Friday, September 3, 2021

Fun at the beach (written by Dominik)

This is another awesome story written by my friend Dominik, author of several stories on this blog. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!


Featured in this story: Kev, Phil and Michael (click for pictures)

Michael sighed deeply as he sat on his towel wearing just his swim shorts, looking over to a bunch of hot girls in bikinis 20 or so meters away who could barely be any older than him. Just looking at them rub sun cream over each other made his dick twitch, something that would usually result in a big tent in his thin, barely concealing swim trunks. But instead of bulging the thin fabric of his swimwear, his big, desperate dick just strained against the cold, hart metal wall of the chastity cage he was wearing since several days now.

And he had thought that getting out to the beach with his friends would have been a great distraction from the horniness that his metal dick prison had put him in. Yeah, like being surrounded by hot, semi-naked chicks in bikinis was any help.

„There he is, our best man“, he heard a voice right next to him. He was still too focused on the three hot girls to turn around, and so he only saw the 1.5l water bottle fly at his crotch at the very last second.

With dull „thump“, the bottle bounced against his left ball and dick cage, making him yelp briefly from the sudden pain his left ball. He had initially hoped that the dick cage would at least provide some protection for his dick whenever his friends decided to treat him to an unhealthy blow to his sex organs, but as it turned out, the tight ring of the cage held his balls firmly in place and made a hit to them al-the-more painful, with them often having nowhere else to go and being compressed against the hard metal of the cage.

„Fuck“, Michael mumbled and threw a last look over to the three girls before turning to his mates. The girls briefly looked over to him with amusement to see what the hustle was about before laughing and turning their attention to themselves again.

In front of him stood Phil and Kev, two big studs with nice abs and chests and handsome arms and legs. The three boys were all in good shape, but Kev was by far the most athletic of the bunch, regularly training in the gym and pushing his physical limits. Phil was a close second; he was much more slim than Kev but still muscular through and through; he was a soccer player and had most of his physique from that. Michael did a little bit of a bunch of sports but nothing overly much, and so he was the least physically capable of the three – which didn’t mean that he wasn’t still a joy to look at.

The three boys were rocking short, swimming trunks, with Michael being the only one who didn’t really feel comfortable with it, even if only for the awkward cage in his crotch that he felt was way too visible for any attentive onlookers.

„So how did it go?“, Michael asked innocently.

„How did it go? I‘ll show you how it went“, Phil angrily said before drawing his foot back and kicking Michael who was still sitting on his towel with his legs spread apart into his gonads.

„Dude“, Michael coughed as he nursed his balls. Phil had rammed them head-on like he was kicking a soccer ball. „So she, like, kicked you into the balls?“

„No, at least not literally“, Phil explained. „But figuratively speaking, she did. It was going so well, I had a perfect answer to everything she said, and then boom... she says she‘s lesbian.“ He shook his head in disbelief. „Like, how could I miss that?“

„Sorry, man“, Michael said. „Kev, any more luck?“

„Nope“, Kev said before stepping forward. „Actually, let me demonstrate just like Phil how good my beach date went...“


But it was too late; Kev dropped down almost in free-fall and landed his knee perfectly on Michael‘s crotch, hitting both his balls and his locked cock with all the weight of his muscular leg.

„Aaaah! Man, was that really necessary?“, Michael complained as Kev got up again and brushed the sand from the beach off his leg that had gotten onto his skin with his little stunt.

„No, but it was fun.“ He shrugged. „Well, the date, let’s see. I barely talked to her for a minute when she mentioned something about having a boyfriend. For real, she totally looked like she was looking for company, man. Fuck girls.“

Michael nodded with a sad face. „So I won‘t be getting out of the cage today, then?“

„Nope“, Phil and Kev said in unison.

Almost two weeks ago, Michael had drunkenly agreed to finally try on one of these chastity cages that his mates had always been talking about. It was fun at first with proudly him showing off his new accessory much to the laughter of Phil and Kev, but he originally thought he’d just get to wear it for the evening for the laughs of it. Instead, Phil and Kev had suddenly snatched the only two keys for it, and Michael had been locked ever since. The first few days had went by fine, but as his usual daily masturbation rhythm was interrupted for an increasingly long amount of time, he had gotten more and more desperate.

The beach day today had seemed like it might be the end of it: it had become a bit of an open secret that the open beach bar was a great way to find a hot girl to fuck, as Zach had told them that he already nailed his 3rd girl this month that he had met at the beach. And so, Phil and Kev had decided to try their luck, while also promising poor Michael that they’d release him from his cage if at least one of the two would fuck a girl today – but that he wouldn’t like it very much if neither of them did.

„So“, Michael sighed. „What do you guys have in mind?“

„Get up“, Kev gestured him.

Michael stood up and stepped off his towel onto the sand.

„And now?“

Without further ado, Kev kicked his foot forward and smashed it into Michaels testicles. Michael formed a silent „O“ with his mouth as he sank forward from the pain spreading out in his abdomen.

„Nicely done“, Phil nodded. „Let me have a go.“

And Phil followed Kev‘s example, drew his foot back and kicked poor Michael into his balls and smashed them against his hard cage, making him shriek briefly.

„Oh, the girls looked over to you“, Kev noted. „Maybe you are the most lucky of us, and a girl here wants to smash you. Too bad your dick is out of commission...“ And again, Kev kicked Michael into the balls with all the force he could muster, his strong bodybuilder legs crashing them against his legs and cage.

„Oh, fuck...“

„Fucking is what you would like, huh?“ Phil grinned before throwing his knee forward into his buddy’s ballsac, making him scream in pain and bent forward.

„Oh yeah, bet he hasn’t had his dirty mind on anything else since we put the cage on him“, Kev nodded before kneeing Michael in the balls hard before he had the chance to catch his breath.

„Too bad the only action his genitals are getting today is blunt force trauma“, Phil grinned before quickly going to his knees and sending his fist forward into Michael‘s poor balls, making him pant heavily.

The boys went forward kicking, kneeing and punching Michael‘s balls at least ten times each. At the end of it, he was a sobbing mess rolling around the sandy ground of the beach and holding his crotch as Kev and Phil looked at each other satisfied.

„That was a relief“, Phil said. „Okay, now to the punishment.“

„What?“ Michael looked up to the handsome, topless duo with panic. „I thought that was the punishment?““

„Nope, that was just for fun“, Kev laughed. „We figured since we promised your dick his freedom if we were successful, there had to be something in it for your dick aswell. Phil and me are going to cool off in the ocean a little, toy around in the water for a while.“ He shrugged. „You should probably join us.“

„The catch is“, Phil nodded, „we both have one of the only two keys to your cage in our trunk pockets. And we’ll keep them there when we go play in the water. If at least one of us still has his key in his pocket when we get out in an hour or two, good for you – we’ll give you your next shot at freedom in another week or so. If both of those tiny fragile keys somehow fall out of our small pockets and into the water, however...“ He shrugged with a mean grin. „I guess in that case, there’s no way we can unlock you again, right?“

„Come on, guys“, Michael said with a tormented voice, still nursing his battered balls. „Really?“

„I guess if worst comes to worst, you could always get a diving suit and try to find one of them again“, Kev suggested.

„Yeah, or try saving up for one of those expensive locksmiths specialised in this sort of thing“, Phil nodded.

„Or just... fuck your next girl with a strap-on and be a horny mess for the rest of your life. Bet that would be fun too.“ Kev shrugged. „Anyway, we’ll let fate decide. One of those keys still has to be there afterwards, right?“

„Probably. Now come on“, Phil grinned. „I’m eager to cool off.“

Michael groaned and rolled through the sand as he watched his two friends rush towards the ocean water.


Unknown said...


Poor Michael!

That was a fun story Dom. For Michael's future, hopefuly one of those keys does not get lost!



Dominik said...

Dear Jimmy,

Thank you for the feedback! :)

All the best,