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Ballbusting Canucks: Swingers (written by Pat)

Our longtime reader Pat has written an awesome series of stories introducing a group of Canadian guys who are running a website that's very similar to the Ballbusting Boys. I hope you enjoy Pat's wonderful stories just as much as I did!

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Featured in this story: Parker and the twins (click for pictures)

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

“He should be here any minute,” Patrick said.

Cameramen Doug and Chad were waiting along American models Michael, Will and Parker for Jonathan Schmidt, the handsome, 19-year-old Ballbusting Canucks model.

“I hope so. It’s been a long day,” Chad grumbled.

Doug nodded his head.

Both cameramen were busy all day working on a promotional photoshoot featuring Logan and François. Now, after spending numerous hours taking photos and videotaping both models, they still had to shoot a scene featuring Jonathan, the twins, and Parker.

“I’m really looking forward to see what you guys were working on with Logan and François. Can you give any details?” Parker asked, running his fingers through his red hair.

“Check the websites, we just uploaded some clues,” Patrick cheered.

Parker and the twins took out their cellphones and logged on to the Ballbusting Boys website. All three men were smiling as they observed the latest update.

“It’s a photo of Logan and François. They’re looking at each other naked, and they’re both wearing golden crowns,” Will noted.

“There’s tons more photos. I can’t believe after all those pictures only one got published on either website.” Doug said while yawning.

“Wake up!” Patrick slapped the 28-year-old cameraman in the nuts. “We just have to film this last scene and we’ll be done for the day.”

Doug coughed and grabbed his crotch. The rest of the room let out a chuckle as they watched the Canadian cameraman curse under his breath and bop his head.

Finally, Jonathan came on the set.

“Oh my God! What happened to your face!?” Patrick asked in horror, cupping his model’s face.

“I’ll explain later. Don’t worry, I’m alright,” Jonathan assured his boss. His left cheek was bright red in the form of a hand print. The slap must have been hard, because there were holes from where the fingers had struck his handsome face.

“Are you sure? You’ve already been through a lot yesterday with the hazing from the jocks, not to mention your arm,” Patrick continued, still worried about his model.

Jonathan smiled. “I’m okay. Promise.”

“This is the only day we can film this scene. I waited as long as I could to give you some time to recover.” Patrick frowned at the 19-year-old.

“Pat, I’m fine!” Jonathan rotated his arms a few times and gave it a stretch. “See? No problem.”

“Hurry up and put some makeup on your face to cover up that slap mark. We have to start filming,” Doug barked while still rubbing his crotch. He pointed a finger towards a mirror and sink.

As Jonathan stepped in front of a mirror, Parker and the twins walked up to him.

“What happened to you?” Parker asked as he looked at Jonathan’s face in the mirror.

“Whoever it was got you good,” Will joked.

Jonathan turned around to look at the models. “What the fuck’s the name of that skinny guy that wears nothing but white?”

“Xander? Highlights in his hair, twinky-looking, kind of bitchy?” Parker laughed.

“Yeah!” Jonathan confirmed with a smile. “Long story short, he was upset that we never got to work together. I told him that I’d love to work with him next time we get together and he seemed happy. Then, as I went to shake his hand, he gave me a hug. I didn’t know what to do, so I hesitated before I hugged back. Out of nowhere, he kneed me in the balls then slapped me in the face before saying that he couldn’t wait.”

Parker shook his head. “Yeah, that sounds like Xander alright.”

“You got slapped in the face, why are you smiling?” Michael grimaced.

“Although it hurts like hell, it’s kind of funny how it all went down. I got to admit, he’s got a lot of power for a skinny guy!” Jonathan happily confessed, his naïve sense of humor was showing prominence.

The three American models couldn’t believe what they were hearing and seeing; Yesterday, this guy was the victim of a wicked hazing session, nearly got his arm ripped off, and had his balls busted by five guys. Today, he got slapped in the face so hard that the handprint looked like a tattoo, and got kneed to the groin. How could he be in a good mood?

“Alright, it’s time to begin! Let’s take it from the top, as planned,” Chad said, eagerly wanting to get the show on the road.

The four models stood in front of the camera.


“So, Jonathan, today we want to have you involved in some stunts that we’ve come up with,” Parker cheered. “As you know, we are acrobats, so we need to make sure we are in good hands. We want to see how strong you really are, so we know which tricks we can try,” Parker said while taking Jonathan’s hand and guiding him to a particular spot in the room. A two-step ladder was by his side.

Michael and Will stood side by side in front of Jonathan.

“Michael and Will are each going to sit on one of your shoulders. I need you to hold them up.” Parker bit his bottom lip.

“Okay, I can do that,” Jonathan chuckled as he took off his blue muscle shirt. His strong upper body looked quite impressive, even though his right arm seemed a bit tender and his chest was slightly bruised from yesterday’s session.

Michael and Will were smiling in their white leggings and muscle shirts. They stood up straight next to each other and slightly squatted.

Jonathan went down in between them and scooped the twins on his shoulders: Michael on his left, Will on his right. He lifted them off the ground. It took a second to get Will evenly leveled with Michael, due to his tender right shoulder.

“You got me, John?” Will giggled as he teased the Canadian.

“Yup,” Jonathan said when he found his footing. He took a deep breath and stood up straight, both models on his shoulder.

The handsome Canuck gave a big smile to the camera.

Michael and Will looked at each other. Both of them started wiggling on Jonathan’s shoulders. The Canadian’s face went from a bright smile to a determined look, trying to keep a hold on both acrobats.

The twins, along with Parker, were laughing out loud.

Will’s butt lifted from Jonathan’s shoulder before bouncing back down on it. Jonathan was really struggling to hang on to both boys, his right shoulder was throbbing in pain.  Thankfully, Michael gave a bounce on his left shoulder, allowing Jonathan to re-level and get a firm grip on both models.

Parker was roaring with laughter, his black track pants had a big boner poking in the front. “You good?”

Jonathan’s face looked a bit strained as he gave a nod of acknowledgement. The twins were a bit heavier than he expected, considering his injured shoulder.

Parker climbed the two-step ladder. “Okay, can you squat just a bit? I’m going to sit on each on their shoulders too.”

Jonathan grunted at Parker’s request. He let out a groan as he squatted again.

“Hey, more squats mean tighter glutes.” Michael teased as he and Will started kicking around Jonathan’s thighs and crotch while he was crouching.

The 19-year-old began to whimper as his body was shaking, trying to balance the twins as they were kicking at his crotch while Parker was trying to sit on their shoulders. “Quit kicking me there,” Jonathan begged.

The boys ceased their kicking when Parker found his balance. “I’m on. Lift us up.”

“You can do it, John!” Will cheered.

“Come on! Use those muscles!” Michael teased.

Jonathan’s dick gave a little twitch as the boys were cheering. Despite the pain he was currently in, he always enjoyed showing off in front of the camera, especially his strength. He let out a growl as he stood up straight, all three American models on top of him.

Jonathan held his breath for a few seconds as he held up the boys. Making sure no one could say that he couldn’t hold them up in the air.

“Yes! Wooooooo!” the Canadian cheered as his muscles were bulging. The Americans joined in on the cheers.

Jonathan gave a loud groan as he began to lower the tower of boys on top of him. Parker leaned back as Jonathan leaned forward, making sure no one toppled over as he went to put the twins back on the ground.

Michael and Will lowered Parker to the floor once they could.

Jonathan was grinning from ear to ear while celebrating. He was pumped up and so proud of himself for completing the stunt successfully. “YEAHHHHHH! Fuck yeah! Woooooo!”

The Ballbusting Boys chuckled as they watched Jonathan celebrate like a typical frat guy, his muscles gleaming with his intensity.

“Well, my work here is done.” Will sent his bare foot crashing into Jonathan’s balls, abruptly ending his celebration.

“Ughhhhh!!!” The poor Canadian screamed as he dropped to one knee.

“Whoops,” Will casually chuckled. “My part of the act is done. I’ll leave you boys to it.”

Michael and Parker gave Will a pat on the back before he left the set.

Jonathan got back to his feet. “What now?”

Parker pointed to one corner of the set, then the other. “That right there. That’s a trapeze.’

Jonathan looked at the corners of the set. He got hard with excitement but was skeptical of what he might have to do. “What exactly are we going to do with those?’

“We’re going to swing from them. We’ll show you first hand what it’s like to be a gymnast and an acrobat.” Michael cheered. “We just need to move those mattresses from the wall and lay them on the floor.”

Michael, Parker and Jonathan moved nine king size mattresses to the center of the room.

“We’ll do some basic tricks. I’ll flip you to Michael and he’ll catch you, Michael will flip you and I’ll catch you. Stuff like that,” Parker said.

“I’ve never done anything like this. I’m worried I fuck it up,” the Canadian said with concern.

Parker grabbed Jonathan’s hard crotch and gave it a firm squeeze.  “Worried isn’t the expression I would use to describe your feelings,” he teased, making the Canadian breathe heavily.

“Oooooh, you touch my tra-la-la” Jonathan joked in a strained voice before giving a high-pitched laugh. Both American models were laughing their heads off at the funny reference to the Ding Dong Song.

“Shall we begin?” Michael asked, climbing a ladder at one end of the room before standing on the platform.

Parker nodded. He and Jonathan climbed to the platform at the other end of the room.

Even while the three models were up many feet in the air, their boners and balls could be seen through their leggings.

“I’m going to hang from my knees on the trapeze bar. I’ll hold on to your hands as we swing to the center of the room. When I yell ‘now’, you’ll let go of my hands and swing towards Michael who’ll catch you, bringing you to the other platform,” Parker explained, rubbing his hard crotch. “You ready, Mike?!”

“Ready when you guys are!”

Parker hung from his knees on the trapeze bar. “3-2-1 Go!”

Jonathan grabbed Parker’s hands and they swung towards the center of the room. They built momentum very quickly due to Jonathan’s big and heavy frame. Michael hung from his knees on his trapeze, swinging to the other models, his hands extended to catch Jonathan.

“Now!” Parker yelled and released his grip.

Jonathan flew a couple feet in the air and caught Michael’s hands.

Michael grunted in surprise as he and Jonathan soared towards his platform. The Canadian was a lot harder to hold than the other guys he worked with. They had just enough momentum to make it to their destination.

Jonathan helped Michael back onto the platform. “Did I do okay?”

“Yeah, you did great. Now we are going to do the same and Parker will bring you back to the other platform,” Michael explained, a mischievous grin on his face.

The boys took their positions and counted down again. “3-2-1 go!”

Michael and Jonathan swung towards the center of the room, creating more momentum than previously. As Parker came towards the swinging due, he too was sporting a devilish grin on his face.

“Now!” Michael yelled.

Jonathan leaped towards Parker, his arms extended. Parker avoided Jonathan’s hands and instead grabbed a handful of his penis and one of his testicles as they began to swing back to Parker’s platform.

“AAARRGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” Jonathan screamed as loud as he could, his mouth stretched out like a rubber band as he flew across the room while being hung by his own cock and balls.

Parker released his grip after a couple seconds, allowing Jonathan to grab his crotch and scream on the way down, crashing onto the mattresses.

Michael and Will went to go check on Jonathan once they got back to the floor. “I wonder if his penis looks like a noodle: long and skinny,” Parker laughed out loud, playing with his crotch.

“I think you skinned my sausage!” Jonathan was flailing all over the place, screaming and laughing hysterically.

“Ask me about my wiener!!!” Parker screamed, going along with the sausage references.

“Your wiener looks pretty hard right now.” Michael noted.

The boys laughed and helped Jonathan back up to his feet.

Jonathan balled his first and used his mighty strength to punch Parker in the gonads. “Bangers and mash!” he screamed as Parker immediately dropped to the ground.

“Damn, you could hear the impact from a mile away.” Michael cringed

Jonathan shrugged and took off his pants to look at his crotch. He wasn’t shy about it. “Now I know how Logan must have felt when I lifted him by his dick.”

Michael started to blush as he watched the sexy, naked Canuck inspect his man bits.

Parker, in the mean time, struggled to his feet. He walked bowlegged to the corner of the room and pushed a button. Suddenly, one of the trapezes moved towards the center of the room and lowered itself towards the floor.

Jonathan turned his head, looking to see what was happening. “What the hell?”

Michael took the opportunity to get on his knees and begin to lick Jonathan’s cock and balls, while playing with his own hard dick.

Jonathan moaned and looked down at Michael. He raised an eyebrow before moaning in pleasure.

“It’s to help with them recover,” the handsome blond explained before resuming to lick the Canadian’s growing shaft.

Jonathan suddenly felt Michael gag hard on his dick before dropping to the floor, holding his crotch.

Parker was standing behind him, laughing. “It’s only fair that you get your nuts busted too, Mikey!”

Jonathan smirked down at the struggling blond. He could feel himself get harder as he watched the American whimper in pain.

He looked back up and noticed that Parker was stripping buck naked.

“It’s not fair that you’re the only one naked.” Parker said.

Suddenly, Jonathan saw Parker leap towards him.

“Catch me!” The acrobat yelled as he jumped into the strong Canadian’s arms, wrapping his legs around his waist.

Jonathan held Parker by the legs while the redheaded gymnast had his arms around his neck.

Parker bit his lips. He could feel Jonathan’s dick poking his asshole as he began to thrust up and down on Jonathan’s body, his crotch rubbing against Jonathan’s rock-hard abs. “Could you slide it in me, please?” he moaned.

Jonathan’s face turned as white as a ghost. “I -I don’t know Parker… I’m not ga-”

“Please! You’re already hard as fuck!” Parker argued, still shaking his ass on the Canadian’s schlong.

Jonathan leaned his head back and moaned as he could feel Parker’s hole teasing the head of his cock. He moved his hands higher up Parker’s thighs and spread his butt cheeks apart.

Both boys moaned as Jonathan slid inside Parker, balls deep. Jonathan started thrusting up and down while Parker screamed in pleasure. At one time, Jonathan was fucking him so hard Parker bit down on Jonathan’s shoulder out of passion and started to tear up.

“Hey! Didn’t we have one last stunt that was supposed to end like this?” Michael interrupted.

“Too late,” Parker quickly spoke while riding Jonathan like a cowboy on a horse.

“Wait, what do you mean ‘end like this’? Is it something kinky?” Jonathan asked, horny and excited.

Parker looked at Michael in shock. How dare he try and stop the festivities? He was so hard and almost ready to cum.

“Yeah! Ever fuck somebody upside down?” Michael asked.

“Nope, can’t say I ever did,” Jonathan said while he held on to Parker, his dick still stuffed inside his hole.

“Well, today is your lucky day. Just hang from your knees on the trapeze and fuck Parker’s brains out.”

Jonathan sat on the trapeze bar and slowly grabbed a hold of the cord on each side. Parker held on to the Canadian’s body as they both flipped upside down, while the two were still fucking.

“Wow! This is fucking crazy!” Jonathan moaned as he was fucking Parker.

Parker was too busy moaning away to state his opinion.

Michael climbed the ropes of the trapeze and stood on the base created by the two models. Parker and Jonathans asses and crotches were so close together that it gave Michael just enough of a platform to stand on.

Jonathan and Parker were screaming in pain and the fucking stopped.

“What was that Parker? Did I ruin your fun yet again?” Michael teased before jumping down from his fellow models’ privates. He buried his face in the platform and let his tongue run wild.

Jonathan resumed fucking Parker hard. Everyone one was turned on, and Michael’s gifted tongue was a nice addition to the already steaming, hot sex.

“I’m going to nut!” Jonathan announced as he began to fill Parker with his seed. Right when he was enjoying his orgasm, Michael gave his ass a hard slap that echoed throw the room.

Parker came too. He gave a high-pitched scream when his juices started to flow down Jonathan’s abs and chest.

Michael waited for them to finish their orgasm before helping them flip back onto their feet.

“That what fun!” Jonathan cheered, running his hands through his sweaty hair

“That was fucking hot!” Parker retorted, huffing and puffing.

“CUT!” Doug yelled.

“Excellent job guys! I loved the athleticism, and I never thought that fucking upside down would look so fun!” Patrick cheered as he brought the boys some towels and water bottles.

Michael chuckled as he noticed the hand print on Jonathan’s ass. “Now your ass matches your face.”

“They’re both very pretty,” Parker winked as he cleaned himself up.

“At least the one on my ass is already fading,” Jonathan noted before turning his attention to Parker. “Thanks! You got a nice ass too for a guy.”

“Thank you,” Parker said, taking Jonathan’s words as a compliment. After all, the sex was great.

“There’s nothing quite like sex with an acrobat. Flexibility is everything,” Michael winked.

“I agree. Maybe I should try it sometime!” Patrick said while rubbing his crotch.

The boys laughed as they got dressed.

“Are we done, Pat? I can barely keep my eyes open” Doug yawned.

“For tonight, yes. Get some rest guys. Tomorrow is a big day,’ Patrick announced.

“Come on, what’s so special about tomorrow? Tell us!” The models said in unison.

“You’ll have to wait and see. Be sure to check your updates because you won’t want to miss it. It’s the last collaborative scene of our visit; It’s the main event, and I promise you, it won’t disappoint.”

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