Monday, May 11, 2015

Who is Tristan? (updated)

Original date: 05/11/2015

Leo's skater buddy Tristan is one of the most fun-loving up-for-anything guys on this blog. He's 19 years old and loves busting other guys' balls. He has dusty blond hair and a cute face, and he likes to wear funny t-shirts that reference ballbusting. (If you want to revisit Tristan's adventures you find all the stories labelled "Tristan" here.)

Now, what do you think he looks like? Feel free to post links to celebrities or porn stars or whatever you like in the comments section. Headshots or nude pictures or fully clothed ones - everything is welcome. Alternatively you can send me pictures or drawings or whatever you like via e-mail ( - if you provide me with the source I'll post them here on the blog.

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Scroll down for readers' suggestions.

Update 05/11/2015:

An anonymous reader's suggestion:'s Chance
Chance being cheeky.
Chance showing off his hot body.


Anonymous said...

What about Chance from Island studs? He's hot!

Alex said...

Thanks for your suggestion! I've added three pictures to the post.