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My Friend...? written by Jimmy


                           Regie                                                 Oscar

My Friend…?

by Jimmy


 Warning: Includes ballbusting. Contains traces of forced semen. You have been warned.

At the gym, Regie has been working out well into his second hour. He is feeling awesome. His chest is glistening and his wet tank top is stuck against his skin. He happens to look up at Oscar as he enters the gym and he yells, “Oscar! There he is, my spotter. Get your ass over here!”

Regie is wildly gesturing at the wrack behind his head, and he growls at Oscar to get his ass moving.

“Regie? You want me to stop you? That’s weird, I’m surprised you even want to talk to me.”

Regie wolfishly smiles, his teeth glinting. “Of course, now hurry up!”

“Oh okay…” Oscar says walking over worriedly to join Regie. ‘He may do something to me but also thinks we may be friends now!’

When Oscar gets closer, Regie waits until he gets behind him in position, and Regie’s fist slams into Oscar’s bulge punching him as hard as he can in the Oscar’s nads. “You got to get lower, bend your knees!” Regie yells, not even hiding his growing smile. “That will help you get into the right position.

Regie’s fist hitting his familiar targets makes him so very happy, and he can’t help but smile.

Oscar falls on the ground cupping his nuts yelling in pain and cries in distress.

“Regie….that actually hurt….OWW…..” Oscar groans while a single tears falls down Oscar’s cheek on the floor. Cupping his nuts Oscar looks up at Reggie on the workout bench spotting how very content he seems to be.

Regie laughs as he does a final set and stands over the fallen Oscar.

“You were supposed to spot me! Not kiss the floor,” Regie laughs his shadow falling over Oscar’s prone body.

“I barely tapped you,” Regie says gloating over him.

“Barley tapped me! I’m crying in pain over here!!!”

“….you always make such a big thing of the small stuff.”

To add insult to injury Regie adds “If you want to see a real tap…try this!” He grabs Oscar pulling him up to standing, yanking him up by grabbing both arms and most importantly removing the protection of his hands guarding his balls.

Regie makes sure to wiggle his eyebrows, before he lifts his knee so effortlessly and lands a perfect blow to Oscar’s balls. The boney kneecap snaps into the crevice between Oscar’s thighs and crunching his balls with one solid thump.


Oscar’s eyes and mouth open as wide as they can when that knee hits and he gazes at Regie in horror.

Falling to the ground even harder with more tears running down his face this time, Oscar lands in a heap at Regie’s feet.

“I’m gonna….go…..I’m…..not feeling….good.”

“Now THAT was a hit.”

Bending down until he is eye level with Regie grabs Oscar’s shirt, “Not so fast…”

Regie clears his throat and makes eye contact, and keeping his roommate looking at him as he goes on.

“Oscar…you came to my gym. This is my place, and I can’t allow you here without suffering for it.”

“No…please…. I can’t take anymore…..I don’t feel like working out anymore.”

“Got it? Now tuck that tail of yours between your legs and get gown, or else…” he reaches between Oscar’s legs and grabs a fist full of Oscar’s precious nuggets and gives them a mighty squeeze.

“I will make you regret it. I may have to be your roommate…but in no way are we friends.”

The squeeze intensifies until Regie is satisfied that his roommate has gotten the point.

“Ok, ok, ok!!! I get it!!! Please let go now!!!” 😫😫

Squeezing a bit harder, Regie loves how he can easily manipulate Oscar’s tight sack and beat him with one simple move.

“Fine…I have to finish this anyways.”

Standing up he releases Oscar, but not before he closes his hands more tightly on his nuts until they squish like raisins.

“Nice of you to drop by Oscar!” Regie shouts, standing up. “Bye now!

He laughs turning away shaking his head to move to the next set.

Oscar gasps for air while crying when Regie finally let’s go.

“I’ll…see you later…..”

Slowly Oscar stands up and begins to walk away limping and cupping his nuts.

Later on…

When Oscar arrives back to their shared room he is shirtless with only his underwear on and icing his nuts thinking Regie won’t show up anytime soon. He huddles on the mattress clutching his precious gonads.


Out of the corner of his eye, Regie watches him go and smiles finishing his last set.

He decides that he has had enough and heads back to the dorm. Maybe he can get Oscar alone and really get into a session.

Back at the dorm room…

When Oscar puts ice on his nuts he notices their super red as Regie is the strongest guy at school.

Why does he always hit my nuts!!?’

Oscar decides to go through Regies stuff to find something to use against him but doesn’t find anything useful.

Oscar lightly says “Oow” as an ice cube scratches his left nut. He is still crying hoping Regie doesn’t show up soon.

The door to the dorm bursts open and Regie stops his eyes zeroing in on Oscar holding his crotch, bare chested and crying.

“You are always so dramatic!”

Regie closes the door and dropping his gym bag, and head over to Oscar.

“Let me see ‘em…I’ve got practice with this kind of stuff.”

He does a grabby motion, and holds out his hands.

“I’ll be gentle this time…I promise.”

Regie crosses his fingers behind his back as he tries his best to look kind.

“What no! Regie you hate me! Why do u want to see my Nuts?!?”

“I mean… I was just playing with you. Sometimes I can go a bit overboard. I just want to make sure that you are okay. Trust me roomie.”

Regie adds in a bit of a nod and gestures again for him to open up his legs, and expose his genitals.

“I got you, bro.” He figures that should clench it, calling him bro. Regie looks sympathetic and smiles warmly, even though the wolf within rages to be let out. Behind his grey eyes he is eager to continue and this time to finish the job.

“Ok I guess….there as red as a tomato so please don’t try anything…I can’t take anymore anyway so please Regie I mean it.”

The opening is just what Regie had been waiting for and he reaches slowly between Oscar’s legs, and tenderly opens the flap of his roommates boxers and fully exposing Oscar’s junk by slipping it out.

“I see what you mean,” Regie says plainly scooping up Oscar’s hanging redden grapes and clasping both hands around his plums and gently rolling the orbs between his fingers.

“Guess I did get too carried away this time, sometimes I don’t realize how strong I really am.”

Regie continues to toy with Oscar’s nuggets, watching his face to see what this gentle stimulation might do to the boy.

Oscar starts to smile and laugh at Regie. The slight playing with his nuts is enjoyable and he starts to sit on the floor while Regie still continues playing. A moment later Oscar moans by accident and gets worried what Regie may say.

“It’s okay little buddy…let that cage beast out” he smiles as he toys with Oscar’s balls delighting in softness of the flesh, and the vulnerability that Oscar is now in. He is his, and Oscar is about to discover just how fucked he is.

“Feeling better?” Regie asks.

Regie flicks Oscar’s cock with his thumb. “He’s getting in the way. Can you do something about that?”

“Regie….I thought you hated me….ever since we were kids you’ve always bullied me. Especially with your friends and you would always hit me in the nuts…”

“Yeah, that’s true.” Regie says with a sigh. “A good hit to your balls always does make me laugh. You make such silly faces. And I do enjoy a good nut kick now and again. But it’s only in fun…right little buddy?” Regie says, as his thick fingers roll Oscar’s testicles through his fleshy ballsack ‘accidentally’ brushing along his cock with his thumbs on every other swipe.

“I think you even liked the attention…right?”

Oscar starts to worry “Uhm I mean….I was always in pain and I never got you back. Look Regie please stop playing with my balls I’ve had enough. Oscar tries to push Regie away but he won’t move.

“I’m almost done…I swear. Just checking for bruises and…oh shit!”

Regie tries to look shocked.

“You see this?” Regie rolls Oscar’s balls until they are firmly at the bottom of his ballsack and takes Oscar’s prick in the other hand, moving it out of the way but not before he glides his hand up and down it a few times.

“See it?”

“I don’t see anything!! Regie stop!!!”

“Yup! I found it…your so backed up! I think I need to clear you out.”

Regie nods. “Only way bro!” Regie grins as he starts to jack off Oscar, jerking his dick up and down slow and steady as his other hand that clenches Oscar’s balls closed much more firmly locking in Oliver’s balls right in his closed fist. Regie gives the nuts a firm but slow squeeze. Regis plans on escalating things slowly before he forces Oscar to make a mess all over himself.

“You should have trusted your instincts. Too late now, boy. You are mine!”

The wolf has been released and Regie is out to finish what he started.

“Ouch!! Regie stop!!! No!!”

Regie gets tired of Oscar to stop him so he holds his hand down and takes Oscar’s underwear off.

“Regie please!!! Don’t do this!!!”

“Aww Oscar…I know that you like it!” Regie says, “Look at your dick…it’s getting kinda firm. You get a stiffy on me?”

Regie spits into his hand, getting his warm saliva nice and juicy as he wets Oliver’s starting to thicken erection.

Regie’s other hand is squeezing and releasing the kids nutbag never slowing down on increasing the pressure every other squeeze keeping the kid on the edge as he works him over.

“I don’t want your saliva on my cock!!! OuGh my balls are sensitive!!!” Oscar groans as he starts moaning and crying in pain.

“Can’t believe a moment ago you said that you never tried to go after my balls,” Regie laughs and shakes his head. “As if I would ever give you the opportunity!”

Regie squeezes Oliver’s nuggets harder until Oliver sings with a squeal.

“Wait…you don’t want my spit on it…you sure?” He leans down to lay on another layer, making his fist able to more easily glide up and down Oliver’s growing cock and pressuring the tip with tiny squeezes when he gets to the top.

“I tend to think that you do!”

“No no!!! OUGHHH” Oscar’s eyes and mouth open even wider than ever.

He is crying now extremely hard and yells in pain.

“Aaaw…you can take it.”

Regie laughs meanly and continues to squeeze Oscar’s balls but decreases the pressure a bit to make sure that Oscar’s inner tubes can get the necessary semen moving when the time comes.

Working faster, Regie speeds up. His tempo going faster as he jacks him off.

“Getting close?” Regie wants to know as he drops a big glob on top.

Regie speed is faster than ever, and each time he runs a thumb across the top of Ocsar’s dick and he begins to feel the throbbing within the tube.

“Time to make a mess!”

“Nooooo!” Oscar almost yells, not wanting this…not wanting to…to… “Oh shit!”

Oscar’s body strums, his cock throbbing in Regis’s fist that keeps beating him off. He can’t stop…can’t keep it in.

“So…dirty…gods……please…don’t make me…don’t. I…I…I….!”

Oscar’s butt comes off the floor, and he is humping Regie’s fist now, his body taking over and he can’t help himself as he squeezes his eyes shut and his cock, red and hot comes off his belly and pulses once and he shoots straight up hitting his chin.

“There he goes!” laughs Regie pumping him harder, and making this really good as he cleans out his roommate.

Oscar’s eyes roll back in his skull and he grunts “Ugh, ugh, uuuuuuuuuugh!” as he finishes covered in his own white messy semen.

Regie finally drops the spent cock…but not the scrotum. He tightens his handhold and Oscar rears back and screams as Regie’s thumb jams into the side of his left spent testicle hitting it hard. The ball has nowhere to go but into rightie. And still Regie tightens his hold.

“Your balls are mine.”

Regie looks down at his fist and grins.

“Never come to my gym again.”

“Oooookay! Please….let me go!”

Regie nods once.

Then orders him “Stand still.”

Oscar does without fail as Regie stands up and picks up his phone and turning the video off.

“I’ve got this all on video…say ‘I’m fucked!’”

Oscar’s eyes widen in alarm.

“You…you wouldn’t…”

Regie only grins and starts to disrobe, turning away from him and leaving him worriedly on the floor in his own mess.

“I already did. Soon everyone will see it.”

The bathroom door slams, and Oscar cries harder and rolls into the fetal position his cum cooling on his chest.

“What’s going to happen to me?” he asks the empty room. Oscar gets no reply but suddenly his own phone starts pinging and he can see his screen light up.

Oscar’s mouth goes dry.

Regis was right. He is fucked.




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