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Ballbusting Hall of Fame: Ryoko and Daddy [updated]

Update 09/15/2021: After some of their content has been taken down by OnlyFans, Ryoko and Daddy have moved on. Their new link is: I have changed the links in the original post below.

Original post (first published on 05/25/2021)

It’s always great to see new people on the ballbusting scene, don’t you agree? In my very own "Ballbusting Hall of Fame" I highlight my favorite creators of ballbusting content. Click here to see previous entries.

Today, I want you to meet Ryoko & Daddy, a very interesting couple of mixed ages and sexual orientations. They have a fantastic Twitter account where they share short clips for free, and their OnlyFans JustFor.Fans is highly recommended for everybody who enjoys ballbusting. Daddy is the balls and the brains of the operation, and I am so happy that he agreed to answer a few questions for me so we can get to know Ryoko and him better.

Q: Let's start with the basics: Who are you?

Daddy: We are Ryoku & Daddy, a Ball Busting, Daddy-Son Team.  Daddy is Gay (sub bottom), 39 years old.  Born and raised in USA.  Spent most of my life self busting in more ways than I can even recall.  Always seeking the ultimate way to beat my own nuts until I feel like I want to vomit.  Sure, I tricked my friends to kick me sometimes, by purposely losing bets and dares.  And on a rare occasion, I would meet an actual buster.  But that was not often.  As a bustee, I have huge trust issues.  And it takes a LOT for me to agree to finally meet up for a busting session.  Especially because I prefer to be restrained.  I need to really feel comfortable around the buster.  That takes time.  It's hard busting with strangers.  I don't feel safe.
Ryoku is STRAIGHT (Caps on! lol.  He is very sensitive about this issue). 19 years old.  An International College Student, from Japan.  Studying Political Science here in USA.  If I had to describe Ryo, I would say that he is full of energy.  His life is extremely complex.  He carries a lot of stress and anxiety and does not handle his insecurities well.  It builds up inside him and then it explodes (we are working on that lol).  It's been tough for him.  A new country.  No friends.  No family here.  Pandemic (he even had to deal with being infected with Covid-19).  School is hard because English is his second language.  And although he has not had any official 'race' issues here (and probably won't based on our location), he is always worried that people will hate him, just because he is Asian. He is a huge ball of stress, anxiety and insecurity . . combined with undiagnosed ADHD.  So yeah, it's pretty energetic in our home :)

Q: Oh yeah, that sure sounds energetic! Tell us what you love about ballbusting and why you started your channels!
The million dollar question lol.  I have learned that Ballbusting is a really amazing thing.  Everyone has their own unique spin on what turns them on about it.
For me . . I am submissive.  I want to be controlled. Forced to do things I don't like, by using my balls to make me do it.  I want to resist and I want to feel that the struggle is real.  Everyone is different.  For me, light taps and fake busts don't do much for me.  I want to feel it.  And I want to feel it intensely.  I think that, what turns me on the most, is that . . a man's balls are what make him a man (so society says).  It's taboo to hit another guy there.  And . . male ballbusting is so amazing because  the Male buster also has balls. He KNOWS what he is doing and what it feels like.  And he is still doing it to you.  I love that feeling.  
As far as why we created the channels . . . We have something very special.  It's so rare that you find a real-life . . buster and bustee, living together . .  who play full force and have real life ballbusting situations unfold in real time. . . sometimes, we are actually really arguing!  It's a ballbusting fantasy come true.  And we want to be able to share that with others.  But, I think we would be keeping our private life . . private, if there was not a platform like OnlyFans JustFor.Fans. We never would have thought to share a window into our home.    I am a single guy.  I don't have a partner/second income to help share the bills here.  And, I don't take rent money from Ryoku anymore.  His family is going through some personal issues, and I just can't allow myself to take money from him at this point.  He is such a good kid.  Ryo is also an International Student. He is not allowed to work in the USA, to help out.  So, we came up with a business plan:  Let's share our amazing world with those that don't currently have someone to bust with.  And maybe we can all help each other along the way.   And, here we are haha.  We don't ever talk about this side of the story on our OF channel.  We don't want people to feel sorry, or pity or anything.  We just want to do some great content for a fair price.  And pay our bills.

Q: I love that concept! It sure helps that you have a very beautiful pair of balls! When did you first realize that they are perfect for ballbusting?
Hahah.  Thanks.  My face turned red.  Usually, my balls are red from beating.  LOL. I feel as if I always knew.  At least, since puberty.  I began having cravings. I would tap myself in the shower.  Squeeze them in bed at night.  Tie them.  Pull them.  At 13 years old, I was already punching myself in the nuts on a daily basis.  From there, it progressed a bit.  I would purposely lose bets and dares with my friends that would result in me taking some kicks. I started exploring different positions.  Different weapons for beating them.  And I finally mastered the 'Extreme Self Bust'.  I created a self busting weapon about 15 years ago.  And I still stand by it today.  It's perfection, and I call it The Beater.  Ryo sometimes makes me kiss it.  Talk to it.  I have to ask The Beater for forgiveness (I am never forgiven lol).  Sometimes Ryo will grab my right ball (for some reason my right ball is more sensitive than my left, and Ryo discovered that.  It's his favorite target always), and squeeze it hard and tell me "Now, Ask The Beater . . to Beat Your Balls.  Ask for it".  And because my right ball is being squished to dust, I have no choice but to ask The Beater to beat my balls haha.  It's interesting.  Got off track - but, my point was . . . I created it when I was about 23 years old. And I have never ever found a better tool.
Q: Ryoko sounds like a great guy. How did you meet him, and how did you find out that he likes to play with your balls?
So, I live near several Colleges.  And sometimes I rent out my second bedroom.  As a landlord, I prefer International Students.  I can usually go with a short, one semester lease - so I don't get locked into renting for too long.  Ryoku began renting my second room.  For several weeks, we were polite and stayed to ourselves. I usually stay far out of the way from renters.  Just as I also enjoy my own privacy.  Daddy is a bit of a stoner though lol.  I vape THC nightly, to relax and unwind.  I highly enjoy it.  I vape so that I don't disturb anyone with the strong smell of marijuana.  Well, as it turns out, Ryoku likes a good hit too haha.   And one night, he knocked on my bedroom door (weed brings out the best of everyone haha) and asked if he can join me to get high, because he was very stressed.  That became a nightly thing.  
One evening, we got very high.  VERY high.  Because Ryoku was having a really bad day.  Here comes the fun part.  The previous Christmas, I had received a pretty dumb gift from my work grab bag.  The gift I ended up with, happened to be "Stress Balls".  Those stupid rubber/silicone balls you can squeeze in your hand to help relieve stress. I grabbed it from my dresser and gave it to Ryo . . as a joke.  You can probably do the math on how that jumped (very quickly) from Stress Ball . . To Daddy's Balls lol . We were high AF.  And so it became so easy to test boundaries.  It was just a matter of minutes before I had a hand inside my shorts.  Taking out his stress.
First time was awkward.  We didn't talk about it the next day.   It was as if it never happened.  But a few days later, we vaped again.  Hand went up Daddy's shorts again.  Hmmmm.  I think Daddy is onto something here, LOL.  
Eventually we talked about it in great depth.  Ryoku is 100% Buster and straight.  But he is super turned on at crushing daddy balls.  He does not really have much interest in balls his age (lol).  But there is something super hot, for him, about hurting a Dad's balls to dominate and control him.  Watching a bigger, older guy suffer. That's what Rock's Ryoku's Casbah!  Daddy is 75% Bustee, but almost never gets the chance to bust anyone.  

Q: Damn! If that's not a match made in heaven I don't know... Who usually initiates your ballbusting sessions?
As you can probably tell from the videos . . . Ryoku is a very shy boy.  When he finally explodes - look out.  But in general, he is very shy.  It takes a while before he truly opens up to someone.  He has a lot of insecurities about his English too.  So, in the beginning . . I took the initiative.  I wait for him to 'appear ready'. . . like, when I see him with a lot of stress.  I can see he is frustrated.  I will wait until after dinner.   Vape . .then go to him.  Ask him "Do you need release"?
One day, I offered Ryoku an agreement.  We even signed it.  Daddy will never ever deny Ryo his balls, to take out stress and anxiety  All Ryo ever has to do is say "Daddy.  I need you in The Ball Room".  Of course, Ryo never says it that nice.  I gave Ryo my word:  I will not deny him.  I will not block him or stand up to him.  I will not resist.  I will get into positions.  And I accept the punishments he feels are for my own benefit.  Is that like a buster/bustee dream come true, or what?  haha.  We signed it.  We live it.

Q: I bet that sounds like a dream scenario for most of my readers! You are so lucky!
Oh yeah. Ryo is now super comfortable with me.  I don't ever have to invite him anymore haha.  If he is not busy with school work and stuff, he is usually following me around from room to room.  He is like a puppy. If I sit on the couch . . he will come sit near me.  Slowly cuddle up  .  . and find a way to sneak his hand up inside my underwear.  Most nights, watching tv, he tends to be gentle.  Just squeezing them lightly in his hands.  But, every now and again, he LOVES to reach to the back side of my ball and grab one of the cords and pinch it.  FUCK.  That will make you see lightning flashes in your head.  
Ryo treats me as if my balls don't belong to me.  He just takes them.  Sometimes he takes them because he is stressed. Sometimes he is bored.  Sometimes I did something that made him very upset in real life . . those are the days that make history on our OnlyFans JustFor.Fans haha.  When Ryo is actually mad - wow. Right now, my balls and pelvis are black and blue from 3 nights ago.  He was mad.  And he let his knees tell me that he was mad. 

Q: Is there something that Ryoko likes to do that you particularly enjoy?
Yes.  Everything haha.  Honestly, he has magic feet, knees and hands.  I have never, in my life, felt so fortunate to have this experience.  I crave real life, full force, extreme bustings.  And most busters I have met in the past, simply don't get to that level.  For me:  Ryoku is the dream.  If I had to pick something that I truly enjoy - it would be a sort of generalization.  I love the things that make Ryo special and unique.  His cute little way he gently taps my balls with his foot or hands first.  Before a hard beating.  It's like his own little way to say "I am sorry that this will hurt you . .but it has to be".   I look for that moment.  
Of course, there was that one time . . . where Ryoku beat my balls for an hour, and then squeezed the cum out of them while giving me a hand job.  I would have to admit that I did "Particularly Enjoy" that night hahaha.  
Q: That clip is available on your OnlyFans, right? I'm sure a lot of my readers are interested...
Yes Indeed, that clip is available on our OnlyFans JustFor.Fans channel.  It's one of my personal favorites, for obvious reasons haha.   Imagine an amazing straight buster-boy finishing a long session (after being apart from daddy for almost 3 weeks), with a hand job.  My balls were done.  Screaming in pain as I blew my load  all over the place lol.  I secretly loved watching the video and seeing Daddy's cum all over Ryoju's hands.  Nothing like getting a straight boy a little messy LOL.   See?  We do care about each other haha.  The 13 minute video can be seen here.

Q: Is there something that you hate but that Ryoko enjoys?
FEET. Ewww Feet.  Nasty Feet.  Sure, I can handle a bare foot kicking me in the nads. That's never a problem.  But, in general - Daddy HATES BARE FEET.  I can't even explain it.  It weirds me out haha. I can't touch bare feet with my hands even.  I am just so repulsed by feet.  I sleep with socks on!  Ryoku sleeps in my bed now (because we converted his room to The Ball Room - Studio), and he refuses to wear socks in bed.  Sometimes when his feet accidently touch my leg. . I almost jump out of the bed.
Ryoku loves his own feet.  He is very proud of his feet.  To be honest, I am not sold that Ryo truly loves the idea of feet.  I think he suddenly loved the idea, after he found out that I hate feet.  Because that's what it's like living with an Alpha 19 year old haha.  
That said . . FEET.  I hate feet. Ryo wants me to worship his feet.  

Q: Well, I guess Ryoko is the boss in your house... What is your favorite way to get your balls busted?
That is a very difficult question to answer.  Mostly because it's different with each buster that I meet.  My general answer is that - I like whatever busting method the buster is best at.  Because Daddy wants his boys absolute BEST :)
What turns me on the most about certain aspects of busting is the feeling of it being real.  I don't like busting to feel fake at all.  I want to know what it feels like when Ryo swings his knee into Daddy's balls as hard as he can.  Not holding back one bit.  I want to feel what it's like to get kneed in the balls by Ryoku if he hated me. That's where I am at in my head, during a session.  I take myself to my own fantasy land . . and I convince myself that it's real. Out of my control and that's what makes it amazing for me.  
Q: Have you ever thought about turning the tables on Ryoko?
Oh, what I would not to just kick that boy one time in his balls and let him know what it feels like, each time he punishes me.  Yes, I think about that.  But just typing that as my answer, will put my own balls in jeopardy.  
As much as I would LOVE to drive my foot into Ryo's nads and watch him cry.  I know better.  It would probably cost us our friendship.  You have to respect a buster always.  But a buster never has to respect the bustee.  Thems the rules , in our house   :)

Q: I have been a subscriber to your OnlyFans for a while now, and I love it. In your words: What do people get when they subscribe to your OnlyFans?
A tote bag and a bumper sticker.  LOL, just kidding. We are VERY active on OnlyFans JustFor.Fans.  We believe that we offer a very unique and special experience on our OnlyFans.  Sure, lots of people create content.  Lots of people post busting events.  But we bring a very cool angle.  We live together.  We bust full force on extreme levels, daily.  I can't get away from my Buster. He lives here.  And we open the window into our lives..  We share the whole story. And the whole story is super important.  We don't just post a ball busting kick.  We open the door to our home.
I find that a lot of the ballbusting content out there is not for me.  It's good. Just not for my taste.  My personal issue is that a lot of it appears staged, and fake. And I NEED it to feel real and not staged.  We deliver real.  I want to see videos where the bustee takes that full force hit. I don't want to see the buster pull back at the last second.  I don't want to see the bustee screaming on the floor, when I can clearly see it was a miss.  I don't want to see the buster purposely kick behind the balls and not .  the balls.  I want to see a buster who does not give a FUCK, and when he nails his bustee hard. . and his bustee is begging to stop - that buster nails him again even harder.  Busters decide when it stops.  Not bustees.  None of that fake looking stuff does anything for me, personally. But I get there is a market for it.  So, we deliver the same level of busting, that I myself would enjoy watching.  When we ask people to pay for a subscription to our busting . . . we can't simply offer the same stuff that's free everywhere.  It has to be premium.  We deliver premium, with white glove treatment.
We create fresh, premium content almost daily. We constantly track what our Fans enjoy the most (by likes, views and we take numerous polls to see).  We did not open our window to show you what we think you want.  We opened our window because we truly care about what YOU want to see.  It's for all of us. Not just Ryoku and Daddy.  Remember - I spent most of my life self busting.  I know that life. It's our turn to share with those that are home self busting now.
Besides our daily ballbusting - we also offer the ability for members to request paid custom content.  We get it.  Sometimes, you have a special fantasy that you want to keep all for yourself.  We got you.  haha.  Custom content can be wide open. We shame no kinks ever.  If we can do it, we will do it.  If we can't, we will politely decline.  We have already received some very unexpected custom requests.  And yes.  We have done them all (so far).
We have a lot of fun on our OF channel. We love our fans and we love how interactive they are.  They constantly gas Ryoku up - and put batteries in his back, and it works.  He gets all pumped up from his fans.  And it's great.  And it feels like . . instead of others watching our little family.  We are all one big family.
We are also always thinking of ways to make sure that our Fans get a true value.  We are not here to trick anyone into subscribing for one month.  That's amature.  We are here to do honest work for honest pay.  Nothing more.  No gimmicks.  If it wasn't all about the FANS, it would be called Only ME  - but we work for our fans.  The end.
We have only been active on OF for about 2 months now.  It's been amazing.  The thing I think that I enjoy the most . . was unexpected.  I truly love hearing from our fans.  It's absolutely amazing to learn all the different things about ballbusting, and ways to do it that turn others on.  Sometimes, you only think about what you enjoy, personally.  It is mind blowing . . all the little things that others really get excited about, in the ballbusting arena.  I find this fascinating.  And we try our very best to listen.  And deliver. 


Q: What are your plans for the next weeks and months?
Sleep?  haha.  Living with a college student (who does not handle stress well) during Finals . . it's a lot to handle haha.  But . . . we are focused on a new feature on our OF account.  A Ballbusting Weekly Serries
A weekly running clip, where the OF members get to vote on what happens next, each time.  This is what I mean when I say . . it feels like a giant family.  We want everyone to feel as if they are included in the busting.  Because I KNOW what it's like to be a solo buster/bustee out there!  There is indeed a place where all busters and bustees are welcome.
We put a lot of time and effort into developing it, and we are super excited about the series and bringing our Fans a bit closer to the action by encouraging them to be part of the show.  I don't think people realize how much work can go into an OF account, when done properly.  I have a full time 40+ hour week job.  But the OF takes more time than even that.  The editing.  Planning out of story lines, marketing . . etc.

Q: Thank you so much for your hard work! Final question: How can readers get in touch with you?
We very actively respond on our social media platforms: OnlyFans JustFor.Fans and Twitter @Kicks_Kinks.
Q: You are awesome! Thank you so much!
Thank you so much for the interview opportunity.

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