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Water balls (Joshua meets Cal and Brandon)

Special thanks to Joshua for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who loves swimming and ballbusting!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Featured in this story: Brandon and Cal (click for pictures)

“In your dreams”, Brandon chuckled, slowly shaking his head. The 21 year old swimmer was dripping wet. Swim team practice was exhausting but he enjoyed it, and he felt better after a long, hard practice session. The handsome Asian-American’s black hair was hidden under a swim cap and his goggles were hanging around his neck. His skintight light blue speedos were soaked and clinging to his wet body, putting his meaty dick and his big balls on display.

His best friend Cal rolled his eyes. He was 22 years old and a little taller than Brandon. Like Brandon he had a swimmer’s body with broad shoulders and perfect six pack abs. His white speedos contrasted nicely with the dark color of his skin – and they left nothing to the imagination, especially now that they were wet and shockingly transparent. Cal’s equipment was extraordinary and it strained the fabric of his tight swimwear. His thick, fat cock and his oversized nuts were stowed in a gravity-defying construction that looked like it was going to collapse any second and let his huge cock and his plump, fat balls tumble out into the open.

“You wouldn’t stand a chance”, Brandon grinned and playfully smacked his buddy in the crotch. The back of his hand connected with the fascinating assembly of Cal’s oversized plumbing, causing the handsome black stud to let out a grunt and double over in pain.

“Fuck, you got me good”, Cal groaned, reaching inside his speedos and cupping his aching balls. “Right in the fucking nuts…”

Brandon burst out laughing.

“Hey there”, came a cheerful voice from behind him.

Before Brandon had a chance to turn around, a foot shot up between his thighs, connecting with his ample genitalia with a wet splat.

Now it was Brandon’s turn to double over and grunt in pain.

“How’s it hanging?” Joshua grinned, patting Brandon’s back as he nursed his battered balls.

Joshua was a new to the swim team, a handsome 18 year old Latino with dyed blue hair and a great body with muscles in all the right places. He was an easygoing, open-minded guy with a great sense of humor, instantly likeable and fun to hang out with. He had instantly connected with his new team mates, and he had made a lot of new friends since joining the team.

“Looks like you’re having a bit of dispute here”, Joshua smiled, putting his hands on the two groaning buddies and rubbing their backs. “What are we comparing? Dick size?”

Brandon and Cal looked at each other, their faces contorted in pain.

Then they brought their fists up between Joshua’s muscular thighs, flattening the bulging package in his speedos and ramming his meaty nuggets into his body, knocking the wind out of his lungs.

Cal and Brandon high-fived as Joshua grabbed his groin and moaned in pain.

“Fuck, that was right on target”, he chuckled through the pain.

The three friends shared a good-natured laugh as they all rubbed their crotches.

“Now, seriously, what were you talking about?” Joshua smiled. “Maybe I can help.”

“Stamina”, Cal groaned, clutching his nuts. “We were talking about stamina.”

“Yeah”, Brandon chimed in. “We were arguing about who has the better stamina in the pool.”

“The answer, of course, is me”, Cal said with a grin.

“In your dreams”, Brandon laughed.

Joshua chuckled. “Alright, there’s an easy way to settle this”, he said with a shrug. “A competition.”

Brandon and Cal looked at each other.

“I’ll be the judge”, Joshua explained. “We’ll keep it simple: Best of five, six lanes per round. And to make things interesting I’ll deal out some nutshots before each round.” He winked at his buddies as he rubbed his hands. “This is gonna be fun!”

Brandon and Cal laughed.

“What do you say?” Brandon smiled and extended his hand. “I’m in.”

Without hesitation, Cal accepted the challenge and they shook hands.

“I hope you’ve made a deposit at the sperm bank”, Joshua grinned as he took a stopwatch and hung it around his neck. “I’m not gonna go easy on your boys.”

Cal grabbed his crotch and squeezed the bulging pouch of his speedos with a wide grin as he looked at Brandon. “May the best man win.”

Brandon grinned. “You think those big fucking balls of yours make you a better man? U think they just make for a better target…”

Joshua smiled and rubbed his hands. “Ready for round one? Spread your legs, gentlemen, and let me do my job.”

Brandon and Cal stood next to each other and placed their hands behind their heads, their legs spread wide apart.

“Let’s start breaststrokes”, Joshua grinned, positioning himself in front of Cal. “And a couple of kicks to, well, kick things off. Three kicks each, alright?”

“Sounds good”, Cal mumbled, gritting his teeth as he braced himself.

“Sounds painful”, Brandon chimed in, chuckling.

A moment later, Joshua’s foot connected with Cal’s luxurious equipment, flattening his juicy plums into his body and eliciting an anguished grunt.

“Sounds painful, too”, Brandon quipped as Joshua stood in front of him.

The smile was wiped off his face just a split-second later when Joshua kicked his nuts as hard he could. The was a wet splat and a funny, high-pitched whimper when Joshua’s foot crashed into Brandon’s meaty nuggets, ramming them into his body.

“God!” Brandon croaked as his eyes lost focus. “My fucking nuts!”

Joshua let out a laugh and looked at Cal. “Spread you legs buddy, I’m not done yet…”

Cal groaned. “Damn. Why are you on the swim team? Ever thought about taking up soccer?”

Joshua chuckled and delivered another hard kick to Cal’s precious jewels, crunching them flat against his pelvis.

Cal’s cheeks puffed and he looked like he was going to be sick as he let out a strangled yelp.

“The thought has crossed my mind”, Joshua grinned and looked at Brandon who assumed the position, grimacing and groaning in pain. “But this is better than football.”

He brought his leg back and sent his foot up between Brandon’s thighs, hitting both of Brandon’s balls dead-on and making him scream in pain.

Then he turned to Cal who bit his lower lip and closed his eyes, his face a mask of pain.

The third kick was right on target. His instep flattened Cal’s huge bulge, causing his meaty dick to flee the constraints of his speedo and tumble out into the open. His huge balls were not so lucky. Both of them were crushed against his body, causing Cal to scream from the top of his lungs.

Joshua smiled at Brandon and delivered the final kick. With all the force he could muster, he sent his foot flying into Brandon’s manhood, squishing his nuts flat and making him wail in agony.

Joshua grinned and looked at the stopwatch. “On your marks!” he yelled.

Brandon and Cal groaned as they limped to the starting blocks.

“Set!” Joshua couldn’t help but smile as he watched Cal gingerly tuck his fat dick back into his speedo. “Go!”

They dove headfirst into the pool and started swimming.

Both of them were good but the pain in their balls did have a considerable impact on their performance, and they were nowhere near their best times when they finished the race.

Brandon was a little bit faster than Cal, and he let out a jubilant cheer as he climbed out of the water before grabbing his nuts and chuckling. “This is harder than I thought…”

Cal groaned as got out of the pool. “Definitely, man, my nuts are killing me!”

“And we’re just getting started”, Joshua said cheerfully, winking at Cal who responded with a weak grin. “We’ll do backstroke for round two, and I think we’ll go with the theme and have some kicks from behind as preparation, alright?”

“Whatever you say”, Brandon chuckled.

The two swimmers stood in front of Joshua and turned their backs to him, spreading their legs wide apart.

Joshua admired his buddies’ impressive physique for a moment.

“Let’s get this over with”, Brandon mumbled. “Come on, kick us.”

Joshua chuckled. “Alright, here we go. Three kicks each, and two additional kicks for the winner of the first round.”

“Wait, wha---aaargh!” Brandon’s voice cracked as Joshua’s foot crashed into his nuts from behind.

The handsome young man doubled over, groaning in pain as he massaged his aching gonads.

After Joshua had delivered a swift, hard kick to Cal’s oversized nuggets, eliciting a high-pitched wail and causing his eyes to cross comically, he waited for Brandon to spread his legs again.
“Wait”, Brandon groaned, his hands buried inside his speedos, cupping his rapidly swelling nuts. “I don’t get it. Why do I get two more kicks?”

“To even the playing field”, Joshua said with a shrug. “Now spread ‘em, buddy.”

Brandon looked at Cal who was grimacing in pain.

“It’s only fair”, Cal mumbled.

Brandon rolled his eyes. “Whatever”, he said grumpily, putting his hands behind his head.

A second later, Joshua’s foot connected with his precious family jewels, flattening them like pancakes and making Brandon scream from the top of his lungs.

His scream mixed with Cal’s when Joshua’s foot crashed into Cal’s jam-packed ball bag, ramming his nuts into his body.

The third kick to Brandon’s aching balls made him yodel like an ambitious soloist at an Alpine folk music festival, and Cal joined in with a pitch-perfect rendition of what sounded like an overeager coloratura soprano’s signature aria before falling to his knees, nursing his battered balls.

“Just two more”, Joshua said cheerfully.

“Fuck”, Brandon groaned as he spread his legs.

Joshua kicked his nuts as hard as he could.

“Fuuuuuuck!” Brandon shrieked as the pain exploded in his nutsack.

Before he had a chance to cover his balls, Joshua’s foot came up between Brandon’s thighs once again, hitting both of Brandon’s traumatized testicles dead-on and causing him to wail in agony.

“Okay, here we go.” Joshua couldn’t help but laugh. He looked at his stopwatch. “On your marks!”

It took Brandon and Cal a little longer to reach the starting blocks. They walked gingerly, huffing and puffing with every step before climing into the pool and getting ready for the race.

“Set!” Joshua yelled. “Go!”

Backstroke was Cal’s favorite, and he immediately took the lead but swimming while his nuts were throbbing with pain wasn’t easy. His face was a mask of pain as he stared at the ceiling, grunting with effort with every stroke.

Cal’s enormous bulge came up through the water now and then, making for a hilarious visual that caused Joshua to laugh out loud. Midway through, Cal’s huge schlong slipped out of his speedo. The meaty monster parted the water like a shark’s fin as Cal finished the race, easily beating Brandon.

Cal climbed out of the water, his body dripping wet, followed by Brandon.

Cal didn’t bother to tuck his dick away. It was dangling between his thighs as if he wanted to show Brandon who was the superior man.

Brandon wasn’t impressed. He had seen Cal’s humongous dong hundreds of times. He just rolled his eyes and gave Cal’s dangling monster a hard smack with the palm of his hand.

Cal yelped in surprise as Joshua burst out laughing.

“Hey, that’s my job!” he quipped, winking at Brandon.

Cal mumbled something unintelligible and stuffed his dick back into his speedos.

“Don’t bother”, Joshua told him with a smile. “I’ll need full access to your junk for round three.”

Cal and Brandon sighed as they dropped their pants.

Joshua kneeled in front of them, looking up with a devious smile on his face. “We’re doing the crawl now, and I’m going to squeeze your nuts for a minute. As the winner of round two, Cal gets an additional 30 seconds on top.”

Joshua handed Cal the stopwatch and grinned, rubbing his hands as he eyed the two big, smooth sacks that were swinging before his eyes.

Round one and two had left their marks on the handsome swimmers’ ball bags: There was some swelling and a couple of nasty bruises.

“Alright”, Cal mumbled as he started the timer. “Go.”

Joshua’s hands shut up between his buddies’ thighs and he wrapped his fingers tightly around the two nutsacks.

Cal’s and Brandon’s eyes widened and they yelped in unison as Joshua started crushing their tender organs with his bare hands.

He twisted and kneaded his friends’ delicate plums with all the force he could muster, squishing and squashing them as if he wanted to turn them into jam.

“God!” Brandon croaked, his eyes fluttering as Joshua crushed his nuts in his strong hand, pressing his fingertips into the meaty orbs.

Cal was grunting and groaning, gritting his teeth, his face a mask of pain as Joshua crushed his huge nuts in his right hand, his strong hand.

Cal’s eyes were fixed on the stopwatch but the seconds seemed to last hours, and it felt like an eternity until the time was up – at least for Brandon.

“One minute”, Cal blurted out.

Joshua let go of Brandon’s nuts, allowing his moaning buddy to fall to his knees, cradling his manhood like an injured kitten, his eyes fixed on his damaged, swollen nuggets.

Now that his left hand was unoccupied Joshua used it to eye-watering effect on Cal’s oversized testicles, taking one huge nut into each hand and squashing them flat as Cal screamed in agony.

Joshua’s face was filled with unabashed glee as he kneaded and twisted Cal’s most prized possessions, treating his precious jewels like a pair of stress balls, crushing them and yanking on them and wringing them as if he wanted to squeeze the juice out of them.

Finally, Cal shrieked in a comically high-pitched voice, “Stop!”

Joshua chuckled and took the stopwatch. “On your marks”, he said dryly.

Cal and Brandon stumbled towards the starting block, clutching their balls, their speedos hanging around their ankles.

“Set!” Joshua smiled brightly. “Go!”

Cal and Brandon tumbled into the water rather inelegantly, and it was obvious that neither of them were able to show off their crawling skills. It was a tight race but Cal edged out a win on the last lane before getting out of the water, his face contorted in pain.

Their speedos were swimming at the far end of the pool, and the two studs were stark naked.

That was the least of their worries, though, when Joshua announced what they’d do for the next round. “Butterfly”, he said with a grin. “And I think I’ll try to punch the butterflies out of butter balls with three punches.” He smiled at Cal. “And since you won round 3…”

“Yeah, yeah, two additional punches for me”, Cal sighed, grimacing as he put his hands behind his head. “Fuck, that’s gonna hurt.”

“Well”, Joshua chuckled, balling his fists. “I could tell you I’ll be gentle. But I won’t.”

Brandon and Cal groaned in unison.

Joshua’s fists crashed into the two studs’ swollen ballsacks in two simultaneous uppercuts that flattened the four testicles like pancakes. The loud slapping sound was followed by what sounded like a carefully arranged Lament For The End Of Procreation (op. 7) for two countertenors by Albyn Ever Hardagan.

Their eyes crossed and their jaws dropped as they wailed in unison, causing Joshua to laugh out loud.

“I think there’s a second verse to that song”, he quipped before smashing his friends’ nuts once again, increasing the intensity and the volume of the two choirboys’ disharmonic performance.

“And now: Solo for Cal”, Joshua laughed, punching the two fat orbs twice in rapid succession, causing his voice to crack as he screamed from the top of his lungs.

Joshua looked like a master conductor pleased with the performance of his orchestra when he went for the grand finale by hitting both ball bags dead on with his fists, eliciting an earpiercing shriek from his buddies before they took a bow, doubling over, clutching their damaged gonads.

“Hey, there’s no intermission”, Joshua laughed. “On your marks!”

Cal and Brandon looked at each other, their faces contorted in pain, their eyes filled with tears.

“Fuck”, Cal whimpered as he hobbled to the starting block.

“Set!” Joshua grinned. “Go!”

Usually, Cal was a little better at butterfly than Brandon, but the pain in his oversized, swollen nuggets was taking its toll, and it was a very tight race until Brandon pulled ahead, finishing a hair’s breadth ahead of Cal.

“Nice”, Joshua grinned as Cal and Brandon exited the pool, looking exhausted and tired. “You’re tied, which means that we’ll have one final round. I bet you’re happy about that, huh?”

“Yay”, Cal and Brandon mumbled, unenthused.

Joshua chuckled. “Okay, since this is the last round I’ll leave the swimming style to you”, he said. He glanced at Cal’s crotch and grinned. “If I were you I’d do backstroke. Those buoys will keep you afloat…”

Cal looked down at his crotch and groaned. His huge balls had swollen to a truly gigantic size.

Brandon’s balls were only a little smaller, and they had taken on an aggressive, fiery red color.

They were both doubled over, groaning in pain as they nursed their balls.

Joshua smiled. “Why don’t you lay down for a minute and get some rest?”

Cal eyed him suspiciously as he got down and lay on his back. “What are you gonna do?”

Joshua chuckled. “I’m gonna stomp your fucking nuts, that’s what I’m gonna do. Three stomps each, and two additional ones for Brandon because he won round four.”

“Great”, Brandon dead-panned as he joined Cal on the floor.

Joshua looked down and grinned. Then he stepped onto Cal’s muscular abs, extending his arms to keep his balance as he raised his right foot and brought it crashing down on Cal’s manhood.

Cal let out a anguished wail, gritting his teeth as he felt Joshua’s weight on his stomach while excruciating pain was radiating from his testicles.

Joshua took a step to the side, stepping onto Brandon’s six pack abs before stomping his nuts with all the force he could muster.

He went back and forth, eliciting grunt and groans and screams and squeals from his friends as he trampled their muscular bodies and crushed their swollen balls under his foot with hard, relentless stomps that made Cal and Brandon scream in pain.

When it came time to deal out the bonus stomps to Brandon’s jewels, Cal was curled up in a ball, clutching his battered balls, writhing in agony.

Brandon’s face was a mask of pain. Beads of sweat were running down his face as Joshua took his sweet time, tapping his foot as he stood on Brandon’s stomach.

“Do it already!” Brandon grunted through his gritted teeth.

“Only if you ask me nicely”, Joshua grinned.

Brandon bit his lower lip. “Joshua, my friend”, he hissed. “Would you please stomp my fucking nuts?!”

Joshua laughed.

Then he stomped down on Brandon’s meaty balls twice in rapid succession, crushing them under his heel.

Brandon’s mouth opened and he let out a silent scream. His body convulsed and Joshua stepped off of him to avoid a nasty fall.

“On your marks”, Joshua said with a grin.

Both Cal and Brandon were moaning and groaning, writhing on the ground, clasping their damaged tasticles.

“On your marks!” Joshua repeated.

Grunting with effort, Cal got up and limped to the starting block.

Brandon followed him, crawling on all fours which made Joshua laugh out loud.

“Set!” Joshua shouted. “Go!”

Cal and Brandon climbed into the water and started swimming.

It didn’t look like a race.

It looked like two puppies learning to swim.

Apparently, the pain in their testicles had a decidedly negative impact on their swimming skills.

Joshua couldn’t help but chuckle as he watched his friends paddle their way to the finish line, gasping for breath, grunting and groaning, their faces contorted in pain.

Cal was the winner. But he looked just as much like a loser as Brandon.

They were both out of breath and dripping wet, their bodies covered in bruises, their nuts swollen and aching.

“Congratulations”, Joshua grinned. “You’re the winner.”

“Thanks”, Cal groaned.

“We should do this again sometime”, Joshua said.

Cal and Brandon stared at him, horrified.

“No fucking way”, Brandon whispered.

Cal shook his head vigorously.

Joshua let out a laugh. “Okay, I’ve got to go”, he said. As he passed his friends, he smacked them in the nuts playfully with the back of his hand.

Cal let out a shrill shriek and collapsed on the floor, clutching his balls and bawling like a baby.

Brandon joined him on the ground a split-second later, howling in agony.

Joshua chuckled as he made his way toward the exit. “See you tomorrow, guys!”


Jimmy said...

I really like the new character! I'm looking forward to seeing more of him!


Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Jimmy! I'm glad you like Joshua! I don't have any plans for another story with him but you never know... :-))