Saturday, October 24, 2020

Video links: Self defense (3)


Oh my god - it's been two years since we last talked about self defense! Let's refresh our knowledge, shall we?

Here are some more of my favorite videos featuring male-on-male self defense instruction videos that aim straight for the weak spot.

Let's start with the hot instructor pictured above. The screenshot was taken right after a wonderfully sneaky knee to the balls.

Skip to 7:35

The nutshot in the next clip has to be one of the fiercest kicks ever recorded. Very effective teaching here.

I love the title of the next vid: How to REALLY hit a guy in the nuts. Sounds painful. I wouldn't want to be the mannequin in this...

Here's a short video featuring a grab - a rarely seen move in self defense, but a very effective one if you are facing a well-equipped opponent...

Finally, here is an 8 minute video from Russia, filled with nut punching and groin kicking greatness!

Reader's pick:

An anonymous reader sent me the following video, saying: Have you seen this video? It's called "top 5 forbidden attacks", and guess what number 2 is. It's in spanish which i don't speak, but there's a great grab and kick in it. 

Thank you very much for sharing this video with us!

What's your favorite self defense video? Let us know by leaving a comment or by sending an email (



Anonymous said...

same guy from this ones recommendation - found this gem on fightvision (not the one from Self defense (2) (btw that link is dead now, i think they moved the video for some reason)), includes some nice cupless hits as a cup commercial

Alex said...

Thanks for sharing that link! I love the video! You are awesome! :-))