Monday, October 12, 2020

In over his head (written by Jimmy)

This is an exciting, adventurous one-off story written by Jimmy, author of the beloved Gino and Jayden series. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did! :-))

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one.

Inside of the little blue house at the end of the block, thirteen year old Jeremy Jones was wrapping his lower arms in bright white tape. The white tape matches his white singlet, which leaves very little to the imagination. Jeremy is a wrestler, but not an ordinary one on a wrestling team, although he is on one as well. At night when he should be in bed, Jeremy competes in an illegal wrestling ring for prizes, mostly money, but sometimes little gifts from benefactors. The elusive event happens every few weeks, always in a different location, weekday, and most importantly in the dead of night. Jeremy has been steadily moving up in rank the past few months, and it’s no wonder why. Jeremy is stunning to behold, his body is ripped, the lean ropes of muscles that cover his small frame showcase his strong physic, as well as his dedication to perfecting his tight form. At just thirteen years of age, Jeremy is 5’4, 110 pounds of lean strong muscle. His face is clear of any acne, a feat in itself for most thirteen year old. Jeremy has stormy grey eyes, dirty blonde hair, and a wicked grin that has been known to make girls, and some boys feint.

It’s Saturday night and Jeremy is just slipping his sweats over his head, as his sister Bethany walks in with her hand open.

“One hundred, and I’ll tell Mom all about your sleep over at Jeff’s,” Bethany says bored as she picks up one of his wrestling trophies.

“You have to make it convincing,” Jeremy chides putting the money in Bethany’s outstretched hands, “Or our little arrangement will be coming to a quick end, especially if Mom finds out.”

Bethany tisks, shaking her finger at him “Don’t you worry about a thing. Just don’t get hit in the face again. Body bruises are easier to hide.”

Jeremy smirks, “Is that concern I hear for your little brother?” He chides.

“You wish,” Bethany laughs rumpling her little brother’s hair. “Now go get ‘em cowboy.”

Jeremy pulls open the window, tossing a length of rope out of the window, yanking on his backpack over one shoulder as he salutes her, “Anytime young lady.” And he drops out of sight as she suppresses a giggle.

“Be careful boy wonder,” Bethany whispers into the empty room, as she turns replaces the cheap statue and turns off the light.

Jeremy slowly lowers himself to the ground, listening hard for movement below. Jeremey here’s none, and with a quick pull the rope falls back down from his second floor window. He quickly wraps the length of rope around one shoulder and stealth fully crawls through the bushes to the garage where his bike waits for him.

Jeremy pedals quickly, knowing the route by heart. Fireflies buzz in the air around him, and he hears hungry bats scream eating their dinner as the wind ruffles his hair, the spring breeze a welcome delight on his face.

Securing the bike to the bike rack outside of the warehouse, Jeremy hears the sounds of laughter, the gruff sounds of men hollering bets, and the clinking of glass bottles as the drinks are passed around. Jeremy is early, which he always tries to be. One of the more troublesome parts of the illegal wrestling ring is that it gets busted by cops, and often. Jeremy stakes out the place watchful for undercover cops, who he now knows by heart after studying their profiles and learning each man’s name, rank, and work schedule. When he is sure he is safe Jeremy slips into the back of the warehouse, where the wrestlers, crew, and the ringleader frequent behind the stage.

Jeremy waves at a few of the wrestlers as he heads to the back, he quickly looks up at who he is facing tonight, and grimaces. Tony Two-Face Buckle, ‘Dammit, this is so not what I need right now;’ Jeremy thinks and slowly reconsiders a quick exit, as he has done on more than one occasion for one reason or another. The problem is not with Tony Buckle specifically, but the gang that his brother Trevor runs with. The dreaded black crows, deal mostly in drugs, but they have been known to do worse; and Jeremey looks towards the exit, but shakes his head. He knows that all he has to do is make this a quick match, and get the hell out of here after he collects his money. Jeremy is not going to stick around tonight and work the crowd for a few extra bucks. Nope, Kid Low Blow, his wrestling alter ego is going to get going and fast. Jeremy disrobes swiftly and starts to warm up, as Tony himself turns the corner smiling in delight at spotting the youngster.

“Kid Low Blow…well this is going to be fun,” grins Tony walking over to Jeremy.

Jeremy is wearing his mask, which covers his whole face. Mostly, Jeremy wants to make sure that no one can recognize him outside of this wrestling event, but in reality Jeremy is a very shy kid underneath all of his bravo and would hate to be found out. Only Jeremy’s eyes are visible. The white and black mask covers his whole head, black eye paint makes his grey eyes pop, and look menacing. Not an easy thing to accomplish when you are usually the shortest, youngest, and lightest wrestler in the ring.

Tony on the other hand has just turned fifteen, stands tall his back straight showing off every inch of his almost six foot frame. Tony’s muscles are well developed and dwarf Jeremy’s, which used to intimidate him, but does not any longer. All guys, no matter how big or muscled they are have a weakness, one that Jeremy delights in using to his advantage every time he enters the ring. Jeremy is ruthless to his opponent’s testicles, his nutclaw is historic as well as his feared spinning high kick is widely talked about. Most of the wrestlers try to switch from competing against the Kid Low Blow as they enjoy having functioning gonads when the match is over.

“I hope that you are not a virgin,” Jeremy taunts lowering his voice a few octaves, trying to make himself appear older in through the tone of his voice. “You won’t be able to use those nuts after I crack them open tonight!”

Tony charges forward but is stopped by two of the security guards, no fighting behind the scenes is allowed and is strictly enforced. Tony should know this, but he is a little thick. Clearly he is a user of the family practice, the needle marks track up and down his muscly arms show the truth.

“Stay back, you know the rules,” threatens Barry, Jeremey’s favorite of the guards. Barry is in his late fifties, but he is built like a truck, and more importantly Jeremy knows him; actually knows him. Outside of this little arena Barry is a firefighter, and he gives back to community through other methods such as the afterschool club that Jeremy frequents. Jeremey is always asking for Barry’s help in mathematics. Barry knows his numbers. “Come near the kid again, and I will toss you on your ass Tony Two-Timer. You won’t be let back in for the next three events. You have been warned.”

Smirking, Jeremy winks at Tony, antagonizing him some more. Somehow Tony manages to calm down, takes a deep breath and points at Jeremy, “In the ring, I will destroy you.” Tony continues to stare into Jeremy’s grey eyes, as he squints, turns and departs. Tony pounds away his boots pounding the ground as if he was imagining that each step had Jeremy’s head underneath.

Hiking up his belt, Barry turns back to Jeremy, “I would be careful of him. You sure you want to go into that ring kid?” Barry asks, concern clearly flooding his voice, as he puts a hand on Jeremy’s shoulder.

“I’ll be fine Barry, Tony does not scare me. You know my motto, the bigger they are…”

“…the bigger they cry when your bust their balls, I know the speech. All the same kid, if you wanted to sit this one out no one would blame you,” Barry says with a warning look. “Tony’s a piece of work, he just got out of juvenile detention two months ago. I’m certain that he will do more time, sometime soon. I would hate for that time to be because he did something awful to you.”

Jeremy gulps, fear tingling his spine. The image of Tony, and his gang floods his thoughts before he pushes them away. “Two-thousand rests on this match, that’s my take. I can’t say no to that type of money. I promise to leave right after.”

“You better,” Barry says giving the shoulder one final squeeze. “Be careful out there that teen is a monster.”

Standing up, Jeremy thumps Barry on the shoulder with his fist, “So am I” Jeremy says.

Jeremy stood in his corner stretching, barely listening to the announcer calling his name, or the roar of the crowd’s response as Kid Low Blow was called to enter the ring. In his full white and black singlet, Jeremy prances around the stage imitating being hit in the nuts, and laughing at his victims. You would think a name like kid low blow he would have suffered having been hit in the nuts himself once or twice, but you would be mistaken. Not once has Jeremy ever been hit below the belt. Jeremy is fast in the ring, and even though he is small most people underestimate him, which he always uses to his opponents detriment. Jeremy has not gotten this far by luck, he has skills and he can’t wait to wipe the smirk off of Tony’s face when he walks into the ring.

“Tonight, we will see something extra special! Neither Kid Low Blow, nor his opponent has ever lost a match. Tonight one of them certainly will!” The female announcer gives a dramatic pause throwing back her blonde locks, as she stares around the arena her tight sequin black dress flaring around her as she continues. “Tony Two-Face, Kid Low Blow is ready for you, and more importantly the Bartlet Community cannot wait to see you take him on! Give it up for the Two-Timer, Tony Two-Face!” She punches the air as mini fireworks go off around the ring, smoke curling around the ring as the lights dim leaving Jeremy to stare off into the half-light as Tony Two-Face, and emerges from below the ring.

Gasps of shock emerge from the crowd as Tony’s face, half-covered in zombie like face paint jeers at the crowd. Tony’s roars like thunder piercing through the crowd as he grabs the top rope and pulls himself barreling into the ring punching the mat with such force that Jeremy feels the vibrations through his feet, and bounces slightly. Tony point’s one finger at Jeremy, then uses his index finger to make a slash against his neck indicating that Jeremy is going six feet in the ground. In one swift motion Tony downs half of the water bottle in his left hand spitting the liquid like a water gun from his mouth. The spit coats the tops of Jeremy’s boots as he looks at them in abject disgust.

“I will rip you apart!” Tony screams, his eyes bulging and Jeremy wonders if he is on something as Tony roars again.

Jeremy laughs, holding his stomach, waving his hand theatrically as he says in his best theatre carrying voice, “The only thing you’ll be ripping apart is the hospital bill after they tell you that you’re sterile, and they couldn’t save your tiny nutsac after I demolished it.”

Tony Two-Face cannot stand for the kid making him look like a fool, he tosses the water bottle to the side and rushes towards him ready to ram him straight into the turnbuckle and break his head in, “Ahh!” Tony roars again.

Jeremy, ready for this drops to a split, his thighs barely registering pain a split second before Tony can reach him and uppercuts Tony in his balls; planting his fist deep within the contents of Tony’s package. Tony barely registers it as he head butts the top turn buckle, unable to slow down his forward motion. From his position below Tony, Jeremy watches Tony sway dazedly as tries to decide what hurts worst the egg growing on his forehead or the pain from his balls. Tony holds both reflexively, still trying to figure out the puzzle.

Jeremy back flips to his feet, and swirls in the air with a jump high kick slamming into Tony’s broad chest knocking him against the pole. Tony’s ass slams back on the middle turn buckle as he groans. Wasting no time Jeremy grabs the ropes and starts kicking Tony repeatedly between his mighty thighs. The crowd starts to count the kicks as Jeremy holds up a finger after each brutal blow.

“One,” the crowd chants. Jeremy kicks again focusing on the more vulnerable back of Tony’s testicles where he knows it’s the most sensitive.

“Two,” the crowd chants again as Jeremy punts his foot deep into Tony’s package, crushing everything beneath his white shiny boot the laces of which must suck as they dig into the soft flesh beneath Two-Face Tony’s thin singlet.

“Three,” the crowd chants again as Jeremy uses the toe of the boot striking just the testicles causing the contents to bump viciously upwards and bounce up and down as he pulls his foot away.

“Four,” the crowd laughs chanting as Jeremy sidekicks the full length of his boot thundering into Tony’s balls for a bit of variety and he feels Tony slump to the ground with a groan.

Jeremy does a quick victory run around the ring, giving Tony a chance to get back up. He knows that Tony’s like most of the meat heads that he faces, pumping so much drugs into his system to make his muscles grow bigger that most of the time, the guys did not know what the damage causes to other areas of the anatomy. Jeremy starts pounding the floor with his foot as Tony holding his balls tries to get back-up. The paint is smeared on Tony’s face making him look clownish and Jeremy notices the bottom of the ring is grimy where Tony was sprawled out moments ago is covered with the gunky stuff.

Jeremy rushes forward and swings his foot towards Tony’s groin, but at the last second snaps his foot upwards kicking Tony in the teeth. Tony flails and falls flat on his back with an aggravated whoosh of air that is knocked out of his lungs. Tony’s thighs open like flower and Jeremy uses the opportunity to climb the ropes quickly, and flips backwards high into the air and lands knee first directly on top of Tony’s balls.

Tony pitches up in utter agony and Jeremy punches him in between his beady eyes. Jeremy feels the skin on the back of one of his knuckles rip open a bit and he curses himself. He has to remember to leave no evidence of tonight’s proceedings. Jeremy can’t let his mother know that he is been in a fight. Jeremy sits on Tony’s chest, “Time for the big finish, big boy,” Jeremy taunts and reaches back with his nut claw finale grabbing Tony’s busted up nuts.

Tony barely registers the new assault on his manhood until Jeremy starts to perform the twist and lift routine. That’s when Tony slams a punch into Jeremey’s stomach, knocking the boy off of him. For the first time in the evening Jeremy loses his balance and lands on his butt. In an instant Tony sits up and uses his long legs to wrap around Jeremy’s throat.

“No,” Jeremy says as he feels the pressure building around his neck.

“You, little kid are going to regret going for my nuts!” growls Tony Two-Face. “These are my pride and joy,” he grabs himself between the legs and immediately regrets the action as he curses.

Jeremy scoff’s trying to lift one of the legs away from his neck, “I don’t see why, your balls were no bigger than a pair of marbles!”

Tony reaches down Jeremey’s chest, his fingers slowly descending past his navel, trying to get to the kid’s own vulnerable orbs. “Let’s see whose balls are bigger,” he threatens as his thumb and forefinger finds the tip of Jeremy’s penis and give the head a squeeze. “Nope, that’s not what I am looking for…have to reach a bit further.”

Fear wracks his body as Tony violates his privates, “Don’t!” he threatens as he grabs Tony’s arm slowing his descent.

“Why? Wanted me to continue to play with your worm?” Tony laughs picking Jeremy’s penis up and wrapping his whole hand around it.

Groaning in surprise, Jeremy says, “No!” pleading now as Tony twists his dick this way and that, beneath his singlet. And to Jeremy’s object horror he’s dick starts to rigidify against his will, as most thirteen year old boys would from having his dick manipulated in such a fashion.

Tony, smirking, his face paint a mask of color now bleeding down his face spreads his grin even wider as he proclaims, “Looks like someone wants to come out and play.”

A soft moan escapes Jeremy’s lips, as the manipulation intensity’s between his legs. Jeremy continue to struggle banging freely against Tony’s shins and thighs but Tony sucks up the pain, torturing Jeremy in this way, forcing him to undergo this derogation was nothing short of utter bliss after Kid Low Blow rearranged his nuggets. If only Tony could reach a bit further down he could also give him the same treatment, but this was just as good; at least for now.

Jeremy’s legs continue to kick out as he struggles, trying to propel himself away from Tony, as he hardens to his full length. “Let go,” gasps Jeremy, not even pretending to use his low octave voice hoping that Tony takes mercy on him. “Just go for the pin,” Jeremy pleads as he continues to struggle feebly.

“Not just yet,” laughs Tony cruelly, “You haven’t given me a nice wet enough splash in that white fabric. I think the crowd would love to see you cream your singlet and then they could see for themselves that I have finally beaten Kid Low Blow.” Tony intensity’s his upwards and downwards strokes of Jeremey’s cock, working the kid’s penis like a pro as he jacks him.

‘I have to stop him, otherwise I am going to fucking cum,’ thinks Jeremy biting his lip as unwanted pleasure pulses between his legs.  This is the first time anyone has touched his penis, and some part of him almost likes it. Jeremy stops hitting Tony’s leg and instead grabs the bottom of his face mask and pulls it up, revealing his mouth. Tony wonders briefly what the kid is doing until he sinks his teeth deep into his calf right above the boot that he wears.

Tony screams as he lets Jeremy’s dick go and rips his leg away from the kid pulling it back protectively to his stomach as Jeremy rolls over onto his stomach and pushes himself up until he is standing. The crowd goes nuts when they see Kid Low Blow standing, his erection both obvious, and astounding as his dick pushes outwards from his white single obscenely. Jeremy had leaked so much pre-cum that the head of his penis is visible through the white fabric which for all intents and purposes is completely see through. Jeremy wants to cover himself up, and just leave the stage but Tony made this as personal as a match has ever been, and he cannot wait to make him really suffer, so Jeremy let’s his 5 and ½ inch dick sway in his singlet itching for a bit more attention, he was getting so close after all. “You’re going to fucking pay for that,” promises Jeremy, making his voice rich and deep again as he goes back to his deep falsetto as he grabs Tony by the hair until he stands screaming in pain.

Tony shoves Jeremy hard and Jeremy flies backwards, until he hits the ropes, and bounces back. Tony lifts one arm and slams Jeremy in the throat sending him to the mat coughing and choking on his own spit as he stares up at Tony, as he curses himself for forgetting even for a moment that Tony is a much bigger opponent and he cannot beat him with raw strength. Tony slams his boot downwards deep into Jeremy’s guts. The kid groans as what little air was in his lungs is expunged outwards as he struggles to remember how to breathe again, his perfect abs deflating underneath Tony’s boot stomp.

Jeremy grabs Tony’s foot traveling with the boot as Tony lifts it off of the ground, as if Jeremy weighed no more than a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of his shoe. Tony kicks outwards sending Jeremy across the ring as the boy rolls until his back hits the bottom turnbuckle, sharp white pain exploding from his spine. Tony starts running towards the fallen kid, ready to continue his onslaught as Jeremy drops out of the ring onto the floor landing on all fours spots still blurring his grey eyes.

Tony starts to climb the ropes, he wants to end this. When he gets to the top turn buckle he takes a deep breath and roars to the ground, “Now I finish him!”

Jeremy sees his opportunity and seizes it. Jeremy jumps to his feet grabs one of Tony’s boots and pulls it out from under the giant. Tony tries to balance on one foot but it’s too late and he descends in a downward arc to the awaiting turnbuckle. “No!” Tony hollers as he sees the landing that is about to happen but can do nothing to stop the inevitable as Tony’s nuts crash into the turnbuckle with his whole body following suit, smashing his balls into pancakes against the top turnbuckle; his nuts pinned beneath as he feels his world shatter, the agony of the explosion is utter nut pain and agony.

Looking down at the devastation his nuts scream as his body weight, all 185 pounds rests on top of his two delicate testicles. Tony looks up at the ceiling, slack jaw, eyes glassy as he moans and screams “My balls!”

The crowd erupts in cheers, as Jeremy using this moment for all that its worth turns around so that he faces the crowd, and reaches up and grabs one of Tony’s legs in each hand and jumps into the air with them.

Vaguely Tony watches Kid Low Blow grabs each of his boots and leap with them into the air, he pounders what the stupid kid is doing as his legs pull off of the turnbuckle and his pelvis rolls a bit over his nuts, he groans at the fresh wave of pain bursts from his gonads and sees the kid descending back to the ground still clutching his boots. Then reality hits hard as Jeremy does not touch the ground but wrap all 110 pounds around Tony’s legs and Tony’s testicles are compressed even further as Jeremy’s full weight pulls Tony’s legs to the floor.

Tony screams, his eyes rolling in his skull as he stares at the bright blinding lights above him as he grabs the ropes trying to push off of them, to give his nuts some sort of relief. “My fucking nuts!” Tony shrieks his voice like that of a tenor as the last syllable leaves his throat. His body seizes in agony as wave after wave of nut never-ending nut pain washes over him from both his own weight and that of the kid almost two hundred and fifty pounds destroys what was once a very prominent and important part of his anatomy.

Tony attempts one last time to free himself, and his body gives up and he mercifully passes out falling backwards off of the turnbuckle. Fear grips Jeremy as he feels his body shooting upwards and he lets go dropping back to the ground as he watches Tony drop to the mat unconscious. As Jeremy stands up, the crowd goes wild as the blonde female announcer appears suddenly next to him lifting his hand into the air screaming, “Winner! Kid Low Blow has done it, Tony Two-Face is out!”

Jeremy smiles, feeling his lips exposed and quickly pulls his mask back down forgetting that he had to expose his jaw to bite Tony’s leg to escape. Jeremy feels a thick envelope is placed in his hand and he does a very quick victory dance around the ring and jumps into the ring placing one foot on Tony’s chest, as he pounds the air with both fists. The crowd eats it up and Jeremy, quickly makes his exit still not listening to the announcer’s voice as usually while he heads to the changing area.

Barry is waiting for him, with his bag in hand. “You better get out of here.” Barry looks worried as he glances to both sides. “I unlocked your bike for you, you need to leave as soon as possible.”

“How…” Jeremy begins pulling his sweatshirt overhead as he tries to process an explanation that would make sense for Barry knowing his bike lock code.

“Jeremy,” Barry whispers urgently, “You need to leave now, I doubt that I was the only one to notice half of your face. Take that mask off,” Barry commands and he pulls out a thick wool black hat. “Please, hurry. You will be too recognizable with that on.”

Fear grips Jeremy as he listens to Barry, and takes off streaking down the hall heading to the exit, black hat pulled low over his head, his eyes barely visible. He shoves his masked deep within his small backpack along with the thick envelope as he turns the corner and bursts outdoors.

Jeremy jumps onto his bike, lifts the kickstand and starts pedaling hard, he almost makes it to the end of the ally as bright white headlights blind his vision and he is forced to come to a skidding stop as his eyes refocus and adjust. That’s when he feels the bag drop over his sweaty forehead, and panics ensues. Jeremy slams his backpack into his attacker and manages to free himself, as he crashes to the ground, his right shoulder screaming in pain.

“Don’t let him get away!” orders a man, opening and slamming the car door.

Jeremy struggles but gets to his feet pulling the bag off of his head as the first attacker, a member of the Black Crow gang swings a fist towards Jeremy’s head.

Jeremy ducks and knees him in the balls and follows it up with an uppercut tossing the Black Crow to the ground, as he spins and runs trying to get back to the illegal wrestling warehouse, leaving the gangster hollering in pain behind him.

“Leave him alone,” Barry shouts running from the entrance, he’s flagged by another security guard that he has muscled up to help.

“Barry!” Jeremy cries out, trying to get to him as he is grabbed by the back of his sweat shirt and is lifted off of the pavement. “No,” Jeremy yells swinging his elbow into the next Black Crow thug’s side. The thug does not let the hold go and pulls him against his body and runs with Jeremy in his arms towards the vehicle the headlights cutting into the darkness.

“No,” Barry takes out his Taser gun, aims and fires. Jeremy feels the prongs of the weapon hit the guys holding him as they drop to the ground. Jeremy manages to roll into a ball safely, but he’s even further away from Barry now as he tries to get to his feet another goon grabs him, along with a second and together the force him into the car, ripping his bag off of his shoulder.

“Barry!” Jeremy screams as the door slams, and the car peels away, the smell of burned rubber assaulting his nostrils. The black crows leave behind some of the gangsters to deal with the security or to get caught, but none of that matters. Jeremy is their target and he iscaptured, their mission accomplished. Jeremy is trapped and within their grasp. Jeremy fights against the two holding him as a zip tie is strapped to one of his wrists and then the other. Jeremy’s heart is going crazy within his chest as he is gagged with one of the gang’s red bandanas around his mouth.

“No,” Jeremy whimpers as a fist crashes into his stomach, “Ugh!” Jeremy groans, bending over and is pushed back against the seat his abs bruising below his pectorals.

“Stop struggling, you are going nowhere,” and that’s when if things could get worse, they somehow manage to. A needle appears in front of Jeremy’s grey eyes and he struggles even more, with everything he has but it isn’t enough. The two seventeen year olds, at least they look that old to him overpower his feeble attempt to get free, and get back to Barry. A third gangster leans backwards from the front seat and Jeremy gawks in fear as see’s Tony’s older brother, Trevor a sneer covering his well-defined jaw as his cold eyes appraise his and he tisks. “My brother lost to you,” Trevor scoffs as he jabs him with the needle in his neck and everything mercifully fades to darkness.

“You are in for it now,” Trevor promises, as Jeremy sees the hard cold look in his eyes, which will haunt his nightmares, he is sure, as he blacks out.

Jeremy began to regain consciousness slowly. His head swimming, as he tries to figure out what happened. It took Jeremy some time, of that he was unsure of until his thoughts, all be it terrifying ones occur to him. The rundown was this:

1). I don’t know where I am

2). I can’t see

3). I can’t move

4). And I can’t talk

Realization begins to kick in, as Jeremy begins to understand his predicament. Jeremy is strapped in a standing position against a cool wall, at least he thinks it’s a wall. The surface is hard beneath him. Each wrist and ankle is held tightly in place with another strap was around his waist. Jeremy figures that he is both gagged, and blind folded; and if it could get any worse, he couldn’t fathom it. For one thing was for certain, Jeremy was in a very bad way in the den of the Black Crows.

Jeremy’s attempts to struggle told him that was useless, for he could barely move. His leather bounded straps offer no give or slack for him to even attempt an escape. So Jeremy lays still, doing the only thing that he can do: listen. Information was key, and the only thing that he could do beyond that was not panic, to stay in control, and figure out a way out of this horrible mess that he has now found himself in.

So Jeremy lay still, listen and made an attempt to learn all that he could until his captures came back.

What Jeremy was discovering was not much. His thoughts on the matter were that he was still in Bartlet, as he could hear the ocean. But every so faintly he could hear the horn blowing the constant echoes of communication that occurs just off of Pebble Rock where the lighthouse communicates with boats coming in and out of the harbor. That informs Jeremy that he is in the sea district, which was not a large part of Bartlet, it was relatively small. That information although valuable, was also not. The sea district went under almost twenty years ago and the area was mostly deserted. That meant that no one was close enough to call out to for help. That fact scared Jeremy, but he had an ace up his sleeve. Jeremy new that his friend, Barry would be looking for him and that he most likely called the police. Jeremy just had to make it through a few more hours and he would be found. This thought settled his scarier thoughts, so he lay back and tried to sleep.

Sometime later he heard voices, he must have dozed off at some point but he was coming round again, and this time his thoughts were a lot stronger, whatever knockout drug that was used against Jeremy by Trevor was wearing off.

Jeremy heard footfalls, rustling, laughter and a slight clinking sound, as sweat began to run down his brow. The door to the room he was bound in opened, and the burst of sounds grew almost over whelming instantly as the black crows swarm into the room.

Jeremy’s heart beat thunders in his chest, threatening to burst out as he felt someone approach him. He felt a burst of warm air as someone blew into his ear. A strangled cry escapes his gag, his body quivers, and at the same time the black crows laugh. “Someone’s not so tough now that he’s all strung up, is he?” ask an unfamiliar voice.

“Calm yourself, we will get to Jeremy soon enough,” Trevor, one of the leaders of the black crows informs the group his deep baritone voice piecing the room. “Mr. Wonderful, are you almost ready to begin?”

“Yes, Trevor. I am looking forward to it. I’m going to remove his singlet soon.”

“I figured,” Trevor answers walking over to the bound Jeremy. “You are going to regret what you did to my brother.” Trevor pokes Jeremy in the chest for emphasis. “I bet that you already do.” Trevor removes the gag, and Jeremy breathes a full breath of air, his lungs feeling like they have not worked properly before.

“Trevor…” Jeremey hesitates, coughing and clearing his throat before going on. “Trevor, I’m sorry, you can have the money. Just let me go.” Laughter rings out throughout the room, Jeremey is unable to tell from what direction as his head twists left and right, the blindfold keeping him in the dark.

A hand grabs Jeremy’s chin turning him to the left, “Money, you think this is about money? You hurt my brother’s pride, along with his family jewels, our royal heritage. And that is something I can’t tolerate.”

Jeremy gulps as Trevor releases his chin, and fingers dance on his chest and hears the taring of his singlet. “What are you doing?” Jeremy asks, feeling the fabric ripping away from his chest exposing his skin beneath, his chest gleams in the hard white light.

Trevor whistles taking it in, “You work out a lot, huh?” Trevor asks as he slugs Jeremy right in the abs.

Jeremy gasps, gaging.

Trevor does it again to the same spot, and watches as Jeremy body instinctually tries to protect itself and curl in, and when Jeremy realizes he can’t he lays back in defeat as he groans.

“I don’t usually do this myself, but you made things personal, I have to set an example,” Trevor sneers staring at the body’s ripped body, his muscles hard and impressive especially for a thirteen year old as he rips the rest of the fabric down to the crotch, and Jeremy feels his plump assets bulge outwards.

Jeremey’s heart beats faster as Trevor puts a finger beneath his jockstrap, “Now what do we have here?” Trevor asks as he gently peals back his white jockstrap and Jeremey can feel him leaning over him. “Not bad, not bad all. I think that the guys here would like to see what you have hidden in here, right crows?”

“No!” Jeremy protests, while the Black Crows making cawing music around the room.

“I agree,” Trevor says releasing the jockstrap which snaps against Jeremey’s lower abs and he cringes in fear. “At least not yet, we will all have a turn with your balls.”

“My…” Jeremey begins as Trevor’s hand wraps firmly around Jeremey’s pouch.

“Balls,” Trevor grins. Jeremy knows that he is grinning, enjoying Jeremey’s distress.

“I have to tell you something, please. Could you ask them to leave?”

Trevor just laughs, “No I don’t think so. Whatever you have to say, you better say it quick. I’m getting bored.” Jeremy feels Trevor rolling his balls within their sac, allowing them to roll back and forth, as he toys with him.

“I’ve never told this to anyone but…” and Jeremy gulps before going on. “I’m a virgin.”

“That’s obvious, we aren’t going to rape you silly boy, just destroy these. Trevor informs his captive.”

“There’s more!” Jeremy shouts and then whispers, “I’ve never you know,” and he swallows hard. “Been hit in my nuts before,” Jeremey finishes lamely.

Trevor stops rolling his testicles, and pauses briefly before he rips off the blindfold covering Jeremy’s eyes.

Light pours in and Jeremy is forces his eye lids shut, as he tried to adjust. “Look at me,” warns Trevor. “You better not be lying.”

“I’m not! I promise,” Jeremey squints in Trevor’s direction seeing Tony’s cousin, his dark ribbed tank top pulled tight over his frame, the wings of a black crow itching upwards from beneath the tank the ink almost glows as Trevor, hard jaw glares at him.

“That’s impossible, you’re an illegal wrestler. On top of that they call you the Kid Low Blow for God sake. How could no one land one on these?” Trevor asks genuinely curious, not believing the kid. “They are a very large target. That’s why everyone who goes to the arena thinks that your older, because you kid are packing.”

“I’ve been really careful, and you have seen me fight. I always hit first, I never give my opponent a chance to think,” Jeremy tries to shrug his shoulders but the effect is lost as him arms are bound above his head.

Jeremey is beginning to be able to focus and he only has eyes for Trevor, who’s smiling evilly at him.

“You have given me a rare treat, I get to be your first,” Trevor looks down. “What should I do to them first? The squeeze? A kick? The possibilities are endless.” Trevor says as he pulls down Jeremy’s jockstrap and grabs onto Jeremy’s very full sac.

Jeremy shakes his head at each selection, “How about known of those?” he suggest instead.

Ignoring him, Trevor uppercuts Jeremy in the abs right underneath his rib cage and Jeremy lurches off the board, his air whooshing out of him as he lets out a low guttural moan.

“Don’t annoy me, or I will make you suffer worse. Do you have a request? I might do it, or I might not ad heed to it. How do you want your first painful experience to go?”

“Not at all,” Jeremy groans.

“Then I get to decide, goodie. I think we might as well go classic,” and Trevor steps back, taking careful aim as he raises his foot off of the ground and gently taps the bottom of Jeremy’s jockstrap pouch.


“No! Please, don’t!” Jeremy shrieks as he watches in terror as Trevor pulls his foot back, and kicks out his black dress shoe slamming full force into his jockey’s. The thud echoes in Jeremey’s ears first, as Trevor pulls his foot away and for a full second Jeremy feels no pain, but a sharpness in his guts, but then the pain hits him and it’s like unlike anything he has ever felt before.

Trevor watches in delight as Jeremy’s eyes bulge, and recognition occurs as he begins to feel the impact. Jeremy’s jaw drops open in a silent scream, as he gazes down at his manhood in disbelief.

“So that’s a kick, how does it feel Jeremy?”

Jeremy shakes his head, and gasps not realizing that he has been holding his breath. “My god!” he whimpers and his eyes slowly travel up to meet Trevor’s. “You got me in the balls,” Jeremy moans.

“That I did kid,” Trevor agrees grabs both of Jeremy’s shoulders tightly, “And this is a knee,” and he does the slow tap, tap like before against Jeremy’s nuts. The taps this time send electric currents of agony even though the touch is gentle making Jeremy feel weak in the knees.

“Not again!” Jeremy pleads, but to no avail. Trevor smirks and sends the knee upward hammering his knee bone into Jeremy’s pelvis so hard that Jeremy’s open jaw slams shut. Both of his balls are crushed instantly, as Trevor slams a second knee, just as hard into his pouch before Jeremy’s body can even process the first shockwaves of pain, a second crashes into his sense and Jeremy swears, “Fuuuuck!”

Trevor pulls back still holding onto Jeremy’s bare shoulders as the boy thrashes beneath him. Groaning, hips thrusting with uncoordinated grace, Jeremy trembles as his eyes shut and he groans the pain sinking in.

“We are just getting started Jeremy,” Trevor informs him. “You and I, we are in this together. I’m your guide into the land of the pain, and you have to maintain your course. No way out. Once you accept that, it goes easier. Until then, well, you suffer!” And Jeremy takes his usual careful aim, and Jeremy is shaking his head as Trevor uppercuts him right in between the thighs.

“Ugh!” Jeremy growls, as a fresh wave of agony pierces through his young frame, “My balls! I had no idea… it hurts so much.” Jeremy whines, drool dripping down his lip.

“Yup it sucks,” Trevor acknowledges as he scoops up both of Jeremy’s bare balls, and Jeremey can feel them trying to shrink to escape this horror. “So far you have felt, fresh sharp pain. The squeeze, it’s constant, never ending. The ache does not even begin to start until I let them go. If I do, that is.” Trevor smiles, showing his teeth.

Jeremy whimpers, “Not that, my balls…you got me so bad already. I give, I give up!” Jeremy declares.

“If only this was a wrestling match, and you could just give up. Well it’s not a match, so you can’t!” Jeremy feels a bit of pressure, not a lot but his balls ache already and Jeremy can tell that Trevor is barely squeezing, but even this, this is enough to cause Jeremy to sweat more.

“They key to a reach good ball grab is to start slow, build up the pressure, and when the guy thinks he can’t take any more you do a few small…surprises,” Trevor laughs.

“Surprise, fuck Trevor…my nuts…you’re going to break them!” Jeremy warns, as his body shakes, convulsing in agony that stems from his testicles.

“That’s where you are wrong. I am very much in control of how much damage I am doing, I’m not breaking your balls. At least, not yet!” Jeremy increases the pressure, squeezing a bit hard as his finger dig in a bit more into Jeremy’s nut meat. He can tell that the boy feels it immediately.

“Don’t destroy my balls, I have never used them yet!” Jeremy whines.

“It all depends on my brother, he’s recovering in the other room. I wanted to warm you up first. He’s going to finish this!” Jeremy then uses his thumbs and digs them in deep to the delicate sides of Jeremy’s balls.

Jeremy groans now looking up at the ceiling, “Ughhh, ughh, ughh!” Jeremy huffs, his heart thundering in his chest as he squirms in his restraints unable to free himself to save his boyhood.

“That’s my thumb you are feeling,” Trevor chuckles, “That’s one of the surprises I was telling you about, and this is another.” Trevor violently twists Jeremy’s balls in an almost a full circle pulling them towards his own body and the boy screams.

“Mr. Wonderful?” Trevor calls.

From the shadows a 16 year old dark skinned boy appears, he wears the trade mark black leather pants, which showoff his very ample assets, and his ribbed black tank top like Trevor’s highlights his muscles. Mr. Wonderful pushes a tray right next to Trevor. “Yes sir?”

“I bore of this” Trevor explains as he releases Jeremey’s balls which drop back on top of Jeremy’s thighs. “Take over.” Trevor pats Jeremy on the cheek as he walks away, and Mr. Wonderful approaches smiling.

Trevor reaches towards the door, ready to turn the handle when it open and Tony, Two-Face bursts inside, seething in rage; his face still  smeared with the greasy paint which has run down his bare chest, the singlet straps close to his knees. “Tony… you should be resting,” Trevor begins, cutting a look like fire to the two gangsters behind him shrugging their shoulder and turning away.

Tony pokes his finger into his brother’s chest, glaring at Trevor as he growls “How dare you start without me!”

Trevor takes his brother’s finger in hand, gently lowering it as he calmly answers “He fucked you up, I just…I could not let that punk get away with that. All I did was warm him up. Mr. Wonderful is here ready to take over.”

“The fuck he is!” Bellows Tony as his anger turns on Mr. Wonderful who gulps. Tony rushes up to him eyes glaring, forehead tapping his adversary as Tony gets so close to him that his spit lands all over his face as he shouts, “Get the fuck out!

Mr. Wonderful gulps, glancing a look at Trevor who shrugs. He spreads his hands over his equipment as he says, “Have at it then.”

Tony’s lips curl in a menacing grin, as he grabs the first thing in reach: a rubber mallet. Tony turns finally to face Jeremy.

Jeremy swallows, his mouth dry the sound audible to all in the room as he shakes his head, “Tony…” he tries to protest as Tony sinks the rubber mallet downwards striking Jeremey perfectly in both of his testicles.

“You are going to pay for what you did to my nuts!” Tony promises as he grinds the rubber mallet deep into Jeremy’s groin the balls squishing underneath.

A moan of anguish escapes Jeremy’s lips as the deep aching agony bursts from between his legs. Jeremy lurches up, arms violently flailing as his legs shake his instinct to protect his growing manhood still denied.

Tony’s eyes ravage Jeremy’s grey ones as he watches the boy struggle, “Trying to save these? Well you can’t!” Tony pulls back the mallet and uses it like an uppercut, swinging the rubber mallet like a pendulum bringing the instrument right back into their intended targets, and feeling the familiar give of the squishy nuggets being tenderizing underneath. Tony keeps a strong hold on the mallet and pushes it as hard as he can against Jeremy’s ballsac feeling the balls try to squirm away with no hope of escape.

“That’s it,” Trevor encourages his brother. “Try this,” handing Tony a set of prongs.

Jeremy slumps against the flat wall that he hangs from, fatigue claiming his body as he sweats, his skin glistening underneath the fluorescent lighting. Jeremy’s muscles are so taut in his stomach, as Jeremy tries to process the pain. Moaning quietly Jeremy looks back up as Tony appears before him and he can’t even muscle up the energy to fight anymore as pads are placed one after the other on each of his bare balls. Jeremy wants to ask what they are, so he knows what’s coming but thinks better on it. Pain is his only reality, and knowing is not going to change that.

Instead Jeremy focuses on Tony, looking at him half dressed, his singlet straps pulled down to his waist. Jeremy makes out his package and sees the older teen still walking a bit bow legged thanks to the abuse that he gave to him tonight. Jeremy in his world shattering pain grits his teeth as his voice, hollow and raspy whispers “I didn’t know it could hurt this much. Trevor introduced me to it.” Jeremy strains to go on, clearing his voice, “He was the first to hit my balls. Nothing you can do…can be worse than that first hit.”

Tony looks up, “Oh yeah? We will see.”

Trever hands over the device explain. “The maximum pain is clearly in the red at ten. I like a steady build-up myself when I use it, but it’s up to you on how you want to handle it.”

Tony says nothing as he twists the nob and electricity course’s through Jeremy’s ballsac. Jeremy’s eyes bulge out as he screams his whole body lurching into the air.

“What were you saying?” Tony has to yell over Jeremy’s screams of anguish. “Nothing was worse than what, again?”

The power of the electrodes throb in a constant stream of power flowing in and out of Jeremy’s testicles, white hot and completely devastating. When Tony finally turns it off Jeremy’s body still locked in the air crashes back down, his balls strumming with energy as Tony inspects them.

“They look red and sore!”

“I bet,” chuckles Trevor.

“My…balls…” Jeremy murmurs.

Tony grabs one in each hand, judging the damage as he says, “A little crispy, huh kid?”

“Ugh!” Jeremy manages as he feels Tony press his thumbs into the center of each ball. Jeremy hardly reacts at all his balls are almost numb with overflowing pain, the application of more barely registers, as his eyes begin to close.

“Oh no! Where do you think you’re going?” demands Tony as he douses Jeremy’s face in ice water.

Jeremy’s shakes his head, awake water pouring down his chest, and into his singlet drenching the material the water pooling around his nuts as Tony picks up a very heavy metal hammer. Jeremy looks at the weapon and back as Tony, “Please don’t break my balls!”

“Kid Low Blow is finished!” Tony barks lifting the hammer over his head, aiming the heavy weapon and bringing it straight down starting with Jeremy’s right ball first.

Jeremy screams in terror as the door flies inward and Tony swirls seeing Barry slam his baton into Trevor’s guts.

“No,” Tony yells watching brother gasp, grabbing his abs and sink to his knees.

Barry aims his gun and fires a set of Taser prongs into Tony’s balls. Tony blinks, drops the hammer to the floor as white flashing pain plunges him to his knees electrifying his balls. “My nuts!” Tony whimpers falling to his side, grabbing his himself as he feels the electricity flowing in and out, as he pulls the prongs out; and falling unconscious.

The rest of Barry’s buddies rush into the room battling the gangsters, and making short work of them with their Taser guns and batons.

Barry rushes up to Jeremy, “Hold on kid. I’ll get you out.”

Jeremy tries to smile, but blacks out instead.

When Jeremy comes to he finds himself in an unfamiliar vehicle, the leather seat warm underneath his butt, and wearing his sweatshirt. Jeremy tenderly reaches to touch his balls, and Barry says, “I wouldn’t. They are going to be bruised for a week.”

“Ugh,” Jeremy groans twisting in his seat. “Where are we?”

“I took you home. Look up.”

Jeremy did, leaning his body against the window. Accidently, Jeremy shifts his thigh and bumps his left ball and he almost screams as he bends over groaning. Barry rests his hand between the boy’s shoulder blades and rubs. “You took a serious beating to your boyhood. I checked them over, your balls should be okay.”

“Thanks to you,” Jeremy moans as he lets his nutsac go. He turns in his seat and hugs Barry. Barry pulls him closer, hugging him fiercely back and he feels Jeremy jolt in his embrace and sees the joystick sticking right between Jeremy’s thighs jabbing into what looks like Jeremy’s right ball.

“Oops,” Barry chuckles pushing Jeremy back into his seat, as Jeremy folds into a ball on the passenger seat. “My bad.”

“Fuck!” Jeremy grunts. “That stuff never happens to me.”


“I’m so good at avoiding them, I’ve never even been hit in the nuts until tonight,” Jeremy explains.

“Once the first hit comes, it’s like an avalanche. Puberty is not going to be fun, trust me,” Barry laughs putting his hand on Jeremy’s back again. “Can you make it up your steps to your house?”

“Yeah, I’ll manage.” Jeremy thanks Barry again, no hug this time and stumbles from the car as if drunk. Barry watches to make sure he gets home, and sees Jeremy take out a ladder from the bushes and put it up to an open window.

“Kids,” Barry says shaking his head as he pulls out of the driveway and drives home.

Jeremy pulls himself into his darkened room and steps quietly inside, closing the window behind him. Jeremy strips off his sweatshirt, and ruined singlet and dropping them to the floor. He wants to cradle his aching balls, but thinks better of it. He leaves his jockstrap on as he heads into the bathroom taking some aspirin and turning to his bed and falling down on top of it.

Jeremy lurches as something bony pokes into both nuts and he crumbles into a whimpering mess in a ball as his younger brother sits up. “Jeremy?” he says sleepily coming out of a dead sleep.

“My balls…oh god, you kneed my balls.” Jeremy whimpers touching his bloated boys, regrets it instantly, and releases them allowing them to fall back against his thighs. “Awww.”

The sleepy ten year old perks up, the covers falling away from his frame as he turns reaches out, “Jeremy did I get you?” His blonde hair waving wildly around his head in every direction, his green eyes full of wonder and mischief.

“Yes Cade, my nuts!” Jeremy tries to remain quiet. “What are you doing here?”

“Nightmare,” says Cade as he gropes for his brother and he hugs him. “Can I sleep with you?”

“Yeah,” says Jeremy turning to face Cade. “Just watch out for my boys, okay?”

Cade smiles his white teeth reflective in the dark, “Promise.” And he crosses his fingers behind his back, Jeremy not able to see.

“Thanks,” Jeremy says. “I’ve had a rough night.”

Cade snuggles up close to his brother and hugs him, “That’s too bad. You lose?”

“Long story,” Jeremy closes his eyes. “I will tell you tomorrow.”

Yawning Cade agrees, and just as Jeremy begins to nod off he feels a tiny fist burry itself in between his legs, and Jeremy cries out as Cade laughs. “Now, I won’t do it again…promise.” His brother laughs merrily watching Jeremy struggle with agonizing pain.

Jeremy rolls into a ball thinking Barry might be right. He’s had thirteen years of not being hit in the nuts, and that streak was put to an end tonight. And it looks as though his balls might be a target for some time to come. “Cade,” Jeremy chastises as he gently rolls his nuts into their sac.

Cade grabs his brother around the middle snuggling in close laughing at his older brother’s pain. “I can’t wait to wrestle with you tomorrow!”

“Not happening,” Jeremy states.

“We will see. My singlet came in today, I’m going to try it on and you’re in for it.” Cade says rubbing Jeremy’s shoulder. “Little brother is going to beat you up!”

Jeremy groans and turns over to yell at Cade, as he finds Cade’s knee tapping his balls. “Tomorrow, those are my targets. Night bro!”

Jeremy gulps as Caid’s threat lingers in the air between them and Jeremy nods his head in agreement.

“Go to sleep Caid,” Jeremy yawns

“I’ll take that as a ‘Yes’,” Caid turns over with a yawn, “I can’t wait!”


Mickey said...

I would love the see the continuation for the fight between Jeremy and Cade! It looks like Kid Low Blow is going to be Kid Low Blowed now ;))

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hi Mickey,

Hmmm that could be a fun story possibility Mickey. I am glad that you enjoyed the story!



Anonymous said...

Great story as always, I love it when cocky and smug people get what they deserve, and in this case it was low blow kid! Who could have guessed he had never received a low blow before? But it was still great, and if you decide to give us a sequel, I wonder if Low Blow Kid is gonna hold back on the low blows with his little brother or if, since his little brother wants to bust him so much, show him how it feels at an early age so he doesn't end up like him

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hi Anonymous,

I'm so glad that you liked it, and I appreciate you giving this new story a shot. I was really marries to the concept of the main character new having a experience receiving a low blow, I thought that would make for a really neat story.
I was not planning on a sequel. I have written the next two Gino and Jayden Series, and I am planning something really spectacular afterwards.

A sequel could be fun though, I'm not saying "No," just maybe "Not, right now." But if there is enough interest I would consider it.



Anonymous said...

Hi! I love your writing. I love young endowed boys proud an boasting their equipment, and their posterior humiliation when someone defeat them with bigger cocks and balls. Could you to explain some more about you planning "something really spectacular"? Thank you very much for your work.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hi Anonymous,

Currently, I am planning a huge project called Before They Were Ball Busting Boys. I’m gathering other authors for us to collaborate and create origin stories for each of Alex’s most popular characters about their first time getting hit in the nuts. I have the first one done. I’m super excited about the project! I think that everyone will like it, and I've been asked a lot about using Alex's characters and this is a great way to do that.



Anonymous said...

Exciting project! Thank you for your fast reply.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Agreed Anonymous! I am super excited about it! Also, I usually check the site every day to respond to comments, its one of my favorite parts of being a writer: responding to people who have read my work.



Anonymous said...

Jimmy, these stories sound super cool!

I can't wait to see the smaller versions of the cast show off the origins of their traits, I don't wanna interfere with anything you've already planned, but, I would love to see stories like: how Ben, Kev and Colin met for the first time, maybe the origin of Ben's "Biggest balls in the room" or "Balls of steel" catchphrases. A smaller Zach struggling with his massive assets. The beginning of Logan fighting dirty on his wrestling matches. There's a lot of potential in this new series and I can't wait for this project to start!

-Anon 1