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Ballbusting Canucks: Show and tell – part 1 (written by Pat)

Our longtime reader Pat has written an awesome series of stories introducing a group of Canadian guys who are running a website that's very similar to the Ballbusting Boys. This is the second patrt. The third part will be online tomorrow. I hope you enjoy Pat's wonderful stories just as much as I did!

Previous parts:
A letter from Canada

Featured in this story: Ben and Zach (click for pictures)

Alex stood in the middle of the main set of the studio. In front of him was his entire staff, eagerly awaiting to see what the Ballbusting Canucks presentation had to offer. All eyes were on Patrick Hamilton, the twenty-something year old president of a Canadian ballbusting studio. Just behind him were his two models, who came along for the presentation. One was a very handsome guy, a hockey player, tall and strong. He had dark brown hair with bangs waving to the side, and a bright smile that lit up his babyface.  The other model had light brown hair with shorter bangs and was wearing glasses. His face was angelic and his eyes sparkled, but his smile had a hint of mischievousness. He was of average height and had a slim figure, but his bugle from his skinny jeans was clearly bigger than his athletic counterpart.

“Alright guys,” Alex cleared his throat, “we have Patrick Hamilton with us here today. He’s the president of Ballbusting Canucks, a ballbusting studio from Canada. He’s going to elaborate on the video clip he had sent to us, and will tell us some of his approaches to creating his content. We will also hear from his models,” Alex smiled. “From there, the models will treat us to a live – yes, live ballbusting scene right here on the spot.”

Curious whispers could be heard from the audience. The boys couldn’t help but observe the Canadian models standing before them. They were completely mystified; Will they be working together? Could the Canadians beat them at their own game? Shouldn’t they be the ones teaching the Canadians how to bust? After all, it was their president that requested to come to the studio for a visit.

“They will be with us for a few days, so we all have to make them feel welcomed. I’m also happy to announce that we will be collaborating on some scenes with them!” Alex announced cheerfully. “Patrick, if you’re ready, the floor is yours”

“We got the computer, the projector, and the butts are in the seats. You guys ready?” Patrick asked his models. They nodded.

Alex took a seat with his staff.

“I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit nervous,” Patrick explained. “I’ll try not to digress.”

He had a remote in his left hand to control his slideshow, and a ruler in his right hand, one-meter long.

“As you guys learnt in the video I sent, I started my website 5 years ago. You guys were the main inspiration to create it.”

Patrick pushed the button on his remote, the first slide on the projector appeared.

“This is one of the earliest photos of my website. This is in the living room of my apartment, before I was able to rent a studio,” Patrick explained. “The naked guy in this photo is me. I knew that in order to find the right people to help me create the website, I would have to be willing to put my own balls on the line, to prove that even the boss was willing to get down and dirty.”

The photo on the screen showed Patrick smiling towards a man who had a billiard cue aimed at his painted testicles – the left was painted white, while the other was painted black and contained the number 8 written on it.

“It took over a year to purchase better equipment and find a suitable studio to rent. Despite the poor quality of our earlier content, it was some of the best experiences I had with the blog,” Patrick said and continued to the next slide.

“Here you see me with three of my old staff members. We were fooling around and took this picture of us holding our balls and laughing. This was never meant to be posted on the site, but those 3 studs looked too happy in this photo not to share it with the world. At the time, we were usually only posting serious ballbusting content, so this lighthearted photo was a nice change.”

“The early years had guys coming and going. It was fun to be able to play with all these different guys, but I didn’t want to be one of those sites that never knew when it would be posting its next video. I needed to hire a serious staff,” Patrick explained. “It took time, energy and a lot of nut cracking to find the people I needed. I wanted to find people who share my love of ballbusting, not just as a kink, but who truly were passionate about it. Much like you guys.”

Patrick switched to the next slide. It contained a video and Patrick told his model to push play.

Appearing on the projector was a muscular college basketball player dribbling his ball on another player’s nuts, smirking viciously as his victim was screaming in pain. “Stop!!! They’re gonna pop! You’re gonna pop them!” he cried before rolling out of frame.

The video paused. “This is an example of a test I would put someone through. The guy in this video did not meet my standards and was not hired. When the camera stopped, he told me that he couldn’t handle the pain and only wanted to be featured in sex scenes.” Patrick smacked his ruler in his hand. “Either model standing behind me would be able to handle that scene like a champ, while having a hardon!” he affirmed.

“How do you feel about the clip you just saw? Was it too much? Was I right not to hire him? Who here would have given that scene a try?” Patrick asked the models.

“Something else I want to ask, who here thinks their balls are so tough that they could still have babies after all the pain they’ve went through?” Patrick smiled, trying to listen to all the answers he was hearing.

“Some of you might be right, but others are wrong. Don’t forget, I have watched you guys perform countless times, I know which of you have balls of steel and which have balls of glass,” he joked. “Our business can be quite bad for your sperm count. I'm curious - who has lost their ability to father babies?”

The boys stared at him.

“Seriously, guys,” Patrick grinned. “Some of you are shooting blanks, right?”

He stepped forward and observed all the models. He looked at their crotches, then looked at their faces.

He paused in front of Simon and tilted his head.

Simon cleared his throat, smiling nervously.

Patrick smiled and walked a few more steps to David. He slapped the ruler in his hand and smiled again.

David rolled his eyes.

When Pat turned to look at Kev, his eyes narrowed and he walked with a purpose until he was face to face with the jock.

Patrick was about to speak, but then purposely looked at Zach, who was sitting next to Kev. Patrick turned his attention to the big bulge in Zach’s yellow basketball shorts, it was impossible not to notice it. He smiled at the hot blond, who’s shiny hair and blue eyes contrasted perfectly with his white t-shirt.

He ran the ruler along Zach’s shaft. “Such a big dick,” Patrick observed with glee. He looked at the 20-year-old hunk right in the eyes. “It’s as if you’re hiding a snake in your pocket…” he grinned. His eyes shot back down at Zach’s crotch, his huge balls were also prominent in the yellow fabric. He slammed the ruler down on them. “No babies!” Patrick confirmed.

Zach let out a surprised yelp and doubled over, clutching his crotch.

He took a few more steps in front of the models. Without even looking at Ben, he smashed his ruler into the young man’s crotch. “No babies!” he said again.

Patrick resumed his spot at the center of the room. He cleared his throat and swung the wooden ruler to his right, smashing it into his own model’s manhood. “No babies!”

“Fuck!” the baby-faced athlete groaned. He let out a miserable groan while he was massaging his crotch.

“I’m looking forward to working with you boys. It should be a fun time,” Patrick continued, not even acknowledging his model’s reaction. “We have borrowed most of the themes you guys have created, so I trust you guys will able to handle anything your bosses and I suggest to you when the time comes to collaborate.”

Sammy raised his hand, smiling brightly.

“Yes?” Patrick pointed the ruler at him.

“Which ones did you borrow?” Sammy asked.

“Excellent question, sexy!” he smiled and winked at the handsome model. “One example is at Christmas time. We used your studio’s idea of a sexy Santa Clause. I had my models dress as elves, and one unlucky son of a bitch drew the short straw – he was our Santa Clause.” Giggles echoed through the studio. “The title of that video was ‘Meet Mrs. Clause’. I’d go into detail but I believe the content of that video is pretty self explanatory,” he quipped. The Canadian models were smiling in the background.

“What else?” Leo asked with excitement.

“Well, I’m sure you must be familiar with our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Anyone?”

The boys nodded. Simon squirmed on his seat, trying to hide his instant erection. He had a thing for sexy guys in suits. There was something about powerful men that turned him on like nothing else. Before the election, he had found his jerk-off material in the White House. Now he had to turn a little further North for inspiration…

“Very handsome man! Last year, I had my model transformed to look just like him, and we had him ‘visit’ our studio.” Patrick’s excitement was obvious. It was hard to tell who was enjoying this presentation more – him or the Ballbusting boys. He used the remote to move to the next slide on the projector.

“We made a teaser video to create hype for his arrival. Check it out!”

The Justin Trudeau look-alike appeared on the screen. “My fellow Canadians, I am happy to announce that I have been formally invited to Ballbusting Canucks studios. I ask that you join me on my journey during this very exciting experience.”

 The camera zoomed out and a sign read BALLBUSTING CANUCKS STUDIOS ->

The trail to the studio consisted of 15 models laying naked on their back. Justin smiled and ran towards the studio, stepping on each pair of nuts. “Oops! Sorry! Pardon me! Je m’excuse! Désolé!” said the Prime Minister at every groan, scream and cry that he caused along the way. The video ended with a “To be continued.”

The video stopped and the three Canadian guests were grinning from ear to ear. Simon was biting his lip and breathing heavily. A huge wet patch at the front of his tented trousers indicated that he enjoyed the video very much.

 “We had huge praise for that clip!” Patrick cheered. “Fun fact, Mr. Trudeau is a big Star Wars fan, so it was only fitting that his eggs got scrambled by lightsabers,” Patrick explained as he jumped to the next slide.

“Sadly, I didn’t have time to include the video. However, seen here is a picture of the aftermath. The ones who busted him were some good-hearted Canadians who simply wanted to let him know that they weren’t satisfied with his job performance. Notice his dick is still hard even after all that busting.”

Patrick allowed everyone some time to get a good look at the photo. The Prime Minister impersonator was laying on the floor, his face grimacing in pain and his balls were bruised black and blue. His penis was, in fact, still very erect. Above him stood three young men, two of them dressed in jeans and a plaid shirt, and the third in a Luke Skywalker outfit, all of them holding various colored lightsabers.

The warm reaction from his idea had Patrick wanting to spill his guts even more.

“This past St-Patrick’s Day I got my shortest model to dress up as a leprechaun and do a jig on Prince William and Harry’s balls. The title was called ‘Bangers and Mash: The Mashing of the Royal Taters.’” Just as he was looking at Phil to see the Brit’s reaction, he turned his attention to his own laughing model.

“I’m sorry, it’s still hilarious after all these months,” the jock confessed.

“Finally, I’d like to introduce you to these good-looking guys behind me. This is Jonathan,” Patrick said as he swung the ruler to his right, striking Jonathan’s junk one more time, “and this is François,” he continued, swinging the ruler to his left, letting his twink suffer the same fate. “Two of my finest models!”

“Jonathan is a hockey player from Central Ontario. He’s one of my most popular models. His main on-screen role is a kind-hearted jock who’s usually reluctant to either bust someone or get busted, but he comes to deeply enjoy it by the end.  François is from Joliette, Quebec. His main role is very similar to his real-life personality. He plays a sweet and shy nerd by day, and a wild, sexy twink by night. He is machine-like effective at getting what he wants, either by using his cuteness or sex appeal. He is borderline obsessed with ballbusting, and is arguably my most popular model.”

Both guys waved to the audience, huge smiles on their faces as they observed each of their American counterparts.

“And with that, I leave the floor to them. Oh! are their any questions beforehand?” Patrick asked. “Alright guys, the floor is yours.”

Patrick took a seat next to Alex and received a pat on the shoulder. “Good job! Fascinating stuff you’ve done!”

Jonathan stepped forward and cleared his throat.


Anonymous said...

"No babies!" LOL! Great work!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I thought it was funny too! ;p

Ballbuster said...

"No babys" Was so funny. And how in the first part. Are so many things that would be great in stories, like when Justin steps balls and say I'm sorry, just acting. And I would love to read a story with lightsables shocking nuts. Or the part of bust royalty balls, would be so funny read story with a prince being busted.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, guys! :-))