Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Jimmy's Found Videos #75

 Jimmy’s Found        

          Video’s #75


Dear Ballbusting Boys Community,


I can post videos again, yeah! Hope you enjoy this bunch!




1). He's a favorite of mine

Monday, January 29, 2024

All it Takes is a Gentle Push written by Jimmy


All it Takes is a Gentle Push



Written by Jimmy




Chase thought that a double date would be fun. 


Jayden Gomez, his boyfriend sat across from him trying not to look uncomfortable but Chase DiPretio could see it. There was a tightness in Jayden’s jaw, and his stiff shoulders and usually warm muddy brown eyes reflected back Chases own concern. 


The magic that seemed to bring Rex, one of Chase’s very best friend together with Leroy had either faded or went out like a torch.


The four of them were in a booth, the table tight against their abdomens as the restaurant shoved so many tables together. The restaurant was new to Bartlet, opening just last week and was already a couple’s paradise. Candles seemed to glow from everywhere around them. The tables were adorned with the soft white and yellow glow, casting playful shadows over Chase’s fingers that he gently played with as the lights flickered. From hidden wall spaces, and books crannies this was the hint of light leaving everyone in semidarkness.


Jayden bravely spoke about their upcoming break, trying to fill the silence. 


“Yeah, I’m going to really work of the wrestling team get my boys into shape. But it will be tough my new swim captain seems like a hardass and plans on working us double time too; which will cut into the time that I planned for the wrestling team,” sighed Jayden and looks up from beneath his dark lashes, his hair just starting by to curl on top of his hand casts these vivid dancing shadows on his forehead. 


“Sorry Chase,  I won’t be catching too many waves, or sun bathing by the pool…does not seem like a break at all,” Jayden adds looking sympathetically at him. 


“Don’t worry, we can make it all work out,” Chase says, giving Jayden a wink and leaning towards him across the table to take his hand. Chase runs his fingers over Jayden’s knuckles and his boyfriend swell with an inner desire and he easily grins back at Chase. 


“You can do anything you put your mind too” Chase gushes leaving it on extra thick, his rich voice like butter makes Jayden swoon and he pulls his thumb mimicking how Jayden likes it when he rubs his cockhead. 


Immediately Chase feels the table shift, as Jayden crosses his legs. Chase grins like Cheshire cat knowing that he might have caused him to get an erection. 


“Get a room” Leroy laughs.

Sunday, January 28, 2024




It's been a while, but I am going to start posting again!

Friday, January 12, 2024

He Came with a Whimper: Gino and Aldo’s Encounter writen by Jimmy


He Came with a Whimper: Gino and Aldo’s Encounter



written by Jimmy


 Ballbusting Boys: Hard and Fast written by Jimmy (Sets up this encounter between Gino and Aldo)

Tumbling to the floor, Gino groans grabbing his balls and finding his forehead kissing the wooden panels in his darkened bedroom. Gino struggles to take a breath. That kick lingers in his scrotum and Gino swears that he can feel the indent of Aldo’s toes on his nutsack. 


Aldo grabs his own junk in mock sympathy, leaning over Gino and whispering in his ear “Papi, I got you good. Now, I’m going to drag you to your bed and have my way with you. Don’t fight me, mi amigo. I can’t make the pain worse. Or I can make…nice and easy.” Gently he rubs Gino’s shoulders and slightly pulls on them, trying to guide Gino to his bed. 


Friday, January 5, 2024

Pete's Last Year at Adventure Camp: Part 3 - the Nightmare Unfolds written by James


Pete's last year at adventure camp


Part 3 - the nightmare unfolds

by James

 Ballbusting Boys: Pete's last year at adventure camp - part 2 (written by James @MosHadron) (Part 2)

Ballbusting Boys: Pete's last year at adventure camp - part 1 (written by James @MosHadron) (Part 1)


Dear Ballbusting Community,

James is back and giving us another story! His work is beloved, and I enjoyed his latest project and I hope that all of you will too!


Pete was almost unconscious from the twin’s speed-bag practice, barely registering that he was being moved as a dozen hands roughly carried him across the room towards the bunk bed that the other boys had been working on while Jack and Nick had been working on Pete’s increasingly swollen nuts.


Naked, covered in sweat and copious amounts of his own cum, the 18 year-old’s muscles glint under the fluorescent lights.  His thick cock has deflated from its full eight-inch glory, making his nuts look monstrously large - normally the size of small avocados and now swollen from the vicious beatings he’s received since his tormentors found him naked and asleep earlier that day.  But of all the people in the room, only the three older guys were really looking at Pete.


Dan, the blue eyed sadist who’s promised to destroy Pete’s fat nuggets is still wearing the same clothes, his white vest with oversized armholes that reveal his ribs and an inch or so of blue where they come down as far as the waistband of his shorts which are made of such cheap material that they’re nearly see-through, although there’d be no mistaking the outline of his 6” semi even if they weren’t.

Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Jimmy's Found Video's #74

  Jimmy’s Found        

          Video’s #74


Dear Ballbusting Boys Community,


Here's this weeks videos, hope that you all enjoy them! Have a great week everyone, and happy busting!




1). Tricking the younger bro...