Sunday, July 5, 2009

Poll results: Next story

A month ago, I asked you to tell me which story you'd like me to write next. More than 100 people voted in the poll. Here are the results:

the next part of "Sammy the ball doctor" 45%
One on one: Parker vs. David - the third match 43%
One on one: David vs. Xander 37%
the last part of "Training Parker" 34%
One on one: Logan vs. Ben 25%
the first day of competition of the "Ballbusting Olympics 2009" 22%
the last part of "Logan's high school diary" 17%
the next part of "Zach the cheater" 10%
One on one: Danny vs. Leo - the rematch 9%
the next part of the "Role play" series 6%
One on one: Parker vs. Xander 5%
One on one: Xander vs. Tristan 5%

I don't mind as long as there is a new story 14%
Something else 1%

I'm really surprised to see "Sammy the ball doctor" at the top of the list! I always thought that you liked the other stories better...

Well, I'm gonna start thinking about the next part, now. It's gonna be called "Swim team physical": The twins, Zach and Logan will be starring as members of the swim team. And I think Sammy will get some help by Tristan...

If you have any ideas please let me know! I hope I'll be able to finish the story in July.