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Chucky Wins: Child's Play Continues a Chucky and Andy Story


Chucky Wins:

Child's Play Continues


written by Jimmy  (Part 1) (Part 2)

“Wakey, wakey Andy. You went and feel asleep!”


Andy groans. He feels weird. Something is not right. 


Andy tries to move. No surprise there, he can’t…again

The draft hits him, Chucky must have opened a window because the air slides over his bare skin and he shivers and bites his bottom lip. It feels different too, maybe it’s the swelling from when Chucky hit him in the face.  Andy can’t tell, but when he opens his eyes he is floored by what he sees. 


Instead of Chucky in front of him, Andy sees…himself? He’s fully dressed in dark jeans and a black t-shirt a hoodie in one hand that he shucks over his head, and pulls the material until he becomes fully visible again. Chucky sweeps the hair back, but his brown locks fall right back in place on his forehead. 


“How…?” Andy asks, but his voice…it’s different too. He’s…no he can’t be. 


“Figured it out yet, champ?” Chucky asks but its Andy’s mouth that’s moving. His mouth. Not Chucky’s. How is this possible?


Chucky chuckles. “It’s me Andy, Chucky. In your body. The ritual worked. I just performed one more bringing your soul back…into the doll. You’re a good guy now Andy…a good guy until the end. I couldn’t kill you with my knife…” Chucky holds up the blade and shoves it in the mattress near his skull. “Because then I wouldn’t have anywhere to transfer my soul. So I brought you back…so I could kill you. And unlike me my patron won’t bring you back. You aren’t a killer like me, and the magic only works on true believers of the faith. The ones that pledge themselves fully and completely to Damballa.”


Chucky takes a breath, and smiles. “I’m not usually one for speeches, but…had to make sure that you understood. Now I’m going to kill you. Kill you like I always wanted to. You escaped me Andy four times. Now it’s over. Your life is in my hands. I think…” Chucky pulls out the blade, it glints as Chucky places it against his throat. “That I’ll destroy your balls. Like you did mine…but first I’ll empty them. I’ve never nut kicked a doll before…I’m excited to see what it’s like!” 


Chucky laughs, gut wrenchingly and Andy’s spine against the mattress twinges. A cold sweat dampens his skin and Andy finally speaks his first real sentence in his new body, in a very unfamiliar voice even to his own ears. 


“You…brought me back. Just to kill me.”


“I have to even the score” Chucky growls, a mean look like nothing that Andy has ever witnessed crosses across his face…the face that does not belong to him…not anymore. It’s utterly terrifying.


Andy’s throat goes dry and he tests the binds. Easier to escape from. Apparently it’s harder to tie up a doll.  But he’s still just a doll. Smaller than his own body that Chucky now possess. How can Andy beat him this time…is it even possible? And most importantly how can he get his body back? Or is he trapped. Trapped forever in this hell.


“Stop thinking and answer me!” Chucky bellows, spit landing and sparkling across his cheeks. “How do you want to die?” 


Andy gulps. 


“I…I don’t. Don’t kill me Chucky, please.”


He had no choice, he had to beg. 


The smile on Chucky’s face lights him up, and he steps back. “I knew that we would get there. That you would beg me not to put your lights out…in the end. They always beg for their life, and you Andy are no different from any of my others victims besides the simple fact that you got lucky escaped me. Luck has always been on your side” His hand shoots out and slaps against Andy’s naked and very defenseless genitals in a quick upward smack that hits both nuts and cock as the tiny privates, the hard hit smacks against the base against his skin pubis. 


Andy’s mouth falls out, the stinging in his groin robs him of everything but a gasp. 


Chucky’s mouth widens, and a dangerous look appears in his eyes as he smacks Andy again this time swatting the cock and nuts southward. Not as painful as the first hit but his cockhead throbs against the contact and Andy sucks in a breath of air. 


“That’s my boy.”


The punch hits him was unexpected, and Earthshattering. The slam of his fist cracks against Andy’s balls pulverizing them in two flattened saucers that squish against his taint. Chucky leaves his fist there and grinds it against the crack of his ass, the knuckles unforgiving as they rake against his soft undersides of his testes. 


Andy jolts in his binds, chest coming up off the mattress and growing taut until Chucky pulls his arm back and his balls, tiny as they are plump back-up. Andy screams. 


Chucky lifts his head to the ceiling listening to Andy’s cry as he screams out.


“Music to my ears.”


Chucky grabs Andy’s small nutsack. His nuts have nowhere to escape too in this small sack. Chucky’s fingers drill into his pea shaped balls, and Andy twists and pulls at his binds, his face crisscrosses from the torment below. The nutclaw is deadly, and Chucky bends Andy’s nuts to his will as crushes them into two mounds before he shoves the nuts, one pinned against the other and squishes the mound smaller. 


Andy’s faces makes a comical ‘O.’


“Oooo oh oh, shit! That…hurts!”


Chucky has his balls pinned, and he does not let up as he drills his fingers one at a time into the scrunched up scrotum, ending with the thumb as it mashes his nut mound like a hammer would a walnut. 


The destructive force of it leaves Andy bathed in sweat and when Chucky finally eases up to inspect the damage he smiles, “If I keep going like this I can turn these…what did you call them? Pebbles? Peas? Does not matter… into a sack of mush.”


Andy moans and Chucky flicks the small dick out of the way so it lands against his abdomen. Then Chucky does a double take and picks it up, running his hand over the small penis. 


“It’s so different to hold it with a bigger hand. I pounded out a few small squirts. With a hand this size…I imagine that I could easily get you to squirt too,” Chucky says and licks his lips before hacking up a spit ball and letting it fall on the small tip of Andy’s penis. 


Chucky slides the foreskin back and forth. Andy does not have a foreskin of his own, and stimulation is so foreign to him, but the need, the stimulation against the other skin as Chucky stimulates him causes him to pant. The sensation of the thin skin sliding back, all lubed up with spit makes Andy’s eyes roll back and he moans this time in pleasure. 


“Fuck Andy…you’re one horny bastard. Even on deaths door, you can still get a woody! Hahahahaha!”


Andy’s cheeks redden, and Andy feels flush as Chucky now masturbates his hardened small knob. He’s still not big…but the dolls dick has certainly lengthened and chubbed up nicely. Andy notices as Chucky slides his hand up and down, that he is starting to pick up speed. 


“I don’t want…” Andy starts to say but then Chucky’s hand concentrates on his tip, and toying with the foreskin again and Andy finds that he can no longer speak. 


“Feels better this way right? I’m not looking forward to playing with your hoodless warrior. Best to find myself a dame to fuck. Plus I can break in this virgin of a body, and get back to doing what I do best…killing.”


“No more!” Andy pleads, his body reacting to Chucky’s touch, the rub of his glands, and the thrum of his tender head as Chucky squeezes his taut erection is almost to much to bare. Andy could not help hit, he looks finally down his chest and what he sees surprises him. The dolls chest shows very slight musculature but the nipples are there, the very same color as the rest of him. His stomach is flat, and indents a bit with a small pronounced visible V lines going down his taut stomach. But the erection that Chucky manipulates seems so large in his hands. Chucky toys with his foreskin, a very tender pink and the rigidness of his stout cock makes Andy’s pulse quicken and when he thrusts up into Chucky’s hand. He can tell that Chucky likes it when he participates. He grins at Andy, and puts his hand down into his sweatpants and caresses his own visible bulge.


“Don’t touch my…”


“It’s my cock now Andy” Chucky yanks it free and bringing it close to Andy’s face pointing the familiar stiffy up to his lips. “Want to suck it?”


Andy turns his head, but Chucky squeezes his cock and Andy writhes his hips rising up, he’s getting closer. He can feel it.


“No…that’s so…”


“Tempting?” offers Chucky rubbing it against his smooth cheek. Andy turns towards it, the familiar musk making his cock throb harder. He’s going to cum and he wants…to taste it. Andy opens his mouth, and covers his teeth as he slowly takes the head inside in his mouth.


“I missed that” Chucky says, a smile playing on his face as he pumps away at Andy’s cock faster. He’s boiling in his loins, they feel so hot and sticky and he slides his tongue around tasting his…what was once his own cock. God, he loves it. Andy slides down to his base, deep throating the whole thing in one go. He was never very big, but for his age Andy felt quite proud of it. The dick feels so huge in his dolls mouth, and tight. He remembers that feeling when Chucky sucked on him earlier and now he is…


Andy pulls off breathing hard, and the small smile on Chucky’s face disappears.


“Two can play at that game” Chucky tells Andy and somehow pumps his cock quicker, and he knows that he can’t hold back a second longer.


Andy groans, the cock throbbing and about to…to…


“I’m gonna…cum!” Andy shouts.


Chucky takes his hand away, grabbing Andy’s spread open thighs and knees him hard as he moves on top of the bed staring into his shocked wide open eyes as Chucky’s knee hits him so hard that his balls squish flat between the cheeks of his ass.


“Ahhhhhhh nooooooooooooooo!” Andy hollers.


Chucky laughs at him, and grabs his face bringing the knife into his side and slowly runs the blade down his side from armpit to thigh, a hot trickle of blood oozes out and Andy screams. The cut is superficial at best, but terrifying watching his own blood seep out.


The pain bursts from it, but Andy swears his balls are worse. Chucky grinds his kneecap into the small crevice aiming for his retreating balls, but his sack is so small that his nuts only have so far to hide. Chucky’s knee finds them easily enough once more and he bumps the orbs teasingly.


“Can’t hide from me!”


Chucky knees him again, and again, and again. Every thrust between his legs makes Andy’s eyes swirl in his head and illicit another rambling scream.


Nothing could prepare him for the intensity of the blows, or how Chucky’s boney kneecap crushes him flatter that flat. Andy is surprised that he has any balls left. He can think of nothing but the agonizing blows that rip him asunder.


Andy is about to scream again but Chucky covers his mouth.


“Silence yourself…we have a long night ahead. I wouldn’t want you to scream yourself out. The best part has yet to occur.”


Andy’s heart thumps wildly as Chucky brings up the blade aiming it for the center of his chest.


“I know how to make you to stop screaming.”


Chucky is no longer laughing, but his smile never waves. Andy feels himself growing cold. ‘This is it, this is the beginning of the end,’ he thinks.


The bright sharp red colored blade hovers over Andy, a tiny drop of blood falling off and landing in the center of his chest. Chucky moves the blade down until it touches his skin.


Andy sucks in his breath so that the blade no longer touches his chest. Chucky grins and lowers the blade “Nowhere else to go, Andy. Let’s see how long you can hold your breath for.”


Andy’s eyes start to widen, and he immediately wants to let out his held breath. But he tries his best to hold back, and to keep it inside.


Chucky’s grin widens and he cover the handle with the other hand ready to plunge the blade deep inside.


That’s when a crash echoes throughout the house. Its Andy’s fosters brothers, they are home.


Andy’s bedroom door bangs open and Chucky turns, putting the knife behind him.


Andy’s foster brothers leer inside. Both older, meaner, and slightly drunk. They stare at Andy and smirk at the doll tied naked to his bed.


“I knew that the freak would like the doll. Told you so!” says the taller one punching the slightly shorter one in the shoulder.


“I never would have brought it home if I had known that Andy would turn it into a sex doll! Fucking loser,” he says sliding his fingers under his nose and rubbing the snots on his pants.


One eyebrow goes up as Chucky assesses the two meatheads.


The taller one is somewhat dumpy looking, his shirt is pulled unflatteringly tight around his middle showing off his gut and the small nub of his belly button. He has a strong chest, and close cropped military haircut that he appears to have given himself; which gives him an uneven crooked look and shows of his beady brown eyes and small dainty mouth. The taller teen, who looks like he might be in his early twenties due to the scruff on his cheeks is wearing a name tag on his shirt that reads Chad, A Valued Employee.


The shorter teen is dirty blond, wearing a white beater with a few small stains and is so well-worn you can spot his small nipples underneath; one poking through a tiny rip in the fabric. He sports a growing mustache; although it’s scruffy and he can’t quite pull off the look effectively but he looks like he may have been trying to grow it for a while. His muted blue eyes show off an intelligence, but his evil smile and crooked teeth reflect that he uses his wits for other purposes than studies. His muscles are lean and even though he is shorter than Chad he still towers over Andy at six feet tall. While he does not wear a name tag indicating his name a gold thick chain rests along his neck with a dog tag with his initials T.W.F. in bold sweeping cursive letters along its scratched up face. A tattoo on his shoulders and back is a set of growing thorns that bleeds down his arms. Across his knuckles are the letters B-L-E-D and on the other side is another word F-U-C-K.


Chucky smiles at the pair and his hand tightens on the knife. Andy can’t see his face but he knows the evil creature, he’s going to be delighted to end the lives of both his foster brothers that have been torturing him. Andy sighs, he does not wish their deaths upon them but there is not much that he can do. But he can do this.


He slips off the loose knotted rope loop and as Chucky prepares to charge towards his next two victims Andy grabs the knife handle and yanks it as hard as he can. He is surprised by his strength as the blade slips from between Chucky’s fingers and hits the wall behind him with a clattering thunk and slips between the wall and the bed landing with shattering cling-clang on the wooden floor below.


“You fucker” Chucky swears under his breath turning to look at Andy as he slams a fist between his legs nailing him hard. Andy’s blue eyes widen as the pain re-intensifies like a cooling out fire that was just hit with another log, this one dried out and easy to burn.


“Uggggh!” Andy whines, his free hand reaching down his taut flat stomach and grabs a hold of his nutsack. Immediately he is disappointed to feel the two tiny orbs that rest inside the smooth sack. He winces eyes the waves of pain blaze through this tiny package assaulting him. In addition, the cock that was so hard has been reduced in size and girth as it shrinks away from the erection that once swelled. The ghost of it makes Andy immediately sad.


“Are you taking to your doll?” Chad asks, utterly bewildered. “God, you are so fucking lame. I’m gonna give him an atomic wedgie.”


The oldest teen lumbers forward, he’s wearing work boots that slam against the floor and he’s at Chucky grabbing him by the t-shirt with two fists and lifting him clear off the floor as if he weighed nothing.


Andy can see Chucky perfectly as Chad slightly turns him towards him. Chucky, unlike Andy seems cool and calm as his shirt is yanked up showing off his abs as Chad yanks him up to eye level.


“You loser, are gonna have to sleep on your front tonight. That ass is gonna hurt!”


Chucky grins “You sure about that, ugly?” He grabs Chad’s arms and lifts up one leg and slams it home between Chad’s legs, and Andy can see his groin being rearranged as Chucky’s foot connects squarely with Chad’s bulge.


Chad’s eyes widen, and Chucky smiles bringing his head back and slamming it into Chad’s face between the eyes.


Chucky is on the floor as Chad stumbles back one hand on his face, and the other on his groin reflexively trying to rub out the pain. Chucky winks at Andy “This is going to be fun.”


“He…hit me! Get that little shit, Chester!”


“Chester and Chad…your parents must hate you and wished that they pulled out when they were fucking. Better left to be a running mess down your mother’s leg than to see your two ugly mugs every day. No other reason for naming you with shitty names like that!” Andy is lithe of his feet eyeing Chester. “Your turn.”


Chester blinks, his smile wavering as he witnesses a surprising turn of events.


“You lucky mother fucker, I am going to make you bled you fuck!” Chester slams one fist into his palm and then the other.


Chucky laughs.


“Pathetic. I bet the chicks love your limp dick, you stupid piece of shit.”


This seems to put Chester over the edge as he rushes towards Chucky his fist swinging. Chucky ducts, and dodges but Chester comes back with an elbow hitting Chucky in the temple and sending him spitting and cursing to the floor with a heavy crash.


“Woooo!” Chester yells out and punches his chest as he brings his foot forward and kicks Chucky in the guts, rearranging his inside.


Chucky coughs and splutters on the floor trying to stand up, but Chester kicks him again in targeting the same spot and Chucky is forced to roll away as another kick just misses him.


“Andy, I don’t know what’s gotten into you loser but an ass kicking will fix you right on up!” Chester cackles, sweeping his dirty hair back from his eyes. “You good, Chad? Did the baby here wreck your jelly beans and tootsie roll dick?”


“Shuddup Chester.”


Chester laughs at Chad and before he can go after Chucky again, he looks down at the Good Guy doll and frowns. Andy tries to stiffen to look doll like but he’s not sure if he pulled it off fast enough.


“Is that…what I think it is?” Chester’s brow furrows as he reaches down between Andy’s hands and grabs the little pecker, it’s still half-hard and he jerks it once or twice before pulling his hand away.


“Shit, that little dickie feels so real! You get off on the weirdest shit, Andy.”


“That’s not my name” Chucky says on all fours, somewhat winded and climbing to his feet one hand resting on his abdomen. He does not look so cool and calm any longer.


“What the fuck is it then, dweeb?!”


Chucky wipes his mouth on the back of hand, one eye watching Chad as he unbuckles his jeans to peek inside his underwear and grimaces at the sight that dangles there. Tentatively Chad reaches down and prods his genitals and grimaces. The other is trained on Chester as he walks slowly towards him.


“I’ll whisper it in your ear.”


Chester chuckles “You are fucking crazy. I am all here for your death wish. Tell me, loser. What is your name?”


Chucky stops just in front of Chester telling him “Lean down, I don’t want Chad to hear.”


Rolling his eyes Chester complies, giving in. “Fine, but this better be good.”


“Believe me…it’s unforgettable.”


Chester leans down, his eyes fixed on Andy’s as he slides up on tippy toes grasping Chester’s shoulder as he tilts his head towards the boy.


“My name friend, is the ends of end. I’m the good guy, the friend that you always needed but never got. I’m Chucky, you gutter trash!” Chucky clamps down on Chester’s ear with his teeth and the screech from Chester as Andy’s incisors clamp down tells Andy all he needs to know.


Andy twists away from the carnage and grabs the ropes pulling at the binding as Chester punches Andy in the stomach and clamps his other hand over his ear as Andy looks back a drop of blood rolling down from his lips and when he smiles his teeth are coated, and red.


Chucky launches his foot up between Chester’s legs nailing him in the balls and as Chester drops to his knees, he blinks wordless gaping at the kid like he doesn’t know who he is.


The swinging punch hits Chester between the eyes so hard that his head is knocked back and he hits Andy’s bed frame, the back of his head snapping against the wood and he falls to the floor not moving and clearly unconscious.


Andy tries to work faster at the ropes, his fingers almost freeing his other hand, but Chucky is coming towards him “You ain’t getting away this time, Andy.”


“You are Andy you crazy little shit!” Chad grabs Chucky by the back of his drawers and yanking them up halfway up his back and Chucky’s feet leave the floor as Chad performs the classic wedgie. The underwear rips up Chucky’s backside and he hisses and twists his body to slam an elbow into Chad’s head, inches above his eye.


Chad drops Chucky once again, but this time Chucky does not land as neatly and he yanks down his underwear and shoving his hand inside his jeans to fix his squished up equipment.


“Dirty bastard!”


Chucky spins rushing towards Chad whose left eye appears to be getting a nice shiner to it.


“Time to end this.”


Andy’s working on his feet now, he knows that he does not have much time let as he unties the ropes he can hear Chad scream, and sees him falling to the floor crying out “You hit my balls…fuck…you…fucker!”


“Not much to hit, your tiny brain matches your sack.”


Chucky is grabbing his legs and pulling Chad’s legs apart gearing up to punt him when Chad sits up “How in the fuck…who is Chucky?”


“I’m your worst nightmare!”


The foot kicks Chad first in the face knocking him back to the floor before he starts stomping down on Chad’s now undefended groin. The sickening falls of Chucky’s foot squish and squash Chad’s nuts, tattooing his toes deep into the ballsack below between Chad’s thick thighs.


Chad’s wails grow higher and more desperate in tone, but Andy is ignoring him and pulling up his blue overalls and black boots landing on the floor as quietly as he can. He’s shirtless, and couldn’t find the striped material but it does not matter, as he sees Chad’s eyes widen at the look of him standing up and walking towards them.


Andy can tell that Chad is about to say something when Chucky twists his foot and Chad’s eyes almost pop out of his head as the unforgettable sound of exploding testicles greets Andy’s ear and Chucky’s foot goes flat against the floor with Chad’s blasted genitals underneath. Chad’s jaw quivers and his brown foggy eyes roll back-up and he sloops to the floor, no longer awake. Chad lays still as blackness greets him, but Chucky still drills his foot a few more times laughing that crazed laughter, the unforgettable cackle of his true mania showing through.


Andy’s heart is crashing in his chest, he has one chance…only one before Chucky kills him. It’s now or never. He knows Chucky, he will kill his foster brothers and him and the killing will never end.


Gathering his full strength, Andy runs up and launches an uppercut between Chucky’s spread legs knowing full well what he is about to do, and how much it will hurt. Andy’s upper arm knocks into Chucky’s groin and the feeling of crunching his body’s balls makes him grimace especially as he just came not too long ago and knows how sensitive his nuts are after his orgasms.


Chucky stops laughing, his last laugh is caught on his face as his body processes the blow and he looks down at Andy in the Good Guy dolls body, arm stuck up between the small passage between his legs that cracks his balls up and into his pelvis.


Andy grins at him and pulls his hand out, and throws a second punch up this time coming directly underneath and slamming knuckles deep against Chucky’s taint, the nuts trapped underneath squishing against his knuckles.


All the breath within Chucky whooshes out and he falls prone on his knees grabbing his stinging balls, a look of utter sadness on his face. Chucky blinks trying to understand what the fuck just happened.


“Sucks to be a teenager…your nuts are always so sensitive. Bet you wish you weren’t in my body, dontcha?” Andy quips at him and grabs Chucky’s shoulders and knees him hard in the guts right below his ribcage.


Chucky grunts and wraps his hands around his throat “K…kill you.”


“Not today!” Andy knees him again, and again in his abdomen preventing him from breathing as he works over his abs with his hard knee. Because Chucky is on his knees and he’s half the height that Chucky is, Andy’s knees working over his front are utterly devastating as he bruises his abs until the hands around his throat slump and fall. Chucky sways on his kneeled position.


“How…?” Chucky blinks trying to clear his head just as Andy’s foot slams lower, much lower.


Any punts his boot right into his jeans covered crotch, the well-worn black jeans are barely any sort of protection and Andy feels the nuts twist and smash against his unforgiving kick.


A grimace crosses Andy’s face too, knowing that the nuts he was nailing where his own…and he plans on getting back into that body…no matter what it takes.


“Ughhh!” Chucky grunts, his hands reach up to grab his bulge but Andy’s foot plasters another blow deep into the bulge, flattening the scrotum and feeling the squishiness of the nuts crunch against the hot taint between his legs.


“Ooooooooo fuuuu….uuuuck!” Chucky groans eyes crossing as his head plummets onto Andy’s shoulder. “My….balls…you little…shit.”


“The only” * knee*, “thing” *knee* “that I” *knee* “hate” *knee* “is that” *knee* “these nuts” *knee* “are mine!” *knee* “And it’s gonna” *knee* “super suck” *knee* “when I” *knee* “get my body back!” The last knee hits Chucky so hard Andy drives it forward so that he takes Chucky down to the floor, crashing against the hardwood. Chucky takes the full thrust of the fall landing on his back, the back of skull connecting with the floor.


Andy sees that Chucky is almost out of it, and as he stands up he notices a bulge in the pocket in the back. He reaches for it and pulls it out. It’s a book. The small book is old worn, and the cover is warped. The yellow front cover with the title Voodoo for Dummy’s is in Andy’s hands and he turns it and it falls open to a page with a book mark. The chapter is on swapping souls.


Andy’s eyes light up, here is his chance.


Excitement floods his system as he begins to unbutton Chucky’s black jeans and rolling them down until he sees his flaccid cock. He grabs it, feeling the meat tube in the Good Guy hands is so surreal as he reads out loud “ ‘You must take the seed from your victim and taste the seed, then you can perform the chant and switch bodies with the host…’ so that’s why you gave sucked me off…you needed my cum.”


“And I’m all out!” Chucky says starting to recover as he brings his fist back ready to pummel Andy, but Andy quicker grabs a nut in each hand and squeezes.


“Aaaawwww fuuuck!”


Chucky drops back to the floor, moaning and Andy does something he never thought in a million years he would be limber enough to do. He opens his mouth and swallows down the limp dick.


The very lurid act causes Andy to spring a bonner, but does not stop him as he sucks and sucks at the familiar cock.


“You…cocksucker! You…” but a look of pleasure crosses Chucky’s face and he grips the floor and smiles. “Well, alright then… who am I to deny you a taste of my…well, what used to be your seed. Take it in Andy, suck it!”


Chucky starts to laugh but Andy, cruelly locks his fingers in and squeezes at his black and blue, bruised nuts the fingers sinking into ball crushing grip. Andy feels other marks on the balls, and previous painful marks from where Chucky grabbed him earlier.


This was going to suck…later.


Chucky keens, his body growing taut as his erection pulses and becomes fully rigid and stiff in Andy’s mouth. Sucking on his own cock is weird, and he knows that now that he has done it…he wouldn’t like doing it to himself.


Chucky hollers out in pain, his body arching up off the floor and his legs kicking on either side of Andy’s but be grins that they can’t reach him.


Andy plunges on, bobbing his head up and down sucking at the stiff dick in his mouth as he slides it in and out along his tongue. That’s when he remembers that he likes this… bringing the head to the roof his mouth Andy slides his tongue all around the mushroom shaped head pleasuring and teasing the frenulum and sucking at the tip of his cock.


Chucky starts to go wild, but Andy reigns him in with twisting his sack and pulling the nuts as far apart as he can, then bearing down on the trapped orbs in hand. Andy’s fingers are like tiny prickle bush thorns that dig into the skin and imbed themselves. The sharp, painful bursts can usually be alleviated by pulling them out. But Andy is not going to allow Chucky the relief…he didn’t when he forced him to cum earlier, and now that it’s Chucky’s turn Andy will offer him no relief. Chucky will have to experience all of it.


Andy goes for broke, crushing the balls in his fists as he deep throats the cock. Andy is bobbing along now gaining and both speed and rhythm. He’s never done this before, but that cock is so familiar to Andy that having it in his mouth makes it easier knowing that it was his.


Chucky is starting to writhe in the midst of these strong primal urges. He’s losing himself to the moment like he has not in years, despite the pain Chucky is loving this. He thrusts his cock, his teenage dick in and out of Andy’s jaws. The tightness of Andy’s throat, and the use of his tongue lapping at the end puts him over the moon. He’s body grows taut and Chucky feels it, the strain in his loins, and the gearing up from his erection. He’s going to explode and he grins, even as Andy crushes his balls. He feels alive, and he opens his mouth to announce it but decides to let it be a surprise.


All of a sudden Andy’s mouth is flood from the cock as it jerks in his mouth, and Andy sucks it down the taste both foreign because he’s never tasted his own sludge and somehow oddly familiar, it tastes like him. He can’t explain it but Andy sucks, restricting his lips further and making Chucky go crazy on the floor as he is flooded with the effects of one of the most powerful orgasms that he has ever felt in his life.


Chucky has no more to give and his body finally goes limp, the small smile still on his face.


“Kid…that was good.”


“Yeah, it was,” Andy admits rather reluctantly as he pulls back, taking his old bodies cock from between his lips. Chucky grins at him but Andy still has his balls and the pressure has not let up.


Chucky goes to hit him but Andy gets there first and round house kicks him just underneath his chin knocking him to the floor. Stars burst in his vision as Andy climbs up his chest and starts speaking the familiar ritual. The voodoo words hit him and he tries to sit-up but Andy slams him with a head butt and his lights go out.

Andy notices Chucky’s eyes close and he finally feels the weight of the evening and starts up the ritual once more.


On the last incantation, Andy feels a tug. It is line nothing his has felt before and his eyes roll back in his head and he drops to the floor next to Chucky hoping for a miracle.


When Andy comes to, he moans and reaches down and grabs his…his cock. He’s got his dick. Andy smiles as his eyes open. He pumps it a few times and feels a familiar stirring between his legs.


“I did it!”


Andy stands up, Chucky is still and unconscious exactly where he passed out when he was inside of Chucky. The doll is face down on the floor spread eagle and vulnerable.

Sighing Andy moves over to the bed, reaching under it with the knife. His fingertips just barely grab the handle and pull it out, he stalks over to Chucky ready to plunge it straight into the demon doll but he pauses with the blade raised high.

“This hasn’t worked yet…I need a new plan.”

Thinking quickly, Andy ties Chucky up and throws him in his school bag after dumping all the contents of it on the bed. He takes his rucksack that he packed earlier, and pickpockets his foster brothers and takes all the cash in their wallets. It’s not much, but it’s better than nothing. But he pauses, curiosity coming over him.

“I wonder what it feels like…” Andy thinks out loud before he unzips Chad’s jeans. The pouch of his boxers seems somewhat sad, and deflated. Andy gulps but he has come this far and slips his hand inside and reaches past Chad’s flaccid cock and touches the sack below…or what’s left of it. Chucky certainly finished it mostly off, but what he discovers is a bit of one testicle still whole left, not a full ball certainly but a quarter. It resiliently held together. The rest of the scrotum is filled with a thickish liquid inside and Andy tastes bile as he fondles it.

“That could have been me.”

Andy swallows hard and sees his brother grimace as he zips him back-up. He goes to stand up, but the bag with Chucky in it shifts, and he hears a groan from within. Andy smashes it to the floor hard, heart hammering and waits.

No more sounds come from inside. Relief washes over him and Andy stands up accidently stepping on the bottom of Chad’s small lump. The squish of the last lump left inside gushes underfoot and Andy moans along with Chad unconsciousness.

“Oh shit…”

Andy bites his lip, but the damage is done.

He does not look back as he exits the bedroom and heads to the front door.

It’s very late and as he pulls it open, headlights flood in casting him in the white eerie glow.

“Hi Andy, remember me? I heard a few reports, and well…I wanted to help if you…well needed it.”

Andy’s jaw drops open and immediately tears swell in his eyes as he throws himself forward grabbing Kyle in a fierce hug.

“Kyle!” Andy almost moans the word into her shoulder. His eyes are closed, and he finally feels safe in her warm embrace.

“You found me!”

Kyle laughs “That I did. It’s so good to see you too.”

“You came back,” as he says the words Andy comes undone and cries hard. He’s legs are weak, and not just from the beating.

“Shhh, come on. I’ll get you out of here.”

“You will?” Andy pulls back to study her.

She nods.

“I’ve got him in my bag…I…I want to make sure that he does not come back this time. I want to bury him in cement so he can be stone forever.”

Kyle is pulling on Andy’s hand “Let’s toss him in the trunk of my car. We can discuss the full dismemberment of him later, okay?”

Andy nods and together they head to her car, tossing both the school backpack and rucksack within.

The slamming of the locked trunk makes Andy feel so good, and he eases into the seat next to Kyle. She’s looking at him with concern and spots some of the bruises, and the cuts. “We have to get you fixed up, I’ll take you to a clinic. Someone that I can trust.”

Andy leans back, buckling his seat belt and closes his eyes. He doesn’t mean to fall asleep but he does so anyways.




Andy is being woken up a few minutes later by Kyle.

She’s still so pretty.

Kyle must be twenty-two or twenty-three years old. She’s in ripped jeans, a black hoody and long hair, parts of it are shaved off and the rest looks stylized and sharp. With high cheek bones, and a swipe of dark mascara she’s just as sticking as when Andy saw her as a kid.

“Come on we are here.”

Andy yawns, and stretches his shirt riding up. The move makes him wince, and Kyle catches it.

“I have to get Chucky. Can’t leave him alone.”

“Not for a moment.”

She pops the trunk and the pair walk to the back of the car. He is almost as tall as her now, but that’s not what Andy is focusing on. Something is wrong with her back tail light. He rushes the rest of the way.

“Andy what…?”

But then she sees it.

The trunk is empty.

Chucky is gone.

“No!” Andy screams, his brown eyes darting here and there. Desperately Andy searches to see him in the darkness but along the road is nothing, not a hint of Chucky’s escape. He must have gotten out a long time ago.

“We have to go back…we have to…”

“That fucker he kicked out the lights and got out through the hole. God Andy, I am so sorry. We will get him.”

But Andy is on his knees, the familiar laughter of Charles Lee Ray in mind and Kyle’s reassuring words seem lost in the wind.

He fucked up so bad, and now Chucky could be anywhere. Andy’s heart races, but Kyle is pulling to his feet and to the clinic door. He lets her guide him, head hung low, and fists clenched in impotent rage.

Where ever Chucky is, he will find him. It’s only a matter of when. Until then everything that Chucky does and kills will be on his head. The reality of that hits Andy and wipes his hand across his eyes. How could he have let this happen? How could he let him escape?

Chucky won after all.





BBfan said...

Fuck Jimmy. That was hot. Chucky and Andy are made for each other. The villain and hero combo displayed here could not have been better. The quick snarky comments, the harshness of the blows, the intensity of the battle. I’m impressed.

This just wants me to see you make this into a series! The trilogy was not enough, and I don’t know how you plan those surprise endings to so many of your stories but I again did not see this one coming!


owen said...

fuck! that was great jimmy.
how despite all ods andy got his body back even if chucky escaped in the end. Thought that chad, the foster brother had it coming when chucky destroyed his nads: hahahaha. So hot my friend keep up the good work.

ChucyLover6969 said...

My man Chucky...he's such a dirty badass! Andy better watch his back better because Chucky is never going to stop fucking with him.

Can you bring in the other Child's Play Chucky into this. I want to see the A.I. model go head-to-head over who is the better killer with Andy firmly stuck in the middle! That would be hot. I think someone suggested it before but I wanted to bring it up again, because that storyline needs to be told by your sexy typing fingers.

Hope that you can make this one come true!


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi BBfan,

I don’t know if Chucky and Andy are made for each other, as they want to kill each other but their rivalry has been fun to write and Chucky being so twisted has certainly intensified the action sequences, and the cost of losing.

I don’t have any plans to continue at this point but I did leave it open-ended so that I could return to it someday.


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Owen,

I am happy to hear that you enjoyed this one! And I agree Chad was a real dickhead and it’s okay that he got his just desserts.

I’ll try to keep the content good friend!


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi ChuckyLover6969,

I think that it’s great that you created a name from this series! Props man!

The Robot Chucky, huh? You are not the first to suggest that. I’m not sure how to bring him into the story but maybe some of our readers will have suggestions! I won’t say no, but I will put it out there to the community. That might have a great storyline.