Thursday, November 8, 2012

A tale of two brothers

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Danny and David (click for pictures)

Daniel Gallagher opened his eyes and yawned. It was noon. He stretched his limbs and stared at the ceiling. With a sigh, he pushed away the blanket and ran his hand over his naked body. He noticed a funny feeling in his stomach. Stage fright. Tonight was the opening night of his new play “Pearls and Cream”. Oh, how he had missed the feeling…

When was the last time he had been in a production that had an opening night? He had to think hard. He had spent the last few years doing mostly bit-parts on TV or cheap direct-to-DVD movies like “Titanic 2 – Undead And Wet”, “The Son Of The Bride Of Frankenstein” or “Knitting – the movie”. None of those had had an opening night. The only thing that came close was the booze and drugs fest that had been the party for “The Passion Of The Christ – Naughty Apostles Edition”. He shuddered when he thought about all those thank-you speeches in Aramaic.

The 21 year old actor got up and scratched his naked ass. He yawned again and ran his hand through his strawberry blond hair. “Okay”, he mumbled to himself. “Let’s get started.” He rubbed his face and began his daily work-out routine. 45 push-ups, 45 sit-ups, 45 funny faces in front of the mirror. After all, he was an actor, and the face needed working out just like the body.

He looked down at his crotch and ran his hand through the pubes above his morning wood. They were a shade darker than the hair on his head. And considering that they were going to be in full view for a considerable part of “Pearls and Cream”, those pubes were far too long.

Yes, full frontal male nudity was going mainstream. Well, if “Pearls and Cream” counted as mainstream. Frankly, it didn’t look like it was going to be a crowd-pleaser. It was an artsy, pretentious piece of performance art that tried to weave together elements of classical drama, pop-culture and fashion. The writer/director/producer was a self-absorbed bitch, and the rehearsals had been chaotic. But it was a chance. A chance to show his passion about his craft. A chance to get people to notice him. A chance to let the world know his name: Daniel Gallagher.

He smiled at himself in the mirror. He was well prepared for tonight and he had done everything he could so that his performance would be a success, even if the play bombed. He leisurely stroked his erect penis and scratched his balls. Then he walked into the hallway. He passed the kitchen where the radio was tuned to some classical station. He rolled his eyes. He’d have loved to change the station to something that played music with a steady beat and generic female voices. But since his brother had moved in, the rules had changed.

The door to the bathroom was closed, and when he opened it, he found his brother shaving his face, wearing a pair of black boxer briefs.

“Good morning, David”, he said without enthusiasm.

“Danny!” David continued shaving. “Never heard of knocking, have you?”

Danny rolled his eyes. “This is my place, remember?”

Danny’s brother had moved in two weeks ago. He was two years younger than him, a successful ballet dancer who was at the height of his career, with a flawless body and a deeply flawed character. Every chance he got, David made Danny’s life miserable. The list of humiliations was endless and ranged from stealing Danny’s girlfriend to badmouthing him in front of his boss to physically abusing him just for fun.

Deep in his heart, Danny hated his younger brother. And he hated himself for feeling that way, which led to him giving David one last chance after another. A week ago, David had been on his doorstep, announcing that he was going to move in for a couple of weeks while his company was in town with a critically acclaimed tour Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker”. He had the starring role which was a perfect fit, since one of David’s most cherished areas of attack was his big brother’s junk.

As usual, Danny had refused to let his brother stay at his place. And as usual, David had mentioned a certain video tape that showed Danny in various very compromising positions. Who would want their parents to be exposed to a video showing their son like that? Danny wouldn’t, David would. That and a swift kick in the balls settled it, and David moved in.

David sighed and grabbed the towel. He ran some water over it and wiped his face. “Don’t be so possessive, Danny. It doesn’t suit you. Makes you look old.”

Danny put his hands on his hips. “David---“

His brother interrupted him by snapping the towel into Danny’s crotch, making his naked balls bounce sharply.

Danny let out a high-pitched shriek and doubled over. The pain slowly crept into his abdomen and he coughed.

David laughed. “Damn, that was a good one! Wow, and I didn’t even look!” He threw the towel into the sink and patted his brother’s head. “The bathroom’s all yours, big brother.”

Danny groaned and staggered into the bathroom.

“Oh”, David said matter-of-factly. “You might want to do a little shaving yourself. You could braid pigtails with those pubes of yours…”

David didn’t respond. He put David’s towel away and placed David’s shaver on the shelf. Then he started shaving his face.

David chuckled.

Danny inhaled slowly. “You want to tell me what’s so funny?”

“I used that shaver a few nights ago to trim the hair on my ass. I thought you’d notice right away. But apparently---“ David shrugged. “My ass, your face. Doesn’t make much of a difference, does it?” He laughed and walked into his room.

Danny stared at the shaver in front of his face. Now he noticed the short black hair. He felt like vomiting. Instead, he sighed and carefully cleaned the shaver.

He cursed his brother for humiliating him yet again. The pain in his balls had subsided. The towel hadn’t done a lot of damage, thank God. How embarrassing would it be if he went onstage tonight with a pair of flaming red nuts? Danny shook his head. Ugh. He’d be booed off the stage. Danny shuddered. He didn’t have a lot of experience in theatre, and he had certainly never been nude in front of an audience. Well, not while performing a play. Tonight’s audience was expecting highbrow entertainment. They wouldn’t be ogling his body. They’d be entranced by the magic of the stage. And they were not supposed to be distracted by some testicles that were glowing in the dark…

Twenty minutes later, Danny’s face was as cleanly shaven as his pubic area. He was quite satisfied with the result. The lack of hair around his cock and balls made his equipment look bigger, and on top of that, it fit with the innocence of the character he was going to play tonight.

With a confident smile on his face, Danny left the bathroom, his hairless genitalia jiggling happily from side to side.

The jiggling came to an abrupt stop when Danny’s tender testicles were met by David’s leather shoe with a resounding smack.

The smile was wiped from Danny’s face and replaced with a agonized grimace as he let out an ear-piercing scream. “Why?” he whimpered as he sank to his knees, collapsing right in front of his brother.

David laughed. He was wearing a black jacket, a black shirt and black pants, creating a stark contrast to his brother’s pale body that was curled up on the floor. “Do I need a reason to have fun?”

“You have been waiting for thirty minutes for me to come out of the bathroom?” Danny moaned.

David waved that idea away. “Do you think I waste my time waiting for you? Nah, I just happened to stand here when you came out, showing off your pathetic cock.”

Danny slowly got up, shielding his nuts with his hand. “What is it with you and my junk?” he groaned. “That’s sick!”

David shot Danny a look that sent shivers down his spine. “What did you say?”

“Nothing”, Danny mumbled, trying to get past his brother.

“Did you just call me sick?” David grabbed Danny’s shoulder.

Danny didn’t dare look his brother in the eyes. He was acutely aware of the fact that he was in an extremely vulnerable position, completely naked in front of someone who knew how to exploit his opponent’s weaknesses.

“Did you just call me sick?” David repeated slowly, reaching into the inside pocket of his jacket while keeping a firm grip on Danny’s shoulder.

Danny eyed his brother suspiciously. “What are you doing?” He tried to move but David pushed him against the wall. “Ow!”

“Stay!” Danny barked. He took his time until his hand reappeared from inside his jacket, holding a black leather glove between his thumb and his index finger.

Danny let out a nervous laugh. “What---“

David let go of Danny’s shoulder and put his index finger in front of his lips. “Shhh.”

Slowly, David slipped his right hand into the glove and moved his fingers. He noticed with satisfaction that Danny’s eyes moved nervously. What a wimp. Why didn’t Danny just go to his room? But here he was, stark naked, waiting for David to do whatever he wanted. He didn’t even try to stop him. At least he didn’t try hard enough.

With a smirk, David grabbed hold of Danny’s junk.

Danny inhaled sharply. “Why are you doing this?”

David grinned and tightened his grip, squishing Danny’s nuts between his fingers. “Because I don’t want to touch your pathetic junk with my bare hand.”

Danny moaned and squirmed. “That’s not what I meant, I---“

David twisted his hand, causing Danny to let out an agonized scream.

Why was David doing this? He didn’t know. Because he could? Yeah, that would be an answer he’d give Danny. But the truth was, he didn’t know why he enjoyed humiliating his big brother. Ever since he remembered, he had done it.

When David was 6 and Danny was 8, David had broken Danny’s favourite toy truck. When David was 10, he had thrown one of Danny’s boomerangs into their neighbor’s window, breaking the glass and causing Danny to be grounded for a month due to his brother’s convincing witness statement. When David was 12, he noticed that his brother’s body had changed. Now, his increasingly sensitive genitalia turned into David’s favourite target.

There were three reasons for that: First of all, bashing his big brother in the balls was a crowd pleaser. The bigger the audience in the school yard or in the shopping mall, the greater was the pleasure David got out of it. David spent considerable time plotting his attacks, and it was time well spent. David’s elaborate pranks were a huge success that established his position as one of the meanest guys in school, feared by the boys, adored by the girls.

“Gone silent all of a sudden?” David asked when he noticed that Danny’s screaming had turned into a soft whimper. He increased the pressure, grinding his thumb into the soft flesh of Danny’s testicles. The increasing volume and pitch of Danny’s voice were music to David’s ears. He smirked and twisted his hand for good measure, causing Danny to shriek from the top of his lungs.

Second, it was so damn easy. It didn’t even have to be a hard hit, and Danny was crying like a baby, clutching his groin, with the whole school mocking him.

The third reason was rooted in their parents’ prudery. Both of them were deeply religious people. Their father even held some kind of position in their local church, something like deacon or bishop or high priest or something like that, David didn’t really know. Anyway, their beliefs had a deep impact on their relationship to their children. Talking about sex was taboo. Naked bodies were to be covered up. Never ever had David seen their parents in their underwear let alone nude. Naturally, their parents were completely unaware of the continuing assault on Danny’s testicles. After all, how could he have talked to them about it without using “dirty words”? David remembered vividly how their parents found out about Danny’s secret porn stash when he was 16. Porn was way too strong a word, it was a collection of ads for women’s underwear that Danny had ripped out of magazines in the store. Apparently, they did the trick for him. Their mother found the collection while cleaning Danny’s room. To this day, Danny was unaware that David had placed it onto his nightstand in plain view. It was two birds with one stone: His mother almost got a heart-attack, and Danny got the spanking of a life-time.

David grinned as he remembered the good old times and gave Danny’s nuts another vicious twist. With disgust, he noticed that Danny’s cock was starting to get hard. “You fucking pervert!” he grunted, yanking down on Danny’s balls and causing him to let out another high-pitched scream.

Danny’s cock had risen to full attention, and a drop of slimy precum hit the tip of David’s shiny leather shoes.

“You fucking pervert”, David repeated. He kneaded Danny’s balls between his fingers, digging into the meaty plums, making Danny’s body convulse. Then he let go. “Down!” he demanded.

“David”, Danny pleaded, cupping his crotch, doubling over in pain.

“Those are imports from Italy, you disgusting slob!” David hissed, driving his knee into Danny’s groin, causing him to collapse on the ground. “Lick it up!”

Danny groaned and looked up to his brother, a desperate expression on his face.

“Lick. It. Up.”

Groaning, Danny hunkered over David’s foot. The milky fluid was running down the tip of his shoe.

“Lick it up already”, David said calmly. “You made a mess, now clean it up!”

Danny sighed and ran his tongue over David’s shoe, tasting the polish and his own salty juice on his tongue.

David didn’t think of himself as a bad person. In fact, he thought that he was quite a nice guy. The level of niceness just depended on the person he was facing. Decent men were to be treated decently. Elegant girls were to be treated gallantly. Sluts were to be treated like sluts. And moronic imbeciles were to be treated like moronic imbeciles. And, unfortunately, his big brother had placed himself firmly in the latter category. It was as simple than that.

David looked at his brother licking his shoe and snorted. That was his brother? That was a guy he shared many the same genes with? The same blood running through their veins? Pathetic. What a sad agglomerate of DNA. “Get up”, he said.

Danny straightened. He wanted to wash his mouth, get the disgusting taste off his tongue, leave this humiliating situation behind him and concentrate on the role he was going to play tonight.

David eyed him with disgust. He was about to turn away – after all, ballet was hard work and he wanted to get together with his partner to go through the moves – but then he noticed that his brother’s raging erection hadn’t gone down one bit. David grabbed Danny’s chin with his gloved fist. “What the fuck? You’re getting off on this, aren’t you?”

“No”, Danny moaned. “It’s not what it looks like…”

David laughed. “Well, it looks to me like you are having a huge boner, big brother.”

Danny groaned. “It’s not because of you!”

“Bullshit! You are getting of on eating your sauce off my shoe!”

“No!” Danny insisted. “I--- It’s for the play. Tonight is the opening, remember?”

“What do you mean? You got a boner because you get off on being onstage?”

Danny grimaced. “No, I--- I have to ejaculate on the stage. It’s part of the plot.”


Danny closed his eyes. The scene in question had been awkward for him from the start. In fact, he had tried to convince the writer/director/producer to cut it, but she had questioned his artistic integrity and turned the argument into a discussion about male insecurity. What choice did he have? And since there was no doubt the scene was going to be played as written, he had the intention of giving her an ejaculation that she’d remember. He hadn’t shot his load for a week. His balls were bursting with spunk. He was going to flood the stage with his semen. That was going to teach her about male insecurity!

“You wouldn’t understand”, Danny mumbled.

“Oh, I think I understand”, David smirked. “You are going to whack off tonight in that heaping pile of shit you call a play!”

“It’s art!” Danny protested weakly. Why should he defend the “Pearls and Cream”? David was right. This play was a piece of shit.

“Yeah, sure”, David chuckled. “Like everything else on your resume, right? ‘Naughty Nuns In Padded Prisons’? Is that art, too? I’ve sat through that, brother, and I hate to break it to you, but you won’t win an Oscar for your role as the Mother Superior’s boy toy. Not even an Independent Spirit Award.”

Danny groaned. “Let me go, okay?”

David smiled evilly. A minute ago he would have let his brother go. But now he had changed his mind. “Spread your legs, big brother.”

“What?! No, David”, Danny protested.

“Spread ‘em”, David repeated.

“Oh fuck, David, please, no!” Danny pleaded.

David waited patiently. He knew how to pull Danny’s strings. Sometimes yelling worked best. Sometimes it just took a nicely timed moment of silence.

Danny moaned and complied. He looked down his body. His erection was pointing straight up, staring in his face, the head of his cock dripping with precum. He knew what was going to happen.

David took a step back. This was the moment he enjoyed most, seeing the fear and desperation in his brother’s eyes. He wondered how many kicks it would take to make his big brother shoot his load. That cock sure looked like it was very close. Three kicks, four maximum, and those sperm tanks would break and give up their contents. He had to be careful to step out of the way. Sperm stains on black pants were a nasty business.

Concentrating on the two dangling targets in front of him, David brought his leg back and sent his foot flying between his brother’s thighs. The tip of his foot landed right where it was supposed to, crunching Danny’s delicate eggs into his body with a resounding smack. They flattened like pancakes, and Danny wailed in pain as the pain washed through his body.

The second kick followed right away, another deadly accurate punt right into the center of Danny’s manhood. The two meaty testicles were squished between David’s foot and Danny’s body, sending a fresh wave of agony through Danny’s body and making him squeal like a pig in the slaughterhouse.

Through the tears in his eyes, Danny saw his cock twitching. “No”, he shrieked. “Please, don’t! I have been saving that load for tonight!”

David laughed. “Man, listen to yourself! Fucking pervert!” With that, he landed the coup de grace. He couldn’t help but admire his precision. His foot sailed towards its target like a missile heading for a tanker, and it had the effect of a fragmentation bomb. Triggered by the sensation in his testicles, Danny’s cock exploded with a splash after splash of semen that flew through the air in an elegant arc and splattered down onto the floor, missing David’s feet only by inches.

“Wow, that’s a fucking spunkstorm!” David laughed, taking a step back in order not to push his luck.

Danny was screaming from the top of his lungs as the orgasm rocked his world and the result of a full week of celibacy was wasted on the floor. Cum was flying everywhere. Danny grabbed his enflamed, throbbing nuts and clutched them, falling to his knees as his cock continued releasing spurt after spurt of his precious jizz.

Danny cried out in pain and frustration. All that spunk, wasted! This was supposed to be the ticket for his career! It was supposed to flush the stage tonight as a symbol of male power, now it was coating the floor of his hallway as a symbol of his inferiority to his sadist of a brother! He screamed from the top of his lungs.

David watched him, chuckling. What a fucking loser. He sighed and left the apartment, leaving his brother panting and whimpering on the floor.

A few hours later, Danny was lying in his bed. He had a terrible headache. The performance had been a disaster. There had been 13 people in attendance. Twelve of them were members of the writer/director/producers feminist study club. The other had been the owner of the theater. His lack of pubic hair had been ridiculed by the rest of the cast, with one of them noting to great amusement that his swollen testicles looked like a pair of poorly painted easter eggs. The ejaculation scene had been catastrophic. Instead of a quick jerk and a flood of semen it had turned out to be a painfully long, ultimately unsuccessful attempt at getting an erection in front of a dozen sneering lesbians. After seventeen minutes of glaring failure, one of his co-stars had shown mercy, emptying a glass of buttermilk over Danny’s limp noodle, marking the only instance of spontaneous applause of that evening. Danny was almost glad that there had been no journalist present so there wouldn’t be a review in the press. The party afterwards was cancelled when the owner of the theater announced that he was going to cancel the rest of the performances.

Danny rubbed his temples and took a sleeping pill. Well, there was always “Naughty Nuns In Padded Prisons 2”. Maybe he’d even get the role of the acrobatic archbishop.

David wasn’t home yet. He was fucking the brains out of Mother Gigogne while fingering the Snow Queen. What a wonderful way to end a busy day…


I hope you liked this story. Feel free to comment on this story to tell me what you liked or didn't like or what adventures you want Danny and David to experience in the future... :-))

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Anonymous said...

Loved it. David being a prick is so hot--but Id love to read about Daniel getting him back. There is nothing hotter than a prick getting what he deserves!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment. I'm not sure if Danny will ever be able to get back at his brother - but maybe he'll convince some of his friends to gang up on David and do the dirty work for him?

Erik said...

I always feel bad for Danny, but i loved it non the less ;)
However I would like to see David getting what he deserves... broken nuts :)

Alex said...

Thanks for your suggestion, Erik. At the moment I don't have a comeuppance story planned, but who knows what the future has in store for David? :-))

Anonymous said...

So when do we get to see everyone back together? I'm excited for it!

Alex said...

Thanks for your question! Of course we'll see everyone together eventually - but I guess that'll have to wait until next year. Before that everyone (or nearly everyone) will get their own little story...

AnonOne said...

I'm really eager to see Logan again. If he's graduated or still in school, lol...

Alex said...

Thanks for your suggestiin! Check back on Thursday and there might be a pleasant surprise waiting for you... ;-)