Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Video links: Comedy gems (26)


Love them or hate them (and I'm pretty sure which one of those choices applies to you, dear reader...), nutshots are a fixture in modern comedy. You just can't imagine comedy without a good, hard hit to the goolies. And that's awesome!

Here are some more of my favorite ballbusting scenes from comedy movies, TV shows or web originals.

Let's start with a little scene that looks like it's lifted from a telenovela (Maybe somebody can help identifying the original scource?). I found it on the awesome youtube channel La Loca De La Tortilla (loosely translated: "the place of scrambled eggs") which specializes in funny nutshot scenes. I love the sound effect, and the playful tone of the scene!

The title of the next skit is enough to make your balls hurt in sympathy, right? El Quango vs. Kickerina 2 is a sequel to El Quango vs. Kickerina - and I'm sure you can guess where this is going when you hear the full name of the titular antagonist: "Ball-Kickerina". Ouch!

I bet you want to see the clip pictures in the screenshot of the top of this post, right? It's a funny little TikTok skit featuring real life brothers. If you have never been hit in the balls while playing the saxophone you are missing out!

The last one was a poor choice😂😅 IG: Xans.World (Links in my bio👀) @liljigs

♬ original sound - Xan

The next clip (also from TikTok) is a genuinely funny little skit that plays with men's fear of getting hit in the nuts. There is no real nutshot in it but I love it nevertheless.


When u forget to wear your cup on cup check day ##baseball ##cupcheck

♬ original sound - Karcher

And finally, here's a memorable scene from hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother. Never leave the nuts unprotected when you buddy is mad at you!

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