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Ballbusting Canucks: Lord of the thighs (written by Pat)

Our longtime reader Pat has written an awesome series of stories introducing a group of Canadian guys who are running a website that's very similar to the Ballbusting Boys. I hope you enjoy Pat's wonderful stories just as much as I did!

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Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

There were no more promotional posters and ads to be put up on the websites. The promotional video had been posted a few hours earlier. It was time to film the final collaborative scene between Ballbusting Boys and Ballbusting Canucks.

François, the stunning, 20-year-old twink from Quebec, came back to the main room after changing into his outfit for the scene. He joined his fellow Canadians: studio president Patrick, cameraman Doug, and model Jonathan, who had completed his final scene the day prior. Webmaster Alex and his assistant Erik were present, along with Chad, the cameraman for Ballbusting Boys, and Vincent, the technician and prep specialist. The entire production staff was on duty to make sure this final scene would be recorded without incident.

Logan entered the room, smiled, and waved hello to everyone. He immediately removed his blue and grey tracksuit, along with his Nike shoes, and placed them on a chair.

“François! Logan! Come here for a moment, please,” Alex called, sporting a huge grin on his face and a growing erection in his jeans.

The models looked over one another as they approached Alex. François gulped as he saw Logan’s beefy dick and round balls bunched up in his singlet - a singlet that sported the design of the American flag.

François’s penis was twitching as he watched the blond-haired, blue-eyed, all-American standing next to him, with his package distinctively front and center of his body, while his buns of steel stuck out in the back, extra perky thanks to the tight singlet.

Logan was taken aback at François’s attire. The handsome twink was wearing tight, black, skinny jeans that left nothing to the imagination. His bulge was tightly popping out of the front, while his butt was forming a perfect bubble in the back. He wore black Doc Marten boots over his jeans, and wore a tight, white, V-neck t-shirt that sported the Canadian flag just above his heart.

“Nice attire. I wasn’t expecting you to wear that,” François complimented while running his fingers through his light brown hair, sweeping it to the side.

“Speak for yourself!” Logan said in surprise as he looked over the slim twink, getting the measure of him.

While each of the boys were surprised by the others choice of clothing for a fight, it suited their respective studios. Logan chose a singlet; it was always his go-to whenever he knew he was going to confront someone in a match, especially with his fellow jock friends. More often than not, traditional wrestling is the type of fight he would have with the other models. Not only that, everyone adored him in a singlet, it complimented his body perfectly. Ballbusting Canucks, on the other hand, has a wrestling ring for all their confrontations. From the beginning, they used more of a professional wrestling, WWE-esque type of approach to the fighting between their models - so François had dressed the way he’d normally would before a match, a “street-fight” type of look, with a “twink twist”.

“I can see from the photos we took, and the hype that we built around this match, why you guys would be wearing your home country’s flag. However, we weren’t clear on the details when we said you two would have a match.” Alex was trying his best to hide his erection, he couldn’t handle the amount of sexiness that was in front of him.

“What? What do you mean?” The boys gave Alex a perplexed look.

“Well,” Patrick stepped forward, “for starters, this isn’t necessarily a ‘Ballbusting Boys vs. Ballbusting Canucks’ match to see which is the better studio, nor is it a ‘USA vs. Canada’ type of thing. It’s literally placing arguably the two most popular, hottest, and skilled ballbusting models from North America in a match together.”

Logan and François blushed at the compliment. While they both knew they were the most popular from their studios, they tried their best to remain humble.

Patrick wasn’t nearly as shy about his erection when around the guys. While he has seen Logan countless times in a singlet on a computer screen, he looked ten times hotter in person, and he secretly wished he could have been the one in a wresting match with the hot model. And François? Well, François was dressed so fine that you just wanted to tear those very same clothes off as fast as you can, and see just what the kinky Quebecois is hiding.

Patrick looked at his and Alex’s erection, and then back to the models. “While you guys are looking hot as hell in your clothes, and look ready to compete, I’m afraid you might be overdressed.”

Logan and François looked at each other.

“You see, this isn’t any old wrestling match. You need to be naked for this match,” Patrick and Alex licked their lips. “Because, in order to win this match, you have to make your opponent cum.”

“What!?” François asked in shock.

“We have to make the other person ejaculate to win?” Logan asked, completely dumbfounded.

“Absolutely!” Alex said with his hands in his pocket, discreetly playing with his erection. “You only want to use enough of you wrestling skills to get the advantage over your opponent before you make them blow.”

 “Okay, I think I understand,” Logan said to the webmasters.

“Yeah, me too. The loser is the one who cums first.” François was rubbing the back of his neck.

“Great! Well, get naked guys, we’ll be ready to start in a few minutes,” Patrick said.

The boys walked over to a set of chairs and began to strip.

In the meantime, Patrick and Alex went to go talk to the production crew.

“Alright, so the guys will each introduce themselves to the camera before the fight.” Alex confirmed.

“Right.” Chad nodded.

“Also, don’t forget to repost the promotional video Doug and I created just before the introduction.” Patrick added.

Chad nodded again.

The promotional video was simple; it was a minute or so long and gave a tale of the tape. The first 30-something seconds featured Logan and his physical stats and accomplishments, along with some fighting highlights, while the second half did the same for François. The video was accompanied with some edited background music from the song Harkonnen Force - Emperor: Battle for Dune. The video was a bit cheesy, but it did introduce the models in a promotional-like way and made it simple to compare the two.

François walked over to Patrick, his dick flopping around with every step he took.

“Hey, Pat, just a quick word,” he said as he pulled Patrick to the side. “Um… Look, in any other type of fight I would be comfortable and confident, but this stipulation kind of puts me at a disadvantage. I… I don’t want to let you down, you know.” François was rubbing his shoulder and gave a slight frown.

Patrick put his hand on François’s shoulder. “First of all, I don’t think you’ve ever let me down. Secondly, I told you already, there is no pressure. You aren’t representing anything in this match but yourself and your skills. You’re both facing each other because you are pretty much the two best models in North America right now, and this is a dream match everyone wants to see.”

François gave a weak smile, he was still feeling uneasy. “Thanks, but why this stipulation? I have to make a straight guy cum before he does me.” He looked over to Logan. “He’s one of the hottest guys I’ve ever seen. I got a lot going against me here… I would have been a lot more confident if this was a real fight.”

“Deep breath. Yes, he is straight, but you have seen guys make him cum before. It can be done. And where is this defeated attitude coming from? I’ve seen you get your way with dozens of straight guys. That’s practically your bread and butter!” Patrick put his other hand on François’s shoulder and gave him a playful shake. “Above all, you have some of the most amazing skills I’ve ever seen, be it ballbusting, wrestling, or sex. You’ve done it before, baby boy. Just think of it as another competitor in our own studio, and you’re just doing your own thing. Don’t psych yourself out.”

François smiled when Patrick gave him a hug, and he was right, he knew he had the skills to win such a battle. While humble, François truly does believe he is currently the best overall ballbusting model in North America, and thanks to Patrick’s pep talk, he found the motivation to once again prove it.

“Alright guys, it’s time to begin! Let’s start with the introductions,” Chad instructed.

“Everything alright?” Alex asked as Patrick walked next to him.

“Yeah, François just had cold feet for a second. He’s a bit concerned that Logan is straight, considering the type of match they’re about to have.”

“Logan is nervous too. He told me that after the photoshoot he watched François’s videos on your website. He knows that François is very skilled in both sex and fighting. This should be good! I’m excited,” Alex cheered.

Patrick grabbed Alex’s dick and balls and gave them a squeeze. “Yeah I can tell,” he teased at the big boner in Alex’s pants.

He gasped. “Look who’s talking!” Alex said and grabbed Patrick’s crotch in return, showing that he is growing comfortable around the Canadian.

Logan and François stood in front of the camera. Both men were smiling while their naked bodies were out for the world to see, their reproductive tools showing prominently.

“Hello! Bonjour! My name is François Desmoulins. I’m a part-time waiter and student at McGill University, and am head committee member of the erotic arts club. Today, I’m going to beat Logan in this match and paint his body with his own jizz!” he said while biting his lip

“An erotic arts club?” Logan asked in surprise.

“Yeah!” the Canadian smiled.

“Hi! I’m Logan Kruger, student at Bartlet High School and captain of the wrestling team, and I’m going to make François’s ball boil and give him a bath with his own maple syrup!” He chuckled and grabbed his dick.

Now that the introductions were done, the boys stood face to face. They circled around a couple times. To the untrained eye, they were simply measuring each other’s movements, but in actuality, they were forming a game plan on how to take down the other and make them cum.

The two sexy models walked up to each other and locked arms. Logan was quickly able to muscle François down to one knee. He kicked the Canadian’s balls, making him grunt as he dropped to both knees. Logan forced him to the floor and put him in a hammer lock, twisting his arm a full rotation.

François quickly countered by rolling in the direction of his twisted arm and slapped Logan in the crotch, creating some space between the two.

Logan made a mental note: the little twink knows how to counter holds – quickly too.

François knew that he would have to rely on all of his wrestling resources, as well as his sexual holds. Not only was Logan bigger and a lot stronger than him, but he was just as quick and actually knew how to wrestle – unlike most of the big guys he’s dealt with before. François’s game plan was to frustrate the hell out of the American to get him into a sexual hold.

Logan approached François and put him in a headlock. With his free hand, he started playing with his balls. He could hear a slight moan from the Quebecois. “You like that, boy?” he asked, trying to use his best sexy voice.

François was already getting hard. He gave Logan an elbow to the stomach, making him loosen the headlock, before flipping Logan over his knee with a snapmare takedown.

Logan was laying flat on his back. François ran to his dick and tried to get his lips around it. He quickly started playing with Logan’s balls in the process. Just as he could start to feel the cock in his mouth, Logan sat up and flicked him in the Adam’s apple.

“Gurrlp!” François coughed and stubbled backwards, kicking Logan in the crotch as he did, making sure he stayed down.

The Quebecois caught his breath and tried to go back on the offensive. Instead, Logan got a hold of him. He put a foot on the Canadian’s skinny stomach and chest and flipped him right over, making him land hard on his back.

Logan rolled backwards and straddled François’s body. He gave a sexy smirk at the Canadian while he reached behind and began to jerk François’s dick.

François gave a mix of a moan and groan as he was getting pleasured by Logan’s big hand while he was getting crushed under him. He retaliated by grabbing Logan’s penis and began to stroke it.

Logan caught himself moaning before he stopped François with his free hand.

François flicked Logan’s testicles with his own free hand, stopping the hand job he was receiving.

“Argghh!” Logan groaned and flinched.

As Logan grabbed his crotch with both hands, François stretched out his arms and slapped Logan on the sides of his head, making his ears ring hard.

“Owww! Good God!” Logan screamed in agony. He rolled off the Canadian, holding his head while he whimpered in pain.

Both boys stood up. François was semi hard.

“That was dirty,” Logan hissed.

François smiled in derision before Logan charged at him. He crouched just in time and caught the American’s legs, making him fall frontwards.

The sexy twink sucked his thumb as he sat on Logan’s back. He made sure his thumb was lubricated as he started to rub it around Logan’s asshole.

He heard Logan moan. He slid the tip of his thumb inside Logan and began tickling his balls with his fingers.

Logan was laughing as he squirmed frantically. His dick was getting hard as it rubbed on the floor, along with his balls and ass getting played with.  François was getting hard too as he was trying to stay on Logan’s back, a huge smile on his face while he was sitting on top of the hot wrestler. His body heat made François’s balls tingle and both boys began to sweat.

Logan powered his way to his knees as François got off of him.

“Align yourself!” The Canadian joked and kicked Logan in the ass, making him stumble forward as he tried to get up.

When they stood up, both models were sporting erections and were starting to work up a sweat.

“Is that precum, I see? Don’t tell me it’s already maple syrup time” Logan playfully teased, trying to make it sound sexy.

“Wouldn’t you love to know,” François winked and went to give a couple hits to the abs, only to have his maneuvers blocked. He grabbed Logan’s nuts with both hands and began to juggle them, before getting his own balls kicked.

“Eeekughh!” the twink groaned, dropping to his knees.

Logan chuckled and went to push him onto his back with his foot.

François’s eyes widened in fear as he saw Logan’s foot coming at him, thinking he was going kick him in the face. He managed the duck under Logan’s thigh and hold it in the air with his hands.

Still wide-eyed and on his knees, he stared right at Logan’ dick. He dropped Logan’s leg and started sucking on his cock again while rubbing his finger between his balls and hole.

Logan rocked his head back and moaned in pleasure, before once again catching himself enjoying the blowjob when he shouldn’t. He looked down and saw François looking at him with big seductive eyes as he took Logan’s cock balls deep.

Logan bit his lip hard and closed his eyes. “Damn!” he moaned.

He could feel his balls start to tighten in his sack. He came back to reality and shoved the Canadian away from him. He shook his head and refocused.

There was a loud slurp as François went flying backwards. Logan’s dick was soaking wet as it flew out of the Canadian’s mouth, slapping against Logan’s abs before standing erect, pointing to the ceiling.

François sprung to his feet, his own penis bouncing around his as he did. He went to give Logan a backhand sacktap, only to have his hand caught.

Logan twisted François’s hand and turned the model around, his arm stuck behind his own back. Logan knew he had François stuck in a good hold now.

“Not bad!” He whispered into the sexy twink’s ear, giving him shivers. “You almost had me there.”

“I know my way around dicks,” François retorted, rubbing his butt on Logan’s crotch.

He moaned when Logan twisted his nipple in retaliation. He could hear Logan’s excitement as his hard cock was poking against his ass cheeks and hole, but the offense was beginning to backfire. François was starting to feel his cock twitch and precum was starting to drip, wishing the American would fuck him.

 François thrusted backwards and sent his ass crashing into Logan’s jewels, making him groan in surprise and release the hold on the Canadian’s arm, stumbling backwards.

“That’s one way to break a hold,” Logan winked at his opponent.

“My ass works in mysterious ways,” François responded with a smirk.

“Careful, I may have to fight fire with fire,” the wrestler chuckled, giving his butt a playful slap as he walked up to François.

They locked eyes for a split-second before Logan grabbed a hold of the Canadian’s walnuts. François gasped in surprise before squeezing Logan’s in return.

The models each traded a few steps back and forth, trying to get the upper hand on the other. With his free hand, Logan went to jerk François’s dick.

François quickly drove his knee into Logan’s balls. He yelped in surprise and went to nurse his own genitalia, which was still hard from all the fondling it had received.

François dogged Logan’s reach and snuck behind him. He smacked his butt before putting the American in a full nelson hold.

Logan went to swing his own ass backwards, giving the Canadian a taste of his own medicine, but the maneuver was expected and unsuccessful.

François leaped onto Logan’s back and put his hands over the blond’s eyes.

“Giddy up, Logan!” the Canadian cheered, again smacking the American’s ass and kicking his feet into his crotch. “Save a horse, ride a cowboy!” he sang, throwing a hand up in the air. Logan’s blind thrashing made François look like he was riding a bull.

Logan found his footing and leaned forward. He grabbed François’s head and flipped him over onto his back, crashing on the floor, his penis standing vertical.

“Hahaha!” Logan laughed at the Canadian’s loud grunt. He positioned himself over François’s face. “My turn to use my ass as a weapon,” he said as he sat directly on his face.

Logan looked at the camera, a huge grin on his face. “Haha! I can feel his nose,” he said while laughing out loud, shaking his butt from side to side, in complete control of François’s head, “... and now I can feel his tongue!”

François’s head looked like it got swallowed by Logan’s ass, just a part of the back of his head could be seen, a good portion of his face was certainly up there. François couldn’t help but stick out his tongue and start to lick, he had one of the hottest guys he had ever seen sitting on his face, and his dick was hard as hell.

Logan’s cock got real hard at François’s tonguing, a testament to just how good François was at pleasuring men. Logan was giving moans of pleasure while trying to hypnotize the Quebecois with his ass, trying to get him to cum. When he saw François’s dick start to twitch violently, he leaned over and went to jerk it.

François’s heart sank when he felt Logan’s hand grab his dick. He knew he had to somehow break free of the situation he was in, before it was too late. When he felt Logan start to lean forward, he tilted his head and bit down on the inside of Logan’s hole.

Logan gave an ear-piercing scream and sprung off of François. He rolled on the ground whimpering, holding his butt cheeks.

“Think unsexy thoughts. Think unsexy thoughts.” The twink repeated to himself, trying to hold off from cuming right there and then.

As Logan started to get up, François grabbed one of his arms and pulled him to his crotch. He wrapped one of his legs behind his head and locked it in place with the other, trapping Logan between his legs, simulating a triangle choke hold, without the actual choking.

Now, it was François doing the teasing. He was shaking his privates and pushing up against Logan’s face.

They were both very sweaty and hard. The level of sexual intensity of the fight was getting higher by the minute.

Logan moaned into François’s crotch. He could barely thrash on the floor without rubbing his dick on it and unwillingly stroke himself.

He gave a couple little licks on François’s dick and balls, but he could barely move his head enough to lick up or down. He tried to give a head-butt, but couldn’t move his head back far enough due to the Canadian holding him down. He had thought of biting down on François’s balls, but didn’t want to risk ruining his erection outright by hurting him too bad.

Logan decided to muscle his way up to his feet, still stuck in the hold.

Once he found his legs, he stood up with François sitting on his shoulders. He gave a loud roar while getting into position, and managed to get François’s penis inside his mouth.

He sucked François’s dick, trying to get him to cum, while he was on his shoulders.

François, quickly realising that he was once again in danger of cuming, struggled and squirmed to pull out of Logan’s mouth.

The Canadian wiggled a few inches down Logan’s body, holding his head to keep his support. Their dicks were hard as steel. François’s cock was so hard pressing against Logan’s chest that it prevented the rest of their bodies from touching.

Both boys were grunting and moaning. François’s precum was running down Logan’s chest and dripping to the ground, along with Logan’s.

François looked down at the strong American model before planting a kiss on his lips. Amazingly, Logan kissed back, turning the pecking into a make out session.

Logan’s muscles were bulging like a god as he held François up, his legs over his shoulders. Sweat was glistening from both models bodies as they lip wrestled.

The production crew looked at each other in shock. They couldn’t believe their eyes at what they were seeing: Logan, the most popular model from Ballbusting Boys, was holding up the most popular Canadian model on his shoulders in a power bomb position, they were making out, and their dicks were hard as hell!

“Holy fuck,” Jonathan mumbled to himself, trying to hide his growing erection.

Patrick was hard while watching the match between the models. His one hand wandered over and rubbed Alex’s rock-hard dick. They looked at each other and smiled, happy of the work they were seeing.

Logan’s muscles were starting to ache from holding François up in the air for so long. He started to whimper while kissing François and his body started to tremble, along with his dick.

Suddenly the kiss broke. François’s face showed that he was in pure ecstasy. Logan moaned in pain and pleasure as he took a deep breath after breaking the kiss, his face was red.

Logan dropped to his knees and then slammed François’s body down flat on the ground. Not too hard, but enough to stall his movements temporarily.

Both boys moaned and groaned. They were getting exhausted, both physically and mentally, their bodies were aching, and both boys were started to suffer from early signs of blue balls.

Logan spat in his hand and lubed up his dick. He pulled François’s legs over his shoulders and stared down at him, giving him the sexiest look he could.

They locked eyes and François moaned. Logan inserted his penis inside François’s ass and started to fuck him, still looking at him and trying to be as sexy as he could.

François started to give his signature pornstar moan as Logan plowed him. He looked Logan in the eyes and gave him sexy eyes of his own, trying to fight back.

It was working. François had just the right tone – not too masculine, yet not overly feminine, but sounded hot as hell. Logan was getting more and more hot and sweaty as he listened to the Canadian moan in pleasure as he fucked his tight hole, pushing into Logan’s body to create even more friction.

Suddenly, Logan found himself enjoying it more than he should have. He felt his balls begin to boil and tighten. His loud moaning filled the room, along with François’s own cries of pleasure. He bit his lip and looked down at François, trying to look as dominant as he could. He grabbed the Canadians dick and jerked it, while fucking him as hard and as fast as he could.

He decided to go for broke. All he could do now is hope that François cums first.

François rocked his head back and closed his eyes as Logan drilled him like a jackhammer, he screamed and squealed in pleasure. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Arghh yeah! Mmmmmm!” he cried out while Logan was making his toes curl.

Logan’s dick rammed François’s prostate hard, making the twink scream out in pleasure. At that moment, he felt François’s dick begin to pulse and could hear his breathing quicken.

François couldn’t take it anymore, he decided to let all his resistance go and enjoy the amazing orgasm that was coming to him. When he opened his eyes, they locked with Logan’s again, making him give one last moan of pleasure before he was going to spill all over himself.

François’s moaning made Logan moan and squeak in return. As François could feel his own sperm begin to flow from his balls to his dick, he felt Logan’s dick twitching inside him.

He quickly moved his feet down on Logan’s nipples and pressed on them, causing Logan to pull out from his ass. That last bit of sensation made both boys give one last glass shattering scream.

François’s cum shot high into the air and came back down on his stomach and chest, as well as into Logan’s hair. Logan was cuming as his dick exited François’s hole, coating his insides before sending his own cream splashing up François’s chest and chin. They ejaculated for what seemed like forever, but what started out as heavy flowing river rapids settled into a light stream from a creek.

They were both huffing and puffing after they finished releasing their loads. They laid on the floor, unable to speak or move other than quick breaths and heaving chests.

“CUT!” Chad yelled.

“Oh my God!” Vince shouted.

“Wow! So, it’s a tie?” Jonathan asked, trying to shield his erection.

Alex and Patrick nodded their heads.

“They came at the same time. Logan was jizzing as he pulled out, exactly when François did.” Alex explained, a wet spot faintly visible on the side of his jeans.

“That was intense! Literally until the end I had no idea who was going to win,” Erik cheered.

“I need a napkin for my camera lens! Chad does too. They seem to be covered in steam,” Doug laughed out loud.

Patrick winked before walking past them. Alex followed behind with some tissues. They made there way to the models who were slowly recovering from their orgasms.

Alex handed a couple tissues to Logan. “That was incredible! Good work! You too François.”

“Thank you,” Logan said in a deep breath, cleaning himself from the drying cum on his body.

“I’m so proud of you both! You guys gave this scene all you had and it shows big time! Not only that, but you guys brought out the best of each other in this very unique scenario. You guys threw everything AND the kitchen sink at each other today,” Patrick praised.

“Yeah, my plumbing is a bit wonky right now” François teased while groaning slightly, cleaning himself.

The entire room burst out laughing.

Patrick and Alex helped their respective models up to their feet.

“I’m not going to lie, I’m exhausted! You did a great job, François! I had a lot of fun working with you.” Logan and François smiled and shook hands. “I truly think the best result came through today. I hope to work with you again someday. By the way, you surprised the hell out of me with your knowledge on wrestling.”

“Thank you! I would love work with you again sometime as well. Maybe we could have the match we we’re expecting to have originally. Maybe add a fun stipulation, who knows?” François smiled.

“Oh my gosh guys! It’s almost 7’oclock and we have a dinner reservation at the restaurant. We got to move,” Alex said.

“I can’t believe this is our last night here. I had such a blast working with you all. I’m going to be sad to leave, same with the rest of the guys,” Patrick said.

“Well, we still have a nice dinner tonight with everyone. Also, tomorrow we all gather here at the studios tomorrow for the farewell breakfast!” Alex smiled, trying to cheer up the Canadians.

“That’s true. I hear the models have something planned for us, Alex. Did you hear anything?” Patrick smirked.

“Not at all! Guys, do you want to elaborate on this?” Alex asked, looking over at Logan, François and Jonathan.

“Nope! You guys will have to wait until tomorrow,” Logan said.

He shared a knowing look with François. They then quickly slapped their bosses in the gonads, making them cough and double over.

The entire room broke into laughter again.

“Alright guys, let’s go eat! François and I are hungry!” Logan said as everyone started to leave the room.

Alex looked over at Patrick as they walked out the door, “I think they’re serving scrambled eggs tomorrow.”

They took a deep breath and turned out the lights in the studio.

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