Monday, October 9, 2017


Phil - artwork created by Champ
Name: Philip Hughes
Age: 18
Hair color: red
Eye color: Brown

Phil is on on the verge of becoming one of the most successful soccer players in the world. A rising star in England, he came to the US to do what he was born to do: kick balls. His strong legs and his incredibly effective kicking technique make him a serious threat to goalies and sperm cells alike.

Phil is a friend of the twins’ brother Jimmy.

Fun fact:
Phil kicked Jordan Henderson’s balls to become captain of the England national U21 football team.
See: #nokidsforhendo

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This post has been edited on 10/09/2017 to include the wonderful character portrait created by Champ.

Here’s the original post, previously titled “Who is Phil?” (original date: 03/29/2015):

Original date: 03/29/2015

It's time to have a closer look at one of our less frequent guests: professional soccer player Phil. Phil is a hot 18 year old with red hair and brown eyes, and he just loves kicking balls... (If you want to revisit Phil's adventures you find all the stories labelled "Phil" here.)

Now, what do you think he looks like? Feel free to post links to celebrities or porn stars or whatever you like in the comments section. Headshots or nude pictures or fully clothed ones - everything is welcome. Alternatively you can send me pictures or drawings or whatever you like via e-mail ( - if you provide me with the source I'll post them here on the blog.

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Update 03/31/2015:

An anonymous reader's suggestion:

Belgian Footballer Kevin De Bruyne
Kevin De Bruyne on the field
Update 04/01/2015:

Another anonymous reader sent these pictures via email:

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I think footballer Kevin De Bruyne (Belgian national team) would be perfect. He's the spitting image of Phil IMHO.

Alex said...

Thanks for your suggestion! I've added two pictures to the post.