Friday, October 23, 2020 Original Videos: Wheel of nut pain

I know you will love our latest Original Video! The concept is so simple - but it turned out absolutely fucking amazing! So much fun, so much pain - Fluffy's nuts were sore for days!

Wheel of nut pain
Starring Toby Springs and Fluffy
Length: 19 min
Price: $18.99 $15.99
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The "wheel of nut pain" is the perfect game for Ballbusting Bros Toby and Fluffy. The rules are simple: Fluffy spins the wheel and has to endure what luck has in store for him. There are so many painful, entertaining options: 15 kicks or knees or slaps or kicks from behind, 30 kicks or knees or slaps or kicks from behind, "Toby's pick" (allowing Toby to choose whatever he likes from the wheel) and "Fluffy's pick" (giving Fluffy the opportunity to choose whatever he likes), and the cruel and very suspenseful options of "Spin again for double" and "Spin again for triple". Guess what? It doesn't seem to be Fluffy's lucky day... He is in for a lot of pain, and Toby is enjoying himself tremendously. "The wheel of nut pain" is a game like no other!

My opinion:
When I suggested this game, Toby was absolutely delighted. He loves kicking and hitting Fluffy's balls, and the added suspense and thrill of the spinning wheel promised a whole lot of fun and action and pain. And what can I say: The clip turned out even better than we both expected. Every option available on the wheel is painful - but poor Fluffy keeps getting the most painful ones, scoring both "Spin again for triple" and "Spin again for double" over the course of the game. Hilarious! The tremendous chemistry between real-life buddies Toby and Fluffy is on full display, and they are having a great time (Toby more than Fluffy, naturally...) in this absolutely amazing clip! It's a must-see for everybody who enjoys playful, painful ballbusting!


🍀 Tough luck 🍀

Oh, poor Fluffy! It just wasn't his day, and his nuts suffered greatly. Kicks, knees, punches, slaps - this clip has everything! And I gotta give Toby credit: Even after several nasty rounds of pain, Toby doesn't go lightly on his friend. The wheel decides, and Toby deals it out. Mercilessly.

🍀 Hurt foot 🍀

Oh, poor Toby! He hurts his foot while kicking Fluffy's balls! In the picture above he shows off the red instep. (In the background you see Fluffy examining his rapidly swelling nuts - but let's not get distracted here: Poor Toby!)

🍀 From behind 🍀

Fun fact: Kicks from behind are Toby's favorite because Fluffy can't see them coming. Combine that with the "Spin again for triple" option, and you get a pair of very, very sore nuts! Toby gets ample opportunity to enjoy his favorite ballbusting technique...

🍀 Return of the speedbag 🍀

If you enjoyed the speedbagging from Toby's ballbusting workout you'll be happy to know that Toby has brought his gloves again - and you can count on poor Fluffy to spin the wheel just right to treat his nuts to a very good thrashing...

🍀 New set 🍀

Fluffy might need a new set of balls after this clip - but that's not what I meant. This clip is filmed in a different location, and I really like the spacious, modern atmosphere. It's the perfect setting for Fluffy's brutal emasculation...

🍀 Having fun 🍀

You know how much I love the little moments of real emotion and authentic fun in our clips. I don't think I have ever seen so much fun and joy from Toby. Maybe it's the randomness of the wheel, maybe it's the suspense or the surprise factor - this clip is so much fun!

🍀 Flying nuts 🍀

Did I mention that Toby brought his gloves for the speedbag portions of the clip? He sends those nuts flying, and it's a beautiful sight!

🍀 Surprise! 🍀

The clip ends on a high note with a surprise sack tap. Perfect!

🍀 Bro vibes 🍀

Oh, those bros! Nothing says "male bonding" like the "wheel of nut pain"!

Bottom line:
The "wheel of nut pain" knows no losers (except Fluffy's balls)!


Wheel of nut pain
Starring Toby Springs and Fluffy
Length: 19 min
Price: $18.99 $15.99
Quality Guarantee:
Get the clip now at!

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Anonymous said...

That was a fun vid!
I love how Fluffy kept picking knees as if they arent painful haha
They should do another knee vid since Fluffy likes them so much ;)

Alex said...

Thank you so much for your comment! I'm glad you enjoyed the clip! :-))