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Flirting with Diaster written by Reg


Flirting with Disaster


By Reg



“FUCK, YEAH !!!” Ben roared in triumph as he brutally slammed his opponent’s hand down against the arm-wrestling table.

A crowd of spectators roared and cheered wildly as Ben leapt to his feet and started flexing his eye-popping muscles. The big stud beamed, raising his eyes to the heavens as he basked in the crowd’s adoration. He could feel the power emanating from his beautiful body and once again he felt invincible, like a god among men, like …like Hercules!  

Behind him, Colin slumped dejectedly on the table rubbing his defeated arm muscles. The sandy-blond jock scowled and rolled his eyes as he watched his cocky room-mate shamelessly posing to the crowd. Colin was slightly shorter than Ben but he had a similar, sporty physique with a muscular upper body that tapered down to his narrow waist. Unlike Ben, he tried to keep a cool, understated demeanor and girls seemed to flock to be with the unassuming hunk. Colin really hated losing to a narcissistic jerk like Ben but as usual he managed to bite his tongue and ignore Ben’s jibes.

At least it was some consolation for Colin that he had not gone down without a fight. He had even managed to keep Ben on the back foot for most of the match and he chuckled as he recalled the disbelieving look on Ben’s face as his over-hyped biceps struggled to live up to all his big talk. In the end Ben’s unlimited self-belief had helped him to power into the final round but Colin had a sneaky suspicion his celebrations would be short lived.

The arm-wrestling contest was taking place in the local park, promoting a new gym in town. Ben had seen the event advertised some weeks earlier and quickly signed himself up. The winner’s prize was certainly attractive: a year’s free membership at the swankiest gym in town! But better still was the excuse to flaunt his sexy muscles at all the hot girls in the park! He began training in earnest to make sure his biceps looked utterly irresistible and at night he dreamt of all the big busted chicks that would cheer him on to victory. He could picture them gasping and drooling at the sight of his incredible muscles, all ready to line up for a gang-bang with the big macho stud!

Ben’s victory was all but guaranteed!

He had seen the other guys that hung out in the park, a weedy bunch of joggers and skateboarders that would crumble at the first twitch of Ben’s mighty arms. In fact it was all too easy so Ben had invited Colin, one of his dorm buddies, to spice things up a bit. Like most of Ben’s friends, he worked out regularly and was pretty jacked but even Colin would not last when faced against Ben’s incredible guns. Now all Ben had to do was defeat Colin in the final and he would have open access to any chick he desired.

Ben’s little scheme was unusually well planned and seemed completely bullet-proof. Right until the point when Kev found out and signed himself up too. The news came as a sickening blow to Ben, like an unexpected boot in the balls, and for a while Ben’s confidence was shaken.

If there was one person that loved to wreck Ben’s plans it was Kev!

As well as being his best buddy, Kev was also a bitter rival. Naturally, Ben never doubted that HE was the top dog, but getting Kev to accept his place often resulted in flared tempers and severely bruised testicles.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Ben had recently suffered a humiliating defeat in an arm wrestling contest that had left Kev crowned as the new dorm champion. The obnoxious victor had then posted a video clip to all their mutual friends with a cheeky note: ‘Crushing Ben’s biceps again!’

Naturally, Ben had been outraged and had quickly posted a reply in his defense: ‘Bullshit!!! Kev only won ‘cos I was injured!’

It was a valid point, since Ben had been nursing a pair of bruised, swollen testicles and the sorry stud had been puking his guts out just a few hours earlier.

Kev had silenced the protest with a closing jibe: ‘That’s right buddy, ‘cos I’m the Roshambo champ too!’

With such bitter rivalry, Ben knew he would be fighting for far more than just an arm-wrestling trophy. His immense pride was at stake here, not to mention his plans for the hot chicks in the park.

It was therefore with some trepidation and an immense urge for revenge that Ben now faced his nemesis in the final round of the arm-wrestling contest.

The two tall jocks were puffed up like cockerels, standing so close together that their prominent pecs and bulging shorts brushed against each other. Kev stood a fraction taller than Ben and was making a point of looking down at his rival. They glared meanly at each other like boxers before a fight. The tension was thick enough to cut with a knife and the crowd jostled to get a better view of the glistening competitors.

Kev was wearing a grey wife-beater that showed off the powerful curves of his arms and shoulders while Ben had chosen to dispose of his shirt altogether and was trying to intimidate his rival by clenching his sculpted, rippling pecs. They both wore tight fitting shorts that did a poor job of concealing their hefty tackle that jiggled between their legs with every movement.

“You really think you can challenge my guns!” Ben bragged, now oozing confidence as he flexed his peaky muscles right in his opponent’s face.

“What…? You mean like last time?!” Kev laughed, flexing his own arms “I’m the champ, remember!”

“Not for long! You’ll never beat me in a fair match!” Ben turned and planted a kiss on his muscular arm.

“Yeah right!” Kev smirks back as he reaches up to squeeze Ben’s arms “Face facts bud, these puffed-up things are as weak as your nuts!”

“Screw you! I know you’re jealous of my guns!” Ben scowls, pointing to his prominent bicep. Then he smirks as he pats the bulge in his shorts “Not to mention my huge balls!”

“OK boys” a young blond girl bravely squeezed between the testosterone fueled hunks.

“I’m Lisa and I’ll be the judge. This is the final round, are you guys ready?”

The girl holds a microphone, speaking excitedly as she addresses the crowd. She stands scantily dressed in a red bikini top that struggled to contain her big bouncy breasts. The words “Radio Kiss FM” are printed in pink letters on the side of the microphone.

“Hell yeah! I’m ready!” Ben grinned then gulped as he gazed down into her deep cleavage “These guns are unbeatable!”

“Well honey, you sure have got some sexy muscles!” The girl reached over and ran her fingers over Ben’s rippling arms “Wow! You be gentle with him. OK?”

Kev scowled in irritation as he watched the girl idolizing his rival. Ben’s peaky biceps were, admittedly pretty spectacular but Kev also knew his vain roommate was more show than go. He clenched his fists and flexed his powerful chest and shoulders in preparation. He had out-muscled his friend’s flashy biceps on numerous occasions and he couldn’t wait to rub his face in the dirt again.  

The two jocks finally locked their hands together and waited for the signal to start.

The girl turned to the spectators and the whole crowd yelled in unison “3-2-1 GO!!!”

The two jocks exploded into action, grunting in determination as their toned muscles clenched and rippled. Ben was quicker off the mark and gained an early advantage, immediately forcing Kev’s hand backwards.

“Feel my power, Kev!” he grunted as he applied the considerable bulk of his right arm “Oh yeah! Now you’re going down, wimp!”

Kev closed his eyes and growled as he focused his core strength to counter Ben’s attack. His powerful frame clenched into a solid wall, and with an angry growl he finally managed to bring Ben’s offensive to a quivering halt. His own arm was half way towards the table and shaking with the effort as he opened his eyes and glared into his opponent’s handsome face.

 “Is that all you’ve got, big guy?” Kev gasped

“Oh you want some more, huh?” Ben snarled.

Ben gritted his teeth as he tightened his right arm. His dramatic biceps bulged even higher as he increased the pressure on his rival. An arrogant grin spread over his face as he gazed in adoration at the mound of muscle that seemed to expand before his very eyes until it threatened to burst through his skin.

Several girls gasped and moaned as they admired Ben’s awesome display of manly power. The vain jock grinned back at them through his clenched teeth and soon beads of perspiration began to trickle down his handsome face. His arms shook from the intense effort and soon dark veins began snaking over his rock-hard biceps.

Ben was really wowing the crowd now but to his disbelief, his gritty opponent still refused to yield to the crushing power. Ben’s cocky grin slowly turned to a frustrated scowl.  

“Just fucking go down, dickhead!” Ben snarled in exasperation “You’re clearly no match for my guns!”

“Pea-shooters more like!” Kev retorted through gritted teeth “Are you ready to feel some real power!”

Kev lips curled into a grin over his gritted teeth. He tightened his grip on the table bringing all the strength from his broad shoulders and sculpted back into play. The two jocks grunted and groaned, trying to squeeze a few more ounces of power from their gym-sculpted muscles. Their clenched hands shook violently, white knuckles clenched tight as they desperately tried to break the deadlock. Kev took a deep gasp then groaned with grim determination as he upped the pressure another notch. He nodded his head in satisfaction as little by little he began to edge his opponent backwards and recover his lost ground.

“Oh fuck you!” Ben roared in anger clamping his eyes tightly shut. His rippling muscles betraying the massive effort needed to finally halt Kev’s advance. There followed the briefest respite as the two warriors exchanged hostile glares their hands clamped tightly together. After a deep breathe they clenched their jaws and resumed their ferocious battle.

Ben’s stunning biceps jutted upwards like a monument of chiseled rock. He stared, entranced by his own stunning display of manly muscle and grinned confidently feeling utterly invincible, knowing he had only to wait for his opponent to submit to such awesome power.

Kev glanced across at his rival’s rippling arms without the slightest trace of concern. His lips tightened as he clenched the handle under the table and squeezed a firmer grip on his rival’s hand. Leaning forward he squeezed with all his might engaging the highly trained muscles of his upper body.

“Kev, Kev, Kev!” a few voices began chanting as Kev’s powerful shoulders rippled, clenched and bulged. Many onlookers just gazed open-mouthed, intrigued by the sight of Kev’s broader back bearing down on Ben’s jaw-dropping biceps. After almost a full minute of relentless heaving and straining, it was Ben’s mighty arms that began to falter first.

Ben eyes almost popped out of their sockets in abject disbelief at what was happening. The magnificent peak of his biceps was starting to tremble, quivering with little spasms as the exhausted muscle fibers began to wilt from the relentless strain. Moments later his whole arm was rocked back and Ben had to roar with the effort of holding his ground. His eyes bulged out in disbelief and he could only watch as his arm jerked back again, being forcefully and brutally overpowered before his very eyes. Slowly and torturously his once invincible muscles were being wrenched apart as his arm was brutally driven back as if by some superhuman force. He struggled helplessly as his hand moved closer and closer to defeat until the hairs on his hand brushed the table surface.

“Guns of steel!” a lone voice in the crowd yelled out to ironic laughter.

The support came as a rallying call to Ben. With a desperate howl he brought his shoulder forward to contract his mighty biceps one last time then roared like a wounded lion as he made a valiant last-ditch attempt to save his pride.

Kev raised his eyebrows, shocked by the unexpected surge from his almost beaten opponent. With his last remnants of strength Ben managed to gradually haul his hand upwards but the heroic effort soon took its toll on his tiring arms. Ben gulped as his hand came to a sorry, quivering halt just a few inches above his side of the table. His arm muscles burned in agony and the heart-breaking realization dawned that he had nothing else left in the tank. A solitary tear rolled down his tanned cheek.

“Come on, buddy!” Kev laughed meanly “Where are those big biceps now?”

“Fuck… you!” Ben muttered, shaking his head in despair

Kev gritted his teeth and grunted purposefully, now fully in control as he casually forced Ben’s hand back down until it was once again hovering just above the table. He turned his head to grin at the crowd, resisting the urge to finish Ben off when he could humiliate the cocky stud just a little longer.

“How about a punishment for the loser?” Kev raised his eyebrows, playing to the crowd.

“Kick him in the nuts!” a voice yelled back followed by howls of laughter.

“Make it five! Crush his puny balls!”

“Sounds fair to me Ben” Kev grinned meanly. “Show me what you got! Can your mighty guns save your little nuts?”

Kev grinned triumphantly over his miserable roommate who now seemed desperately to save his manhood. Ben strained and groaned, his exhausted muscles flexing and shaking but poor Ben was now fully resigned to his fate.

“Dude, please!!! Not my big balls !” Ben pleaded miserably “Not again!”

He glanced up imploringly at Lisa, but the glorious sight of her heaving bosom only reminded him of the impending fate for his own sex organs.

“Big balls, huh? In your dreams!” Kev taunted him jovially.

The crowd laughed as Kev toyed with his opponent, even letting Ben’s arm raise hopefully upwards only to wrench it downwards again to the brink of defeat.

“Say goodbye to your balls, loser!” Kev chuckled as he let Ben’s hand rise one last time as he prepared to cruelly smash it down onto the table.

“Fuck you Kev!” Ben suddenly burst-out like a petulant child “I’m more of a man than you’ll ever be! You’re the fucking loser!”

Kev grinned, crushing Ben’s hand to silence the sorry stud and make him whimper in pain.

“Well clearly” Kev chuckled, addressing the crowd “I’m the loser here, right?

The jeering laughter was too much for Ben and he could only hang his head in abject despair. His world threatened to implode as Kev’s sarcastic words bored through his meagre brain until suddenly his eyes opened wide. Kev’s words gave him a sudden idea…a last chance of redemption. He opened his mouth and suddenly made a spluttering laugh.

“Kev WAIT! You just said…” Ben gulps upwards as an inspirational idea took hold “YOU are the loser so I guess that means…”

“What the…Oooofff!!!”

Kev exhaled sharply as, out of nowhere, Ben’s foot powered upwards between his strong thighs and smashed into his hefty balls.

“We agreed…five kicks for the loser, right?” Ben yelled triumphantly at the silenced crowd.

Kev just stood frozen, gaping in disbelief until he was suddenly overwhelmed by the explosion of pain in his groin. Just as his knees buckled Ben struck again.

“Fuuuuck!” Kev howled as Ben punted him a second time with all the force he could muster and scrambled his big stud eggs once again.

“Oh, did I crush your little boy balls, buddy!” Ben sneered across to the crowd’s delight.

The third kick lifted the muscular stud clean off the ground and made Kev bellow in agony.

Kev fell back on the table panting in disbelief as his brain tried to fathom what was happening. His legs were shaking but he somehow managed to stay on his feet, clutching desperately at Ben’s hand as his left hand dropped to his agonized balls. He looked imploringly at the girl with the microphone but to his dismay she just shrugged and reached out to caress Ben’s bulging muscles.

“It must really suck being a loser!” Ben smiled back at her as he slowly clenched his resurgent biceps, forcing Kev’s limp arm upwards.

“Now come on champ, show me what you’ve got!” he laughed

Jest then Ben swung his leg back and delivering a fourth brutal boot into his rival’s swollen meatballs. Kev screamed and his face fell onto the table where he began to cough and dry retch.

“See, there’s too much power in these guns!” Ben bragged as the girl playfully tried to make a dent in his rock-hard biceps. He blew her a kiss and then effortlessly smashed Kev’s limp hand down into the table.

“We have a winner!” The girl announced joyfully into the microphone as the crowd yelled and screamed.

“But Ben, haven’t you forgotten something?” She yelled in his ear.

Ben looked at her inquisitively and then grinned broadly. Slowly he swung back his right leg behind him then thrust it forward under the table where it collided with Kev’s fingers and flattened the bulge in Kev’s shorts, crushing his nuts once again and sending him sprawling onto the floor.

“Guns of steel” Ben roared in victory, clutching the winner’s trophy above his head and flexing his triumphant biceps to the girls in the crowd.

Colin walked over to Kev who was curled up in a ball, coughing and clutching his tortured balls.

“Dude! You idiot…you let him win!” Colin grumbled “Fuck! He’s going to make our lives unbearable now.”

“Ugh! My…my nuts!” Kev could only groan back in agony as he glanced over at Ben “He’s going to regret this!”

Ben beamed back as he caught his roommate’s eye and flexed his muscles provocatively to the delight of the crowd.

“The new arm-wrestling champion!” He yelled cheerfully holding his trophy aloft.

“Now let’s have a word from our winner, Ben…!” Lisa sidled up to the victorious jock “What a great match, Ben, but it looked like you were in trouble there for a moment!”

She thrust a microphone in front of his beaming face.

“Ha! Nah it was easy really…I just decided to give him a bit of hope!” Ben chuckled “Obviously once my guns started firing poor little Kev was history!”

The crowd cheered once again as he flaunted his biceps. The excitement of victory was clear for all to see, not just on Ben’s beaming face but also by the growing bulge in his tight-fitting shorts.

“Wow, er what a stud!” Lisa gulped as she noticed the unmistakable outline of Ben’s impressive schlong.

“So Ben, we’ve got one question here from our listeners. If Kev wants to steal your crown next time, is there any weakness he might exploit?”

“Weakness?” Ben laughed at the ridiculous thought. He stood tall, peering down at his sculpted body and ran his hands lovingly over his smooth, hard pecs and six pack abs .

Behind him Colin quickly leapt up and snuck behind the conceited jock. Licking his lips he thrust both hands deep inside the back of Ben’s shorts and grasped his big pendulous jewels.

Ben gasped in horror as he felt powerful hands wrap around each of his big virile gonads. His jaw tightened and his thighs instinctively clamped shut around Colin’s hands, flattening his own gonads.

“My…my goddam balls!” he yelped in agony.

His hands fell suddenly to his groin as he tried in vain to fend off the deadly invasion in his shorts. He reached under his big cock but his fingers were now clutching at thin air. Colin had wrenched Ben’s danglers through his legs and was now hauling them up behind his muscular butt cheeks. Ben writhed and howled as he received an agonizing wedgie from his own nut sack.

“Wow, Ben, I guess you’re right!” Lisa chuckled at the boys’ antics while the crowd hooted and jeered.

“That’s it for our listeners at Kiss FM! Now give it up for our champion, Ben!”

“Go on, Ben show them your muscles or I’ll crack them!” Colin hissed into Ben’s ear as he pressed his thumbs deep into the horny stud’s sperm banks. 

Ben could only groan, folding at the waist as he writhed under Colin’s nutclaw but he was so desperate to ease the agony in his balls he tried to comply. Straightening his powerful frame, he raised his arms, his handsome face contorted in agony as he flexed every muscle in his powerful frame. Then with a final crippling squeeze, Colin released his hold and watched gleefully as Ben’s knees buckled and the big stud collapsed in a heap on the ground.

As Ben lay writhing in pain with both hands buried inside his shorts, a group of hot girls came over to take selfies next to the fallen champ. Ben could only whimper helplessly as they each blew him a kiss before strolling off.

The crowd soon dispersed and the stage crew were packing away their equipment as Lisa walked backstage to check up on the three jocks. Ben and Kev both had one hand buried inside their shorts clutching their sore nuts as they argued loudly. Meanwhile Colin stood a small distance apart and watched on with a bemused expression

 “You fucking cheated!” Kev yelled “You were about to lose then you kicked me in the fucking balls!”

“You’re the cheat!” Ben gasped, nursing his battered balls in this hands “You couldn’t beat my muscles so you grabbed my big nuts like a dirty bitch!”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Kev looked genuinely confused.

“You wanted to ruin my chances with that hot chick!” Ben fumed shoving Kev with his free hand “Or maybe you just like the feel of a real man’s balls!!!”

Colin giggled as he watched his roommate’s dispute. Clearly Ben had no idea that it was he, Colin, that had manhandled his plums.

“Guys, guys, cool it” Lisa intervened, bravely pushing her way between the two enraged jocks.

Their anger seemed to fade instantly as all three boys turned their gaze to the girl’s big bouncy boobs.

“God, I love hanging around with macho guys!” she muttered to herself wickedly “Makes me feel so damn horny!” 

“Looking for a real man, huh?” Ben slipped his hand out of his shorts and flexed his biceps “Forget these losers and stick with a real champ!”

“Mmmm! That’s quite tempting Ben!” she purred, biting her lip seductively as she caressed Ben’s muscles. “But how about I take you three studs back to my place and you can show me who the top dog is really.”

Kev and Ben eyed each other warily for a few seconds then both nodded confidently.  They both seemed convinced that they would claim this hot chick as a prize. Colin just shrugged at the girl then followed his alpha male roommates as they took the footpath into town.




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Anonymous said...

Dear Harry,

Ben, Colin, and Kevin are back!

Ben is in his finest in this story. Bens ego is off the chart, and he gets to come out on top here, and is so well written that you cannot help but cheer for him and his biggest balls in the room. Colin as usual is so loveable, and takes losing with stride. Kev is so devious and loves to make fun of Ben, and I can't seem to fathom how they interact with each other all the time. College friends to the end!

Alex would love this story, and would appreciate the love and care that you put into it. Also, not sure if all the readers noticed...but it says part 1. Wink, should all know what that mean!