Monday, September 4, 2017


Parker - artwork created by Champ
Name: Parker Potts
Age: 21
Hair color: dyed red
Eye color: green

Parker is an adventurous, flamboyant young man, open-minded and game for anything. A professional gymnast and circus performer, Parker has a muscular, athletic body. He loves dressing extravagantly, and he enjoys the attention he gets. Never afraid to put his balls on the line for fun and games, Parker is an enthusiastic ballbuster and a great guy to be around.

Parker’s best friends are the twins. His secret ex-boyfriend is David.

Fun fact: 
Parker won a gold medal in the Roshambo contest at the Ballbusting Olympics.
See: Ballbusting Olympics: Roshambo

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This post has been edited on 09/04/2017 to include the wonderful character portrait created by Champ.

Here’s the original post, previously titled “Who is Parker?” (original date: 03/17/2015):

After having taken a look at ZachDavidLoganBenthe twinsChadKevLeoCalSimonDanny and Sammy in the past, it's time to call Attention to one of our most colorful characters - at least as far as clothing and hair choices are concerned...

Parker is an "indie boy", 21 year old, with dyed red hair and green eyes. He is athletic and muscular and he has worked in the circus in the past. He's a very fun-loving guy but he's a romantic at heart - and he loves to bust balls and get his balls busted... (If you want to revisit Parker's adventures you find all the stories labelled "Parker" here.)

Now, what do you think he looks like? Feel free to post links to celebrities or porn stars or whatever you like in the comments section. Headshots or nude pictures or fully clothed ones - everything is welcome. Alternatively you can send me pictures or drawings or whatever you like via e-mail ( - if you provide me with the source I'll post them here on the blog.

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Scroll down for readers' suggestions.

Update 03/19/2015:

An anonymous reader's suggestion:

Unknown model

Unknown model
Update 12/12/2015:

ABusterteen's suggestions ("You'll have to imagine the dyed red hair"):

Comedian Luke Kempner

Luke Kempner again

Kings of Leon's Jared and Caleb Followill (either one)

Singer Jamie T.
Update 12/15/2015:

Fernando's suggestions via email:

Anonymous redhead

Another anonymous redhead
Update 12/19/2015:

Another suggestion by ABusterteen:

Actor Josh Sneesby
What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Parker is kinda tricky... Maybe this guy?

Alex said...

Thank you for your suggestion! I've added them to the post.

ABusterteen said...

You'll have to imagine the dyed red hair but how about comedian Luke Kempner?

Either of the Followill brothers Jared or Caleb from the Kings of Leon

Or singer Jamie T...

Alex said...

Thanks for your suggestions, ABusterteen! I've added the pictures to the post!

ABusterteen said...

Hey! How about actor Josh Sneesby?

Alex said...

Thanks for your suggestion, ABusterteen! I'll add the pictures to the post later today. :-))

Anonymous said...

Another great Champ's art post. Hope you don't mind me putting them up on the M/M Ballbusting booru as they come out.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I don't mind at all! On the contrary: Feel free to post them wherever you like! :-))

Anonymous said...

Say did ya manage to talk to Champ? Seeing as you're still posting more art from him, I want to give the guy some props but his tumblr is still gone.

Alex said...

Thanks for the comment! I've talked to Champ and he is fine. He is just taking a break right now. If you have a message for him just email it to me ( and I'll forward it to him. :-))