Friday, September 17, 2021

Frat party (written by Dominik)

 This is an epic story written by my friend Dominik who is a frequent contributor to this blog (click here to read more of his awesome stories). I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!


Warning: Can contain traces of cum. 

Featured in this story: Ben, Colin, Logan, Zach (click for pictures) and the author himself

Dominik was nervous as the old but still pretty Golf car rolled up at the side of the road. He could already see Logan in the driver’s seat and Zach right next to him. Logan gave him a brief wink, and Dominik quickly entered the car into the backseat.

“Hey guys”, he said, a little shaky. “Thanks again for picking me up.”

“Thank YOU for coming”, Logan responded before reaching out with his hand to give Dominik a little bro-fist and handshake before he started driving again. It was early evening, the sun had just disappeared behind the silhouette of the city.

“Yeah, bet it’s going to be a lot of fun”, Zach smiled, reaching back to shake Dominik’s hand aswell. “It’s your first time, Dominik?”


“Then you’re in for quite something”, Zach nodded. “I partook the last two times already, old Logan only was there last year.”

“I heard dick size is important, so I figure you ended up really well?”

“Somewhat”, Zach laughed. “First time, I triumphed at the dick size category but had some other, uh, weaknesses. Last time I was more prepared but we had some strong contenders in every category. I still ended up third place, so yeah.” He shrugged. “Gonna hope for something better this time.”

“And you, Logan?”

“Ah, I was mostly there for the fun of it”, Logan smiled and brushed as he took a turn into another familiar road. “Didn’t win but I wasn’t at any risk of ending in the last three spots either. Figured it’s similar this time aswell.”

“And you, Dominik? What are you hoping for?”

“Eh, let’s see.” Dominik blushed, but the other two didn’t notice from the front seats. “You know my equipment. I’m here mostly for the fun of it – well, and because Logan was so insistent. Doubt I’ll win anything but I shouldn’t be totally bad either. Well, at least as long as you let me out of the chastity cage…” He chuckled nervously.

The other two didn’t come around to a response as Logan had stopped the car again and the trunk swung open in that moment.

“Jesus, that trunk is filled to the brim”, Colin’s high-pitched but gentle voice came from behind.

“Anything you need to transport, you’ll have to put on the backseat”, Logan called out to him.


Colin was stepping into the car, heavily armed with two crates of beer and a few other things. He tried to place them inbetween himself and Dominik, but space wouldn’t allow, so he just lifted one of them onto Dominik’s lap. Dominik breathed in sharply as the bottom of the crate urgently clunked against the metal of the chastity cage in his pants.

“You don’t mind?”, Colin asked to Dominik.

“Suit yourself. And nice to see you again, by the way.”

“Yeah. Likewise.”

Logan drove off as Colin and Dominik shook hands. The two of them had seen each other a few times but not as often. Dominik had mostly been introduced to the clique via Logan, though he already had his fair share of meetings and ballkicks with some of the others aswell.

“Let’s see how this goes”, Colin said and yawned loudly. He had put the second crate onto his own lap for the 10-minute ride.

“Why’d you all bring so much?”

“Well, Zach and me live in that dorm, remember”, Colin chuckled. “It’s why Logan picked me up to begin with, because I was out getting that stuff; otherwise I’d be there already. Try satisfying the physical needs of 30 or more horny college guys.”

“More like 40 this time, I’ve heard”, Zach threw in.

“I’m just the taxi for you guys. I didn’t bring anything”, Logan laughed.

“Well, you brought one important thing, I hope”, Dominik chuckled.

There was a minute of silence as the car drove through the city.

“Actually, I didn’t bring the key to your chastity cage”, Logan spurt out as they stood at a red light.

“Wait, what?” Dominik leaned forward to Logan and Zach, feeling a little panic rise. “But you said…”

“I was in too much a hurry. I couldn’t find it in that time”, Logan said in a very soothing, apologetic tone. “We’re already running late.”

Zach was trying to suppress a laugh. “He’s messing with you, Dominik.”

“Ugh, guys…” Dominik felt a little relief. “So you do have the key with you?”

“No, I meant he’s messing with you in that it was an accident”, Zach corrected. “Logan thought it’d be funny to have you join the party with a chastity cage.”

“Wait, you’re wearing a chastity cage?”, Colin took notice. He had been staring out the window and only now picked up what they were saying. He was looking at Dominik with an incredulous stare that made Dominik uncomfortable. “You do know what kind of party it is, dummy?”

“It’s not my fault”, Dominik tried to defend himself. “Zach, Logan and me played a game last weekend and I had to wear a chastity cage for two weeks. But then Logan invited me to your yearly frat party, and said that he’d let me out for the night if I joined them…” He shrugged in embarrassment. “I thought Logan would release me when we got there…”

“Dumbass”, Colin laughed.

“Well, sorry, Dominik”, Logan giggled, and he suddenly didn’t sound very sorry anymore. “But I really didn’t bring the key, I just told you so you’d come.”

“Fantastic”, Dominik said with a sour voice.

“Hey come on, join us”, Logan said. “Do it for fun, like me.”

“Easy for you to say, since you’re not bringing a chastity cage to a dick measuring contest”, Zach said laughing.

“Well Dominik, looks like you can either walk home on foot for 2 hours”, Colin smiled and patted his shoulder. “Or you can spend the night alone at the dorm building while we’re having fun… or you can ask the girls of the dorm if you can join their pyjama party. Though it’s not like you’d have much fun there either…” Colin shrugged, trying to hold back his laugh. “Or you can say ‘fuck it’ and join us anyway.”

“He’ll be the joke of the night”, Zach laughed.

“Shut up, Zach”, Logan said and threw a quick but precise dickslap in his direction without taking his eyes off the road. Zach yelped in surprise. “Don’t listen to him, Dominik. Join us.”

Dominik shrugged and looked out the window. “Guess it can’t be that bad, right?”


They managed to park almost in front of the mighty dorm complex. It was a refreshingly cold autumn day. In front of the entrance, there were a couple of young men standing around in thin clothes that looked too cold already for the current weather, but they didn’t seem to mind. Some of them greeted the boys who had just arrived.

“This is Dominik”, Logan introduced him to the others.

“Welcome. Feel right at home.”

“Hope you’re having fun tonight.”

Dominik shook a few hands, then it was time to help carry the crates, drinks and food into the building. A few guys joined them to help carry it.

The entrance was decorated with a few posters, advertising tonight’s event as “Dick Party” or “Man Night”, along with a few obscene pictures.

A short while later, they arrived in the big community room that the event took place – and suddenly they were surrounded by a lot of swinging dicks, ripe balls and glistening naked bodies. A lot of the guys in the room were already naked, or only dressed in underwear or thin clothes.

Colin looked around in amusement. He knew most of the guys already, a lot of them from really serious contexts, but seeing them all in this naughty context always surprised him a little. Some of them he was studying with at uni. There was a black dude from literature class, for example, who had been presenting some very elaborate poem analysis just a few weeks ago – he was now doing a helicopter dick to the laughter of his friends. In another corner of the room were some guys from his soccer team, dipping their dicks into some tiny glasses of strong liquid, exchanging the glasses and quickly swallowing them before twisting their faces in disgust.

As they put down their crates and food, some other guys dressed in boxers took over. They also lived there and were doing some of the organising.

“Welcome, guys!”

They turned around, only to find Ben behind them. He was dressed  in sunglasses, colourful party pants and a black tie, other than that he was topless and looked very cheerful.

“Ben’s the presenter and referee tonight”, Colin explained to Dominik who looked at him with big eyes. “He doesn’t play himself, but he gets to decide if there’s ever any doubt. Which there sometimes is.”

“Nice to see you again, Dominik”, Ben grinned. “Zach, hope you left the viagra at home. Logan, ready to wrestle some studs into the ground? Figuratively speaking, of course.”

“I could do with ‘literally’ aswell”, Logan chuckled.

“Feel free to leave your clothes over at the, uh, warderobe at any time”, Ben said, pointing at a door that lead to the changing room. “I’ve got to make some preps. We’ll start in a few minutes.”

“Whoever’s naked last gets a dickslap”, Logan quickly challenged Zach. It took Zach a moment, Logan had already stripped off his T-Shirt and was fumbling his pants by the time Zach began. A few seconds later, Logan was triumphantly stepping out of his pants and underpants, grabbing his sizeable dick and balls.

“Yeah, yeah”, Zach groaned as he pulled down his boxers, revealing his huge cock. Even among all the peers who were currently naked, his cock was one of the largest. That didn’t stop Logan from giving him a well-deserved dickslap though, making Zach groan in pain.

“Come on, guys, strip naked”, Logan said to Colin and Dominik who were looking around the room, before giving them both a quick dickslap aswell. They both followed his instructions.

Colin was still a little shy around so many guys but he quickly became more confident as soon as he’d been naked a couple seconds. Dominik on the other hand was reluctant dropping his pants and showing off not just his medium-sized balls but also his locked cock off to the whole room. He blushed as soon as he was naked. His crotch gathered a few confused looks but other than that, nobody minded him. He was about to grab his boxers, feeling more comfortable with them on, but Logan had already grabbed all their clothes and brought it to the changing rooms.

The crowd dispersed a little. Colin joined a few of his dorm friends to talk to them. Dominik grabbed a beer, then he looked around awkwardly, eyeing the guys of which many were quite attractive. He felt his dick get hard and strain against the metal bars of his cage. Most of the guys were limp, some were hard or semi-hard, and they were vastly unashamed about it. His eyes stopped at another guy who was sitting on one of the couches – and who was also wearing a chastity cage!

So he wasn’t the only one in this predicament! In a bit of a haze, he walked over.

“Hey, I’m Dominik!”, he said, shaking his hand. The guy was a hot stud in his mid-20s with blonde, curly hair and huge balls.

“Hi Dominik. I’m Austin! I haven’t seen you before, your first time?”


“Then I wish you the best of fun.” He chuckled before looking down at Dominik’s crotch. “So you’re trying to raise the suspense aswell?”


“Well, you obviously aren’t playing with it, right?” Austin had a sympathetic laugh, but his words made Dominik blush. He suddenly held up a little key that looked like it would fit his lock. “I have some issues with, uh, cumming too early, so I wore a cage since two days ago to save up. Was just about to unlock it.”

“Cool”, Dominik nodded in embarassment. “Well, I’m joining with the cage on. I, uh, don’t have the keys.”

“Are you serious?” Austin’s eyes widened. “Hey guys, come here. This guy wants to join the battle while wearing a chastity cage!”

That attracted a lot of unwanted attention. Dominik felt even more naked than he already was as lots of guys walked over and looked at him amused.

“No way!”

“He’s just kidding with you Austin, nobody’s that dumb!”

“That’s like bringing a knife to a gun fight.”

“I bet everyone ten bucks we’ve found tonight’s loser already.”

“He technically has an advantage in the ‘limp dick’ round…”

Fortunately for Dominik, this was the moment that a squeaking microphone sound went through the room. The guys looked around in to Ben who was standing on a little stage in just his tie and party pants. Behind him was a big blackboard that had the names of everyone written in a list and a column for an individual score, along with a tournament-style graph with empty boxes.

“Alright guys! Everyone listen up, and kick those in the balls who won’t listen up!”

After a few shrieks of pain, the room had went quiet.

“Welcome everyone to our yearly dick-measuring, ball-crunching party night where dicks are dripping and testicles flipping!” A few guys groaned at his speech, but he continued. “We’re a lot of people tonight. 44, according to my list. I say we give every newcomer a proper kick in the balls to kick things off!”

The guys looked around to any new faces, and seconds later, feet and knees were flying, followed by screams of pain. Austin and a few others kicked Dominik in the balls before he could react, smacking his balls against the little prison constricting his dick and making him double over.

“Hey, I’m not new!”, Logan said indignantly after a big, bold guy with a small, semi-hard dick had sunk his foot into his balls. Despite being in pain, Logan quickly retaliated by punching him in the balls, making him dance from one foot to another.

“Sorry, didn’t remember you…”

“Good”, Ben continued. “Now, to the rules. We have 5 rounds where you’ll compete against each other. Many of them will be tournament-based, so you’ll be matched against a random person, then afterwards winner are matched with winners and the same for losers, and so on. Each tournament-round you score will be a win, and it’ll be tallied up at the blackboard. Now, to the prices and punishments.”

Some of the crowd cheered.

“As you now, the three best people will be the winners, the three worst the losers. Everyone else gets or loses nothing. So for most people, for all you folks with average dicks, tonight is just for good fun – but there are some stakes in it.

Now first to the winners. All three winners will get special stickers that they can wear with pride on the campus so every student who’s in on it knows about their big flocks. It’s the ultimate ‘big dick’-sign, and I’ve heard it’s quite popular with the girls aswell.”


“Furthermore, the first price gets to do whatever they want to whoever they want of everybody who’s here. Ever wanted to fuck that hot guy from the hockey team? You got it. Ever felt like bashing that guy’s balls who is always better than you in literature class? Sure thing. If you’re more into gals – we’ve convinced a few of the hottest female dorm habitants to be on-call aswell.

As to second place and third place – well, they get some minor consolation prices. Second place gets a visit sometime the next days from an attractive cleaner lad to clean and tidy up his dorm room – something that I’ve heard many of you guys are too lazy to do. Oh, and the cleaner lad will be naked of course, and you’ll be able to treat his genitals while he’s at it – softly or painfully, up to you. He’s gay of course, so he’s at your complete mercy.

The third place – well, the cleaner lad will pay you a visit aswell, though just for a quick lap dance. And a blowjob, maybe, if he likes you.”

The crowd chuckled.

“Now to the least lucky participants of tonight. Whoever comes at the third-last place will get one ball-kick from everyone else in the room. The second-last place gets three kicks from everyone, and the final place… brace yourselves… will be tied down until tomorrow at noon, and everybody can abuse his dick, balls, asshole and whatever else they like as much as they like.”

A shudder went through the crowd. Nobody wanted to be among the losers, but everybody wanted to have fun with them.

“Bring it on, I say!”, Zach called out.

“Okay, now that we’ve set the stakes, to the first game. The one this night is most famous for: a dick measuring contest. You each compete one-on-one, you get five minutes to get as hard as you can…”

“Who needs five minutes!”, someone screamed from the room, followed by laughter.

“… or less, of course, if you’re ready to go. Then you measure up and whoever has the longest, wins. The winner gets to mark his score on the blackboard, here by his name. My assistant Freddy will oversee this…” He pointed to a young, slender lad who was among the few people in the room to still wear clothes. He was the one who had taken the beverages from the boys’ hands when they arrived earlier, and seemed to be responsible for the dinner and refreshments. “Afterwards winner gets paired with winner, loser with loser, and we repeat and mark the results on the blackboard. Also, to spice things up, the winner of each round gets as many kicks to the losers balls as the measuring round we’re in. So first round, one kick, second round you get two kicks…”

“We get it, Ben.”

“Alright.” He raised his hands. “Then let’s go!”

There was some commotion as the guys paired up. A lot of them chose each other to compete, but in some cases Ben broke it up and assigned them differently to avoid cliques of friends only going up against each other. After a few minutes, everybody had a partner.

“You have no chance, Marc”, Zach said to a slender guy he had only met a few times in the dorm room. Marc wasn’t particularly handsome or muscular, but not bad-looking either. He was semi-hard, and his dick was slightly pulsating as he was looking around. His balls didn’t look too impressive.

“Yeah, I can see that”, he nodded, looking at Zach who was already stroking his monster. Zach’s dick was already rock-hard, and it was obvious it was much larger than Marc’s. He shrugged. “Want me to keep stroking to the max or skip right to the ball kick? Not like I have any chance anyway.”

“Your choice”, Zach laughed. “I’ll gladly let you stroke five minutes but I doubt it’ll make any difference.”

Marc sighed before spreading his legs. With his dick already being semi-hard, it was mostly out of the way of his balls.

Zach fixed his eyes on Marc’s poor package, then he drew back his leg and smashed it right into Marc’s equipment with a wet slap sound, sending Marc tumbling back in pain. Zach giggled before going to the blackboard to mark his point.

Logan was facing up against someone from the soccer team that he only knew very briefly. “Fenton, is it?”

“Yeah.” The stud had some nice, strong legs but a bit of a belly and not a very pretty upper body. He was still proudly rocking his hairy cock that was twitching in excitement. “So, do you need more time?”

“Eh…” Logan shrugged. His own proud, sizeable dick was swinging with each step. He wasn’t fully hard and knew he could be slightly harder, but it was already visible that he was slightly longer than Fenton whose dick was brimming to burst. “I’m ready. And I’m longer.”

“Yeah, I’m not seeing it.”

“Really dude?” Logan raised his hands. “Alright, get your little stick over here. They got closer together, almost stepping on each other’s foot, and both held up their clocks to measure.

“Fine”, Fenton groaned. “Do what you gotta…”

He was rudely interrupted by a hefty knee flying into his balls. Logan was one of the more muscular lads in the room, and his kicks and punches were precise and deadly from all of his training and wrestling. He made sure not to hold back, and he was satisfied to see that his kick brought poor, hairy Fenton down to his feet, his face almost touching the floor.

“Ah, hnnngh…”, Fenton whimpered.

“Small dick and weak balls, huh?”, Logan laughed. “Just kidding, you’re decently sized. Somewhat.”

Colin meanwhile gulped as he was standing in front of one of the biggest guys in the room – in terms of body size, at least. The guy was near his 30s and looked like he could be a bouncer. He had massive shoulders, big though not very muscular arms and was at least one head larger than Colin. And he had a small dick that was already rockin’ hard.

“Mine is larger than yours”, he said with a stern voice, pointing at Colin’s crotch.

“Hey, that’s only because I’m still limp! No way I’m that small!” All the excitement and distraction had stopped him from getting hard yet, besides he wasn’t gay so all the naked male bodies wasn’t doing anything for him anyway.

The big guy looked at him sternly, then he smiled. “Yeah, I figured. Was worth a try, though. But you better get started then, or else I won’t believe you. Name’s Aaron, by the way.”

Colin and Aaron were some of the last people to finish, as Colin took almost the entire five minutes to get properly hard. As soon as his dick was hard as rock though, it was definintely larger than Aaron’s – though not by that much, surprisingly. Aaron’s cock had looked small in proportion to his body, but when they held them against each other, his wasn’t so small either.

“You win”, he nodded. A moment later, Colin’s foot flew into his balls. The big guy grunted and bent over as Colin went to the blackboard to mark his win.

Dominik meanwhile was facing off against a hot guy who barely looked 18 and had a handsome, muscular body and pretty, hard dick – if you could even call it that. The hot stud had a wide grin on his pretty face.

“So you’re really going through with this?”, he giggled. “Come on, stroke your cock, horny guy! Show me how large you get!”

Dominik already felt like sinking into the floor out of embarrassment, and being belittled by such a hot dude didn’t do him any favours. His cock was already straining hard against the constraints of his cage, but the metal wouldn’t bulge. His cage even slightly twitched. He grabbed his cage and fumbled it around.

“Stroke it! Go! Go! Go!”, his opponent cheered him up. “I believe in you!”

Dominik kept stroking his cage as if hoping that it would grow by that, but of course, nothing happened – other than that he got even more horny than he already was. Some other guys looked over at him with amusement.

“Guess it’s not getting any longer than 2 inches”, he shrugged apologetically.

“If it’s even that”, the guy laughed. A moment later, his foot flew forward, compressing his balls against his pelvis. Dominik screamed and bent over in pain as the other guy whose name he didn’t even know triumphantly walked away to claim his victory.

“Okay, boys”, Ben said, stepping onto the podium again as they were all done. Most of the winner boys had gathered around the blackboard, many of their dicks still hard. Some guys were sitting on the floor or chairs, rubbing their balls. “That was interesting. Let’s jump right into the second measuring round. Most of the winners are already here, so just pick a new partner from your respective group, or ask Freddy or me if you’d like to be paired…”

Most guys found a new partner rather quickly, and so the fun started over. It wasn’t long before the first screams of pain were heard.

“Jeffery”, Zach grinned, looking at his new partner. His opponent looked quite athletic and had his long hair styled nicely. He knew Jeffery was in the swim team, and he knew he had a fairly long dong as it was always visible in his swim pants, but he didn’t know him much beyond that.

“Zach”, he said timidly, fumbling his dick. He was mostly limp, but even in a limp state, it was quite sizeable. “I’ll need a moment…”

“Take your time”, Zach laughed, still rocking hard. He watched the other guys while Jeffery fumbled around. From time to time, there was a wet slapping sound as one of the guys claimed his victory.

“Okay, ready”, Jeffery interrupted Zach from his thoughts. He was now fully hard, though surprisingly, his dick wasn’t that much longer than in its limp state.

“A shower, not a grower, huh”, Zach noted. “Well, it’s not enough.”

“Let’s still measure”, Jeffery insisted.

“It’s quite obvious”, Zach said.

“Come on”, Jeffery said.

Zach groaned as he moved closer. They were standing right in front of each other, their bodies touching. Their dicks briefly rubbed against each other as they held them side-by-side.

“Yeah, larger”, Zach nodded bored. “What a surprise.”

“I know”, Jeffery grinned mischievously. “But I always wanted our dicks to touch!”

Zach rolled his eyes, then his foot shot forward, nailing Jeffery square in the balls. As everybody now got two kicks, he didn’t wait long but quickly followed up with another kick that finally sent Jeffery down to the floor.

“I hope you also dreamt of your dick touching the dirty floor”, Zach mocked as he briefly stepped on Jeffery’s back before toddling off to the blackboard.

Logan wasn’t in so much luck this time. His opponent was Brian; he only briefly knew him. Brian was a high-ranking A-student and quite a bookworm who spent hours in the library sometimes. Logan never expected him to have such a massive dick that was standing up straight as a tower and already leaking slightly from the top.

“Close, but I’m larger”, Brian noted drily.

“Yeah”, Logan sighed. “Let’s get it over with.”

Brian didn’t need to be told twice. With a force that Logan didn’t expect from the bookworm, he took a quick step forward and shot his foot into Logan’s balls twice in quick succession. Logan groaned as the pain hit him, but kept standing. “Good kicks.”

“Thanks”, Brian laughed.

“Steven!”, Colin shouted as he saw his opponent. “Didn’t you play against Dominik in the last round?”

“Yeah”, Steven chuckled. Colin and Steven knew each other well, they had spent some time studying together over the last year. “What a loser. Guess none of us have to be afraid of coming in last this time around?”

“Guess so”, Colin laughed. “Well, there’s the ‘limp dick’ round, but I’m not sure that’s enough.”

“Anyway, you’re rocking a nice candle there!”, Steven said, pointing at Colin’s dick.

“Yours is not to shabby either”, he laughed. “Ready to compare?”

“Whenever you are.”

It turned out Steven’s dick was slightly larger, but it was a close match.

“I’ll do you the favour and kick lightly”, Steven laughed. “Because you helped me so much at math, so I don’t really want to end your family line.”

“What a nice thing to say… uh!” Even a light kick from Steven still hurt, but the pain was manageable. After the second kick, Colin and Steven briefly hugged, making their hard dicks clank against each other, before going on their marry way.

Dominik was staring at his opponent – Barry. He was a handsome guy in his early 20s who visibly worked out a lot.

He was snickering as he looked at Dominik’s cage.

“Without the cage, I’m not that small”, Dominik said shily.

“I bet”, Barry laughed. “Even while limp, I’m longer than you! It’s ridiculous.”

“That’s because the cage squeezes my dick a little”, Dominik tried to defend himself. “Without it, I’m usually…”

Barry didn’t wait for his explanation but sank is foot into Dominik’s balls instead, making them dance wildly. As Dominik gasped for air, he kicked him a second time, making his balls smack against the metal of the cage.

“Ugh”, Dominik groaned, holding his balls. “This whole thing was a bad idea…”

“Round number three”, Ben said a few minutes later. “Okay, now it’s getting more complicated. Whoever has won twice, please stand in that corner and find a partner. Whoever won the first time but not the second time, you’ll go over to the TV…”

“One win, one loss?”, Logan asked Colin as they walked over to the same spot.


“Want us to measure, then?”

Colin shrugged, looking at Logan’s equipment. “I guess it’s as good as any…”

They were both still hard, so it was a quick round for them. Logan’s dick was larger, though the difference wasn’t large this time either.

“Spread your legs, buddy”, Logan grinned. Then he kicked Colin in the balls three times in quick succession.

“Good ones”, Colin noted, cradling his balls. His hard cock was slowly shrivelling from the pain. “Ah, fuck…”

“Gonna grab a drink, you want a beer too?”, Logan asked in a conciliatory voice.


“Finally, a worthy opponent”, a relatively small guy with a huge dick said, standing in front of Zach. His name was Ellen and his hard stick almost made his small balls disappear. “My first two opponents were absolute wimps in terms of dick size. But you…” He looked at Zach’s cock. “You may almost be larger than me.”

“Almost?”, Zach laughed. Their dick really seemed almost the same size. “Come on, let’s measure up.”

Indeed, Zach’s dick was just slightly longer than Ellen’s.

“It can’t be”, Ellen said, incredulous, fumbling his dick and trying to get even harder. “I really wanted to win tonight…”

“There’s still second place”, Zach laughed before crashing his knee into Ellen’s balls. He shrieked loudly and wanted to fall to the floor, but Zach grabbed him by the shoulders and quickly got another two hard knees in before letting him sink down. The big dick of the small guy was slowly crumpling in size.

“Well, maybe it’s not even second place”, Zach laughed. He turned to go to the blackboard, but on his way there he came across Dominik who was once again fumbling his cage.

“How’s it going, Dom? Won any rounds yet?”, he snickered.

Dominik looked at him with annoyance. “Man, I could explode if it wasn’t for that cage.”

“I almost feel pity for him”, another naked guy said who seemed to be his current opponent. “Did you ride him into this, Zach?”

“Well, mostly Logan”, Zach laughed. “He has to wear the cage as punishment for a bet we played last week. Logan said he wanted to bring his key and leave him out just for tonight, but then didn’t…”

“Bold of him to still play”, the other guy laughed. “Or stupid.”

“Yeah, I’m gonna go with stupid”, Zach giggled. “Better kiss your balls goodbye, Dominik, by tomorrow they’ll be dust!”

“Fuck off”, Dominik mumbled.

Zach looked at him for a moment, then he decided to retaliate and kicked Dominik in the balls in return, making him yelp in pain and surprise.

“Hey! He’s my target this round!”, the other guy complained. “Zachery, you have your own balls to smash!”

“Sorry”, Zach laughed. “I just couldn’t hold back.” As he walked away, he heard Dominik’s scream of pain as his balls were flattened thrice by the other guy.

The game continued. There were six tournament rounds in total until it was all decided with the groups that were matched getting smaller and smaller, though the number of players meant that some players didn’t get a partner at some point. Colin was one of the lucky ones in round four as everyone was already occupied, so he made himself comfortable on the couch and took a break with a bottle of good wine.

Zach and Logan weren’t so lucky. Zach kept his hard-on going without break. His opponents now all had fairly big matches, but the 4th and 5th opponent both lost ever-so-slightly against his humongous fuckstick, making him kick their poor balls in with joy.

“Big dick? More like big mouth!”, Zach laughed as he stood above his fifth opponent who was lying whimpering on the floor, a hot young stud who was only living in the dorm since a few months and was one of the newcomers this year. “It’s all talking with you guys until someone gives you a proper kick to the balls.”

Logan wasn’t quite so lucky. He won at the 4th round but lost the 5th one again, so he had to endure 5 hard kicks from a strong contender, the last one of which lifted him off his legs and sent him tumbling to the floor.

“Ugh”, Logan groaned. “My poor balls…”

Dominik didn’t get the pleasure of a break – everyone wanted to face off against him, for obvious reasons.

In the 4th round, he faced off against a slightly chunky, nerdy-looking guy with a small dick who was studying something with IT. He jumped the ‘foreplay’ and went straight to kicking Dominik’s balls in, and he did so with a surprising amount of force. Dominik screamed as his balls were kicked in 4 times, pressing them into all sorts of unhealthy shapes. On the 4th kick, his cock cage was pressed further onto his shaft so that some cock skin got caught inbetween the cage and the base ring. As he was lying on the floor, he was desperately trying to readjust the cage to let the squeezed piece of skin out.

“Even the nerd gets to kick Dominik’s balls”, Colin laughed as he watched the ordeal play out. “And people belittle him for his small dick…”

The 5th round was even worse for Dominik. At least the last guy had went straight to business. This time, he was facing off against another hot think called Valerio who seemed dead-set on torturing his poor target a little first.

“Oh, are your balls full? Come on, stroke your dick”, he whistled, stepping closer to Dominik who was looking at him with a defeated expression. “Show me that monster of yours!”

He gently touched Dominik’s inner thighs, then his fingers wandered up to his balls, softly cradling them. “You really want to cum, yeah?”

“Yeah”, Dominik sighed.

“Your balls are filled to the brim?”


“Oh, and you can’t. Poor boy…”

“Technically, Valerio, his dick is currently larger than yours since you’re limp”, a hunk who had watched it unfold threw in.

“Yeah, for real”, Dominik said shily. “Less teasing, more stroking, or I’ll actually beat you.”

Valerio sighed before grabbing his dick. “If you insist. But watching you struggle is so much more fun…”

He didn’t even need to get fully hard to exceed Dominik in length. After giving him another few teasing touches, he stepped back and started his kicks with a running kick that briefly lifted Dominik in the air and elicited a lot of laughter from the bystanders. Dominik barely saw the next few kicks coming, he just felt the pain in his balls explode time and time again.

“Okay, final round”, Ben announced a short while later. “Some of you don’t need to play anymore, some still do, let’s see… Zach versus Nathan. Oh, this is gonna be good.”

Nathan was a strong guy in his mid-twenties. Like Dominik or Logan, he didn’t actually live in the dorm and had been invited. He didn’t study with them, so nobody really knew much about him, and his enourmous cock had taken each of his opponents by surprise over the last couple rounds, especially since he liked to get soft inbetween each round – he was a grower, not a shower, and his soft cock wasn’t particularly large. But as soon as he got hard, his cock was massive, almost like the root of a tree, and he thoroughly enjoyed the kicks he had given each of his opponents so far.

Some of the other guys gathered around them as they faced each other. Zach was still hard from the last round, Nathan had gotten soft again like in prior rounds.

“Oh no, how am I going to win against such an absolute unit?”, Nathan said with acted surprise.

“I’ve seen your trick in some of the other rounds already”, Zach groaned. “You are small when you’re limp and very large when you’re hard. You don’t need to act like I’ll be surprised by your size, just get on with it.”

“Fine”, Nathan bumbled and started stroking.

A minute later, he was back at his full form, his hard cock glistening.

At first glance, it looked like he was slightly bigger than Zach, but he had a smaller body height so it was deceptive. After being undecided for a minute, they finally decided to step closer and measure up.

“Woah, same size still?”

“I didn’t think we’d need it, but we brought a measuring tape just in case”, Ben who had been watching said. He got his assistant to fetch it, and after applying the tape to both cocks, it was finally decided: Zach’s rod was larger by half a Millimeter.

“Fuck yeah!”, Zach cheered. “Biggest dick in the room, bitch!”

“It can’t be”, Nathan said, this time with genuine surprise. “Any dick measuring contest I’ve ever done, I’ve won…”

“There’s a first time for everything”, Zach laughed. Then he sent his knee flying into Nathan’s balls, making him scream in pain. As big as his cock was, the young stud obviously wasn’t used to any abuse to his balls. After the second, hard kick by Zach, he went down to the floor already. Lying on his back and looking up, Zach triumphantly stomped down on his balls four times. By the time Zach had his kicks complete, Nathan’s cock had already become a shrimpeled, little sausage again that didn’t look like it was anywhere near the largest in the room.

Logan was fortunate enough to catch a break this time. Colin had to play, but he won. His opponent was a guy called Travis who also studied at the uni but lived farther from here, and had very average-sized cock and balls. He didn’t look like he was used to so many naked dicks flopping around and found the whole situation a little awkward. Colin kindly released him from the awkwardness by ramming first his knee and then his foot six times into his balls. They seemed to be the first proper, hard kicks Travis had received thus far, as he just looked at Colin with surprise and panic in his eyes after the first kick already. He was a sobering mess rolling around the floor after the 6th one.

As the cheerful voices of people talking and the smack of the final ballkicks echoed through the room, Dominik and his opponent eyed each other.

“I’m Ryan”, he said.


Ryan was thin and slender, and he didn’t look very physically capable. He didn’t seem to do any sort of training or workouts, judging by his body.

And he had an absolutely tiny, limp dick dangling inbetween his balls.

“So, you lost all rounds so far?”, Dominik asked.

“Yep. Like you.”

Both of their balls were slightly swollen and bruised already from the amount of kicks they had received by now. Ryan’s balls even looked slightly worse than Dominik’s.

“Huh.” Ryan might be the first one he could actually beat, Dominik thought.

“I was last place last year, just so you know”, Ryan explained.

“Oh, shit”, Dominik nodded. “So… was it bad?”

“I couldn’t walk straight for three weeks or so”, Ryan laughed. “It was pretty terrible. I’ve somehow managed to forget the most of it, or else I’d probably be smart enough not to be here.”

“Oh. Yeah, if I was smarter, I probably wouldn’t be here today either.”

Ryan smiled briefly. Then he grabbed his cock and started stroking. “So, let’s see what happens today.”

It took a few minutes for the poor guy to even get hard, and even then his dick seemed tiny. His balls meanwhile were pretty large, which made for a ridiculous look. After Zach’s win, many of the guys had gathered around the two.

“Look at this dude! Cage guy might actually win this time.”

Finally, the two stepped close to each other and compared. The result was pretty obvious: even though his dick was tiny, it was still larger than Dominik’s cage.

“Sorry, bud”, Ryan said. “Come on, spread your legs. I haven’t had a single ball kick on anyone today, I’m eager to at least smash yours.”

Despite how shy and introverted he looked, Ryan put a surprising amount of force into his kicks. Dominik’s balls were still sore from the previous rounds, which only amplified the effect Ryan’s kicks had on him. Again and again, Ryan’s foot smashed into his babymakers, making him yell all kinds of funny noises.

“One point! My first point in a dick-measuring contest! Yuchi!”, Ryan cheered and left a battered, tortured Dominik behind.


After all dick-measuring rounds had concluded, it was break time. The naked guys were all over the buffet that Freddy and another helper had nicely propped up in the meantime. Many of them jostled and pushed around the buffet table, and one dispute or another was settled with a painful fist or knee to the balls.

“My sausage! No! My sausage!”, Zach screamed as Nathan took the last sausage in front of Zach’s eyes onto his table and just grinned at him as he moved on.

A short while later, Dominik had joined Zach and Logan on a table and was enjoying a nice steak which worked wonders in distracting himself from the pain in his abdomen.

“How are you guys liking it so far?”, Dominik asked.

“Well, I’m winning, so I’m liking it very much, thank you”, Zach smiled. “Nothing can stop my monster cock.”

“It’s going mixed for me, but that’s what I expected”, Logan nodded. “Still a lot of fun.” He raised his eyebrows. “How about you?”

“Well it fucking sucks”, Dominik said. His friends burst out laughing.

“About what I expected”, Zach nodded. “Your balls look pretty roughed up already.”

“Yeah… they feel like it, too. I think the cage makes the kicks even worse as they have nowhere to go…”

“I’m really, really sorry I didn’t bring your keys”, Logan laughed.

“No, you’re fucking not.”

“Technically your sentence isn’t over, so you have no right to be mad at Logan for not leaving you out early”, Zach threw in.

“Yeah, yeah…”


Half an hour later, the boys were refreshed and eager to get the show on.

“We now come to the second game of the night”, Ben announced on his little stage as the boys had all turned to him or collected in front of it. “To give everyone a good shot at winning, this round will have nothing to do with dick size, and it’ll be up to you and your determination to win.”

A general mumbling went through the crowd. Zach looked a little disappointed. Dominik turned to his friends and said “Yeah!” in a cheerful voice.

“It’s a kind of a marathon instead, if you will”, Ben continued. “First of all, it’s another tournament, so there’ll be six rounds, give or take as you may not compete in every single one. You’ll be paired up one-on-one again. During each round, you both start soft. Soft means, your dick touches your balls without any outside interference.”

“Sounds good”, Dominik noted.

“The goal of each round is to get hard – as in, your dick is higher-up than horizontal, again without outside interference like using your hands – and then to get soft again. You’ll each race your partner, so whoever of the two enters a limp state again first will win. Think of it as running to a goalpost and back, only the goalpost is having a hardon, and… you get the point.”

Dominik staired at Ben flabbergasted. Zach laughed and patted him on the shoulder. “Sorry bud, looks like you’re up for another bad time…”

“That sucks, man”, Dominik groaned.

“Also just to make it clear, you HAVE to be soft at the start of each round, or else it won’t count”, Ben explained. “So to those horny fuckboys of you so turned on that they’ve been rocking perma-hardons the entire time… yeah, you may have a hard time. No pun intended. Also, same punishment – winner gets to kick the loser, with the amount of times increasing each round.”

The room was filled with mumbling. Some people didn’t seem to like the new game very much, others were very happy about it.

“That wasn’t a game last time, so I genuinely didn’t know about it”, Logan said to Dominik who didn’t seem very happy about it.

A short while later, everyone had found a partner again.

“You were the loser last time, right?” Zach stood in front of Ryan, the slender, meek guy who had faced off against Dominik in the final dick-size round.


“Biggest dick against smallest dick, that’s fitting”, Zach laughed.

“Well at least I’m limp right now, unlike you.”

He was right: Zach’s cock wasn’t fully hard, but it was still semi. It hung down in a pretty straight, hard line and didn’t touch his balls at all.

“Well, fuck.” Zach groaned and tried to twist his humongous dick downwards a few times, but it didn’t really help much. He closed his eyes and tried to think of something asexual.

“I’m hard!”, Ryan’s meek voice interrupted him. “Just saying it out because you just closed your eyes. Don’t want you to complain I cheated.”

“How are you so fast…” Zach opened his eyes and stared at him in annoyance. Indeed, Ryan’s dick was small but it was rock-hard and pointing up.

“I guess because it’s so small, it’s not as heavy as yours, so it’s faster to get one up.”

Zach shook his head and tried to focus on his dick again. He gave it a few light slaps. “Come on, it counts as limp now, right?”

“Sure thing, because I just went limp again”, Ryan drily noted. Zach looked up angrily, and indeed, Ryan’s cock was limply hanging down again.

“Motherfucker…”, he mumbled as Ryan triumphantly walked up and punched him in the balls. It wasn’t overly hard, but he still felt ashamed that the small-dick-guy of all people beat him before he could even get hard.

“I’ll always remind you of that”, Logan laughed. He was standing closeby and was currently in his getting-soft-again phase, so any distraction was welcome. He was facing off against a mediocre-looking guy called Jeremy who was studying something with art. Jeremy had just managed to get hard but was staring at his dick like he had no idea how to get soft again.

“Aaaand I won”, Logan laughed and rewarded Jeremy with a swift kick to the babymakers. Just as Jeremy doubled over from the kick, his dick almost immediately became soft again, but it was too late.

Colin was facing off against Austin – the guy who had been wearing a chastity cage before the games aswell but had put it off as things started. He was rocking a proud, medium-sized dick that was staring to the ceiling – since before the round had even started.

“I have some trouble with premature ejaculations and stuff”, he mumbled, blushing as he was looking at Colin who had just gotten hard and was now getting soft again. Colin used a different tactic for the soft-phase and just tensed up all his muscles, which did wonders to get rid of a hard-on.

“Yeah, tough luck.” He looked relieved as his dick was hanging down limply again. “Guess this game won’t end very well for you, then. You’ll probably still beat Dominik if it’s any consolation…”

And with these words, he sent his foot flying into Austin’s family jewels, making him elicit a loud scream. Nevertheless his cock stayed rock-hard.

Dominik was facing off against Steven – the same guy he had fought in the very first round last time.

Steven was more than amused by the situation and took his time to belittle Dominik all he could. It didn’t help that Dominik found Steven to be one of the hottest guys in the room, so him dancing around naked in front of him and stroking his cock was an incredible turn-on. If only they had met under different circumstances.

“There you go, I’m hard”, Steven laughed and spit in Dominik’s face. A few of the guys who had finished already were now watching the two. “Come on, I’ll stay hard for a few minutes, just to give you some time. I’m sure you can get a hard-on if you really want to.”

Dominik stroked and fondled his cock cage, but to no avail. His dick was bursting in captivity, but the best he could do were little twitches – and a few drops of precum that dropped from the tip of his cage.

“Oh, he’s leaking! Cage guy is leaking!”, Steven laughed and pointed at him. “Come on, if you’re leaking then you must be able to get hard in no-time! Lift that cage up with these twitches!” Steven stroke his own hard dick a few times for demonstration purposes, making Dominik all-the-more desperate.

As most of the other guys had finished, Steven finally decided to stop playing with his prey and end things. Being soft again, he took a step forward and clamped his foot into Dominik’s balls with all the force he could muster, making his balls smash against the cage and making him jump around in pain.

In the second round, Zach faced off against a guy called Sean. He was fairly sizeable and had some big, through visibly bruised balls. Most of the guys in the room only had to endure a couple kicks so far and had some fairly unscathed balls, but Sean’s balls seemed to have suffered quite a lot already.

“Bad first round?”, Zach asked, looking down at his opponent’s balls.

“Yeah. Well, not that bad – as you can see, I’m not that small either”, Sean chuckled, fumbling his dick. “But some of the kicks caught me really badly…”

It wasn’t a surprise that Zach was the one emerging victorious from this round, as Sean’s dick refused to get hard, maybe from all the beating it had been given.

“Looks like your balls are gonna look a little worse in a moment”, Zach winked at him mischievously before leaping forward and kicking his opponent who was still stroking his limp dick in the balls. Sean screamed and bent over, just as Zach kicked his balls a second time. His limp dick was flying around in his crotch and smacking against his abs.

Logan was matched against Brian who he had faced and lost against earlier already. Things didn’t go so well for him this time either. Even in its’ mostly limp state Brian’s cock was giant as it hung down over his balls. Logan was still staring at his opponent’s party stick as Brian already started to get hard, without even touching himself.

“Woah, nice”, Logan noted, then he quickly started stroking his own sausage. It was to no avail though, as Brian was already getting soft again.

“You’re fast”, he noted.

“That’s what she said.”

Logan groaned at the joke and spread his legs. “Let’s just get it over with.”

“That’s also what she said.”

Without further ado, Brian forcefully smacked his fist into Logan’s balls twice in quick succession, making the handsome Highschool wrestler bend down in pain.

Colin was seemingly even-matched with his opponent – Valerio, who had been facing Dominik earlier. They both started stroking and getting hard equally fast, and as they were hard, their dicks both deflated at a roughly equal speed.

“What’s the rule for a draw?”, Colin shrugged.

“I guess we could go again?”

“I guess so too.”

This time, Valerio took a different tactic though. As they were both stroking, Valerio got up to Colin, cramming his face all into his view and doing a sexy little dance, gliding his hands all over his body.

“Come on, man”, Colin mumbled. “I’m not even into you…”

“You sure?”, Valerio grinned as he pointed down. “Then why is your cock still hard while mine’s already getting soft again?”

“You distracted me so I couldn’t focus on getting soft”, Colin groaned.

“Yeah, I would have said that aswell.” With a mean grin, Valerio kicked his foot into Colin’s balls, hitting the air out of his lungs, then quickly a second time.

Dominik was relieved to be facing up against a more straightforward opponent this time who wasn’t eager to torture him as long as possible. He introduced himself as Oliver, a good-looking, slender guy in his early-to-mid-20s.

“Guess I’ll just quickly go hard and soft again so we are done, huh?”, he stated matter-of-fact-ly.

“Sounds good”, Dominik nodded.

He waited as Oliver stroked himself hard, then paused and waited as his cock slowly shrivelled up again.

“You know, I was locked in such a thing once”, Oliver said casually. “For like a week. To be fair, I willingly put it on, but my roommate ‘accidentally’ misplaced the key… yeah, I know how it feels.”

“Makes me feel a lot better already”, Dominik noted.

“Yeah. Gotta counter it by making you feel a little worse now.” With these words, Oliver stepped up, put his arms on Domink’s bare shoulders and shot his knee into Dominik’s balls. As the pain radiated from his crotch, he quickly followed up with a sack slap.

The next few rounds were an uphill-battle for Logan, Colin and Zach – and more like a steep wall-battle for Dominik. Zach and Logan weren’t used to getting soft again on-command, and Zach’s big cock meant a lot of blood had to be displaced from his cock each round so his biggus dickus was actually a disadvantage here. Colin continued to use his flex-all-other-muscles-to-get-soft technique, but with mixed success. To their surprise, a lot of the guys with smaller dicks were better at quickly getting soft again, so it rained a lot of kicks this time for the boys.

“My balls don’t feel so well, Mister Stark”, Zach mumbled after a particularly nasty kick in round five. “Look at them. They’re swollen already.”

“Already?”, Dominik said with a skewed smile, just getting off of his obligatory five kicks who overheard him. “You’re funny. My balls don’t look great since several rounds already. Being trapped below the cage isn’t doing them any favours…”

Finally in the 6th round, they all found themselves somewhere in the middle ground – except for Dominik of course.

“I’ve done this so often now, I’m not sure I can get hard on command anymore”, Logan groaned and rubbed his balls. “I really need to relieve those bad boys at some point…”

“Yeah, it’s such a stress getting soft again unfulfilled”, his opponent nodded. It was Marc from an earlier round. “Thank god this is the last round, I hope the next games are different…”

“I wouldn’t mind if they involved a little more sperm flying in all directions”, Zach giggled who was standing next to them.

At the end, Logan managed to get one up and get soft again well before Marc did – and so he had the pleasure of giving him six ballkicks.

“Ugh!”, Marc screamed as Logan repeatedly kicked him in the nuts. “Aah! Fuuuck! Dude! Duuuude!”

“And stay soft – eh, down!”, Logan said, pointing his finger at his opponent who was lying at his feet. “Well, both actually.”

Dominik looked miserable. His balls were swollen considerably already and had a few nasty bruises. He was basically having a permanent hard-on in the cage throughout the rounds.

“Do you mind if I don’t get hard and soft again?”, his opponent asked. “You know you have no chance, and the last five times were exhausting already.”

“Not like I have the dickpower to stop you”, Dominik chuckled and slowly spread his legs. “Let’s just get this over with…”

A moment later, his balls were engulfed in searing pain again as the other guy smashed them six times, making them bounce around funny and smack against the cage and inner thighs.

“That was a lot of fun, guys!”, Ben said as the guys, much more exhausted than after the first game, were finally finished. The last few dudes were entering their scores on the blackboard before looking at Ben expectingly. “What a spectacle. Makes me wish to join – but then again, I like the safety of my presenter role today…”, he chuckled.

Some guys groaned. The room of naked guys had gotten a little less energetic than at the start. Some were sitting or lying on the floor cradling their balls or inspecting their dicks, others had sat on the couches and chairs and were talking in muffled voices.

“You all want relieve, but we’re not quite there yet. So let’s not dwell for too long. Let’s get right into the 3rd game. It’s a short round and meant as more of a break before we get into cockpower again. It’s called FMK – Fuck, Marry, Kick!”

A shuffling went through the crowd. Some of the boys were cracking open new beer bottles. A few of them looked at Ben with annoyance, knowing full well what to expect.

“Come on, a little more excitement maybe? Alright, I’ll explain”, Ben continued. “It’s basically a group rating game, inspired by the famous ‘Fuck, Marry, Kill’ question and answer game. You’ll each be grouped with two random people – to make things fair, we make the decision for you this time so you can’t cheat. Each of these groups is brought up one-by-one to the stage.”

He held up three paper cards. “It’s then up for the crowd to decide one category to each of them – one of them to fuck, one of them to marry and one of them to kick. We go by majority – whichever category gets the most votes for each of the guys is the one he gets. Marrying is the best category, it will give that person two points to add to his scoreboard.”

He pointed to the blackboard. Over the course of the previous two games, 6 points could have been accrued in total per game, so there was a maximum of 12 points everyone could have until now. In reality, the maximum anyone had were 10 points, which only few guys had, and it was downwards from there – until a lonely last place: Dominik who had exactly zero points until now. Most of the guys were somewhere around five points.

“Fucking is the second-best, because, well… you’re getting sex. So that’s a plus for you. The one getting a ‘Fuck’ voting will get one point for his scoreboard. ‘Kick’ is the least great – whoever gets that category will get zero points, and he will get kicked by the other two guys. The amount of kicks he gets is determined by the amount of people who voted ‘Kick’ for him.”

“So how do we decide who we want to marry or fuck?”, someone from the crowd asked.

“You pick the person that you would ACTUALLY want to marry or fuck of the three of them”, Ben explained. “You sort them by who’s the hottest to you, or whatever. And if the answer is ‘none of them’ because you’re not gay or don’t find any of them hot, well tough luck, it’s how the game works. Just go by physical attractiveness in that case. Or just decide who you’d want to kick in the balls the most and then work your way up from there.”

“What if we like to kick attractive people the most?”, someone asked. The crowd laughed.

“Well, then go by that. I don’t care”, Ben chuckled. “We’re not here tonight for logic-competitions but for dicks, balls and fun, am I right?”


“Great So if nobody has any questions, then we’ll start. My assistant Freddy is giving out cards as we speak, three cards for each of you. Just hold the one you like up when we ask. We’ve already arranged some groups and call the people up to the stage.”

As Freddy went around with his stack of cards, Logan, Dominik and Zach had sat down on one of the couches, watching the spectacle.

“You think anyone will want to marry me with that cage?”, Dominik asked innocently.

“NOPE!”, they said in unison and laughed.

“Well, shit.”

“And not just because of that”, Logan laughed and looked down on his friend before patting on his own belly. “You gotta work on your abs game, Dom. And your arm muscles. We should start training together more.”


“You think everybody will want to ‘marry’ me?”, Zach asked. “I mean, they have to, with my giant cock, right?”

Dominik and Logan exchanged a sceptic look.

“Eeeeh, maybe…”

“Come on guys”, Zach groaned. “They just have to pick that…”

“Out of principle, I’ll give you my ‘Kick’ vote”, Logan snickered.

“Me too”, Dominik chimed in.

“Well thanks for being so supportive.”

A short while later, every man was equipped with his bundle of cards.

"Okay, let's begin!", Ben announced. "We're now gonna call out our first three randomly selected participants: John, Oliver and Sean!"

The three guys got up and straddled towards the stage. The other boys cheered as their ass-cheecks wobbled and their dicks swung around as they got up there.

Oliver was a good-looking, thin guy in his mid 20's with a light beard and long, blond hair. Dominik remembered im from his match last round. Sean was much bigger than him, and he had some very bruised, swollen balls. John was a young, slender twink who barely looked 18; he barely had any muscles but still looked handsome as heck and moved with style.

"We figured we'll give each candidate a chance to present themself in one sentence. Whatever comes to mind, guys. Think of it as an election-slogan. Oliver, like to start?"

Oliver looked out onto the crowd, then he said: "I'm very gently with these fingers so you're treated well if you marry me."

A measured applause.

Afterwards, Sean stepped forward. He cradled his big, swollen balls in his hand, then he said: "Please don't choose to kick me because I can't take it, my balls already kill me!"

Some people clapped, others screamed 'boo' and gave him a thumbs down.

Finally, John stepped up. He brushed his crotch, then took the same hand up to his mouth and gave the audience a brief kiss before whispering in a sexy voice: "You already know you want to fuck me."

He got the loudest applause, mixed with a lot of laughter.

"Alright, time to vote", Ben said. "Everyone point up your card of choice for Oliver!"

It was a bit of a chaos, but after a couple of seconds, it became clear that 'Fuck' was the primary choice.

"Yeah!", he screamed.

"Okay, now to Sean. Everybody vote now!"

Sean was the one to get the most 'Kick' cards.

"Fuck", he mumbled and looked down at his tortured package.

"Should have sold yourself better, buddy", Oliver laughed and patted him on the shoulder.

"That only leaves one choice for John, but we're still gonna vote."

Unsurprisingly, 'marry' dominated the choice for John. The crowd cheered as John looked around grinning.

"Alright, Freddy tells me that 24 people voted 'Kick' for Sean. I didn't count but that sounds about right, and who cares about his balls anyway. Oliver, John, I say you each get 12 kicks in!"

"Do we really have to...? Aaaargh!" Sean was rudely interrupted as John had stepped up and swung his knee into Sean's balls. He giggled as his big ball sack bounced around.

"It already feels so mushy", he laughed.


Oliver had followed up with a fast snapkick. "Yeah, bit like a balloon!"

"Get ready for the next one!", John announced before swinging his foot forward, into Sean's crotch, making him yelp in pain.

"It's always fun kicking someone's balls in", Oliver smiled before sending his foot forward aswell.

The crowd cheered and cried in sympathy as Sean's already tortured balls were kicked again and again. They continued mercilessly until they had each gotten their 12 kicks in.

"Hell yeah", John laughed. "That was fun."

Sean looked all the worse for wear. Oliver patted him on the shoulder before him and John grabbed him by the arms and carried him down again.

"Great! Let's move on quickly. We have 15 rounds by my count, though one of them only has 2 candidates because we're 44 people. Still, should give us plenty to work with. Please welcome..."

And so things went on. The next two rounds went by in a similar fashion to the first one, though none of the guys had their balls quite as beaten as Sean. With some guys it was a close match between two categories but in the end it all was decided.

"And next: Logan, Ron and Steven!"

"Fuck yeah, it's time!", Logan said as he got up from the couch. Zach and Dominik cheered for him as he walked up the stage.

Dominik and Zach mustered his opponents while hanging out on the couch. Ron was the nerdy IT guy with a small dick that Dominik had faced in the first game tonight. Steven meanwhile was all-too-familiar to Dominik already – the sexy, teasy little devil that he got matched with at the start of both games.

"I'm so gonna vote 'kick' on Steven", Dominik mumbled as he stared up there.

"I'm gonna kick Logan, fuck Steven and marry Ron", Zach said nonchalantly before sipping from his beer.


"Yeah." He shrugged. "Not like I find any of them sexy anyway."

"Okay, present yourself, guys!"

"I'm Logan, and if you marry me, I'm gonna wrestle you gently!"

"I'm Ron, and I can fix all your computer problems if you marry me."

"I'm Steven and if you marry me, we're even!"

The crowd cheered the loudest on Steven. He seemed to have a lot of friends here in the dorm who cheered him on. A few seats away, Dominik noticed Colin who was rejoicing for Steven aswell.

It was a close vote, but in the end, Logan just barely got more 'Kick' votes than Ron, whereas Steven triumphantly ended up as the 'marriage'-option.

"Huh, I really thought Ron was gonna lose this", Dominik noted. "I mean, he doesn't look... appealing."

"A lot of guys here have a dispassion for Logan, because he's the wrestle-king and macho and all", Zach explained. "So yeah, that's probably why."

"14 kicks for Logan", Ben shrugged. "That's actually not that bad. Spread your legs, big guy."

"With pleasure", Logan grinned, taking it sleazy.

Ron's kicks were of measured force, but Steven hit hard. With each of his 7 kicks, he enjoyed busting Logan's babymakers to dust.

"Take this!" His foot flew into Logan's nuts. "And this! And this!"

After Steven was done and triumphantly turned to the crowd, Ron finished up his amounts of kicks. Logan was almost glad to be kicked by him again, as the hardest was done with Steven's kicks.

"Nice job, guys", he mumbled as he stepped down the stage, cradling his wounded soldiers.

"As for the next round, we have Zach, Dominik and Nathan!"

Zach and Dominik looked at each other and gulped. They hadn’t expected to end up in the same round. They both got up and straddled onto the stage.

“It’s Zach!”

“Zach and the cage guy!”

They heard voices behind him as they got up. Zach seemed to revel in the attention and proudly let his dick flop, Dominik felt rather uncomfortable being put on a pedestal with his locked cock and battered balls.

“Oh, hey, guys.” The third guy had arrived on-stage. It was the guy with the second-largest cock in a room who had only lost against Zach earlier on. “Zach, up for another challenge?”

Zach eyed him suspiciously. “I’m gonna beat you and your stupid dick.”

“You sure about that?”

“Alright, tell us a little about you, guys. Zach, why don’t you start?”

“I’m Zach and I’ve got the largest cock in the room!”

His sentence didn’t find the reception he was hoping for. Some guys laughed, others boo’ed. Only a few guys cheered him on.

“Guess they dislike you for beating them all in the cock-size game”, Dominik chuckled. He cleared his throat before speaking up. “I’m Dominik and there’s a pretty cock below these metal bars. So please marry me, over and out.”

His slogan was met with overwhelming laughter. He shrugged blushingly.

“I’m Nathan. What you need to know about me isn’t my cock size, but that I can be a very sensitive, passionate lover.”

Some of the guys actually seemed to be impressed by him. Others still chuckled about him.

“I guess we’ll find out now who managed to win everybody’s hearts. Let the votes begin!”

Dominik had been dead-sure he was gonna lose, but apparently there were a lot of guys in the audience who hated Zach’s guts and wanted to kick his balls in. Dominik just barely managed to get a ‘fuck’ while Nathan, the outsider who wasn’t part of the dorm, seemingly managed to charm everybody’s minds with his nice bod and gentle words. He got a ‘marry’ by a large margin.

“15 ‘kick’ votes for Zach”, Ben announced. “Another really close call. Spread your legs, buddy…”

“You want to go first?”, Dominik asked Nathan.

“If you ask so nicely.” He stepped up and shot his foot into Zach’s balls, sending them and his dick bouncing through the air.

“Fuck”, Zach mumbled. But Nathan continued onwards and sent his foot flying mercilessly.

“This is payback!” Another hard kick that made Zach tumble backwards. “For having…” Again Zach was yeeted back. “The larger dick!” Another smashing hit inbetween his balls.

“Nathan, you’re at 10 already, leave some kicks to Dominik please!”, Ben cautioned him.

Nathan reluctantly stepped back, leaving the field for Dominik. Dominik took aim before sending his foot flying. Zach screamed in pain. Dominik’s kick wasn’t particularly hard, but he was still breathing heavily from the beating he had taken from Nathan.

“Even the chastity guy gets to kick you, Zach”, Nathan grinned.

“I have a name, you know”, Dominik said with annoyance before kicking Zach’s balls a second time.

“Yeah, but you’re not living that down anytime soon, I’m afraid”, Nathan chuckled.

After his round, Zach seemed to have lost all energy, though it only partially came from his beaten balls – his pride was hurt the most.

“Lost against Nathan of all people. I can’t believe people would rather marry him than me…”

“Poor boy”, Logan grinned over both ears as they returned to their seats. “Hey, Dominik, you’re not at zero anymore. You’ve got one whole point now.”

“What a relieve.” Dominik looked over to the blackboard. There were two guys with 2 points, but he was the only one with a score of 1 at this point. He groaned.

The round continued on. Over the course of the next 20 minutes, every participant on the room came up on stage and had his balls, body and personality rated, some with more success than others. The hot guys got to show off their great bodies and charm the audience (or at least the gay parts of it) with their sexy speech, the less handsome lads oftentimes tried to be funny or allude to their lack of success in the dating game.

Everybody was having a lot of fun. At some point, Colin came up on stage, he happened to play against two of his dorm mates that he knew reasonably well. He won as he was by far the most handsome of the bunch, and had a lot of joy kicking his buddy’s balls in with the other guy.

In the final round, there were only 2 guys left. Ben reduced the voting options to ‘marry’ and ‘kick’, and in the end one of them had the pleasure of limping off stage hands in his crotch, while the other marched like a winner with his hands high above his head.

“That was a great game, thanks everybody!”, Ben said. “Quick break, and then everyone get ready in front of the big TVs for the next round!”


A couple minutes later, the guys were standing around the flatscreen TVs on the other side of the room. There 4 different, giant wallmounted TVs with some comfortable couches in front of them, making for a perfect view.

“We gotta watch TV now or what?”, Colin chuckled. He was leaning on the backside of one of the couches. He had joined Logan and Dominik again for a change.

“Oh, I think I now what kind of game it is.” Zach had just returned from the lockers and chuckled. He exchanged a knowing, conspirational look with Logan. Dominik raised his eyebrows in anticipation.

“Okay, guys, tournament time again. Don’t worry, it’s the last tournament for today”, Ben announced. "Just one another game after, and it's a normal one. Then we'll crown our winners and kick our losers."

The guys looked at each other in anticipation.

“I know you’re all very horny and looking forward to cum, there’s no secret about that, but as always, we’ll be keeping the best for last and will test your endurance a little longer. We’ll come to what some of you have been calling the ‘limp dick’ round. You’re gonna sit down with your neighbour with these nice comfy leather couches under your asses, and we’ll play some very appealing porn for you on these monitors. So if all those dicks swinging around aren’t already your type, you’ll see some hot chicks and dudes doing each other in 4K60FPS, HDR filling your field of view. We’ll also switch it up from time to time – we have both gay and straight porn.”

“Huh”, Colin said.

“You’re forced to watch it for two minutes, and whoever is the most limp afterwards wins. No closing your eyes, no looking away, if we notice you’ll lose the round, even if you’re more limp. Obviously you can stroke yourself, but, well, you probably won’t stay limp so it’s not in your best interest. Also, loser gets one kick from the winner, then in the second round two kicks, and… well, you know the drill.”

As some of the guys groaned in annoyance, Dominik looked down at his cage. Was this the first round his cage would give him an advantage? He couldn’t get hard, after all, so was it just a free win this time?

Zach and Logan mustered him from the side with a mischievous grin.

“You think what I’m thinking?”, Logan asked.

“Yeah, absolutely”, Zach nodded.

“Well, these are the rules. Each round you win will be one point you score. Also, if you shoot your load at any point during the rounds, you not only lose your current round but are disqualified for any future rounds of this game. Games from previous rounds will still be counted, so if you win round 1 and shoot your load in round 2, you’ll get one point at the end but not more than that. This is to prevent you from just shooting your load in the first round and then staying limp during the remaining rounds thanks to that sweet post-nut clarity…”

Ben grinned.

“Alright, anymore questions? No? Great, then let’s get started. Freddy? You can turn on the TVs at any second now…”

Ben wasn’t lying when he spoke about the material. A selection of high-quality, pristine-sharp porn began flashing across the TV screens. Freddy was sitting on a laptop near the stage controlling it all.

“Good. We’ll play 4 rounds in parallel, after your round is done you’re gonna get up immediately to let the next one play so it’s a quick play. Freddy is running a timer, 2 minute per round, 30 seconds to switch to the next opponent, and he’ll play a bell sound…”

A loud gong came from the TV speakers and filled the entire, big community dorm room. Some of the guys shrieked or startled, instinctively putting their hands around their dicks.

“… yeah, like that”, Ben continued. “Just maybe turn down the volume a tiny bit. Punishments are dealt out after you’re up from the couch. I guess we’ll need some volunteers to kick things off?”

As the boys looked around at each other, Dominik purposefully stepped forward. “My time has come.”

He jumped onto one of these couches and made himself comfy. Destiny meant it well; this was the round where he was finally getting payback and scoring full house. Some of the other couches were being occupied aswell. His attention was already on the screen in front of him, following some hot action…

He only noticed the big, strong hand grabbing down to his crotch as it was already happening. Zach was standing in front of him, and Dominik only heard a brief metal click from his crotch.

“The hell are you doing…”

Zach’s giant arms were in the way to see what was happening, and before Dominik could react, he felt a sudden, strong pull on his dick – and felt the cage that had ben entrapping his dick for the entire evening and the last seven days suddenly being ripped off. The only thing tat remained was the tight ring around the base of his genitals that was used to hold the cage into place.


Dominik stared down at his crotch incredulously, then at Zach who was standing in front of him, holding the chastity cage in his hand with a naughty grin. The tiny key was still inserted into the lock.

“You had the key here all along? You absolute piece of shit!”

Dominik leaped forward, trying to hit Zach in the balls, but Zach quickly evaded him and gave him a hard ball-knock with his fist that sent Dominik flying back onto the couch.

“I never said I didn’t”, Zach shrugged. “You only ever asked Logan, and he truthfully answered that he didn’t bring the key with him. Because he gave it to me beforehand.”

“And I technically also never lied when I said you’d be let out tonight”, Logan who had been approaching from the other side threw in. “I figured you’d have an unfair advantage over the other guys if you’re just locked through this round. I’d be like 6 points for free…”

“And it wasn’t an unfair disadvantage throughout the other rounds?” Dominik was in disbelief.

“Logan, Zach, either one of you sits down or you get out of the way, we want to get started”, Ben said from the mic.

“Come on, let’s play, buddy”, Zach grinned as he put his ass down next to Dominik, making the couch shake for a second.

“Okay, ready? Go!”

The big gong sounded again, this time a little quieter.

Dominik’s cock had sprung to life the second it had gotten out of the cage, and watching the TV screen in front of him didn’t do him any favours. He was rock-hard. He leaned back in despair, trying to distract himself, but there was nothing he could do to stop his hard-on.

Zach’s dick had been limp but quickly grew to a strong size aswell. It was quickly towering over Dominik’s. It certainly won in length, through it wasn’t standing as straight-up as Dominik’s cock.


“So who wins?” Zach scratched his head. “My cock was definitely larger, but…”

“It’s close, but I say Zach wins. His cock was longer but not as dripping-hard as Dominik’s”, Logan said. He’d been watching them closely.

Dominik sighed. “Just get your kick in…”

Zach didn’t need to be told twice. With all the force he could muster, he sent his foot flying into Dominik’s already bloated balls, making them jiggle funny and him stumbling backwards, yelping from the pain.

“Guess I’ll go next”, Logan said, sitting down on the couch. “Oh, hey Colin.”

Colin had snuck up and sat down besides Logan. “Guess it’s the two of us?”



The new round began. This time, it was clear that Logan was at a disadvantage. His cock was rockin’ hard throughout the show, whereas Colin used his tense-all-muscles-strategy from earlier to try to stay limp. It didn’t work out perfectly this time, but when the gong sounded, his semi-hardon was still much less than Logan’s Tower of Pisa.

“Spread your legs, buddy.”

He stepped backwards, then took a few quick steps forward and gave Logan a quick but hard running kick into the babymakers.

Due to the amount of players, there was a third game before everyone had played at least once, concluding the first round.

“Alright, that was fun to watch”, Ben began. “Some surprises there for sure. Everyone, get ready for round two! Losers against winners, as you know it.”

The six rounds flew by. Due to each round consisting of three waves of people playing, everyone had 2 minutes of intense sex scenes, then a minute of punishments and another roughly 5 minutes of recovery and being able to chill before the next round began.

After he kicked things off well with Dominik, Zach was mostly unlucky. He won 2 rounds but lost another 2, moving his goal of winning tonight seemingly further away from his reach. He was letting out his anger by furiously kicking the two guys he beat and stomping on their balls when they were already down.

In the final round, Zach was met by Nathan. His already mixed mood worsened as Nathan sat down next to him.

“Oh, hey, Zach.” He grinned. “Almost wouldn’t have recognised you with that humongous snake. Isn’t your cock supposed to be a bit more limp this round?”

Indeed, Nathan might have the second-largest cock in the room but in its limp state, it was average at best – which played to his advantage, as he seemed to have himself very well under control. Whereas Zach’s cock was rocking hard, Nathan’s dick was limp as a piece of paper.

“How?”, Zach wondered.

“Focus, my friend.”

Zach tried his best to distract himself during his 2 minutes against Nathan, but the thought of losing against his arch-enemy only made him more erect. When the gong sounded, he frustratingly had to admit defeat.

“Come on, spread your legs, Zachery. Let me help you get rid of that hard-on that you seemingly can’t lose yourself.”

Zach rolled his eyes. “Do what you gotta do…”

Nathan’s kicks were quick but precise. Six painful times he smashed his foot forward, making the pain in Zach’s already battered balls explode. At the end, he was lying on the floor, a confused mess.

Logan’s luck was slightly better. After the loss against Colin, he won 4 rounds straight and only lost during the final round against Ryan – the guy who was the frat party loser last year.

“Well played”, Ryan laughed. He was much smaller than Logan, had a tiny dick and wasn’t very athletic at all, so him standing there in front of the wall of muscles with a huge water hose inbetween his legs as he tried to get his kicks right was a funny sight.

His kicks weren’t overly hard, and Logan took them like a champ. But he was still a little mad that he lost the final round against Ryan of all people. At least, his hard-on quickly went away as Ryan kicked his balls in.

Colin had an unfortunate accident. After his first round had gone so well, he just re-used his flexing-muscles technique – but the porn just hit all the right spots for him, so he just couldn’t stay soft anymore by the second round, no matter how hard he flexed.

In the third round, still rocking his hard-on, he tensed up his muscles more and more, in a desperate attempt to distract himself from that raging, twitching hard-on…

That’s when he shot his load.

In a big arc, sperm shot out of his dickhead and landed in front of him on the floor, on the wall and a tiny bit even made it as far as the wall-mounted TV that he had been so fixated on.

His opponent, Austin, stopped what he was doing and looked at his partner with amusement. “And I thought I had premature ejaculation issues! Man, Colin…”

“Fuuuck”, Colin coughed. His cock was still shooting and twitching, but it was slowly getting less. He looked at the mess he had made.

“We’ve got our first horny bull who couldn’t hold his load”, Ben said through the mic for everybody to hear. Many of the guys stopped what they were doing and looked over, only to see Colin in his post-orgasm state and the mess he had made. “You know what that means, Colin – you’re disqualified. Judging by the blackboard, you have 1 win thus far – looks like you’re not getting any more points this round…”

He was the first, but he wasn’t the last to shoot his load. After Colin, a few other guys lost their control aswell and orgasmed from the entertaining program. One guy even slipped and fell from the sperm on the floor, getting a bloody nose from it that was quickly nurtured by his mates.

For the remaining rounds, Colin stood by in frustration with his still sperm-polluted dick and watched the other guys play.

Dominik was having a tough time aswell, through at the very least, he made it to the end without any orgasms – through he felt like he always was just at the very edge of cumming, and just a few seconds of touching his dick would have pushed him over the edge.

He actually won two rounds inbetween at times were he managed his dick to be a little less hard, giving him two more points, but form then on luck wasn’t on his side. He lost another two rounds, giving him a hard time and a lot of painful kicks into his already sore, beaten babymakers.

Finally, he sat down for the final round. He startled a little as he noticed his opponent – Steven, the hot guy and friend of Colin who had teased and belittled him on multiple occasions.

“So you got out”, Steven chuckled, mustering his average cock and his badly bruised balls, making Dominik blush before brushing over his own proud cock and mostly unscathed balls. “No wonder they locked that pathetic thing away…”

“Very funny.”

“Look at how hard you are”, he chuckled and slid closer to Dominik on the couch until their arms were touching. “Oh, are you uncomfortable or turned-on by this? You don’t need a big cinema when you’re crushing to the guy right next to you, right? I bet you could shoot a load right now with just one little touch…”

He reached into Dominik’s crotch and snipped at his dripping cock, making it rock back and forth. Dominik shivered, he was so close at cumming…

“Steven, keep your hands to yourself, no touching your opponent!”, Ben said through the mic. “Let’s keep things fair or you’re disqualified.”

With a disappointed look, Steven shrugged before giving Dominik a little hand-kiss gesture that made his heart race higher in his chest.

Shortly after, there was the GONG by the bell. Dominik lost against Steven who was barely hard at all.

“At least I get to kick your balls some more”, he chuckled. “Come on, loser. How do you like these kicks now that you’re free?”

Dominik stayed rock-hard throughout all six kicks, but at least he managed to hold his load. Steven’s kicks were among the most painful, and at the end, he had tears in his eyes as he was rolling on the floor, cradling his balls that felt like they had sharp needles in them.

“That was a lot of fun”, Ben finally announced. At the same time, the TV screens turned black again. “We’ve had a few nasty accidents, and a lot of horny studs watching porn. Better don’t tell your girlfriends what we’re doing here!”

Some chuckled.

“Okay, now for the final round that decides it all. Now that we’ve got you all horny and bursting to cum, let’s finally get to that part!”

Many cheered.

“While we’re speaking, my assistant Freddy is taping some lines on the floor. Some of you may already know what to expect. All of you will stand behind that first line. Then you’re all gonna stroke off and shoot. The further your cum travels, the better for you. Each line that you manage to cross is one additional point for your score. The lines are 50cm apart, but this time we’re not stopping at 6 lines, they’ll go much further than 3 meters. So if you’re a super-shooter, you can still get a lot of points this round.”

“Fuck yeah!”, Zach cheered, holding his arms into the air. “That’s more like it!”

A lot of guys chimed in with him.

“You have 10 minutes in total. You can cum as many times as you like, but only your furthest cum will be counted. Also, keep track of your own jizz – my assistants will keep track but if there’s any doubt on whose it is, you’ll need to be able to tell.”

The crowd settled down for a few minutes to get some refreshments as Freddy was busy laying the lines on the floor from one end of the room to the other. Zach got his buddies some beer.

“Thanks”, Logan said, grabbing his beer and taking a deep sip. “Fucking finally, eh, boys?”

“Oh yeah”, Dominik nodded. He was still standing there with his hard-on pointing straight up. “Man, I’m as horny as a dolphin…”

“You better enjoy this round, as it still looks like you’re losing, buddy”, Colin chuckled and tapped Dominik’s shoulder. “So unless you can impress us with some truly amazing sharpshooter performance, your balls will look a whole lot worse at the end of the night…”

“Don’t remind me”, he said. “Let’s just enjoy the fun while it lasts.”

“That’s the spirit”, Zach grinned. “Cheers!”


A while later, the boys were standing shoulder-by-shoulder in a line, looking in one direction. Ben was standing on his Podest several meters away from them, looking at them from in front.

“I hope nobody aims for me”, he chuckled. “Huh, I didn’t mean for the mic to be on…”

Some of the guys looked at him grinning.

“Alright, final round. You all know the drill; I don’t think I need to give you any tips or instructions for that one. Just don’t overstep the line, keep track of your own cum… and have fun! The time starts… now!”

The guys started stroking. Logan, Dominik and Zach were standing next to each other. Colin was standing a little apart, close to Steven.

Freddy and one other assistant sat by Ben on the Podest, attentively watching the events unfold.

It didn’t take long for the first loads to fly. With a lot of moaning and groaning, sperm came flying out of their loaded rockets in a small arc before it landed down below, somewhere on the clean floor.

Some guys seemed a little intimidated by all the intense orgasms and had some trouble getting it up. Ryan was one of those. He had had the same issue last year, and it looked like it wasn’t gonna be any better this year.

“Fuck yeah!”, Zach screamed, his junk flying through the air, landing multiple meters from him.

“3 meters. Not bad, Zach”, Logan chuckled. “But you sure it’s gonna be enough to win?”

At the same moment, Dominik’s body convulsed and he shot his own load that he had been holding in for so long. It jizzed out and landed – barely 1.5 meters in front of him.

“Looks like someone’s not a great shooter”, Zach laughed. Dominik was still convulsing, but his shots became smaller and smaller.

Logan took a few minutes but when he blew, he shot an impressive 3.5 meters with his furthest shot. He screamed and closed his eyes in pleasure.

“Woah, nice, buddy”, Dominik grinned. He was stroking his cock again but it took him a while to get one up again, especially with his balls being so sore and swollen and making his work all-the-harder.

“That was awesome, wasn’t it?”, Logan grinned.

On average, most of the guys seemed to shoot somewhere around 2 meters, though it was a large spectrum. There were a few poor guys who didn’t really shoot at all and just dribbled out, not scoring a single point. Then there were a few who managed more than 3 meters.

Colin and Steven were in a friendly competition on who could shoot the furthest. Steven had managed to just barely cross 2.5 meters. Colin took a few minutes longer as his last orgasm in the previous game wasn’t so long ago, but when he managed to shoot, he landed just short of 2.5 meters, so slightly behind his friend.

“Looks like I’m the winner”, Steven grinned. “Unless you can nut a third time tonight, and before the time is over…”

Time neared the end as both Dominik and Zach managed to cum again. The difference was – Dominik’s shot was even shorter this time whereas Zach managed to fly even further. Dominik’s this time much smaller wet patch landed less than a meter in front of him, to his exhausted, pleasured groans, whereas Zach managed to beat the 4.5 meter line. He was the furthest of all participants!

“Fuck yeah!”, Zach screamed in pleasure, still rubbing his twitching cock. “Biggest dick, farthest shot. I’m the king!”

He was proven wrong when just a few seconds later, a shot a couple meters to his right managed to land even further, right on the 5 meter line. Zach stopped rubbing his dick and bent forward to see who it was. To his anger and surprise, the new sharpshooter was no other than Nathan, his friendly rival since the very first round.

Nathan was still convulsing in pain, his body shivering and shaking. As he opened his eyes again, he noticed Zach’s impious stare and just winked at him.

“This fucker”, Zach mumbled. There was no way he was gonna shoot a third load, let alone an even further one. “I’m gonna beat his balls to oblivion sometime…”

A few seconds later, the gong sounded. Those who were still stroking to get another load out stopped, and many of the hot, sweat-covered young men fell to the ground in exhaustion.

Three guys kept standing and stroking, seemingly bent on shooting another load.

“If you want to finish the job, feel free to. Just know that it won’t count anymore”, Ben explained. “Man, what a spectacle. That’s a whole lot of jizz.”

Indeed it was: the entire floor in front of the group of boys that had previously been clean and tidy was now covered in white goo puddles all over.

“I wouldn’t want to be the guy who has to clean all that up”, Ben chuckled, looking down to his two assistants who were shifting around uncomfortably. “Great job, guys. Refresh yourself and go pee if you need to; my assistants will add the scores on the blackboard. And then, in a couple minutes, it’s time for the winners and losers.


As they waited, Logan, Dominik and Colin had sat around the same table again, cleaning off their cocks and looking exhausted but content with themselves. A minute later, Zach joined them with four small liquor glasses and a bottle of something indecipherable.

“Wanted to get us something strong”, he explained. “To celebrate.”

“Do we have something to celebrate?”, Colin asked. “I’m not sure if you scored as well as you hoped.”

They looked to the blackboard, but the assistants were currently covering their numbers so they couldn’t see their scores.

“Well then we can celebrate our losses”, Zach shrugged. He grinned at Dominik who was shifting around uncomfortably. “I’m sure some of us are gonna need it…”

He filled their glasses, and they cheered and drank the bitter, high-percentage stuff.

“Well, tonight was fun for sure”, Logan laughed.

“Oh yeah.”


A few minutes later, Ben was standing at the podium again. His assistants had erased the scores from the blackboard to make more of a surprise out of it.

“Can I have everyone’s attention please”, Ben said and looked down at some paper. “It’s time to celebrate the winners and losers. Let’s start with the winners. On third place, we’ve got Jeffery! Come up here, please!”

The athletic, handsome captain of the swim team didn’t need to be told twice. He came forward in front of the crowd who cheered him on. Freddy took a little cock ring made of flowers and put it around the base of his genitals. “What a consistently good performance. Jeffery, you can look forward to a lapdance from our sexy cleaning boy!”

Jeffery grinned as the crowd cheered again.

“Second place we have… drum roll please… Zach!”

“For fuck’s sake”, Zach mumbled. He got up and stared at Nathan angrily. “This is Biggest-dick-in-the-room-Zach. He has some very sizeable equipment and knows how to handle it perfectly, even if he’s a little overly horny at times. But then again, aren’t we all. Zach, you also get a sexy and much longer visit from our cleaning boy!”

“Yeah”, he mumbled in a crooked voice while Freddy was busy placing a flower ring around his cock and balls aswell. “Guess I’ll have someone to let my frustration out on…”

“And finally, we have our first place. He’s a total newcomer to not only this game but to the dorm room, he comes from far away and he won our hearts by storm – and he’s a sex king and playful guy. A big applause for Nathan!”

Nathan laughed and grinned as he walked up the Podest, inbetween the two other winners. He got a much bigger cock ring made of roses.

“Now Nathan, you know what that means – you get special privileges for the rest of the weekend, some of them extending into the whole semester. Any plans yet on what you’re gonna do with them?”

He held the mic to Nathan who grinned and responded: “I’m gonna fuck Zach a new asshole.”

Zach’s eyes widened. “Hell no…”

“Oh, poor Zach. Second place and he still gets to deal with Nathan’s sizeable equipment. Well, rules are rules…”

Zach made a sour expression as Nathan winked at him. “You’re not gonna be able to walk for days, buddy…”

“Before the winner-party starts, it’s time to celebrate the losers. In third place, we have… James!”

James was a meagre, small guy with small equipment who seemed to have flown under most people’s radar for most of the evening. Logan and Zach had been matched with him a few times but hadn’t really paid attention to him.

Whereas the winners were placed to Ben’s right side, James was pointed to his left to easily separate the two.

“Poor guy is gonna get one kick from everyone when we’re done here. Alright, next we have… Ryan!”

“Well, I guess that leaves only one person for the last place”, Dominik mumbled to Logan who grinned at him with a mean expression.

The loser from last time came up on the stage. He didn’t look too happy.

“I remember you from last time”, Ben said. “Well, from last place to penultimate place. I guess that’s a progression. And finally, for the last place, we have a newcomer. Please welcome to the stage… Dominik!”

Dominik was red over both ears as he walked up there and stood between Ryan and James. For what was worth, was by far the most good-looking of the three and had the largest dick of them, though neither of those were bars set very high.

“Dominik played most of the games in a chastity cage, and well, it went about as good as you’d expect. So don’t bring a cock cage to a dick measuring contest… well, you all know that. You all except Dominik.” The crowd laughed. “Anyway, our happy loser is going to be tied down until tomorrow at noon, his balls free for everyone to use. Bet that wasn’t what he was looking for when he came here tonight. Hope you’re all having fun turning his balls to dust!”


A few minutes later, the clock hit midnight – but for many of the boys, the evening was still young.

Dominik was standing inbetween two poles, his arms and legs firmly held in place, his feet spread widely by a metal bar. A few of the guys were just finishing up fixing him in place as many of the others were watching in amusement.

“Perfect”, one of the guys said before giving Dominik a few knees to the balls for good measure that made him squirm around in pain and waddle on his shackles. “Yeah, that should hold.”

A few meters away, Zach was bent down aswell, though on a table. “Ready for your ass destruction, Zach?”, Nathan grinned.

“Fuck you, dude…”

“No, fuck you. At least that’s the plan.” Nathan had already been stroking his cock to maximum size again. “The girls tell me that my big dong is really uncomfortable. The difference is, with them I’m gentle and stop when they ask me to…”

Zach shuddered and squealed as Nathan forced his dick inside his asshole in a pretty rough manner.

Meanwhile, a few guys had started kicking Dominik already. He was letting out tortured screams, trying to suppress the pain.

“Hey guys”, Logan and Colin walked up to Dominik. Logan held up the cock cage. “Shall we lock him up again? Playtime’s over after all, and we don’t want him to accidentally get too much pleasure out of this…”

“Sounds like a good idea”, one of the other guys said.

“Wait!” They turned around and saw Steven straddling towards them. “I’ve got something better.”

Steven was holding another chastity cage, but a completely new one that was much smaller, maybe half an inch at best. “Let’s use this one, shall we? It’s a micro cage. Much more uncomfortable for his dick, plus it’s so small that the cage and dick are properly out of the way and don’t get in the way of busting his balls.”

Dominik’s eyes widened. “Oh come on, please…”

“Sounds perfect”, Logan grinned and looked at Dominik. “I bet he doesn’t mind if we leave it on for the rest of the sentence aswell. His dick being compressed to a quarter of its size for a full week is a funny prospect…”

“Wait a minute”, Colin suddenly pried up. “Where do YOU of all people have such a tiny chastity cage from?”

Steven suddenly blushed and looked down to his feet. “Uh, I… I… no reason…”

“Don’t tell me you’re actually into them”, Colin poked further. “With how perfectly you’ve been teasing Dominik all night long, it would make a lot of sense…”

“Whatever…”, Steven said evasively. “Are we here to bust his balls or what?”

It took a lot of prying and squeezing, but a few minutes later, they finally had fitted Dominik’s proud cock into the tiny cage. It looked very crammed and unhealthy in there.

“This feels fucking miserable”, he mumbled and looked down at the tiny cage.

“Though luck, loser”, Colin laughed. Then he drew his fist back and smashed it right into his balls from in front, smacking them around a against his thighs and making him yodel in pain and squirm in his shackles. “Yeah, with this cage, we have much better access to his balls.”

A loud scream made them turn around. Zach panted heavily and in pain as Nathan currently seemed to orgasm and shoot a load deep into Zach’s intestines.

“They are having fun”, Logan chuckled.

“Are you guys done or what?”, Fenton approached from behind, alongside a couple other boys. “If you don’t mind, we’d like to have a go on his balls aswell as long as they are still somewhat recognizeable.”

Colin laughed. “He’s all yours. We’ll check on you later, bud.”

Logan chuckled as he threw the cage key into the air and caught it again. “I have a feeling this is going to be a long night."


Carter said...

Sounds like a fun feat party
I'd definitely lose every round of the first game
But I wonder if I could make up for it in the other games

Dominik said...

Thank you for the feedback, Carter, I'm glad you liked it :)

Anonymous said...

hi please join us

Anonymous said...

I need more about Nathan and Zach please