Sunday, October 15, 2017

Ballbusting Canucks: Testosterone overload (written by Pat)

Our longtime reader Pat has written an awesome series of stories introducing a group of Canadian guys who are running a website that's very similar to the Ballbusting Boys. I hope you enjoy Pat's wonderful stories just as much as I did!

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Featured in this story: BenColin, KevLogan and Zach (click for pictures)

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

It was another beautiful day at the studio, and the Canadian guests were fitting in quite nicely. Throughout the visit; webmasters Alex and Patrick spent hours reviewing old notes and videos, and talked about future plans, Doug had found a friend in Chad, and the Canadian models were having a grand old time getting to know the Ballbusting boys.

Yesterday, skaters Leo, Sammy, and Tristan collaborated with François, the talented Canadian model, in a sexy, lighthearted, bust-to-cum video. The four models were nowhere to be found after the shoot, but the funny walking and winks that took place today, especially between François, Leo, and Tristan, would be enough for anyone to give an educated guess on what transpired from dusk to dawn.

Today was Jonathan’s turn to be on film, and fittingly, he would be partnered with the other jocks. Alex and Patrick, along with the production crew, decided on a “laissez-faire” approach to the scene. They would simply let the guys “be guys” and watch the magic happen.

Zach had volunteered his living room for the occasion, making sure there would be enough space for the six models to lounge while production could film them in a more relaxed setting.

Zach and Logan were sitting on a couch, while Canadian model Jonathan was sitting across from them on a lazy boy.

“Alright, we’re going to let the cameras start rolling now,” Patrick explained. “Just be yourselves and we’ll see where it takes us.”

“Yes. Just be sure to give lots of nut shots. Spare no eggs,” Alex advised.

“Oh, don’t worry guys, we have something planned,” Zach mischievously grinned. “Right, buddy?” he asked while turning to Logan and smacking him in the nuts.

“Right,” Logan coughed as he nursed his aching balls.

Jonathan looked at the blonds with wide eyes. “Wait, I thought we we’re just going to see what happe-”

“Action!” Chad yelled, cutting off the 19-year-old jock.

“So, what’s going on with François and Leo and Tristan? They looked extra friendly with each other today. They were all holding their balls and walking funny, if you know what I mean,” Zach eagerly asked.

“Sammy told me they all went to Leo’s place after their scene. Apparently, Leo and Tristan are big fans of François to say the least. Did you hear anything?” Logan gossiped, still rubbing his crotch.

Jonathan shook his head. “All I know is that François came back to the motel room at four in the morning.”

Zach and Logan looked at each other and grinned. “Something happened. You know something happened between them,” Zach stated.

Jonathan shrugged his shoulders.

“What’s up, guys?” Kev asked as he entered the living room, Ben and Colin right behind him.

The three men exchanged handshakes and hugs with Zach and Logan, before introducing themselves to Jonathan.

Ben and Colin sat on a second couch that was beside Jonathan, while Kev sat in the lazy boy next to Zach and Logan.

“So, Jonathan, what do you think of the studio? Different than your studio at all?” asked Kev.

“Not really, other than it being bigger,” Jonathan smiled.

“How’s your eyes?” Ben openly asked.

“All good, man. The spray can was filled with water. No way I’d take real body spray to the face on a role play that wasn’t being recorded.” Jonathan joked.

“Nice to hear we aren’t worth the effort,” Ben boldly mused. “Just kidding, man,” he added.

“How’s your balls, Ben?” Jonathan retorted quickly, “Pat squashed them like flies if I remember correctly.”

“He smashed yours too,” Ben smirked.

“He hit mine pretty good too,” Zach quickly added, hoping it would calm what looked like a tense situation.

“Yeah, whatever. I can have babies! He doesn’t even know me. How can he say I have balls of glass?” Ben argued.

A big smile formed on Patrick’s face as he was watching the guys with the filming crew. He leaned over to Alex. “Here comes the magic.”

“Testosterone, what a lovely thing!” Alex stated as the two webmasters quietly shared a laugh.

“Maybe he just said what we were all thinking.” Colin reached over and squeezed Ben’s balls.

“Ow!!! Shut up!” Ben said as he swatted his buddy’s hand away.

“I can have babies. I’m just with so many women that I can’t remember which one’s are which, so no babies to my knowledge,” Zach argued as he played with his huge cock.

“I know I can have babies. Every time I have sex, the girl yells ‘Oh, baby! Fuck! Don’t stop, baby! Yes! I can feel you cuming’,” Kev revealed while impersonating a female’s moans while trying not to laugh.

“Are you that dumb?” Logan grimaced and laughed hysterically.

“I feel you cuming, man!” Colin moaned to Kev.

“I’m cuming, baby!” Kev shouted with joy as he threw a pillow at Colin, nailing him in in the plums.

Colin let out a yelp and doubled over. The rest of the boys burst out laughing.

“Argggh!” Colin groaned. “Well, I love anal, so there’s no way to know for sure if I can have babies.”

“Yeah, I love anal too. I also love giving girls ‘the shocker.’” Ben cleared his throat, ready to say a riddle. “The best way to shock her, at least so I think, is having double in the pink while the other’s in the stink!” He roared with laughter as he stuck out his index and middle finger together along with his pinky finger.

The entire room burst out laughing, while Alex and Patrick, two proud homosexuals, couldn’t help but smile and shake their heads.

“No wonder you can’t get anyone pregnant,” Logan laughed.

“I’m like Zach; I sleep with so many women then can’t find them after,” Ben explained.

“Yeah, because they never want to see you again, shock master!” Kev laughed.

“Fuck you!” Ben threw one of the couch pillows at Kev. “And what about you?” He asked Logan. “I don’t recall Ashley ever having a pregnancy scare. How long have you been fucking her?”

“Yeah! It’s because she’s on this little thing called the pill, Einstein!” Logan mocked in a sarcastic voice.

“Guys, don’t forget we have company,” Kev said as he pointed to a laughing Jonathan.

The boys calmed their laughter before turning their attention to the Canadian.

“So, Jonathan, you’re an athlete, growing up who’s been an idol of yours?” Logan asked.

“What do you mean?” Jonathan asked, tilting his head in confusion.

“You know, like a hero. For example, one of my hero’s is MMA legend Royce Gracie,” Logan explained.

“Mine is Randy Couture, retired UFC fighter.” Zach added.

“I always thought Kobe Bryant was awesome!” Colin added his two cents.

“See, guys like that. So, who inspired you growing up?” The boys asked.

“Gandhi!” Jonathan cheered.

Zach was nearly bent in two from laughing so hard. “Did you just say Gandhi!?”

“Yeah, actually. Mahatma Gandhi. I channel his views on peace and fellowship into sports. Showing good sportsmanship and healthy competition is something I find inspiring,” Jonathan explained, a silly grin on his face.

The American models looked at each other, they couldn’t tell if Jonathan was being serious or not. They let out a little chuckle and nodded their heads, unsure on how else to respond to his statement.

“Your arms are huge!” Kev noticed. “You must work out quite a bit I take it. Being a hockey player, you must have to train.”

“My arms are strong, I’m the second strongest model in my studio. My legs are strong too but my arms are my highlight. I won free beer by winning arm wrestling matches before!” Jonathan said while puffing his chest.

“I’ve been working out my arms quite a bit at the gym myself,” Kev smirked. “Want to have a match?”

Jonathan smiled and nodded his head.

“I don’t have any beer, but I got nuts,” Kev teased and grabbed his crotch. “Might as well bet those, we are ballbusting models after all.”

Jonathan smirked and punched his fist into his palm. “Alright, let’s do this.”

Both boys positioned themselves at the coffee table and locked hands.

“3-2-1 go!” Zach counted.

Severe determination was seen on both guys faces as they used all their arm strength to put the other down.

Kev’s arm was bulging as he was trying to put down the beefy Canadian. “You’re… going down, bud,” he grunted as he put all his might into his right arm. “When I’m done with you, you’re nuts… will… be cracked!”

Jonathan smiled, his huge right arm was bulging and his veins were showing. “Rawr to you too… sunshine!”

Kev leaned into his right arm, sweat pouring down his face, closing his eyes and trying to imagine anything that could get his adrenaline pumping.

Jonathan shifted all his weight into his arm. He could feel Kev’s arm starting to fade. He closed his eyes and let out a yell to motivate himself.

“AHHHHHH!” Kev heard Jonathan yell, trying to channel his power into sound. When Kev opened his eyes, he saw that his arm was inches to the table.

Kev held out for as long as he could, trying to show as much fortitude as a guy can, before his arm touched the coffee table.

Jonathan let go of Kev’s hand and sent his foot crashing into Kev’s unsuspecting crotch from underneath the coffee table.

Kev yelped and fell to his side, short of breath. He struggled and coughed, grimacing in pain as Jonathan was smiling at him.

“Sorry, that sneak attack wasn’t very Canadian of me” he teased, raising his fist in victory.

The other four Americans looked at each other, deciding who would be next to challenge the Canadian.

“I’ll give it a shot!” Colin skipped towards the table. “What do you say, winner gets to knee the loser in the stones?”

“Sure, if that’s what you want,” Jonathan smiled.

In the meantime, Ben helped Kev to his feet. Zach and Logan stood next to them.

“That’s going to end quick,” Kev groaned to his friends, still recovering from the surprise attack.

“If Jonathan wins, I’ll take him next.” Zach rubbed his hands together.

“3-2-1, go!” Logan directed.

Jonathan firmly held his arm in place as Colin tried to move it with all his might.

“Holy shit! Come on! Move!” Colin yelled as his face was turning red with determination.

Colin’s bulging arm looked like a chicken drumstick compared to Jonathan’s. What seemed like an eternity to Colin was only under a minute, his arm rapidly fading.

Although confident, Jonathan didn’t want to humiliate anyone. He figured it would be disrespectful to keep wasting Colin’s time by prolonging the battle, but just as despicable to defeat him in a second. He slowly lowered Colin’s arm to the table.

“Fuck! I thought Kev might have softened you up,” Colin confessed as he got up, adjusting his crotch.

“I’m afraid he did not,” Jonathan winked as he stood up and quickly grabbed Colin’s shoulders, pulling him towards his body as he lunged his huge knee into Colin’s balls.

No amount of preparation could protect Colin’s nuts from that kind of force. He screamed and dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes. “I… was wrong,” he said through clenched teeth, rolled into a ball while cupping his crotch.

Zach stepped forward. “Can I get a kick at the cat?” he grinned as he walked to the coffee table.

“Is that a pussy joke?” Jonathan asked, unfamiliar with the predominantly Canadian expression.

“You said you liked cunt punts; if I win, I’ll give you one,” the hot blond teased.

“Oooooooh” the boys said in unison.

“Those are fighting words,” Ben noted.

Ben’s words gave Logan an idea as he watched the two big studs lock arms.

“Good one, Zach,” Jonathan laughed. “If I win though, you’re going to wish you had a pussy after I kick your balls like Pelé.”

Logan giggled and shook his head. “Alright guys, 3-2-1, go!”

Both guys tightened their arms and put all their might into them.

Zach was roughly as strong as Kev, and certainly stronger than Colin. He also had the most overall muscle mass out of the five American jocks. Despite all of this, it still seemed like Jonathan’s strength wasn’t fading.

“God damn! Are you on fucking steroids or something?” Zach asked through clenched teeth.

“All natural, baby!” Jonathan quipped, his own face sporting a look of determination. “What were you saying about a cunt punt?”

Zach’s arm began to drop to the table. The blond thought he may have took his joke a little far, and was fearful of what his balls might have to endure courtesy of the Canadian.

Jonathan leaned his weight into his right arm. He gave a yell of passion as he forced down on Zach’s arm with all his might.

Zach tried to channel all his strength from head to toe into his right arm. He too yelled with passion as he tried to force his arm upwards, regaining an inch of the ground that he lost.

The entire room got quiet as they watched both hot, sweaty studs yelling and grunting, trying to defeat the other. Of all the arm wrestling matches, this one looked like it meant something special.

The veins in Jonathan’s arm were bulging as he looked at Zach right in the eyes. Zach, on the other hand, began to let out grunting moans between vigorous yells of passion. His arm was aching.

The 20-year-old American’s arm was inches to the coffee table. Sweat was pouring down his face, and he could feel the rest of his body starting to ache from all the strain. He bitterly decided to admit defeat, saving what little energy he had left to cope with the pain that was coming to him.

“Yes!” Jonathan cheered in victory, his hair wet from sweat while a big smile formed on his face.

“Is it too late to apologize for that cunt punt joke?” Zach asked shyly, rubbing his right arm that was throbbing in pain.

“Hmmm,” Jonathan contemplated to himself, his index finger resting on his chin. “Yup!” he laughed before standing up.

Zach gulped as he stood up in front of Jonathan. He was freeballing in his loose green sweatpants, he knew it offered little protection.

Jonathan couldn’t help but stare at Zach’s crotch. Despite the baggy sweatpants, his penis was clearly outlined through the fabric and so were his balls.

The 19-year-old Canadian let out his inner Karate Kid by standing in a crane stance. “If I do this right, I’ll kick your python of a dick right in the head, along with your fat balls,” Jonathan said with an evil smirk. Other than wanting to kick the hell out of them, Jonathan was very impressed by Zach’s equipment; he had some of the biggest balls he’d ever seen, and easily the biggest dick he ever saw.

Zach put his hands behind his back, his body began to shake. “Let’s get this over with,” he whimpered.

Jonathan took a deep breath. “Hiyah!” he screamed and gave a kick between Zach’s legs. His socked foot smacked hard against Zach’s balls. Everyone heard it. His lower shin caught the head of Zach’s cock as well; it smacked hard upon contact and bounced hard in his pants, colliding with his testicles.

Zach let out a high-pitched, girly scream and crashed right to the floor. His legs began to kick as he started to moan and sob on the ground.

“Sorry, my mistake. That kick wasn’t like Pelé, it was Daniel Larusso,” Jonathan teased.

Zach’s frantic suffering gained him some sympathy from his friends.

“That was really brutal,” Colin said, wincing at what he had just witnessed.

Ben checked on Zach. “Don’t you think that was a bit much?” he asked the hockey player.

Kev remained quiet as he was still rubbing his crotch from earlier. He was happy he didn’t suffer like Zach was.

Jonathan wasn’t sure how to react. “You all would have done the same thing,” he cautiously joked.

“Agreed,” Kev said, he knew Jonathan was feeling a bit uneasy and wanted to comfort him.

“You’ll... ughhhh... you’ll have to teach me that,” Zach forced from his lips as he gasped in pain, still rolling on the ground while cupping his balls. His sobbing stopped but tears still filled his eyes.

“Maybe, if your friends let me,” Jonathan joked.

Ben and Kev shared a skeptical look as they helped Zach to the couch next to Colin, who was also still in pain.

Jonathan’s eyes wandered to the quiet 18-year-old. “I guess you’re next, Logan?”

Logan smiled confidently, ready to announce his idea. “I may be blond, but I’m not dumb like those two idiots on the couch,” he pointed at Zach and Colin.

They both glared at him.

“What? Kev, the strongest guy we have, couldn’t beat Jonathan in arm wrestling, so why the hell would you guys challenge him to the exact same thing?” Logan rolled his eyes.

He turned to Jonathan. “I’d like to challenge you to something a bit more even. Wrestling.”

“Sure, any rules in particular?” Jonathan asked enthusiastically.

“Not really, wrestle around for a couple minutes, using crotch holds to score a submission,” Logan explained as he moved the coffee table to the edge of the living room, clearing a space for the fight.

“Oh yeah, you’re a wrestler, eh? Damn, I might be at a disadvantage here,” Jonathan realized in good spirit.

“Yeah, but you’re big though. This should be fun,” Logan said, clapping his hands together as he stood in the center of the living room.

Jonathan stood in front of him. Both boys smiled at each other, waiting for someone to count them down.

“Oh! Sorry guys,” Kev realized. “3-2-1, bust!”

Logan charged at Jonathan and was quickly struck to the ground. It was like running into a brick wall.

“Shit!” Logan gave himself a shake. “So, it’s going to be one of those fights, eh?” Logan chuckled as he stood back up.

“Yes, Logan-san,” Jonathan wisecracked, again referencing the Karate Kid.

Logan charged at him again. This time, he side-stepped Jonathan’s shove. He stepped on the Canadian’s thigh with one foot and put a hand on his head to keep his balance. With his other foot, he kicked Jonathan’s balls.

“Jesus Christ!” Jonathan screamed as he dropped to his knees, grimacing in pain.

Logan again let his guard down as he walked towards the Canadian. He was flipped from one side of his opponent to the other, landing flat on his back.

Jonathan grabbed a hold of Logan’s crotch and tried to lift his body from the ground.

Logan screamed in agony. It felt like his balls were ripping from his body. One more time, Logan relied on innovation as he broke Jonathan’s grip by giving him an Indian burn on his arm.

As Logan leaned back and acrobatically sprung to his feet, Jonathan stumbled backwards, rubbing his arm as a bruise began to form. He looked at Logan uneasily.

“I think I got you figured out, chum,” Logan jubilantly claimed as he once again charged at the big stud.

Jonathan stretched out his arms, preparing for a counter attack. However, Logan tucked his head into his body and performed a summersault. He stuck out his fist and it went crashing into the Canadians precious jewels as he lunged forward.

The crowd watched in awe as Jonathan once again stumbled backwards, screaming in pain at another surprise attack. Not only was Logan avenging his friends’ misfortunes, but he was doing it with flashy moves that made it all the more fun to watch. The guys clapped their hands in appreciation.

“Wow, I even surprised myself with that one!” Logan shyly confessed as he shuffled his feet with joy. For whatever reason, on this day, Logan’s creativity was flourishing.

“I somehow doubt that,” Jonathan groaned as he was rubbing his aching balls.

“Come on, big boy. Let’s see what else you got,” Logan continued to banter, a huge smile glued to his face.

The boys warily approached each other. Logan grabbed a hold of Jonathan’s left arm in defense as it began to move towards him. Jonathan, unaware if body shots were legal, brought his right arm inward and forced his elbow into Logan’s chest.

Logan grunted in pain and released Jonathan’s arm from his grip. The two studs then locked hands, challenging each other in a test of strength.

Logan’s body began to bend backwards, his spine formed a perfect arch. Jonathan noticed the big bulge in Logan’s red shorts as he was bent like a bridge. Logan noticed Jonathan’s crotch too. As the sexy Canadian went to drive his knee into Logan’s defenseless gonads, Logan beat him to the attack.

“Fuck!” Jonathan cried out loud as he stumbled backwards, pulling Logan back to an even stance before releasing the hold.

Jonathan tried to give Logan a mean backhand to the midsection out of desperation, but Logan once again caught his arm. Logan turned his back to the hockey player, and tried to flip him over his body.

Jonathan’s feet were barely touching the floor as he struggled on Logan’s back, trying to resist getting flipped over.

Logan kicked his leg back and caught Jonathan’s balls dead on. The 19-year-old’s body immobilized and Logan flipped him over onto his back.

Jonathan’s entire body winced as Logan quickly followed up the flip with an arm bar. He immediately trapped Jonathan’s free arm with his left leg, while pressing his right foot on Jonathan’s open crotch.

“Fuck!” Jonathan grunted as he unsuccessfully tried to muscle his way out of the hold.

“Come on, Tap! Tap!” Logan screamed as he turned his body sideways, applying a lot more pressure on the Canadian’s balls, crushing his chest and twisting his arm more abnormally.

“Nooo!” Jonathan forced out from his tightly compressed body. He continued to try and counter Logan’s hold.

Much like François the day before, Jonathan showed honorable willpower and endurance. The four models watched him in complete astonishment – debating amongst themselves if they would have given up by now to Logan’s painful hold.

Frustrated, Logan returned onto his back and pushed his hips into the air. He was grunting through clenched teeth as he was pulling back on Jonathan’s arm and bouncing his foot on his dick and balls.

Jonathan was letting out long groans of pain. Both models had sore balls and sweat was coming out of their pores. Still, Jonathan did not give up.

“Fucking tap already! Quit!” Logan screamed, his face turning red. His muscles were bulging greatly as he pulled back on Jonathan’s arm harder than he’s ever pulled anything before, adrenaline completely taking over his body. He forced all his weight on Jonathan’s lungs and was now stomping his foot as hard as he could on his crotch. “Say it! Say it! Say it!”

The only thing that hurt Jonathan more than quitting, was the pain Logan was putting him through. Logan’s weight on his chest made it hard to breathe, his nuts were getting flattened like pancakes, and worst of all, his arm was about to snap out of its socket.

“OWWWWW! OWWWWWW!” he screamed as loud as possible and began to frantically tap on Logan’s thigh. “You win. I give up. I give up!”

Logan released the hold and Jonathan began to roll on the ground, he let out sobs of pain when his body allowed him to. He didn’t know whether to nurse his sore arm or his busted balls.

Logan stood up, his body was radiating heat and he was covered in sweat. He wiped the spit from his lip and rubbed his aching balls. “Fuck man! You sure you’re not on steroids?” Logan joked while trying to catch his breath.

When Jonathan caught his breath, he slowly climbed to his feet, cupping his balls in the process. When he finally stood up, he went to nurse his sore arm.

The five models’ eyes grew as big as saucers when they noticed Logan’s legs had left a deep imprint on Jonathan’s chest.

“How can you stand right now?” The American models asked.

The injured Canadian shook his head at Logan’s question. “You’re a fantastic fighter! Both quick and strong. No wonder you’re top dog around here,” Jonathan noted respectfully while rubbing his chest.

“Sorry about the prints on your chest - and your arm,” Logan grimaced and apologized. “Not so much about your balls though,” Logan teased.

Jonathan raised his hand in acknowledgement.

“You’re a great fighter too! All you need is a touch more quickness and finesse and you’ll be unstoppable, especially with your power and endurance,” Logan said, returning the respect. “I was seriously debating on whether to break the hold though. I never broke someone’s bones before.”

“You were so invested in that hold, I wouldn’t be surprised if you did go through with it – in the heat of the moment that is. Besides, it was part of the submission on my balls,” Jonathan quipped, trying to euphemize the intense fight into something more playful.

 Logan laughed and gave Jonathan’s nuts a tap before giving him a pat on the shoulder.

Ben walked to Jonathan as he was rubbing his aching, swelling balls. “You still haven’t faced me in a challenge yet.”

“If it’s another fight I’m not sure if –“

“No, not a fight,” Ben interrupted, “a cum challenge. Who can cum the farthest.”

“That’s it?” Jonathan asked.

“Yeah, we’ll stand side by side and see who cums farther. I want to prove my sperm is powerful and can shoot farther than yours,” Ben said with confidence. “And I can still make babies!” he reminded the group.

Jonathan let out a smirk and shook his head. He stood next to Ben, still nursing his swollen, red balls.

“Ok! In 3-2-1, Go!” Zach shouted.

Both handsome studs were viciously jerking their cocks. Jonathan closed his eyes to visualize something to help get him horny.

Ben looked at his friends and winked. Zach snuck up behind Jonathan with a blindfold.

“Now!” Ben shouted, immediately prompting Zach to tie the blindfold over Jonathan’s eyes.

Jonathan went to remove the blindfold when he felt it being wrapped around his head.

“Don’t touch it, or else Logan will put you back in that hold and I’ll do the same to your other arm!” Ben barked, making Jonathan put his hands to his sides.

Kev and Zach stripped Jonathan completely naked, while Colin and Logan moved the couch. Hiding under it were five wooden hockey sticks.

The American models each grabbed a stick and formed a line behind Jonathan.

“Johnny boy, do you remember the Simpson’s episode where Homer goes through a series of initiations to become a member of the Stoner Cutters?”

“Ye… Yeah” Jonathan gulped as he answered Ben’s question.

“Consider this the Canadian version,” Ben laughed. “This ritual is called Stick to It”

The boys all took a turn and swung their hockey sticks at Jonathan’s ass.

He let out five loud shrieks of pain and the handsome stud’s firm buttocks had five bright red lines across it.

The boys giggled as Jonathan was rubbing his ass. He was completely unaware that the jocks were now standing in front of him, with a clear shot at his bare testicles.

“This next ritual is called Preparing Breakfast,” Ben explained, trying his best to contain his excitement.

Once again, the Americans each took their turn at a running start, this time slamming their hockey sticks into Jonathan’s balls.

The Canadian’s yelps grew louder with every hit. By the time the third jock wacked his nuts, he dropped to one knee. He got down on both knees come the fourth strike. Ben smirked and sent his hockey stick into Jonathan’s balls, causing him to fall face first on the floor. “Scrambled eggs, anyone?”

The five American studs laughed as poor Jonathan struggled to his knees, whimpering in pain and cowardly shielding his crotch, completely unaware of his surroundings.

Ben began to jerk off as he watched Logan stand behind Jonathan while Zach in front of him.

“Logan and I created this move, Jonathan. We call it, the Blond Ambition.” Zach calmly explained as Logan shoved the tip of the hockey stick up Jonathan’s ass.

Jonathan shouted in surprise as he felt a hockey stick trying to forcefully work its way up his tight butt hole.

Ben kept jerking as he watched his Canadian counterpart moan in pain as Logan was viciously trying shove the hockey stick deeper in his ass.

Zach swung his stick full force, striking Jonathan squarely in the crotch. “GOALLLLL!” Zach cheered.

Jonathan fell on his back and was fighting back tears. He couldn’t see, his balls felt like scrambled eggs, his penis was sore, his arm was throbbing, and his chest still had a faint imprint left by Logan.

“Fu-fuck” Jonathan whimpered, holding his crotch.

Ben stood over him and began to spill his juices all over the Canadian’s body.

“Johnny Boy,” Ben said as he let every last bit of cum drip on Jonathan’s body, “you can’t jerk off with a limp dick. This means I win by default.”

Ben roared with laughter as Zach took the blindfold from Jonathan’s eyes. When he opened them, he saw Ben’s foot flying into his battered and bruised testicles.

“ARGHHHH!” Jonathan rolled onto his stomach, clutching his aching balls and kicking his legs.

“Dogpile!” Zach yelled as he jumped on Jonathan’s back. Ben, Colin and Logan yelled and cheered as they respectively piled on top of one another. Kev leaped on top of Logan, but kept an eye on the boys at the bottom.

Jonathan’s face was a mask of pain as he was crushed under the five hot studs. He tried to scream, but no sound came out of his mouth.

“What do you figure, guys? Roughly a thousand pounds on this bad boy?” Logan gleefully asked his fellow jocks, trying to figure out how much weight was on top of Jonathan.

“Pretty much!” The boys all cheered, while Zach’s words were barely audible. Their huge grins made their dogpile light up like a Christmas tree.

Jonathan’s face was red like a tomato as the boys kept taunting him.

“Welcome to Ballbusting Boys, Jonathan!” The jocks cheered in typical frat guy fashion.

Kev noticed that the guys on the bottom of the pile were struggling. Zach was beginning to gasp for breath, and Jonathan was flat out turning purple.

“We got to get off him guys, he’s turning purple!” Kev laughed but was still concerned.

The boys made a point by staying on him for a couple more seconds, roaring with laughter, before finally getting off of him.

The boys cheered and high-fived each other. They checked on Zach to make sure he was okay, and they flipped Jonathan onto his back.

 The boys continued to laugh and cheer as they slowly watched Jonathan regain his natural color. They all ran up to him.

Colin stood over him and gave him a couple soft slaps to the face. “Wake up, man! Your hazing is done! You passed!” he teased.

“You okay, pancake? We had you scared there, didn’t we?” Ben roared with laughter, as he gently slapped the Canadians balls.

Jonathan flinched at Ben’s attack, still trying to catch his breath.

“How’s your back, bud?” Logan asked with a devilish smirk as he rested his foot on Jonathan’s pecs, “Happy we didn’t squish your chest?” he chuckled and looked at his friends.

Zach approached the struggling stud, “I feel your pain, I had four of them on me. But since you’re the guest…” Zach’s voice trailed off as he kicked Jonathan’ balls.

Jonathan couldn’t even scream, he just let out a horrid gurgling sound as his body flailed around.

“Grab a limb guys,” Kev instructed his friends as he stood over Jonathan, right in front of his battered and bruised crotch.

Jonathan’s eyes darted at all five American models, worried as all hell at was going to happen next.

Kev took off his clothes and kneeled at Jonathan’s dick. He began stroking the Canadian’s cock as well as his own.

“We may have hazed the fuck out of you...” Kev began to speak.

“And I may have kicked your ass…” Logan couldn’t resist adding.

“… but you earned our respect by going through it and taking it like a champ,” Kev explained as he was jerking both dicks. “We are very aggressive, ask Nick Jonas!” Kev teased, eliciting a thunderous laugh from the other guys.

“After everything you’ve been through, you deserve a little something to ease the pain.” Kev wasn’t gay, but he sure knew how to give a good hand job.

Jonathan started to pant as his sore balls tightened in his sack. He winced as his sticky cum shot out of his dick and into the air. It came splashing back down on him, adding to the already dried up load he received from Ben.

“Thanks, Kev,” Jonathan moaned. He wasn’t gay either, but he was more than happy to receive a hand job rather than any more abuse from the guys. His orgasm was a nice break from the pain.

With Jonathan taken care of, Kev began to vigorously jerk his dick. Jonathan was still pinned by the four guys while he was staring at Kev, his body had calmed down significantly.

Kev jerked and jerked. “Jonathan, do me a favor, buddy?” He moaned as he shot his huge, creamy load of cum into Jonathan’s eyes. “Give that to François, please?”

Jonathan let out a soft, wincing moan.

“Remind him; there’s nothing like a cum shot to the eyes. You can be my example!” Kev teased exuberantly.

The four other models got off Jonathan’s limbs, and he immediately went to wipe his eyes as he was whimpering in pain.

The boys shared one last cheer and high fived. “Welcome to Ballbusting Boys!” they shouted to Jonathan.


Alex and Chad, along with Patrick and Doug began clapping their hands.

“Awesome! Just spectacular!” Patrick skipped towards the models. “Fantastic chemistry between all of you. So-fucking-much testosterone in that scene!”

Patrick walked up to Jonathan and handed him a towel. “You’re amazing, you know that? You surpassed my expectations by a mile! You just went through a hazing from the Ballbusting Boys and lived to tell the tale,” Patrick joked as he gave his model a pat on the back. “I’m so proud of you.”

Patrick turned his attention to the five American models, a huge smile on his face. “I’m so honored that I got to work with you guys! You are all talented artists and amazing models! I must say tha-”

At that moment, Patrick’s phone rang. “Please excuse me for a minute.”

Alex approached the models and congratulated them on a job well done, while Patrick left the room temporarily.

Returning from his phone call, Patrick walked up to Alex.

“Alex, that was the airport. Apparently, our flight is being delayed for a couple days or so due to stormy weather out East. I hate to ask, but, would you be willing to have us stay here for a couple more days?”

“You mean you guys won’t be leaving tomorrow? You mean we’ll be able to shoot a couple more scenes? You mean my staff and I will have a few more days to hang out with you guys?” Alex asked, jumping up and down with excitement.

“Is that a yes?” Patrick asked, a smile on his face.

“Of course it’s a yes, silly!” Alex cheered and gave Patrick a slap to the balls.

The five jocks, along with Chad, all cheered, looking forward to crunching more nuts upon learning their new friends will be staying a little longer.

“Let the ballbusting continue!” Patrick raised his arm while nursing his balls with other.

“Yes!” Alex concurred, high-fiving Patrick in celebration.


Anonymous said...

Amazing! I think this is my favourite so far. Very hot and very funny!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! The guys are certainly getting the ball(s) rolling! And I love Jonathan! He's such a sweet and lovable ditz :)