jackson’s arm looking for an escape as he uses his free hand to reach underneath Jayden’s undercarriage. Jackson’s searching fingers grope between his firm buttcheeks, using Jayden’s crack as a map to slide down as his hand goes beneath his clothing and fondles the heavy set his fingertips just grazing the edges of Jayden’s swinging boynuts. Jayden’s eyes go wide, as Jackson lands on his own knees to get the reach that he needs to slip Jayden’s nuts into his hand, ignoring the thick piss tube that lays across his knuckles.

Holding the balls like so, Jackson can feel Jayden tensing. The anticipation of the squeeze evident in Jayden fighting harder to pull back on the chokehold. Or the need to breath, Jackson is not sure which. He hears Jayden sneak a gulp of air as Jackson was positioning himself behind Jayden but that’s the last one that Jackson intends to give him.

Jackson closes his fist, his knuckles turning white as he applies an expert nutclaw the grip resolute, and defining.

Jayden’s dark eyes widen in the semidarkness of the room with only his flash of his phone to cut through the darkness of the night and the power from going out. Grappling with Jackson seems fruitless, but Jayden is desperate to be free and as the crushing nutclaw starts to take its affects Jayden can’t help but start to slump against Jackson. He’s losing consciousness, and the worst part is…he’s aware of it.

Blinking Jayden’s vision blurs, but he tries to stay with it and in the fight. He’s already gone under once against Jackson and he trembles to think what will happen to…Bill! ‘I must save, Bill!’ The thought echoes around in his head, and with one last chance, Jayden throws both arms back and double punches Jackson right in the face scoring a two-fisted punch to both of Jackson’s eyes.

Jackson cries out grabbing his face, his vision blurs and he pushes away on his ass trying to clear it.

Close by Jayden, is clutching his wounded eggs, the pain and throbbing in his ballsack makes him rather sick and he stays on his knees, folded over as he tries to get his breath back. The blows to his manhood are taking their tolls, his legs feel rather weak but he does not want this opening to go to waste as he tries to muster the strength to get back into the fight.

My fucking nuts,” Jayden mumbles to himself, feeling his spongey orbs and the shooting pain that thrums between his fingers. “Oh…. Aww…aww….fuck me…oooooooOOoo..”

Jayden blinks, and bits his bottom lip to stop himself from groaning again. His body shudders but he is not done…not yet.

Fighting with himself mostly, Jayden slowly and carefully climbs onto his shaky two feet, careful not to jostle his fragile still painfully throbbing testicles. Jayden gives his head a shake to clear his thoughts and to remind him that he still has a job to do. Creeping forward and around Jackson, Jayden comes in and moves to swing his foot in and stomp Jackson’s bulge but Jackson must have heard him because he slides back so Jayden’s sneaker only hits the floor with a loud thump.

Jackson opens both eyes and he swings and throws his fist forward right into Jayden’s widely spread legs, that Jayden had not had the opportunity to close. Jackson’s knuckles crash against one nut, the strike was not perfect but even still the nut caves and flattens against Jayden’s own thigh and sends him sprawling to the floor grabbing his nuts and falling onto his back, his legs kicking as his body again has to process another low blow.

“Nooooooo!” Jayden howls cursing his stupidity, and the end results as his stomach flip flops, and he clenches it trying desperately from keeping himself from losing it completely. A bit of drool spools down from his bottom lip, as Jackson comes forward between Jayden’s kicking legs staring down at the damage that he has wrought, a sly grin playing on his face but hidden underneath the black mask.

“I have you now.”

Jackson starts to climb down between Jayden’s legs, his eyes locked on the protected genitals but Jayden launches a foot out and takes Jackson out at the ankles dropping him to his ass.

Turning around Jayden tries to crawl away, to put some distance between the two but Jackson grabs his ankles and yanks. Jayden lands on his belly, and groans his hands forced to floor. Jackson yanks Jayden again back towards him, his feet shooting down between Jayden’s thighs and sinking into the crevice between Jayden’s legs.

Jayden’s eyes wide and his mouth falls open, as his fingernails try and grip the floor as Jackson starts slamming his feet in and out of the fork in his legs, gas pedaling him with wild abandon. The boots are hard and unforgiving as each kick and stomp between Jayden’s legs lands with a heavy wild thump!

Not even a minute goes by, but Jayden is slapping the floor with his palm indicating that he gives up. Jackson only laughs, a slow drawl of a chuckle.

“This ain’t wrestling, boy. No tapping out.”

Jackson kicks one foot forward nailing Jayden’s bulge, and with both ankles in hand yanks Jayden back into the boot heel, plastering Jayden’s nuts right up against the unforgiving hardened rubber sole of his black boot.

A scream of pain bursts from Jayden as his balls are crushed by the strike, and then pressed so deeply into his pelvis that Jayden imagines the look of a rock smashing open a coconut. He thinks that he isn’t too far off.

“Stoooooooop!” Jayden yells “You….ackkkkkk…ohfuck….break my balls!”

Jackson sneers “That’s the idea, brat! First you…then Bill upstairs! No one leaves this house the same way that they entered!”

Jayden tries to crawl away, but Jackson has him and there is nothing that he can do to stop him from destroying his manhood.

Pounding at the floor, Jayden feels the continuous plunge in and out between his forcibly spread thighs as the boot, the dreaded black boot hits him again…and again. Every intake of breath for Jayden gives a tiny wink of reprieve before the boot reappears stomping into his nuggets. Jayden’s balls swell, and go past the point where everything below his waist feels like pulverized meat. Jayden grunts on the following hit, and feels an ache so profound that it gets stuck in his throat and his gags tasting the acrid taste of bile gathering at the back of his throat. He feels sick, and knows that on the next stop he is going to puke.



Sam Hell stares at Jayden Gomez, the Latino boy is barely holding it together and appears as if he might pass out of puke…potentially not in that order. Jackson is meanly stomping away at his genitals. The saggy heavy sack is bloated even from Sam Hell’s angle and he can tell by the quickness of Jackson’s legs what he is aiming to do. Usually Sam could give two fucks, but here is Jayden trying to help him and giving him a chance to finish Silas Black and not face both at the same time. In good consciousness, Sam Hell is not about to let Jackson do the unthinkable so he gives Silas Dark one last long merciful squeeze making him gasp and shudder below him the nutmeat just about to crack before he drops the sack with a squelching plop.

He stands up, but stomps Silas Black’s package with horrid thunk, one red eye twitching before the Devilboy spins around and kicks Jackson squarely in the face as hard as he can.

Jackson screams and is knocked back his head hitting the side of a broken table leg and everything spinning all at once.

He never saw Sam Hell coming. Or the broken table leg.

The swing of the wooden club like stick pounds at his balls with a tremendous WHACK! That is quickly followed by a wail, the high pitched scream of the female variety is odd to Sam Hell but he turns away from Jackson as he grips his bludgeoned gonads.

“You alright?”

Jayden Gomez is in the fetal position, gasping and barely acknowledges him. But the slight nod at least tells Sam Hell enough. Jayden is not yet, broken.


Jayden’s voice is weak, but he points to the clock.

One minute left.

“Fuck!” Sam Hell runs up the stairs, throwing the wooden table leg backwards and delights when silently when it hits Jackson in the midsection. He is ripping up the stairs, bolting into Bill’s room to find him still tied up sweating and staring down the barrel of the stun gun.

Sam Hell knocks it aside, moments after it fires into the wall with a burst and a flash of pulsing electric charge that sets Bill’s poster ablaze.

Swiftly Sam Hell slaps it with Bill’s clothing until it winks out. Only embers, and the acrid smell of burnt paper remain. The black smoke swells around the room as Sam yanks the gag from Bill’s mouth.

Bill groans but tells Sam “Get me out of here!”

Sam Hell nods, and reaches for his neck, a key on a long chain is there and he uses it to undo one of the locks.

“I have to go back…they are still downstairs. Get dressed…I am going to finish this.”

Turning to leave he hears Bill unlocking his next wrist and calling out “Fuck them up, but save some for me!”

The Devilboy smiles, but he promises nothing. He will make the thieves meet their ends tonight. They won’t be returning again.

When Sam Hell returns to the room he finds Jackson standing, the mask is off…more than likely do to the blood but he has the club in hand that Sam Hell used. This was a risk, but he could not leave Bill to that fate. Jackson is weak, he knows but he’s armed and striding towards him.

A quick appraisal of the other two are still down, and that’s all that matters…for the moment.

“No one will do that again.”

Jackson is climbing the stairs, and Sam Hell stops halfway down and tilts his head to the side silently appraising the approaching figure. He’s bleeding at both temples, his eyes are covered with black make-up and it’s smeared on his cheeks and nose from sweat. He walks with a defined limp, his legs slower than they should be. Sam Hell is trying to place him, but comes to the conclusion that he does not know this…thief. The darkened and messy hair is slicked back with sweat and his mean eyes are aimed at him but that’s when Sam Hell turns on the full blast of his infamous Devil stare, his red eyes boring into the challenging criminal that takes another step and freezes caught in his gaze.

“Now I know your face, I will never forget it. The devil never forgets, or forgives an enemy.”

Sam Hell takes a step down, one hand holding the banister the only curled into a fist by his side.

“You failed the first time you entered my Devil’s nest, and you have again. I let you escape before…but not again. Come at me, thief…try your worst. I promise you, mine will end you. I am going to neuter you before your boss. Then I will do the same to him.”

Jackson seems to sway on the forth step up from the bottom as Sam Hell takes another, slowly closing the distance between them.

“Go on…I dare you.”

Sam Hell taps his cheek egging him on, as he takes another step.

Jackson grits his teeth, swallows hard and looks back to see if Silas Black is about to get up. That was his final mistake.

Sam Hell leaps down the final few stairs landing just before him with a triumphant “Ha!”

The club swings but Sam Hell comes in low, just as he planned. Grabbing his shoulders and following up with a mighty upswing of his knee that slams full force between Jackson’s legs hitting him so hard that the club flies from his hand and falls useless into the darkening room below.

Jackson screams “Baaaaaaaaaaawls!” as Sam Hell shoves him downward sending him ass over as he tumbles and flairs down the stairs, rolling and landing flat on his back.

“Yes!” Bill shouts from the top, rushing down to meet Sam Hell and slapping him on the back.

“Take that mother fucker!” Bill cusses, he’s in sweats and a t-shirt and seems somehow younger dressed, than naked on the bed.

Sam Hell strides down the stairs, taking them two at a time to get to Jackson before he can get up and jump in the air landing directly on the bullseye between Jackson’s legs. The squish of the testicles, and the long piss tube that he manages to crunch under his foot make his lip twist up.

Jackson goes to scream, his head coming off the floor but it all appears to be too much for him and his eyes roll into the back of his head and he passes out, while Sam Hell is still standing on top of him.

Bill is next to him grinning.

“Where’s Dad?”

All of a sudden the eagerness in Bill leaves him as he looks across the room, and starts to panic.

“He’s okay.”

Jayden croaks out, he’s sitting against the wall still holding his privates. “Tied up.”

Bill nods, and rushes to the room that Jayden pointed to but before he goes through the door he looks at his friend and his blue eyes usually so pale like the sky seem almost illuminated in the swelling dark room.

“Thank you Jayden…for coming.”

He’s gone in an instant rushing into the other room.

Jayden blinks and winces, but Silas Dark is nearby groaning worse than he.

Sirens can be heard in the distance, but murder is in Sam Hell’s red eyes as he steps off of Jackson and comes towards Silas Dark. Fury blazes, the inferior in his crimson eyes are locked on Silas as he grabs the bat from the corner of the room where he left it, gripping it tightly as he moves towards his prey. He pulls back his arm, his muscles tightening as he aims it.

But Jayden grabs his arm whispering “Don’t do it, Sam.”

Sam turns pulling free easily, Jayden is so weak and barely able to stand.

“I can crush him, did you want to have the honors…we can split his—“ but Jayden cuts him off with a shake of his head.

Jayden puts one hand on the arm that holds the bat. “He won’t come back again. I promise. Chase can make sure of that…he has a really good legal team.”

Sam Hell is in Jayden’s face “He tried to…”

“I know. But we stopped him.”

Jayden licks his lips, “I don’t want him to turn you into a monster. You won’t be able to come back from that ledge, Sam.”

Sam Hell blinks raising his chin “I have already stepped over.”

“Not yet.” Jayden’s hold on him tightens his eyes pleading with him.

“They would have done it to you too, you know.”

“But we are better than them,” Jayden explains. “You are better. You’re the hero today, Sam. Don’t you see?” Jayden turns to show the wreckage of the room, and points to himself. “You saved your whole family, and me. Anything you do after this moment won’t work in your favor. You have a record. Take the win, Sam.”

Sam Hell breathes out like a wild bull, his nostrils flared. But his fingers twitch and he holds the bat refusing to drop it.

“I will hold onto this…just in case.”

Jayden nods, but seems relieved.

The door to the dining room opens and Bill comes out followed by Mr. Will Brady, who looks a little out of it.

Sam Hell goes towards them but stops looking back as the flashing blue and red lights stream into the living room illuminating Jayden’s concerned face.

“I am not the only hero here tonight.” Sam Hell stares at him for one moment more. “I will never forget this, Gomez.” A second later he grips his foster father in a strong embrace, Bill following quickly to join them in the hug.

But Jayden turns to look down at Silas his foot moving another inch towards his groin. Silas Black freezes, his grey eyes looking back at Jayden.

“Who sent you after me?” Jayden questions him. “Tell me.”

Silas Black glares up at Jayden Gomez and he sneers, his voice is creaky like his own. “I never reveal my—uck!”

Jayden punts him between his legs and leans down, even though Silas Black was protecting his groin with his hands he still felt it.

His voice is low but Sam Hell’s eyes are watchful over the hug, and narrowing at the sight before him across the room.

“If you don’t tell me, I will call Sam back over here and tell him that you stupidly threatened to come back again. And he will finish you. Now talk!” demands Jayden in a hushed threatening whisper as he grips his shirt at the front pulling him up to eye level from his crotched down position. Even that movement hurts Silas.

“Fine you little bastard!” cusses Silas Black. “But I will deny it if I am ever asked…it was…” and he leans forward and spits in Jayden’s face.

Jayden drops Silas Blacks shirt and wipes the spittle from his cheeks and eyelashes as he laughs.

The doors open, and Jayden steps back angry and gritting his teeth.

Everything after that is kinda a blur.


Days later Sam Hell and Jayden meet-up at the skate park, both having driven their bikes here. Jayden is still on his bike while Bill is near the entrance locking theirs up.

“I see you can sit on a seat,” Sam Hell comments. “You must be…recovering.”

Jayden shrugs, a half smile playing on his face. His curly hair is starting to grow back, and he wears it with gel, the rest is a fade but are he reaches up to run his hand through it he seems to remember and drops it.

“Mostly…I still got to go easy for a bit.”

Sam Hell nods. “I wanted to…thank you again. You had my back…”

“Bill called me,” interrupts Jayden. “I came for him.”

“Oh.” Sam Hell seems taken aback but Jayden continues.

“I would have come to help you too…but I would have brought my brother, Gino. More people would have made things easier.”

“Heh. You are right about that.”

Bill is next to Sam now, and he thrusts his hand out with a sigh, “Thank you, Jayden.”

Jayden takes his hand and gives the offering a firm shake.

“We still are not friends but,” Jayden cocks another grin. “But I don’t consider you two enemies anymore.”

Bill is a bit speechless but Sam Hell smiles back, the fire in his eyes is a little dimmer in the bright sunlight of the morning.

“Neither do I, Gomez.”

“My brother Gino holds a grudge, and he’s even madder since I put my life on the line for you so…I won’t be inviting you to hang out anytime soon. But apparently you and my boyfriend made up to.” Jayden winks as he kicks off. “You certainly have changed Devilboy, better watch out hero. You might get a reputation as a good guy.”

Sam Hell scoffs, grabbing the handlebars before Jayden can pull away “I don’t think so, Gomez.”

Jayden leans over the handle bars batting his dark lashes “We will see.”

He gives Sam a firm shove, and Sam let’s go not fighting back as Jayden starts to take off.

Bill calls after Jayden “How come you didn’t say I was turning into a good guy?”

Looking back over his shoulder, his tank top slopping down so one pec is visible along with his dark nipple Jayden says “You know why Bill Brady, your still an asshole.”

Bill narrows his blue eyes into slits and goes to take off after Jayden, but Sam Hell holds his slims shoulders as promises vengeance as Jayden’s laughter fades in the distance as the bike tires squeak away out of the park.








owen said...

hi jimmy.
oh! my! god!
fab ending to anoother sam hell/bill/jayden story. so fucking hot!
poor jayden, his boynuts deffenatly took a hell of a beatting in this series. What's next for the poor boys balls?
ct wait for your next story. have you ever thought of something where gino and jayden gets in to a mess together. I read stories where gino has his nuns cracked and jayden has his nuts crunched but never in the same story. It be hot is the brothers were being busted together. just food for thought.
When's the next story coming? or don't you know yet?
anyway: keep up the good work: hope gino or jayden gets busted again soon! l o l!

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Owen!

Thanks for writing in! I am glad that you brought that up. Having the brothers busted together is not a story that I have done…which is crazy because I have written so many short stories featuring them but they usually bust each other, or Gino busts Jayden, but never together. Do you have a specific scenario or reason that this could occur.


owen said...

hi jimmy. I have a few idea'seven a possible story beginning. if you want to talk more about them or expand on my story idea please contact me. and we can talk more. untill next time man, keep thinking up painful ways gino/jayden//chase have their nuts cracked! l o l.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Owen,


I looked back through my emails because I know I sent one to you before, and then I realized that I miss typed your name. I sent another, let me know if you get this one Owen!


Anonymous said...

Great story Jimmy!
Jayden certainly got his boy-balls pretty well mashed once again, but he never goes down easy!
I loved the little team up with Sam Hell.
Silas started at a bit of a disadvantage after having his nuts fried with 1500volts but you can't feel too sorry for the young villain haha.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Reg,

Yeah, Jayden had it rough in this little series. And it’s true, it takes a while to get Jayden to go down.

Turns out Bill had the winning shot early on. Who knows what could have happened if Silas Dark was at full power. Maybe we will find out some day!

Thanks for always being so awesome friend!


Anonymous said...

You are a sick fuck who needs to die Jimmy