Friday, November 26, 2021

Before They Were Ballbusting Boys: Gino "I Like You."


Before They Were Ballbusting Busting Boys: Gino

“I like you”

By Jimmy


Sitting around Alex’s studio Gino gets up for a stretch, his shirt riding up and showing off his abs.

Kev notices and asks, “Soooo Gino…was Zach and I your first?”

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Snapshot: Gobble Gobble


Gobble Gobble

By Jimmy

“I’m not wearing that,” Logan grumbles.

His father only laughs, and holds up his cell phone ready to record.

Friday, November 19, 2021

Before They Were Ballbusting Boys: Leo's Origin by Dominik


Before They Were Ballbusting Boys: Leo's Origin

Dear Ballbusting Boys Community, 
This fun tale is told by none other than Dominik. I have asked many authors to write stories to add to the the Before They Were Ballbusting Boys origins, and Dominik took me up on my offer and wrote this fun story. I hope that you all enoyed it as much as I did!


Friday, November 12, 2021

Before they were Ballbusting Boys: The Little Fish by Harry

 Dear Ballbusting Family,

Harry is continuing the series of Before They Were Ballbusting Boys with this number. I wrote the first two parts, but this is such a sweet story (for ballbusting), and really hit the spot for me. In addition it's by one the best ballbusting writers out there Harry. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did!




Before They Were Ballbusting Boys

The Little Fish

Ballbusting Boy's is Back

 Dear Ballbusting Boys Family,

While Alex is away he has asked me to step in to help out at the site and keep things running. My plan is do just that.

Every Friday, I will continue the tradition of putting out new content. I should be able to do this through the end of December, but I would love for our favorite writers on the blog, and for new writers to reach out. My email is

Tomorrow will be my first ballbusting boys story post that I have posted, however I have been a writer on Alex's blog for almost two years and before that on Kramtoad's (for those that remember the first Ballbusting website). 

It is my pleasure to step in until Alex comes back, and he does intend to return. This blog means a lot to me, as I know it means a lot to all of you. I will try my best to fill in until he can return to us.

Looking forward to seeing all of you come back!



Writer of the Gino and Jayden Series