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He Came with a Whimper: Gino and Aldo’s Encounter writen by Jimmy


He Came with a Whimper: Gino and Aldo’s Encounter



written by Jimmy


 Ballbusting Boys: Hard and Fast written by Jimmy (Sets up this encounter between Gino and Aldo)

Tumbling to the floor, Gino groans grabbing his balls and finding his forehead kissing the wooden panels in his darkened bedroom. Gino struggles to take a breath. That kick lingers in his scrotum and Gino swears that he can feel the indent of Aldo’s toes on his nutsack. 


Aldo grabs his own junk in mock sympathy, leaning over Gino and whispering in his ear “Papi, I got you good. Now, I’m going to drag you to your bed and have my way with you. Don’t fight me, mi amigo. I can’t make the pain worse. Or I can make…nice and easy.” Gently he rubs Gino’s shoulders and slightly pulls on them, trying to guide Gino to his bed. 




Gino’s brother Jayden went out tonight and plans on sleeping over Chases, having left a few hours before after their joint workout. The Gomez brothers worked up quite a sweat, and Gino was leaning towards doing more but Jayden quickly dashed from the gym before Gino could pin him to the mat and have his way with his younger sibling


“Sorry Gino, gotta fly!” Jayden slipped out of his wet tank top which cured Gino’s palm as he rushed out and slamming the bathroom door and jamming it with both the look and the wooden block. The fucker.


“You can’t hide from me forever!” Gino has said banging on the door with his fist. By the time the shower turned off and Gino remembered the other connecting door, Jayden had snuck out the window. Only the summer breeze hit him, the ghost of Jayden was found in his underwear and gym shorts that he left on the floor.


Gino confirmed his brothers disappearance by checking the spot where he parked his bike, that too was gone.


Annoyed Gino came back into the house. Luggage was piled up next to the doorway.


“Giver your old man, a hand,” instructed Marco his father.


Gino shrugged and grabbed a suitcase in each hand. “Where are you putting these?”


Marco grinned as they packed his truck.


He passed his son a paper looking proud.


“You won?”


“Si mi amore.” Marco kissed his sons cheek, and told him all about how he had won a trip and was taking his mother on their first real honeymoon.


“You were already on your way” joked Marco poking his son in the belly. “We had to cancel the trip, and the tickets were nonrefundable. But we got you, so it was all worth it.”


The smile lit up Marco’s face, and Gino couldn’t help but grin back.


“Take care of your brother, and stay out of trouble. You hear me?’ Marco reaches down and grabs his son’s scrotum, and gives him a slight squeeze.


“I’ll be good, Papi…now let go of my boys, okay? You want grandkids someday right?”


“Yes, but from Jayden. You’re too wild, and rough. I’m afraid if you will pound your way through a woman’s vagina and your kid will come out all funny. You horn dog!”


The two share a laugh and Gino was happy when his nuts were returned mostly undamaged.


“You got a good grip, Papi. But my soldiers can take it.”


Maroc’s eyebrows raise up and he chuckles as he watches his wife coming down the sidewalk. “I can put you to the test when I come back. Remember, be good to Jayden…and watch out for your little brother. He has the tendency to make the wrong decisions and get himself in trouble.”


Gino sighs looking over at his brothers missing bike. “Yeah, I know it.”


He waves at his parents as they leave absentmindedly foundling himself. Gino’s balls are heavy in his sack and he rubs them and finds just how his Dad held them before and grips them harder feeling his fingers sink into the flesh. He moans and starts to head back to the house to rub one out but his phone pings.


Logan: The gyms free, let’s wrestle and work on that counter. I want you to run point with Jayden this year. Come on, we gonna get sweaty.


Gino: Be right there, coach.


A one on one with Logan, he could wait on touching himself until after and jumps into his truck, the ignition starting and he backs out of the driveway his mind on the curves of Logan’s waist and how he might pin him to the floor.




Gino is starting to regret that no one is in the house with him, as no one can hear him scream.


It’s almost eleven, and the street lights filter into his bedroom through the window; while the summer breeze brushes aside his old worn tattered blue curtains. The stars are out tonight, shinning precariously in the pitch black sky and Gino can feel the small tingles of light on his skin. It may also be his sweat, he is delirious with pain. 


There are different levels of testicle trauma, and Gino swears that he has felt all of them. As Aldo guides him to his bed, the stinging pulsing has subsided leaving him with the dull ache that lingers and demands all of his attention. His loins feel like mashed baby food after it’s been crushed up, and his balls feel almost mushy in his palms as he lands on his back, eyes halfway closed and wincing as his testicles slap against the other upon his descent to the mattress. 


Aldo is whispering, soothing words as he pulls Gino’s clothes off leaving him naked on top of his well-worn, crumpled sheets that needed to be washed a week and a half ago and feel crusty and stiff against his skin. 


“There Papi” Aldo’s warm voice flows over Gino like a liquid. “Now I get to play.”


Aldo pulls off his own shirt and shorts, leaving on only his underwear and socks. Gino barely gets to see Aldo’s swimmers body, and perk dark nipples before Aldo is on top of him nuzzling his neck with damp, wet kisses starting at his left ear lobe and working his way down his clavicle. 


Gino moans as Aldo bites the skin, his teeth nipping secretly at his softest part between his chest bone and neck, his tongue dabbing after each love bite. 


He’s hard, and leaking.


Gino can feel his cock throb against Aldo’s thigh and he grins slightly as Aldo works his way down one pec and then the other his tongue slicking across his skin, making his head fuzzy and warm. The desire of someone touching him again after his boyfriend Francisco left, leaves him with a need that he didn’t even know that he had.


God Gino wants this, wants him. 


When Aldo ducks his head between his pecks and licks him Gino groans so loud that his body halfway comes off the mattress. 


Aldo chuckles, before repeating the move. 


“You are so tense, Papi…give in and let me take you to places that men can only dream of.”


Gino knows that if Aldo keeps this up, his head is going to land in his lap…and if it does he won’t hold back. He’ll cum. 


“I’ll be your guide, Papi…you be my muse. My sexy, guy.”


Gino stops him grabbing his head and drawing him back up to kiss Aldo on the mouth, as he purrs into the swimmers mouth, his hands wrack over his back and slipping down reaching between them and moving to grab Aldo’s bulge.


Aldo’s knee comes up hard and fast between Gino’s wide spread thighs, it’s not a perfect hit but his left testicle is caught fully between his buttcheeks and squishing horribly flattened against his ass. Righty manages to dodge out of the line of fire, only taking a glancing blow from Aldo’s kneecap that crunched his one nugget so smartly. Gino freezes his kiss, and his eyes widen. Aldo deepens the kiss as he grounds his knee further between Gino’s legs and putting his testicle through the ringer as he crunches it relentlessly in this hold.

Pulling back Aldo smiles at Gino “I told you Papi, let me take lead…or else I won’t be so nice. At least I only got the one…this one” Aldo grabs the right testicle in a fist holding it firmly. “Managed to slip away.”


Aldo squeezes the right ball and brings his knee back and out hitting Gino with another thunderous slam of his knee.

“Uuuuuuuffffff!” Gino grunts, his body jolting up and hitting against Aldo.

Aldo pushes him back down and squeezes the right testicle harder, with only one ball in hand it makes it easier for Aldo to completely enwrap his whole hand and use every digit to do its full job of crushing the runaway testicle.

Aldo comes in with a peck on his lips and says “Understand me, mi amigo?”

“Si, idiota…” Gino moans. He finds that he is still hard as Aldo presses his own hardness against his own. The two erections play swords for a moment as Aldo slips and slides himself against Gino’s full erection, Aldo is wet at the tip of his underwear and Gino pulses against the stern stem of Aldo’s thick member.

“You feel so good.”

Aldo kisses him back in answer and Gino does not fight him, already he feels weak between the legs and he lays back putting his arms behind his head as Aldo kisses him more passionately. The trick he does with his tongue and the gentle hum put him on edge and he gasps and moans in Aldo’s mouth.

He’s so hard now.

Aldo hushes Gino by gnawing on his neck again, his teeth nipping love bites down until he gets to Gino’s chest. He goes in licking one nipple and then the other, but the left one he hold gently rubbing it with his tongue. Aldo’s tongue encircles the nub, and flicks back and forth with his hot wet tongue making Gino moan above him. 


“God Aldo…you are so fucking good at…ahh!” Gino screams as Aldo pinches the right nipple unexpectedly and his scream does down to a hiss as Aldo let’s up and fingers the wet hardened tip between forefinger and thumb. 


Then Aldo lets up to let his tongue race down Gino’s tummy, tickling his abs and stopping only to suck loudly at the hole of his navel, right next to his throbbing rod. 


“You are gonna give me head right?” Gino asks. 


Aldo’s dark eyes look up, and blinks back his fluttering dark lashes revealing nothing as ever so gently tongues the tip and slides down to rest his chin on his ballsack. 


Gino groans, and thrusts up his eyes rolling in his skull as he moans some more. 


Then Aldo opens his mouth wide and takes in one nut, and then the other. Aldo’s out appears chipmunk like but this does not stop him from suckling at the big cojones in Gino’s ballsack. 


“Stop teasing me and suck my cock” growls Gino as Aldo catches some drool on his fingers and slips them further between Gino’s legs aiming for the sweet spot. 


Gino’s eyes widen “You are not—-ughh!” 


Two of Aldo’s fingers slip and slide around the rim of Gino’s asshole teasing the entrance. 


Gino can’t take it and reaches down to grab his cock and finish the job. 


Aldo’s eyes narrow at the gesture and bites down on Gino’s nuts hard enough to make his hand freeze. 




Gino’s eyes are wide open and he puts up his hands in surrender “Don’t do…that!”


Also chomps some more before, he relents and spits out Gino’s red, bitten nads. Teeth marks and drool are all over his testicles and Aldo says his voice low “When you gonna learn, Papi?”


He pops his nuts with a fist, burying it right into the nut bag. 


A scream rips from Gino’s lips and then Aldo takes him in his mouth, sucking down his cock to the hilt and sucking hard when he gets to the base. 


Gino can’t speak. 


Aldo’s mouth is like no other, and Aldo works his stiffy with one hand, and his mouth bobbing and twisting and his tongue is everywhere all at once. Gino’s erection is hard as steel once more as Aldo works him over like the expert that he is. Aldo has learned a lot of tricks over his short time of having sex with many partners and he puts all of that experience into the blow job that Gino so desired. 


Gino can feel it, he’s getting close and he fucks Aldo’s mouth right back, giving him his big cock and he growls “Fucking hell…you. Yeah, gonna n….nut!”


Aldo pops of and Gino stares at him anger flaring in his eyes as Aldo grins and punches him in the nuts gain, just as hard as the last time. 


Gino jolts up, his balls bursting with pain. His mouth quivers “You…fucked…my ….oh, fuuuck…”


Aldo smiles and drops his mouth over Gino’s cock head sucking the tip so aggressively that Gino bellows out an earthly groan as he grips his sheets and falls back onto the mattress his body not knowing if he is in pain or pleasure. Aldo has devastated his systems and Gino closes his eyes just as Aldo’s slips all the way down his cock, inch by inch taking him slowly down and constructing his throat more than he thought possible. Gino barely breath as he holds on to the feeling in his loins, his balls still throbbing but the sensations of absolute pleasure overriding the impulse to grab his balls. 


“My god!”


Gino smiles as Aldo hits his nest oh pubes, nose first and buries his loves all the way down to his base and sucks. 


“Aaawwww fuck yeah…take…take me…oh yes, suck it all!” Gino is barely aware of what he is saying as Aldo’s comes up popping Gino’s cock free. It hits his abs with wet slap and Gino goes to plead for his balls and not another punch when Aldo lifts both of his legs, one over each should and with a shot eating grin dives down just below his nut Zack and plunges his tongue deep within Gino’s unsuspecting opening, the tongue filling the hole as it pulses in and out of his ass. 


“You…went…oh shit…oh shit…oh…OHHH…Oh….awwwww yes.”


Aldo’s tongues pushes in and out loosening and widening Gino’s owning as Gino’s head hits the pillows and his eyes roll back. He goes to reach for his cock but Aldo senses the movement and grabs each nut, and clamps on a double fisted nutclaw that sends him reeling. 


“My baaaaawllls!” Gino hollers as Aldo crushes the life from his big tender testes. He pleads “please…stop…your crushing my…cr…ushing…oh god!”


A nasty twist later Aldo pops out of Gino’s bum a warning look on his face. 


“Don’t lesson your lesson the first time do you? I will control when you shoot. Touch it again…and I won’t let go,” Aldo threatens easing up on his grip and gently rolls his orbs as he lines up his cock. 


Gino’s is panting on the bed, sweating and delirious with feelings but mostly testicular pain. He feels like his balls are black and blue but his need to cum is still ever present as Aldo slips his head inside. 


Gino sucks his cheeks and groans. 


“Oh fuck.”


Aldo calms him with his soft soothing voice “You are doing good, Papi. You have just my tip in you now…but here comes another inch, feel that. That’s my cock. It likes you a whole lot.”


Gino chuckles and his eyes flutter. 


“You won’t break me Aldo…keep going.”


“My way, Papi…my way.” Aldo lowers another inch, then another and Gino groans going to reach for but stops as Aldo grabs it. His erection is throbbing and Aldo is just holding it. 


“I’m going to hit it now.”


“My balls!” Gino looks up worriedly. 


“No Gino, this.”


Aldo thrusts upwards and Gino’s eyes flash, recognition there. His mouth opens to an

“O” and Aldo starts to jack him off, slowly. 


“Oh man…Aldo…”


Aldo smiles as he begins to work his hips backwards and forwards each thrust goes a little deeper as he picks up speed as his aim is true and on point as he nails Gino’s inner button on every push of his own cock inside of Gino. 


Gino moans and pants as he gets closer. Aldo is not holding back now as he fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, faps his dick up and down in a continuous, steady beating of hi meat. 


Gino’s mouth has gone dry and he is over the moon in the sexual dance as Aldo pushes in one last time, capturing his nuts into the process and shoves himself so far in that he locks their hips together. Gino feels Aldo’s cock inside pulse and begin shooting. Aldo’s hips crush his balls but he pumps Gino so fast that his hand blurs up and down too fast for him to see that he is cumming. Fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap.


Then he screams out “My balls!” Gino’s trapped nuts pulse and try to plump back up but Aldo is locked in so hard against Gino’s pelvis that the nuts squirm and jiggle to release his seed which shoots up past his pillows as he paints his back bed frame in hot, steamy batches of cum. The rest of it shouts out but only up to his nipple line and the high of the two of them cascades down as Aldo drops onto Gino’s chest breathing hard. 


“Holy fuck…Aldo…that was…fuuuuck.”


Gino reaches down to grab his balls but Aldo gets there first and grabs them, but not harshly…this time. But rolls the orbs and he is rewarded with one last jump of Gino’s cock that boosts out a tiny small jet of cum that slips between them. 




Aldo kisses his chest and looks up at Gino. 


“If you want…we can do things your way this time.”


“Again…you could go…again?”


Aldo thrusts his cock between Gino’s thighs slipping up and down and hardening. 


“Yes, it’s a Friday night and barely midnight. I’m ready.”


Gino gulps. “I can’t but I could…”


Aldo shakes his head. 


“No don’t force it. You have my number. Use it when these are ready again.”


“I don’t think I will refill for a week!” Gino laughs and kisses Aldo’s head.


Aldo gives one tiny squeeze before he is up and dressed and heading for the door. 


“Wait…I didn’t get to hit your balls.”


Aldo pauses. He’s hard, the erection obvious.


“I’m not like you, Papi. You hit my huevos I would be on the floor…I don’t like it like you do.”


“I don’t” Gino stutters but Aldo gushes him with a quick kiss as he hurries back to the bed. 


“Yes you do, Papi.”


“Don’t go Jayden” Gino whispers as Aldo pulls off of him and reaches down to cup Aldo’s nuts. 


“That’s not my name, Gino.”


Gino stops breathing. Did he just…


“I…I didn’t mean…” 


“Shush. Your secret is safe with me, Gino.”


He turns to go but Gino still has his balls. 


“Promise you won’t tell.”


Gino’s fingers sink into Aldo’s nutsack and looks at him pleasingly and nods his head. 




Gino loosens his grip and lets Aldo go. 


Aldo bends over and Gino has to admit he is rather weak between the legs. Nothing like his brother at all. 


“Oooh my huevos…you…so hard!.... you squeezed them,” Aldo’s eyes are crossed and backs up and leans against the wall his shirt riding up as he grips the back of his neck trying. To contain the pain. 


Gino almost leaps up to hit him again, but he’s own eyelids start to drop. He’s covered in his own jizz but he does not care as he closes his eyes. 


“That was fun Aldo…see you next time.”


Aldo moans and slips out the door, but Gino can make out his awkward gate. 


Next time, if there will be a next time Gino has plans for Aldo. 


He tries to forget his mistake, as he slumps down into slumber and sleep takes him. He barely hears Aldo pass by his window looking inside and whispering “Night, Papi. Until next time.”






owen said...

wow jimmy: so hot. Is there gonna be another one about gino and aldo? that was some realfor good stuff i have to admit. though not enough ballbusting if you ask me hahaha! gino got off too easyly in this one his big nuts need more punishment lol. Where in the timeline of this sieries does this story fall. You have ritten previous stories that have nothing to do this the avents in this story. this isn't a follow up from last week's story which concluded the singlets vs speedos which was good too. I love gino and his large tough nuts, after all: the harder to crack the more pain for him. x O x o: owen.

BBfan said...

Hey Jimmy

Not what I expected. Aldo is a favorite of mine and seeing him take center stage was real nice. Gino kinda got what he wanted, not too sure. I’m so here for GinoAldo. I support this pair. I want to see Leroy’s reaction though, and Jayden’s. I bet that Chase calls Aldo a loser, hahaha


Anonymous said...

Jimmy hot story. Aldo is at his best right now and so delightfully devious toying with Gino. Gino got a great story here. Well done.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Owen,

I do not have one planned at this moment, but I knwo that this won't be the last encounter that Gino and Aldo have. This is the latest story, so not one in the past. So this is the up-to-date timeline.

I am so happy that you have enjoyed this one!




Hi BBfan,

I am happy to have suprised you, and I am happy that you have enjoyed it!



Hi Anonymous,

I am so happy that you enjoyed it friend! Glad that you enjoyed it!


Y1ddo said...

Another fantastic story, Jimmy!

I love Aldo, he's one of my favorite characters from your amazing universe. He's equally as good in the role as a ballbuster as he is as a bustee... Such a pleasant surprise to see him taking full control over Gino, I really enjoyed the dynamic between them!

Ps: I sent you an email 10 days ago, I don't know if you received it.



Anonymous said...

Amazing story! And I know that you are already working on a Logan story with Zach (Which I'm assuming is my long awaited Zach vs Rex third match story that I cannot WAIT to read) but if we got a follow-up to the story between Max and Aldo, I would seriously LOVE a follow up for the first "Watch this" epilogue, what happened after Rex got kicked out of the room?

I NEED to know what happened!

Could Max even take on Logan? Sure, we know that he's been a bottom before, but we've only seen him with Rex, and comparing Rex's little nail with Logan's mighty sword, well... I'm sure max will have a VERY different experience

Anonymous said...

Hi friends , please share this samlp any where and help this new mistress . Thank you

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Y1ddo,

Thank you for writing in your thoughts! Yeah, Aldo got to really take center stage here as a buster and it was interesting to write him this way. Harry's story A Safe Space for Balls Part 4, The Consequences Get Consequential really gave me the idea that Aldo could be a great buster if given a chance. Now Aldo has milked both Gomez brothers. Not everyone can claim to have done that!

I'll email you back today, I'm sorry for the long wait!



Hi Anonymous,

I never intended to go back to the "Watch This" epilogue with Max and Logan, but now that you bring it up that story could be a lot of fun to go into. But, and not to give anything away Max gets a nice highlight in the story that I am writing with Y1ddo and I think you will enjoy this one!