Friday, August 27, 2021

Pete's last year at adventure camp - part 1 (written by James @MosHadron)

This is the first part of a new series of stories written by James @ModHadron, author of Friday Night at the club and Pain train. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Part 1 - The Welcome party

Pete looked down at his phone and watched as the last bar of signal disappeared, just like it always did once they drove down into the valley.

As his mind slowly turned to what the next two weeks might hold for him it didn't take long for his cock to thicken, he turned the phone off and slipped it the rucksack between his feet which held everything he had brought with him, it wouldn't be any use for a while and it gave him an opportunity to rearrange his junk in a relatively discreet way, tucking his cock up into the waistband if his shorts.

Every year for as long as he can remember, Pete and his mates have come out here for two weeks over the summer, they get dropped off by their parents who then go off and do their own thing, leaving the boys in the care of the adventure centre for two weeks of outdoor activities.  What their parents don't know is that for the last 2-3 years it's turned into quite the sex fest, only the guys who like experimenting with each other still turn up, and the centre staff couldn't care less, so the guys spend two weeks fucking each others brains out.

Sadly though, this is probably gonna be their last year, off to College soon, and you know what people are like they probably won't all stay in touch.

45 minutes later and their car draws up outside the camp; Pete barely waits for the car to stop before he has the door open, he's got one let out of the car but he leans forward between the seats, and gives his mum a kiss on the cheek.  'Thank you! I'll see you back here in two weeks.  Try not to get eaten!'

'Try not to get eaten', they reply, the little tradition that's built up over the years.  Then Pete's out of the car, using his rucksack strategically to mask his boner while backing away from the car, after five steps turns his back on the retreating car and walks towards the check-in Hut.

Ten minutes later and he's sat, head in hands, elbows on knees.  Instantly recognisable as a man in the depths of despair.

Someone has fucked up.

Pete’s friends aren’t here, they aren't even booked for this week. The centre have been calling and calling his parents but no signal, it's going straight to voicemail.

He’s stuck. On his own.  For two weeks.  His parents will be turning up to take him home just as his mates arrive.

Except that there is a group booked for those two weeks, strangers, some youth group he's never heard of, and he's going to have to bunk in with them.  Disaster.

Still Slowly coming to terms with the situation, Pete heads for the showers, sweaty AF after the long drive and glad that the other group haven't arrived yet so he can get at least one shower in private.

After a thorough wash, spending far longer under the water than he normally would, and feeling a bit more upbeat, he's coming around to the idea of being here with a different group.

Maybe there will be hot guys?  Maybe this won't be so bad.

He wraps the scratchy camp towel round his waist, smiling at how barely it covers his dignity.  They only have one size if towel here, probably the right size when people first come at the age of 10 or 11 steadily providing less and less coverage each time you come back.

Pete manages to tie the towel at his waist but as he walks each stride pulls the towel wide open and he knows that if he were to sit down, anyone sitting in front of him would see absolutely everything.

Even though there is no one around to see, this thought turns him on and he heads for the bunks, intending to deal with the now hard cock sticking out the front of his towel.

He picks one of the top bunks, kind of in the middle of the room, mainly so he can see the windows and doors, watching out for new arrivals.

He starts tugging his cock slowly, but his body has other plans, arching his back, stretching and laying his head on the pillow, tiredness sweeps over him, his eyes close, and barely a minute later he's snoring softly.


Even before he's awake, his body tries to catapult upright and straight into the foetal position.  Tries and fails, he can't move.

Six guys are arrayed round Pete's bunk, pinning him down.  Each slightly older than Pete, maybe 20/21 and although Pete is really well muscled for 18, these guys are all that bit more built.

There are two guys holding his legs down, one more on each of his arms, the fifth has him in a headlock from the top of the bed. Pete only really sees the sixth guy though, he's kneeling on the bunk bed between Pete's forcibly spreadeagled legs.  He's watching Pete's face intently and grinning.

Pete realises he's trying to scream, intense pain from his balls reaching his conscious mind, his eyes widen, still locked his abuser, some small part of his mind taking in every detail, like how much of his torso is visible thanks to the dirty white vest he's wearing; how incredibly toned and tanned that torso is; beautiful deep blue eyes set in a face looks a little goofy, especially when he's grinning ear to ear.

He grins like that now as he slams his fist into Pete's tenderest parts, three times in rapid succession.


Pete tries to retch but can hardly breathe with the arm wrapped round his throat.

One of the guys holding him down starts to talk now, slowly, quietly, calmly.

“What sort of fucking weirdo gatecrashes a kids camping trip?". Venom drips from the words.

Then the arm around his throat loosens for a moment and Pete drags down a ragged breath, desperate to explain, surely they'll understand.

But it seems that wasn't an invite for him to talk, at some direction from behind him, the guy in the white vest starts delivering more ball shattering punches and, able to breathe now, Pete screams for all he's worth, writhing and trying to escape but without any success.

The voice behind him is counting out the punches.

'Seven.  Eight.  Nine. Ten'

The punches stop, and there are lights flashing in Pete's vision.

'Did it turn you on, coming in here and setting yourself up so that anyone coming through the door would be greeted by that'

That, presumably, referred to Pete's equipment.  He's incredibly well for 18, and almost completely hairless right now, his treasure trail ran out about an inch below his belly button.  His manscaping had been intended to show off his assets, albeit not to this audience, but you couldn't miss the meaty eight inch cock that, even now, stood at 45 degrees to his body, reaching up to his navel and emerging six pack.

"You're gonna regret this, you little freak, we're gonna make sure of it.  You'll spend the next two weeks wishing you'd never been born"

It was clear this was going to involve what sat beneath his cock, the twin avocado's that bounced around in his shorts when he walked, bigger by far than anyone Pete had ever compared too.

They were getting even bigger now, swelling as white vest resumed his assault, all the whole staring into Pete's eyes as if they were making passionate, sensual love.

'He can do this all day you know'

'Four, Five, six'

'Semi-professional boxer'

'nine, ten, eleven'

'How long do you think they'll last?'

'Fourteen, Fifteen'

Another pause.  Pete's breathing came in raged gasps, unable to focus on anything around him beyond the face of his tormentor.

'Maybe he should pop them, that'd make sure you don't come sniffing around here ever again.  Yeah, I think we really should destroy that junk you're obviously so proud of.

What do you think, Dan? send him home a eunuch.'

For the first time, the guy in the white vest, the would be destroyer of balls, spoke, and he had a name! Dan.  His voice, deep and soft and calm, an unexpected and stark contrast to the venom from his unseen restrainer.

'I think I'd like that.'

Despite himself, Paul felt his cock twitch at that utterance, releasing a sudden flow of thick precum onto his abs.

Dan, had one hand under Pete's balls, now he twitched his finger, wet with Pete's sweat and possibly precum too, his finger tip swept over hiss hole, just for a second, but it sent a jolt like electricity through Pete's body as Dan continued:

'In fact I think I'd like that a LOT.

'It's what he wants too, really.  I mean, just look how hard he is.'

Pete hadn't really even noticed, somehow, what his cock was doing and Dan was right.  When Dan had first spoken, Pete's cock had started leaking prodigious amounts of precum.

When he'd rubbed his finger against his virgin sphincter (Pete had always topped, of course he did with that cock …) splatters of precum had hit his chest.

'Im not just pop them right away, though, I think we can drag this out for a while, don't you?'

He paused then, watching the tears rolling down Paul's face, then he spoke even more softly, like a whisper to a lover 'I'm gonna hurt you SO bad'

And with that he started punching again, out of nowhere Pete felt a rising feeling and knew what was about to happen, his struggle to escape intensified, but the six guys had him absolutely pinned.

There was no way this could be about to happen he thought to himself, but it was, he could feel it, unmistakably, he was about to cum.

'Two, three'

His balls contracted, Pete tried to think about anything else but just then, Dan winked at him, flexed and sent his finger questing over Pete's hole again, firing nerves all over Pete's body.


The next hit knocked all sense out of Pete, he was cumming, his back arched lifting him off the bed.


The punch landed like a hammer blow, exactly as the first rope of cum shot from his cock.


The punches came in synch with his body's own orgasmic spasm, launching a huge second string after the first.


Each punch felt like it was forcing more and more liquid out of Pete's balls, it was agony, he could feel the pool of spunk running down his chest, coating his stomach, and running down his ribs, soaking into the mattress underneath him.



Eventually the cum slowed down but Dan didn't, his punches getting harder and faster.


After ten punches, Pete's orgasm was done, whatever peverse mood had overtaken him and made him horny was thoroughly gone.

After 15, there is only pain, Pain and Dan's entrancing eyes.  Pete's cock shrinks to semi-hard, bouncing with the impact of each punch.

Around 20 punches Pete's eyes start to roll back in his head, he starts to look like he's going to pass out.  Still Dan keeps going, although he eases off slightly, keeping Pete this side on consciousness.

At 25 punches, Dan leans forward bringing his head as close to Pete's as he can, the movement forces him to pull Pete's nuts away from his body and up towards his chest so that he doesn't interrupt his stroke as murmurs 'You're getting hard again already.  Good.'

Pete's eyes flick down to his dick where it's lying on his smooth stomach in a pool of his cooling cum.  Unbelievably Dan's right, his cock is starting to chub up, still lying flat against his body but definitely harder than it was minutes before.

Dan kept going until his count reached 50 by which time Pete's cock was rock hard and somewhat incredibly, dribbling precum - he rarely precums - a fact made more impressive by the pool of spunk he's already produced.

Dan sat back on his heels then and glanced around as if he was taking in the room for the first time.  'Who wants to go next?' his voice is pitched to carry as he asks the question as though he were addressing an audience.

Suddenly the room snaps into focus for Pete, he looks past Dan and the two other guys still holding his legs against the bunk bed.  The room was full, he could see maybe 20 or so guys.  No, kids. Maybe 12/13 years old.  A LOT younger than Pete, that's his first and only impression before the room erupts with their responses

to be continued


Shrews12001 said...

This is pretty close to a fantasy I've always had. I'll admit to it because this is pretty much anonymous so no fear of admitting to a crime *wink*. There's a state park not too far from me that has some pretty secluded rest rooms and picnic areas. Most of the entrances face the woods away from the road. On several occasions I've gone there, left all my clothes on the sink, and stepped outside to the tree line to bust and drain my balls in the wide open sun. Always a rush of danger to it, especially if I tie my balls off to a tree and lean back to stretch em for all I've got. I nut like a beast doing it, partly knowing I couldnt get loose in time if someone came along.
But the thought that always gets me over the edge is the idea of getting lost in the moment, busting a nut and moaning aloud so I dont hear the group of 3 or so young guys walking up on me. I always imagine coming off the high to look and see three grinning boys staring at my stretched out sack and before I can move they make it clear they'll turn me in if I dont do as I'm told and I'm left waiting, exposed and very vulnerable while they come closer to look over my spent cock and swelling balls as they decide how best to deal with the pervert in the park who seems to like some nut pain.
I always figured this ends with me getting fucked, having to swallow three young mens worth of cum, and probably getting a few loads brutalized out of my balls for their amusement.

Anonymous said...

Mos is hot. I look forward to reading his story.

Antony said...

Wow, that's really hit the spot for me. I always have some fetish about age difference(especially kids and teens). This story about older(slightly) guys punching teen's balls and then some kids(I hope) whacking them too is perfect for me. Looking forward to see continuation)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Awesome story. Keep it going. I want two weeks worth of Pete the bitch boy getting nutted hard and often.

Moshadron said...

Thanks everyone, I'm really glad you're enjoying it, hope you like the next part just as much!

wrestlingsub said...

Wow so hot! Love your stories. I hope Dan get some nice private time working over those balls! Do you ever take story requests?

Anonymous said...

Yeh this story is awesome. Hoping Pete gets his balls kicked in during a future part by Dan / one of the other guys pinning him down.


Moshadron said...

@Wrestlingsub I have never taken a request yet, but no one has made one, so, go ahead I guess, maybe I will.

wrestlingsub said...

@moshadron is there a best way to email or contact you? I just love your stories and would to be a part of one of them. Maybe part of a mistaken identity scene? Or a mix of a set up to take down a top a peg or two. Personally I love anything with a wrestling bent to it, but that's just me wanting to find wrestlers in real life lol. I'm open to throw out ideas if that'll help churn that sadistic mind of yours