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Ballbusting Canucks: Triple threat (written by Pat)

Our longtime reader Pat has written an awesome series of stories introducing a group of Canadian guys who are running a website that's very similar to the Ballbusting Boys. I hope you enjoy Pat's wonderful stories just as much as I did!

Previous parts:
A letter from Canada
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Show and tell - part 2
François’s story

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: LeoSammy and Tristan (click for pictures)

Excitement filled the Ballbusting Boys studio, as today marks the first collaborative shoot between themselves and the Canadian studio, Ballbusting Canucks.

The set was designed to look like a bedroom. It featured; a king size bed in one corner, a desk and computer chair in the opposite corner, and one more chair by the entrance door.

Cameramen Chad and Doug, representing the American and Canadian studios respectively, were just about ready to begin filming.

François was standing beside Doug, doing some last-minute touches on his hair before the shoot. He was wearing a pair of dark, straight-fitted jeans that firmly hugged around his perky butt and emphasized his big frontal package. He also wore a baggy red t-shirt over a black, tight-fitted long sleeve shirt, and sported a beanie, with his smooth, light brown hair slightly showing from the sides.

Doug noticed François staring at the three models across the room. “Are you happy to work with them?” Doug asked.

“Very much so!” said the beautiful, young Quebecois. “These are the guys I was hoping to work with,” he smiled.

Doug’s brown eyes grew wide and let out a chuckle. “I’m surprised you’re not working with the jocks. That would have been a safer bet, eh?” the cameraman asked.

“Too cliché: twinks and jocks, not that there is anything wrong with the more athletic models though!” François assured. “Although I’m thankful I didn’t have to work with Danny. At the pizza party, he had suggested we do a Monty Python inspired scene because of my French accent. Can you see me wearing armour and sporting a mustache? I’d have no more fans!”

The two Canadians shared a laugh.

On the other side of the room, skater boys Leo, Sammy, and Tristan were talking amongst themselves as they observed their Canadian counterpart. They all looked fantastic in their typical baggy jeans, baggy   t-shirts and sneakers.

“I can’t wait!” Sammy gleefully said as he clapped his hands together. “I hope he can handle the finish that the three of us planned for him.”

Leo and Tristan had their eyes fixed on François.

“I take it you guys like him?” Sammy reluctantly asked.

“Damn, he makes that hat look good,” Leo said, biting his bottom lip.

“And those jeans! Mmm!” Tristan added, biting his own lip.

Sammy stepped in between them and smacked both pairs of nuts. “Focus!”

“Yeah…” Leo groaned while rubbing his nuts. “It will be fun.”

“I’m sure he’ll love the finish,” Tristan concurred, nursing his aching balls.

“Stop goofing around, guys! It’s action time!” Chad yelled. “Places people!”

Yesterday, it was decided that the scene would be of the three skaters running into François at the skate park, and invite him over to Leo’s house. Little details were given, only to eventually gang up on the new skater and to make him cum by the end of the scene. It was up to the four models to plan the rest.

Chad and Doug held up their cameras. “Action!”

The four boys entered the room laughing. Leo and Sammy were on the bed, Tristan sat on the chair by the door, while François took the chair at the desk.

“That was a fun day,” Leo said while running his hand through his curly black hair. “It was fun breaking in my new skateboard.”

“Yeah, it looks amazing. Easily better than the old one you had.” Tristan joked, making the four boys burst into laughter.

“Fuck you!” Leo said as he was taking off his grey shirt, throwing it at Tristan.

“Eeeewww!” Tristan teased and threw the shirt at Sammy.

“Put that away!” the redhead shouted and whipped the shirt at François.

 François threw the shirt into the laundry hamper.

“Nice shot, dude!” Leo applauded.

François smiled and bowed. “Thank you! Merci very much!” he joked, letting his French accent show prominence.

“So, François,” Sammy said in his best French accent, “I never seen you at the park before. What brought you there?”

François smiled and blushed. He nervously played with the visor on his beanie.

“You can tell us, don’t be shy,” Tristan said.

“Well, you see, I kind of like this one guy. I know he loves to ride skateboards so I thought ‘maybe he’d want to hang out if he seen me at the skatepark.’”

“Who is he? Do we know the guy?” Leo curiously asked while shifting his eyebrows up and down.

François giggled at Leo’s funny expression. “Matthew Simpson.”

“Don’t go for him, he’s a dick. Not only that, he hates gay people,” Sammy said. “It’s for the best that you didn’t run into him.”

 François frowned. “Wow. Well, I guess you’re right.”

“I am, trust me on this,” Sammy assured the pouting twink. “Just for the hell out of it though, why don’t you tell us, or show us rather, what you would have done to get Mathew’s attention.”

 François looked confused.

“Tristan, stand up,” said Sammy.

Tristan stood in the middle of the room. He wasn’t wearing a cap today, but wore a black t-shirt that had multiple testicles stacked on top of each other, along with a caption that read “balls to the walls”. He was also wearing baggy blue jeans along with black and green skate shoes.

“Let’s pretend that Tristan is Matthew. What would you have done?” Sammy inquired.

François stood in front of Tristan and smiled. “Uhhh… I don’t know.”

“Don’t worry, he won’t mind,” Leo winked. “Say or do anything you want.”

François blushed and rubbed the back of his neck.

“Hey François,” Tristan smiled and lifted his shirt, showing off his bare stomach. “I work out, can you tell? Aren’t I cool?” Tristan asked in a deep, sarcastic voice, trying his best not to laugh while he imitated Matthew Simpson.

François giggled and ran his fingers over Tristan’s stomach. “Well…” François said, trying to stay focused, “I… I… shit!” he yelled as he let out spurts of laughter.

François’s soft fingers rubbing against his skin gave Tristan a boner. He let out a slight moan as the nerves in his abs sent stimulating tingles down into his balls.

“You’ll need a better pickup line than ‘I-I-shit’. You sound like a sea captain. Come on, man! You’re French!” Sammy and Leo shouted while they laughed their asses off.

“And the French love being kinky!” Tristan added as he roughly introduced his knee to François's Canadian jewels.

François groaned and took a couple step backwards, holding his aching nuts.

Sammy and Leo cheered and went to join in on the fun.

Sammy ran up to Tristan and gave him a swift backhand to the plums. “Argg! My eggs!” Tristan screamed while rubbing his balls and crossing his knees.

François blocked Leo’s upcoming nut slap and sent his left fist crashing in between the skater’s legs. Leo  gasped and dropped to his knees, shocked on how quick the tables turned on him.

François quickly ran to Sammy and drove his boney knee into his balls. As the redheaded skater yelped in pain, he was quickly tripped onto his back.

“Holy fuck!” Sammy screamed as his body crashed to the floor. He looked around, trying to make sense of what happened within those couple of seconds.

“Pedal to the metal,” François quipped as he grabbed Sammy by the ankles and pressed his sneaker-clad foot into the 18-year-old’s junk.

Sammy was squirming and screaming, trying to wiggle his way out of the painful hold.

“Combo!” Tristan proudly proclaimed as he sent his foot flying into François’s unguarded nuts before following it up with a stomp to Sammy’s balls.

“Argh!” François hollered as he released his hold on Sammy, stumbling backwards.

Leo came from behind and slapped the Canadian’s nuts hard, making him drop to his knees and cup his increasingly sore nuts.

“Payback’s a bitch, eh?” Leo mocked, eliciting the stereotypical eh that Canadians are associated with. He turned his attention to Tristan. Both boys had each other by the ball bag, squeezing as tightly as they could.

“I swear... I’ll squeeze those grapes… into raisins,” Leo winced, trying to get the upper hand on his buddy.

“Not before… I turn your nuts…to powder” Tristan forced through gritted teeth.

Sammy kicked Tristan’s balls from behind, catching Leo’s hand in the process, making both boys release their grip on each others’ gonads.

Tristan screamed and collapsed to the floor, laying on his stomach to prevent any more attacks on his manhood.

Leo quickly grabbed his hand after it had been kicked. “You bastar-”

Leo’s insult was cut short as Sammy went crashing into him, courtesy of a shove from François. Leo was sent flying into the bed, and Sammy had fallen where his buddy was standing. Both boys let out an extended groan.

François let out a devilish laugh as he watched the skaters wallow in pain. He turned his head and noticed Tristan struggling to get back on his feet, his hands sheltering his sore nuts.

François grabbed a hold of Tristan’s legs and pulled them forward. He was amused on how skinny they were. “Time to fly, bird legs!” he shouted as Tristan’s body smacked hard against the floor.

Tristan gasped as the wind got knocked out of him. François stomped down on his nuts and performed another gas pedal, growling viciously as he pulled on the skater’s legs with all his might.

“Owwwww!” Tristan wailed as he was tried to wrestle François’s foot off his throbbing balls.

With a running start, Leo and Sammy bodychecked the Quebecois to the floor.

Before François could react, Leo sent the tip of his Chuck Taylor sneaker crashing into his new friend’s tender bollocks.

François let out a high-pitched yelp as he rolled around on the ground, holding his nuts.

“Bullseye!” Leo cheered while he nursed his own pain-ridden testicles.

Tristan forced his way between his two buddies and held François’s legs apart. “What goes around comes around,” he sneered as he slammed his foot down on the young man’s crotch.

With the benefit of experience, François sat up as his nuts got crunched under Tristan’s foot, screaming in pain as he delivered a hard punch to the skater’s balls.

Tristan let out an ear-piercing scream and stumbled backwards, tripping over himself.

Leo and Sammy looked at one another, totally impressed by the quick reversal.

François simultaneously kicked his right foot into Leo’s babymakers as he shot his left foot into Sammy’s.

Both boys cried out profanity as their hefty balls got squished into their bodies. “What the hell is it going to take to keep this guy down?” the skaters thought to themselves.

François was groaning as he rose to his feet. He grabbed Tristan by the back of his shirt and pants and threw him into Sammy’s body.

Both skaters went crashing into the bed. Sammy struggled for breath as Tristan was launched right into his stomach, forcing all the air out of his lungs.

François switched his focus to Leo. He sent a firm kick into the skater’s nuts, making him double over in pain. François wrapped an arm around Leo’s head as he squeezed his balls hard with the other hand.

Leo cried in agony; his head and nuts were getting the life squeezed out of them. Suddenly, François quickly threw him to the floor as he saw Tristan charging towards him.

Tristan used Leo’s nuts as a springboard to tackle François. “Fuck!!!” the black-haired beauty cried out as he rolled to the side.

François fell onto his back and Tristan landed right on top of him. He placed a knee on each of his arms and sat on his chest. His dick grew hard as he pinned François beneath him. “It’s going to be hard to get out of this predicament, huh?” Tristan smirked at his captive.

“Hard being operative word from what I can see,” retorted François, giving a cheeky grin of his own.

Sammy walked over to the pinned Canadian. “His dick’s as hard as titanium,” he gleefully noted, rubbing his hand over the erected penis.

“Oh, really now?” Tristan asked exuberantly.

François locked eyes with the jean-covered crotch in front of him. He quickly launched his head forward and tried to close his mouth down on it.

Tristan noticed the boy’s gaze and moved lower down his chest, just in the nick of time. François caught the tip of Tristan’s baggy jeans in his mouth.

“Too slow,” Tristan teased, a huge grin on his face as he removed François’s beanie and began to run his fingers through his soft, light brown hair. “It’s up here,” he said as he grabbed his rock-hard cock, giving it a playful squeeze and shake.

François let out a disappointed whimper into Tristan’s jeans. Or was it a moan? It was hard to tell.

All of a sudden, Sammy jumped down onto François’s balls.

“Arghhhh!!! Calice de tabarnak!” he cursed and screamed in his native language while flailing under Tristan.

Leo hid behind Sammy while he quietly approached François, his new skateboard in his hand. He swung it back and sent it colliding into the poor boy’s nuts as hard as he could.

François gave a bone-chilling scream as he continued to thrash, only more violently. “Ahhhh fuck!!!”

Tristan stood up. The three skater boys watched François struggle on the floor while his thrashing slowly decreased.

Each of the American models put a foot on François’s hard dick and balls and stepped on them simultaneously. François let of a glass-shattering scream. He thought his balls would pop.

“Look at that! You can take three guys on your nuts, just like your friend,” the American boys teased as they broke character, using some real-life taunts against the Canadian.

François’s face told a story of pain.

“We heard about your hero, Cory Johnson. What an inspiring story,” Sammy winked as he nudged François’s hard dick and rapidly swelling balls. “Titanium,” he noted again.

“Alright guys, grab his arms. I want him to suck me,” Leo instructed, a hard bulge forming in his baggy black jeans.

François grimaced in pain as he forced himself to his knees. He balled his fist and quickly threw his arm backwards, elbowing Tristan in his babymakers, before lunging his fist forward into Sammy’s jewels. Both skaters dropped to one knee at the surprise attack.

François quickly shot his foot forward, attempting to trip Leo.

Having been informed of this move set, Leo avoided getting tripped and François’s ended up spinning almost 360 degrees.

Leo kicked his balls hard from behind.

“Owwwwwwww! God fucking damn!!!” François screamed in pain and frustration as he buried his face into the carpeted floor.

“You’re pretty resilient, you can almost take on the three of us, just like your buddy,” Leo brashly pointed out, smiling from ear to ear as he enlightened the Canadian guest.

“Yeah, almost,” Tristan repeated with a condescending grin.

“You nearly completed that move set, but not quite. So, you’re not quite as good as Cory Johnson” Sammy crudely noted.

There was a serious sexual tension that accompanied the taunting; François was nearly precuming in his jeans as he was being dominantly outnumbered by the three guys and having his nuts busted as they teased him. Leo and Tristan were rock-hard as they were breaking down the balls of steel of the cute Canadian twink, whom they were both infatuated by. Sammy was semi-hard with all the heavy busting that was taking place between the four talented models.

Leo walked up to François and firmly grabbed his crotch as they started kissing. The Canadian was giving his signature, almost pornographic moan as he locked lips with the skater. Both boys’ cocks were tenting tightly in their jeans. Leo put his free hand behind François’s head as the kissing became more passionate, as did the grip on his balls. François gave a slight grimace as his soft lips were getting sucked while his balls were being kneaded.

Tristan abruptly ended the kissing when he pulled François by the hair, making him face the             blond-haired skater. “My turn,” he whispered as he licked his lips.

Now, it was Tristan who started making out passionately with François, running his fingers through his hair with his one hand while fondling the man’s meatballs with the other. They both moaned aloud as they played tonsil hockey with each other and pressed their hard dicks together.

Leo was stroking his own big schlong while he watched the kissing guys begin to take their shirts off.

Sammy rolled his eyes and kicked François’s unsuspecting balls, the tip of his foot connected with both François and Tristan’s cocks.

“Ahhhhhhh! God! My balls!” François loudly shouted as he doubled over, rubbing his injured manhood.

Tristan stumbled backwards and was rubbing the tip of his penis. “You just kicked my dick head, you dickhead!” he grimaced while pulling his penis from his pants, making sure there was no bruising.

“Yes! A two-for-one special! What an awesome turn of events,” Sammy cheered as he observed the results of his attack.

Leo was biting his lip hard. “Seriously, I can’t take it anymore, I got to throat-fuck him,” he confessed, his eyes filled with lust.

Leo ran to François and kicked him squarely in the crotch, catching both of his nuts dead on as hard as he could.

There was a brief moment of silence before François opened his mouth and let out an anguished grunt. Amazingly, the kick emphasized the Canadian’s horniness. His boner was bouncing all over the place. He was trying to remain standing while his legs were loose like spaghetti.

Sammy and Tristan each grabbed one of François’s arms and pushed their feet on the back of his legs, making him kneel.

Leo stripped naked and walked up to the beautiful twink. He rubbed his dick along François’s mouth, his precum gave the kneeling boy’s lips a shiny gloss, as if he just applied lip balm.

François let out a moan and Leo pushed his dick into his mouth. He started thrusting slowly while he leaned his head back.

Leo was moaning in pleasure as he began to thrust harder. François was looking up at Leo lustfully as he took his cock deep in his throat.

Tristan began to jerk his own dick with his free hand, letting out soft moans. Sammy also became fully hard.

“Switch!” yelled Tristan as he let go of François’s arm.

“What!? Why?” Leo protested.

“Because, you had your turn. I want to get sucked too.”

While the two skater boys argued, François took the liberty to unzip Sammy’s pants. He placed his tongue on the redhead’s balls and licked his way up the shaft of his penis. Sammy let out a peaceful moan as François started giving him a blowjob.

Leo and Tristan felt a hand begin jerking their cocks. They looked down to see François was jerking each one of them while sucking off Sammy.

“Oh my god! That feel’s so fucking good. Don’t stop!” Sammy exclaimed between moans.

François was hard as a rock. He loved how he was making all three skater boys moan at the same time, his hands getting wet from precum while he could taste it in his mouth.

He quickly switched his position, removing Sammy’s penis from his mouth and replacing it with Tristan’s, while still jerking off Leo and began stroking the redheaded skater. He could have easily been mistaken for a porn star.

François was leaking his own precum while he was pleasing his new friends with benefits. He looked at all three of them, giving his best sexy eyes as he was sucking and jerking all those hard cocks.

“Oh! Oh fuck!” Tristan was rocking his head back as his heart began to race, he could feel the orgasm approaching.

“I’m so close! Keep going, handsome!” Leo pleasurably instructed, feeling his own balls begin to boil.

“No! Hang on, François. Don’t make them cum just yet,” Sammy quickly interrupted by kicking François’s balls, just enough to get him to stop pleasuring the guys dicks.

All imminent orgasms stopped dead in their tracks.

François was rubbing his crotch. “They we’re so close though…”

Leo and Tristan looked at Sammy in complete disbelief, wondering why on earth would he stop everything.

“François, you are our guest. It’s only fair that the guest cums first,” Sammy explained and winked at his buddies.

The three skaters circled around François. Sammy and Tristan began to strip naked, joining Leo in the buff, before the three of them slowly stripped François of his clothes.

Sammy removed the now naked Quebecois’s red and black boxer briefs. There was a thick, wet precum spot in the front of them.

Sammy, gently placed his fingers around François’s cock and balls, smiling as he felt the boy’s dick twitch in his hands. Leo and Tristan were behind him; they each had a finger playing around his hole.

The sexy, red-headed skater watched as François closed his eyes and quietly moaned as his most sensitive assets were being played with.

The American models nodded their heads. Leo and Tristan each stuck their finger inside François’s tight hole, and Sammy tightened the grip on his manhood.

“This is a hint on what’s going to happen,” Sammy said, trying to talk over François’s moaning.

Leo and Tristan pulled their fingers from François’s ass. Leo laid across the center of the bed, his legs slightly spread and his dick pointing straight to the ceiling. Tristan placed himself between Leo’s legs and laid his head on the other side of the bed. He put his legs over Leo’s, their hard cocks were rubbing against one another.

François’ face lit up when he figured out he was going to get double stuffed by both skaters. He climbed on top of the bed.

He put his hand around both guys cocks. “I take it this is where I’m supposed to sit” he mused.

The two boys nodded, a big grin on their faces. They each spat in their hand and lubricated their cocks, winking at their guest.

François stood up and jerked his dick a couple times, before lowering himself down onto the skaters’ dicks.

“Ohhhh yeahhhh!” François screamed as he stuffed himself with the guys meat. He slowly moved up and down, moaning in ecstasy.

Leo and Tristan also moaned out loud as their cocks entered François’s hole. They were pleasantly amazed just how tight his hole was, along with the added tightness of each other’s dick.

Sammy climbed on the bed and rubbed his hands along François’s chest while he was bouncing on his buddies’ cocks. He watched François’s dick and balls move around as he was riding the boys in pleasure.

Long, loud moans quickly filled the room as the two skaters began to buck their hip. François’s hole slowly adjusted to the circumference of the two cocks that filled him, allowing him to bounce more freely.

Sammy slowly guided François to lean back, so he can rest his hands on the bed while Leo and Tristan fuck him.

Sammy began sucking on François’s cock, gagging at times on the big piece of meat as it would get lodged into his throat, courtesy of his friends’ thrusting.

François began moaning louder and louder as his body was getting serviced. “Oh fuck! Oh, fuck yes! Mmmmm!”

Sammy opened his mouth wide. He struggled and gagged hard to fit François’s balls into his mouth, along with his dick.

François moaned and winced, feeling his genitals getting squished while Sammy tried to fit them in his mouth.  Once Sammy found a way to fit all the equipment in his mouth, he knew there was no turning back; François’s dick will have to go limp before he can safely remove the genitals, it was that tight.

Sammy gave a slap on his buddies’ thighs, obviously giving some kind of signal.

Leo and Tristan started fucking François hard, and Sammy sucked his dick as best as he could with a full mouth.

“OHHH! MMMMMM! FUCK YEAHHHHHHH” François moaned and screamed. His high-pitched wails of pleasure were a major turn on for the guys.

Leo and Tristan’s bodies were tense and glistening with sweat as they drove their rock-hard dicks into François as hard and as fast as they could. Leo put his hand on the back of Sammy’s head and forced it down on François cock. He gagged hard, but it was completely muffled.

François was squeaking and moaning so hard that he couldn’t even announce that he was about to cum.

Sammy gave a double tap on his buddies’ thighs, giving another signal.

Leo and Tristan were grunting and moaning, and they made sure to fuck François in synchronization, stretching him as wide as they could while they plowed him like a couple of jackhammers. Sammy slapped both of his hands on François’s chest and twisted his nipples hard, while still sucking his dick.

The three skaters were hard at it on François who was moaning and screaming as loud as he could in pain and pleasure, with the latter soon completely taking over. Suddenly, they felt François’s entire body tremble and his breathing quickly increased.

Sammy was forced to swallow load after load of hot, creamy, fresh cum that shot out of François’s dick. He felt the warm cum splash in the back of his throat and it triggered his gag reflex. He struggled to swallow all the jizz, but it got easier as it slowly trickled out of François’s penis.

“Ohh fuck yeah! I’m about to nut!” Leo screamed.

Leo and Tristan shot their load one after the other. Both boys were breathing heavily as their cum filled François’s ass.  The feeling of François’s entire body quivering, and his moaning, turned on both skaters to no end. They shot load after load of hot spunk deep inside the moaning Canadian.

François let out a slight whimper as the boys pulled their cocks out of his ass. His whole body was buzzing in a trance as he could feel the sticky jizz coating his insides.

Leo and Tristan laid on the bed, enjoying their orgasm while they watched Sammy jerk his cock.

Sammy finally felt François’s dick go limp and he released the cock and balls from his mouth. He coughed a bit before finally taking a breath. He was stroking his cock vigorously. For him, the hottest part was busting a new guys balls, and he also took great pleasure in hearing François scream in pleasure and pain to the guys finale. Watching him lay on the bed, almost unresponsive due to his euphoric state, was proof of a job well done. Seeing Leo and Tristan also laying on the bed, huffing and puffing from their part in the scene, was icing on the cake.

Sammy stood up and sprayed his cum on of all three guys; getting them in the face, stomach, and crotch. Once his balls emptied, he fell on the bed next to his buddies, exhausted from the intense scene.

Chad and Doug zoomed the cameras closer to the bed to get a more defined shot of the models.

The three Americans slowly sat up, moaning and smiling from the hot sex. François, however, was still laying on the bed. His body buzz was slowly fading, and he let out a couple soft cries of pleasure as his body was coming back down to reality.

The cameramen decided to finish the scene with a close-up on François’s face, making sure to film the tears in his eyes, while Leo, Sammy, and Tristan were smiling down at him and rubbing his body.

“CUT!” The cameramen yelled.

“Great work guys! Excellent chemistry. That was hot,” Doug cheered, as he and chad were already packing away the equipment.

The skaters got dressed as they thanked Doug for his kind words.

“I’m thirsty, let’s get that beer we talked about, Doug,” Chad said. “Leave the mess. That’s what the assistant is for.”

“Cool! Beer sounds good.” Doug shrugged his shoulders. “Later!” he waived to the models, as he and Chad left the set.

The skater boys were a few steps behind them. Leo turned out the light and closed the door.

François was naked on the bed, still coming down from his orgasm. He never had all the sensitive parts of his body tended to in a single scene before. It was unlike anything he had ever experienced.

He wiped the tears from his cheeks once his breathing regulated. Just as he was about to get dressed, the light turned on and the 3 skaters ran to the bed.

Leo laid on one side on François, resting his head on the Canadian’s shoulder, while Tristan was on the other side of him, laying on his chest. Sammy sat at the foot of the bed.

“Hey,” Leo and Tristan gave him a warm smile, gently rubbing his body.

“Hi,” François smiled shyly at the two handsome skaters.

“So, what did you think of our finale we planned?” Sammy asked, reminding the others that he was still in the room.

 “That was the best sex I ever had! I’m not even kidding” François confessed.

“Really?” Tristan cheered.

François happily nodded while biting his bottom lip.

Leo began taking off his clothes. “Good,” he added.

Sammy and Tristan followed suit and got naked.

“You didn’t think we were just going to leave you alone in here, did you?” Leo inquired.

François looked at them, a bit confused.

“We want a round 2,” Tristan confessed while rubbing his hands down François’s body.

“Fuck yeah!” Sammy was rubbing his hand up his thigh.

All four of their dicks got hard again.

François ran his hand through his hair, freshening up his naughty side as he looked at the three skaters. “Let’s do it!”

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