Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ballbusting Olympics on tour

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Kev (click for pictures)

Kevin J. Stone didn’t believe his ears. “You wanna give up?” he asked incredulously. “You have come this far and now you want to give up? Just because you are in a little bit of pain?”

He had been on tour for the last couple of weeks, and he had seen many things: guys passing out, guys throwing up, guys crying for their mom. But this was new. A big, muscular giant of a man was cowering on the ground, his ass in the air, his face on the floor, bare naked, clutching his sore balls after exchanging a series of excruciating nut kicks with his opponent – and now, on the verge of winning, he was thinking about giving up.

“Think about it, Roy”, Kev continued, rubbing the poor guy’s shoulders. “You have softened his nuts up. That kick you gave him just minutes ago almost made him puke! Giving up is for pussies!”

Roy whimpered in pain, rocking back and forth, cradling his aching gonads. “I don’t think I can go on”, he whispered, tears running down his face. “My nuts are killing me…”

“Bullshit!” Kev shouted. “This is just the beginning!”

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Payne Identity

 Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

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Michael Payne opened the door to his apartment. What a day. The 22 year old sighed as he limped across the hallway. He took off his dark red coat and placed his ridiculous looking hat on the sideboard. Michael ran his hand through his short blond hair and sighed again.

Michael had taken a job as a city guide, working for a company that specialized in novelty tours. His role was a circus ringmaster and he was responsible for the “Dark Corners” tour, showing his group the red light district and the bohemian quarters, a couple of murder scenes and the suicide bridge. He enjoyed his job. He loved to be around people, and he loved telling gruesome and bizarre anecdotes that sent shivers down his listeners’ spine. Before he had found this job he had worked in the circus and as a stripper – this was essentially the same, he just didn’t have to get naked and show off his body.

Taking off his shoes was an ordeal. He could barely walk, let alone bend over. He groaned and decided to keep his shoes on for the moment. Every muscle in his body hurt. Most of all his balls.

“Bobby?” he shouted.

“I’m here!” the answer came from the kitchen.

Michael and Bobby had just moved in together. They had met at a public swimming pool some time ago, and they immediately liked each other. Michael had been in love from the second he saw him, and due to some unusual circumstances they had gotten very intimate right away. But it had taken some time until Michael had agreed to move in with Bobby.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Never bet your balls

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Note (07/17/2014): In the original version I got the names of Logan's friends mixed up. The blond one is Speedy, the bespectacled boy with black hair is Seth. I have corrected it.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

Logan Kruger was lying in the sun, dozing and thinking about the big game that was about to begin in a couple of hours. The 18 years old high school senior was the captain of Bartlet High’s baseball team and today was an important game: Bartlet High and Vinnick High were going neck to neck, and only one of them was going to win the championship…

Logan’s left hand was resting on his bare chest, his right hand was stretched out on the lawn. He was wearing grey sweat pants that did very little to conceal the considerable bulge in his crotch.

Suddenly, there was a shadow on Logan’s face. The handsome guy squinted against the sun.

“Why is it that it’s always me who suffers when you decide to play some stupid little game?” a female voice said.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

A tale of two brothers

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Danny and David (click for pictures)

Daniel Gallagher opened his eyes and yawned. It was noon. He stretched his limbs and stared at the ceiling. With a sigh, he pushed away the blanket and ran his hand over his naked body. He noticed a funny feeling in his stomach. Stage fright. Tonight was the opening night of his new play “Pearls and Cream”. Oh, how he had missed the feeling…

When was the last time he had been in a production that had an opening night? He had to think hard. He had spent the last few years doing mostly bit-parts on TV or cheap direct-to-DVD movies like “Titanic 2 – Undead And Wet”, “The Son Of The Bride Of Frankenstein” or “Knitting – the movie”. None of those had had an opening night. The only thing that came close was the booze and drugs fest that had been the party for “The Passion Of The Christ – Naughty Apostles Edition”. He shuddered when he thought about all those thank-you speeches in Aramaic.

The 21 year old actor got up and scratched his naked ass. He yawned again and ran his hand through his strawberry blond hair. “Okay”, he mumbled to himself. “Let’s get started.” He rubbed his face and began his daily work-out routine. 45 push-ups, 45 sit-ups, 45 funny faces in front of the mirror. After all, he was an actor, and the face needed working out just like the body.

He looked down at his crotch and ran his hand through the pubes above his morning wood. They were a shade darker than the hair on his head. And considering that they were going to be in full view for a considerable part of “Pearls and Cream”, those pubes were far too long.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Doctor’s orders

 Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

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„Mr. Wulf, please come in!” Dr. Brown barked, taking off his horn-rimmed glasses and rubbing his eyes.

The last patient. Thank God. In five minutes, Dr. Brown was going to call it a day and spend the weekend on the yacht. And what a day it had been! Last night, his wife had left him, accusing him of not spending enough time with her. Stupid bitch. He had spent all those hours at the hospital, working day and night, so that they could afford their lifestyle, her lifestyle. The yacht. The house. The cars. Her car! And now Bethany had left him. Just like that. She didn’t feel wanted anymore, she had said. And then she had gotten into the sports car – that he had bought her! – with some half-naked stoner surfboy. Damn. They had been married for only four years. It had been Dr. Brown’s fifth marriage. And the last one. Never again!

Dr. Brown looked up from his desk and ran his hand through his thinning grey hair. “Mr. Wulf!” he shouted. “I’m waiting!” He patted his potbelly and noticed a ketchup stain on the white coat. Who was going to wash it for him now?

Four more minutes. Ah, the yacht. Martinis. Caviar. And that hot Caribbean hooker he had found in the phone book. What was her name? Chantrelle. Oh boy. She was going to do things to him that Bethany had never done. He pictured her, wearing nothing but a glass of Martini, and maybe a bit of caviar on her tits. He wiped his mouth with his arm and looked at his watch.

“Mr. Wulf!” he shouted again. Damn patients. Damn hospital. Damn Bethany.