Monday, February 27, 2023

Robin VS Robin written by Jimmy

Robin VS Robin

By Jimmy 

Warning: I do not own any Batman or Batman related properties, this is an act of fiction. Also, this is not my artist work in the comic. It was sent by a good friend that wants MORE ballbusting and Robin stories. I think I can squeeze out a few more with the photos that you sent, thanks Jake.

“I see you, Drake.”

Damian Wayne, dressed in his Robin’s costume punches his quarry three times about the neck and head in quick succession before telling him as he blacks out:

“Let’s see how you like knives, Brutal.”

Then Damian slams the hilt hard into his black stitched cowl not even watching as his foe crumbles to his feet.

Robin, Tim Drake is about to comment dressed in his new Red Robin costume but the knife that Damian was holding is launched across the alley and cutting his grapple causing Tim to scramble as he drops down to the sidewalk gasping and moaning at the hardened concrete drop under his heels.

“I decided that I am done waiting,” Tim Drake says.

Damian gives a tiny nod and is on him, raining down with punches and quick knees to the mid-section. The barad of quick strikes puts Tim on the defensive and he covers his head and starts blocking the other blows as best as he can as Damian Wayne forces him down the alley and against the brick wall darkened by soot and grime.

“I make the rules, Drake. Not you.”

Then Damian spins a circle kicking out with a side kick that hits directly where Red Robin is most vulnerable. The kick takes Tim by surprise as Damian Wayne’s knee clips him. The hardened bone sinks in deep into his bulge and Tim gasps.

The walloping Whump of the strike leaves him with wobbly knees.

“Owww.” Tim Drake says exhaling as Damian pulls off his cowl revealing his black domino mask.

“Your new costume is lame,” Damian says tossing him the cowl. “You are not father, and you look ridiculous. Also, not sure if you have compared by Grayson’s equipment is so much more lethal than that set you have on you. No wonder why you never wore Dick’s old costume…it didn’t fit where it matters most.”

Tim grabs his balls in one hand, scowling now up at Damian Wayne as he lashes out with another hard kick flinging his head back as he pulls the cowl back over his face.

“Pathetic performance Drake…Dick must have wanted to lose to you. You will never amount to anything.”

The words almost hurt more that knee to his bird eggs. Tim Drake rolls out of the way as Damian rushes as him firing his grappling hook and swinging up and away.

“Retreating! Coward!” Damian yells giving chase and swinging on his own grapple. He’s so incredibly fast.

The younger Robin slams into him midair, but Tim manages to change their course and drop Damian down roughly on the concrete before landing on his own two feet and pulling out his staff.


Damian Wayne groans leaping up and yelling “I will not lose to you!”

Then Red Robin punches him in the face, knocking him backwards before kicking straight out and hitting Damian Wayne in his own pouch and scrambling the kids sack before he lands back onto the street.

“You lost the second I started trying,” Tim says before he swings his staff.

A batarang nails the side of it and a loud voice echoes across: “Stop!”


The quivering batarang shakes impaled in Red Robin’s staff as he turns to face Batman.


“Father…” Damian Wayne gasps, one hand holding his balls Robin not too far from him doing the same.

“We have too many enemies than to fight each other, now go home you two.”

Tim Drake nods, but Damian Wayne’s shoulders quake anger flaring in him.

“Fine…for now.”

“You alright,” Batman says quietly touching his sons shoulder. Damian pulls away not answering but his face reddening as he follows Tim Drake back to the Batmobile.

“Not bad, Drake.”

“You too.” Tim Drake says, turning and flashing him a smile before his balls ache as he sits down and grabs himself again.

“Next time…let’s get Grayson together instead.”

Tim Drake thinks about it, only for a moment before he agrees.



Back home in his Robin lays against the bed, sitting on the floor. Alfred comes in.

"Your breakfast...Master Tim?"

"Master Tim?"

Alfred runs his hand through Robin's hair stirring him.

"You've been up all night?"

Tim smiles. "Maybe."

Alfred shakes his head and slowly lowers the breakfast tray on the mattress. 

"Eat when you can, those bruises look fresh...want me to?"

"I'll be alright Alfred," Tim says. "Besides, you should see the other guy."

"I have actually. I was in his bedroom just before yours."

Tim Drake laughs as he sips the warm hot chocolate.

"Don't forget that you two are supposed to be on the same team."

 Tim says nothing to that as Alfred heads out of his room, but maybe he might just do that.

~ End



Friday, February 24, 2023

My Friend...? written by Jimmy


                           Regie                                                 Oscar

My Friend…?

by Jimmy


 Warning: Includes ballbusting. Contains traces of forced semen. You have been warned.

At the gym, Regie has been working out well into his second hour. He is feeling awesome. His chest is glistening and his wet tank top is stuck against his skin. He happens to look up at Oscar as he enters the gym and he yells, “Oscar! There he is, my spotter. Get your ass over here!”

Regie is wildly gesturing at the wrack behind his head, and he growls at Oscar to get his ass moving.

“Regie? You want me to stop you? That’s weird, I’m surprised you even want to talk to me.”

Regie wolfishly smiles, his teeth glinting. “Of course, now hurry up!”

“Oh okay…” Oscar says walking over worriedly to join Regie. ‘He may do something to me but also thinks we may be friends now!’

Monday, February 20, 2023

Robin's Reckoning written by Jimmy


Robin's Reckoning

By Jimmy  

 Warning: I do not own any Batman or Batman related properties, this is an act of fiction. Also, this is not my artist work in the comic. It was sent by a good friend that wants MORE ballbusting and Robin stories. This one is for you Jake. I may be running out of photos, but I will finish the last ones I have with hopefully some fun twists and turns.

Sitting in window sill in a white tank top, and stripped boxers Tim Drake stares out the window of Wayne Manor.

Recently he has had a great time busting Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing’s balls. Just a few minutes ago he had gotten him down in the batcave. The pair had been sparring and he had worked up quite a sweat. Dick was winning, but a lucky chance had helped Tim to land a lucky blow with his knee crushing Nightwing’s nuts and smooshing them flat against his tailbone.

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Nightwing: One Big Happy Family written by Jimmy


Nightwing One Big Happy Family

By Jimmy

Warning: I do not own any Batman or Batman related properties, this is an act of fiction. Also, this is not my artist work in the comic. It was sent by a good friend that wants MORE ballbusting and Robin stories. This one is for you Jake.

Ballbusting Boys: Nightwing's Reckoning written by Jimmy

Tim knew that he had taken things too far.

Nightwing, Dick Grayson is on the roof above in danger and it’s all his fault.

The laughter of villain, causes Robin to go numb and spring into action firing his grappling gun as the Joker approaches the fallen Nightwing. Robin had been toying with Dick earlier, busting his balls literally and figuratively leaving him vulnerable to the Joker or any other form of attack. Joker is deadly, a maniac and unpredictable. Tim Drake, aka Robin the boy wonder can only hope to get his friend and teammate in time to save him.

Friday, February 3, 2023

Boxing written by Jimmy



By Jimmy


 Warning: Includes ballbusting. You have been warned.

Gino has taken up boxing recently and he hammers away at the bag in the ring wasting no time at all when he first got here. Gino Gomez, the eldest brother in the Gomez household believes that if he gets better at boxing maybe it will help him in the wrestling ring.

Logan tried to talk Gino out of the idea telling him to focus more on…Gino stopped listening and started going to a nearby local boxing gym. He’s doing well, and his tapered shoulders, and well developed six-pack glisten with fresh sweat that rolls down his torso.

“Hey are you done with the ring? You’ve been using for an hour and I need to practice” Cliff a regular around here yells up to Gino.

“I’m done when I’m done,” Gino barks back.