Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Jimmy's Found Video's #73


         Jimmy’s Found        

          Video’s #73


Dear Ballbusting Boys Community,


Here's this weeks videos, hope that you all enjoy them! Have a great week everyone, and happy busting!




1). I love how he leaves his foot right in there after each kick.

Monday, December 25, 2023

Christmas Day: A Retelling written by Jimmy


Christmas Day:

A Retelling



by Jimmy



Dear Ballbusting Boys Fans,

I wanted to do something a little special for this Christms Season. So I thought a little retelling of the fist Gino and Jayden story could be really special. I tried to make this from Gino's perspective, which is very different in tone, not story, to the original. Call it a remaster, a second telling, but either way I hope that you all enjoy it. I'm still sick, but Owen's excitement about this really helped me to make it happen. Hope you all enjoy. This is the one that started them all.


Ballbusting Boys: Christmas Day - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy) (Original can be found here for comparison or rereading)

Gino was pacing as he spoke on the phone to his best friend Francisco telling him a desire that he never shared with anyone.


“I could really use a hand job…before our big swim meet.”


The seventeen year old gulped on the phone, as his friend chuckled and Francisco responded back with “You have a right hand, Gino. Use that.”


Gino closed his eyes, daring himself to ask the next question. But Francisco already hung up the phone.


Annoyed, and horny Gino grumbled to himself, not seeing his brother in the other room staring at him wide eyed and curious.


The rest of the day was normal, and Gino heads to bed hoping that maybe tomorrow Francisco will call him back. Maybe then, he will offer.


Sleep does not come easily to Gino. He keeps rolling around in his bed, touching his hard cock. He’s leaking, but does not want to masturbate. He grumbles into his pillow and when he finally does pass out his erection still throbs into his dreams.


Friday, December 22, 2023

Speedos VS Singlets: Part 3 written by Reg and Jimmy


Speedos VS Singlets: Part 3



By Reg and Jimmy

Ballbusting Boys: Speedos VS Singlets written by Reg and Jimmy (Part 1)

It takes effort, but Jayden grabs a nearby locker and slowly pulls himself upwards, he staggers into it the making the locker room clang with the noise of rattling metal hinges and swaying padlocks.

“Going somewhere?” Chase asks, pulling himself to standing and glaring at Jayden with defiance.

“This is stupid, Chase! I’m late for wrestling practice, we’re both feeling sore. Let’s just call a truce and—”

Chase strides towards Jayden, and stepping in front of the door, shielding it. “No truce in war, Jayden. Only winners and losers. If you want to submit, get down on your knees and take the low blows that we paid for. Otherwise, things are going to get a whole lot worse.” Chase punches the palm of his hand, further making his point, breathing hard and filling up his lungs.

“You can’t control me, Chase. And if that’s what it takes, then I WILL finish things,” Jayden narrows his dark brown muddy eyes making a deliberate effort to show Chase exactly what he is aiming for.

“Too bad all your allies are down…now it’s just you and—me!”

The door suddenly swings wide open, crashing into Chase and causing Jayden to jump.

Through the doorway stepping clumsily inside comes Bill.

“Oops…sorry about that Chase. I didn’t mean to…” Bill’s hands are on the shoulder straps of his backpack, his foot still raised after kicking the heavy door open.

Chase turns scowling towards him about to scold the boy when Jayden swings a sideways kick, nailing him in the ribs and sending him staggering backwards.

“Oh wow!” Bill shouts but it then hurled backwards as the door swings back on its springs, hitting him full in the face making him fall on his ass on the other side of the locker room entrance.

Friday, December 15, 2023

Speedos VS Singlets: Part 2 written by Reg and Jimmy


Speedos VS Singlets: Part 2



By Reg and Jimmy

Ballbusting Boys: Speedos VS Singlets written by Reg and Jimmy (Part 1)

Several minutes later, Jayden Gomez is finally heard coming noisily down the hallway. He’s laughing loudly holding his beat-up old cell phone that has been refurbished more times than he can count.

“Thanks, I’ll be ready soon, bro!” Jayden remarks as he heads into the changing room and hangs up the call.

Jayden sees bare feet in front of him and stops, looking up to see Chase blocking his path. The tall blond swimmer is wearing only a white tank-top above his still damp swimwear and is casually checking himself out in the mirror. It’s not an unusual sight and Jayden quietly acknowledges him with a small nod and tries to squeeze past.

“You missed swim practice… again!” Chase huffs, turning to block his path again.

Jayden sighs and this time shoves past his taller class-mate then slowly puts his backpack in his locker, his eyebrows furrowing at the uncalled for animosity.

“Well in case you’re wondering Gomez, we didn’t miss you. You think you’re too good for us, I hear?” Chase’s snide remark is accompanied be a mean smirk.

“Look dude, coach put me on a different schedule that’s all.” Jayden sighs, annoyed that he has to explain it AGAIN “Look Chase, I improved my lap times over the Christmas break so coach wants me to train with the seniors…it’s that simple…when you guys pick up the pace we all go back to training together. To be honest I kinda miss…”

“That’s not my point!” Chase interrupts bluntly. With a growl he turns to face Jayden then raises his arms and slowly pulls his shirt off, and revealing his powerfully muscled torso. Filling his chest to show he means business he casually bounces his firm sculpted pecs then taking a threatening step forward. He’s about ready to shove Jayden into the lockers when he spots something bright red in Jayden’s backpack.

“What the hell is that?”

“Oh, er, it’s a wrestling singlet,” Jayden shyly pulls it out and holds up the crumpled red garment to Chase. “I…well I’m going to try out for the wrestling team.”

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Jimmy’s Found Video’s #72


Jimmy’s Found        

          Video’s #72


Dear Ballbusting Boys Community,


Here's this weeks videos, hope that you all enjoy them! Have a great week everyone, and happy busting!




1). I have been looking for this one for a while, happy that I found it!

Friday, December 8, 2023

Speedos VS Singlets written by Reg and Jimmy


Speedos VS Singlets



By Reg and Jimmy



Dear Ballbusting Boys Communiuty,

Reg and I have been writing this story since the summer. Lots of rewriting, editing, and slowly adding as we worked towards an epic story that will start today and run through December. This story takes place just after Chase's Revenge which was originally posted in March 2020.

Ballbusting Boys: Chase’s revenge - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

The new story reimagines what could have taken place and I find that it works well within the current continuity. I hope that you all enjoy this first part!


"It's bullshit guys! Complete bullshit and we are not going to stand for it!"

The fifteen year old swimmer growls angrily, his firm chiseled muscles twitching as he clenches his fists fuming and seething with rage.

Chase DiPetrio is clearly not in a good mood today.

The blond teenager snarls as he vents his frustration at the shivering team-mates that have huddled around him at the far corner of the locker room. Of the four swimmers, Chase is the oldest and has by far the most eye-catching physique. Taller that the others, his growing muscles are fuller and more defined. His smooth teenage torso glistens under the lights, still smooth as an eel but already forming an attractive Vee that tapers down from his broad shoulders to his slender hips, show-casing a prominent and rather manly bulge in his tight speedos.

The boys have just finished an early swim practice and their shivering teenage bodies are still dripping, forming chlorinated puddles on the cold tiled floor beneath.

“You’re damn right, Chase, this extra training totally sucks!” Adam huffs as he gazes up in empathy at his idol “It’s so unfair! How come WE have to get up so damn early while HE can just lie in bed…jerking off his stupid fat cock?”

“Well, if I were Jayden that’s what I’d do!” Max pipes up excitedly “Did you guys notice how BIG he grew?”

The awestruck boy holds his hands out several inches apart then moves them slowly wider like a fisherman bragging about his catch. Max’s eyes begin to bulge and goggle comically as the gap widens making his twin brother chortle and finally grapple him, tickling his bony ribs.

“Enough!” Chase hisses at the giggling twins, silencing both with an angry scowl “What are you implying, Max?”  

“I meant his, er, his shoulders!” Max gulps, quickly back-tracking to save his skin “His shoulders have grown THIS broad… that’s why he’s so quick in the water!”

The shivering boy bites his lip but he can’t stop his eyes slowly glazing over as he recalls seeing Jayden emerge at the poolside after the holiday break. Poor Max had almost drowned in his swim lane, his limbs falling limp in the water as his hungry eyes devoured the jaw-dropping bulge that threatened to rip Jayden’s straining speedos asunder! His jaw had dropped wide open, flooding his mouth leaving the boy choking and spluttering in the pool.

Max staggers a step backwards still lost in his daydream and stumbles clumsily back into the slim body of his own twin brother. With their identical bodies now nestled snugly together, Rex can’t help chuckling in empathy as he gives Max’s pert butt a cheeky squeeze to bring him back to the moment.

“Max does have a point, guys. Jayden is a better swimmer than us now… I heard he was at the pool every day during the Christmas break. I guess we’ll just have to suffer this training to keep our places on the team.”

“Yeah whatever Rex, it’s still bullshit!” Chase snaps angrily “Anyway Jayden’s little growth spurt doesn’t impress me? His puny muscles have got nothing on mine, right guys? Check these out!”

Chase peers around, making sure he has everyone’s full attention before slowly flexing his arms. He glances arrogantly at his guns with a cocky grin then strides forward displaying his rock-hard biceps even closer to their gaping young faces.

“Go ahead guys, feel them!” Chase hisses. It’s an order, not an invitation but his adoring fans are more than happy to obey.

“Dude!!! Wow I see someone else had a growth spurt!” Adam gushes as he pushes the twins aside to wrap both of his hands around the rippling balls of muscle.

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Jimmy's Found Video's #72


         Jimmy’s Found        

          Video’s #71


Dear Ballbusting Boys Community,


Here's this weeks videos, hope that you all enjoy them! Have a great week everyone, and happy busting!




1). A punch with a boxing glove...sounds like it hurt!

Monday, December 4, 2023

Logan's Farwell Speech written by Jimmy


Logan’s Farwell Speech



by Jimmy




Logan Kruger crosses the stage and stands at the podium, trophy in hand as he gazes out across the full attendance of the gymnasium.


“I would like to introduce this year’s new wrestling captain, and the first freshman to take the title of captain in over first years.”


Logan takes a breath and grabs the microphone and moving across the stage to stand before the crowd. 


“My friend, and fellow wrestler has earned this title and I could not be happier to be leaving the team in such capable hands. Although, I have already started my internship at Captain of the Bartlet team I know that Jayden will keep trophies like these coming into our school!”


The crowd erupts in cheers as Logan waves the trophy up high, pumping it in the air.


Logan walks back to the podium and says, "May Jayden Gomez come take the stage."

Saturday, December 2, 2023

Chucky Wins: Child's Play Continues a Chucky and Andy Story


Chucky Wins:

Child's Play Continues


written by Jimmy  (Part 1) (Part 2)

“Wakey, wakey Andy. You went and feel asleep!”


Andy groans. He feels weird. Something is not right. 


Andy tries to move. No surprise there, he can’t…again

The draft hits him, Chucky must have opened a window because the air slides over his bare skin and he shivers and bites his bottom lip. It feels different too, maybe it’s the swelling from when Chucky hit him in the face.  Andy can’t tell, but when he opens his eyes he is floored by what he sees. 


Instead of Chucky in front of him, Andy sees…himself? He’s fully dressed in dark jeans and a black t-shirt a hoodie in one hand that he shucks over his head, and pulls the material until he becomes fully visible again. Chucky sweeps the hair back, but his brown locks fall right back in place on his forehead. 


“How…?” Andy asks, but his voice…it’s different too. He’s…no he can’t be. 


“Figured it out yet, champ?” Chucky asks but its Andy’s mouth that’s moving. His mouth. Not Chucky’s. How is this possible?


Chucky chuckles. “It’s me Andy, Chucky. In your body. The ritual worked. I just performed one more bringing your soul back…into the doll. You’re a good guy now Andy…a good guy until the end. I couldn’t kill you with my knife…” Chucky holds up the blade and shoves it in the mattress near his skull. “Because then I wouldn’t have anywhere to transfer my soul. So I brought you back…so I could kill you. And unlike me my patron won’t bring you back. You aren’t a killer like me, and the magic only works on true believers of the faith. The ones that pledge themselves fully and completely to Damballa.”


Chucky takes a breath, and smiles. “I’m not usually one for speeches, but…had to make sure that you understood. Now I’m going to kill you. Kill you like I always wanted to. You escaped me Andy four times. Now it’s over. Your life is in my hands. I think…” Chucky pulls out the blade, it glints as Chucky places it against his throat. “That I’ll destroy your balls. Like you did mine…but first I’ll empty them. I’ve never nut kicked a doll before…I’m excited to see what it’s like!” 


Chucky laughs, gut wrenchingly and Andy’s spine against the mattress twinges. A cold sweat dampens his skin and Andy finally speaks his first real sentence in his new body, in a very unfamiliar voice even to his own ears. 


“You…brought me back. Just to kill me.”


“I have to even the score” Chucky growls, a mean look like nothing that Andy has ever witnessed crosses across his face…the face that does not belong to him…not anymore. It’s utterly terrifying.