Sunday, January 28, 2024




It's been a while, but I am going to start posting again!

Dear Ballbusting Boy Community,


Hi everyone,


First the good stuff!



·       I can use Instagram again and post videos, thank goodness!

·       Tomorrow a story is coming!


Busy schedule:

·       I am currently taking seven master level courses, so posting will be infrequent and I won’t be able to follow my usual schedule. My coursework will be over at the end of summer where things should go back to normal.


I am always printing other people’s stories, and I love to feature reoccurring writers and new. If you are interested in writing a story please reach out!


Hope you are all are well.




Anonymous said...

Awesome! Good luck with the studies and i can’t wait for more stories.

Ginojaydenauthor said...

Hi Reg,

I might be able to post a story on Friday and Monday…we will see on that though!