Friday, October 9, 2020

Bisexual ballbusting adventure (Chris meets Simon and Danny)

Special thanks to Chris for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who loves kinky bisexual ballbusting) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Chris has kindly provided us with picture references for the main characters: This is what Chris looks like and this is what Alaina looks like.

Warning: If the title wasn't enough of an indication: This story contains graphic bisexuality. :-))

Featured in this story: Danny and Simon (click for pictures)
Chris let out a moan.
He was bare naked, blindfolded, with his hands tied behind his back. He was a handsome young man, 19 years old, with a lean body, moderately muscular, his brown shoulder-length hair in a deliberate messy hairstyle. His dick and balls were almost porn star quality, and even though he was disoriented and slightly frightened, his fat cock was semi hard.
“Where---” He cleared his throat. “Where am I?”
“You are at a porn studio”, Simon said cheerfully.
“A fetish porn studio to be precise”, Danny chimed in.

Danny was 21 years old, tall and attractive, with short strawberry-blond hair and green eyes. His acting career had stalled after a few minor roles in straight-to-streaming shlock like “Mommynatrix – Mother Knows Best” and “Not Again, Donny! a White House dramedy”, and he had discovered that making porn paid the rent as well.
Simon was 23 years old, dark-blond and blue-eyed with horn-rimmed glasses. Behind his innocent nerd façade lurked a horny, insatiable, cum-hungry slut.
“That’s what you get when you lose against me”, Simon said with a cheeky grin as he ran his hand over Chris’ naked chest, playfully pinching his nipples. “I told you we’d be having fun today…”
“Oh God”, Chris mumbled in a toneless voice. “What are you going to do to me?”
Simon and Danny laughed.
“You’ll star in a little video”, Danny grinned.
“A porn video”, Simon chimed in. “Produced by”
“Does that---” Chris swallowed hard. “Does that mean what I think it means?”
Simon and Danny looked at each other and laughed.
Yesterday, Chris had met Simon and Danny at a mutual friend’s party. Things had gotten out of hand pretty quickly. Chris had been showing off, trying to impress a couple of girls, but Simon had decided he wanted some fun for himself. He had recruited Danny to set Chris up, and they had succeeded beautifully. A game of strip poker had ended pretty badly - which may or may not have had something to do with Simon and Danny cheating… In any case, Chris had ended up stark naked, but not willing to quit. In a final humiliation, Chris failed to win back his clothes. Not only that, but he had to take part in a day trip of Simon’s choosing.
Today, Simon and Danny picked him up, blindfolded him and brought him to the studio where they tied him up and stripped him naked.
“Looks like it does.”
Chris raised his eyebrows. That was a female voice. “Who--- Who is that?”
“Aww – you don’t remember my name?” the girl said in a mocking tone of voice. “I thought you liked me. Yesterday you tried very hard to get me to sleep with you.” She paused.
Simon chuckled and smacked Chris’ dick with the palm of his hand. “Not hard enough it seems.”
Danny, Simon and the girl laughed as Chris screamed in pain.
Simon had invited all the girls from the party to come to the studio and watch Chris’ humiliation, but only Alaina had come.
She was a beautiful girl, young and pretty, with long hair and a wonderful smile. Chris would have loved to see her in the nude, but now it was Alaina who was in the voyeur’s position, watching Chris’ naked body without any signs of shame or guilt.
Several cameras were pointed at Chris, capturing him from every angle.
Simon and Danny looked at each other and smiled.
“Let’s go”, Danny smiled. “Action!”
“Welcome to your ballbusting lesson”, Simon said, smiling at Alaina. “We’ll show you how to make a man beg for mercy.” He winked at her before turning to Chris and grabbing his dick. He jerked it a few times, explaining: “Let’s get that out of the way so we have access to his ballsack.”
Chris moaned as Simon stroked his cock until it was hard as a rock.
“Let’s start with a knee”, Simon said with a smile, grabbing Chris’ shoulders. Then he rammed his knee up between Chris’ thighs, nailing both of his nuts dead-on and ramming them into his body.
Chris let out an anguished grunt as his nuts were flattened between Simon’s bony kneecap and his own body.
“See?” Simon grinned. “That’s the sound we like to hear after a good knee to the nuts.”
He brought his knee up again, eliciting another miserable moan from Chris.
“Danny, why don’t you try it?” Simon said with a smile.
“Sure”, Danny grinned. “Like this?” With that, he crunched Chris’ nuts hard, making him yelp in pain.
“Not bad”, Simon said, “but you’ll have to go a little harder. Crush those nuts like you mean it.”
Danny tried again, kneeing Chris in the balls with all the force he could muster. It took him half a dozen attempts that made Chris grunt and groan and whimper in pain until Simon was satisfied.
“Your turn now”, Simon said, smiling at Alaina.
The girl batted her lashes as she stood in front of Chris. “Oh, I really don’t want to hurt him”, she said with an innocent smile.
Chris’ pain-contorted face relaxed. “Oh, thank y---”
He was interrupted by Alaina’s knee that made perfect contact with his bare, sore balls, ramming them into his body. It was as if the girl’s knee was perfectly shaped to fit between Chris’ thighs – if only his scrotum hadn’t been in the way…
Immediately, Chris’s face scrunched up in agony and he let out a gurgling, grunting groan.
“Ooops”, Alaina said, covering her mouth with one of her delicate hands. “I guess that hurt…”
Simon and Danny burst out laughing before encouraging Alaina to go again.
Again and again, Alaina brought her knee up, crunching Chris’ nuts with all the force she could muster as Simon and Danny cheered her on, clapping and laughing as the pretty young woman wreaked havoc on Chris’ reproductive organs.
Despite the pain in his nuts, Chris’ dick was rock-hard and dripping with precum.
Alaina took a step back and playfully slapped Chris’ dick with the palm of her hand.
Chris let out a miserable moan as his meaty dick smacked against his thigh, drops of precum flying everywhere.
Simon scooped up some of Chris’ sticky pre-juice with the tip of his index finger and brought it to his mouth. “Mmmh, tastes like pain”, he quipped, smacking his lips. He turned to Alaina. “Here, have a taste.”
The girl giggled and followed Simon’s lead, tasting Chris’ precum with a naughty smile. “Do think a few kicks will make it taste differently?”
Simon and Danny looked at her and laughed.
“Interesting question”, Simon grinned. “Let’s get to the bottom of this!”
Danny and Simon took turns kicking Chris’ nuts, much to Alaina’s amusement. She clapped her hands, giggling and laughing as Chris screamed and shrieked in agony.
His face was a mask of pain, but he refused to beg for mercy with a girl present, and Simon and Danny took full advantage of that.
They drove their feet up between Chris’ thighs, crunching his nuts viciously with every kick.
Now and then, they took a break, jerking Chris’ dripping dick or allowing Alaina to stroke him a couple of times.
Chris’ fat cock was throbbing and twitching, but whenever he came close to cum, they stopped teasing him and resumed kicking his rapidly swelling nuts.
Surprisingly, the taste of Chris’ precum didn’t change – but it definitely increased in volume. His dick was leaking like a broken faucet, and Alaina and the boys made sure that the steady flow of precum never stopped.
Soon, Chris’ balls were swollen and beet red.
“Let’s try a few stomps”, Danny suggested.
“Great idea!” Simon laughed as Alaina clapped her hands in delight.
They placed Chris on the ground, and Danny held his ankles, spreading his legs apart in a wide V and allowing Simon to stomp down on his nuts. They took turns, brutally crushing Chris’ balls under their feet as Alaina watched them, applauding and cheering them on.
A puddle of precum formed on Chris’ abs, and the boys paused for a moment to allow Alaina to kneel down and lick it up.
Her lips wet with Chris’ precum, the girl looked up at the boys, an innocent smile on her face. “This is a gay porn studio, isn’t it?”
Simon and Danny laughed.
“Yeah, it is”, Simon grinned. He looked at Danny. “Do you want to make this a real show?”
Danny winked at Simon and started taking his clothes off.
The boys stripped down to their underwear and continued torturing Chris’ balls with hard stomps and vicious kicks.
Chris’ cock continued leaking precum, and Simon and Danny were rock-hard as well, their dicks tenting their underwear.
“Look at those lips”, Alaina said with a giggle, pointing at Chris’ pain-contorted face.
“Inviting”, Simon grinned as he ground Chris’ nuts under his sole. “Very inviting.” With that, he stripped bare naked and straddled Chris’ chest, smacking his hard cock on Chris’ lips.
Simon turned to Alaina as he slapped Chris in the face with his dick. “Is this what you want to see?”
“Oh yeah!” Alaina cheered, clapping her hands.
Chris groaned. “Oh nohgmpfghgh---“
His grunt turned into a gurgle as Simon started fucking his face, filling his mouth with dick while Danny brought his foot down on Chris’ swollen, bruised balls, stomping them against his body.
The studio was filled with the sound of Danny’s foot connecting with Chris’ nuts, mixing with the wet throat fucking and with Chris’ gurgling groans, with Simon’s moans of pleasure and with Alaina’s cheering and laughing.
“Let me have a go”, Danny said after a while, and the boys switched places. Danny fucked Chris’ throat like a pro as Simon stomped and jumped on Chris’ nuts.
Using Chris’ nuts as a trampoline made Simon super-horny and his dick smacked against his abs with every jump.
At the same time, Danny fucked Chris’ face, holding his head in place as he pounded his throat.
Chris was grunting and groaning, gurgling and moaning, his dick hard as steel, leaking precum, his nuts beet red and ridiculously swollen.
Things didn’t get any better when Simon scooped up some of Chris’ precum and lubed up his dick before lifting Chris’ legs and lining up his dick with Chris’ virgin hole.
“Oh yeah, fuck his cute little butt!” Alaina giggled. “Make him your bitch!”
Simon used Chris’ sack as a handle as he fucked Chris, one hand gripping around the base, the other had squeezing the nuts.
Showing off their porn star skills, Simon and Danny fucked Chris like a pro, filling his ass and his mouth with their dicks and eliciting all kinds of funny noises from the cute young man.
Alaina joined the party, jerking Chris’ dick as he was fucked from both sides. She teased him as Simon pounded his prostate and Danny tickled his tonsils.
With Simon fucking him hard and deep while squishing and squashing his nuts with both of his hands, with Danny using his throat like a pocket pussy, and with Alaina stroking Chris’ dick with her talented fingers, Chris came closer and closer to orgasm.
His dick shot a giant load of cum that showered his torso and Alaina’s hand as Alaina squealed in delight.
Jet after jet of creamy jizz shout out of Chris’ cock. Neither Simon nor Danny nor Alaina stopped what they were doing, pounding every last drop of spunk out of Chris’ tortured nuts.
When Chris was all out of cum, they propped Chris’ exhausted body up against a couch. He was covered in sweat and cum, sitting with his legs spread, his bruised and bloated balls and his spent dick on the floor, his back against the couch.
Alaina knelt on his drained, empty nuts, flattening them against the floor as they boys each placed a knee on the couch, half-standing over his face.
The girl took off Chris’ blindfold, smiling at him as she grabbed Simon’s and Danny’s throbbing dicks and jerked them, aiming them at Chris’ pain-contorted face.
Chris was moaning and groaning in pain as Alaina milked a huge load out of his tormentors’ dicks, giving Chris a huge double-facial.
Simon and Danny were looking at each other, smiling and panting as they emptied their balls all over Chris’ face. Alaina giggled at Chris, stroking the boys’ dicks and covering Chris’ face in spunk. Splash after splash of cum landed on Chris’ face, covering him in a thick coat of potent sperm.
With the two spurting dicks spent, Alaina smeared their cum on Chris’ face, making sure to give him a taste of his abusers’ jizz before leaning in for a passionate kiss.
Chris closed his eyes in defeat as his tongue met Alaina’s and they both tasted Danny’s and Simon’s cum.
The boys collapsed on the ground, high-fiving and catching their breath.
Alaina’s and Chris’ kiss seemed to last forever, and the girl was still kneeling on Chris’ nuts.
“The scene is over”, Simon chuckled after a while. “The cameras are off.”
Alaina looked up, an innocent smile on her face. Her lips were wet with Chris’ saliva and with the mixed load of Danny and Simon. “They are?”
“Yup”, Simon chuckled.
There was a moment of silence.
“You might want to get off his nuts”, Danny dead-panned.
Alaina looked down. Her knees were squarely places on Chris’ genitals, his dick and balls flattened like pancakes.
“Ooops”, Alaina said with a giggle.
She made no move to free Chris’ battered balls, though.
Chris let out a miserable moan, his pain-twisted face covered in cum.
Alaina sighed, gently running her hand over Chris’ face, casually slipping her cum-covered fingers into his gaping mouth. “I suppose we should untie you, huh?”


GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hi Alex,

This is such a fun story. M/F isn't usually thing but I love how you wrote in the new characters. Its a great way to start the weekend! The photos were helpful too for reference and imagination!

Have a great day and weekend my friend!



Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :-))

Chad said...

I love a good Bi-boy story, and these characters are great! In my mind, it seems like Alaina has just picked up a new hobby, and a new plaything. Chris is going to let her indulge herself frequently, as he enjoys how horny it makes her. Maybe she'll even share him with friends from time to time...

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Chad! I love your thinking, and I'm glad you liked the story! :-))

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I love that idea of the reluctant boy submitting to a sadistic man for the woman's pleasure. And having him hold still while his balls were being crushed and she was pleasuring them, knowing they were going to cum all over his face... That's beautiful. I hope she took care to get plenty in his eyes too. What a fantasy!

Оро said...

It turns on when a girl watches her boyfriend get kicked in the balls