Friday, August 13, 2021

You can't move (written by Dominik)

It's Friday the 13th - the perfect day for a little horror story. My friend Dominik wrote this wonderfully creepy tale. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Featured in this story: Kev (click for pictures)

An unnerving presence crept up Kev‘s neck and interrupted his peaceful sleep without him being able to tell what exactly had changed.

The young, handsome man was lying in bed in his small city apartment. He slept stark-naked, as he oftentimes did during the hot summer. He usually slept like a bear, with him generally falling asleep within minutes when he was watching TV in the evening and only waking up by the alarm sound of his phone. The only exceptions were when he either had a stressful day ahead of him because of an exam or the like, or when Logan, Zach or one of his other close friends had polished his balls the previous day, making him lie awake in testicular agony.

But this time, it was neither of those. It was Saturday night, so he didn’t have a reason to be stressed about the next day, and his big balls felt fine as ever. At most, his dick felt a little strange since he wanked off three times the previous day, but it wasn’t that.

He felt creeped out about something without knowing what it was.

He blinked and stared at the ceiling of his dark room; it was just barely bright enough to see the silhouettes of his walls and furniture. His eyes were blurry, and while he was waiting for them to adjust, he tried to raise his hand in order to rub his eye.

But he couldn‘t. He couldn’t raise either of his arms, as if handcuffed to the bed. He tried getting up, but he wasn’t able to move his torso either, as if a strange, deep force was pushing down on him and holding him in place.

He panicked a little. Had any of his friends played a prank on him and bound him to the bed? Did he have anyone over the previous day? Not that he could remember. He lived alone and while his friends didn’t live farm from him, none of them had a key.

And he still had that disturbing feeling in his stomach that urged him to get up and check what was up.

He blinked – at least his eyes were still able to move. His sight was slowly getting more sharp and also better-adjusted to the darkness. He slowly looked around the room, looked down on him as he was lying in his bed... and froze.

At the other end of his bed, there was a large, pitch-black figure. He couldn‘t make out much of it, but he clearly saw the outline of its’ humanoid body, traces of his face and, most disturbingly, two hollow, grey eyes staring down at him.

Kev felt a sense of panic arise. He tried to get up, more energetically this time, but his muscles wouldn‘t listen. He was frozen in place, not being able to move a finger. He hastily looked down at his naked body as he was lying in bed, but he didn’t see anything wrong with it. No handcuffs, no chains, just his bare skin, with his dick and balls prominently sticking out on top of his body.

Unable to move anything but his eyes, Kev quickly shut his eyelids and slowly counted to ten. This had to be some weird dream. He slowly opened his eyes again, only to find that the figure had crept closer to him.

That disturbing, panicky feeling in his stomach grew larger. The figure was so large that it almost touched the ceiling, and his grey, lifeless eyes still stared down at Kev as he was helplessly lying on the bed. He tried to scream, but nothing came out of his mouth.

That’s when he noticed that the figure had stuck out a scrawny, long hand with inhuman proportions. Kev tried to breathe slowly and suppress the sheer terror that had befallen him. He felt his heart race up to his head.

But the hand continued to creep closer towards him. The thin, grey arm stuck like a stick out of the dark figure. Initially he thought it was moving towards his feet, but the unsettling hand continued its’ path. It now hovered a couple of centimetres above his leg, still coming closer. He felt goosebumps on his leg where the hand was closest to him, and an icy shiver ran down his spine.

That’s when he realised where the hand was going. In a steady, slow pace, the finger that the strange creature pointed forward was moving straight towards his balls.

He tried to hold his breath, but to no avail. He tried to shake his legs and torso, escape the invisible grip that held him in place, but he couldn’t. Kev couldn’t do anything but watch as the finger slowly but surely moved towards his family jewels.

For a moment, he thought the finger had stopped, because it seemed like it must have touched his balls by now. But then he saw it move closer to him again, and that’s when he felt it.

As the grey, icy finger touched the underside of his ballsac, a massive, sharp pain exploded in his balls, spread through his body and overwhlelmed his senses. Kev screamed from the top of his lungs and threw his body from left to right in an attempt to alleviate the stabbing pain in his nads, not even noticing that the invisible shackles on his muscles had been lifted. The panic and cold fear in his stomach had been replaced with a burning-hot pain in his sac.

He didn‘t know how long he threw himself around in bed before he could finally catch his breath and find his thought. It felt like minutes that he was consumed by nothing but agonizing pain.

When he could finally think clearly again, he remembered the terrifying creature and leapt over to the other size of his bed, grabbing his phone with shaky fingers. The pain in his lower abdomen was still brutal, but he ignored it and quickly turned on his flashlight and pointed it down his bed.

The creature that had filled a large part of his field of view just minutes ago was gone.

A dreadful silence sank over him. Kev‘s heart raced, and he still felt a terrifying fear in his limbs. He had goosebumps all over his body. He kept lying in bed for several minutes at least, holding his phone with one hand and pointing it in the room while cradling his balls with the other. He didn’t move, feeling like the creature could return at any time.

Finally, he mustered up the courage to step out of bed. His first stop was the light-switch that finally filled the entire room with a warm, bright light. It made him feel a little better, but it didn’t unshackle him from the terror that still raced through him, nor from the stabbing pain that was still pulsating in his balls.

Kev quickly grabbed the old baseball bat that he had stored below his bed. With shaky fingers and sweat all over his stark-naked body, he opened the door that lead out of his bedroom into the living room. He already knew that he wasn‘t going to find anything, but he still checked every spot and corner of his small flat at least twice.

Nobody was there. No traces of an intruder, nothing missing or out of the ordinary. His door was safely locked as it always was, the windows of his second-story apartment closed tightly.

It was a warm night, but despite that, he was suddenly freezing a little. Still on his toes and armed with his baseball bat, he snuck into the bathroom and finally allowed himself a moment of rest to inspect his balls.

That’s when he noticed that the bottom of his otherwise healthy ballsac had turned fiery red, as it usually only happened when he got a several good kicks by his mates. Other than that his balls looked fine, they weren’t swollen at all, there was just a dark, red spot where the pain had originated and where the dry, skinny finger of the ghostly figure had touched him.

That feeling of dread in his stomach grew stronger again.

Kev ran some cold water over his balls and also splashed some on his face. He was still shivering as he got back to his room. Suddenly feeling exposed in his own house, he quickly threw over some boxers and a shirt. He slowly got back to bed, but he didn’t dare turn the room light off anymore.

It was three a clock a.m. He still felt a strange pain from his balls, but it had gotten better. What remained was a weird existential dread in his limbs.

Kev didn’t find anymore sleep that night. He was tired and exhausted the next morning when he decided to get up, but he still felt a lot better as the bright sun shined through his windows. A large coffee and a hot shower later, and he felt pretty good again, with only a slight pinching sensation left in his balls from what was an intense, agonizing pain just hours before.

He decided to hit up his friends later in the morning. Zach and Logan didn‘t have time, but Will and Michael quickly messaged back. They were scheduled for a video shoot at Alex’ studio that Kev originally wasn’t planned for, but he asked if he could join aswell. He needed to distract himself from the previous night.

The unsettling feeling passed over the course of the day, and it became a fun weekend. He didn‘t dare to tell any of his friends about his strange experience that night, and he mostly managed to suppress it. Still, he didn’t dare to sleep naked ever since.


Anonymous said...

this is amazing, love this kind of stories. Does Dominique have any more stories he wrote?

Anonymous said...

that was pretty good but was that a alien or a lovecraft monster is that a secret ether way that was good

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Dominik,

I was so happy to sign on and see a story by you posted!

Anonymous if this is your first time logging in and seeing a Dominik story, then you are in for a treat! He has a lot of great stories posted on Alex's blog, and he is a very talented writer. Have fun exploring all of them!

The alien/monster scenerio was fun to explore, and such a neat treat for a Friday the 13th story. Nice work!



Dominik said...

Hello everyone,

thank you for the feedback and the praise, I appreciate it! :)

As for more stories, as Jimmy mentioned, I wrote a couple of stories for Alex' blog (just search for "Dominik" or "written by Dominik"), though they don't all go into the horror genre such as this one. I still hope you enjoy them aswell if you read more of them!



Anonymous said...

Sleep paralysis! That story definetely describes sleep paralysis! Even the pain can feel real and kind of be real. Those are weird things and that is a good story