Friday, September 10, 2021

Threeway - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

Here is another awesome adventure of our beloved brothers Gino and Jayden. Jimmy and Reg came up with an epic adventure! I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one.

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Warning: Contains graĆ¼hic homosexuality.

*** Part I: Tiptoe ***

Jayden is breathless next Chase, he could not seem to get enough air in his lungs, as his chest rises and falls. Still heaving, rising, and falling rapidly Jayden has a look of complete satisfaction on his young face.

“How was that!?” Chases asks coming from between his quivering legs his body still pulsing with the aftershocks. Jayden barely glances down at him, but the dribble of his semen trickling from the corner of Chase’s open grinning mouth makes his smile tickle at the corners.

“Amazing,” Jayden clarifies, still huffing.

“Yeah, I’m pretty good, huh?” Chase brags with a knowing grin then swallows down the remaining jizz in his mouth and pauses awkwardly unsure how to return the compliment “Damn Jayden, that was quite a cumload …for a fourteen year old I mean.”

Jayden can’t help laughing at Chase’s closing comment and replies with a cheeky wink “Well I guess my boy-balls are pretty big…for a fourteen year old I mean.”

Chase shrugs then quickly switches to his own agenda “You know kiddo, I was thinking,” he pauses and licks the remaining cum from his lips as he clambers up on top of his boyfriend until he is directly above him, his thick cock resting on Jayden’s abs while his low hanging balls weigh down heavily between the younger boy thigh’s, nestling against Jayden’s honey brown cock. It’s Chase’s favorite dominating position and he grins down, reveling in the feeling of power and he knows Jayden loves it too, his dark mysterious eyes gaze up longingly into the crystal clear blue eyes above him.  

“Mmmmmhmmm,” Jayden murmurs, kissing Chase’s solid shoulder and pulling him against him so that he can feel his firm muscled body pressing down on top of him.

“Would you be interested in adding a third?”

“Wh…what do you mean, Chase?” Jayden gulps, ringing his fingers along the sculpted ravines on Chase’s back then up his neck before gently brushing Chase’s blonde hair.

“Like a threesome.” Chase chuckles.

“Oh, I see” Jayden thinks aloud, and he feels something stirring and throbbing between them and for a moment he is unsure who is more excited, both have had multiple orgasms this evening and are feeling pretty spent…at least so he thought . “Well, er I guess I wasn’t expecting this. Er who were you thinking? …Maybe Max?” Jayden blurts out with a little too much enthusiasm. His eyes glaze over as he recalls a recent dream: the fun loving twin was servicing both him and Chase together while his brother Rex stood behind, gripping his brother Max firmly by his developing balls urging him to finish them off quicker. 'Okay, so technically that would make a foursome', Jayden reminds himself as his exhausted cock makes another little throb and he wondered if Chase felt it.

“Well no actually...I was thinking about Adam.”

“What ? Are you…sure? I mean there’s some awkward history between the three of us.”

“Oh come on, it’s just a bit of fun, no big deal.”

Jayden is not so sure of that. “If, and only if he knows that this is just a one-time deal. Nothing more serious. Can you convince him of that?” Jayden asks, his eyes searching.

Chase nibbles his small button nose and kisses his cheek. “I can do anything, as you well know. Anyway, Adam is hardly in our league is he?”

Jayden rolls his eyes at Chase’s complete and overwhelming confidence but relents rather quickly. “OK, but next time, I get to pick who comes into bed with us.”

“Deal,” Chase agrees. “Can we do it again?”

“I’ve got nothing left, and your big limp noodle tells me you’re done too.” Jayden says with a smile.

“Fine.” Chase rolls off him and sits up, “Then I say we go bother Logan.”

“He’s with Ashley!” Jayden laughs smacking his arm.

“So, what…you can pretend that you had a nightmare!” Chase suggests.

“I’m not five,” Jayden laughs nuzzling against him.

“I’ll think of something,” Chase yawns, his eyes closing.

“Sure, you will,” Jayden says, turning off the light lazily.

Chase falls asleep before he can.

*** 1:09 pm: The text ***

In math class at the end of the day, Jayden’s phone vibrates in his pocket.

A single line of text from Chase reads: “Adam’s in.”

Jayden grins, and messages back a one-word question: “When?”

Chase: “Tonight.”

Jayden sighs and types: “I will have to sneak out. See you around eleven when my parents are asleep.”

Chase: “Can’t wait, bring the ripped up black underwear…those are my favorite.”

Jayden smiles returning the phone to his pocket.

*** 11:15 pm ***

Jayden is at his parent’s door listening, both seem to be snoring. With a sigh of relief, he tiptoes to the front door, bike helmet in hand creeping the front door open.

“And where do you think you are sneaking off too?”

Jayden whirls around to see Gino staring at him in nothing but his underwear, arms crossed his jaw set.

“Gino,” Jayden starts, but Gino holds up a hand.

“This is your third night…in a row,” Gino says ticking them off one hand. “In practice today, you were a mess, you have bags under your eyes, and I swear you fell asleep at lunch. You are not going anywhere.”

Jayden wants to reason with him, but he can tell that this is not a reasoning situation. Jayden slumps his shoulders, and slowly heads back to his bedroom. Gino nods his head as Jayden passes saying, “Good, you will appreciate this.”

Jayden sighs, and says “Yeah, but you won’t.” And suddenly he whirls around kicking Gino in his underwear as hard as he can.

Gino is taken completely by surprise and stares down horrified at his young brother’s sneaker digging into his walnuts, his underwear giving no protection at all.

“Jayden!” Gino gasps as his kid brother pulls his foot away, making him stumble forward. Jayden keeps on the offensive grabbing his brother’s shoulders hard, closing the distance quickly and slamming his knee home right into his bulging fruit basket.

Gino slumps against him, gasping and slowly drops to the floor on all fours.

“Sorry bro, I really gotta go,” Jayden says turning and heading to the door.

“No, you don’t,” Gino growls, clambering unsteadily to standing, one hand buried deep into his underwear clutching his battered nuts, the other holding onto the wall.

Jayden sighs turning back, “Do we really have to do this?”

Gino hobbles forward hands outstretched to grab him, Jayden knocks them away and drops to his knees before his brother and with a heavy sigh throws an uppercut up in-between Gino’s thighs, feeling his light black hairs tickling his arm as it crashes into Gino’s full plump nuggets. Gino freezes and Jayden with his forearm still lodged between his legs yanks his arm back so that his closed fist hits both of Gino’s sorry testicles as he pulls his arm free. Jayden watches with mild interest Gino’s nuts swing up and smack his pubis and drop back down quivering in between his thighs.

“Oooh right in the nuts again, bro,” Jayden smirks “maybe you should just go back to bed and rest.”

Gino sucks in a breath, groans then doubles over again.

Jayden moves towards the door, but somehow Gino grabs one of his ankles, halting him. Jayden spins back thinking ‘Maybe he just needs one more ball shot,’ when Gino yanks his foot out from under him and Jayden lands hard on the wooden floor with a crash. The noise breaks the stillness of the house and makes Jayden and Gino pause, listening to see if their commotion has woken up their parents.

The brief pause gives Gino just enough time to slightly recover his senses. His beefy balls have taken quite a beating and they feel so sore in their ballsac. Gino fingers his hanging testicles planning on how best to get his brother back.

Jayden moves to get up, but Gino slides him across the floor so easily with one mighty pull showcasing his raw power, and the four-year age difference. Jayden struggles to escape but Gino presses both knees into his thighs as he mounts his younger brother pinning his arms on either side of his head breathing hard.

“Like I said, you are not going anywhere.”

“You can’t keep me here!” Jayden say indignantly, the cool wooden floor is hard and unforgiving to his back, Gino’s chest presses his own, pinning him in place.

“Yes, yes I can,” Gino’s response is more of growl, than a command but Jayden gets the concept.

Jayden writhes underneath him, struggling to get free. He must get out of his house. “Let me go!”

Gino gets a shit-eating grin on his face as he leans down so that his face is inches from his brothers, and simply says to him “No.”

With Gino on top of Jayden, he finds that he cannot escape his older brother’s wrath no matter how much he squirms beneath him, he is stuck. After another minute of struggling Jayden stops, and lays still breathing hard with his brown eyes smoldering. As soon as Jayden stops struggling, Gino’s grins widens knowing that he has won. “Now you suffer,” Gino explains moving one’s knee off Jayden’s kneecap and sliding it in between Jayden’s legs.

Jayden prepares to struggle again, and closes his thighs trying to keep Gino away from his valuables.  Gino’s knee keeps coming and as it inches along up and between Jayden’s thighs, and he cannot help but feel defeat as it reaches the bottom of his sac. Jayden gulps, shaking his head, and saying “No, not my boynuts! Gino please, I have a date tonight!” His whispering plea seems to fall on death ears, as usual.

Gino digs knee up, catching Jayden’s fat nuggets and slowly climbs on top of them until his heavy kneecap rests precariously above. Gino let’s gravity do its work and his kneecap plunges down pressing Jayden’s nuts downward until they inevitably hit the wooden floor, and that’s when his little brother knows how much trouble he is in.

Jayden’s dark brown eyes, appear completely black in the half-light, but Gino’s enjoys seeing them widen and his little brother gritting his teeth, sucking in his breath and his stomach at the same time, as if either could prepare him for the devastating feeling when Gino uses all his force and rams Jayden’s balls to the floor. Jayden’s balls have nowhere to escape as Gino’s fat thigh nails his balls in place.

Jayden groans as his balls are flattening, and he writhes again, knowing it is futile, but his body goes into survival mode as his tender unprotected testicles are subjected to this attack. “My boynuts,” Jayden manages to whimper. “Oh god, ugh, ugh, ugh!” Jayden groans unable to save his precious boyhood.

Gino is all smiles enjoying Jayden’s reaction, and decides to add insult to injury by bouncing his kneecap up and down, playfully knocking Jayden’s nuts flat and allowing them to return back to their full shape momentarily before his kneecap crashes back down with a sad thud. On the first bounce, Jayden’s whole upper body tilts up off the floor, locking in place and falls back down, the fight leaving him, and his arms slowly stop struggling laying limp while his poor teenage balls blaze with intense pain.

“Okay,” Jayden croaks… “You win,” he says giving up and laying still.

“I always do,” Gino says moving his knee bone out of the tattooed spot in Jayden’s groin and replaces it with his hands wrapping around Jayden’s balls as he sits up Jayden laying defeated on the floor his arms like broken bird wings fanned out on the floor as his chest heaves in and out, and he stares dumbly up towards the ceiling unlit lights.

Gino grabs a ball in each hand testing his brother’s durability and getting a feel of the damage that he has wrought. “You put up quite a fight, bro but I’m still too much for you, and now you know how this ends.” Gino closes his hands and begins to squeeze his boynuts, digging his invading fingers inwards. Jayden’s balls, usually so durable, were wrecked with that knee, and he lays still allowing Gino to finish what he has started, unable to muster the energy to get back into the fight.

Cherishing his victory, Gino takes his time with his ball squeezing, slowly working it up making it harder as he goes. Jayden’s balls are his favorite, and always have been. Ever since he got his hands on Jayden’s ball’s he finds that he cannot really shake his desire to bust him some more. While Gino is squeezing his brother’s big boys, he intermediately rubs or meets Jayden’s cock head, giving it a few quick strokes, here and there getting him ready to clear him out. It is been almost a week since Gino got to see his brother cum, and he has a feeling that this will be a spectacular showing. The real icing on the cake is knowing he will deny Chase the pleasure, and ruin their date.

Already Jayden is showing bodily signs that he is preparing for his oncoming orgasm. His penis has hardened, lengthening to its full size, and his cockhead has broadened and pulsates. Jayden’s nipples poke hard on his pecs, making little indents in his shirt, and Jayden’s balls begin their descent upwards. Gino also senses the change in his brother’s breathing as his intakes get raspier, with little gasps following in his ragged in takes of breath as his body tries to prepare itself for Gino’s forceful release.

“Easy does it buddy,” Gino taunts, rubbing Jayden’s stiff dick while his other hand crushes his big right ball. Gino’s fingers dance along Jayden’s tip and he lets out an involuntary whimper, his back arching, and groans his fingernails digging into the woodwork.

“Gino…” Jayden pleads, not wanting to cum. Jayden wants to be in bed with Chase and Adam. He wants to have his three-some but his big bro is about to take his seed…and he knows from the hungry look in his older brother’s eyes that he might make him cum again. After that Jayden will be completely spent, and even after his brother goes to sleep there’s no way he could perform in the long awaited three-way. If he is going to make a move, he had better do so fast.

Jayden clenches his fists hard, ready to make one last attempt to not explode, when Gino pulls his shorts down and dives on top of his dick swallowing it whole in one fell swoop. Jayden freezes, fist outstretched, as his cock throbs adjusting to the new feelings of being in Gino’s warm, wet throat.

Then Gino sucks.

And it is all Jayden can do to keep from exploding right there, and right then.

Jayden’s upper body twitches, succumbing to Gino’s slurping sucking on his dick. Jayden groans, when Gino hums in his throat, sending vibrations up and down his rigid, pulsing pole. All the while, Gino mashes Jayden’s nuts now in both hands as if he is making mashed potatoes and Jayden whimpers in submission slowly lowering his fist. He is so close, and all he wants to do at this point is to succumb to his pending orgasm, the pressure inside his tortured balls is too great and he starts to hump Gino’s face, gnashing his teeth as he prepares to let loose the orgasm that he has been denying himself for days in preparation for tonight’s special treat with Adam and Chase.

Jayden’s eyes roll back in his head, and a small whimper escapes his throat as his vibrating torso, and thrusting hips start to lock in place. Jayden sucks in one last breath and holds it. His body quivering as the front door of his house opens.

Chase stands in the doorway, dressed in all back. Black t-shirt, black trousers, and black wingtip shoes gaping at Gino on all fours owning his boyfriend, who is seconds away from letting lose the biggest orgasm he has had in some time.

Jayden sees him and tries to hold it back, a few moments longer as he releases his held breath from between his gritted teeth and pushes at his brother’s shoulder weakly. Gino does not move an inch, if anything he sucks harder, pulling his lips more tightly and moves up to Jayden’s head and darts his pink tongue in and out along his opening making Jayden freeze again on the cusp of release.

Chase’s foot flies in between Gino’s widespread thighs nailing his pendulous wedding tackle with a sickening squishing splat!

Gino gasps, opening his mouth for the first-time sense he put Jayden’s monstrous cock inside of his throat, and tries to register what just hit him, as Chase rears back aiming for Gino’s twin targets easily identifiable in his loose boxers and kicks him again. The second foot scrambles Gino’s testicles and plows into his aching erection nailing his fully engorged head with the wingtip perfectly. Gino sucks in a breath, along with Jayden’s dick and causing his younger brother to pause, and his dick to pulse and throb.

“I’m gonna…” Jayden warns as his hips unwilling thrust up sinking deeper down his brother’s throat.

With a furious scowl, Chase grabs Gino around the waist and yanks. Jayden’s dick slides out of Gino’s throat and gaping lips with an audible pop leaving Jayden’s quivering penis vibrating in the air as Chase tosses Gino backwards, making him land heavily on his butt.

“Fuck, my nuts!,” Gino groans grabbing his balls and staring across at Jayden but it’s immediately clear his younger brother is not to blame for the surprise assault on his big gonads. Chase moves into his line of sight looking pristine, and ready for anything, a wicked evil grin playing on his mouth.

“You are interrupting my fun time, Jayden was supposed to be at my house ages ago,” Chase barks grabbing Gino’s ankles and dropping Gino onto his back. “I’m blaming you for Jayden’s lateness, and for that…” Chase kicks Gino’s hands away and places one of his black dress shoes on top of Gino’s fat nuggets. “Your pathetic nuts will pay a heavy price.”

Gino puts up a hand in surrender, “Wait…don’t!”

Chase does not listen but proceeds to step firmly down on Gino’s testicles. The older teen’s sturdy balls are still no match for Chase’s shoe and slowly flatten as Chase closes the distance from his shoe and the floor, with Gino’s balls having no place to escape.

Jayden is on his back breathing hard. He is so close to orgasm he closes his eyes trying to imagine his grandmother naked, hoping it can prevent an untimely eruption from his quivering member. It seems to work and slowly and very carefully he tucks his throbbing penis back into his underwear, which immediately gets wet at the tip of his engorged crown, pre-cum starting to soak his shorts which he hastily pulls up, so he won’t be tempted to pull them back down and finish the job himself.

“You going to hang around all day, Jayden?” Chase taunts, his smirk evident with his twinkling blue eyes looking back at him.

“Fuck, my boynuts are killing me, Chase.”

“You can stop calling them that Jayden, I mean they’re almost as big as mine. Right Gino?” Chase laughs twisting his foot so that Gino’s balls are forced to roll side-side as if Chase is squashing a bug, instead of Gino’s testicles. The very essence of his maleness.

“My baaaaalls!” Gino writhes and groans, trying not to howl in agony.

Chase returns his attention to Gino, Jayden’s older brother and adds “You have had this coming for weeks, and you know it!”

Slowly Jayden gets to his feet, his balls are killing him, and he knows that he will be feeling it tomorrow, he does not want to risk even cradling them for fear he will make a mess in his underwear. He walks carefully to his brother and asks, “May I? I owe him.”

Chase smiles at Jayden, “What will you do for me later if I give you this gift?”

Jayden considers as Chase bounces his foot up and down on top of Gino’s nuts, making him gasp or groan each time Chase squishes his brother’s orbs into the floor. “Besides letting Adam into our bed? I’ll let Adam hit me in the nuts. How’s that?”

“You can do better. I want to see you two go low blow, to low blow. Winner gets to finish me off.”

“But my boynuts…” Jayden cringes and peers down at his throbbing bulge.

"Man up, Jayden. I’m sure your sturdy nads can still defeat Adams, even if Gino has levelled the playing field a little”

“Well yeah, I guess.” Jayden bites his lip as he nurses his jewels “These eggs may be slightly cracked but I can still turn Adam’s peas into mush before he can scramble them completely.” Jayden chuckles as he meets Chase’s twinkling eyes.

“Then we have a deal,” Chase says handing over Gino’s ankles.

“Not that way,” Jayden says. “I want him upright.”

Chase shrugs and drops Gino’s ankles. Immediately Gino tries to rolls into a ball, but together Chase and Jayden get him to standing, Chase’s lean biceps are flexing hard as he puts the older teen into a full nelson from behind so that his powerful arms are taken care of.

Jayden admires Gino's position, his legs spread wide apart and walks determinedly forward, the throbbing in his own balls only increasing his urge for some good old fashioned revenge.

“You really should have just let me go out,” Jayden scolds his older brother.

Gino glares at him and then his attentive eye glimpses the damp patch at his brother’s waistline, just above his now semi hard, swinging meatstick and the twin bulge of his overgrown boyhood. As soon as Jayden gets in close enough to hit him, Gino attacks kicking straight up solidly into the fork between his smooth young thighs nailing both of his swinging globes and smashing them up into his pelvis.

Jayden freezes, and looks down in horror at his nuts and moans, his legs bending inwards as he suddenly crashes to his knees and whining pitifully “My boynuts. Oh no!” As the agony kick in, his jaw drops open and he keels forward until his face kisses the ground leaving his legs kicking the air uselessly.

Chase rolls his eyes and sighs, “Dammit Jayden, how did you fall for…” but his words catch in his throat as Gino brings the same leg backwards then powers it upwards in a vicious mule kick with his heel. Chase freezes, feeling the air rush around his groin his spine tingle and his muscles clench knowing all too well what is about to happen. The incoming blow hits Chase hard and fast leaving him bug eyed and gagging as the assault on his prized jewels hits home. Gino’s bare heel slams upwards between the legs of his tailored dress pants, nailing him right in his tightly packed nuts which are suddenly thrust out to the sides, bursting the seam apart at his crotch with a horrific ripping sound. Chase’s eyes almost pop out of his head as he staggers back, releasing Gino to attend to his aching genitals which have been horribly rearranged, his big nuts still trapped under his tight fabric of his trousers. After a desperate scramble he finally releases the button at his waists and slips the wrecked clothing down to his knees so he can nurse his beloved boyhood.

With his arms freed, Gino spins around to see Chase has lost his Cheshire cat grin replaced by a look of pained outrage.

“Ugh my big nuts!” Chase croaks cradling his bulge, then his eyes catch sight of frayed, tattered edges of his trousers “You fucking dick! Ugh…fuck they’re my favorite pair…aargh and now their ruined. You are so dead!”

Chase’s threat is rather hollow as he doubles over and looks about ready to collapse but Gino fun is just beginning. Reveling in how he turned the tables with that wicked double nut shot he grins broadly as he forces Chase upright with a firm grip under his chin.

“Oh poor Chase, were they your favorite pair!” Gino mews in mock sympathy still buzzing from his successful retaliation “Now I wonder, are you talking about your fancy pants or your little ballsies, Chase?”

With that Gino grabs Chase by the wrists and powers his arms outwards, then he grins as he catches sight of the blond boy’s underwear. The young Adonis is wearing the tightest thong he has ever seen. It’s bright blue, just like his swim team speedos and the Lycra is stretched skin tight around his teenage genitals, pushing his boyhood forward to reveal every bump and bulge of his wedding tackle in the most exquisite details. Gino gulps, rather impressed by the growth of Chase’s fruit basket and he feels his own fat cock throbbing again, then he quickly remembers that Chase is his nemesis and he still has a job to finish.

“Well, well, well, I see you brought a gift for your uncle Gino!” The older teen tilts his head and gives a lopsided smile “Hmm Chasey, let me guess…are you smuggling a budgie in there? Ooh look and it must be a little hen, because I know a cock when I see one.”

Chase glares back, blood boiling with rage and suddenly jerks his knee up hard with a determined grunt directed right into Gino’s exposed man-bulge but suddenly his leg stops short a mere hairs breadth from his target. Chase peers down angrily to find his ankles is still trapped in his lowered trousers then he gulps as his predicament becomes obvious.

“Nice try Chase, but now it’s time to let that little birdie out”

“Don’t you dare touch me, you fu…” Chase’s snarly tirade is cut short as Gino grabs his firm shoulders and brutally nails him, right between the legs, this time Gino’s trademark knee smashes his bulbous boy-bulge so hard that Chase is lifted clean off his feet. He lands hard on his feet then stumbles backwards staring down in horror at the shockingly deflated pouch in his G-string. The fabric now flaps loosely around his big flopping dong, while his plump hairless nuts are now bulging, exposed and shiny on each side of the thin blue strap between the fork of his legs. Chase wails in distress and shame turning away from Gino exposing his smooth bubble-butt, his muscular cheeks twitching and clenching as he hops around like a wounded rabbit. The hilarious sight leaves Gino in stitches but Chase is struggling to see the funny side since he’s the one that’s just been nailed in the balls. “Fucker! Oh God my big goddam balls” Chase curses as he tries clumsily to repackage his equipment, but the pain is too much and he finally slumps to his knees cradling one sorry gonad in each hand.

From the floor, Jayden hears footsteps from his parents’ bedroom, and fear fills him as the bedroom light turns on.

Both Gino and Chase turn fearfully towards it, Gino covering his eyes saying, “Shit.”

Chase ceases his groaning and curses, then stares wide eyed at Jayden gasping, “What now?”

“Hide!” Jayden whispers urgently, slowly getting to all fours, holding his nuts as he tries to scamper away, knowing how ridiculous he looks.
Chase groans as he crawls in agony the short distance into his boyfriend’s bedroom, and Jayden tries to follow him, but Gino suddenly grabs his upper arm holding him steady. “Oh no you don’t! If I am getting in trouble, so are you!”

Jayden tries to pull free but at that moment the bedroom door opens, and Gino and Jayden suck in a collective breath waiting to see what will happen.

Their Dad looks out at the two of them and says, “What’s all the noise boys, can’t you sleep?”

“Poor Jayden had a nightmare,” Gino can’t hide a sly smirk and Jayden glares at him.

“You did?” Marco Gomez says walking closer, eyes a little red and sleepy. Marco Gomez is a strong looking man, more heavily built than either of his two sons, but considerately less well-equipped downstairs. Shirtless, and wearing what he refers to as his skivvies, Marco scratches at his chest and takes Jayden from Gino guiding him to his bedroom. “I’ll tuck you in,” one arm wrapping around his youngest shoulders/

“But…” Gino starts heading towards them.

“I’ve got this Gino, Dad is awake and can take care of things,” Marco says shooing him away. “Go back to bed.”

Gino’s piercing eyes tell Jayden, that this is far from over and Jayden feels the same way too. He is determined to get even with Gino after tonight’s fiasco.

Marco closes Jayden’s bedroom door behind them, leaving Gino smoldering in anger at not being able to finish what he started.

Jayden’s heartbeat picks up, but he does not see Chase anywhere, and hopes that he found a safe place to rest and pack his poor balls back into that fabulous thong. Marco sits on his bed and pats the space next to him. Jayden climbs into it, feeling a little foolish. He is fourteen, not five years old. But he goes along with it, not knowing how else to handle the situation.

“Son,” Marco says pulling the blankets high up on Jayden’s chest staring down at his youngest son with deep caring. “You want me to wait until you fall asleep?”

“No!” Jayden says in disgust. “Really, I’ll be alright. It was just a dream.”

“I remember when you were younger…your older brother let you watch that evil doll movie…what’s his name?”


“Yeah, that’s it. Scared the shit out of you. We had to pack all your toys away. You were never interested in them after that. Anyways, I have a point to all this remembrance, I’m getting there,” at this he takes a deep sigh, his hand absentmindedly rubbing his son’s hair in thought, his finger’s brushing the brown curls away from his forehead. “I think that’s when you realized that you were vulnerable and could get hurt. The night scared you, as that’s when the doll came to life. What I am trying to say to you is the night is also when we are alone with our thoughts. It can be scary, even for adults. If you ever get scared, I’m a door away. I’ll always tuck you in, you will always be my baby boy.” Marco leans down and kisses Jayden on the brow.

Marco Gomez has always been an affectionate man, and Jayden smiles despite the untruth that there was no nightmare.

“I love you, Dad,” Jayden says instead meaning every word.

“Me too, Sleep tight now, son.”

Marco gives his shoulder a squeeze and gently pats his chest. “Besides, you can take care of the monsters yourself now with your strong muscles. I’ve seen you on that mat. Good night, Jayden.”

“Night, Dad.”

The lights wink out with a click, and Marco Gomez closes the door. Jayden breathes out a sigh of relief his eyes scanning his room for Chase, then he notices the gently sway of his curtain from the gently breeze and he creeps up to his open window and peers down to see Chase’s pale moonlit face gazing back up.

The two lock eyes with each other and Jayden puts a finger to his lips, too nervous to even breathe until he hears his Dad’s footsteps retrace the steps to his room. Chase’s smooth athletic legs seem to glimmer in the moonlight, he must have ditched his ruined trousers and one hand is lost under his flapping shirt, still cupping his tender privates. There is a haunting expression on the blond boy’s handsome face that tares at Jayden’s heart and he can’t help wondering if Chase is more disturbed by the indignity of his current state or the words of fatherly affection that he must have overheard.

“You OK?” Jayden whispers earnestly “How are your boys… er I mean big…”

Jayden points to his own crotch and Chase grimaces at the reminder and gently fondles his proud package in the moonlight.

“My big boys can handle it” he replies gruffly, trying to put on a brave face “Can you throw me your robe?”

“Sure, so we’re still on for tonight?” Jayden’s eyes light up as he grabs the black, pure silk gown  that Chase recently bought for him and throws it down, watching as it billows and flutters down into his boyfriend’s awaiting arms.

Chase nods as he slips into the familiar robe, a matching copy of his own and his slender lips curl into a half-smile that Jayden knows he can make a whole lot bigger. He says nothing as he opens the window a little wider and springs out into the night, dropping from the ledge a few feet down to the ground.

Despite his weakened state, Chase instantly steps forward to break his fall, his blue eyes alit with the night stars that twinkle overhead. Chase’s smile pulls Jayden toward him and he kisses him for the first time that day, and suddenly all the trauma of the evening becomes a dim, distant memory as his lips entwine with Chase’s.

Pressing him firmly up against the house, Chase kisses him with such passion and tenacity that Jayden groans and feels a stirring in his pants again. Chase notices, presses that spot, making Jayden’s boyhood pulse and tingle.

“Take me to your place now, big boy!” Jayden growls giving Chase a friendly push.

“Absolutely,” Chase says, taking his hand as the two disappear off into the darkness ready to finally start their evening adventure.

*** Part II: Adam Takes Control ***

As Jayden follows Chase up the stairs he can barely keep his hands off him. The whole car ride Jayden couldn’t resist toying with him from the passenger seat, slipping his hand under the silky robe and teasing him with his playful touches, gropes and squeezes and the two lover boys are horny as hell when they finally arrive.

When Chase opens his bedroom, Jayden can only gasp in surprise. Adam is lying on Chase’s bed in his birthday suit, with a daintily tied red ribbon around his proud cock. Adam is not really Jayden’s type at all, not only from his looks but also his attitude. Adam has been mostly unpleasant towards him for a long time now, ever since Adam joined Chase’s little gang when their fierce rivalry was at its peak and things have hardly improved since. When Jayden joined the rival swim team it got even nastier and stealing Chase’s heart was probably the last straw.

Adam was one of the kids that paid his older brother to bust his balls and Jayden has certainly not forgotten about that episode! Only very recently Adam has shown any willingness to reform and Jayden is also willing to call it water under the bridge.

“Well at least you two finally showed up” Adam says and rolls his eyes playfully, he is splayed on Chase’s bed rather provocatively, his goods piled on top of his right thigh. While the red ribbon might be overkill, the intention, and the courage to do so impresses Jayden. Adam is becoming quite stocky for a fourteen year old, with wide shoulders, a barrel chest and rather powerful looking arms to match. He’s the same age and height as Jayden but a few pounds heavier making him one of the strongest guys on the swim team. He may be close in weight to Chase, who is almost a year older but Adam presents no match for the blond captain’s Adonis like physique. Adam’s stomach, while fairly flat is not even close to a six-pack but his legs are solid and give him real power in the water, especially in the sprint races. His tightly cropped brown hair is brushed forward, framing his face, with a bald fade on the sides giving him a slightly preppy look along with his muted brown eyes. His jam line is lost under his soft features and his nose is small and stubby. For sure he’s the type that would quickly turn to fat without exercise, but to his credit Adam is a strong swimmer and he has a great smile…especially when Jayden is in trouble.

Between his resting thighs Adam’s package looks quite enticing though rather average in size, although he still outranks several of the other swimmers. His slender cock is already rock hard, and jutting out at its full five inches but only the very tip is visible with the rest of its head still cloaked in its long rubbery foreskin that has barely retracted. As one of the few uncut boys on the swim team he is used to getting some glances from his teammates and he is clearly rather proud of his all-natural assets. Adam’s vulnerable boy nuts roll across his thigh like marbles as he adjusts his position, their modest size made even more apparent by his surprisingly expansive, silky scrotum. His cute danglers look like they would be fun to suck on and Jayden is reminded of the fancy Italian olives that Chase adores. Jayden chuckles at the thought as he wonders if his new friend Max might have finally overtaken Adam where it counts the most.

“Well I see someone’s ready,” Chase smirks strutting purposefully into the middle of the bedroom, the silky gown billowing around his knees while Jayden hangs back. “Well, Adam, I feel a little overdressed here. Why don’t you come here and undress us.”

Adam beams back, full of excitement and raring to go and he leaps off Chase’s bed like an excited puppy, his low hanging balls flopping around as he scampers up to the blond stud, his fingers twitching in anticipation. “Finally! Oh God I’ve waited so long for this.”

Jayden standing next to Chase stifles a giggle and hides it with a small cough. Chase catches it and gives him a playful nudge but already Adam is in front of them. Stark naked and grinning, the little red ribbon bobbing up and down with each throb of his eager cock. Adam’s hungry eyes seem to be glued on Chase, and cautiously he reaches out to gently touch the blond boys slender neck, then sensually slides his hands down with the gentlest of touches, causing the silky robe to part slowly open like the curtains in a theatre. Adam moans quietly as his fingertips make contact with Chase’s washboard abs then with a big flourish he sweeps the gown wide and slides it back until it glides back over the blond boys shoulders and billows silently to the floor behind him.

“Fuck me!” Adam whispers and gulps as he catches sight of Chase’s dazzling thong. His eyes bulge, glued to his captain’s impressive boy basket jutting out in his skimpy, sky blue thong, like an overfilled water balloon in the shape of the blond teens prized genitals. He’s used to seeing Chase in his speedos, with his impressive wedding-tackle tucked into an artful, streamlined mound, but now the captain’s assets are almost unconstrained and the stretched skin-tight pouch looks like it would burst apart with a pin-prick.

“Wow, now it’s time to remind me what you’re packing in here, big boy!” Adam growls, his smile has dissolved replaced by a determined scowl and Jayden’s mouth falls open. He did not see this coming.

“Don’t forget about Jayden …” Chase starts but Adam covers his mouth with his hand.

“Shush Chase, you’re not the captain here.” Adam’s voice is gruff and forceful, the growl is still present, but his determination is visible as his hand slips down to grope Chase’s jiggling bulge, rolling each of his plump testicles between his fingers in a sensual yet rather controlling massage.

“Ah, Adam…ugh wow, er where did this come from?” Chase gulps in surprise, a slightly nervous chuckle rising from his chest as Adam continues to fondle his big nuts like stress balls. Then one hand slips around Chase’s narrow hips and squeezes his muscular butt cheek before giving him a hearty spank that makes his captain splutter in shock but before Chase can protest he feels Adam grasp the thin cord of his waistband and pulling it up into a painful wedgie, lifting Chase on his tiptoes, with the thin cord biting deep into his ass crack.

“OK stud, now let’s see what you’re packing!” Adam chuckles as he heaves Chase higher until with a sudden SNAP the blond captain falls back on his heels; gaping, dumbstruck, his naked privates swinging pink and heavy between his thighs. He looks up to see Adam’s beaming grin, his right hand held aloft, clutching the tattered remains of his blue thong like a trophy. Before Chase can regain his senses he gets a firm shove right between his muscled pecs and falls backwards onto the bed only to look up and see the strong fingers plunge down and gently wrap around his exposed genitalia once again. Adam licks his lips with glee, his pink tongue making a slurping sound while his strong fingers trace every contour of his captain’s prized cock and balls, getting a good feel of everything that Chase is packing.

Jayden huffs despondently, more than a little annoyed at being left out of the action. He quickly pulls off his own shirt and shoes by himself and sidles up to Adam to get a closer view and try to join in the fun. “He’s hot as hell, don’t you think?” Jayden grins and gives Adam a playful elbow in the ribs.

“Duhhh” Adam dismisses Jayden with a single sarcastic slur as his fingers wrap around each of Chase’s testicles, giving them a tentative testing squeeze as he whispers. “Damn!  Look at the size of these!”

“Mmm, yeah my nuts are getting huge!” Chase shrugs knowingly and can’t resist winking up at Jayden. He props himself up on his elbows ready to wrest control of the evening from Adam but a sudden ache in his groin makes him freeze. “Ow! Adam, careful of my big boys.”

“You’re a tough stud, aren’t you captain?” Adam grins meanly “I’m sure your big balls can handle a little squeeeeze.” On the final word Adam clamps his fists closed crushing Chase’s balls tightly in his hands.

“Fuck! Adam NO!” Chase swears reaching forward, trying to extricate his balls from Adam’s grasp.

“That looks fun, you need some help, Adam,” Jayden chuckles grabbing Chase’s arms and pulling them back, pinning them to the bed above Chase’s prone body.

“Jayden, don’t you dare!” Chase growls, glaring at him. The glare only lasts for a moment, Adam makes sure that he knows that he is there as he adds a heavy twist to his nut claw making Chase gasp. “Fuck, Adam. My goddam balls!”

Jayden starts to harden, and but no one is harder than Adam. Adam’s foreskin is slowly peeling back, the red head fully exposing itself as he leaks a large drop of pre-cum that sits at the tip quivering.

“Pay attention to me captain, I’ve got your big balls. And as we all know you’ve got the biggest set in this room.”

“Uh hum,” Jayden clears his throat, but Adam’s eyes pierce his own and Jayden slides back an inch from his intensity.

“You want to say something, Gomez?” Adam snorts derisively as he turns back to admire his captain’s beefy gonads “Just look how damn huge Chase’s balls have grown! Aren’t they the most amazing nuts you’ve ever seen? Face facts, Gomez, these big boys easily outrank your boy-nuts now, no contest!” Adam states knowingly, his conviction unwavering.

Jayden frowns, biting his tongue, saying nothing as he watches Adam shamelessly worship his boyfriend’s plump and smooth oval eggs. He’s knows full well that Adam is off the mark, although clearly not by a country mile! Chase’s teenage testicles have always been a rather impressive pair but now, even to Jayden’s accustomed eye, they appear somewhat plumper and more potent than usual. Jayden shudders, feeling his own cock twitching at the thrilling prospect that Chase’s wedding tackle might be developing even bigger. Then he recalls how Gino’s brutal knee had almost neutered his sexy boyfriend earlier that evening…no doubt Chase’s fragile plums are just be a tad bruised. Regardless, there’s no denying that Chase’s nads would put most adult males to shame, as of course would his own. Jayden grins and decides it’s a good time to give Adam a little perspective!

“I guess it’s your lucky day, Adam. You know we’re both pretty well hung!” Jayden nudges Adam and theatrically grabs his own bulge but Adam just rolls his eyes as he continues to gently fondle and drool over Chase’s delicious dangling testicles.

“Patience grasshopper!” Chase smirks, clearly enjoying all the admiration as he winks back at Jayden “Can’t you see Adam has his hands full right now. This is a special moment, see I’ve never let Adam touch the captain’s big-balls before and as you know, they’re quite a pair! Right Adam?”

“Fuck yeah! Damn Chase, they look bigger than ever! Seriously dude, I think they’ve grown since last week.” Adam gushes as he gazes down into Chase’s sparkling, sapphire blue eyes then feasts his hungry eyes on the blond boy’s wonderfully sculpted physique as he continues to massage his big juicy balls.

Jayden huffs and puts his hands on his hips. Adam’s blind adoration of Chase is really starting to annoy him now at this point, and he’s about ready to break Adam’s spell! Jayden puts his hands on his waistband with a purposeful huff and prepares to pull down his shorts and prove that his overgrown Latino nuts are still bigger than the cocky swim-team captain. But then Jayden looks up and sees the pride and joy in his boyfriend’s handsome face and suddenly feel a little guilty for wanting to steal his thunder. With a resigned shrug he drops his hands to his hips and gazes up at Chase who just grins back and bounces his pecs.

“Cheer up Jayden, sorry you can’t quite compete with my big-balls now, and not many guys can!” the blond stud laughs, beaming with pride as he peers down at his manhood “My package looks bigger every day! I bet my cock is as big as Logan’s now, I’m sure my balls are…what did you call them, Adam? Biggest balls in the room, right? I like that!”

Jayden stands with raised his eyebrows listening to his boyfriend’s delusional bragging then he shakes his head and quietly fondles his hefty Latino balls in his hands. Jayden has little doubt that they still outrank Chase’s as they have since his explosive growth spurt almost a year ago. The sudden blossoming of Jayden’s genitals had really rattled Chase’s cage, threatening his status as the top dog in the locker-room and Chase had even admitted it to Jayden once. It was in a treehouse of all places and in a rare outpouring of his feelings Chase had spoken of the shame and humiliation he felt when Jayden’s speedo bulge became the talk of the whole school. That was around the time Gino had paid the swim-team to bust Jayden’s ripening plums and Chase’s seething jealousy was no doubt the reason he had joined in…he certainly didn’t need the cash.

Both boys had grown in fits and spurts since then and Chase, cocky and conceited as ever, had never relinquished his claim to be the one true alpha on the swim-team and blindly refused to accept that his beloved manhood could be outranked by Jayden, a rival who was both smaller and almost a full year younger. Chase’s obsession about how his cock and balls stacked up had always seemed slightly ridiculous to Jayden but it was a great pressure point to exploit when they were bitter rivals. Chase was never shy to show off his big cock and plump pubescent testicles and often forced Jayden to compare, convinced that his latest growth spurt would prove his dominance once and for all. But time and again, his beloved balls had fallen short, leaving Chase fuming in rage and frustration, and more determined than ever to prove his point next time.

“Look Jayden, Chase’s balls are perfect!” Adam grasps the big nuts one in each hand, pulling then to the base of their silky sac then pulling them up, stretching his long silky sack until his ball cords as taut as piano wires. Chase grits his teeth and sucks in a breath, as Adam’s fingertips explore the delicate spheres like a doctor looking for any imperfection.

“Amazing! Both of Chase’s bull-balls are perfectly proportioned, so firm and warm and one of the few pairs I have seen that are perfectly matched in size and shape. On top of that, they are the biggest on the swim team, and the envy of the locker room. A great captain should have big powerful balls like this don’t you think mmmm…I bet that they taste delicious too,” Adam adds thinking quickly before he gets in between Chase’s legs, dropping to his knees and taking a whiff of Chase’s intoxicating boy smell before he dives right in sucking hard on Chase’s plump right ball which slips past his lips slipping into his warm, gaping mouth where he sloshes it around with his tongue.

“Oh god,” Chase moans and his arms lay still. Jayden leans down and kisses him on the mouth, while Adam adjusts his grip to grasp his full package in both hands causing his drooping cock to pulse as blood pumps into his thickening member. Chase kisses Jayden back, his tongue pushing between the younger boys lips so both tongues twirl together inside Jayden’s mouth and they moan together.

Meanwhile Adam also has his mouth almost full, slurping on Chase’s fat right testicle but the sight of the other ball bulging delightfully in its smooth pale sac poses a challenge he cannot resist. Opening his jaw wider he nudges his lips against the bulbous organ and sucks harder unsure if his mouth can contain such a monumental load. Chase’s left ball slowly draws up until it stops at its widest point, half enclosed inside his lips and Adam, almost gagging on all this man-meat closes his jaw trying to draw the stubborn orb into his mouth. Chase’s eyes burst open as Adam’s teeth sink deep into the middle of his trapped testicle, deforming its sturdy shell and crushing the virile epicenter, the very heart of his manhood. Chase gasps and splutters in agony as Adam pokes his finger hard into the bulging orb in one final attempt to force it into his mouth.

Chase rips his tongue out of his boyfriend’s mouth and stretches his neck up howling in agony, his feet kicking desperately at the bed, and Jayden notices his distress and pulls off him asking, “What’s wrong?”

Chase’s face starts turning red, his eyes bulging and his teeth are clamp shut as Adam starts to gag on Chase’s balls.

Jayden glances down assuming that he is hurting Chase’s nuts again and sees half of Chase’s ball sticking out of his mouth. “Ooooh, that has to hurt! Let me help!” Jayden grimaces releasing Chase’s arms and coming behind Adam and grabs him around his thick chest and squeezes him in a bear-hug but nothing seems to happen so steps back and launches a brutal kick right between Adam’s legs, plowing his bare foot hard into Adam’s naked, dangling balls. Jayden’s toes sink deep into Adam’s modest nuggets and the boy coughs suddenly, expunging Chase nuts one after the other like a ping-pong cannon.

Immediately Chase curls up into a miserable ball clutching his balls, while Adam slumps forward, retching and squeezing Chase’s solid thighs as he gags.

When Adam can breathe again, he looks up angrily at Jayden, “Ugh my fucking nuts! Dickhead!…anyway now we know for sure that Chase’s balls are the biggest, there’s no way I could fit both of those suckers into my mouth.” Adam coughs one more time and smirks up at Jayden convinced that he has proved his point.

“Fuck Adam, ugh God! You almost eviscerated lefty!” Chase complains his fingers gently rubbing the teeth marks still imprinted on his fragile ball.

“Come on, your balls are tough as hell, Captain; I knew you would last through my experiment. As for you, Jayden, I also knew you would fall short and refuse my little test,” Adam declares standing up, one hand still nursing his long droopy sac.

“No way would I let you choke on my nuts, no thanks Adam!”

Adam tisks, “Then you finally admit it, Chase’s balls are bigger! I knew it.”

Jayden rolls his eyes, and plops down next to Chase rubbing his boyfriends back soothingly.

“Now come here loser, and show me what you got!” Adam says grabbing Jayden’s legs and pulling him towards his bulky frame.

“Hey!” Jayden says as Adam grabs his shorts and pulling them down just as roughly as he did to Chase.

“You’re almost hard, I can fix that for you,” Adam says backhanding Jayden’s cockhead making him grunt but Jayden quickly drops into a fighting stance, determined not to be bent under Adam’s will.

The boys lock arms and begin to struggle while Chase tries to recover on the bed next to them gently nursing the awful indents still showing on his big left ball. Jayden sees an opening and takes aim with his foot but before he can launch it up, Adam throws him onto the bed straddling him in a schoolboy pin, his knees pinning Jayden’s elbows uselessly against the bed. Reaching back Adam takes Jayden’s shorts in hand and finishes pulling them down, underwear and all. Jayden’s stiffening cock is finally released and springs up, slapping his abs and Adam smirks, “Don’t be shy Jayden, I am going to enjoy testing you to see…” but at that moment Jayden leans his head forward and takes the tip of Adam’s cock into his mouth and swirls his head with his tongue and gives it one long slurping suck.

“Oh man,” Adam freezes his fingers on Jayden’s abs behind him stop their pursuit as Jayden easily sucks the rest of him down to the hilt, surprised that it barely tickles his throat. Adam’s eyes flutter in pleasure and absentmindedly he rubs Jayden’s stomach feeling his solid abs. “Jayden…that’s…oh wow!”

Chase perks up and sees Jayden bobbing on Adam’s dick, and he grins and then grimaces as another wave of nausea floats across him, and he has to rolls back into a ball, glimpsing from the corner of his eye as he waits for his nuts to recover.

“I’ve never had a…oh shit!” without thinking Adam starts to buck his hips as he humps Jayden’s face not quite matching the Latino boy’s expert technique but Jayden knows how to respond and smoothly follows Adam’s jerky movements, giving extra suction as Adam thrusts his five-incher right down to its hilt but still barely touching Jayden’s tonsils.

Adam gazes over at Chase and mumbles, “Oh man, Chase…he’s soooo good.” Adam grits his teeth unable to reach far enough to grab a hold of Jayden’s balls, but Chase’s delicious right nut is flopping invitingly right in front of him and he simply can’t resist. Adam’s hand darts quickly forward and quick as lightening he grabs the defenseless ball and clasps his hand around it. “Got you, big boy!” Adam declares with a smirk giving Chase’s ball a hefty squeeze, loving the look of horror that appears in Chase’s blue widening eyes, as he thrusts deep into Jayden’s wet, hot mouth.

“Righty!” Chase wails in terror, already regretting the decision to bring Adam into their bedroom.

“I always love how your two balls are so perfectly mirrored, Chase, so now I need to work on this bad boy so it matches lefty!” Adam chuckles. “Well Captain, I’m sure you’ll remember the time you invited me to bed. I’m really planning on leaving my mark.”

Chase is furious now, utterly sick of being manipulated and manhandled by his former stooge. It is different with Jayden. Everything is different with Jayden but Adam needs to learn his place. Making a quick decision, he pulls himself together and comes towards Adam, who grins at the approaching boy.

“You look mad, Chase…is it cause I’m holding your big beautiful ballie?” Adam asks, giving it a mean twist.

Chase growls, fighting the awful wave of ball pain and launches a sudden fast punch to Adam’s midsection. But Adam absorbs the blow and just thrusts even harder into Jayden’s mouth then pulls Chase towards him by a forceful tug on the captain’s ballsac so that their chest bang together. “This is my night, Chase. I am far from done with you.”

Chase’s eyes narrow as Adam’s hand opens and closes again, this time his wide-spread nuts claw grabs both balls and he crush’s the orbs together in his fist, pulling them down so he can grab Chase in a headlock with his free arm.

“Yeah, now I’ve got both of your big balls tough guy, you are in trouble my best friend. Once, I cum…” and here Adam stops to grunt, as his dick pulses in Jayden’s mouth. “I’m going to finish you off…but my way.” Adam is shaking now with pleasure. Jayden is teasing his head with his tongue, and Adam knows he can’t hold back any longer. Adam whispers in Chase’s ear. “I’m going to cum down your boyfriend’s throat now,” Adam says.

Chase’s balls are blazing in Adam’s hand, and he feels totally powerless as Adam manhandles his sac. Adam laughs like a demon, as he dominates the helpless blond stud, toying with Chase’s most prized assets and crushing them each time he thrusts into Jayden’s mouth.

“My big nuuuts! Please, I can’t take any more!” Chase whimpers, his arms trying to disentangle himself from Adam’s headlock and the nut claw that pulverizes his balls, the grinding fingers sinking deep into the cores of his manhood.

Adam thrusts one last time and grunts as he sprays his semen down Jayden’s throat. Jayden’s chest bounces once attempting to suck it all down and Adam closes his eyes in pleasure, squeezing Chase’s balls as tightly as he can as he pulses and expunges a few more spurts down. “Oh man, that was good!” Adam declares pulling out of Jayden’s mouth, his cock still bloated and throbbing. Immediately Adam pulls Chase with him still in a headlock, and his hand still crushing Chase’s nuts with turn white, bulging slightly in between his fingers from the constant pressure.

Jayden sits up swallowing Adam’s salty seed and gasps his first full breath in a while. “Damn Adam,” he shakes his head clearing the cobwebs.

“Come here Jayden and takeover holding Chase…let’s see how much cum the captain stores in those huge balls of his!” Adam orders.

Jayden narrows his eyes at him, and Chase’s reddening face. Jayden plans on doing no such thing.

“Ah, I don’t think so,” Jayden says. “I think that you have had enough fun, and things going your way.” Jayden slowly gets up from his prone position on the bed, still tasting Adam in his mouth. This was not how he foresaw this three-some going, and he wants to finish this differently. ‘Time to wipe that smug look from Adam’s satisfied face,’ Jayden thinks getting to all fours and crawling over to his red faced boyfriend. To Jayden’s disgust, Adam is now playing with Chase like a cat does with a mouse, flicking his big teetering erection back and forth with the palm of his hand.

“That’s it Jayden, now it’s your turn, go on have a good feel of his bigger nuts,” Adam suggests eagerly.

Jayden pauses, and frowns “Bigger nuts?”

“That’s right Gomez, you don’t seriously doubt it, do you?” Adam sneers as he reaching down and plucks up one of Chase’s low hangers and giving it a gentle squeeze as he holds it up to display. Chase thrashes in Adam’s grasp and he pulls him closer to him, his arm tightening across his throat. “Hush, hush, Chase. I’ll let you cum soon.” Adam promises then he redirects his attention at Jayden.

“Look! Chase’s big-balls have grown so much bigger now. Look Jayden, I admit your balls were briefly the biggest on the team, but no way is that true now!” Adam presses Chase’s testicle to the edge of the thin membrane in his sac isolating the ball so Jayden can admire every detail of its big, exquisite form.

Jayden’s eyes narrow in on his boyfriend’s wonderfully displayed testicle, the big pale orb really does look mightily impressive for a fifteen year old, even bigger than he remembers and Adam’s words resonate in his head…did Chase really go through another growth spurt that he didn’t even notice? He reaches down fondling his own tender testicles and wondering if Chase really outranks him now. The fissure of doubt crosses Jayden’s expression and even a glance down at his own meaty boy-nuts is not enough to quell his lingering doubts.

Adam grins at the troubled expression on Jayden’s face and digs in deeper. “I guess you just didn’t notice the change since you two are in a relationship, but its true Jayden. Chase really is more of a man where it matters most.” Adam concludes his statement by releasing Chase’s nut and when they start to swing, he curves his hand into a fist and swings straight into his dangling targets.

Chase howls in pain, his balls blazing painfully as Adam knuckle-cracks his nuts. Chase is in a world of painful agony, his big nuts throb in his sac, and he can’t seem to disentangle himself out of Adam’s grip.  Chase barely hears Adam and Jayden’s exchanges as Adam feigns not being able to grab both of his testicles at once but settles in on his left teste grabbing it roughly and squeezing the ball like one would to get juice from an orange. Poor Chase balks at the horrifying thought of getting the cum squeezed out of his nuts like olives in a press. His piercing blue eyes can only stare pleadingly at Jayden for help in getting out of this nightmare.

But Jayden is too busy rolling his balls in his sac to notice the plea. ‘Can it be true? Has Chase really outgrown my big boynuts?’ Jayden gulps, pondering the thought until a strangled, gurgling sound from Chase wrenches him back to reality. Adam is grinning like a maniac, squeezing his captain’s big left nut in a death grip, making his ball bulge and compress. With a wildly beating heart, and emboldened by the terror of losing his pride and joy Chase launches both elbows straight back into Adam’s abdomen. Adam not expecting the move is unable to prepare his stomach as Chase’s elbows spear into his flesh. Adam moans and loosens his arm around Chase’s neck and Chase is able to pull free stumbling forward onto the bed and curling into a ball grabbing his nuts protectively, his throbbing erection poking through his protective fingers with a bead of clear pre-cum glistening at the tip.

“My big balls!” Chase finally gasps. “Fucker! Awww, you crushed my big nuts!”

Adam clutches his guts as he doubles over, while Jayden holds aloft his plum-sized, tan colored balls whispering “Am I really….smaller?”

Chase looks up, his eyes struggling to focus but he recognizing Jayden’s somber tone and can’t resist capitalizing on it despite his agony. “Well what did you expect, boyfriend! Ugh… at least now you know why I call them my big balls!” he groans then gasps as a tide of pain floods his nutsac and his jaw clenches into the bedsheets as he kicks his feet uselessly trying to numb the pain from between his legs, his fingers nursing his magnificent dangling testicles that now feel fully bloated and mushy in his sac after the pummeling they’ve taken. Adam did a real number on them and the poor blond twunk can only cringe at the awful thought that his baby-makers might be out of action for days.

Jayden is also holding his nuts carefully in each hand, rolling the orbs around. His balls feel dense, heavy, and plump as always and he thinks about shoving them up against Chase’s beautiful pair and put his doubts to rest but what if…Jayden gulps, gazing thoughtfully at his highly acclaimed gonads as his mind whirls. What if Gino has been blowing smoke all along, just to torment Chase? What if Adam is really the impartial one? He blinks as the questions ricochet around inside his head. What if…Chase’s balls really are bigger than my own!!!

With Jayden distracted Adam manages to recover and the sight of his hunky captain still squirming in testicular agony is too tempting to resist. Adam licks his lips and crawls forward preparing to finish the job in hand.

Jayden’s innocent brown eyes flick up seeing Adam’s pink and annoyingly healthy looking danglers swinging remarkably low between his legs and he reaches forward, easily seizing both balls in hand, instantly stopping the boy in his tracks. Adam freezes, eyes widening, feeling Jayden’s threatening handhold on his delicate nuts. He swallows hard and tries his most commanding voice “Jayden NO!…Get off my balls now!” he cringes as the grip tightens and tries a different tack “Oh come on man, surely you’re not interested in my…gulp…little nuts? My balls are puny compared to Chase’s. Come on Jayden, let go and we can see how much spunk the captain keeps in those huge balls of his.” The nervous tremor in Adam’s voice makes Jayden chuckle.

“You know Adam, I think that Chase has had enough for the moment. But, these little marbles could be fun to play with, and they look practically unscathed. I think we should change that,” Jayden says slowly coming up behind Adam wrapping one arm around his middle and pulling him towards his body until his hips become flush with Adam’s backside. Jayden’s thick penis throbs and stiffens at the contact rising potently between Adam’s meaty thighs making him gasp in alarm. With a grin Jayden spins the bulky boy around with a little tug on his droopy ball sac until they are face to face, with his thick cock pressing heavily against Adams own. Both boys peer down to see Jayden’s huge, honey colored boner towering over his rival’s slim pale rod. Jayden can’t resist chuckling at the ridiculous contrast while Adam can only gape, blinking in disbelief at the sheer size of Jayden’s member seeing it for the first time in its fully erect state. Jayden grins and rolls his hips, smacking his mighty dong against Adam’s slowly drooping, defeated member then to rub a little salt into his wounds, he reaches lower to grab his own big swinging boy nuts and holds them up right next to Adam’s stretched gonads which are utterly dwarfed, looking puny and insignificant next to such big virile specimens. With a friendly wink Jayden releases Adam’s aching junk then hugs him firmly, pressing his rigid pole hard against Adam’s abs while his fat balls pin down his rival’s smaller genitals making Adam feel horribly impotent with his pride and joy totally smothered by the warm bulk of Jayden’s overgrown genitalia.

Jayden reaches forward to lick the shocked boy’s earlobe then he whispers softly “So Adam, do you still think Chase is bigger?” his confidence is now fully restored and he humps Adam a bit, drilling deep into Adam’s navel, denting his strong abdominals while his heavy balls keep Adam’s smaller penis trapped between his legs despite its best efforts to rise to the occasion.

“Holy fuck, it’s huge!” is all Adam can say as he reaches down tentatively and slides his hand around the mushroom head of Jayden’s schlong feeling the girth of its crown. Jayden shudders at Adam’s soft caressing touch and a small droplet of pre-cum forms at the tip between Adam’s fingers. The two boys moan together, and Chase looks up and is slightly turned on by Adam touching Jayden.

Suddenly Adam tightens his grip on Jayden’s shaft and at the same time grabs the smaller boy’s wrist and flips him over, pinning him down on the bed.

“Ok Jayden, you may be bigger than me downstairs, but up here you don’t stand a chance”

To prove his point Adam leans forward with a mean smirk, his full weight baring down on Jayden’s torso, then he flexes his beefy arm right under Jayden’s nose, the firm mound of muscle almost suffocating him but Jayden manages to twist his head away in disgust.

“Get your sweaty, blubbery arm out of my face!” Jayden protests trying to wriggle out of the hold “Screw you Adam, if you had ripped guns like Chase, I might be impressed”

Hearing his name, Chase comes to his senses and a wicked idea forms in his mind, and a way to get his evening back on track. “Boys! How about a test of strength?” Chase starts, putting his thoughts into works as he massages his big throbbing testicles trying to relieve the lingering pain in his tender ballsac.

“Let’s settle this with an arm wrestling contest? Winner gets to run the show and the others have to do his bidding.” Chase flashes his winning grin, his ego rising like a Phoenix from the flames, sapphire eyes sparkling, then pauses for dramatic effect before announcing the last piece of the puzzle “and as for the loser…well he will be the bitch for the rest of the even...ughhhh!”

Chase’s big speech fizzles out into miserable croak as a shockwave of testicular agony washes over him again. His handsome face creases and he groans clutching his big testicles feeling them throb and pulsate between his fingers. “Goddam it, ugh my big nuts hurt, owwww!” he groans quietly in frustration as he keels forward, hammering his fist against the sheets.

Seeing his mighty captain reduced to such a wreck is enough to boost Adams confidence and he quickly agrees releasing his grip on Jayden, who lays on his back biting his lip and looking a little nervous. With a determined scowl Jayden clenches his arms and touches the slender boyish peaks, wondering if he has a chance in hell against this pair of muscle heads. Jayden’s biceps are clearly the smallest of the group but they feel hard as rocks from all the wrestling practice and Jayden feels somewhat buoyed knowing his biggest assets are his solid back and shoulders that makes him such a powerhouse on the mats. An encouraging wink from Chase is enough to tip the balance for Jayden.

“OK boys I’m in!” he states confidently, suddenly inspired by the prospect of forcing Adam to watch him deep throating his idol Chase and taking his seed “What do you say, Adam? How about you and I go first and the winner gets to face Chase in the final!”

Jayden grins and gives Adam’s meagre gonads a playful squeeze, making sure that Adam does not forget who has the upper hand.

“You are going down, wimp” Adam says immediately agreeing to the challenge as he tries to get up off the bed. “Now let go of my nuts now, Jayden. I might let you choke on them after I kick your ass!”

Jayden shrugs and slowly releases his hand hold but the he suddenly thrusts forward, his hips banging hard against Adam’s backside making his heavy dong swing like a hammer between Adams thighs nailing him right in his soft dangling nuts making Adam shriek in pain. Jayden just grins, knowing a little sexual intimidation will only help his chances.

Jayden and Adam are soon pumped and ready for their challenge, but they need Chase to officiate which causes an infuriating delay. The blond stud is still sprawled on his back, eyes shut as his slim finger gently nurse his big throbbing gonads. His Adonis-like muscles twitch and clench under the lights and he continues to writhe in testicular misery for quite a while. The two contestants are now sporting raging boners as they watch on, turned on by the sight of the naked blond stud nursing his balls.

Finally, with a groan Chase rises from his prone position on the bed. He walks gingerly, one hand still cupping his big danglers as he ambles over to Jayden and Adam, who both look eager and confident, arms locked in position above the desk in Chase’s bedroom. Adam is shamelessly flexing his thick arm to demonstrate his superiority and after a while his muscles look pumped and the slightest trace of a vein appears on his bicep. Undeterred, Jayden looks more chilled, his arm is slimmer, but his boyish muscles are nicely shaped and he can feel his solid back muscles twitching as he bravely eyes his bigger rival.

Chase finally takes his place at the side and puts one hands on top of their clasped hands. “Alright boys, you know what’s at stake!” Chase’s playful grin is back on his face and he winks his baby blues at them making Jayden roll his eyes, while Adam exhales, his body quivering at the prospect of getting his hands on his sexy Captain again.

“Now boys, we want a good clean fight,” Chase smirks at the thought. “And don’t forget, this match is the easy part…whoever wins still has to face these bad boys” Chase raises his other arm and flexes his guns proudly, twisting his torso so both boys get an unrestricted view of the dramatic peaks of his fifteen year old biceps. Jayden’s eyes glaze over slightly at the sight of his boyfriend’s sculpted muscles, wanting to reach up and caress their chiseled form and he feels a warm, fuzzy sensation, knowing his boyfriend is such an alpha stud. Meanwhile poor Adam has turned almost pale with lust or possibly envy and Jayden can’t help grinning, seeing Chase with his mojo back which certainly bodes well for the rest of the evening.

“You should see your faces!” Chase flashes his Cheshire cat grin as he turns to admire his own arm. “Yup, these are the biggest guns on the swim-team…in fact even the wrestling team are jealous when they see me flex my guns!” With a final flourish Chase purses his lips into a cheeky pout then leans over to plant a kiss right on the peak. Jayden can’t help chuckling but Adam’s face soon darkens as he turns his gaze back to his own beefy arm that is prone and ready on the table.

“Very pretty muscles, captain, but I reckon they’re all for show!” Adam smirks and his beady eyes pivot to meeting the gaze of the two other boys. “You see I’ve been working out too and I’m super strong now. First I’ll destroy your puny little boyfriend here and then, captain, we’ll find out who’s the strongest on the swim-team now! Your big balls aren’t safe from me yet, Chase, I swear I’m going to drain them dry.”

Jayden raises his eyebrows at Adam’s newfound bravado and licks his lips, more determined than ever to beat his bigger opponent. “Come on then, Adam. Give me everything you’ve got.”

Adam locks eyes with Jayden and Chase seems to fade away from the table as both combatants focus their gaze on the opponent across the table. The stakes could hardly be higher and both look determined to win.

“Alright. On the count of three,” says Chase, still smiling broadly.

“One,” Chase says and Adam tries to crush his rival’s fingers, squeezing for all he is worth and making Jayden wince.


Jayden gasps slightly, making Adam grin triumphantly, his confidence is now boiling over as he maintains his crushing grip and prepares to annihilate his smaller rival, his thick arm pumped and bulging as Chase calls out the final number.


Chase pulls his hands away and the table erupts with energy as the contest begins. Adam stares smugly into his opponent’s eyes as his powerful arms tighten, increasing the pressure bit by bit knowing that Jayden will soon crumble under his power. His arm may not be as lean as Jayden’s but its sheer bulk dwarfs his opponent and Jayden is soon feeling the strain, his eyes clamped shut, head bent forward as his slim muscles ripple and shake. Adam’s grin widens as he prepares to end the match, baring his teeth and grunting as he applies all the force that he can muster, reveling in his own raw power. Jayden yells out in despair as his arm is forced back then looks up in desperation at Chase who just grins warmly back and whispers “You can beat him, kiddo”.

Jayden furrows his eyebrows and digs deeper, grasping the table leg, trying to channel every last ounce of power from his rippling torso. His slim, tanned muscles ripple delightfully under the lights, and Chase gazes on proudly at his younger boyfriend’s dogged determination as he finds the strength in depth that makes him such a fierce competitor on the wrestling mats.

Adam blanches, his smile faltering, while Jayden glares wildly back at him, his tiger eyes locked on his opponents.

“Is that…all you…got?” Jayden gasps through gritted teeth, his potent young muscles now pumped and bulging with intent.

“I’ve barely started, you little shit!” Adam snarls back angrily and releases an animalistic roar from deep within his being as he attacks once again, pressing his body forward to engage his full body weight, his teeth clenched, face crimson with fury and frustration. Jayden’s heroic arm trembles and shakes under the strain and a few drops of sweat trickle over his slim rippling pecs but incredibly he holds his ground.

“What the…?” Adam shakes his head in disbelief as Jayden suddenly growls back then counters with his own arm, pressing his attack as he becomes the aggressor. Adam shakes his head stubbornly but can only watch in disbelief as his bulkier biceps are rocked backwards by the explosive attack, his big tiring muscles shaking violently as the tries in vain to contain the attack. “Fuck you!” he curses, growling and grunting but he’s powerless to stop his white knuckles edging slowly down towards the tabletop.

“What’s wrong Adam, is my little boyfriend too much for you?” Chase chuckles, placing one hands on each boy’s quivering thigh then snaking his fingers upwards, watching the contestants’ eyes widen as his fingers grasp their defenseless flopping ball bags. His left hand quickly closes into a fist, completely trapping Adam’s modest berries while his right fingers grasp and grapple with both of Jayden’s fat testicles as he tries to engage a double fisted nutclaw. With an audible PLOP Jayden’s big left nut escapes his clutches but Chase seems more than happy to settle for a grip on righty.

“Poor Adam, all those muscles but I see Jayden is literally twice the man that you are.” Chase chuckles meanly as he releases his grip on their balls “Didn’t you know, the guy with the biggest balls always wins at arm-wrestling!”

“Bullshit!” Adam snaps angrily as his fantasy of draining Chase wither away before his eyes as his arm moves closer and closer to the tabletop, and he can only howl in rage, powerless to stop his fate unravelling right before his eyes.

Desperate, Adam’s eyes flick between Jayden’s satisfactory wide lip smile to Chase who just shrugs and he knows what he must do to win. Adam in a last ditch ever picks-up one bare foot and lashes out underneath the table right between Jayden’s wide open thighs. Jayden feels the brush of Adam’s foot before it collides with his superior testicles. Jayden just manages to get a worry expression in his dark brown widening eyes, saying, “No, Adam!”

If Jayden thought that would stop Adam, he was mistaken. Adam’s sole hits his balls crashing into his large boy balls stomping them against the end of the chair lip, which practically cut his testicles in half; or so Jayden imagines as his vision explodes in stars and his arm slams Adam’s down on the tabletop.

Jayden screams and shoves his chair away from the table grabbing his nuts and dropping to his knees. Only Jayden’s face is visible to Adam, and his cross-eyed stare gives him a questioning look before he collapses in on himself holding his blazing testicles. “My balls…” Jayden whines. “Ohhh, fuuuck!”

Adam slams his fist on the table, if only he cheated a minute before he could have won. “Damn! I could have had that!” Adam says, snapping his fingers.

Chase’s blue eyes narrow and his anger spikes. Usually Chase loves a cheat, but he can’t abide seeing Adam floor his boyfriend so viciously instead of losing with grace. His cheating didn’t even help him to win, which made the whole endeavor rather pointless.

“Fuck I almost won,” Adam grumbles turning to Chase. “Oh well, Jayden is too busy nursing his wounded inferior boy balls and I’ve still got a score to settle with you,” Adam declares crossing the distance to stand in front of Chase with a ravenous look in his eyes.

Chase fumes but reveals nothing as Adam suddenly reaches towards him with one hand and grasps his captain’s rigid sword by the lower half of the pummel. Chase is in no mood to be a pawn in Adam’s game again but he decides to play along with Adam’s game for now. A decision he quickly regrets as Adam thrusts a knee up into his already aching jewels.

“Adam, fuck!” Chase croaks angrily, doubling over and stepping back, dragging his throbbing cock out of Adam’s grasp. He groans, gritting his teeth, desperately trying to handle the sudden rush of pain but he can only curse weakly as his legs collapse and he slumps slowly to his knees in front of Adam. “Fuck not my nuts again! Ok Adam, you win.”

“Damn straight!” says Adam, beaming down at Chase, enjoying seeing his captain on his knees before him.

“Since you defeated me…ugh…I guess you deserve…a little reward” Chase manages to gasp, but there is a slightly seductive quality to his voice and Adam gulps as Chase grabs both of Adam’s thighs and his fingers inch towards Adam’s cock which was droopy and limp but at Chase’s touch immediately starts bloating up and Adam shivers in anticipation. Chase fondles Adam’s compact drooping balls and runs his fingernails between the dark black sparse hairs that form around the base of Adam’s cock.

Jayden looks up and cannot believe what he is witnessing. He beat Adam fair and square and now this! He frowns in frustration…then Jayden sees Chase’s eyes and knows that Adam is about to have his world shattered. Jayden thinks about saying something, but decides, ‘Naw, he deserves this’ and settling back on his butt, one hand still gently massaging his aching balls to see what will transpire.

Adam is starting to bone up, his almost five incher sticking straight out like an arrow ready to fire. Adam’s cock quivers with anticipation and Adam moans low in his throat, hopeful that Chase is about to taste it. Adam rubs the side of Chase’s face, his fingers in his hair pulling Chase towards his aching erection. Chase does not resist and opens his mouth, covering his teeth with his lips. Adam closes his eyes, his toes digging into the floor and he bites his bottom lip, “Now suck me” he orders in a firm whisper.

But Chase never does.

Pain the like of which Adam has never known rocks his loins, and his closed eyes burst open in surprise as his balls seem to both explode in their long skinny sac.

“Fuck!” Adam swears seeing Chase’s hand buried deep into his pelvis his balls beneath his white knuckled fist.

Adam’s body trembles as Chase yanks his hand away and slams a second fist into Adam’s flopping nutbag, hitting with the same amount of force as the first before and he rocks back stumbling backwards against the table clutching his groin as Chase stands up, his trademark Cheshire cat grin in place, his blue eyes dazzling with intensity sparkle like marbles caught in the light.

“You lost, Adam” Chase says. “Big time.”

Adam puts one hand up in surrender and coughs deeply, his legs turning to jelly, his body propped up only by the table behind his butt, “Wait Chase, we can still…” he implores but then Chase lifts up his knee slamming it into Adam’s tender balls. Instead of Chase’s knee digging into his pelvis, the lip of the table catches Adam’s balls and sadly for him become sandwich between Chase’s bony knee bone and the hardwood of the table squishing his orbs flat. Adam balks and opens his mouth in a silent scream.

Chase tilts his head tisking, “Oooh, that had to hurt…right?” he asks Adam, but seeing the expression on Adam’s face knows that he is no longer with him. So he turns his blue eyes to Jayden.

“Nice one, does he have any balls left after that?” Jayden asks laughing.

“Let’s find out!” Chase says excitedly, moving his kneecap away and grabbing Adam’s pancaked nuts rolling the testicles in his palm. “Wait I think I found something. Resilient little guys and they’re both still whole!”

Adam moans, his head falling onto Chase’s shoulder. “Oh god, my nuts man…please…no more.”

Chase rolls the balls between his fingers before closing his fist completely starting a slow squeeze that builds in intensity and soon Adam is hollering in agony, hopping up and down, thrashing and writhing with both hands gripping Chase’s sculpted biceps feeling the terrible power of his captain’s muscles as they crush his fledging masculinity. With a sudden shriek, Adam’s eye’s roll back in his head and he collapses face first and tongue lolling against Chase chiseled chest.

With a victorious smirk, Chase gently lowers his former stooge to the floor where he lies curled up and barely conscious in a sorry little ball.

“Wow, I’m sure Adam will regret trying to crack the captain’s balls, right?” Jayden chuckles at Chase.

“Yeah, these big-balls are unbreakable! I never lose!” Chase states bluntly, grabbing his meaty testicles then wincing from the sudden stab of pain.

“Yeah you’re such a tough stud, Chase!” Jayden coos as he squeezes Chases hand then raises it up until their locked hands are raised up at chest height. “And now I guess it’s me against you in the arm-wrestling finale”

“Do you really want to lose to me, kiddo?” Chase chuckles and licks his lips “You know you can just concede now while you have some dignity left. I mean, you did well to beat Adam but…well…you know you’re no match against muscles like mine!”

Chase grins proudly and pulls Jayden closer, pressing his young face firmly against the pale, chiseled muscles of his chest and squeezing his torso tight so Jayden can appreciate every ripple of his abs flowing all the way down to the fine wispy hairs of his pubis and his big swaying genitals below.

“Oh wow!” Jayden gasps, admiring the view and he feels a sudden urge to power his fist into his boyfriend’s dangling balls just for the rush of bringing the cocky muscle-kid to his knees but somehow he resists. 'There’ll be a time for that later', he thinks as he places a palm on Chase’s firm chest and pushes him away.

“I feel lucky today, Chase! Let’s do this while Adam’s still out of action.”

The two lovers grin and bump their chests together in a playful, macho way then take their places on opposite sides of the table with their hands locked together.

“Three, two, one…” Jayden counts down slowly while Chase chuckles then joins in as they both shout “GO!”

Both arms suddenly clench tight, their teenage muscles bursting into action. Chase peers down and grins admiring the sculpted ball of his biceps that clearly outranks his boyfriend’s slimmer arm and his smile only broadens as he begins to press Jayden’s arm slowly down.

“Nice try kiddo” Chase smirks, watching the determined look fade from Jayden’s eyes as his eyelids slowly close shut and he groans under the strain. Jayden’s young body shudders but the sudden darkness allows him to focus his energy and his steely determination comes to the fore as he engages all his wrestling strength.

Chase blinks twice and gapes down at his sexy arm with a bewildered expression; his sculpted biceps are bulging and rippling under the lights but somehow his hand is blocked as if he’s trying to move a brick wall. Gritting his teeth he grunts angrily and flexes even harder until every muscle is clenched tight and the veins are popping out of his biceps. Finally he breaks the deadlock and his hand edges further down.

“Fuck yeah, I’ve got you now kiddo!” Chase growls as he presses his attack almost to the point of victory but he can’t quite slam the smaller boy’s hand to the table.

“No!” Jayden gasps, shaking his head defiantly as he digs deeper managing to hold his rival at bay with grim determination, his knuckles barely an inch from the table top.

“Give up…now, Jayden!” Chase gasps the command through gritted teeth but the urgency in his voice only seems to encourage his younger rival.

“Never!” Jayden pants back, shaking his head defiantly then and peers up grinning bravely back at his older boyfriend and seeing the frustration on his handsome face.

Chase is first to break eye contact, raising his head and taking a deep breath preparing for a big final push and Jayden gazes, seeing his boyfriend’s beautiful chiseled chest rising and his own cock throbs with desire. Somehow he maintains focus, feeling the pressure relaxes on his hand and seizes the moment. Grunting and twisting his body he jerks his hand upwards, forcing his unprepared rival backwards all the way to the start position.

“No!...Oh fuck my arm!” Chase cringes as his hard earned advantage is snatched away, his rippling arms still flexing like crazy but barely able to contain the unexpected counter attack. His big, beautiful muscles are quivering and aching and to make things worse Jayden is grinning up at him showing no obvious sign of fatigue.

“Come on Chase, show me what your big sexy biceps are made of!” Jayden chuckles with renewed confidence. As he suspected, his own solid tanned muscles have the greater stamina after years of grappling on the wrestling mats and he can’t resist toying with his older, more muscular boyfriend, forcing Chase’s tired arm backwards then letting him slowly recover, grunting and groaning with the effort.

“Nice try…but…ugh!… you can’t defeat my biceps!” Chase gasps, still trying to brag as he gazes in despair at the quivering peak of slowly crumbling muscle. His throat is dry and his cracking voice makes it sound more like a plead for mercy.

“Like you said, the guy with the biggest balls always wins, right big guy?” Jayden winks across the table squeezing his boyfriend’s hand and making him wince in pain.

Jayden licks his lips and shuts his eyes grinning excitedly at the prospect of beating his young Adonis of a boyfriend as he prepares to smash Chase’s hand against the table. When his brown eyes open he gapes in surprise. Adam is hunched over the other side of the table, tenderly massaging Chase’s exhausted biceps and peering deep into his defeated sapphire-blue eyes.

“Come on Captain, you always beat Jayden and now you have a real point to prove…the biggest balls ALWAYS win!”

Chase’s jaw suddenly drops open and stares down in horror to see Adams’s other hand has secured a deathly grip on the neck of his dangling scrotum and his fingers are stretching out before his very eyes slowly encompassing his big, beautiful testicles.
“Not my balls! Oh god, Adam NO! Ugh not my fucking balls again!”  

Jayden feels a steely grip on his hand and sees the blond Adonis writhing, his left hand slapping pitifully at Adam’s wrist like a fighter trying to submit. Chase’s biceps flex even harder under Adam’s fingers and Jayden grunts and leans forward, barely able to hold his position.

“Fuck yeah, Chase! Now flex harder, that’s it stud!” Adam yells excitedly, his boner popping up and slapping his abs as he worships and tortures his idol “Now let’s me see which is bigger, your biceps…or your balls!”

Chase’s eyes almost pop out of his head as Adam’s finger’s grip his sexy biceps and Jayden can only imagine what horrors are transpiring under the table.

“My baaaalls!” Chase moans pitifully over Adam’s demonic laughter and Jayden feel his blood boil. He knows he must end this contest now or Chase’s beautiful nuts will be trashed and the poor stud won’t be able to cum for days…like after his first encounter with Gino.

Jayden grits his teeth and grunts as he pushes harder, slowly overpowering Chase’s bigger but exhausted muscles and he grins seeing the disbelief on Adam’s face. The blinking eyes on his chubby face turning to an angry snarl as he grips Chase’s sexy arm then looks down and presses his thumb deep into his captain’s big right testicle.

“NO! PLEASE!” Chase howls and Jayden sees a tear roll down his boyfriend’s handsome face.

Feeling suddenly ashamed at humiliating Chase any further Jayden lets his muscles go slack and his hand flops backwards against the table in defeat.

“Fuck yeah! I knew Chase would win, biggest balls in the roo…” Adam’s celebration is cut short as Jayden leaps up and smashes a knee under his teetering boner, crushing his jiggling balls sending him slumping to his knees rocking and moaning in agony.

Jayden turns his sympathetic eyes to Chase and helps him up to the bed. Biting his lip he puts an arm around his boyfriend’s hunched shoulders and hugs him tightly. The two lovers sit in silence side by side as Chase fondles and nurses his aching jewels. Adam eventually clambers back to his feet, facing away from the two boys, doubled over and clutching his knees. His inferior balls dangle low between his legs like two shiny marbles in a condom and Chase dispatches him effortlessly without even getting up from the bed. As Adam collapses to his knees Chase chuckles which makes Jayden smile, knowing his boyfriend’s mojo is back.

“Well Chase, Adam wanted to go to bed with us so how about we take him there. You can take care of his Fruit Peebles while I take care of this big boy… let me check if it’s still in working order,” Jayden winks as he gently takes Chase’s smooth flaccid cock and carefully strokes it, watching it swell and lengthen under his touch. His chest thumps as he fondles Chase’s long, silky foreskin, feeling the heart-shaped head pulsing under his fingers, stretching outwards until the glistening pink tip peaks out. When it is finally rock hard he wrenches it down and releases it like an arrow, letting it spring up and slap Chase’s abs, releasing a small splash of pre-cum that lands on Adam’s thigh.

“Well there’s a small leak but it’s still serviceable!” Jayden chuckles.

“Maybe the tanks are overfilled,” Chase chuckles and stands up in front of Jayden so that his big throbbing boner and plump balls are right at Jayden’s eye level. With a proud grin he scoops up his balls and weighs them heavily in his hand “Well Jayden, you have to admit Adam was right about one thing.”

Jayden looks up with a quizzical expression but Chase doesn’t need any prompting.

“I’ve seen the way you’ve been gazing at my balls recently whenever I’m naked” Chase winks as he holds his gonads up for display “Oh, and I know you can’t resist fondling them when you think I’m asleep.”

“No! Well yeah, but…” Jayden blushes slightly and gulps.

“That’s OK kiddo, I mean who wouldn’t in your situation,” Chase smirks releasing his gonads, and gazing down proudly as he watches his low-hangers swing heavily between his thighs. “So now you know, my big-balls really have grown bigger. Go ahead Jayden touch them, feel how huge they are now.”

Jayden rolls his eyes but can’t resist reaching out to feel Chase’s delicious baby makers, rolling them in his fingers while his other hand reaches up and strokes his impressive shlong.

“See, my balls have grown bigger than yours now.” Chase brags, puffing up his chest and flexing his biceps “Well of course I’m bigger everywhere, so you shouldn’t feel bad that you lost at arm-wrestling. Still you did well against Adam.”

Jayden huffs and is about to protest but Chase has already walked away and is soon dragging Adam over by his balls, making him gasp and moan as he stumbles along until Chase drops him on the bed. Jayden shoves him back hard so that Adam and Chase are propelled forward, Adam screeching when Chase squeezes extra hard. Chase sits up, grinning slightly out of breath as Jayden climbs up Chase’s thighs his eyes glued to Chase’s icy blue ones.

Adam groans and Chase silences him with a wicked nut twist, Adam’s balls more resembling flaming orbs than a pair of boy’s testes.

Jayden reaches out tentatively with his tongue, licking from the bottom of Chase’s shaft all the way up the side to the very tip tasting the salty sweetness of Chase’s pre-cum.

“Oh yes,” Chase murmurs as Jayden’s tongue retracts Chase’s foreskin for him, the pink mas swirling around between the skin and the crown making sure to suck out any leftover pre-ejaculate fluids before he grabs the shaft with both hands and slides the crown past his lip covered teeth and down his velvety throat.

“Oh,” Chase moans squeezing Adam’s balls, while Jayden suctions his penis the front of his dick hitting Jayden’s eager throat.

“Keep going,” Chase encourages as he starts to slowly thrust against Jayden’s mouth, but Jayden’s hand presses Chase’s pelvis firmly down wanting to fully control Chase’s orgasm: after all he did win this.

Jayden plans on making this a good one and he slides one hand down to toy with Chase’s big balls; not to hurt them just to juggle the two adding to the experience as he sucks on Chase’s dick. Jayden practices his hovering actions when Chase says, “Wait Jayden!”

Jayden can tell that Chase was already close, so he easy up a bit bobbing his head more gently not sucking so much as sliding his tongue and throat up and down to encompass Chase’s mighty penis. This does not seem to slow Chase’s orgasm down but he squeezes his fists, one around his sheets and the other around Adam’s poor balls.

“Wait…Jayden…” Chase puffs, unable to form a sentence.

Reluctantly he pulls off of Chase’s erection which slaps against his lower abs.


Chase drags Adam closer sitting up, as he slowly gets his breathing under control.

“Adam you are going to get between my legs, and you will suck Jayden off while he pleasures me. Got it?” Chase demands twisting his fist with Adam’s poor balls lost within. Chase does not give Adam a lot of options, so he complies…mostly because in this position he won’t be able to squeeze his balls any longer.

Adam lays down below Chase’s nuts which rest along the side of his face as Jayden straddles him getting into position so he can both suck on Chase and be sucked simultaneously. Jayden has never attempted such a maneuver and it takes him some time to get into position before his own penis, rigid and hard is next to Adam’s chin while Chase’s is within his reach.

“Ready?” Jayden asks, his voice soft as he directs it at Adam.

Adam nods, turning his head his mouth opening. Jayden helps him, with his hand slowly directing his penis in-between Adam’s lips. Chase watches anxiously for Jayden to continue but also to see if Adam will do well.

A look of pure pleasure crosses Jayden’s expression, his eyes widening, and small moan comes out and he bites his cheek feeling Adam slowly inch by inch takes him down. Jayden is aware of how big he is both lengthwise and girth so he takes it slow going by Adam’s pace as he slowly swallows him. When Jayden’s cockhead bumps the back of Adam’s throat he lets out an exhale and shudders with untamed desire.

“Ready?” Chase asks drinking in Jayden’s expression.

It takes him a moment but finally Jayden nods and lowers himself so that he is inches away from Chase’s still hard penis, a pool of thick mostly clear ejaculate has settled on his abs in a puddle. Jayden takes care of that first lapping it up, his pink tongue ferrous and hungry. Jayden’s brown eyes lock onto Chase’s while Adam starts to bob. Jayden freezes in pleasure mid lick and Chase recognizes that look. Chase has seen Jayden in that zone before and knows that look implicitly… he won’t be lasting too much longer. If Chase can time it right, he plans on having their orgasms occur at the same time, but he will need to cum fast. Chase thinks he can manage that feat.

Jayden washes down the juices from Chase’s stomach, taking his time to lick up and around Chase’s navel before darting his tongue in and out of Chase’s belly button making him let out a boyish giggle. Chase coos at Jayden’s tongue as it wraps around his hooded crown sucking at the skin making a slurping sound. Jayden takes hold of Chase’s rigid pole, and gently explores his head with his probing tongue. Chase arcs his hips up moaning, just as Jayden’s dick hits the back of Adam’s throat causing the two to moan together.

Adam can’t believe how the tables have turned.

Jayden is thrusting deep into his mouth, his big fat testicles rolling and bumping along Adam’s throat. Grunting Jayden grinds his pelvis faster wanting more contact, and Adam has about had enough. Adam reaches up with both hands and grabs Jayden’s testicles, Jayden sucking religiously on Chase’s erection his hands tangled in the bedsheets freezes for a moment, but his loins press him onwards and he starts right back up where he left off hoping that Adam does not cripple his upcoming orgasm. If anything, Jayden starts to pump faster trying to get to competition.

Chase notices the change in Jayden’s attention to his big dick, and he licks his lips knowing that it is almost time. Jayden bobs his mouth back and forth on Chase’s teen dick, reaching one hand below with his right hand, feeling his boyfriend’s big balls in their smooth sac. They seem to be dancing as Jayden applies more pressure to them. While Jayden sucks he explores Chase’s crown, running his tongue along the ridges and the underside while he sucks deeply making Chase gasp. Jayden tightens his handhold a bit pinning Chase’s nuts to his palms controlling the orbs from jingling any longer.

That is when Adam with a firm grip on Jayden’s scrotum closes his fingers digging them into the soft undersides where every male is weakest, and preys upon them.

Jayden sucks in a breath, at least he tries to, but ends up choking with Chase’s pulsating penis in his mouth and deep throating his boyfriend. Chase not knowing what Adam is doing, but feels Jayden deep throating him pumps faster groaning out, “Yeah Jayden, suck me.”

Adam has Jayden’s balls in a death grip, and he applies more pressure feeling Jayden’s balls unwillingly contract, throbbing in his fists. The bottom half of Jayden’s body is still on him and he cannot get out from underneath him, so he continues to suck Jayden off, his thick penis filling up his whole mouth. Jayden thrusts are slowly reducing giving Adam more control over when Jayden orgasms and how. Adam taking over inches his face up into Jayden’s sparse pubes and retreats back to Jayden’s tip before sinking back so his nose hit’s Jayden’s skin. All the while Adam’s fingers grip and squeeze Jayden’s nuts, who is defenseless to stop him.

Jayden is shuddering in pleasure and pain and has lost control of the situation with both Chase who is thrusting into his open mouth, and Adam who now has taken over how he is going to cum. Jayden thinks about surrendering to both, he is getting closer but his pride holds him back, and he shifts his thighs that hold Adam’s shoulders in place so that his bare feet scrap down Adam’s flabby stomach. Jayden presses on until he encounters Adam’s tightly bunched up scrotum and thinks, ‘Two can play at that game, Adam’ and digs both of his feet toes pointing down so he grabs Adam’s bag nailing it to the mattress.

Adam shudders and jolts against Jayden mumbling in pain, his hand hold on Jayden’s sac loosening as Jayden’s big toes crush his nuggets against the mattress, sandwiching them and pinning them in place with no means to escape. Adam let’s Jayden’s nuts go and bangs his fist against Jayden’s pivoting and thrusting hips in surrender.

Smiling with Chase in his mouth Jayden removes the pressure from Adam’s nuts, but keeps them in place…just in case, his feet rolling around Adam’s junk toying with him as Adam’s willing throat takes his full length and Jayden finally starts to prepare for his orgasm, his balls red and sore start to retract.

Jayden suckles greedily now on Chase’s erection, his own upcoming explosion not far from his thoughts as he tries to bring Chase with him but Jayden is not going to last much longer so Jayden desperately attempts to squeeze the cum out of his boyfriend and stops his gentle ministrations of Chase’s ball bag and grabs the pair hard instead and starts squeezing.

Chase moves to complain but gasps instead, grabbing the sheets and twisting them around his wrists. “Jay—” Chase starts to say but Jayden’s throat constricts, and sucks and Chase gets into the zone himself and starts to buck up and down with added force. “Nnnng,” Chase hisses as Jayden hoovers his dong and that is when he reaches the place of no return and he hopes that Jayden is there to. Chase issues out a warning, “I’m going to…” but can’t complete his statement as his cock pulses and if it’s even possible becomes further erect and straighter. Chase’s whole-body trembles, and he pushes past the pain of Jayden crushing his big balls and thrusts once more his hips locking in place as he cums showering the back of Jayden’s throat with his creamy mixture.

“Jayden!” Chase calls out, his body vibrating as he continues to pulse and ooze in Jayden’s mouth.

Jayden begins to suck Chases cum down, the warm salty tang filling him, and he feels himself ready and releases as Adam sucks on his penis and him and Chase are both firing now together. Jayden moans around Chase’s penis and the vibrations tingle Chase’s schlong and he grits his teeth in pure pleasure.

Chase’s dick finally stops producing, but Jayden keeps it in his mouth, suckling gently as he continues to pulse and orgasm in Adam’s mouth, some of his cum spills out of Adam’s mouth Jayden grins to himself that he made more than Chase but he keeps that to himself as he thrusts in and out of Adam’s mouth until finally he can’t cum and longer and rolls over, breathless and spent his body covered in sweat and gasping.

Chase reaches down and pulls Jayden into his arms and Jayden lays his head against Chase’s chest feeling the steady rhythmic beating as his own chest rises and falls tickling Chase’s skin. Chase peers down at his dark skinned boyfriends and runs his fingers through Jayden’s hair. “I love you,” he whispers and Jayden pauses mid breadth to meet his blue eyed gaze and nips at his nipples making Chase jump.

“Love you too.”

Adam gags and spits ending the romantic moment as he spits out a big glob of Jayden’s thick ropey cum.

Chase and Jayden laugh, but not unkindly looking at Adam’s half-cocked dick.

“Want us to finish that?” Chase asks innocently, his Cheshire cat grin returning to his face.

“Not on your life! I don’t know how you two do this!” Adam stands up searching for his clothes continuing to mumble. “My balls are throbbing, and you two like it that way. No way am I coming back into bed with either of you!”

Chase and Jayden look at each other and burst out laughing.

“If that’s what you wish,” says Chase offhandedly.

“Fantasy not living up to reality, Adam?” Jayden asks.

Adam tugs on his pants, shoving his penis into his underwear and yanking up his jeans. The shirt is yanked over his head and he shakes his head, “I had no idea…I thought you two would be gentler. Fuck…I’m sore.”

Jayden thinks of retorting something fresh or pointing out that Adam started the rough treatment first but he thinks better of it and says instead, “If you change your mind, you know where we are.”

Adam waves goodbye over his shoulder and walks out.

“So…” Chase starts. “Should we call Max? It’s your turn.”

Jayden thinks about for a second and shakes his head. “I don’t think he could handle us either. Maybe threesomes just aren’t for us.”

“Gentle…” Chase laughs. “Who is he kidding. When are we ever gentle?”

Jayden kisses him on the mouth, slipping his tongue past Chase’s defenses and rolls on top of him getting lost in the kiss. The two stay together long past the slamming of the front door but Jayden pulls off to correct, “You can be gentle, when you want to.”

Chase smiles back. “Only for you.”

“And only sometimes,” Jayden adds on.


Jayden turns off the light and puts his head back down on Chase’s chest, he will have to get up early to sneak back into his house, but for tonight he does not plan on going anywhere.


Anonymous said...

This story is so awesome and I feel honoured that you let me add my little embellishements.
There are so many things i love in this story but i have to mention...
1. Adam taking control and dominating Chase. The role reversal was a really fun twist
2. Adam's hero worship and ego-stoking of Chase (and Jayden being ignored for a change)
3. Chase bragging about his was even hotter that Jayden began having doubts and resisted a direct comparison this time (pretty sure his boy-balls would still win haha)

You hint at a future three-way with Max which sounds super, super hot. I think Max would be far more submissive than Adam and it would be a more playful encounter. Max would certainly have a lot of fun teasing the two alpha teens and i could see it ending with 3 smiles and 6 bruised testicles.

Anonymous said...

Oh, i forgot to say that i love the artwork on the title slide. But surely some cherries should be riper than others ��

Harry said...

lol to Reg’s comment about not all cherries being equal. Trouble in paradise brewing there…

Jimmy, the vibe of funny-sexy-awkward is perfect for a threeway. Adam’s line of reasoning is my fave line: “we know for sure his are the biggest, there’s no way I could fit those suckers in my mouth.”

Anonymous said...

Harry, I fully agree, this set up with Adam is really fun for the dynamics of the Chase / Jayden relationship.
It's nice for Chase to have someone vouch for him for a change, even if it resulted in his beloved eggs getting scrambled time and time again.
Trouble in paradise...well that's a great title for a future story haha.
I'm afraid Chase is setting himself up for some major humiliation if his "big balls" fall short next time they are put to the test.

Anonymous said...

Dear Reg,
Take credit where credit is due!
You made significant additions to this story and it is so much better because of it Reg. I may have created Chase, but man-oh-man do you write him so well. Adam really did get an opportunity to shine here and it was a fun episode because of his involvement, something I never would have thought to say but really he made this one such a fun journey.

A future three-way with Max sounds super hot to me too Reg, and it would be a very different story than this one. We got a glimpse of a three-way with Chase, Jayden and Max camping but a full on story centered on the three of them could be a lot of fun.
Thank you again for your contributions and I agree some cherries should be significantly bigger than the others, but they are all very bruised.


Dear Harry,
I am happy that you enjoyed the three-way! It was a pleasure to write and really wrote itself. The characters in this little universe really are so real to me that writing their stories is easy, and thankfully a hit with all of you!
And to add to this, Trouble in Paradise is a great title…I will have to remember that!



I’ve been so busy teaching kindergarten and setting up my classroom these past few weeks that I apologize for not getting on here sooner and commenting.

Anonymous said...

wow this was great in the next chapter is jayden's dad going to confront jayden about sneaking out if so bet that will be awesome after all his dad has shown that he can and is willing to crack nuts ;) and maybe gino will get in trouble too for not telling him what was going on in that first part of this chapter