Friday, October 16, 2020

Walk of shame (Toby meets Ben)

Special thanks to Toby for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who likes cocky studs) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ

Featured in this story: Ben (click for pictures)

“Walk of shame!” someone yelled, and soon everybody chimed in. “Walk of shame! Walk of shame! Walk of shame!”
Ben looked at Toby.
Toby looked at Ben.
“Walk of shame! Walk of shame! Walk of shame!”
It was a nasty tradition but there was no way around it: The loser walks back to the dorm room, bare naked, with his hands raised high in the air and with his weak, swollen nuts on full display, and his frat brothers are free to smack him on the butt or kick him in the nuts.

“Walk of shame! Walk of shame! Walk of shame!”
Both Ben and Toby had known what was in store for them if they lost.
“Walk of shame! Walk of shame! Walk of shame!”
The winner smiled.
The loser didn’t.
Half an hour before, the locker room was filled with half-naked guys.
Ben was 20 years old, a tall and handsome, muscular young man with black hair and brown eyes. He was known to be proud of his manhood, and he was showing it off whenever he could, bragging that he had the “biggest balls in the room” and flexing his muscles.
Toby was 22 years old, just as handsome and just as cocky as Ben. He had been annoyed by Ben’s toothless bravado for a while now, and today, when Ben paraded past him, bare naked, his fat nuts and his meaty dick dangling between his muscular thighs, Toby had had enough.
A sidestep and a deliberately careless extension of his elbow did the trick: He caught Ben square in the nutsack, stopping him dead in his tracks.
Ben’s handsome face contorted and his jaw dropped.
“My nuts!” he squeaked in a comically high-pitched voice, doubling over in pain.
“Damn, I’m so sorry, bro”, Toby said with a toothy grin, looking down at Ben. “Did I get you in the nuts? That’s gotta hurt.”
“Fuck you”, Ben groaned, rubbing his nuts.
Toby chuckled. He adjusted the towel that was wrapped around his waist. “I guess your nuts aren’t all that tough after all…” He paused, his eyes wandering south. “Or that big…”
Ben looked up at him. “I’ve got the biggest balls in the room”, he blurted out. “And the toughest.”
Toby let out a laugh.
Ben furrowed his brow. “Balls of steel”, he said defiantly. “That’s what they are. Balls of steel.”
A few guys stopped what they were doing and looked at Ben.
“Balls of steel?” Toby grinned. “I’ll show you balls of steel.”
With that, Toby pulled his towel away, revealing his impressive equipment. He had a very respectable rod and a pair of fat, juicy, low-hanging nuts to match.
A crowd started forming around Ben and Toby. Things were getting interesting.
Ben didn’t look down at Toby’s crotch. He didn’t need to check. He knew his balls were bigger. His balls were bigger than any other guy’s. They were the biggest balls in the room, Ben knew it.
“That’s what you call balls of steel?” Ben said with a derisive laugh. “They can’t compete with these.” He grabbed his own ball bag and shook his nuts, causing the crowd to cheer and laugh.
“Do you really want to have a competition?” Toby grinned, taking a step closer to Ben.
Ben followed his lead and stepped up to Toby.
Now their muscular bodies were almost touching.
“Afraid?” Ben asked with a cocky smile.
“Of you?” Toby chuckled. “Don’t flatter yourself.”
“You know what happens to the loser”, Ben grinned.
“Walk of shame?” Toby replied with a smile.
“Walk of shame”, Ben nodded his head.
When the two studs shook hands, the crowd erupted in cheers and applause.
“Spread ‘em, buddy”, Ben said with a cocky smile.
Toby did as he was told, putting his hands behind his back and cocking his hips, letting his fat cock and his meaty balls dangle invitingly.
Ben took the invitation and delivered a nut-shattering kick to Toby’s most prized possessions. His foot connected with Toby’s valuables, smacking them into his body with a loud SPLAT that made several guys in the crowd cup their crotches and cringe in sympathy. The rest roared with laughter, cheering and applauding as the pain crept onto Toby’s face and he struggled to keep his composure.
“Fuck yeah!” Ben bellowed, pounding his chest, eliciting a fresh round of cheers from the crowd. He raised his fists into the air. “Balls of stee---”
Toby interrupted him with a hard kick to the nuts.
“---eeeeaeaeaeaghghgh”, Ben’s voice was knocked up a notch as his nuggets were knocked around in his sack.
The audiovisual combination of the muscular stud and the girlish shriek made the crowd erupt with laughter, and Toby took a bow, grinning proudly as Ben doubled over, cupping his crotch.
The next kick followed suit, hitting Toby square in the nuts, a direct hit to the sperm bunkers.
“Fuck yeah!” Ben roared, only to be silenced a split-second later when Toby’s foot connected with his juicy babymakers.
They went back and forth, kicking each other square in the nuts with all the force they could muster, howling in agony when their nuts were crunched flat against their bodies, laughing derisively when they landed a good hit and watched their opponent double over in pain, screaming and cheering, wailing and roaring, confident and upbeat one moment, crushed and in utter agony the next.
The crowd egged them on, shouting their names, cheering and laughing and clapping their hands as they watched their buddies wreck each other and diminishing each other’s chances of ever fathering children.
With every kick, the two pairs of nuts turned redder and redder.
After a dozen kicks they were seriously swollen.
After another dozen they had taken on the color of a ripe tomato.
Ben’s face was contorted in pain. He had just received a nasty kick to the spuds from Toby.
“Oooh! I bet his kids felt that!” a guy in the crowd yelled to roaring laughter.
“He’ll be shooting blanks for a while”, Toby added with a grin, eliciting another round of laughter.
“Ha fucking ha”, Ben grumbled, massaging his battered balls. “Spread your fucking legs so I can shut down your sperm factory.”
Toby shrugged his shoulders and braced himself for the impact. His nuts were pretty tough but Ben’s legs were muscular and he knew how to use them.
Ben’s foot came up between Toby’s legs, hitting both of his fat nuts dead-on.
“God!” Toby croaked, his eyes bulging as the pain washed through his body.
“Sperm factory closed?” Ben grinned.
“Don’t worry about my sperm factory”, Toby grunted. “You better make sure that yours isn’t going out of business.” With that, Toby landed another devastating kick to Ben’s precious valuables.
Ben groaned in pain. His knees trembled and for a second it looked like he was going down. But he managed to stay on his feet, his face a mask of pain as he clutched his rapidly swelling bag of balls.
The crowd went wild, yelling and clapping and cheering.
Another dozen kicks were traded, and the two nutsacks were viciously crunched, much to the amusement of the crowd.
Neither Ben nor Toby were willing to give up and admit defeat. Instead, they doubled down, verbally humiliating their opponent with every nut-shattering kick.
“I hope you made a deposit to the sperm bank”, Ben grunted. “You don’t want your family line to end here tonight…” With that, he kicked Toby’s nuts as hard as he could, lifting his handsome opponent off the ground and making him scream from the top of his lungs.
Toby retaliated with a devastating kick to the groin that made Ben shriek like a banshee. “You sound a girl”, Toby quipped, his face contorted in pain. “A few more kicks and you’ll be one.”
The crowd roared with laughter as they were back and forth for another dozen kicks.
Neither of them was holding back, and with every kick they went harder, trying to land a game-ending blow to their opponent’s testicles.
Toby’s foot connected with Ben’s balls, his instep flattening the handsome hunk’s bruised and swollen balls like pancakes.
“Fuuuuuuuuuck!” Ben shrieked.
“Nope, you’re not gonna do that anytime soon”, Toby quipped to roaring laughter.
Ben kicked Toby’s nuts with all the force he could muster, eliciting a dry cough as Toby doubled over in pain.
“My thoughts and prayers are with your unborn kids”, Ben grunted, causing the crowd to roar with laughter.
Toby looked up at him.
His next move was unexpected.
Instead of bringing his leg back and kicking Ben in the nuts for the umpteenth time, he grabbed Ben’s shoulders and rammed his knee up between his thighs.
It was a perfect move.
A nut destroyer.
A true game changer.
Toby’s knee found Ben’s bloated, battered balls and crushed them flat.
Ben’s mouth opened.
His jaw dropped.
Drool started dropping out the corner of his mouth.
His eyes started crossing.
Then they rolled back into his head and he collapsed on the ground, out cold.
“Walk of shame!” someone yelled, and soon everybody chimed in. “Walk of shame! Walk of shame! Walk of shame!”
Ben looked at Toby.
Toby looked at Ben.
“Walk of shame! Walk of shame! Walk of shame!”
The winner smiled.
The loser didn’t.

It was a long way to the dorm, and the pain in Ben’s nuts certainly wasn’t helping.

His friends used every opportunity to smack his butt or tweak his nipples or smack his swollen, bruised nuts.

“Walk of shame! Walk of shame! Walk of shame!”
The sound of the crowd chanting stayed with Ben even after it was over, when he was lying in bed trying to sleep.
Ben’s brain had a peculiar way of dealing with defeat. He knew he had never been defeated. He literally didn’t remember ever losing against anybody.
But those words were ringing in his head.
“Walk of shame! Walk of shame! Walk of shame!”
Ben closed his eyes.
He heard his friends’ voices, chanting.
“Walk of shame! Walk of shame! Walk of shame!”
All of a sudden, the words changed, gradually, slowly, almost unnoticeable.
“Walk of shame! Walls of shame! Balls of shame!”
Ben heard his friends’ voices, louder and louder.
“Balls of sheme! Balls of steme! Balls of steel!”
Ben let out a sigh.
“Balls of steel! Balls of steel! Balls of steel!”
Ben fell asleep, a smile on his face.
Oh, sweet victory.
“Balls of steel! Balls of steel! Balls of steel!”


GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hi Alex,

That was so much fun! Great story, and I know how much Reg is going to like this one too! Ben's his favorite character. Ben's delusions make me smile.



Anonymous said...

Man I love how Ben is able to turn anything into a positive win. This is why he is a great target to get busted.
Keep up the great writing!

Anonymous said...

The ending of this story was adorable, Ben's buddies cheering him up after he lost a fight was one of the most wholesome thing you've written, yeah, they love hitting Ben's "balls of steel" and knocking him down a peg when he gets too cocky, but they are still his friends at the end of the day, and that smile he made when he fell asleep was adorable, I loved it

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, guys! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :-))

Anonymous said...

Awesome story, Alex. Sorry i didn't comment earlier.
Ben is awesome. I'm pretty sure he will look back on this as one of his greatest victories and the memory of his peers yelling "Balls of steel" will linger forever!
What a champ!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Reg! Your opinion means a lot to me! :-))