Friday, November 17, 2023

Hard and Fast written by Jimmy


Hard and Fast


by Jimmy


Aldo was feeling frisky after practice with the boys.

Friday night, with the weekend stretched out in front of him and summer so close that he could taste it. Aldo dreamed of long beach days, taking home a girl or a boy and having wild sexual escapades. But lately since Gino, he was craving a little more of the oldest Gomez brother.

Gino Gomez is hard, crash, and a little devilish. It turns Aldo on, and so he finds himself reaching for his phone and texting Gino as he leaves the locker room, the twins Max and Rex by his side as he heads to the parking lot.

“So who are you dating tonight?” asks Max.

“He doesn’t date, doofus. He has encounters,” Rex corrects.

Aldo smiles at them both and puts his arms around their shoulders.

“One never kisses and tells, but Aldo will have fun tonight mi amigos, of that I can guarantee.”

Rex snickers, but pulls back as Leroy calls his name. He retreats back to walk with his new boyfriend, and Aldo’s mood clouds over. Max feels the temperature drop, despite the late June night sticky heat, and the sounds of crickets serenading nearby.

“You okay?” Max asks.

Aldo rolls his eyes, and brushes his lips against Max’s ear “Of course Papi, I’m fine mi dude.”

Max reddens, he always does. Aldo grins at him. He’s much to vanilla for Aldo’s liking but he enjoys teasing the twin nonetheless.

His phone pings and Gino messages him back with a single line:

Gino: Busy.

Aldo: Fuck me…or not. Later amigo, ur loss.

“Looks like I am solo tonight Max.”

“That’s too bad” Max says. “You could come over my house and watch a movie?”

“Bill and Shane will be there, yawn.”

Max giggles and pushes Aldo off of him.

“Actually Bill has a date, and Shane and Chase are staying late tonight going over the numbers for the pool, so…it will just be the two of us.”

Aldo grabs Max’s hand pulling him to him, lightening quick. Max is out of breath in an instant that he hits Aldo’s front, the impression of his hard teenage cock throbs against Max’s stomach.

“If I come over, I’m gonna cum over. You get me, Max?”

Max gulps, nods and bites his lip.


Aldo grins, and the two take off for Max and Rex’s house.


Max always has a movie going on the screen but when he sits back down on his bed, in his bedroom Aldo is already shirtless, and lost his shorts. He’s hard and pulling Max to him, the movie already forgotten as it starts up on the screen.

Aldo is kissing Max’s neck, his tongue flicking up and along the hard ridges, teeth grazing the skin and already pulling at Max’s shirt.

Max groans, and lifts his arms. The garment is gone on the floor and Aldo’s tongue slides down the center of his body as Max moans hard, his erection already bent awkwardly.

He goes to fix it, but Aldo stops his hands.

“Allow me, amigo.”

Max smiles and puts his arms down as Aldo kisses down his navel a trail of wet marks dotting his creamy skin.

“Can…you…” Max starts but stops.

“Tell me what you want, Papi.

Max’s amber eyes widen and he takes a breath gathering himself to ask. “I like it when…you squeeze my….”

Aldo finishes for him grasping his newly enlarged gonads in one hand, caressing the bulging sack with a lazy flick of his tongue “Huevos?” Aldo suggests, the word purring from between his lips. He gives the sack a slight tug, Max moans in heat, his face blushing.

“You like it rough, don’t worry…I got you.”

Max tries to correct Aldo’s misjudgment and opens his mouth to do so, but Aldo’s finger slick with his balls sweat slips firmly against the outside and press deep into his scrotum. Max’s nuts take the blunt of the blow and hisses out between his teeth but still manages to utter “Aaaallddoooo!”

Laughing Aldo comes in close, and steals a kiss. Aldo’s lips are surprisingly soft, and gentle even as his fingers crush, squish, and pulverize his tender testes. Aldo shows no mercy there, but his embrace is gentle and a flick of his tongue against Max’s lips is tantalizing. Max can’t help but let him in.

That’s when Aldo grabs Max’s rigid staff and gives it a firm squeeze.

Max almost nuts then, but somehow holds off.

Aldo is everywhere. Aldo is pressing his chest against Max’s, his heartbeat wild and ferocious and slams against Max’s own. Aldo is stiff himself, and it digs into Max’s stomach as he knocks him flat on his back on Rex’s bed. God he’s going to make such a mess. Max’s hardon strums, as Aldo gently rolls his fist up and down, the familiar but yet knew experience of someone else touching his pleasure stick is undeniably awesome, and Max’s hazel eyes roll back as he lets his head hit the pillow.

Keeping Max with him he gives a mean yank on Max’s sack that causes him to gasp into his mouth. Max grunts and wraps his arms around Aldo’s waist trying to hold onto the writhing teen on top of him pounding away at his cock, and speeding up to a spectacular finish.

Max’s breathing becomes ragged, and erratic as he nears his climax his cock humping Aldo’s fist hard and fast. He was panting into Aldo’s mouth, his senses overwhelmed by Aldo’s tricky tongue, the way his hand held, and scooped at the erect tip of his pink cockhead.

Aldo was the grandmaster, and he played Max like a fine wood instrument, winding him up so fast, ready for the bow to snap. One hand cradled Max’s scrotum, running his fingers along Max’s tight taint as he squeezed and manhandled the recently endowed balls. Max could not, would not last longer. But Aldo intended to do just that, he was about to ease back when his phone flashed.

It was Gino.

            Gino: Free, come over.

Aldo almost whoops in Max’s mouth, instead he decides to finish what he started.

Pulling back, he leaves Max’s mouth wide open, and gaping. Max trembles and reaches up to feel Aldo’s lips again, but Aldo hushes him with a nip at his earlobe, sucking deep at the edges as his tongue licks delicate edging.

Max thrums, and his eager cock loving the new direction pulses in Aldo’s pumping grasp. His fingers are wet from Max’s copious amount of pre-cum leaking and trickling down. The barest of lotions, but it seems to be good enough for the job at hand.

“I…” Max finally speaks.

“Hush, Papi. Here I come.”

Aldo swoops downward his tongue expertly covering the crown of Max’s reddened knob just as his fingers slip back and down the stalk taking Max all the way in and suckling at the tip with a wet, slip suckle.

Max cries out, the need in every syllable as it pours from him in his lament.

            Gino: Cum now, Aldo.

Aldo’s phone flashes again, and bitterly Aldo almost regrets not taking his time with the twin, as his mouth covers Max’s cockhead and he drops it down to the base taking in all of Max in one final sweep.

Max’s amber eyes, glinting and wide open stare dumbly at the ceiling as Aldo sucks, and he twists Max’s sack, his fingers squishing his orbs in his very tight scrotum, his balls gushing out from between his fingers are Aldo’s forearm muscles tighten. Max’s twisted-up nutsack pulses with the beat of his heart, and the achingly hard pounding of nut pain courses through Max as Aldo’s lips constrict and he sucks Max harder than he thought possible.

His twin by comparison was an amateur.

Losing all senses, Max writhes beneath Aldo his fingers digging into Aldo’s back and he humps with everything that he has as his orgasm teeters on the very brink of being unloaded.

Forgetting to breath Max’s face turns the color of a tomato after its been in the pan too long and when air finally enters Max’s lungs he all but screams as Aldo starts bobbing for the first time.

“NNNNNNNNNNNNNNnnnnnnnnnnnnnnghhhh ugggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!” Max grunts, his abdomen tightening as good feelings rush in from everywhere stemming from his buried cock down Aldo’s hot, cavernous throat.

Two more times, Aldo presses his nose into the wisps of Max’s blonde pubes. The tiny stringy things almost make him chuckle as Aldo does his special trick of swallowing his tongue, and restricting his throat like a vice.

Max is hushed immediately, and his cock throbs in the rigged, tight embrace and just like that his nuts start to churn.

“Cuuuuuuummmming!” Max shouts.

But Aldo knew before he even said it, Aldo always knows.

Aldo lets up on Max’s junk, and steadily allows Max to thrust into him matching his speed as big splashes of creamy juice coats his throat. Aldo hums with satisfaction and both hands of his now take one of Max’s balls each, and feel the slight twitches as Max empties himself, crying out with moans of pure, undiluted gasps of pleasure. Max is still humping, even after his cock is out, and spouting off tiny thrusts of empty ammunition.

He drops back to the bed, spent his chest heaving as Max’s heavy eyes focus on Aldo’s head as he polishes the tip of his dick and still clutching his recently emptied nuts give a hardy squeeze.

“Uggggggh!” Max moans reaching out with pleading hands for him to cease and desist.

Reluctantly he does.

“Time for me to go, Papi.”

Max’s eyes open wide.

“Wait…what about…?” Max reaches for Aldo’s very hardened erection but Aldo knocks his hand back.

Also smiles, “You couldn’t handle my snake, Max. It would rip you to shreds, mi amigo.”

Leaning down Aldo kisses him briefly on the mouth, leaving Max in the instant that he sits up.

Aldo is already dressed, the window open. Aldo smiles at him, and winks.

“See you in the showers, Max.”

Aldo drops off the ledge and Max calls out “Wait.”

But he is gone.


            Aldo: On mi way


            Gino: Fuck yeah.


            Pocketing his phone, Aldo heads to the Gomez House ready for round two. The night is still young, and maybe after Gino…well, he shouldn’t get too carried away. But Aldo is feeling frisky as he fixes his hair and climbs up the stairs to Gino and Jayden’s home.

A quick knock later, and Gino is in the doorway, barely dressed in an old pair of droopy boxers, he’s half hard and the underwear is dotted with wet stains around his cockhead. Gino’s chest is sweaty, and he grabs Aldo yanking him into the house and up against him growling into his ear.

“Took you long enough.”

Aldo grins “Just remember who tops who, Papi.”

Gino growls again, his tongue licking up Aldo’s neck.

“Yeah, me.”

“No way, Gino.”

Aldo shoves him into the bedroom, completely taking Aldo off his feet and throwing him up against the bed.

Gino’s brown eyes are hungry, and he tells Aldo “Strip,” as he drops his boxers in one swoop.

Aldo’s eyes flick down to the cock and he looks back up at Gino. Gino strives forward, annoyed that Aldo isn’t following directions.

A snap kick, hits Gino hard.

Gino’s balls are smashed up between his cheeks and his mouth falls open in shock as Aldo’s foot is buried up half-way up his ass.

“That’s not the way I wanted to start this evening, but Gino I will tell you this once. I am in charge in the bedroom, it will be my way. You want to play cat and mouse, try your brother. I will not be as nice…unless I want to be.”

Aldo takes his foot back, and Gino grabs his balls groaning and stumbles back to the door.

Fueled and confident Aldo walks across the room and tells Gino “Now get on your knees, Papi. It’s time to play.”





Anonymous said...

I hope you will let us read a complete sex/ballbusting meeting between Gino and Aldo, without evil plans or wrestling matches to interrupt the sexual charge between them. I really appreciate this power exchange between the twos and finally we may have found someone who fulfill Gino's desire to be tortured to the testicles (other than ballbust himself)...what I miss the most are the good, genuine scenes of the ballbusting actors on the web, without necessarily a fight against evil people or necessarily during a wrestling matches. It is a long time I don't see a stud being just tied and played on testicles or genuine games with friends. The themes seems quite monotonous lately...


owen said...

hi jimmy: loved the story, specially the bit at the enc where gino gets his balls racked. Will we see more of that in the next story. always love when gino gets bustered. He's second only to jayden on my list of faverite character's i like to see bustered in your stories. owen

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi X,

I am glad that you liked the pairing of Gino and Aldo. It’s been fun to build up the chemistry brewing between the two of them.

I did not intend to write another chapter between the two of them, but since you are interested I can see what I can do!


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Owen,

I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed this story, Owen. Branching out with the other side characters and telling their stories has been interesting and I’m pretty happy with how this one turned out.

I did not plan on continuing this story but you and X are showing interest in the romp between Aldo and Gino. So I’ll see what I can do!


Anonymous said...

Nice story as often.
I'd love to see more of Gino and Aldo as well. Their relationship is hot and it feels like you ended the story way too feels like a lot could happen still ..
Kind regards

GinoJaydenAuthor said...


After so many people expressed interest I think I’m going to try and write a follow up of what happened to Gino and Aldo next. I hope that you, X, and Owen all enjoy it!