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Ballbusting Canucks: Show and tell – part 2 (written by Pat)

Our longtime reader Pat has written an awesome series of stories introducing a group of Canadian guys who are running a website that's very similar to the Ballbusting Boys. I hope you enjoy Pat's wonderful stories just as much as I did!

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Show and tell - part 1

Jonathan stepped forward and cleared his throat. He was holding the remote control for the projector in his hand.

“Hey guys! I’m Jonathan. I’m 19 years old, and I’ve been working for the studio for about a year now.” He hesitated for a moment, then gave a shy smile. “I didn’t really plan a speech or anything. I’m not sure what to say about myself that would be interesting. I’m pretty athletic; I’ve been playing hockey for 10 years, and I also enjoy golf, tennis, volleyball and track and field.”

Jonathan could feel all the guys looking at him. He felt they were staring into his soul. “Uh... the first time I realized that I enjoyed ballbusting was when I was 12. We were in Phys Ed class and playing volleyball. I served the ball overhand and it went crashing into one kid’s balls. The heavy smack of the ball hitting him in the groin was awesome and I found myself turned on by his reaction. He dropped to his knees and fell forward to the ground. His sobs were funny and I had to laugh how his legs were kicking in pain,” he reflected

“Show of hands: who here was the victim in their first ballbusting encounter?”

A few hands went up, then a few more, until almost two-thirds of the guys were raising their hands. Some of them were blushing, obviously embarrassed; others were cringing as they remembered their first hit in the privates; and a few of them were making more or less successful efforts to hide their boners, indicating fond memories of their initial ballbusting experience...

“Wow! I was expecting the opposite from some of you guys,” Jonathan chuckled. “Before I joined Ballbusting Canucks, I was getting off on females torturing guys balls anywhere I could find it. Shockingly, at least to me, I also was into seeing girls getting kicked in the vagina by dudes!” he confessed.

“When I was on a porn site, there was an advertising banner for Ballbusting Canucks. I reviewed the site and was pleasantly surprised at the content. In the site’s news bulletin, there was a form asking for people to be an extra for an upcoming hockey scene. I signed up my name and a couple days letter I was on a Greyhound bus to Montreal!” Jonathan explained, his face lighting up with excitement.

“When I arrived at the studio, I was fascinated by all the equipment I saw; cameras, props, artwork, even the furniture. I briefly got to meet Patrick before me and roughly 30 extras and crew members boarded a bus to head to a small hockey arena.”

“When we all gathered inside the arena, Patrick explained that we were all just going to sit in the changeroom. Our role was we were the lowly hockey players who were going to be disciplined by the team captain for losing a big game,” Jonathan explained. “At first I thought I was wasting my time. I couldn’t believe I was only going to be involved in one nut strike, especially after spending all that money on food, motels, and travel. Then, a miracle happened!” Jonathan cheered, wide-eyed.

It wasn’t uncommon for Johnathan to have a ditzy moment occasionally, he’s not always the sharpest tool in the shed, but it somehow complimented his charm.

“No other extra was willing to let the team captain slap shot a hockey puck into their nuts. That was my chance! I accepted the challenge and took it in coconuts,” he laughed.

“After filming had been completed, I was left on the ground, rolled into a ball. Patrick came to me with a bag of ice and a proposition: If I was willing to move to Montreal by the beginning of next month, I would have a place on his team of models. I accepted,” Jonathan said, looking over at his smiling boss. “He shook my hand, stood up, and kicked the ice bag into my balls. ‘Welcome to the business’ he told me.’”

“Like Patrick said, my main role is to play a sweet jock, which is exactly how I am in real life. I do enjoy ballbusting in real life, but I’m more vanilla about it than on camera. I only get busted by women.”

While some of the models were rolling their eyes, others were nodding in agreement.

“My character allows for a lot of angles and advantages: a lot of gay people enjoy watching a sweet jock as opposed to an asshole, for instance. At times, I get busted in a typical lesson of ‘nice guys finish last’, other times people want to see my character get pushed over the edge and bust the hell out of someone. I’m involved in quite of bit of frat scenes, or included in the ‘fun and games’ part of our website.”

Jonathan used the remote to bring up a photo of himself. He was naked, with bow tie around his neck, and his hard dick pointing to the camera. He was between two guys, each hugging one of his legs and a hand on his balls.

 A few whistles came from the audience, making Jonathan blush.

“This is one of my favorite roles I’ve played. I was hired as a Chippendale for a gay bachelor party and got to have my nuts busted by a group of guys. It was a crazy scene, all the bottoms got to sample my dick, and the tops had a go at my hole, all before I had to have sex with the future husbands. Actually, the guys in the picture with me are the future husbands.”

Jonathan soaked up the praise he was getting. He noticed one or two guys weren’t as cheerful, but ultimately decided to continue with his presentation.

“It’s worth noting that I do my best work in front of the camera. There are times where I get so into my roll, that I can get a boner on cue. I’m sure some of you guys know the feeling.”

“Yeah, we got it. You’re gay for pay basically!” Xander said, rolling his eyes.

“I… I guess I am?” Jonathan mumbled. “Moving on…” he quickly said, “I want to tell you about my most bizarre scene and then my most favorite scene.”

“We have this series called ‘Somewhere in the Twilight Zone’, it’s a series of unusual, almost non-explainable scenes. One example; there was a group of clowns in the middle of a stage during a lightshow concert. All of them made a circle around this one clown - the head clown I assume. These clowns got down on one knee, and the head clown started kicking them in the balls.”

The boys stared at Jonathan in disbelief of what they just heard.

“I got to be in an episode of that series. I was sitting at a desk in the middle of a busy street – the illusion created by the studio, of course – and there was midget under the desk. I was bouncing my foot on his crotch and stomach. I remember I had to look down at him and say something like ‘I’m having so much fun, just bouncing my foot on your little balls and pot belly, my foot nearly covering your entire body’ and the midget was just smirking and rocking his body,” Jonathan explained with a straight face.

 “What-the actual-fuck?” Danny asked in sheer disbelief. A struggling actor, Danny had been in a lot of crazy scenes in a lot of crazy movies - but he'd never seen something like this.

“It’s postmodernism!” Jonathan defended himself. “Don’t look at me, it wasn’t my idea.”

The audience turned their heads to Patrick.

“Hey,” Patrick through his hands in the air, “like I said before, we cater to everyone, even the more far-out bunch of people. Not my cup a tea, but whatever” he explained.

“Let me conclude with my favorite scene I took part in,” Jonathan said as he pressed the remote to move to the next slide. “This is me and another model dressed as Woody and Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story movie.”

The photo had the two models standing side by side. Jonathan was dressed up as Woody, the cowboy. He pulled off the look surprisingly well. You could see the muscles bulging through the yellow plaid shirt, and his dark hair and eyes contrasted beautifully with the red scarf. The other model looked just as good as he did, a handsome blond man in a Buzz Lightyear costume. Both guys were wearing tight pants, proudly displaying their equipment.

“The Pixar duo won the poll for a Halloween themed fight. We had so much fun!” Jonathan cheered. “We used props so that Buzz could fly around the studio as I was trying to shoot at him. The fight ended by Buzz bringing his leg back and saying, ‘to infinity…’ and then brought his foot up hard into my nuts and yelled ‘and beyond!’ Then he grabbed me by my bean bag and started flying around the studio, forcing me to submit!”

The audience seemed a lot more impressed with that story, and at Jonathan’s enthusiasm. “That was my most popular video too!”

It’s hard not to love Jonathan when he gets excited, you can tell he is very sincere.

“I truly think we’re super heroes for doing what we do. We’re able to provide a form of entertainment few guys can produce. So, thank you for hosting us, thank you for inspiring us,” Jonathan looked up at the ceiling, “and thank God! For on the 8th day, he created ballbusting!”

The boys gave a hesitant round of applause.

“You’re a goofball!” François said walking towards Jonathan, before backhanding his friend in the balls.

Jonathan recovered and joined the audience.

François looked at all the boys. He could see that Simon was looking at him lustfully, licking his lips seductively. He gave him a shy smile

“I’ll try to make this quick,” he said. “My name’s François, I’m turning 21 in a few months, and I’ve been into cock and ball torture since I can remember. When I hit puberty, I searched all over the internet trying to find pictures and videos.”

The handsome, slim, twink spoke with a lot more confidence than Jonathan. The audience seemed even more attentive. François also spoke impeccable English, his French accent could only be heard in certain words, or when he rolled his “R”’s. It was sexy.

“I grew up in a very open-minded area of Canada. Thankfully, I found a like-minded guy my age to practice my fetish with. That being said, we were so young, we only got to explore the tip of the iceberg.”

He was rubbing his shoulder and giving an innocent pout as he was trying to reflect. “I can remember following your site when I was a young teen,” He smiled. “It was one of my favorite sites to visit because it had such versatile content, and some of the most gifted models.”

François watched as the entire audience smiled and blushed, he received a couple “thank you’s” from the crowd.

François sighed and gave a slight frown, “but then the site became inactive.”

No one knew how to react. The room went completely silent

The gorgeous twink tilted his head. He seemed to try real hard to think back to his early memories.

“I still watched regular gay porn, and followed the other gay ballbusting sites that existed, but it wasn’t the same. It was then that I decided to try and bring my own fantasies to life, as I mentioned just a moment ago,” François continued.

“You guys made a comeback and I was thrilled! And then at 16 years old, I found Ballbusting Canucks, just months after it was created. Even more incredible, the filming took place in Montréal, which is just half an hour from my home town! At that moment, I knew I wanted to explore this foreign passion I had inside me. Shortly after I turned 18, my dream came true. Thanks to my pain tolerance, and a profound passion that Patrick had rarely seen, he pretty much hired me on the spot.”

François’s face lit up

“Much like my character on-screen, I am totally absorbed in cock and ball torture, especially the latter, along with sex in general, but CBT is what I think of the most. When I’m in class, I think of what would happen if I threw my eraser at my professor’s bulge, or if I punched the student next to me in the balls, what would his reaction be?”

Patrick could be seen nodding his head with approval as François was explaining himself.

“When working at my second job, what would happen if I told my hot co-worker I would love it if he squeezed my lemons? When I’m sucking off a guy, how hard can I squeeze him before I ruin his erection? Those questions always linger,” he confessed.

 “If I could hit each one of you in your precious gonads right now, how would you all react; who would cry? Who would fall off their seat? Who would get hard? And most of all, who would beg for another shot, or come give me a taste of my own medicine?”

 François stared at them all. “While I’m not nearly as manipulative in real life, I am the ‘geeky by day, wild twink by night’. I am smart and talented, I can be quite shy at times, I have a big heart - but I’m also very curious, and love seeing how far I can push the envelope, both as an aggressor and the victim. I can say without ego that I do have strong balls. For my character’s sake, I made it that I can switch my geek appearance to the sexy twink within seconds.”

François took off his glasses, brushed his hair to the side, and shook his head. He did not lie, his messy hair looked sexy, his baby blue eyes suddenly appeared even more lustful, his lips looked even more kissable, and his smile turned more mischievous. He pulled on his bulge and turned full circle, revealing quite a curvy butt for a thin guy like himself.

Some of the guys in the audience couldn’t help but get hard, he looked so sexy and fun. All of the guys, however, were impressed by the sudden image makeover.

“It took me forever to train my hair to do that,” he joked. “But, that’s a quick description of me and my love for ballbusting, and all the joys that could come with it.”

He looked over at Jonathan and motioned him to come forward. He approached with a hockey bag.

“Now, we would like to demonstrate a little scene for you guys,” François proudly announced. “Something Patrick forgot to mention, we do live scenes once in a while for a live audience, so they can experience a busting scene in person.”

François put his glasses back on and rearranged his hair to return to his nerdy look

“The role we are going to portray is a gay college student who got mocked for staring at the hockey team,” François explained. “I’m going to barge into the changeroom and confront the guy who made fun of me.”

“Unbeknownst to François, I’m not the one who made fun of him. He doesn’t believe me and wants payback,” Jonathan added.

“Now, I’m going to get handcuffed to the radiator, in the corner over there,” he pointed, “that’s going to be an metal bench in our role play, so keep that in mind,” Jonathan explained.

The audience’s reaction was mixed, some were on the edge of their seat, while others were skeptical.

David looked at his watch. "This better be good", he mumbled. "I can't wait to see some crushed nuts."

François left the set and closed the door behind him, the audience watching as he left. When they turned their head to Jonathan, they saw that he had stripped down to his underwear.

His grey boxer briefs were nicely snugged around his bulge and firm ass. He reached in his bag and pulled out a can of body spray. As he began to apply it to his body, François entered the “changeroom”, slamming the door behind him.

“Oh! There you are!” François angrily yelled.

“Hey! You’re not allowed in here.” Jonathan said

“I normally wouldn’t set foot in this stinking, sweat hole of a room, but I came to ask - ‘what the fuck is your problem?’” François said, walking right up to the almost naked jock.

Jonathan took a step back. “Uh, nothing. I don’t know what the hell you’re taking about, but can you leave?”

“Don’t bullshit me. You ain’t so tough without your goons around, are you?”

“Okay! Either explain, or get out. I’m not fucking kidding man!” Jonathan shouted and stared down at the slim twink.

“Remember when you and your gorilla friends were riding in a car yesterday and drove past me? You called me a faggot and told me I should get my ass kicked for wanting to sleep with the whole hockey team.” François took another step forward. The boys’ bodies were inches apart from each other.

Jonathan stepped back again. “That wasn’t me! Trust me, I’m not like that,” Jonathan assured. “Seriously though, that’s the last step back I’m going to take, man! You’ve be warned!”

“Liar! Why should I believe you? I mean you’re practically threatening me right now!” François wasn’t backing down. His eyes started to wonder down Jonathan’s body. He knew he shouldn’t, be he couldn’t help it.

“You came in shouting at me!” Jonathan could feel himself being checked out. “Quit staring at me! You choose to act like this, yet you wonder why some people aren’t comfortable around you? Get real.”

“No, get your ego checked, dude,” François said sarcastically. “I actually find you quite ugly!”

“Wow! Good save,” Jonathan returned the sarcasm. “It won’t be me, but maybe getting your ass kicked by someone will do you some good!”

François ignored the warning stepped forward. Jonathan kept his promise and shoved him hard.

François predicted the attack. When he fell backwards, he aimed his foot at Jonathan’s balls and nailed them on target.

Jonathan screamed and fell to the floor. He had himself to thank for the extra velocity provided in that kick.

“Arghhhh!” the poor jock whined, laying on the ground, holding his balls.

François went to look through Jonathan’s hockey bag.

He noticed the injured hunk struggling to his feet. He quickly grabbed the can of body spray, and gave a generous squirt into Jonathan’s beautiful brown eyes.

“Owwwwwww! I – I can’t – I – I – I can’t see!” Jonathan couldn’t help but start to cry. He panicked. He was blinded and his eyes were burning up.

“How does that feel, you bullying motherfucker?!” François asked and kicked his victim in the stones again.

Jonathan fell back to the floor. “Oh God!” he cried “Please! Please stop! It wasn’t me, I swear.”

Francois went back to the hockey bag. He gagged at the smell. He looked through the bag and pulled out a hockey stick, a puck, and a set of handcuffs. He put the hockey puck in his back pocket and held the handcuffs in his hand

“Handcuffs? In the changeroom? Maybe my theory about the boys’ hockey team was right after all!” François teased.

He quickly put one of the cuffs on Jonathan’s right wrist. The blinded hunk started squirming, trying to avoid getting completely bounded at all cost.

“I’ll empty that whole can into your eyes if you don’t stop!” François threatened.

Jonathan gave in. He heard the clicking of the other cuff, but it wasn’t around his left wrist.

François grabbed a bottle of water from the hockey bag. He poured the water on Jonathan’s eyes and wiped them with a towel.

When Jonathan started to slowly regain his vision, he could see the twink take off his glasses and run his fingers through his hair. He turned his head and discovered that the other handcuff was attached to the metal bench in front of the lockers.

“I’m sorry. Whatever I did I’m sorry, I’ll do anything you want,” Jonathan pleaded.

“Let me suck your dick and we’ll call it even?” François asked, giving his best puppy eyes.

“Yes!” Jonathan cheered. “It’s all yours. I’d be more than happy to have you suck me,” he said out of desperation.

François slowly pulled off Jonathan’s boxers. He gently started kissing the head of the flaccid dick. Jonathan moaned and his dick started getting hard. The twink was licking up and down the hockey players shaft, occasionally taking a break to lick his balls.

Both boys were moaning and getting real hard. François rubbed his fingers along Jonathan’s lower abs, exciting the nerves that connected to his boiling babymakers. François licked and licked, then he stood up abruptly.

“Why did you stop?” Jonathan quickly asked.

“To tease you in more ways, sexy,” François winked. “Jerk your dick.”

As Jonathan started frantically jerking himself, François grabbed the hockey stick and rubbed it against Jonathan’s balls.

“It would really hurt to get a splinter,” he smiled.

Jonathan looked at him, wide-eyed.

François grabbed the puck from his back pocket as he turned his back to Jonathan, the hockey stick still in his hand. “Don’t worry, I would never do that.”

Jonathan gave a sigh of relief.

“But I would do this!” François said as he quickly dropped the rubber puck and hit it as hard as he could with the hockey stick.

He missed Jonathan’s balls.

“Fuck!” he yelled, possibly breaking character.

The puck went flying into the studio wall and left a dent.

Jonathan whimpered in fear. His erection started to fade.

“No, no!” François said, rushing to the tortured boy’s balls, dropping the hockey stick. He resumed licking them, saving Jonathan’s erection.

Both boys were working hard at getting Jonathan to cum. Sweat started to form on his naked body.

“Let me know when you’re close, I’ll strip for you,” François whispered sexually.

His voice alone made Jonathan’s hips buck. “I’m close already!”

François stood up and took off his shirt, revealing his skinny but firm stomach and chest.

He ran his hand across his chest and twisted his nipple. He cocked his head back and gave a professional moan, one of his secret weapons.

Jonathan closed his eyes and started violently stroking his cock.

“Ohhhh yeahhh!” He began to shout.

François quietly picked up the hockey stick. He saw Jonathan’s balls convulse in it’s bag. He quickly sent the wooden stick crashing into the pulsing testicles.

The current of cum greatly intensified, it could be seen traveling up Jonathan’s shaft before shooting out of his dick.

Jonathan screamed in pain as his juices accelerated out of his penis and flew into his mouth, abruptly stopping his screaming. He gagged and spat out his cum as more kept splashing into his face.

His body was at war with itself, conflicted in pleasure and pain. His free hand was cupping his balls as he was rolling frantically on the floor, the chain of the handcuffs was rattling loudly against the radiator, and his legs were kicking all over the place.

François finished stripping, as promised. He stood over the squirming, sobbing, mess of an athlete, and began jerking his own rock-hard cock. His victim’s panicked confusion made him so horny.

“Fuck you’re hot when you cry!” François confessed. He started to moan heavily, and began to shoot his load down on Jonathan’ body.

He continued to cum as he squatted down to Jonathan’s face, splashing him harder with his semen.

When his orgasm subsided, he sat down on the radiator and cleaned himself up with Jonathan’s clothes.

“Did you notice I never aimed for your eyes?” he joked as he was putting his clothes back on.

He grabbed Jonathan’s phone from the hockey bag. “Here’s my number. I noticed that you gladly let me suck your cock, and you were getting off on my moaning,” he explained as he added his number to the phone and then placed it just far enough out of Jonathan’s reach.

Jonathan didn’t even attempt to grab the phone, he just let out an exhausted moan.

François reached into the hockey bag again, pulling out the keys to unlock the handcuffs. He held them in one hand while he grabbed his cellphone with the other.

He pointed the camera at Jonathan. “This is if you ever decide to retaliate,” François explained “I will show this picture to the world, and tell them that you like to get freaky with yourself in the guys changeroom.”

He threw the keys at Jonathan’s side, and quickly snapped a couple pictures of the sweaty jock drenched in cum.

He made his way to the door.

“Do yourself a favor. Be sure to tell your buddies to leave François Desmoulins alone, if you know what’s good for you.”

François blew a kiss to the jock with one hand, while flipping him off with the other, as he exited the changeroom.

The audience erupted in cheers and applause.

François waited a few seconds before re-entering the room and helped Jonathan unlock the handcuffs.

The two models stood side by side and took a bow.

“Wow! Impressive!” Alex said as he made his way towards the smiling Canadians.

“Here, this is for you,” he said as he handed Jonathan a towel, allowing the boy to clean himself up from the rapidly drying cum.

Jonathan thanked him as he was getting dressed.

“Oh, and don’t worry about the dent, guys” Alex teased, making the two boys blush. “How about another round of applause?”

The Canadian models took a seat next to Patrick.

“To perform that kind of scene in front of a live audience, with little rehearsal, and without being in an actual changeroom, is unbelievable! I can only imagine how great of a show it must be when you guys have all your equipment,” Alex complimented.

“Words can’t express how much I’m looking forward to collaborate with you guys! This is going to be so much fun! What do you think, guys?” Alex asked his models.

“That was fucking hot”, Danny grinned.

“Fuck yeah”, Simon mumbled, biting his lower lip. He had creamed his pants during the performance and his creamy spunk was running down his legs.

“Pretty impressive”, Kev nodded, turning to François with a cheeky grin. “You should have aimed for the eyes, though. There's nothing like a nice, creamy cumshot into the eyes...”

“Maybe next time”, François smiled. “Maybe we'll get to do a scene together and I can fill your eyes with my spunk.” He playfully slapped Kev's crotch with the back of his hand.

The rest of the boys laughed as Kev doubled over and grabbed his crotch, chuckling.

 “That was really awesome”, Alex smiled, turning to Patrick. “I'm very happy that you're here!”

“The feeling is mutual!” Patrick assured.

“Now, I can only imagine how tired you guys must be after all that travelling, and giving a detailed presentation, all in one day.”

The Canadians nodded.

Alex turned to look at his own models. “You guys must be dying to get off your butts and stretch your legs, and wanting to go mingle with our guests!”

The Ballbusting boys nodded.

“Well, let’s do that! I ordered pizza for all of us, and it should be here within twenty minutes!”

All the models cheered and thanked their beloved Alex.

“Have fun, but rest up boys. You’re going to need it!” Alex smiled. “The next few days are going to be busy!”

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