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Fight club (Jeremy meets Logan)

Special thanks to Jeremy for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who loves some bloody fun!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Additional warning: This story is pretty brutal. If you can’t stand the sight of blood you might want to skip this one.

“So this is it, huh?” Logan smiled and extended his hand. The 18 year old high school wrestler’s bruises had almost healed. He had made his way into the final by defeating four opponents in brutal, sometimes bloody fights over the past couple of weeks.

“This is it”, Jeremy said with a grin, shaking Logan’s hand. Like Logan, Jeremy had reached the final after four hard-fought matches in the ring. The handsome young man was a 19 years old, a foot taller than Logan, with a very muscular and veiny body.

The ring was surrounded by benches that were filled with people psyched up about the upcoming fight. Most of the competitors that hadn’t made it to the final were there, except for those who were still in the hospital or preferred to stay at home and forget about the fight club. Some of guys were wearing bandages, a few had plaster casts around their arms or legs, and one was wearing a neck brace. His face was badly swollen and there were a couple of stitches on his eyebrow. Last week he had lost to Logan in a brutal battle. Today he was looking forward to seeing Jeremy wipe the floor with the blond hunk.

Everybody had known what to expect when they signed up for the competition. There were two ways to end the fight, either by passing out or giving up. The fights were brutal and vicious but the winner was going to get a very nice wad of cash and the chance to fuck the loser.

Jeremy and Logan smiled at each other.

They were stark naked, and both of them were sporting a boner in anticipation of the match. Logan’s big erection was more than impressive, but Jeremy’s thick, meaty tool outclassed it in length and girth. It was a monument of raw manliness, heavy and veiny, standing in stark contrast to Logan’s beautiful, smooth, almost elegant dick that looked like had been created in a dildo factory.

On the face of it, the roles seemed clear: Logan was the good guy, with his light blond hair, his winning smile, his handsome features and his perfect dick; and Jeremy was the bad guy, black-haired, big, tall, bulky and strong, with a brutish piece of fuck meat between his thighs.

But it wasn’t that easy.

In fact, the two fighters had become friends over the past few weeks. Jeremy was a nice guy, friendly and funny, if a little cocky at times. Then again, the same could be said about Logan.

They genuinely liked each other and they had been hoping to meet in the final. They had joked about the fact that they both would be happy to see the other guy win, even though neither had concealed the fact that they preferred to win the competition themselves. Back in the locker room, Jeremy had suggested that they meet in private sometime to have a rematch no matter the outcome of today’s fight, and Logan had accepted.

“Don’t expect me to go easy on your ass, though”, Jeremy had quipped as they had walked into the ring. His dick was big and thick, a bonafide ass splitter.

“Don’t worry”, Logan had replied with a grin. “You won’t have to. It won’t be me with a dick up my ass by the end of the night…”

Now they were facing each other, ready to start the fight.

They looked at each other.

“Good luck”, Jeremy grinned. “You’ll need it.”

“Same to you”, Logan chuckled.

The fight started with the sound of the bell, and the crowd went wild.

Logan lunged at Jeremy, ramming his knee into his side, only to be sent back by a staggering uppercut to the face that made him howl in pain.

As Logan’s hands went up to protect his face, Jeremy brought his foot up between Logan’s thighs, crunching his tender nuts into his body, before following up his nut-crunching move with a hard knee to the abs that lifted Logan off the ground, eliciting an anguished wail.

The crowd roared with approval, cheering and clapping their hands as Logan doubled over in pain.

The handsome highschool wrestler tried to catch Jeremy off guard by aiming an uppercut at Jeremy’s groin. Unfortunately, he didn’t reach the juicy plums that were dangling between Jeremy’s muscular thighs because Jeremy deflected the punch and grabbed Logan’s wrist, twisting his arm behind his back.

Logan screamed in pain, his eyes clenched shut as Jeremy led him through the ring on his tip-toes before pushing him away and landing a well-placed kick to Logan’s ass that made him stagger forwards and fall to the ground.

Logan was on all fours, catching his breath, when Jeremy kicked him in the side with all the force he could muster, making Logan curl up in a ball, groaning in pain, holding his ribs.

Jeremy raised his foot and stomped down on Logan’s manhood, catching both of the young man’s tender testicles dead-on and flattening them like pancakes.

Logan’s voice went up a notch as he wailed like a banshee.

He kicked his leg up, trying to hit Jeremy in the stomach, but the taller man caught his ankle and swirled him around, making him crash down onto the ground belly-first, his hard dick getting painfully crushed between his body and the floor.

Jeremy grabbed the other ankle and spread his legs wide apart.

“No!” Logan screamed, propping himself up with his hands in a wheelbarrow position that gave Jeremy access to his junk that dangled down between his legs.

Of course, Jeremy didn’t have to think twice. He brought his leg back and kicked Logan’s four times in rapid succession.

The crowd egged him on as he crushed Logan’s most prized possessions. His large foot squished Logan’s rapidly swelling balls and his hard, aching dick flat, eliciting high-pitched screams of agony.

When Jeremy let go of Logan’s ankles, Logan curled up in a ball, moaning in pain.

The applause made Jeremy smile as he waved at the audience and showed off his muscles, drawing a couple of cheers and wolf-whistles.

Logan looked up, his face contorted in pain. He was getting annihilated by his big, muscular friend. The only chance to even the playing field was a sneak attack, and Logan gathered all his strength and lunged at Jeremy from behind, jumping onto his back.

Jeremy let out a surprised yelp as he felt Logan’s arms tighten around his neck.

Thinking on his feet, he jumped up and dropped to the ground on his back, crushing Logan under his body weight.

Logan’s eyes opened wide in pain and surprise as the wind was knocked out of his lungs and every fiber in his body felt like it had been lit on fire.

Grunting with effort, Jeremy moved back and forth, crushing Logan and making him cough and groan in agony.

Logan’s arms loosened around Jeremy’s neck which gave him the freedom to elbow Logan in the ribs, eliciting hoarse grunts and moans of pain.

Jeremy got up and raised his foot before stomping down on Logan’s abs a couple of times, leaving a couple of beet red foot prints on them before aiming further south and crunching Logan’s nuts and his throbbing cock with a series of hard, relentless stomps.

Then he reached down and grabbed Logan by the hair, yanking him up and making him scream in pain before shutting him up with a hard punch to the face. Blood and spit gushed out of Logan’s nose and mouth.

Then Jeremy wrapped his arms around him and lifted him off the ground in a bear hug.

Logan’s face was a bloody mask of pain as he brought his head back, screaming from the top of his lungs as Jeremy crushed his body with his muscular arms.

Logan’s eyes bulged as he gasped for breath. He felt his dick rub against Jeremy’s six pack abs, his nuts squashed flat between their bodies.

Suddenly, his dick erupted with a thick spurt of creamy jizz that sputtered up between them, gluing their bodies together.

Jet after jet of cum shot out of his dick.

The crowd couldn’t see what was happening but Jeremy felt Logan’s load on his skin.

They looked each other in the eyes for a brief moment.

Jeremy chuckled. “That’s a little premature, isn’t it?” he said under his breath, speaking into Logan’s ear as Logan’s dick shot load after creamy load of salty jizz.

Under normal circumstances, Logan would have laughed at Jeremy’s joke but his sense of humor was drowned out by his sense of pain as Jeremy dropped him onto his knee balls-first, flattening Logan’s busy balls mid-orgasm before allowing him to collapse on the ground, cum dribbling out of his twitching cock.

Jeremy chuckled and wiped Logan’s spunk off his washboard abs before smearing it on Logan’s bruised and bloody face, eliciting wild cheers from the crowd.

Jeremy leaned down and grabbed Logan’s hair.

His face was a mess, his eyes glassy.

“Wanna give up?” Jeremy said in a low voice.

“You’d love that, huh?” Logan croaked. “I’m gonna whip your fucking ass!”

Jeremy grinned. “Alright”, he said and yanked Logan up again before karate-chopping him in the nuts, catching Logan’s left nut dead-on and squishing it against his body.

Logan wailed in agony as Jeremy grabbed Logan’s nuts in a vise-like grip.

With one hand in Logan’s hair and the other hand around Logan’s nuts, Jeremy lifted Logan off the ground and whirled him around and tossed him away like a garbage bag.

Logan landed on his back a few feet away, squealing in agony.

His face was wet with blood and sweat, his abs were beet red and bruised, his nuts swollen and bloated. His vision was blurred and his body felt like an undefined mass of unbelievable pain.

Jeremy didn’t see the need to drag things out more than necessary. Towering over Logan, he grabbed Logan’s hair to hold him in place and brought his foot down hard on Logan’s withering dick and his big, swollen nuts while punching him in the face.

He twisted his foot, crushing Logan’s nuts while beating his face, to the delight of the crowd that egged him on with cheers and applause.

Logan’s voice cracked and his screams turned into hoarse, throaty caws as Jeremy crushed his nuts under his foot.

Blood was running down Logan’s face and neck, mixing with his sweat to paint his broken, bruised body in different shades of watery red. His lower lip was bloated and his left eye was swollen shut, distorting his handsome face.

There was no fight left in him but he didn’t seem ready to admit defeat yet.

Jeremy gave him another chance, taking his beaten face between his hands and looking deep into his eyes. “It’s over”, he said. “Just give up.”

Logan balled his fist and aimed a weak punch at Jeremy’s head that was easily deflected by Jeremy who chuckled and shrugged his shoulders. “Okay, I got it”, he chuckled and slapped Logan’s bruised face with the palm of his hand.

Then he lifted him up and heaved him onto his shoulders, putting him in a torture rack.

Logan screamed hoarsely as Jeremy’s hand found his bruised and bloated ballsack and started squeezing.

The crowd went wild as Jeremy squeezed the life out of Logan’s nuts, squishing and squashing the swollen orbs as if he wanted to press the juice out of a pair of lemons.

Logan’s screams grew more intense and his breathing quickened as his dick thickened and fattened to a full erection.

Jeremy posed for the crowd with Logan on his shoulders. The battered blond was bent awkwardly, his rock-hard, throbbing cock pointing at the ceiling while Jeremy was compressing his bloated ballbag with his strong hand.

“Fuck!” Logan croaked, his face contorted in agony, as a fountain of jizz shot up into the air, raining down on his beaten, bruised, blood-smeared body.

This time the audience could see every spurt of the sperm spectacle, cheering and roaring as Jeremy paraded Logan through the ring on his shoulders, cum splattering everywhere as Logan grunted and groaned in pain.

Logan’s whispered words of surrender were drowned out by the noisy crowd but Jeremy heard them. Immediately, he let go of Logan’s nuts and placed him on the floor where he curled up in a ball, whimpering and moaning as he clutched his manhood.

Jeremy raised his hands in victory, a huge smile on his face.

His fat, thick dick was hard as a rock, gently bobbing up and down as he celebrated his triumph.

“Fuck him!” someone shouted.

Jeremy chuckled.

“Yeah, pound his fucking ass!” another one yelled.

“Fuck the shit out of him!” a third one roared.

Jeremy jerked his dick a couple of times, drawing loud cheers from the crowd.

Then he raised his hands to silence the crowd.

Jeremy raised his voice. “Thanks for your support everybody. It has been an amazing journey. I want to thank everyone of my opponents. It was an honor to stand in the ring with you, and to beat your fucking asses.”

The crowd roared with laughter.

“But most of all”, Jeremy turned to Logan who was curled up on the floor, beaten, bloody and bruised. “I want to thank my opponent today. You’re a great fighter and a good friend. Okay, you didn’t stand a chance today but I really enjoyed fighting you.”

Logan looked up, grinning weakly.

Jeremy nodded at him.

“And now”, he continued, “I want the four guys who were beaten by Logan on his way to the final to come up here and join me in fucking that tight little hole like there is no tomorrow!”

Jeremy winked at Logan. “Surprise!” he mouthed with a grin as the room erupted in riotous applause.

Logan let out a weak laugh and shook his head. “Fuck you”, he mouthed back.

Four young men stripped naked and climbed into the ring.

They were all muscular and athletic, with big, hard dicks and a mix of lust and lust for revenge in their eyes.

Hugo was a tattooed Latino stud with a shaven head. He had lost against Logan in the first round, and his bruises had mostly healed.

Tom had been Logan’s second-round-opponent. He was a short and wiry young man with a buzz cut and a nose that looked as if it hadn’t been broken for the first time when Logan had landed the match winning punch to his face that had knocked him out cold.

In the third round, Logan had defeated Farid, a handsome man with curly black hair and a huge dick that was almost as fat and thick as Jeremy’s. Logan had won the fight by focusing on his abs, and the bruises hadn’t completely disappeared yet.

Desmond had been Logan’s final obstacle on his way to the final. The fight had been long and brutal, and it had left some marks on Desmond’s muscular body. He took off his neck brace and grimaced, running his hands over his throat. His dick was dripping with precum and he couldn’t wait to sink it into Logan’s hole.

They gathered around Logan, looking down at him.

Logan stared back at them, his face as swollen and bruised and bloody as the rest of his body.

Less than a minute later, Logan was on his back and his throat was filled with dick.

Jeremy was pumping his huge cock in and out of Logan’s mouth, burying it balls-deep in Logan’s throat and making it bulge with Jeremy’s thick, fat moster. Jeremy had his hands wrapped around Logan’s neck, holding his head in place as he choked him with his fat cock.

Tom was holding Logan’s legs up, spreading them apart while Sayid and Desmond were fingering Logan’s hole, preparing it for a rough fuck.

“That’s a fucking tight hole”, Farid mumbled, pushing two fingers into Logan’s ass.

“Just open him up”, Desmond said with a grin as his index finger joined Sayid’s finger inside Logan’s hole. He collected some spit in his mouth and let it drip onto Logan’s ass, lubing up his hole.

In the meantime, Hugo was attending to Logan’s bruised babymakers. He was propping Logan’s battered balls up by forming a ring around the neck of his sack with his fingers. His free hand was balled into a fist that he sent smashing down on Logan’s nuts like a hammer.

Logan was grunting and gagging as his throat was reamed by Jeremy’s huge dong.

After a couple of minutes of relentless face-pounding, Jeremy pulled his dick out of Logan’s mouth and smiled down at him.

Logan gasped for breath, his bruised, swollen face covered in spit and drool.

“Ready for my dick in your ass?” Jeremy asked with a grin before smacking his glistening cock on Logan’s face.

He interpreted Logan’s breathless grunt as a yes and playfully slapped his face. “Hey, someone want to fuck his throat?”

Farid was the first one to raise his hand and he hurried to take the position at Logan’s head. He made Logan clean up his fingers that had just been stretching the handsome young man’s hole before shoving his dick inside Logan’s mouth.

“Feels amazing, doesn’t it?” Jeremy grinned as he lined up his dick with Logan’s hole.

“Fuck yeah”, Farid grunted, making Logan gag and retch as he tickled his tonsils with his huge cock.

Desmond spread Logan’s cheeks and Jeremy buried his dick inside Logan’s ass.

Logan let out a muffled scream as Jeremy filled his hole to capacity, stretching it to its limits with his thick, hard cock.

Hugo had wrapped his lips around Logan’s dick while pounding his balls with his fist.

Despite the fact that Logan had shot two loads already, his dick was rock-hard and pulsing inside Hugo’s mouth.

Desmond was running his fingers over Logan’s perineum.

When Jeremy had loosened up Logan’s hole a bit, Desmond slipped the first digit of his index finger inside Logan’s butt alongside Jeremy’s monster cock.

“Not so tight anymore”, Jeremy quipped as he fucked Logan’s hole while Desmond fingered it.

At the same time, Logan blew his load inside Desmond’s mouth.

When his orgasm had subsided, Desmond let his dick slip out of his mouth. Desmond’s cheeks were puffed and he winked at Tom.

Jeremy pulled his dick out of Logan’s hole and Farid stopped fucking Logan’s throat for a moment.

Tom pushed Logan’s knees down to his shoulders, lifting his ass up in the air. His hole was gaping wide open, a perfect target for the mouthful of spunk that gushed out of Desmond’s mouth as soon as he opened his mouth.

“Fuck, that’s a big fucking load of cum”, Jeremy chuckled, pushing three of his fingers into Logan’s butt, shoving his cum deep inside and lubing up the hole.

“Well”, Desmond grinned. “These are big fucking nuts.” He smacked Logan’s drained balls with the palm of his hand.

Jeremy shoved his dick back into Logan’s hole and fucked him hard and fast until he let out a long, guttural groan and buried his dick to the hilt in Logan’s ass, filling him with his seed.

“Yeah”, he grunted as jet after jet of pent-up spunk found its way into Logan’s ass.

When he pulled out, a flood of cum ran out of Logan’s gaping hole and Jeremy scooped some of it up and fed it to Logan.

The guys took turns pounding Logan’s ass, and they each dumped a couple of big, fat loads inside him.

One of them was always fucking Logan’s face, and another one was squeezing and punching Logan’s spent balls.

Surprisingly, there was another batch of cum inside them, although it took a little more effort to coax it out. The combined force of Jeremy and Farid did the trick and they beat the cum out of his balls just when Desmond dumped his third load inside Logan’s throat, and Tom and Hugo were double-dicking Logan’s ass.

After Tom and Hugo had flooded Logan’s insides with their jizz, Jeremy shoved his fat cock into the gaping hole, holding on to Logan’s nuts for support and squeezing them relentlessly.

The rest of the guys formed a circle around the battered young man, jerking their dicks as they looked down on him.

One by one, they dumped their loads on his bruised body, showering him with jizz before leaving the ring.

Finally, Jeremy was alone with Logan, tightening his grip around Logan’s bruised and bloated balls as he fucked his ass with deep, hard thrusts.

“It was a good fight”, Jeremy chuckled, driving his dick deep inside Logan. “I really enjoyed it.”

Logan let out a guttural grunt. His bruised face was glazed with spit, blood, sweat and jizz. His left eye was swollen shut, his right eye was glued shut with cum.

The rest of his body didn’t look any better. There were bruises everywhere, buried under a thick, shiny layer of spunk. His balls were purple, swollen obscenely, bulging in Jeremy’s tight grip.

“What do you say”, Jeremy grunted as he grabbed Logan’s spent dick and started jerking it while squishing and squashing Logan’s balls with his other hand. “What do you say we cum together, huh?”

Again, Logan’s response was unintelligible.

Jeremy chuckled as he felt Logan’s dick grow inside his hand. He fucked him harder, holding on to his dick and his balls, plowing into Logan’s sore hole and hitting his prostate with every thrust.

With a twist of his hand, Jeremy squished another load out of Logan’s nuts just as he planted a huge batch of creamy jizz deep inside Logan.

When they were both done, Jeremy wiped the sweat off his face with the back of his hand, chuckling. “Damn, that was so fucking hot.”

He pulled his dick out of Logan and got up, raising his hands as the crowd went wild with cheers and applause.

Some of them had left after they had shot their load but most of them had stayed, jerking their dicks and sprinkling the benches with their jizz a couple of times.

Jeremy took a bow, his thick dick slowly softening. “Thank you, guys!” he yelled, waving to the crowd. “Now put your hands together for my friend Logan!”

He helped Logan up and put an arm around his waist.

Logan managed something that was supposed to be a smile even though the swelling of his face made it hard to know.

“You took it like a champ, buddy”, Jeremy  said in a low voice, patting Logan’s ass.

Cum was leaking down Logan’s thighs, dripping to ground and forming a puddle between his feet.

“Let’s take a shower”, Jeremy said, lifting Logan’s arm over his shoulder. “Then we’ll see about those bruises.” He looked at Logan and winked. “And who knows, maybe you’re up for that re-match later tonight…”


Dominik said...

What a fight! Although to be honest, after the warning, I kinda expected the story to be more brutal ;-)

Anonymous said...

The match part was great, but the rape part after was a little much.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, guys!

I tought all the blood warranted a warning... :-))

The sex part was part of the tournament. I'm pretty sure Logan would have done the same. And I thought it was kinda sweet that Jeremy let the other guys join in... :-))

Unknown said...

yeah hot match, please more so matches and tricking and humiliating, and hope Logan gets owned castrated , unmanned

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Michael! I‘m glad you enjoyed the story! :-))